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Last Updated On: February 17, 2017

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Business Name: Hostwinds LLC
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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HostwindsCorp Email:
Company Contact: Peter Holden - Founder CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 32

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Reported Losses: $81.70
Average Reported Losses: $81.70

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Charged extra without even knowing me

First I purchased a business hosting plan from with 50% blackfriday discount FOR $50. after few days staff contacted me that I can’t run my website on their normal hosting plan. so I said transfer me to VPS plan and they said they will all the credits towards VPS plan but they charged extra $31.70 without even knowing me but I order $7.50 VPS plan and they terminate my business hosting plan without refunding me. and they said they will apply credits toward my VPS plan.

after 5-10 days their server crash or i dont know what happen but my VPS doesn’t work and I loose all the data so i asked to refund my money. they only refund $31.70 .

Then i contacted them and ask me to refund the remaining money they refund $25 only and next day i check my credit card statement and found that they charged extra 31.70 that time when i got transferred to VPS. I tried to login to client area and open ticket their but they delete my account and i can’t even reset password.

after that i contacted live chat support. The person said that he can’t do anything about it I have to talk to billing support and open a ticket.I said I can’t login to my account so he said open live chat again after 9:00am cst.

I don’t know what to do, I didn’t even receive the half amount they refunded.

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  • Vladimir Zhorin

    I tried a couple of hosting companies and none of them can be
    compared to Hostwinds. Tickets are answered within 5 minutes, chat is
    available all the time and their customer service is patient and
    helping until any problem is solved.

  • Ferguson

    Thank you for your good service and I am thankful trough this comment. I am getting top notch service with everything I’ve been looking for. Hostwinds has well trained techies that are online all the time and give full quick support.

  • KorAila

    Hostwinds made my hosting experience really happy. They have provided close to ideal stability and no technical troubles have happened so far. Support is also fast, average response time is 30 minutes. Nothing to complain, sorry :)

  • steven maguire

    All I know about hostwinds is that it is professional ssd web host which is perfect for running wordpress blogs. Setup was fast and customer support was very helpful spending over 20 minutes with me at Live Chat. It is so rare that you get good customer service nowadays.
    The online chat facility has been very good from a customer service point of view. Great experience here.

  • Sreb Juc

    One of my friends recommended me to try Vps hosting from Hostwinds. I’ve done some search and found pretty good feedbacks about them. So, the main advantage of using their ssd hosting service is that I have never had real problems to solve, or if there appeared some problems, well-trained support staff always assisted me to get rid of them.

    Uptime is good, my site is always up.
    If you are thinking about switching, this is the host to go with.

  • Kalinic

    My experience with hostwinds ssd shared hosting has been nothing but positive. I have received guaranteed uptime and user-friendly account that came with nice features and fast file accessibility. Support was there when needed and gave clear information about any issue.

  • Emeche Vanniello

    I just wanted to comment that my account creation was completed within
    minutes and the transition to Hostwinds
    has gone flawlessly for me. Everything worked as I expected it to and
    no surprises hit. That’s the first time that’s ever happened.
    Usually, switching hosts means at least 2 or 3 things will go wrong
    but so far my experience has been pleasing

  • Rodney Bryant

    The price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While
    this holds true for Hostwinds when the dust settles you are still
    coming out on top. Hostwinds is reliable and well priced. Good enough
    for me.

  • AdolfoUdin

    I must say that hostwinds is an excellent web host, easy to set up fast and through help and support service. Good range of price plans. They also offer the opportunity to install up to 400 CMS in one click. Besides, they transferred all my files for free along with competent support help. The other things I like about their service are: Free Website Builder, Free domain and SEO Tools.
    Good ssd web host.

  • Ingelin Strand

    Hostwinds have been a solid experience overall for me.
    For simply hosting WordPress blogs that get a small amount of traffic, it does the job.
    Awesome support. They usually reply 5-10 minutes after you submit your ticket with a logical answer. Can’t ask for more…

  • Michael Jones

    Hostwinds is a full-service web host and I find very useful that I can order
    everything I need from one place. Very fast activation.

  • Alexandra Weatherford

    So Hostwinds is always reliable, well priced, and support is good.While
    using them, I face no issues. Servers work with no glitches. They are
    worth every cent you pay for their services.

  • Ray Gurd

    I have been with them sin April 2016. So far they have been good for me. Fast hosting, affordable prices. I think if they improve a bit (make it faster) their support they will become ideal hosting.

  • Jelka Basic

    The problems weren’t easy, and my lack of experience in using a web hosting service didn’t help things, but staff worked through it and within a short period of time they had everything running smoothly. They were also able to direct me to several well written white papers that detailed the tasks I was working with.

    Great work and super good experience here.

  • NatalieMelch

    I never seen customer support like this before. Had a problem with
    account. I sent ticket and staff replied within 2 minutes. Quick, simple and accurate everything was fixed almost in an instant. If you keep up the good work I will never go anywhere else for
    my hosting needs.

  • Tilde Koch

    These guys seem to really know what they’re doing. Uptime has been 100%.
    Hostwinds have always been okay for me when hosting personal web pages.

  • JanRichter

    My site’s been running
    smooth with close to 100% uptime. Tech/billing support is very
    good, as close to perfect as you can get. The people are very
    knowledgeable, friendly and really 24h available. Basically, Hostwinds is solid all
    around. Go with them, and never worry about
    your hosting again.

  • enedina craig

    I am extremely pleased with Hostwinds. I am only semi-literate on most
    tech issues, but their instantly available live support have helped
    me immensely. Any hosting company can brag about their uptime and
    reliability, but these people really deliver the goods. Their
    pricing is a great value. Their speed is rock solid. And they are
    just really good people to deal with.

  • LarryL

    I had so many issues with the previous 6 hosting companies that I thought they were all terrible and I’d never find a decent hosting company for myself and my clients. Thankfully I have found Hostwinds and now I am happy with them! Their support is really amazing! I always receive fast assistance and full comprehensive answers. I’ve hit up the tech support chat a couple times at midnight and somewhere was there to help! That is really amazing!

  • Antonio Adames

    I never experience any downtime, which keeps my business constantly growing!! I would recommend Hostwinds to anyone! Ps. Features are top notch!

  • Wirtz Jorg

    Fair prices. They do what they say and bill what they say. Their customer service agents are easy to understand. Moreover, they are knowledgeable, and can solve problems beyond regurgitating the help files. They actually have problems solving skills.
    Decent features, affordable hosting – it’s a ‘known’ name, so a safe choice for most personal and small to mid size companies. Hostwinds is really superb ssd litespeed web host.

  • Oskar Sinclair

    I’m running vbulletin forums and they can be a real resource hog! I moved my site to and it’s running fast. I highly recommend hostwinds to anyone who needs hosting with OK speed and really affordable price.

  • Stefanie Austerlitz

    Being a photographer, I was very much impressed with the FTP server speed at, as I need to upload lots of heavy files for my photo gallery. Excellent 24/7 support team, the resolved all my problems quickly. They even helped me to configure my FTP client software. They are taking good care of my website. Few days back when ’some one’ tried to corrupt our site, it was picked up by Hostwinds as it happened, we were really not aware of the problem, until they told us about the ‘attempt’ to mess us up. Such a faultless hosting service, I recommend them fully.

  • Hudson Barkman

    I found hostwinds to be very helpful and competent in answering any questions or making changed to my site. Admittedly I am only hosting html based site, but have a steady flow of visitors, who extremely rarely report downtime.
    I use them for my web and email hosting and they have been very reliable with nearly no downtime since we’ve been using them. My site it ultra-fast these days and I’m a very happy customer.
    Back to my experience with hostwinds for last couple months – I would say you can rely on it.

  • Rosa Moore

    Hostwinds has been a wonderful experience, all-around. I set up my first website without a hitch,
    and it’s been running like a dream ever since. I recommend Hostwinds
    to all beginners!

  • Alexander Granerud

    Hostwinds hosting company is truly best among other in the field of business hosts. They are providing performance-optimized servers with useful features included. Strongest side is support staff who know what to do with software and hardware to make it rock-solid. Decent service.

  • Mark Menz

    These guys are really great to work with. They’re very down to earth and
    easy to talk to when I need assistance. The fact that you can get
    support on whenever you need 24/7 is pretty awesome too. I highly
    recommend using Hostwinds.

  • Emmerik S

    I don’t know what happened with them later. But my year of experience with Hostwinds has been excellent. Their support guys are always there and have high skills in servers and various hosting apps. When they say that they have 24/7 support they really mean it. I have contacted in the middle of the night and got 20 reply in 20 minutes. Great

  • Kris S

    Just want to say that the price you see is rarely the price you get in the
    web hosting world. While this holds true for Hostwinds when the dust
    settles you are still coming out on top. Hostwinds is reliable and
    well priced. It is good enough for me. And I am fond of having deals
    with them.

  • Alex Robson

    So far I’m very pleased with Hostwinds. I have never encountered any
    problems and customer support has always been very helpful whenever I
    call. I would highly recommend to anyone who are interested in
    getting quality services at modest rates. Good for them! I like the
    way they provide their services!

  • Mark Fetkovich

    My VPS is very quick.
    The price is very cheap and setup very quick, the control panel is different but houses loads of features and after a while is really easy to use.
    My webmail is a lot easier to get to than it is on other hosts using cPanel.
    Web page loads fast and my visitors do not complain.

  • Jack Jonson

    I just recently moved over to Hostwinds, and immediately my script gave me trouble. Their customer support helped me and solved the trouble. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don’t think I’ll ever be looking for a new web host.

    For service and support I give Hostwinds a 10/10 and I highly recommend them.


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