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Business Name: Pleasure Dome Direct
Category: Novelty Store Websites
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Corporate Address: 25876 The Old Rd #311
Valencia, California 91381 USA

Phone Number: 877-592-3663
Email: US.Service@Pdome.com
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Undelivered Merchandise

Early Jan., 2012 I order some DVDS and never received them. They claim they have no record of order yet they cashed my check. I sent them two copies of canceled check and they still deny having any record of order. They do not want to cooperate or research their records.


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  1. Why can't I play more than 2 games bingo then it crashes says flash player won't load then the next game I try another "plug in" comes up and I can't play anymore I have to skip the next game and I think it takes my winnings for that last game. I don't have any other problems with any other games or any think else in my computer. I use chrome and ping with all the updates required. Do you have any problems like this reported. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
    lwilliams025@tx.rr.com Lonnie Lonnie