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This Complaint Has Been Removed By The Poster

Official Responses from The Resistance 2013

By: James Bomar On: July 3, 2014

Response from James Bomar – Developer at The Resistance Website

The person has filed a false claim and has asked for this claim to be removed several times on the thread as you will so in the comments they are being effected by some type of mental illness. This is defaming to my character of the hard work that we have done. We ask you to remove this page.

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  • Kuba A. Bennu

    I must state again officially that I have made no official complaint about the online social media Metaphysical Group “The Official Resistance” nor any of its leaders/followers. I have no further issues or ruination in mind with this online social media Metaphysical Group, since I left off the website in early 2013, after much angst and deliberation within myself about my further contributions too this group, ultimately I found much of the in/out formation from this group too be very relevant too our times today. It is indeed very hard too be sane in an out of sanity world, as opposed too being in sanity, saneness is not easy in this mixed-up world, and yet there is therapy that can help too alleviate much of this, but the Daily News, The World Wide Web/The Internet and or your Television is not the best place too seek any real serious therapy from it all, outside of you, but a good Church is indeed a good place for salvation from much of this. The Madness is many times contained within and is only outwardly expressed in times of altered states, I found truly that The Journey of Self Discovery and Self Realization starts and or begins and ends from within, this is the realness here, from within. So therefore as stated there is no problem for me with The Official Resistance and I guess there never really was, save for some ego-tripping, but still they are trying too help and that is impressive and honorable. Anyway it is all about Love and tolerance for me now moreso today, I cannot be too bothered with anymore angst nor depressing altered states of being, be in wellness too The Official Resistance Website sincerely.

  • iThePi

    "I Would Sincerely Like Too Apologize About Any Disparaging Comments/Remarks That Anyone May Have Taken Offense Too From My Past Comments This Month Of March 2014, I Was Indeed Venting Around My Perceived Issues With The Resistance. They Say That The First 50 Years Of Life Is For Learning, And The Other 50 Is For Living, Well At Almost 45, I Obviously Still Have Some Time Too Clean Up My Egoism Faults. I In Fact Have Never Used Any Products From The Official Resistance Website, So I Have Nothing Too Say About Any Of Their Products, Nor From Any Other Recommended Online Sites Products, I’m Just Not Sure About Using Any Thing From A Web Based Store. Still Anyway, I It Seems Obviously Still Had Some Left Over Angst And Disappointment From The Time Since I Left The Official Resistance Just About A Year Ago Now. I Found That While A Guest/Member Of The Group That My Contribution As Far As Providing Knowledge Based Information Was Not Appreciated, Nor Was My Presence Their Desired. They Say You Shouldn’t Really Force Yourself Where You Are Not Really Wanted, Therefore I Left The Group On Exactly Two Occasions In 2011 And Again 2013, Although I Made A Contribution Too The Group With A Small Gift In 2012, The Latter Year 2013 Is Indeed This Time My Final Exit.The Knowledge Based Information On This Website Is Concrete Indeed, Very Solid, Like I’ve Stated Before, But With My Self Identity, I Am Not A Follower Perse, Nor Am I A Totally Compliant Person. I Do What I Do, And Like I Am Stating Here, I Will Deal With My Angst From The Group On My Own. I Will Not Have Any Further Thing Too Say About This Matter Nor The Official Resistance, Nor Shall I Respond Too Any Backlash About My Former Statements" It Is Whatever It Was And I Apologize Sincerely…The Sky Is No Limit For The Imagination Of Human Beings, Keep Up The Great Works Too You All, And Be In Wellness Too You All. sincerely k-k. b

    • iThePi

      "To The Site Administrator, My Second And My Third Comments At The Onset After My First Comment (Hmmm…Verrry Interrrestiiing) Were Truly Not Relevant To The Subject Matter At Hand, But My Subsequent Comments/Statements Were Indeed About My True Feelings Regarding The Complaint In Question, Of Which I Really Couldn’t Comment, Due Too The Fact That I Have No Personal Knowledge Myself, From Using Any Of The Website In Questions’ Products Whatsoever, Therefore My Second And Third Comments After My Very First Comment To The Complaint, Were Indeed Non-Relevant And Simply Waste Of Space" Thanks.

  • iThePi

    "Hmmm…Verrry Interrrestiiing"

    • iThePi

      "Life Is What It Is (Infinite)…There Is Positive & Negative… Higher & Lower…Faster & Slower…Right & Wrong…And Yet It Is All About Your/Our Perception/s…Be Aware/Wary Of The Meme/s"

    • iThePi

      "Do Remember That With Hackers…Code Wins Arguments…Well With Knowledge…Data Is A Game Changer…The Sleeper/s Have Awakened…Thanks Everywhere Too All The Data Gamist" :()

    • iThePi

      "Please Disregard All Of My Comments, Not Really Relevant Here"

    • iThePi

      "To Those Whom Join These Online Groupings, Groupings Like FaceBook, Twitter, The "Official"Resistance etc etc, Always Maintain Your Own Identity, There Is A Difference Between A Clique And A Cult, Remember Jim Jones, The Branch Davidians etc etc, These Are Not Unusual Occurences, Time And Time Again… The Road To A Real Hell (Inside) Has Always Been Paved And Led By Those With "Good Intentions" Always The Case Here, Be Your Own God/Devil Whatever You Choose, They Are One In The Same Anyway, Only Different Perspectives, Follow What Comes From Within, Not What You See Nor "Adore" In This Crazy Mixed-Up World , For Sure We Have All Been Messed-Up By All This Ongoing Madness, But That Too Shall Pass Within A Cosmic/Natural Eventuality…Soon Coming. (:) … it’s about the content not just the character. iThePi (:)

      • iThePi

        "Just To Further Clarify, I’ve Made No Complaints About The "Official" Resistance 2010 And Beyond Website, Mr. James Bomar III, James Bomeur, Sevan Bomar, Sevan, Or Whomever Else, I Myself Have Tons Of Alters Online, Too Numerous To Mention Here, But I’m Not Hiding From Any Govenment Or Anybody Else, Still The Content On The Resistance For The All That I Know About It Is Ultimately Solid, And Yet I Implore Those Whom Choose These Obviously Popular Sites, Such As FaceBook, Twitter, And Yes I Equate The Resistance Website Within These Other Hugely Popular Sites, Due Too It’s Potentiality, Too Maintain Your Self+Identity. I Speak From Very Personal Experiences Of How You Can Lose Yourself (bipolarism-attitude shiftings) Within These Confines Or Websites (hence the web in the name) I Have Been Into Metaphysics And Other So-Called SuperNatural Stuff For Eons It Seems, Well Spiritually Speaking, But There Are Spiritual Plots Too That Can Be A Lure For Lost Souls/Egos, And Use That Energy Conduit Too Assist Or Irritate Our Core Selves, And Enhance That Of Others. I Know Words Have All The Power/s Seen And Unseen That Many Have Spoken Of, But In Silence You May Find That The Stillness In Everything Is Always Connected Too The Most+High Within Yourselves, Be Aware Of The Insights That We All Possess Anyways, Just Study That, Despite All The Distractions On This Maddening Globe, We Can Still Go Inside And Find Or Make Ourselves An Indwelling Bliss. And Finally… Life Is Infinite, There Is No Real Death, That Is Indeed Impossible, And Yet There Are No Impossibilities, But Think About This, Can Anyone Ever Totally Eradicate All Life, Consciousness, Never Could Happen, No Weapon/s Physical Nor Meta, Could Ever Do Away With The All Knowing / All Seeing / All Encompassing Energy, That Is All Of Ancestral Nature, see: Everything, LIFE" Be Well 2 All. (:) iThePi

  • Roberta Smith

    July 12, 2013
    I am, the original person that filed this complaint, the complaint has apparently been altered.
    I hereby revoke the previous complaint made against James Bomar III, Sevan Bomar, James Evans Bomaer, and the Resistance website. The images and wording used in my original complaint were not fully understood. The website nor James Bomar III, Sevan Bomar, James Evans Bomaer was not responsible for the events that took place. I would like to apologize for naming James Bomar III, Sevan Bomar, James Evans Bomaer and the website for these circumstances.
    Roberta L. Smith

  • Roberta Smith

    The Resistance Website Owner James Bomar III- and Others

    To date I have not gotten a resolution to my problem with the owner of this website. I have repeadedly asked him to stop contacting me this way and he has not.

    Posted by ROBERTA SMITH on May 8, 2013 at 6:33pm in Help Wanted
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    I am seeking attention for a psychic attack.

    Posted on Starseed Network Website- 5-8-2013
    As a result of this complaint the following has taken place.

    Emailed to the Resistance2010 website owner- James Bomar III-
    This person who does not identify themselves is convinced that I have here eye and signature she is apart of the psychic community. She continues to enter my home and make herself me to take my signature and eye. I gave her back her signature and now she has stopped but I do not believe that she is finished.

    I have also been contacted by a psychic that has identified herself as Mary, she said that she was into Necromancy and was a part of a witches group, they have continued to put curses on me and my family for that last few weeks. I have had to talk to them as a result of my contact with this man. Mary also says that she was paid by 7 aka James to do what she has been doing.

    Others have also been in contact with me as a result of this complaint. I have had to fight with others in his website as a result of this complaint.

    I have also been told of person named Margaret who arrives at my home and is looking through my child’s eyes she also has made him dance around and say sayings that are from her time and not his. She continues to try to take his signature and use witch craft on it and send it back to him. I have been told by these people that they are with a Witchcraft organization and that they are joining forces against me. I have had to take sedatives and have lost sleep in fighting with these people.

    In addition I was also told that I was being used as a “Conduit” for sexual activity with other people in the group of people that he knows. I have been told that I was used in a sexual way with these people and I have told this man NO many times, he still shows up at my house and

    James tells me that is a "new" Entity that I have created. He takes takes these entities and places them in my body and makes copies of me through the S***n and Vaginal fluids of his wife and other women. He has also told me that he is taking my "self’s" everytime he shows up to my house. He shows up on my body and makes copies of himself with his wife, they create "constructs" of what some people call "soul and what some call essence out of my body.

    I have psychic sense as a result of this contact and want to remove that sense so that I do not have to fight with these people. I have never contacted these people myself.


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