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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: Wesley Berry Florist Inc
Corporate Address:
2985 Haggerty Rd
Commerce Township, Michigan 48390 USA

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Flower Delivery Express Phone Number: 248-668-2881
Corp Email: admin@flowerdeliveryexpress.net
Company Contact: Tiffany Bradshaw - VP Assistant
Corp Website: flowerdeliveryexpress.com

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Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 243 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 98

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Reported Losses: $15,191.29
Average Reported Losses: $62.52

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Horrible customer service!

This is the letter I wrote to the CEO, Carl Deimer and the CEO assistant I have gotten returns on 2 of them. I am hoping someone can help me find resolution to my problem.

On April 13 I placed an order, XXXXXXX. Not realizing all the extra charges that were charged I hit submit and almost chocked on what was charged.

I immediately sent an e-mail requesting the order be cancelled and did not hear a thing. I then called in maybe 2 hours later and spoke to a representative. I should have gotten her name but did not. During the phone call she told me that she cancelled the order and that it would take 7-14 days to credit my account back. I was not happy with the amount of time it would take considering the order had just been placed. She then told me that she would escalate it to see if I could get credit back more quickly.

Next thing I know my credit card was charged on the 16th. I thought I would be patient thinking that the representative actually did her job and cancelled the order.

On Friday May 20th the flowers were delivered. Why? I then called back Saturday the 21st at 3:00 and spoke with a Supervisor. I would love to tell you her name but she mumbled and I could not understand her. I told her I thought that her mouth piece was too close to her mouth. She then told me there was nothing she could do and that a Manager would call me Monday morning. She said that the Manager would have to pull the call and review my cancellation request.

Monday morning no calls. I called back again today May 23rd and spoke with K.J. employee id # 1782, call was placed at 11:45 I was transferred to him. Who again told me there was nothing he could do other than offer me $20 back and a credit for a future order. I asked to speak with someone higher than him and he told me his Manager’s do not take phone calls and that there was no one else to speak with. I kept pushing him for a better answer and he told me if I was told a Manager would call me then I had to wait for that call. Customer service at its finest.

It is completely unacceptable for me to have to pay for incompetence. I e-mailed and cancelled the order, I called and cancelled the order. Why was the order not cancelled? Why am I being told that since the flowers were delivered that I have to pay for them? I believed that the original representative did her job and cancelled my order. I am formally and respectfully requesting a full refund for order number XXXXXX.

I look forward to hearing from one of you regarding this matter.

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  • Stef

    Ordered flowers May 27 early AM for a friend just home from hospital. I was unaware, nor had I checked the reviews for this FDE. I simply ordered bc of an ad I saw.
    Now after the upcharges, fees, processing etc I was a bit aghast to see a 40 dollar order double. But I figured OK, its my friend and secondly, its same day. My concern was that she lives in a poorly marked lake area also.
    I must say, they did deliver same day, and my friend said they were beautiful! I saw a photo and while we all know flowers and fees are ridiculous no matter where, I was just glad she was happy.
    After reading the multitude of reviews about FDE on this site and others, however, I will not order from them again.

  • dmetalhed@hotmail.com

    prices changed after I gave my card info and confirmed… added $15 “delivery” fee and a $10 “sales” fee, than a 2nd transaction appeared on my card for 1.97 delivery fee these guys are as shady as shady gets…. is there an option for no stars???

  • Linda Mangino

    I ordered the “Christmas Celebration” & added the exquisite pkg (ad $25) costing $125.46. When I asked my parents about it they sent me a pic of this cheesy arrangement with 3 pine cones & mums. I ordered a Christmas tree with bows & ornaments & pine cones & flowers..have no idea what the exquisite package was to add extra. I called the delivery florist & told me they advised to send an arrangement of $40. That is no mistake…that is FRAUD! I too am in dispute advising the credit card company not to pay. I have called cannot get thru. Someone finally called me because I wrote on an email they sent telling me there was a $57 credit I had to use within the week or lose it. I never agreed to it..there was no discussion about it & the person who called mumbled the whole message so I could not find him when I called. Transferred 3x then called back and left on hold for 15min. I would never use them again so the credit is ridiculous. This order was delivered 12-24-15 and no contact until now! and that was a message left if I have a problem callback. What on earth do I have to say for them to know there is a problem. They will never change the fact I was totally embarrassed by the flowers they sent to my parents. I want what I ordered or my money back. After reading in here I think they should be charged with FRAUD. Their intent was very clear to me.

    • Terri Bourque

      WOW ,what is their phone number ??

  • Siobhan Knows

    Please file a complaint with the FTC for misleading business practices.

  • Barbara Dworak

    Oh my gosh I wish I had seen this site before I got swindled by this so called company. I contacted my credit card company and they filed a dispute, but this site should be taken off line. No one else should have to go through this.

  • Larry Corns

    This company is a total ripoff! First they imply that there giving you $40 off of what is already in overinflated price, then they have all these additional add-ons at additional cost including the additional cost of a face that they show in the picture included in the price. They then have additional upgrades that you can pay significantly more for to hopefully get a better arrangement. I specifically ordered arrangement that had yellow roses and daisies. They sent an arrangement with half the number of roses as shown on the basic arrangement even though I paid $25 more to have a larger arrangement sent. And they substituted orange roses for yellow roses and crammed a bunch of daisies into the arrangement. My wife joked that it looked like our four-year-old granddaughter had put the flower arrangement together… a TOTAL MESS!

    I called to complain and to have the order corrected but they refuse to do so and stated they had the right to substitute flowers. But I don’t believe they have the right to substitute cheap daisies for expensive roses. They also change the color. Any florist knows that different colors have different meanings and it is totally inappropriate change the color in ANY arrangement. They also overcharged me I thought the total charges will be $70 and they ended up adding additional fees adding up to $103. I volunteered to return the flowers are having picked up but they refuse to give me the name of the florist to used. After and endless discussion they finally agreed to give me $25 off and the balance in vouchers, $50 vouchers that are virtually worthless because they can only be applied toward list price so a $50 voucher was really only worth about $10. I instead called the credit card company, American Express and disputed the transaction. I recommend people always use American Express are much more diligent in protecting the consumer. I could’ve called the local forest directly and paid half the amount. This group is also known as Wesley flowers

    • Siobhan Knows

      Please consider filing a complaint with the FTC for misleading business practices.

  • RV

    I ordered flowers that were never delivered. No customer service person was ever available and they kept my money. I’m fighting with the bank to get my money back now. WHAT A FREALIN’ rip off.

  • Erika

    The Flowers that were sent (from Texas) to my family in Colorado for the passing of my Aunt were never delivered to the funeral home. When I called back to request my refund, I was asked if I wanted them to hold my money for a later purchase or have the flowers delivered to the home of a family member. I was so upset that the delivery was not made, they had also lied to me and sent an email that the delivery was in route. If I hadn’t called and checked up on the order, I would’ve never known that the delivery was not made. I kept insisting that I just wanted my money back. Flower Delivery Express gave me a hard time over the telephone, but finally, I was told that they would give me my money back within 3-7 business days. It’s been 9 days and I still haven’t received my money back. I am so upset!

  • Diana

    I am so very upset. WHAT A SCAM they are. I ordered flowers for my best friends Mom’s passing (grave site funeral) First, it was NOT delivered on the day I ask for…..and second, Not the flowers I ordered at all. I spent more for the Premium amount of flowers used and then to top it off, my friend sent me a picture of what actually arrived, a day late, and man when I saw that….I am boiling. Have tried to send a complaint but the web site will not go to the place to send one. They did call to let me know the delivery was late and I asked to have the extra charges removed for the expedited delivery….they said only the 6.99 charge was all they saw on the invoice. Of course there were more extra charges but those items were not listed as such on the invoice they had. I tried to print the on line invoice I saw and used but it WOULD NOT print…off course! I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN….so the many special discount coupons they gave me will not be used…plus was told they could not be combined. Can you believe that? Wished I had used my credit card instead of debit card………my bad.
    Spent 135.08

  • Richard

    SCAM COMPANY! I ordered a specific bouquet from the website, paid for next day delivery and also ordered a teddy bear. No delivery the next day. they delivered a miserable bouquet with 3 flowers that looked nothing like what i had ordered. No teddy bear. to add insult to injury their customer service person told me i should be satisfied because my girlfriend was happy

  • Bella Dunn

    As of this morning it is the 4th day of non delivery of my flowers! THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY! BUYERS BEWARE! BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK! The only thing that saved me was that I used my Paypal credit card. I was able to contact Chase Bank and Paypal and all monies were returned to me. The BIGGEST scam was my total. When checking out my total was 44,87 and I clicked submit for the order and my total suddenly turned into 71.81 and an additional separate charge of 2.99 When i checked my credit card, it had posted that quickly. BUYERS please please LISTEN. THIS COMPANY IS NOT LEGITIMATE! IT IS A SCAM!

  • Honey

    I ordered flowers for my boss’s fathers grave site funeral. I received confirmation and the price the same day ordered. The funeral was set for 11am Saturday May 16, (I was charged for Saturday delivery). I received an email from FDE at 4:30 Saturday evening stating they could not deliver and needed additional information.. I have been calling and emailing since I get no response I get a real person then they transfer me to their infamous “Customer Service Department” only to get a recording stating I can leave a message and someone will get back with me. I can’t even get anyone to tell me what this “additional information” is. Well today I received an email from FDE telling me that my order was being delivered. SERIOUSLY!! Odd they have time to send me at least 8 emails to date, but no one will respond to my emails or phone calls. Wish I had seen this site prior to ordering. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Loss of $121.65 will be disputed. After seeing all of these complaints someone needs to close them down.

  • Mike 8204

    What can I say….We were duped also. Ordered a 59.00 arrangement, billed us 107.00, still don’t have the flowers. The girl could hardly speak English. They took our money and delivered NO flowers.!!!!

  • CJ

    You will regret using this company. I can relate to all the complaints. For a total of $161, I ordered a Mother’s day bouquet (not good, better, or best, but I paid for what they call “exquisite”), chocolates and a Mylar balloon. My mother is aging and has been ill. It was very important to me that she receive my order since she lives far away from any of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Supposedly they gave me a $40 discount they advertised so I was charged $121 on my credit card. The bouquet ended up very tiny (photo evidently had miniature roses instead of regular size – now that is tricky) and included none of the colors or flowers shown in the photo They never tell you the length of the stems or the height of the vase in the photographs on the website. The vase they used ended up being just four inches tall! They charged me $3.99 for a card I did not request, a service charge of $19.99 to deliver on the day BEFORE the holiday, and a $14.69 sales fee. I complained. The first customer representative was very polite but could not speak very good English. There was a horrendous noise in the background with other operators talking to customers. I was transferred to someone who could speak very good English but he put me on hold two different times; both over 15 minutes long. They wouldn’t redo the order, give me a credit or refund any money – stating they had a disclaimer on their site that they are allowed to make substitutions. The local florist who filled the order shared they only gave her $61 out of a supposedly $161.00 value, to produce my order! I should have called the local florist direct! Shame on me.

  • Renae

    I too had a bad experience with this company. While I ordered one arrangement , another was sent that looked like something you could pick up at the Dollar Tree. I immediately started calling and emailing. I wasn’t able to resolve my issue until this morning on a Monday. I called and asked for a supervisor, and right away she was willing to credit my account for part of the amount. I told her that her amount was unacceptable and she came back with an amount that I was willing to accept. But just now I have received a response to a email i sent to the Ceo with a phone call and email, I have been given a full credit. Hopefully, I in 5-7 days I will receive the credit. I guess and hope my constant emails and phones calls paid off.

  • lui

    This company is a fraud DO NOT BUY anything from them. They screwed me they will screw you also. Don’t believe their rebate tactic either. You will end up paying out of pocket for the most miserable vase and flowers ever. DO NOT BUY FOM THEM. I ma still waiting for their customer service to call me back from two weeks ago. SCAM!!!!

  • me

    Sorry to say that I think I have been screwed by them, too. I have sent numerous messages with no answer. Their $50 “rebate” is total B.S. I’ll never use them again, and wish I’d read the reviews before I wasted my money.

    • Renae

      I wished I had too.. for 90 dollars, I got a tacky Dollar Tree plant.. I emailed and phoned all weekend and finally this morning I got a call and email giving me a full credit.

  • Shannon

    Update post from Shannon below…

    The company called and left a voice mail the day after the funeral on my phone speaking very fast with the following message:

    “Hi Shannon I’m (no name given) calling from flower delivery express regarding your flower order that was for Phil unfortunately we do apologize that we were unable to make it to the service for yesterday but we will let them have this delivered to a family members address with an upgrade to a better arrangement so please call us at (888) 851-2881 with that additional information thank you and you have a great day.”

    Not a bad attempted recovery except the local florist had already called Phil (recipient) apologizing and saying they were closed on MLK day and did he still want the flowers – he said “hell no” because he was already back home 400 miles away, the flowers were for a graveside service so there’s no point now and he didnt expect the sender (me) to pay anything, which they local florist agreed to…

    When I called the 888 number – you guessed it – run around again only to leave a message and, of course, they put the $87 charge through anyway.

    I saved my voice mail from the company, then I called my cell phone from my home phone, put on speaker, retrieved my voice mail (which states date, time and number called from) while recording the message on my iPhone using the Voice Memo App as the voice mail played back – I now have hard copy I can e-mail to anyone :)

    AMEX immediately credited account and told them about recording said they dont need it but keep just in case FDE tries to dispute. I did tell AMEX that they shouldn’t do business with a compamy like that, not good for AMEX reputation.

    Frankly its really not about the money but the business practice that apparently they have been made aware of but are unwilling to change.

  • Deborah Freeman

    I ordered flowers from this horrid company…they weren’t delivered as promised, fortunately I contacted my cc company and they refuted the bill!
    Do not order, they need to be shut down!

  • Brenda

    Ordered flowers (by phone) for same day delivery and was assured they would be delivered. I have called and the ‘customer service rep’ (HAH!) won’t listen to me and will only transfer me to a non-existent supervisor where I’m told to leave my contact information and someone will get back to me.
    I hate it when I get screwed.

  • Shannon

    Ordered flowers for next day delivery for funeral, never showed up, never received e-mail confirmation…got run around when attempted to call them tonight (“Your order number doesnt match…thats a different department…No, you cant have the name of the florist, ect”) – 3 calls, 3 different people, hung up on twice.

    Thank goodness I use American Express, already called them – they wont jerk me around assured me I wont pay 1 penny.

    From now on Ill stick with either 1-800 Flowers (always been great service) or local florist.

  • elisabeth L

    I also ordered flowers for a funeral and was sent the “delivery confirmation” – a month later when no word from the family began to seem strange I decided to flat out ask them. Nothing. Nothing was ever delivered. I then tried they problem report form (which does not work – purposely I would guess does not transmit), phoning (no answers after 20 minutes on hold) and numerous email bank and forths where they repeatedly avoid my question of WHAT exact florist they used (so I can call them myself) and what evidence they have of delivery = none. Seems like a complete fraud/scam to me.

  • DonnaSC

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. Didn’t deliver flowers to a funeral for $120, then “made it up” with useless “credits.” The credits are only available on arrangements with the price jacked up $20, plus a $20 service charge, an $8 additional charge, and $4 each for card or vase. So the credits are worth less than no credit at all. They register your number so they won’t talk to you a second time. They have the BBB in their pocket so there is no recourse. Just stay away.

  • Sandi

    TOTAL RIPOFF!! Never again will I purchase anything from this company. I
    also have been given the runaround on trying to cancel my order. The
    summary they give you before hitting that SUBMIT button, is so
    confusing! I thought I was paying $43.23 with the discount, but ending
    up being $93.00!!! But yet it says I’m saving $90.00!!! WTF!! $3.99 for
    an enclosure card? I can get a beautiful Hallmark card for less!…$15.33 for sales fee. Sales fee??? Nobody helped me, I did it
    all by myself!!! Unless I was getting a bed of roses no small Christmas
    flower is worth that much!!

  • Laurie

    Pros- Customer service was very nice.
    Cons- Everything
    I ordered the arrangement Exotic Grace for a funeral. It’s beautiful with Birds of Paradise.
    I was told that if there were any issues with the flowers that I would be called so I could change it. I wasn’t called, just notified that it was delivered. I couldn’t tell which arrangement was mine until I looked at the card! The Bird of Paradise was replaced with Peacock feathers and the rest of it was- not the same flowers, colors or leaves. The big beautiful green leaves were totally different small and yellow. I was so upset !!!! I called the company and after being transferred 3 times was told I would be refunded $10 because flowers were delivered. They wanted me to get the flowers back for a full refund! I’m certainly not going to ask the mother for the flowers back! I got the refund up to $25, I’ll see if it comes off my card. As for the $50 refund, it had already expired so I was sent a new one. I was also sent 2 codes for a $50 credit. Wow, that’s great, Tried to order flowers and NOT ONE of those codes worked!! I will be calling again tomorrow, and probably filling a complaint. From reading other complaints, I’m happy something showed up.

  • Nicole Noack

    This also happened to me!!!!!!!!! I had a credit of $41.27 by the time everything was said and done I owed $57.85!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also never received the $50.00 rebate!! The hidden costs these people apply at the end are outrageous!!!!!!!! When I called and was actually able to get thru, I was hung up on twice, redirected to a phone operator multiple times, then when someone did finally speak to me her answers made no sense plus she ignored me!! I had to keep saying HELLO HELLO HELLO like 12 times before she said YES! I asked if she was hearing me and again was ignored!! The minute I asked for a manager she perked right up, said she would connect me the next thing I heard was, if you like to make a call………………. This company sucks the a*s of life!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vivian

      OMG yes!! You described the telephone calls to hell perfectly!! The long silent pauses after every question or demand I voiced, and my having to scream really loud HELLO!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?! over and again. Vagueness in between constant moments of her pretending like she doesn’t hear me. I could not get her to answer or commit to anything! And about her perking up to transfer your call (I’m sorry for laughing here because this is a terrible situation) but you totally hit the mark in describing what I had noticed, of course I got the answering machine THREE TIMES!! She would even transfer me while I was in mid-sentence. So sketchy!!!

  • Brian

    Wow. I’m having the exact same issue. I ordered flowers for my GF to congratulate her on her first day of a new job. I ordered them to be delivered the same day, which the website guarantee’s 100% satisfaction on. The website kept spamming me a $40 coupon, which I finally clicked on. Went through the whole order process, the dollar amount was going to be around $40 total, but when the PayPal order went through, the total was almost $80! Come the end of the day, she never received the flowers. Didn’t receive them the following day either. I called multiple times and was on hold in a long queue forever. On my third call, after waiting 45 minutes, I FINALLY got somebody on the line, they promised to fix the issue, she took all of my information and forwarded it to somebody who would call me right back to resolve the issue. Still have not heard back from them 24 hours later. I also sent an email to their customer service email address listed on the PayPal receipt, and have yet to get a single response to this either. There is an order tracker on the website, but I never even received an email with the actual order number, so I can’t track my order that way either. I’m currently on hold in the customer center queue again. If I can’t get this resolved today, I believe I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Here’s a link for others if you wish to do this as well. This site sure seems to be a huge fraud from all of the other stuff I’m reading on here.

    FTC = https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted?NextQID=203&Url=%23%26panel1-6#crnt

  • Ron

    Same as all the other comments. Paid them 135 dollars and extra as they promised to deliever within 3 hours. Oredered flowers for my wife and sick mother-in-law. Two days later, still no flowers. Could never get in touch with a real person. Had to call the “order” line and they picked up prmply to take my order! Gave the person all the information and they said someone would be calling me to “work it out” Still no call, no email etc. Basically they stole my money. I am still going to call them every day. DONT USE THIS BUSINESS! they will ruin the special moment you wnated to give your loved one.

  • Sue

    I had birthday flowers and balloons delivered today in Chicago and they are beautiful. I was worried after reading online reviews, but I got great service and great flowers.

  • Kareen

    OMG the worst company I have ever dealt with. What a scam. I tried to cancel my order it took about 1 1/2 hours to get a live person and they couldn’t locate by the conf number, addresses nothing. But did I forget to mention they did bill me for the flowers. $30 extra for delivery fee and handling which they said I would get a credit of $30 for the next order I placed. I never received the email confirmation that I was suppose to receive 10 minutes later and with the credit for my next order. The man was sooooo stupid that I soke to but I think they groom them that way. Talk about an anxiety attack this company pushed me over the edge.

  • Jackie

    Wish I had found these complaints prior to ordering…next time I will do research on a company prior to trusting them. Same situation as everyone else…ordered over the phone on Friday for same day delivery and it’s now Monday and still no delivery, no return calls or emails from the “leave a message” customer service phone recording.

  • Cathy WS

    Ordered for April 18th delivery. No delivery. No one answering phones at company had to leave a messages. No return call. Emailed and no response. Found this site and realized I’d been scammed. Opened dispute with my CC company and have reported to the BBB. How can this place still be in business????

  • A Pissedoff

    Same deal. Paid for same day delivery to a hospital. Never arrived. No response from customer service now even a month later (2014/April) . That means no response to emails nor voice mails. Nver recieved a confirmation email neither, but I did receive a bill! The only person who did respond was only able to take a new order. SCAM. Showed up as TLF WESLEY BERRY FLOWE.

  • Mary

    This company is pathetic!!!! I placed an order to be delivered 4 days later. The flowers were received two days late. I tried for 4 days to get to "talk" to someone and always had to leave a message. I never got a response. A week later I finally got to speak with someone and since the flowers were delivered they could not refund my money. The gentleman I spoke with was very arrogant and would not let me speak to a supervisor. Customer Service is horrible!! I will never use this company again nor will I recommend them.

  • mary

    SCAM!!!! I am so pissed this company is still in business. EVERYONE that has had their money taken and NO SERVICE rendered NEEDS to REPORT them to the BBB. Help shut down this company. Stealing from customers!!! SHAME ON YOU FLOWER DELIVERY EXPRESS!!!!

    • Fred

      This site is the biggest Scam and on the internet. No one calls you back and there is no one to speak with to resolve your issue. Never use this company again. I ordered flowers and baloons on 2/15/14 and they were never delivered.

  • Caron

    Same issue posted here as I’m experiencing. Been hung up on numerous times. Reps refuse to give us a supervisor. Been on hold until closing time to have never had a rep answer. Emails and voice mails ignored. I’m in contact with my bank now for dispute resolution. I would never reconnect this company.

  • Lori

    This company is a massive rip off!!!! After paying $75 for a $40 arrangement, NOTHING was ever delivered. Day after day I called and waited to speak to someone just to be sent to a voicemail. Nobody ever called back. Then, when I finally spoke to someone, they said that I agreed to pay even if the flowers were never delivered. They wanted to charge all kinds of fees that would end up giving me $10 back. She stated that the fine print said that they flowers may get there WHENEVER they do. They don’t know when the next available date is. That is after I paid extra for a 4 hour delivery.


  • MAH

    I bought a floral arrangement from them for a funeral. While the flowers were delivered they were not at all like what I ordered. The arrangement was very small and didn’t look at all like the picture online. I emailed the company a few times but the only response I received was another email with my order confirmation. I decided to see if they were on facebook and contact them that way. I messaged them and had a fairly quick reply stating that they’re refunding my purchase. I have already gotten an email from Paypal stating that the refund is pending so I’m hoping to see that back in my account shortly. I also just got a voicemail from them apologizing for my experience and again stating that they’re refunding my purchase. For those having trouble getting a response from them maybe you can try contacting them through facebook as well. While you shouldn’t have to do that, it’s worth it to get a refund if you have a problem with your order. Hope this might help someone else!! Definitely won’t be using this company in the future.

  • Carol

    This company has the worst customer service I have ever seen!placed a order,wasn’t delivered,left 3 emails,4 voice mails and no one ever called back to respond why the delivery was not made.I paid through paypal,I opened a case complaint through paypal,within about 5 mins I got a eamil saying they would cancel the order and refund my money.At least I am getting my money back.I would say DONOT order from this company.I wisshed I had saw all the negative feedback before I spent 5 days trying to resolve.

  • rex smith


  • RCSC

    I purchased get well flowers from this company Feb. 13, 2014 for same day delivery. The next day I called my friend who was ill to see if the flowers were delivered, to find out that they never arrived. I immediately called the company, to see why they were not delivered. Their automation system, prompt I to leave my name and phone number and email address and someone will contact me. After no response for several days still unable to get through to anyone. Today is Feb. 18, I call again and got someone on the line to find out that they could not help me and told me to call another number. I informed this person that this is the number that I called to place the order and that he should be able to assist me. He continued to tell me to call another number. I asked him for his name, he said that his name was “EDREN”. I told him that this is the correct number and that they had took the money from account for the get well flowers that were not delivered. I stated to the gentlemen to stop tell me to call another number for assistance. I explained to him that someone need to assist me and four days had pasted with not contact or communication from their company. I asked if this was and overseas company and the person told me that he could not tell me their location or answer any more of my question and again stated that I needed to call another number. This disturb me so I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said that he would have to put me on hold and that I would have to wait for a supervisor to become available to speak with me. I held the line for 45minutes just to see if someone would come on the line to assist me. I hung up the line, and went to the internet to find another number for this company and over and over again to be put through to a messaging system for this company for someone to contact me. So at that point, I a real bad feeling of deceit was apparent. So I called my bank to inform them of this possible fraudulent company. My bank launched an investigation on this matter. Do not order from this company because it appears to be a fraud. If you do not have a good bank it may be difficult for you to get your money back, and the items may never be delivered. Not saying the company in itself is bad but Mr. Berry should be aware that some of his employees are scamming money from his customers. So be very careful if you purchase flowers from this company!!!

  • Sandy Nelson

    I used flowerdeliveryexpress to send an arrangement to our daughter who was in the hospital. Was supposed to be same day delivery, but she never rec’d them. So I called next day, they rerouted to her home since she was being discharged that day – same deal, she never rec’d them. I put in several calls leaving my number for that speedy response they guarentee, never rec’d it. Also sent a complaint to their customer service dept. Never heard back. Called twice more requesting they credit my card since I never rec’d their service. That was a week and half ago, still have not credited out acct. We went to our bank and they are fighting the cause for us and reimbursed while they resolve. Also contacted the BBB, this type of service should always be reported so that other gullible people like myself don’t get taken advantage of!

  • Ashley

    This company is a scam. I ordered flowers from them – once – that were never delivered. Then I check my bank statement and they have 3 pending withdrawals from my account! And customer service isn’t responding to my emails or calls. Huge scam.

  • Ed Case

    Dear sir,

    I would not like to start this email out by calling you a liar!! But I am Norma Jean Case whom you supposedly delivered flowers too!
    Well, it’s a lie I have not, did not receive the flowers that my husband ordered for me at what I might say an OUTRAGEOUS COST!!!
    You company has the worst reviews I have ever seen.
    The building in which I am employed is locked up tight on weekends and on Holidays like today!!! Your emailed state that the flowers were delivered to me ! UH WRONG ANWSER !
    I have not seen any flowers, we never received a phone call stating the building was locked and the flowers were delivered.
    An email does not exemplify good customer service.

    I am requesting nicely that you refund my husbands credit card immediately!!!

    If you do not comply with my request I will go to the media and expose your company for the con artists and scammers that you are! I am posting a copy of this letter to you online feedback.

    You have several phone numbers at which my self or my husband can be reached! I suggest you contact us to discuss the terms of the refund for the hoax of delivering flowers.

    Totally disappointed and disgusted,

    Norma Jean
    Cardenas -Case

  • Dan

    Had the Same experience.. ordered flowers to be delivered on valentines day, ordered on a wednesday for friday delivery, no flowers were delivered.. called customer service no one answered they had you leave a message and did not hear back from anyone. Never use these guys

  • ticked

    I ordered flowers for my mom to be delivered 2/15 and they still have not come. Customer service is a voicemail and a "we will get back to you later." no receipt via email either. RIP OFF!

  • J.Sanders

    " But when the time is right, we’ll be ready to deliver orders by GPS coordinates!" WHEN, exactly, is the time right for them to deliver WHATSOVER???!!! "Guaranteed same day delivery"?! That is a lie- and this company is a scam. Ordered flowers for delivery on Valentine’s Day…guess what?! Not only were they NOT delivered on Valentine’s Day, they weren’t delivered today either!!! I will demand a refund, and I will spread the word- warning all consumers of purchasing on flowersdeliveryexpress.com.

  • B Bates

    My order was not delivered. I ordered a balloon bouquet five days in advance a for my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I know they got the order even though I received no confirmation of the order because they debited my checking account. They have my money and I have nothing. Great scheme to fleece unsuspecting people > who actually believe they can get a good service on the web.

    I should have known better. I will stay with FTD ffrom now on. At least they are dependable.

  • Peaches Olson

    P. Olson

    I ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter. The flowers were never delivered and I can’t get a response from this company. They are not incompetent. They are simply crooks and I intend to take this further as I have the means and connections to do so.

    • pam

      Please pursue it! I also ordered flowers for my daughter. My credit card was charged but no flowers were ever delivered. My bank had to cancel and re-issue me a new card due to the fraudulence. It is unacceptable! Go get ’em!

  • Paul


  • LIz

    Today I wanted to arrange a bouquet to send to my friend in USA – Having left it a bit late I realised that any date would do prior to her birthday next week. I chose an arrangement from the offered price via email, $28.98 by the time I had logged in it had all gone up to around $45.00 minimum without the delivery charges and other charges. I chose something else for $44.98 to see what would happen and went to check out, the total for this bouquet had increased to $74.99 and the total delivered with all the charges was in excess of $104.00 I cannot believe this. Having used them before in haste, I checked my previous order before Christmas and the same had happened. How do they get away with this??? In the UK you can use a local florist so delivery charges are cheaper and they do not inflate their charges. I am shocked. Won’t be using them again.

  • R. Subtle

    I underwent the same ordeal as others on this thread. Ordered flowers under their "same-day delivery guarntee" on 2/23. Flowers weren’t delivered by 2/8 when I received an automated email saying my selected arrangement wasn’t available and I would have to accept an arrangement of their choice, and my flowers would be delivered soon. I made multiple attempts to contact the company regarding 1) the substitution and 2) the lack of delivery after multiple days since I placed the order. I finally contacted my credit card provider, explained the situation and immediately was provided with a refund. My credit card company also assured me that going forward no other charges from this merchant would be processed on my account. Interestingly enough, two days after I did this (now a week after my initial order and multiple attempts at communication), I get a FedEx tracking notice that my flowers are on their way. From Michigan. To Florida. They were delivered today. A sad arrangement isn’t anything I every would have ordered. My only consolation is that I ultimately did not have to pay for this dreadful bouquet, thanks to the upstanding customer service of my credit card provider. If you have an outstanding order with this company and it isn’t being fulfilled, please contact your bank or credit card provider. They can help!

  • anonymous

    We ordered flowers for a coworkers wife who had a health issue, we requested same day delivery, we were promised that, however, the flowers never arrived, not same day, not next day and not the day after. We finally reached someone at flowers delivery express, and were given an apology and said the flowers would be sent out immediately. This did not happen. on the fifth day we attempted to cancel the order, failed at that too. We are now calling our credit card company and disputing this charge. Use anyone else, do not use Flowers Express.

  • Annie

    I posted a comment that never got on here! I said has anyone out there gone to their bank/cardholder and filed a "dispute?" I did and the bank took the charge off my debit account. My story was similar to a lot I read. (after the fact!) Wish I had read reviews before!

  • Mary Ann

    I ordered a "Get Well" flower arrangement for a very dear friend who was recuperating from open heart surgery on Thursday, January 30, 2014. The arrangement was guaranteed to be delivered on Friday, January 31, 2014, the next day. I called my friend on Saturday , February 1, to see if she liked the flowers and was told that she never received. I was infuriated. I then phoned the customer service dept and was told that they had a computer glitch which affected all orders that were to be delivered on Friday, and that they were fixing the problem and would definitely have them delivered within 4 hours of my phone call. They also offered me a $40 off coupon to use on a future order and they were sending it to my e-mail address as we were speaking. Well, needless to say, neither promise was kept again. It is now Monday, February 3 and still no flowers or coupon. I have since reported them to my charge card company who immediately refunded my money. To me that is a sign that they have had previous complaints about this company and judging from the number of complaints on this site, they really should be put on the BBB’s unreputable business list.

  • Cory

    Ordered flowers for a friend whose dad passed away. ordered on Jan 31, 2014. They were suppose to be delivered the same day. I have been trying to reach somebody at their customer service department all day Feb 1,2014. The recording asks for certain information and then says that a rep will call me to resolve the issue. No such luck. I ordered a $50 funeral arrangement. This company is not legit.

  • annie

    Very interesting comments! I wish I had read some reviews on Flower Delivery Express, BEFORE I ordered from them like I usually do! But alas, I had to learn the hard way. I was in a hurry and their site was appealing. I ordered flowers to be sent to for my daughter’s birthday in another state. Like most of you I believed they would be delivered as promised and guranteed. They were not! They finally were the next day. But by then I had taken action. Has anyone out there ever thought of going to your bank/cardholder and do a: Statement of Disputed Item? It worked for me! God Bless all of you that were cheated….we don’t deserve that, when we paid in honesty.

  • L. Corpus

    I ordered flowers as a favor to a friend of mine and so advised the individual who took my order at 8:30 in the morning on Jan 20, 2014. Flowers to be delivered the same date for a birthday party. As of 6:57 on the evening, the same date no delivery had been accomplished. Called and got a recorder that requested certain info which I provided. The last time this place will be visited. And I agree that these is a bunch of incompetent crooks.

  • Matthew

    My mum ordered flowers on my behalf for my friends mum in the US for their help. I am from England. No flowers were ever sent and they will not refund my money. I am a student with little money to spare anyhow. All the nice american people i have met and spoken to in my time at college in the US. You should be ashamed of yourselves to take money from people illegally. You dont put people to your customer service department because you dont answer the calls or respond to email queries. Will be reporting you to the authorities for the scam company you are!!!


  • Elsie Hanaway

    Does anyone ever receive their flowers? I ordered my arrangement on December 10th, to be delivered on Saturday, the 11th. They did not get delivered. I tried about five times to call them but got an answering machine and instructed that a representative would contact me shortly. This is Monday. I have now called around a dozen times and cannot get an answer, and the flowers have not been delivered, and no one has yet to contact me. and my daughter-in-law didn’t receive her birthday flowers. It’s not looking good for this company. I did reach one man one time, but it was obvious he was only a trained monkey, and he said I could get a store credit. I told him to keep the credit because I wouldn’t be doing any business with this company again. I’ll call the Better Business Bureau tomorros, and maybe the State Attorney’s office.

  • Very Frustrated




  • Valentina

    DO NOT USE Flower Express , they no keep there delivery on time like they promiss .There schedule what they show on there web site is wrong.Get refund from them almost impossible, I was on phone with them for over one hour was revolving door.

  • Pat Wallace

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Unfortunately, I did not see this before I ordered flowers from Flower Delivery Express. My story is pretty much like everyone else’s. I ordered flowers on the 12th. Never received. I spent hours on the phone and sending e-mails. I finally get hold of someone on the 14th who says the flowers will be delivered today. Of course, they were not delivered. I sent e-mail and asked my money to be refunded but I can see that probably will not happen. I am contacting my bank tomorrow. I a unemployed and can’t really afford to send flowers but I wanted to try to put a smile on the face of a sick friend but no good deed goes unpunished. I plan on filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. This company sucks!!


    I ordered the Sentiments of Serenity Spray to be delivered on 9/4/13 to Boyd-Panciera Funeral Chapel in Pembroke Pines, Fl. The arrangement was lovely, but WHERE WAS THE WHITE SATIN RIBBON??? The spray appeared unfinished. Too bad!!!! It was a bit of a disappointment…

  • Katharine StPaul

    I ordered flowers to be delivered the same day on my daughters birthday. By 6:30 pm the flowers were not delivered. I called and was told they were on the delivery truck. Now, two days later, no flowers and the money has already been taken out of my account. I have emailed and called twice. I deserve a refund. I have also read several posts from other customers with the same problem. This is INEXCUSABLE! We should stand for this! I welcome others who have been scammed by this unreputable company to post their stories. Let ‘s save others from making this same mistake.

    • Gussy

      I ordered flowers for my daughter at 9am in the morning asked if they could be delivered by 3pm "sure no problem". It is now almost 2pm the next day and still not flowers. When I called and questioned them – "they are on the truck today" BS Refund – yeah right they said they will have to deduct 30% from the total. ROTTEN COMPANY

      • kmjja

        I ordered Flowers for my friends birthday. The flowers never arrived, they will not answer my e-mails, and there has yet to be a refund!

  • Matt

    Not surprised to see all the dissatisfaction. I ordered roses/spray roses for my girlfriend on our anniversary. I provided complete instructions on where they were supposed to be delivered thinking it can’t be that hard to drive some flowers to a location and hand them off. Flowers didn’t get to her that day as they delivered them to the wrong location, I had to be the one to track them down. "Customer service" was a complete waste of time, they won’t do anything once the flowers are delivered to any location, even if it is the wrong one. Oh, and when she did finally get them they were 6 pink daisies and some carnations. Not military friendly. Not friendly at all. This outfit is a bunch of incompetent crooks. BEWARE!



  • jan

    all the above is accurate. my son ordered flowers for me for MOthers day, and I never received them. he ordered a week ahead..never delivered, never ans. his emails, nor mine, and i called and they assured me they were going to get right on it..yeah right..that was 2 days ago. i recommend you go to your visa card, as they will be sick and tired of all these charge backs, and file a complaint with the better business bureau, and get them on Yelp, for all to see. a worthless, fraudulent company. once in a while they deliver, and or place friends on to give a good review..they are a scam.

  • Dissatisfied

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Flowers never delivered. VERY poor customer service. Difficult to even get a response and then the only offer was a store credit! WHY would I want a store credit for a company that doesn’t deliver??? I want a refund!!

  • Brian

    I spent over 1 hour & Mom didn’t get the Mother’s day flowers.. Don’t waist your time with this BS company. As soon as I find out whom owns it I will post Probably someone in India,.

    • Jessica

      Thats am little racist.

  • Tammy Pennington

    Don’t expect anything more than a disappointment. Flowers were sent to my mom with the wrong " from " name. Kind of ruins the element of surprise when I had to call my mom to ask her if she got her flowers. After she told me she did not receive them yet, I called the customer service and they guaranteed delvery today. What a surprise, the card was signed wrong. Amazing something so simple can be messed up, as it was typed correctly on the online order form. $84.44 for a ruined surprise.

  • Diane George

    I just got an email from this company stating that I had a $31.33 credit that expires today. I have never used this company and do not know how they got my email address. If I had a credit, I would know about it. I suspect this company has sent many emails out like this hoping people will use their "credit" that does not exist.

    • Gues

      I got the same message. I had ordered previously, and the flowers arrived as expected. I supposedly have a $31.19 credit with them. You CANNOT get those bouquets on the "sale" stated price. The regular price is INFLATED. They keep sending me over and over this is the last day I can use the $31.19 credit. When I tried using anc picked out a small bouquet, came to a charge of over $48.00! I agree, I will never use Flower Delivery Express again.

    • liz

      I had the same thing but had used them previously. It made no difference. An order that should have been $44 turned out to be $104 with the delivery added etc and no sign of a discount or the save $20 today and $40 if you order right now. Scam.

  • Blanca Mercado

    I ordered flowers to be delivered to my sister. The order was placed on 4/13/2013. I did not receive an order number but did receive a welcome letter. I’ve been calling everyday only to be prompted to send an email which is not replied to. There is no confirmation of delivery because the bouquet was not delivered. There are no links to track the deliveries or order progress on their site as on most. I am out $100.00.

  • Screwed Too


  • BCP

    Ordered flowers for delivery to new born on 4/16/13 at 1:41pm as of 4/17/13 at 3:45 no delivery. I used AMX and will decline payment of invoice. Cant talk to anyone only e mail. Poor way to do business I will inform Angies list

  • Joe

    Well ordered flowers early yesterday morning for same day delivery, which is supposed to be done if you order by 4. No flowers yesterday, so far none today and nobody is getting back to me after 3 emails. You can’t get to a live person.

  • jo shipps

    I just ordered flowers for my sister and family on 3/30/13 while online. I paid more than what was mentioned on the online website…etc…there was no receipt that was sent to my email,etc…I contacted their cust. service dept. and some cust. service rep. insisted that there were additional fees that were placed on the website…etc…I replied that there weren’t additional fees for delivery, etc…he raised his voice, interrupted me, etc…and while I read back to him exactly what I saw online, he interrupted and asked, ‘well, do you want the order or not?’ I replied,’ with your unprofessional behavior, it wasn’t worth the money…’ he placed me on hold for approx 10-15 min. (I live overseas) hoping that I would go away…Still no receipt of the total breakdown of the cost was sent to my email…the only way I knew that payment was confirmed was when I checked my bank statement online…The customer service was verbally abusive and the business practices online aren’t in compliance with what I would not expect had I purchased flowers in person. At least when purchasing goods or services, they give you a receipt…with this company, I received neither…Spread the word-stay away from these uncivilized’ people…

  • gladys williams

    I ordered flowers for a friend to be delivered to the funeral home on 03/15/2013 the order was placed on 03/13/2013. This order never arrived at the funeral home. Every time I tried calling the Flower Delivery Express I was told to email my complaint to customer service800wesleys.com. This company after doing research is owned by Wesley Berry also going under Wesley Berry Flowers. I am so glad I printed out my confirmation order because these people NEVER sent me a confirmation via email. Which should have given me some hint of a problem. I finally located a number I was able to get a live person on and he apologized and said there was an email sent (NO not even) after looking at his comments he apologized again for not sending an email that they were not able to deliver the flowers on time for the funeral. The amount of my order was $71.78. $44.99 Service charge $19.99 Handling charge $6.80. I had never been so embarrassed as I had been this day. As I explained to Josh the operator. I agree with Mairi Michigan needs to do whatever it takes to stop this company from doing any business at all. BAD practice to keep a good name for themselves. More angry customer NO longer.

    • ashley

      what was the number to the live person? i still haven’t been able to talk to anyone

  • Estela Sanchez

    I ordered some flowers for a funeral for that day and paid the Express fee and I they didn’t arrive. So the next day I called them and they said that they delivered them the morning that I called. They then proceeded to tell me that the funeral home was going to call me to tell me that they had them. Right after I hung up, the funeral home called me saying they had them. I went to go pick them up and the flowers were beautiful BUT they were NOT what I ordered. I paid over $80 for some flowers that I didn’t order AND they were late?! I am highly upset.


  • jessika

    My mother ordered me a Valentines bouquet and I still have yet to receive it, and she still has yet to receive a phone call back, I will be contacting the BBB, because this is very unfair to customers that work hard for their money and place an order to surprise their loved ones, so disappointed and I still have yet, to receive the flowers.

  • La Wonya Brown

    Well….I am sitting at my desk looking at the door everytime it opens because my fiancee keeps calling asking if I "got it yet". When I told him no, he explained he was going to surprise me by sending flowers to my job and that he’d arranged for a morning delivery. I am in California and it is now 1:30 p.m. and no flowers have arrived as of yet. I have done some research and am chagrined to discover this company has defrauded several consumers each with varying issues, from non delivery to over charging. I emailed the company as directed via a recorded message I received when I attempted to call about the order and I have not gotten a response from them via email at this time. I am no longer hopeful that I will receive any flowers delivered to my job from this company. I am disappointed and will make sure to tell anybody who wants to know not to use this company. You are unreliable and an embarassment to the State your company resides in. Your company will definitely crumble and you will get back ten times what you have done to others.

  • Betty Puckett

    I ordered valentine flowers to go to my daughter. The flowers were $39.99 with $20.00 off for valentine.The $20.00 was not deducted rather $19.99 was added for service charge. When I printed off my order the FDE # was incorrect. Also, $6.40 was charged for H.C. (??)

    I am very unhappy with this floral order and would like for my money to be refunded immediately.

  • Antoinette Palfey

    I just ordered flowers for a Brithday. The tolal came to

    Ijust ordered flowers for a Brithday. The toal came to $56.86,but when I appleyed the code




    Ijust ordered flowers for a Brithday. The toal came to $56.86 before I put in the $30.00 code FDXM30.

    But when I put in the code it never took off the $30.00 credit. The bill should be $26.86. Ipayed by
    American Express. When my bill comes in it better be $26.86 or I am not going to pay it. Iam sure this a
    over sight on you part am sure you will corrert this as soon as you read this Thank You.

  • Sharon Mowry

    I ordered flowers to be dlivered on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. They never arrived. Fortunately, I charged them to American Express, so this bill will never be paid.

  • Mairi

    These people are a major fraud operating out of Michigan. They add additional "fees" of nearly $30.00 to anything you order. You will NOT get what you paid for, and if you try to "fix" it, your recipient will be harassed. Michigan needs to shut this outfit DOWN…..Yesterday!

    Don’t waste your time or money with this fraud outfit.


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