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Last Updated On: October 18, 2016

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Business Name: Electronic Arts Inc.
Corporate Address:
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, California 94065 USA

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Pogo.com Phone Number: 650-628-1500
Company Contact: Peter Robert Moore - President & CEO
Corp Website: pogo.com

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Average Rating: 1.63 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 43

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Reported Losses: $5,023.96
Average Reported Losses: $279.11

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Customer Service Doesn't Exist

I have been a POGO customer for 8 years. Four months ago they changed their game platform and since then I have not been able to access the games that I paid to play.

The phone numbers that are listed for customer support work intermittently and if you are lucky enough to get someone on the telephone, they want your credit card number to pay for the help that you as a member are entitled to. The customer support online does not work or your problems are just ignored, I do not know which.

It is my opinion that POGO, or EA Games are happy with receiving your cash promise you support but have no plan to provide you with help. In short, they hope that you will get tired of wasting your time chasing them for answers and get away with your money without providing any service as stated in their contract with you.

I would call this fraud and would strongly advise anyone to pass this game site rather than join the POGO club.

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  • Betty Brodhagen

    Hi I just found this site and can’t believe how long these complaints have been going on but I’m not surprised. I have been a member for 8 years and when I started I loved it. Any problems you had were corrected and your were credited any money you may have lost. NOW, is a different story. If you are lucky enough to get through on chat to EA you are on with someone oversees that hasn’t got a clue what the h–l they are talking about. With every problem I have had over the past 6 months (there have been many) their reply is to “switch browsers”. I’m located in Canada and can’t afford the long distance call to California. There is no toll free number or even email address to send in complaints. EVERYONE “RUN” NOT “WALK” AS FAST AS YOU CAN, AWAY FROM POGO.COM. They will rob you blind.
    This site should be reported to someone in the US government for fraud. If I knew who to send a fraud report to I would.

  • Victoria Smith

    I loved the Amazing Mini contests that were recently discontinued without any notice…very little left to enjoy here. Rated card games full of cheats, no customer service, so called “moderators” now in the forum who are a joke. The tokens are just worthless….said goodbye to this mess for good.

  • Christina Canami

    I can’t figure out if the pogo site has viruses or not which it probably does.

  • Rex1949

    I heard that there going to soon have a new technology for games.And that Pogo is planning to shut down there business. Because they use java and other things. And this new service is planning to use the New technology and Pogo .Com has no plan on using the new technology and shut down. If anybody knows about or knows more information. E-Mail. me. Cornhuskerboy2003@yahoo.com. Put in subject line Pogo.com. Thanks.

  • PizzPooR

    Folks, have ANY of you received even a reply to any of the issues you have addressed here? No? and you wont either. This is why Pogo went from a place with rooms with 100 people to nearly nothing….Nothing that is, but endless ads. There is a fine line between needing to make $$ to run a site, and destroying the site BECAUSE $$ comes first. Pogo, has indeed crossed that line and now can not turn back. I wont be back there.

  • Bill Mulholland

    if you have EVER done business with either pogo,electronic arts,or origin you need to burn your debit card and get a new one. even after years. they will steal from you via the russian version of origin.com by selling you hundreds of games without your knowledge. luckily, i caught the confirmation{russian language} emails as they were coming in{lots of them}, and alerted my bank in time to stop it. This is what has become of electronic arts? They should be banned from doing business in the united states.

  • Louise Davies

    what is going on with your site. You won’t let me sign in; you tell me my password is wrong… IT IS NOT WRONG! I have had the same password for over 5 years. Furthermore, you make it extremely difficult to contact you about anything. I requested help to reset a new password and have heard nothing for over 10 days now. What a joke your site has become. Thanks for nothing!

  • wurbanski123

    you need to figure out this sight. it’s so bad. Why did you change the use of the format???? It’s all screwed up go to play canasta and can’t get past the password page. game won’t load. can’t play with my friends and i do every morning. Your ripping off the people of this sight. We are good and pay our fee but get nothing in return bad games that don’t run right. you need to take a good look at who supports your income and that is us…..

  • mag66

    help whats wrong with this program? been trying to play since 5am this morning,it just says too busy. need someone to help

  • immeuruplayer

    I am leaving Pogo after at least 4 years of play. It boots me out of games. requires java updates (that I don’t want to chance a virus) and has automatic billing without notice. So long; ill use apps on my ipad. so different a not player friendly like it once was. Very disappointed.

  • Cheri

    Pogo has a bunch of unconcerned moron techs who could care less if we get hacked, if we pay for pogo or if the games don’t work for us. I am seriously considering buying games for my computer and not renewing membership.

  • george

    I can see no earthly reason to have uncensored rooms in a child accessed site.These sites are typically used for people to camp out and express their most vulgar and disgusting thoughts In poker the penthouse room is s good example People take up space to remain in the room when not playing and constantly harass and ruin the games of others who just want to play. I would like to see all uncensored rooms removed or given a real good reason why they are needed.Before you tell me to try other rooms have been there and most of the time cannot find my particular game elsewhere. clean up pogo please!!!.

  • j9qvjp nw9chw80967

    stupid is what u are

  • chancy1553

    I am long time member also and have decided to quit pogo They have these games so screwed up and you cannot load most of them no matter what you do Pogo is not helping, so they deserve to lose customers, we pay for games and cannot play them. So long Pogo, contact us when you are sure things are straightened out And contact us with an apology and discount offer.

    • roz

      I agree. Scrabble will never load. I am also a long time member and may quit also

    • frida patterson

      i am10 years member paid 39,$ & can not play my games only monopoly ,,,& 2 more can,t grt points please send me my money back in my acount in canada so sad ,,enjoyed being a member but i want to cancel my membership unless you contact me 7 LET ME PLAY ALL GAMES

  • glory

    I joined pogo games in 2011.Short time later got a virus this continued until I had 5 virus’s the tech that removed the last one told me it appeared that I had gotten the virus through pogo. It was time for my renewell which I did not renew, I loved playing scrabble. I now have a new laptop which a friend purchased for me as I am a senior with low income SSD. I cannot afford a virus. I was not playing any games through pogo. The young man at office depot told me I could play free games on toshiba, which I have been playing for the 5 mths that I have had my laptop. My favorite game is scrabble but they don’t have that game on Toshiba. I googled scrabble free online of course pogo scrabble popped up and my Anti-virus McAfee popped up that this site has been checked and is safe. So I started playing it again and was debating if it was okay to join again. But there has

    been several times while playing scrabble that a pop up saying a warning that my computer is about to crash. If anyone has any insight to this I would appreciate it. BTY I mentioned I couldn’t afford a virus, but had several removed. I was drawing a small VA pension which now has been taken away so my income is less. I tried to get in touch with pogo via Electronic Arts. When you call the phone number it directs you to an email address but I have been unable to email them so they are unavailable.

  • Aaron

    I probably won’t renew my membership with POGO – the game loads but there are no games that show. This has been going on a week now – before I could not get on at night – servers busy. Well I will be one less member to make them busy very soon.

  • Joann

    How does Pogo get away with cheating and no one else can?

  • Harry

    I also have had issues loading games using Internet Explorer. I’ve used IE with Pogo for 9 years & have not experienced problems until they created the "activate" button. I tried using Firefox which worked for awhile then I also rec’d Java errors. I contacted customer service & went back & forth about 9 times without success. I finally asked for the name of the President of Pogo & they refused to provide it saying this was not an issue for the President. Who is customer service to tell a user what is or is not an issue for the President!!! I don’t want to use Chrome. I want to use IE. Int Expl works for every other program/web site I use, why can’t Pogo FIX THIS PROBLEM??? Extremely frustrating.

  • qwyzl

    I have a free account with pogo which I want to delete, but there is NO way to do it. I found an email address, but they refuse to answer me.

    the reason I want to delete my account with pogo is be cause I feel like their scrabble game is rigged. I can never win more than two games in a row, and then I get SLAMMED for like, twenty games in a row. and it DEFINITELY favors one player over the other. playing games programmed to keep you from winning or building up your winning average is NOT fun.

    and be fore "ea" took over, at least you could email pogo and get an answer back from them. now there is NO way to contact them, and even though I managed to find an email address, they don’t answer. on their site they state you can contact a "game advisor", but that’s a LIE be cause you CAN’T. all they do is give you the run-around by making you have to click on a thousand things which gets you NO WHERE. their "help" page is absolutely WORTHLESS.

    I want my account with pogo TERMINATED.

  • cheryl m erbs

    i can;t get on any of your stupid games since you keep changing them . my java and adobe flash are up to date but can only get on games that have the green line which fills on them fix them or you will lose a customer for sure!!!!!!! FIX YOUR F’G GAMES YOU MORONS!!!!!!!!!

  • widemouthplayer

    well after I left that room Hogs Anything Goes I had no fewer than 6 adds to my friends list and over 8 g/b messages..Im not sure if you are aware but 2 very good friends that enjoyed AG room for years passed away..and since then that room has been disgusting with the comments about the 2 females that died..they give out personal info on them, one even has the nerve to have made up a fake sn of one of their real names..I know we can mute etc…but I feel something needs to be done…there are still some regs in there and they are ruining their fun..I feel pogo needs to step up and deal with this BS!!! Enough is Enough!!!

    • Tinks122

      Hi, I’m not sure what females you are referring to but I think you got your wish with pogo ‘stepping’ up. I tried to leave a message on Pogo Forum Chat but it was quickly removed. I thought the column was for the subscribed pogo members, I guess I was wrong. I was asking for help from any one in the pogo community with my subscription that ends Jan. 30th. In Dec. my husband was told he has stage 3B cancer. With the chemo and radiation treatments and gas to go the 50 miles every day, there is no money left for a subscription. Pogo is my only relief from the reality nightmare we face. I offered to give any info to know this was not a scam. Perhaps Pogo felt this was BS, stepped up and now I have no hope for help.

      • Teresa

        Good luck getting past the corrupt mods

  • Leigh Navarre

    pogo took 39.99 off my card on 10-17-13 for the year then on 10-18-13 took 5.99 another on 11-20-13 so now I’ve payed 51.97 my account is turned off until I pay another 5.99 and I don’t no who can help me I can’t find a phone number or address for pogo what do I do

  • Robin

    Wow, the only problem i have with pogo now is they changed everything on dominoes which was once a free game…and Java they keep telling us to update and getting booted from the tables all the time, and players can’t load tables or can’t even get into rooms…look pogo you’re company is rich and there is no reason any of us are going through what we are…If it ain’t broke..Don’t fix it!!!!

  • june hearn

    Why is it taken Pogo so long to fix the latest Problem SECURITY WARNING on all games

  • cburus

    I have a member of POGO since 2000. Then I became of POGO when it started. I have lost 3 computers had thousands of malware and had no idea this was all caused by POGO I will cancel my subscription immediately and notify the bank not to pay them anymore. got to over 50 million and for no reason my account was blocked. Thank you for all this information from all of you, I thought it was only me.

  • gomi

    there is so much bullying and abuse on pogo spades for instance. You allow hackers to constantly boot us out of the games and cheat openly, reported to you and you continue to do absolutely nothing – nada. Why is that. I played on another site for 7 years and this same activity although they did take action and kick the abuser off the site (only to eventually have them come back) actually closed the site. It is unfortunate that you are the only site available for free and I’m a senior who counts her pennies. I’m tired of these actions not being addressed by your company. Today at 5:40 a.m. EST, bertandernix told me he would "remove" me from the game, he did and even impacted my interenet connection – this is a security violation through your site and is cheating. I want him removed from this site to stop bullying. He even said "gl boys" to a table of women. I work so hard to build my ranks up and your site subracts wins, boots me constantly and takes away points – are you not better than these antics? I know you are more than aware of these issues because myself and others have reported it. I want ACTION!!!!!!! Stop sitting on the pogo fence!

    • sam

      I to am sick of problems with the games on Pogo and their taking money that is not there’s. I am not computer literate and am a disabled widow in a wheel chair. I think they should be accountable for what they are doing. Do you know anyone who can do this? I definitely would sign if someone started this.

  • Susan Kleckner

    I tried to quit Pogo last September! They still bill me. But what really hacks me off is that they bill me twice a month for $5.99 each time. Where do they get off doing that?

  • gracie

    f**k the world, pogo and you, that must be owned by the same!!



  • Lisa

    My complaint is that I have been playing pogo for free for the past 4 years, I decided I was going to just give in and try the club pogo version to see if I was really missing out on something. they were haveing special, 1.99 for the first month and 5.99 a month after that. Good deal okay,put in my credit card info and stared at the page for about ten min. did not click to submit instead, I decided to check and see how to get a hold of a live person since I like to be on the safe side. I couldn’t and realized wow how lucky I was that I did not fall for that one. Well I noticed today that they took 1.00 out of my account. Well yes it’s only a dollar but, what for I dont have a pogo account and I got nothing in return. just imagine how much they have stole from thier users without them knowing. I deleted my credit card info that some how was stored evern though I did not submit it. I hope that this is the end of it. If they charge my account anymore. i think we should start a class action law suit against them! then we will see how much they care!

    • JOHN

      OK guys and Gals After refusing to give up after being billed on an account that had been cancelled more than two years ago I finally found out how to get them you will have to choose to contact them about Origin when your given a list of problems do not press the selection via phone for Pogo Games or you will get cut off an told to go to internet for help. Be prepared to be on hold for an hour and 15 minutes minimum with all sorts of loud to silent music trying to get you to hang up don’t do it Origin is now in charge of Club pogo. after an hour and fifteen minutes on hold just put it on speaker phone and go about your business you will get help from a real person. Good luck I finally won my battle

  • mike elder

    im getting sick and tired of having to download java update. come on pogo. your a multi million dollar business. get it right. you also need to have the option of contacting you/your management.
    online when you login. all you get is a list of question that dont concern what problem you are having. you need to talk to the people having concerns. again get it right.

    • Jon Ice

      Mike you are not the only one. I am finding more and more people having the same porblem. It must be POGO technical problem…..and there is not way to tell them.

  • Aaron Pye

    EA owns pogo.com, formerly known as TEN (Total Entertainment Network). EA, as some may know is in a real shambles with a lack of leadership. Sad to say that numerous poor business decisions have all but bankrupt EA (Electronic Arts). Their ‘good will’ is so low that last year EA changed its name to Origin. Look up the contact information for Origin and start calling phone numbers. The customer service reps generally sound helpful and you will eventually get in contact with someone who can assist you though be prepared to spend some time within the phone tree.

  • I have been having problems with Club Pogo ever since they switched to embedded games and Adobe flashplayer. I have been hacked 4 times because of Adobe (their privacy policy is horrendous). I have written to Pogo Help and was told that Pogo only works well with cable ISP. At no point before or after paying to renew my membership did Pogo tell us/warn us of this. They took the money and just let long-time paying members rot. It is not just me – go in to their forums there are thousands of complaints.

    Pogo has changed so much for the worse – it is a shame. All they want is to sell gems. They do not even give free holiday badges any more. They have totally forgotten that many of their members are having tough economic times and cannot afford to buy gems to get what used to come with membership (free holiday badges). Their new Help is disgusting. Blame it on your computer all the time even though your puter technician is looking at your computer and nothing is wrong. It is Pogo. Another problem is they tell paying members on challenge day when they can’t get on or keep getting booted that they are busy. Hey, that is fraud! They takeyour money and you can’t get on but a free person can? What a scam operation.

  • maria

    To whom it may concern, Guest

    I have been a member of Pogo games since 1993. Recently I haven’t been able to load certain games. I was told to download Java Script. Now I have to download Adobe Flash to
    run my games. My technician has downloaded both since I have acquired viruses from Pogo. My technician has told me so.

    i have written to the editor of Pogo and he claims that my story is not of his concern. Since 1993 Pogo has changed its homepage so many times that it would make you
    hair curl.

    My complaint is that a lot of folks have just quit due to this attitude of Pogo. Going to the help page is so complicated that it doesn’t help.

    Can something be done?.

    Yours truly,

    Maria E. Dillon

  • Karen Garner

    Help, I can’t load Bingo Luau, Crossword Cove or Trivial Pursuit, many of my favorite games. I have checked my computer, IE, Java and Flash Player. Everything is fine. I play the games every day, I am disabled and spend many hours at the computer. Feedback, please.

  • Karen Garner

    I am a member of Free Pogo. Suddenly, on Sunday, Sept. 2, some of my favorite games would not load. They still won’t load. I have tried everything, read the forum posts, checked my computer & Java browser, to no avail. I’ve tried using F5 to refresh the page, that doesn’t work either. I’ve loaded Google Chrome, doesn’t too a thing & I’ve tried all sorts of versions of Java. Also Flash Player. Some of the games that won’t load are Bingo Luau, Crossword Cove, and Trivial Pursuit. I play these games every day and enjoy them. I have no further options. Help, please!


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