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Business Name: CoolHandle Ltd
Category: Website Domain Hosting Services
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Corporate Address: 600 W 7th St Ste 510
Los Angeles, California USA

Phone Number: 866-200-2828
Company Contact: Adam Rassi - Owner
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CoolHandle Web Hosting dba Mobile Money Code

I signed up for Greg Anderson’s “Mobile Money Code” program on 05/15/2013 after viewing a video. I paid $50.42 for the basic membership, $262.80 for the web hosting services of CoolHandle and another $217.15 to CoolHandle for a pre-made website. The written guarantee states that subscribers may cancel their services within 60 days and receive a full refund. I cancelled my subscription per the step-by-step instructions at on 06/13/2013.

I received a confirmation e-mail from Adam Rassi of CoolHandle Hosting.

I’ve have called the toll free customer service number, (866) 200-2828, 6 different times over the last month to ask for status on my refunds. Each time, I am told that the representative will escalate my status request to the billing dept. Each time I receive an e-mail from stating that I can get the status of my refund request at

When I click on the link I’m taken to a page of the coolhandle website and greeted with the error message “ERROR: You need to log in before you can view this page. Please log in using your e-mail address and password.” I click on the Client Area and login using my e-mail and password. I’m logged into my account page, but there is no link to check the status of open tickets. If I click on the link in my e-mail again, I get the same error message.

It is now 07/26/2013 and I still have no refunds or status! CoolHandle Hosting is black hole!

THEY ARE A FRAUD!!! They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau and other than stating that they are based out of Los Angeles, CA there is no information available on them! I too am thinking of filing a class action law suit!

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15 thoughts on “Cool Handle Professional Web Hosting

  1. Today is 4/15/14. I'm having the exact same problem with not refunding my $262.80 as promised on their website. I cancelled ten days after I was billed and now it's been over a month. I've talked to the cancellation department several times and they always tell me there is NO WAY to reach the refund department except through the support ticket system. The lady today assured me that they will be responding to me soon and I told her that is absolutely NOT true. They have never responded to me except with the automatic email response when I submitted my original cancellation over a month ago. Adam, if you're reading this, my Invoice number is 999647446 charged to my credit card on 3/3/14. I have never got a response from Adam or anyone else about this refund I'm owed.

  2. coolhandle bryan tx ,paid,$235.06, $16.18, $32.42, on 3-02-14
    They me on a merry go around of e-mails to renew your passwords
    you cant talk to them , you get nothing I JUST WANT MY MONEY LIKE THEY SAID YOU WOULD GET A REFUND .

  3. I'll join that class action if someone starts it, I just got a free site built from them through Profit with Michael and the site is hideous, I wouldn't want my mother to see it, The support just goes around in circles and never answers your questions. I called support and got a non english speaking person I could not under stand to ask if they were affiliated to Michael and they gave me a mail address that goes to error when you try to contact it. This Michael says on his site he's going to help you every step of the way. I'm not tech savy by no means but this is scam scam scam to me. Is there a Michael , who is Michael , and where's my $100 for trying the site. After you pay you get to read the terms and conditions that give you a 30 day refund but they want an additional $100 early termination fee for setting up the free site. Rite off the bat they stuck me with a $14.90 domain fee I was unaware of and $29.95 for hosting when Michaels site said it would be $29.00.Countless support tickets just to get a tell nothing response to your questions. This is just bad business.

  4. I have had the exact same experience with Cool Handle as Lawrence. I have called and emailed and nothing seems to work. I just got off the phone with them and was told that someone would email me in the next 24 hours. I don't want emails I want my money back.

  5. Dear Adam R. I have sent you countless emails and tried several phone calls to get through to you and yet all I get is a new ticket and no information. Why is that? I simply want a refund for my 358$ and I know I am due a refund as I have never even so much as logged into your site, nor will I ever. I have tried to be polite at times and give you a chance to refund and you still act as though you don't know anything about it. I am on the verge of hiring a lawyer or going to a tv station to air my grievances about you and your company. I have every email ever sent to you and every phone call has been recorded.. I think they would like to know how you cheat the already poor people of America.. I don't know how else to get it through to you that I want my money back and you had no right to take it to begin with. RWV-508967

  6. I have been trying since Monday May 6 2013 to get a refund, nothing has happened and nobody responds. I have sent so many emails that I'm clogging up my folders and still nobody responds. I have talked to countless people and turned in my refund ticket atleast 50 times..(RWV- 508967) and the act as though they dont have it.. its' 358$ that we need because I am unemployed at this time. I am at my wits end and ready to contact my lawyer or a television channel so they can air what fakes and frauds these people are. No matter who I talk to I get a different answer and they just make a different ticket which I then get told will slow things down even more.. I am tired of all this and only want my money back and to never hear of this company again..

  7. This company needs a class action lawsuit. If we can get all those who have not been refunded, we can take them to court and sue, not only for what they owe us, but also for false advertising, false claims, etc. The law suit would way more then they owe us.

    • I am with you a hundred and ten percent. This company needs taken down and I'm tired of waiting to get a reply from them. Now they act as though they don't know who I am. I have every email I ever sent them and phone calls to.. all saved and ready to present to a lawyer.. whenever you are ready..

  8. I've also been TRYING to get a refund since September 17, 2012 and haven't gotten it yet!! That's $358 and I'm in desperate need of that money since we have a 1 year old!! I'm to the point of getting a lawyer. I've done EVERYTHING they've asked a DOZEN tines and still nothing from billing! Please help!

    • I mistakenly hit my button and knew it was wrong so I called moments after to cancel and they said it would take five to seven days to get a refund and its been over a week and now they act as though they don't know who I am or that I have a refund ticket already turned in .. I have sent emails and dozens of phone calls and still nothing.. I need my money as I am on unemployment for the moment.. they quite literally stole from my account.. I think we need to get a lawsuit going for those of us who have been cheated.. seems to be quite a few of us out there..

  9. my name is Bonnie Bagby i've been waiting for a refund for almost two months i've reply the billing part of coolhandle quit responds to all replys

  10. Hello lawrence,

    My name is Adam and I work for We received your cancellation request and responded to it on the same day that you sent it, August 16, 2012. In our response we asked you to confirm your request. You were charge this month since we did not hear back from you. We have terminated those services and issued you a refund in the amount of $94.78 for the charge posted on September 16, 2012. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


    Adam R.

    • I have sent you several request to cancel services.. mind you that I never used anything from you.. and still you do not refund my money.. I am due a total refund but instead of just doing it you and your people act as though you don't know who I am. Well I am tired of having to call and speak to people who can do nothing and know even less.. I have kept any and all email and phone calls from and to you and your company requesting a refund of the money you had no right to take to begin with since I cancel a moment after pushing the button.. In case you have forgotten my ticket number is RWV 508967 and my name is Cathy Dominick..