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Candy Crush Saga game - No longer fun because of difficulty level 140

I have really enjoyed playing your game, Candy Crush Saga, until I reached level 140. This level is unrealistic. I have read where some have quit playing your game because of the difficulty of this level.

The game is no longer fun for me since I have spent the whole week, many times each day trying to get past 140. It would be great to be able to skip this level, or, for the level to be reprogrammed to be more user friendly.

Please consider this request on behalf of many other of your fans. Good day…

Danny Turner

King Company (Candy Crush Saga)

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  • I have read most of the comments, thanks for posting them..I have been playing Candy Crush for some time now..been stuck on many levels..but the 181 level I am stuck at for weeks now has really got me! I have watched the videos posted to show how it can be done..but f o r g e t i t !!!!!!!!!!! there were many levels that I would think to myself..I am never going to beat this..but each time I did get through..I have never paid for extra help…this 181 I think will be it for me..I have enjoyed the game..but I may quit and go back to level least I will be able to play and get through…good luck..and if anybody has any tips on 181..feel free to comment!

  • I am playing Candy crush soda got to level 45 want to open new episode can’t says game is paused an I need to close Chats…I DON’T HAVE ANY OPEN!!! EITHER FIX IT OR I WILL QUIT PLAYING AN MAKE SURE ALL MY FRIENDS DO TO!!! Plus pass the word the your games aren’t worth playing…

  • Pyramid saga level321 the set is baseless like levels upto320 are resonable check the set up discontinue playing pss if this continues

  • I was on Farm Hero Saga # 183 I was doing good and Won (got all) and had over 600 points on each and had 17 more to go after I got all My veggies whatever they are. It Stopped me in the Middle and told me to Reload Losing the WHOLE GAME and ALL MY POINTS.. THAT’S B.S. I will tell All My Friends to STOP PLAYING IMMEDIATELY.. NOT TO PLAY YOUR GAMES Anymore!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT !!! F.U. !!!!

  • i have been suck at the end of Pet Rescue for over a week, When my friends screen is accessed it shows empty. my other games are advaning fine/ any suggestions

  • I am playong Farmer Heroes for the last two day each time i get close what pop something went wrong please reload but you cannot you go back and you start over but you do not have the same game but you lost all of that game

  • my friend has been playing soda crush and she had 100 gold bars she used 18 to play on after using moves on levels and now she only has 1 gold bar left meaning that 81 gold bars have mysteriously gone missing, tonight she was at mine and playing it on her phone she said I only have 9 bars left then started on a level then once she went back to the map 5 mins later she said oh now I only have 1 bar left ???!!?!?!? where have they gone ??? King really need to sort it out ! because there r problems with candy crush putting her back to level 1 when she is on level 255 so has to reconnect to facebook to get her progress back !

  • My friends list has disappeared so I cannot go to next segment…anyone have an idea how to get it back?

  • I have been stuck on 167 Pyramid Saga for almost 2 months. What is going on. Please help……..Eve Reisinger

  • ok candy crush is stuck for me will not let me play

  • After falling for the Bubble Witch Saga 2 commercials and being ripped off for nearly $100, I just filed for a partial refund and am removing the game from my iPhone, as I did for all the other King games I used to have on there. I’ve been a Club Pogo member for six years. Pogo isn’t perfect, but at least they respond to complaints, offer prizes and have far more games and options. I pay a one-time subscription fee, then it’s up to me when or if to purchase gems, etc. No more King scams for me!

  • Diamond Digger….again, where are all the extra lives friends send me?? I didn’t accept them, but when I go into the game they disappear. WTF. does anyone know!!!!!!!

  • Diamond Digger…. where are all the extra lives friends send me?? I didn’t accept them, but when I go into the game they disappear. WTF.

  •’s Texas Hold Em is an app that gives them capability to use your device’s camera to watch you. I caught voices in the background. I said “You like crap” even though I can’t see them. They said “She can see us!”. I said ” Gotcha. Don’t use their apps or games at all. If they are using Texas Hold Em then it could be all.

    • LOL

  • I find that especially on level 165 on candy crush it is rigged. How can you clear out 99 blue candy when hardly any blues appear. It is rediculous! Also I find it very interesting that when spinning the wheel it also never lands on jackpot. It will just stop before or just after.

  • Playing bubble witch saga, they say you can get to the next level by asking friends or paying money or coins. I’ve asked several friends at the end of each level but, it won’t let me, I refuse to pay again as its all a big con to get money from you. There are only about 8 games each level so it’s not even good value. Going to stop playing their games.

  • why does level 261 (Rancid) have 440 pts. or percent when it used to be onl y 100 percent? At 18 moves, this is impossible. I’ve seen videos on this level and they all have to to beat at 100 percent, not 440! This is ridiculous.

  • is a bunch of crooks. Don’t waste time or money there!! They refuse to pay out winnings

  • King Games are designed to separate you from your money. Falls are not consistent and always leave you in a position where you cannot win, and must buy gold bars. Would continue playing the game if there were means where you could earn gold bars with a good game. Price for boosts in Papa Bears is out of line for what you get.

    STOPPED PLAYING – going back to games where I do not get soaked

  • $109.99 in gold bars was purchased on my acct. It was not purchased by me. I have emailed them with no reply. I have not received my money back. Very irritated.

    • Hi, Trina, did you try contacting Apple directly? I just received a one-time refund for unauthorized purchases for the same reason. Good luck.

  • Hi i play farm hero saga on my computer and on my phone. While playing on my phone i bought gold coin 19 one time they wrote it didnt go through i bought second time same thing i lost 38 gold coins plz credit on my acccount.

  • CANDY CON CANDY CON RIP OFF paid for 30 gold bars at £2.00 did not receive them contacted them told to give email contact SO CALLED CUSTOMER SUPPORT (candy con support) then candy con support team ignore emails, I then contacted my mobile provider so they got in touch with CUSTOMER SUPPORT, hoorah at last the candy con team speak email then ignore MEGA RIP OF KING CANDY CON ARTISTS

  • I’ve now deleted farm heroes and candy crush,after payments were taken out of my bank account on days I never even played. After reading the complaints of wrongful payments on Google,I’ll never ever play again!!!!!

  • I thank you for refund the amount of $44.41 . So , I have to eat the unkind words that I said about you. Just a little in patient on my part.

  • Is the jackpot space on the daily booster wheel a glitch? I landed on the jackpot space and now my phone is stuck on the daily booster wheel screen. It’s not letting me claim my prize.

  • you ripped me off

  • Bought 20 gold bars on farm hero saga for $1.99 , paying this amount and ended up paying another $44.41 for 500 gold bars which I did’nt purchased.Bad thing about this, I did’nt even received these items. I went to their web site dispute this and until now I have not received any reply from them. manuel

  • its not allowing me to go any further on pet rescue, I am on level 313 and I have to ask friends for help but the friends list is blank

  • I buy more moves for $$$$ on candy crush and it freezes and the to be continued is annoying it takes a weeks to play again, very frustrated.linda mack

  • farm house saga and candy crush is stuck on loading need this fixed cant find how to fix getting really angry

    • answer please or fix


  • I have completed level 117 on pet rescue and need to have friends help me clear a sticky stump to continue.hen the box appears to select friends it will not load so that I can continue too select friends and ask for help.This has not happened before and I cant go to next level.Any help….not my computer or my flash player

  • I an on level 153 and it says I need 6 fire balls on papa pear and it’s only giving me 3 fire balls and I have 11 balls spare but won’t give me any more fire balls thanks x

  • farm heroes saga. been on 85 for some time. ask my friends to help me get through a road block and submitted over 7, when the requirement is 3. still will not let me advance. Its a racket. what have to put money into it???? Please help

  • I would like to know why we can’t use our coins we have gotten when i want to use them!!! please fix this i work for delta and this helps me pass the time but if I can;t get any where I will be deleting the game and not telling any more of my passenger to play i have told so many not anymore

  • Pet Rescue Saga is a scam with the Rancid raccoon deal – If you are good at checking percentages, you will find you can’t defeat him unless you pay for it. Totally disgusting! Loved playing the other levels, at least you stood a chance, with this portion, it is all a money game – you lost a player and I will not recommend it to anyone.

  • how do I do this?I am one very unhappy customer,have been a guest of King games for years!!!

  • how do I do this I am one unhappy customer

  • I love the Pet Rescue Saga,however am very unhappy with the way you do not ackowledge a finished level,& when you do you get 2 plays b/4 you go back to so mant minutes to wait b/4 being able to continue!!What is the ddeal?

  • Pet Rescue Saga level 180 is impossible you clear all the blocks it tells you to get the rest of the points and then it takes you out of the game to start over I am tired of spending money I’m boosters and rockets and hammers and still cannot pass level 180 I want a refund!

  • playing pet rescue on my main computer and no lives show up from friends why? Play on my samsung galaxy tablet i have lives and easy enough to use so why not on main computer. Also please update the anroid verison again on pet rescue so I can go back have lives and play on my tablet…

    • I am having trouble with pet rescue friends send me lives and im not getting them so I can move on to the next level

  • Ok you have done it again. I have won three times on Pear Saga. Twice it was total of 36 out of 35. The next time I got 35 out of 35. All 3 times said I failed. What’s up. This is my second time I have had to write and COMPLAIN.

    • This is me again. Saying the same thing over and over again. I’m now on level 71 and twice the level says I FAILED!!!!!
      I made all 5 buckets light up and still had turns left. What is going wrong????????

      • you need to make sure you get the score you need before you light up all the buckets !! I thought the same as you when I started playing it I was thinking why is it saying failed when I lit all the buckets but then I realised its because some of the levels have a minimum score !

  • To those who think Candy crush is a money scam , your correct, but all these games are scams , their job is to make money , Da. I’m tired of having lives one minute, oops, then their gone

  • I admit, the Kings are masters at baiting us in games. But if I purchased something in Zynga, at least I was credited for a goal making opportunity. I paid 4 or 5 times to get to 60,000 points in level 70 and surpassed that number both times. However, both times I was not credited and was unable to advance. How about it, King. I know how fast you are filling your coffers with these fever pitch levels but getting any more $$ out of me will be impossible if you don’t give me my due. I am furious. Check and see just how much I’ve spent on level 70. Give me a break you hucksters.

  • I purchased 100 gold bars from my facebook account last week and got only 10 gold bars. I have filed complaints through Facebook and get no response from either them or King games. I have a Facebook receipt for the $10 purchase, but no way to get my $10 back. It makes me so sad to see a fun game like Candy Crush used to scam money from devotees.

  • Im getting so frustrated with this game and I truly believe it is a money scam. Any booster, except lives or moves, I have tried to purchase to keep going and get that last box through my phone. But after the payment goes through there is no booster or lollipop to smash that last box but it never ends up showing up. I keep loosing all the lives I have from my friends when I go to play and sign in on my phone, I just have the 5 lives and all free lives and moves are gone. I am so frustrated and have spent money I dont have to try and pass a level Ive been on for over a month to just getting ripped off. I tried going on my computer and using the app through facebook and the booster and lives dont transfer to my phone candy crush app. I feel so betrayed by this company as when you spend your time, which is valuable, to work so hard to build something or progress in an on-line activity, you shouldnt have to worry about an invisible thief, who is supposed to be on your side, stealing and corrupting everything you put your time and money into. It makes you loose your trust and faith in business that create on-line programs & games, as they victimize tons of innocent people that they will never have to see or communicate with in person,. They will never have to show any remorse and wont do anything to correct or compensate for wasting so many peoples valued time and money. Companies like King should be shut down and fined based on how much money they have scammed out of innocent people!!! Maybe if enough people come together and refuse to participate in any on-line games created by King, as I have never had any problems with any other on-line activity, then maybe they will start to take this situation seriously and fix the software problems that are clearly from the creators of the games and not the user or their hardware.

    • These games are all scams. My granddaughter accidentally purchased forty pounds worth of gold bars. She is only six and didn’t realize what she as doing. I emailed to appeal to their better nature, but obviously they simply don’t have one. As these bars were paid I decided to try the game myself. It had been used initially by my older teenage Granddaughter who was stuck on a higher level. In my opinion there is no way to win this level without paying for more bars, and I have no intention of doing that. It’s a scam, these people are con artists and I’ve shared that fact all over Facebook resulting in 80 friends deleting the games, and others sharing the info further afield. King?? Rip of King is more like it.

  • i completed level 140 candy crush 6 times and it never advanced foward.I m still on 140

  • How do i beat level 195 in papa pear. I have tried so many times to get 13, what do i have to do to get them?
    Can you please give me a hint or i am going to have to quit because it isn’t fun anymore.

  • I had 84 live son my game not the first time this game is ****!!

  • I just love double charging for one game. Happens all the time and it’s like trying to get an audience with the Pope to get a refund on overcharges.I feel petty fighting over three or four dollars but when it happens all the time it gets sickening.

    • I love the comment that the administrator must approve my comment. Apparently they are ashamed of themselves.

  • pet rescue saga will not load using facebook i have tried everything and king dont seem to want to help tey just send the same old e-mail to me every time.

    • I have had the same problem. I even lost rewards. They don’t care. I just get the same standard replays that never help. As per their suggestion I used Google chrome and that makes no difference. DON’T SPEND MONEY with them. Maybe that will get their attention.

  • I saved a lot of LIVES & I had 147 and they just suddenly disappeared. My 5 Lives ran out so I wanted to get some from the ones that I saved & I only had 1 left!!!!! What happened & where did it all go???????? I am very very upset I tell you!!! what happened! I saved all those LIVES & now they’re all gone ): grrrrrrrr!

    • I too had over a hundred two days ago they took them. I build it back up to 50 plus and this morning its gone again WTF. King games need to put those lives back they just want you to spend your money to buy more lives they suck.

    • I had a similar problem with my rewards. I had 2000 bars and they disappeared. Facebook and Facebook King just kept passing the buck or they sent me meaningless replies. I decided not to buy anything until they resolve my problem.

  • Can not get no satisfaction everytime I call will rep that can hardly understand very upset .
    about to scream.

    • that is truly frustrating. hello, can I get some service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I keep winning but it says waiting. I got 3 points. That’s it

  • My friends are sending me unlock tickets but it will not work. I click it and go back to the game. It still is saying ask your friend or buy. I love the game but I have spend a lot of money because of this problem. If I don’t get a fix for this I’m going to have to stop playing. A dollar every level for both candy crush and pet rescue so far , just can’t afford it anymore!!!

  • I would like King to fix the game on Facebook. It is constantly crashing and I know it is NOT my server as the message says, as the only problem is with Candy Crush game. Please fix this GAME!

  • Anyone else having this problem, I’m playing Candy crush Saga and I’m on level 106. I start playing the game and It only lets me make a few moves and the game is over! You can’t win a game with only 5 or 6 move out of 30! Help….what’s going on?

  • I have been trying to claim the 100 free lives in candy crush saga but it will not let me

  • farm hero’s saga is rigged . i have played more times than i can count and it refuses to let me pass level. i believe it’s rigged, it use to be one of my favorite games but now i am about ready to just remove it !!!

  • hello i am currantly having problems with Candy Crush Saga
    i tried to load game but it is stuck on 29% has been all day please help

    • i am having the same problem where other friends are able to load on my PC. i deleted cache and history no fixing of issue. but i am able to load on iPhone.

  • not happy site because they blocked my account.i won money and they not give me to withdraw them.they close my account because they think that i have account before.i send my documents to show that i never had account before.that my friends have account on they blocked my account

  • I have been having problems with Pyramid Solitaire Saga for at least a week now. Have sent other messages but have received no comments or help. The game freezes up & screen goes to a gray box every time I try to play; so i waste my lives & unable to play. I play other games & have no problems with on the other games.

  • I would like to know if anybody else is having the same problem that Iam having with my Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga games on I have friends they send me xtra lives and when I click on them to retrieve them, I get into the game and I only have the original 5 lives I started out with, and there is no where for me to store or collect my xtra lives that I have claimed. Iam not receiving the xtra lives that my friends are sending to me so does anybody have any ideas or suggestions or any information where I can contact someone from games?????????BEWILDERED AND FRUSTRATED Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    • I’m having the same problem….did you get any response from them.

    • just wondering if you ever received an answer… I have the same issue..

  • I’m ticked.. Cute game but I have purchased 5 more moves because I saw I only needed one more move, but when I bought it, it changed my screen and I couldn’t clear board. Felt it was a total rip off

  • I’m playing candy crush and I’m on level 65 and I love the game, however the last two times I’ve cleared ALL the jelly on the screen the game has told me different I’ve even brought extra moves! Because I was positive I’d cleared the jellies! I’m not happy.

  • DISGUSTING advert showing graphic images advertising Far Cry 3(game for Xbox and play station!) Advert was on a link from U Tube and would not let me close either, kept rewinding back.Digusted!!!!!!! Luckily kids in bed!!!

  • hello, hoping you can help me.

    i joined to play a few games in my spare time

    its been fun chatting to other players but when i come to play ludo, there is no chat box for me to use which causes problems when other players say hello and i cant answer them. is there anything you can do about this.

    the only game i have the use of a chatbox is in dart duel.

    thankyou ….


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