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Reported Losses: $12,403.96
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National Home Gardening Club are Frauds and Liars

In May 2000 I became a lifetime member to the National Home Gardening Club. I was faithful each week checking out tests, contests and reading all the new information. I was awarded a few times with free trial items to use and report on. Loved this idea. Then after all these years they sold out to Scout. I can no longer log onto this site without paying for a membership once again! When I joined in 2000 I was promised the following:
Here was their promise:

Club Membership – What are the benefits of being a Life Member? Life Members of the Gardening Club of America will receive a lifetime of exclusive Life Member gifts, rewards and benefits (easily a $1,010.00 value). Life Members receive:

* Lifetime Subscription to Gardening How-To Magazine

* Lifetime of Free Product Testing Eligibility

* Lifetime Access to our Club Website

* Lifetime Access to Great Giveaways

* Exclusive Life Member Credentials including a Life Member ID Card, Key ring, Life Member Gardening Mat and Gloves, and more.

When selling out to Scout members were NOT notified that their membership would become null and void, which in my opinion is bad corporate policy. Nor did Scout send out letters informing National Home Gardening Clubs members of the take over and new policies. As for losing money, I am out a small amount (350) compared to others. I purchased items that I never received, nor could I contact them as apparently they were transitioning.

I feel members were treated badly and some type of compensation should be awarded to us.

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  • Melissa Hull

    I joined in April of 2009. Only once did I receive anything to be tested. When I joined the lifetime membership I did receive the gardening kit, but I had to call many times for my magazines and to find out why I wasn’t receiving anything. They were always courteous and tried to make it right. I had no idea until I ran across my lifetime card just how long it had been since I had received anything.. I paid $279 for a lifetime membership and got ripped off. If they were going to sell out. They should have refunded their members their money. I didn’t even know they sold out until this evening when I researched it.

  • luciej04

    I joined in the ’90’s. Loved the magazine and products to test. Paid my lifetime which I believe was about $250… now, nothing. We were taken,

  • Tresa Muskan

    I joined in 2000 and never received anything from them I paid the full price with nothing in return I think we should sue them and get our money back for wrong full doings and being dishonest tresa

  • Danese Lindsay

    Never received magazine or free offers to try things. I also have life membership. What can be do e

  • Sandra Gorecki

    Sandra Gorecki–Illinois
    I joined in 1999 paying the $250 Lifetime membership and purchased the books from the club. I wish that groups like this could last but it seems that the group did not try to continue they just switched to the on-line and want us to pay more fees. The group should asked the members for solutions before just ending the program. I would like to be informed if there is a class-action lawsuit.

  • Terry Hoehn

    I became a member back in 2000. I was asking my wife where my Gardening club magazine was and we looked a bit puzzled as we had not received one for a few years now. I went online to find this forum. I have sent Scout an email asking them why they have not honored the commitments of the company they purchased. Taking advantage of us is just wrong, I received nothing from Scout. How do these people sleep at night? I hope we can get some resolve.

  • Katrina Boyer

    I became a Life Member in 02/1998. I think something should be done as well. Talking about BAD buisness!!!

  • gmb

    I became a life member in 2003 and also stopped getting things so just now decided to check in and found all this information about the despicable actions that have transpired. Fortunately I am out very little compared to some of these folks but have recently been defrauded by other scams and am now avoiding any such clubs or promotions. Too bad for legitimate businesses.

  • Helen Kruse

    I too have the same complaint as everyone here. I became a Lifetime Member in 1996. I paid and received my magazines,and tested products then one day nothing. Nothing at all, no magazines,and I couldn’t find the club online. Well, I lost my Husband who was 45 to cancer in 2004,then learned I have rheumatoid arthritis and then breast cancer in 2011 so I lost track of the Club.I now have my home here in South Carolina on the market so I can go back home to Florida. Most everything is packed but I did decide to pack some things that were hidden in the magazine rack the other day. I came across the Club magazine dated Summer 2014. I thought I’d look it up and see what was happening and see if I can sign up to test a product. Things I have missed the past few years. I find out that some place that has to do with sports was mainly all over the website and only forums for we Gardening Club members. I just said to myself before finding this site how I don’t like what they did to our Club. So, I thought I’d see if they were on facebook. I didn’t find anything about the NHGC, but I did somehow find this site. I wonder if we could go after them with a big Class Action Suit? I mean they never said a word to any of us. Why had I never went looking for the NHGC site because I’m getting back into planting here in South Carolina and I will when I finally get home to and settled in Florida. How would we even go about starting a Class Action Suit? This same company who had the NHGC also had other clubs. One was for sportsmen, fishermen,handymen, you know people who work on their own homes. I wonder what other clubs they had and then did to them what was done to us? I never received anything at all telling me the Club would be sold and would be no more. It’s been 21 years since I joined. I was a year to year member before that then one day they finally offered me the Lifetime Membership so I joined and paid for that. So I know I lost close to if not more than $500.

  • fourthwonder

    i agree with this i was a life member and was in 2013 received my last issue of magazine promised. i get a lot of different magazines. so i had to do some back checking to see which one went with this membership. yes they promised a lot of things and i was duped i guess and they never delivered what they promised. i won’t fall for that again. i have not seen a magazine in a couple of years either and did not no they sold out either thank for the info. i cant remember how much i lost i would have to do some real researching to find out but what a scam.

  • Linda Milano

    I also became a lifetime member in 2007. Have not seen a magazine in a couple of years. I did not know they had sold out.

  • Joan Lance

    I also became a life member in February of 1997. I guess this should be a lesson to all of us…..if it sounds too good, maybe it’s best not to get involved. I too enjoyed being a part of it, the magazine, tips, tools, information, etc. They I started to get advertising for insurance and other things. All of a sudden nothing. I heard nothing of them selling out, going bankrupt, or changing names, etc. I too, would love to be in a Class action lawsuit. Bring it on!!!!

  • Louisa

    I joined as a lifetime member too. Paid for it because of all the promises. Received for several years and then nothing–no announcement, no letter, no transfer, no explanation, no refund. I see I am not alone in this. This is fraud–plain and simple. I am upset and angry. I am entitled to a refund!

  • Judy Casey Pocker

    the same thing happened to me!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!

  • Marsha

    I became a member July of 1997 & paid $200.00 and like everyone have not received anything in several years. Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess I assumed lifetime membership was my lifetime in actuality it was theirs. Wish I had thought of that when I debated weather to join or not.

  • Al Simballa

    I’m like most of the others on here. I became a life member in July of 2004. It was fine for a while then the magazines began to come sporadically, eventually stopping altogether in 2016. I honestly can’t remember when I received the last issue. I’m out $223 and since I’m still alive, I would like my money back or send me all my entitled magazines, etc. that you so vigorously told me about.

  • yourunionsister

    I became a member around 2002. I had a hard time paying the entire membership fee, I was threatened with collection agencies if I could not pay. I became pregnant and things got rather tight. They didn’t care they wanted their money. I managed to do it. Now what do i get? A whole lot of nothing. The magazine stopped coming and I seemed to forget, but it still burns me up just thinking about those scammers.

  • cherokeejim404

    I became a life member in April of 2002. I took part in the tests and received the magazine that came with the membership. I enjoyed being a member, but also like others, communication between me and NHGC ceased at some point. Due to a lot of other activities, it got to some point I forgot about the club, until I came across my card yesterday and I became curious as to why as a life member I was no longer getting hearing or getting anything from the club. Count me in for a possible Class Action Suit

  • janice mcnulty

    I happened to be going through old paperwork and found my info on club.. I had joined in 2009 with lifetime promises of gardening info and stuff. Forgot how I had paid $250. for nothing. It has been years since I’ve received anything. I would like to be part of any civil action suit that happens.

  • Debra

    One more to be feel frustrated. I became a life member in 2000. I really enjoyed the
    little magazine even if was a lot of fluff, occasionally I would pick up a good tip. I also tried out a few gardening tools, some that were good and well made and others that were junk and I simply told NHGC. I still have the little pamphlet they sent and that reminded me they also randomly gave away nice gardening things like a compost rotating barrel, a soil tiller etc.. I just want to remind everyone of all the things we are being cheated out of.
    I, too, had lost track of the time going by – kids, full time career, wonderful but needy husband:)
    We moved so I have been on a cathartic throw away and found my booklet with a note that I had called in 2006 but no response.
    Yesterday I called again and left a message. A few hours later I received a call back. I was distracted and the woman said she was calling from … and asked if I was trying to reach NHGC. I told her yes and she said that people often get them confused but they weren’t NHGC. I asked if she knew the number and she said no. So now they are just flat out lying!
    I agree there should be some restitution but I don’t agree with a class action suit because the attorneys make millions and each of us would be lucky to see a dime or two in about 3 years.

  • Annette Whitmore

    I have had the same experience many people are complaining about. I stopped receiving any publications about two years ago and never received an email etc. about the book not being published anymore. I think this is very bad policy and it’s not treating your subscribers very well. Apparently there is something we can do about it except spread the word that we got took.

  • Susan Peterson

    My experience is the same as others, i joined as a life member in 2005 and the magazines stopped and requests for testing. I would like to join if there is a class action suit as the membership promises were not fulfilled.

  • Veronica Fernandez

    i also became a lifetime member more than 10 years ago and after a number of years my subscription stopped coming, requests to test products stopped, etc. I paid alot of money for false promises. Any company that took over should have honored these promises.

  • John

    just going thru my draw and found my lifetime membership card. I joined back in 2005 as a lifetime member and about 4 years or so ago I stopped receiving the magazines and request from them for testing. If a class action suit is formed against them for thief or whatever please let me know so I can join inl

  • Katherine

    I didn’t know they sold out, I know that I have not received a magazine for a very long time,I’m a life time member from 1999. Let me know what’s going on Katherine Rodrigues – Willis

  • Bruce Gordon

    Also as a lifetime member of the National Home Gardening Club, I
    recently realized that I haven’t seen the magazine in a long time.

  • ChelleWine

    Same here… noticed I wasn’t getting my magazines after almost 20 years as a member. I think I paid $750 for my membership when it first began. I was told everything was online through Scout. I mentioned to the person who answered the 800# that I spend 40+ hours a week at work on a computer and rather ENJOY my REAL magazine while having coffee on my patio in the mornings on the weekend. The last thing I want is to be on a computer on the weekends! Bring my magazine back…. we see that didn’t get anywhere.

  • Donna

    Same problem here. We were dropped without warning from our “lifetime” membership. No explanation, and certainly no refund.

  • Roz

    My mother has experienced the same. If anything comes of the class action suit, I think she would be on board.

  • Barbara Burmeister

    I would be happy to join any class action lawsuit since I too was a “lifetime” member of the National Home Gardening Club for many, many years. Please notify me when this becomes a reality and I will be happy to contribute what is needed to proceed.

  • Diane is not happy!

    I too joined the NHCG in the 1990’s as a “lifetime” member with a lot of you it seems. Whose lifetime?? Haven’t heard from them in years. NO benefits, no magazine. That was $300 bucks down the drain! This is just wrong! Scout? ?? I don’t want tickets or discounts on stuff I don’t want. That’s probably a ripoff too.Not a benefit to me!

  • Kimberley Fisher

    I agree with all the other “Lifetime Members.” I was also a “supposed” lifetime member and have not heard from them in years. NHGC has taken advantage of all of us and a class action lawsuit should be taken.

  • Diane Colombi-Peltz

    So has a class action lawsuit been established yet. I am also a lifetime member but I have not heard a word from them in years. Went to change my address and found out all this.

  • Wendy Grbach

    I agree w the class action proceedings! I got taken for handy as well as cooking mags in addition to this site. Lifetime member for all!

    • Mike Sullivan

      I would like to find out more about a class action lawsuit’

  • vera Meserve

    Same here. I was too busy to deal with it at the ime, but was wondering what happened to the magazin. So two years later and I am going to the website and can not sign on. I too had paid for a lifetime membership which I believe was a little over $ 300.00. When I received the letter asking for more money many years later, I did not honor with a response. Soon after the magazin was discontinued. Who would have thought they’d do that? Is there already a class action lawsuit in place or does that still need to be filed? I usually do not participate in these, but this one is just too much. Their letter asking for more money was rather rude if I remember correctly, that is why I did not respond. I am not sure when I joined them, but I believe it was prior to 1997. I had an idea they were not well organized since I regular kept on receiving “invitations” to join after I had joined and paid. I was still at the same address then, so they should have known I was already a member. Now I think it was may be not that they were disorganized, may be they hoped after this many years people would forget what they signed up for. I wonder how many people paid more than once, especially little old ladies or guys who are may be more forgetful. This is so nefarious and I am repulsed. Vera

  • Barbara

    I joined to about 7 years ago, got a few tools but no more magazines and I can’t even logo. in to them cause I don’t exist. Yea, I feel ripped off to……

  • Barbara Hess

    I became a Life Member 02/2011 Soon after everything just stop’ed , I had health issue’s so now I fine out there’s no Club. What the heck is going on here…….?

  • Mark Jury

    We should be able to sue them in a class action no? There is no magazine or anything clubaike about this anymore. They simply enrolled us in a crap website with no benefits.

    • Darlene Krauja

      I would join a class action suit. I also was ripped off. I joined in August 2008, cost $250. Now nothing . I am a disabled woman who has very few things in life to enjoy, gardening is my love. Darlene Krauja

  • Marlene

    I am a member since 2001. Paid I believe it was $ 300. and some for life time member and haven’t got my magazine for so long I don’t remember the last one I got.

  • Sherry Brendel

    I am a lifetime member too. I have not received a magazine for over a year. I did not receive an explanation either. What is going on with them?

  • Jean V. Butler

    this is the message I received about the NHGC magazine. I’m a lifetime member, not happy about this.

    Jonathan Jacobino (SCOUT Member Services)

    Feb 8, 2017

    Dear XXXXXXX,

    Thank you for your email. We are no longer printing the Club
    Magazine. While the printed magazine element of your membership is changing,
    you’ll get a LOT more content than we’ve been delivering to you. This will have
    no effect on the rest of your club membership benefits! . . . . . You will
    still have access to all of the various benefits we offer such as:

    Online Premium
    Content: Access exclusive, fresh content every day across the network of 300+
    Scout affiliates, including every major MLB, NFL and College team plus various
    lifestyle/leisure destinations like Hunting,Cooking, Gardening, DIY and more.

    Members-only content

    Members-only forums

    E-mail newsletters
    with stories, tips, contests and more

    Automatic entry into
    Club contests

    10 percent discount on
    tickets to special events

    To view all of the benefits available to you as a club member
    please visit the club website and click on the “Benefits” link.


    Scout Staff


    • R Hubbart

      Premier Member since 2008. Have not gotten anything for long time with no notification of any changes. are our memberships still active since you have gone to Scout or have we just spent our money on noting?

  • life member

    has anyone gotten any answers?

  • Sandra Courtney

    I have been a life member since 1996 & have not received a magazine in a couple of years. What is going on with this organization. I never had a problem until just a couple of years ago. I only got to test 2-3 items in the entire time I was hearing from them. I enjoyed the magazine & would love to know what happened & why so many complaints about it.. Sandra Courtney

  • Liv Giardina

    I am a life member and have not received a magazine in over a year.

  • Judy Thompson

    I joined back in 2008–the magazine was nice, but mostly sound bytes and lots of photos. Nice, but not all that indepth informative. I did get a ‘test” digger, the handle of which promptly folded over and broke, and on the postage stamp size “evaluation sheet” I managed to mention this. I never recieved the free gifts I was supposed to get, or another test item.
    A month or so later I recieved a breathless letter (me and a few thousand other people, obviously) saying i had been chose to join the lifetime membership group. i did the math, and at that point realized that by the time I had fulfilled my duties as a member I would be 86 and could ride free for the rest of my life. oh GOOD.
    So I canceled. I made a point of mentioning this in the forums, as well. Apparently Im not the only one who felt this way, and I am so sorry to see this still going on.

  • C Berger

    I agree the free gifts were garbage, the seeds never grew, and I have not received a magazine in at least 1 yr

  • C Berger

    The website has turned to sporting and football fantasy! Huge disappointment! My lifetime warranty in 2005 was over $300

  • sharon mCcoy

    I haven’t gotten a magizine or anything lately and I’ve been a member for many yrs. whats up? going to the web site isn’t the same either?? whats up???

  • Brian Standly

    I have been a Life Member since March of 1997. I was one of the first to join, (or so they say). I made move two years ago and realized I had not gotten the magazine so I called the National Home Gardening Club. I was told they did not have my forwarding address, so I gave them the new one. I was told I would be getting the magazine within a couple months; I’m still waiting! Two years is long enough to wait. I’m joining the rest of these trusting and honest members in saying the National Home Gardening Club is ripping people off. I too pad the full price for the membership and getting nothing in return.

  • Dianne LeBlanc Acosta

    OH MY GOD! I wrote everything there is about this greedy damned assed company who cares NOTHING about their lifetime members like myself! I’ve been one for so long that, even though my situation is almost exactly like “Lake Girls”, I paid over $300 at the time!!! I’m 63 & barely know how to use a computer, except for emails & “some” web surfing, much less ANYTHING about I-Phones, I-Pads, much less owning one or both (!) tweeting, Facebook, etc. When I went to put this on my fb page, it deleted everything I’d written here, & I’m probably wasting my time again.
    These people promised us MAGAZINES for LIFE along with those who ordered one & more year subscriptions, but they’ve obviously decided that they didn’t want to spend the money on ink & paper, because they want it in their pockets, so screw us!!!
    Anyone with suggestions as to what we can do???!!! HELP!!!

    • Judy Thompson

      fine print on my ‘free magazines for life:” you had to pay “at a reduced rate” for magazines for many many years until you have fulfilled your obligations. Then you get the free stuff. after 24 years.

  • Cyndi

    I paid for two years and only received one year and then received another letter saying please sign up for two more years, so you pay for 2 and receive 1 then you pay for another 2?? I don’t think so! And have you noticed they do not put the date of expiration on their magazines, why is that, so you forget when the magazine is suppose to be good for, and then pay for more years. I had signed up to receive books, was suppose to get one book a month which was fine, then like a avalanche the books came pouring in, something like 5 a month at 30.00 dollars a pop, if you open you have to pay for shipping so I just refused them and sent them back. Very disappointed in this company. I have since found several other garden magazines to be much better and offer a lot more information, and by the way they all put the expiration of your subscription on the magazine, so there is no confusion of when your 2 years are up.

  • fmartone

    so far it’s a rip. and if you pay on line they ‘automatically’ enroll you in auto renewal! there outta be a law!
    if i ever get the goods promised (the coupons are nothing more than a referral to another webcite with offers –well you guessed it — coupons) i am anticipating the stuff is junk (will keep you posted) also removal from auto renewal is supposed to be easy-(will keep you posted)
    lesson learned- (i did get two tiny envelops with seeds! oh boy!) guess nothing is for free
    thanks kids but no more gifts for dad!

  • Jane Eisenhour

    How do I get the 20.00 dollar Gas rebate?

    • Joel Flanders

      Call there home office 1-800-324-8454 and speak to rep as I did. Takes 8 to 21 days.

  • Barbara Schober

    I paid my dues and now I am signing up for pruner, cushionand coupon xard. I got an error message two times. Please address my concerns.


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