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Last Updated On: March 22, 2017

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Business Name: Scout Media Inc
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12301 Whitewater Dr.
Minnetonka, Minnesota USA

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National Home Gardening ClubCompany Contact: James Heckman - CEO, Founder, Director
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Average Rating: 1.42 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 71

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Reported Losses: $12,703.96
Average Reported Losses: $215.32

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Sad Gardener

I became a Life member in 2010. Enjoyed the tools and other products that they sent for reviews, I sent back my feedback but never heard back from anyone.

I think I only received about 3 trails but then they stopped.

I tried to contact them left messages but never heard back.

This is not the way to run a business. I’m very disappointed as I’m out a lot of money.

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I joined in July 2006, I also paid over 300.00, but until now I did not know that they had sold out. Like all of you I received the magazines and then nothing. You are all right it was a waste.

I also bought into their lifetime membership. Haven’t received any mags since 2014. Also never received notice that subscription would end. Not happy.

I like a lot of others paid $350 for lifetime membership and all at once I was no longer recieving the magazines or anything else from the company. So much for lifetime membership costs. I don’t think those magazines were worth that much. I never heard anything from the company, so did not know they had been sold until I saw it today on this site.

I also had lifetime membership & hadn’t received anything since 2013!

I paid over 200 for a lifetime membership. They sent the magazines for about a year then everything stopped. Someone should help us get are money back.

I became a lifetime member in 2008 and paid 269.00. it was OK for a while, received the magazine and lifetime membership goodies, then never heard from them again. Bad business practices and we should get our money back, shame on you people!!!

I paid $400 for life time membership. No receive magazines for many many years. We should have some professional help, like attorney to get our money back.

I’m a life member of the gardening club I paid over 200or300 dollars for it and now I get nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can they get away with it? My last magazine I received was in 2009 never heard anymore!

I became a life member around 1998 or 1999. I loved it. I would loyally get the magazine, and had a good time with it. It was not cheap to become a life member. I just realized that I haven’t gotten a magazine in a very long time. I am not happy with them. Beth Wright

Joined in 2010 and paid 245.00. What a rip off only received a few things after paying and never heard from them again. Tried contacting several times to know how to receive promos, but never receiving any after i was promised something was on the way.

Joined as a Premier Life Member in 1999; enjoyed the magazines… just like everyone else, I ran across my card and wondered who I could call since I haven’t seen a magazine in years… apparently we have all been ripped off; think it was around $500 for the premier membership.
When we file the class action lawsuit, count me in!

I was also ripped off what a scam I really could have put the money I spent for life time membership to way better use, I thought life time member ment my lifetime not theirs this sucks!!!!!
I’m out $250.00

I joined in April of 2009. Only once did I receive anything to be tested. When I joined the lifetime membership I did receive the gardening kit, but I had to call many times for my magazines and to find out why I wasn’t receiving anything. They were always courteous and tried to make it right. I had no idea until I ran across my lifetime card just how long it had been since I had received anything.. I paid $279 for a lifetime membership and got ripped off. If they were going to sell out. They should have refunded… Read more »

I joined in the ’90’s. Loved the magazine and products to test. Paid my lifetime which I believe was about $250… now, nothing. We were taken,

I joined in 2000 and never received anything from them I paid the full price with nothing in return I think we should sue them and get our money back for wrong full doings and being dishonest tresa

Never received magazine or free offers to try things. I also have life membership. What can be do e

Sandra Gorecki–Illinois
I joined in 1999 paying the $250 Lifetime membership and purchased the books from the club. I wish that groups like this could last but it seems that the group did not try to continue they just switched to the on-line and want us to pay more fees. The group should asked the members for solutions before just ending the program. I would like to be informed if there is a class-action lawsuit.

I became a member back in 2000. I was asking my wife where my Gardening club magazine was and we looked a bit puzzled as we had not received one for a few years now. I went online to find this forum. I have sent Scout an email asking them why they have not honored the commitments of the company they purchased. Taking advantage of us is just wrong, I received nothing from Scout. How do these people sleep at night? I hope we can get some resolve.

I became a Life Member in 02/1998. I think something should be done as well. Talking about BAD buisness!!!

I became a life member in 2003 and also stopped getting things so just now decided to check in and found all this information about the despicable actions that have transpired. Fortunately I am out very little compared to some of these folks but have recently been defrauded by other scams and am now avoiding any such clubs or promotions. Too bad for legitimate businesses.

I too have the same complaint as everyone here. I became a Lifetime Member in 1996. I paid and received my magazines,and tested products then one day nothing. Nothing at all, no magazines,and I couldn’t find the club online. Well, I lost my Husband who was 45 to cancer in 2004,then learned I have rheumatoid arthritis and then breast cancer in 2011 so I lost track of the Club.I now have my home here in South Carolina on the market so I can go back home to Florida. Most everything is packed but I did decide to pack some things… Read more »
i agree with this i was a life member and was in 2013 received my last issue of magazine promised. i get a lot of different magazines. so i had to do some back checking to see which one went with this membership. yes they promised a lot of things and i was duped i guess and they never delivered what they promised. i won’t fall for that again. i have not seen a magazine in a couple of years either and did not no they sold out either thank for the info. i cant remember how much i lost… Read more »

I also became a lifetime member in 2007. Have not seen a magazine in a couple of years. I did not know they had sold out.

I also became a life member in February of 1997. I guess this should be a lesson to all of us…..if it sounds too good, maybe it’s best not to get involved. I too enjoyed being a part of it, the magazine, tips, tools, information, etc. They I started to get advertising for insurance and other things. All of a sudden nothing. I heard nothing of them selling out, going bankrupt, or changing names, etc. I too, would love to be in a Class action lawsuit. Bring it on!!!!

I joined as a lifetime member too. Paid for it because of all the promises. Received for several years and then nothing–no announcement, no letter, no transfer, no explanation, no refund. I see I am not alone in this. This is fraud–plain and simple. I am upset and angry. I am entitled to a refund!


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