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National Home Gardening Club - Our BEST just got a whole lot better (if you send more money)!!

I have been a National Home Gardening Club member for years. I have received the new membership free gifts and really enjoyed their magazine on gardening. I started as an annual member around 2002. The Club then came up with a new promotion and soon I became a lifetime member so I could enjoy the perks of being chosen to try out new gardening equipment and supplies which you could keep for giving your opinion. I have received many introductions for a variety of “benefits” such as discounted third party benefits. I would throw them out with a small growl forming inside.

However, I did find my growl and now it is a full blow roar as I just received notice that the original “life benefits” which made me a valued customer has been upgraded for another fee. The Club members according to their letter have demanded a “Premier Life Membership” for a fee to take our gardening passion to a new level. The benefits promised to the selected few like myself guarantees to give us the “highest level of personal service” and “immediate testing privileges of regular products as a Club’s “ELITE” member! That was their promise throughout the years and I haven’t yet tested a new product for them!

This latest notice of UPGRADING for a fee will serve my gardening needs well as compost!!

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User Thoughts About National Home Gardening Club

4 thoughts on “National Home Gardening Club

  1. so far it's a rip. and if you pay on line they 'automatically' enroll you in auto renewal! there outta be a law!
    if i ever get the goods promised (the coupons are nothing more than a referral to another webcite with offers –well you guessed it — coupons) i am anticipating the stuff is junk (will keep you posted) also removal from auto renewal is supposed to be easy-(will keep you posted)
    lesson learned- (i did get two tiny envelops with seeds! oh boy!) guess nothing is for free
    thanks kids but no more gifts for dad!