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Last Updated On: March 23, 2015

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Not a happy gardener-no magazine and no product testing

Joined the National Home Gardening Club in October 2008. Became a Life Member and then a Premier Life Member. Did receive all the “goodies” upon full payment and still have them. However, the magazine delivery has been a problem for years. I kept track of when the issues would be due and be on the lookout for them. After the expected delivery time and no magazine I would contact the “Club” and oftentimes be told THERE WERE NO MORE COPIES. As a Paid in Full Premier Lifetime Member you would think they would have enough copies for paid subscriptions. The magazine went from every other month to five times a year to quarterly to NOTHING.

And now, after a year of waiting, there is to be no product testing. The “Club” switched testing to StuffStuff where points had to be accrued before being able to be selected to test a product. March 13, 2014 there was a blog on the StuffStuff side saying that product testing was being revamped. After a year of no updates, after contacting both StuffStuff/Scout and Gardening/Scout received information that product testing was now discontinued.

Everything has gone digital. The main reason I joined and paid for a Lifetime Membership was so I would have an actual magazine without having to renew every year or two.

The phone number and address on the back of my membership card are useless. Contacting Scout through the link on the club site just gets a “scripted” response if there is any response at all.

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  • I paid for two years and only received one year and then received another letter saying please sign up for two more years, so you pay for 2 and receive 1 then you pay for another 2?? I don’t think so! And have you noticed they do not put the date of expiration on their magazines, why is that, so you forget when the magazine is suppose to be good for, and then pay for more years. I had signed up to receive books, was suppose to get one book a month which was fine, then like a avalanche the books came pouring in, something like 5 a month at 30.00 dollars a pop, if you open you have to pay for shipping so I just refused them and sent them back. Very disappointed in this company. I have since found several other garden magazines to be much better and offer a lot more information, and by the way they all put the expiration of your subscription on the magazine, so there is no confusion of when your 2 years are up.

  • so far it’s a rip. and if you pay on line they ‘automatically’ enroll you in auto renewal! there outta be a law!
    if i ever get the goods promised (the coupons are nothing more than a referral to another webcite with offers –well you guessed it — coupons) i am anticipating the stuff is junk (will keep you posted) also removal from auto renewal is supposed to be easy-(will keep you posted)
    lesson learned- (i did get two tiny envelops with seeds! oh boy!) guess nothing is for free
    thanks kids but no more gifts for dad!

  • How do I get the 20.00 dollar Gas rebate?

    • Call there home office 1-800-324-8454 and speak to rep as I did. Takes 8 to 21 days.

  • I paid my dues and now I am signing up for pruner, cushionand coupon xard. I got an error message two times. Please address my concerns.


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