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Last Updated On: March 31, 2016

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Business Name: True Accessory Inc
Corporate Address:
5 Hanover Square #332
New York, New York 10004 USA

True Accessory Customer Service

True Accessory Phone Number: 877-807-8020
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Roger Klein - Marketing Director
Corp Website:

True Accessory Ratings

Average Rating: 1.24 out of 5
Based On: 33 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 22

True Accessory Reports

Reported Losses: $676.62
Average Reported Losses: $20.50

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Don't Get Ripped Off by True Accessory

I ordered a phone case from True Accessory (online phone accessory store) on 6/22/14 and have never received it. They charged me $20.94 for the case and refuse to issue me a refund or allow me to cancel the order. They have only responded to one email I have sent them, and all they said was case was being shipped.
See Email below:

Friday, July 18, 2014 2:29 AM Mark as Unread Flag this messageFrom: “True Accessory” To: “amy jividen” Full Headers Printable ViewThere are no cancellations. Your order was sent and will arrive to you by early next week. I see here noted a temporary backorder delay. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

I have received nothing since this email and have emailed and called them several times with no response. These people are scammers and should be shut down for ripping off their customers.

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  • Sheri Douglas Leider

    Me too! I got scammed..

  • Unhappy Cstmr frm CA

    I made a purchase four hours before end of Fridays sale and it charged my Amex Card $106.55 (all APPLE products). At the end of transaction it went back to top of step 2 check out and my basket still has 10 items in it and there is NO such purchase made!!! Yet money has been taken from my Amex card!!!!???
    No where did I get a order number. I went directly to contact TA, with this issues and at the end it says they will contact me back within 48 hours. Yes it’s Easter weekend but I placed order Friday 11:40pm and come Monday morning still DID NOT get a reply from TA. I’ve contacted Amex a few hours before the end of their 48 customer contact reply to stop payment, I have to say I’m so thankful I used my Amex card.

    I am new, this was my first & last purchase, and this is definitely NOT how I want to experience there online store for the first time. I wish I would have read customer complaints prior to my order.

    Warning: If the items prices seem to good to be true then it definitely is, especially when it comes to APPLE products.

  • KVD

    Ordered 3 cases, 2 Otterbox which came as advertised. 3rd was a Samsung flip case whcih they sent in the wrong color. This one was for my boss & I’ve been trying to get it exchanged for almost 2 weeks now w/o successs. Their Return Policy states buyer must pay return S & H even if the error made by company or is damaged. This is bad enough- but I am willing to do so. The policy also states a Return Code is needed from them & if you send items back w/o a code they will be ignored. I’ve e-mailed them through their online Contact Us form 4 times and even got a phone # from my bank statement- called twice leaving voice messages as no one ever answers. Now that I read all these complaints I wish I’d checked before ordering. Lesson learned. Very POOR customer service & obvious they don’t care about return business.

  • Mike

    Received authentic life proof case. Also received email that it was shipped and a response to a another email with a question. Company seems pretty legitimate to me.

  • Chad

    I purchased an iPhone "Otterbox" case I got the case but it was obviously a knockoff Contacted Otter box to verify, to which they did, and contacted trueaccessory for a refund to which they replied…. "NO, it is a real otterbox do not contact us again"

  • Jeremy

    I purchased two Lifeproof cases for my wife and I about a week ago and received them today. The problem is they are not "Lifeproof cases they a very cheap reproduction. I contacted True accessory about sending these back for a refund and was told they sold me a refurbished product and will not refund my money all sales are final. I will be contacting my credit card company to get the charges reversed.

  • DMG

    I ordered a lifeproof case and it is junk. It is not a real lifeproof case. its after market. I have to push down on the screen because it is not flat on my phone. It has a roundness to it. And it is not water proof either! I would not order from them again. Ne response to my emails.


    The package for the person who made this FALSE complaint is here:
    9400110200830169608839 for usps

    We are in the process of filing lawsuits for damages against any and all persons or groups posting false comments or statements about our company, or who is breaching the terms of sale. We stand behind each sale and always work hard to make sure each customer is 100% satisfied.

    • Linda

      If this is so, then please correct the wrong item I just received from you, and I’ve attempted to call, and emailed you. Still waiting on your response.

    • Pete

      Hahahahahahaha! Sure you are! Good luck with that a-holes! =) By the way, why are all your websites down today? Hmmmm..? Scammers!

    • Muad’dib

      Shut the **** up, True Accessory. You’re a scam shop with fake ratings and fake store photos and you’ve been discredited numerous times. How about you all do the right thing and refund what you have stolen. I can not WAIT to see the class action lawsuit you ******* get hit with.


    I wanted to double check the reviews listed here on the TRUEACCESSORY company. This was my email to them and you can read their nasty response. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY:
    FROM TRUEASSESSORY: On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 10:54 AM, True Accessory <> wrote:

    Do us a favor, shop elsewhere we do not need troublesome customers like you. As stated, we have only a shortage of inventory, we have an abundance of customers.
    I am a new customer. After reading the reviews of your company on many web sites, it seems your company either never sent the merchandise, or sent generic whilst advertising name brand, and not sending things in manufacturers packaging. THis concerns me deeply. The web sites say, by many customers they were either swindled out of their money or sent the wrong merchandise. I was going to place an order for an OTTER BOX defender Samsung SIII. I decided against it.. Unless, you can give me some proof that this information is wrong, and you can deliver the good on time


      This scam customer tried to extort us and threaten us, we asked him not to visit the site and we received continuous harassing messages. Any actual customer is treated with respect and courtesy.

      • blacksanta

        keep bullying people, keep engaging in fraudulent business – we are watching you – we do not forgive nor forget, expect us, we are legion.

  • Hinrich

    Ordered a Lifeproof case for an iphone 4 back on Jan 12 2014 and they don’t reply to the numerous emails I have sent. This company is a scam. I hope Karma hits them where it hurts.

  • marcy scroggs

    I ordered on Feb. 26 and I received my case March 5. Fast to ship …I’m pretty sure it is an after market not a real otterbox.

  • Laura

    I ordered on feb 26 waiting on three cases we will see let me know how u guys made out

  • Vince A.

    Recently, bought 2 iPhone 5 lightning cables and 1 USB plug from They were suppose to be Apple products advertised with Apple packaging. This is not the case, the products were generics compared to the original Apple product due to the thinner cable. By the way, the product does not come in Apple packaging but in zip lock plastic bags.

  • Mriley

    The same thing has happened to me. I ordered a case on Feb. 10th and still have not received my case. I have sent numerous emails and they finally responded. Stating that it had shipped and to contact the post office. When I looked on the tracking number it said out for shipment in New Jersey. I live in Atlanta. I also told them I was sending a claim into the BBB. The responded that I was in" breach of contract" from the terms of sale and they are suing me for $250.00!!! They also stated they would send my information to several collection agencies. I have never heard of such a thing!


      There is no customer of ours named Riley from Atlanta. For any actual customer, we have tracking proof of delivery and 100% of our orders are delivered and promptly. The only situation where any issue would occur is where a customer provides erroneous address info, or someone is not there to retrieve it – simple and plain there is absolutely no other scenario where any delivery problem would occur.

      • Heather

        This message is for the idiot responding as TRUE ACCESSORY – are you for real or is this a hoax. There are a host of reasons why a package would not be delivered to someone (i.e., lost in transit, delayed by weather, carrier delivers to house up the street, etc.). Your position that the only thing the ever goes wrong has to because of the customer made a mistake is laughable. The only thing "simple" here is YOU and "plain" – the fact that you are scam artists. No legitimate business uses public customer insults and frivolous threats of actions as a customer retention strategy. I wish you would attempt to report a customer making a good faith complaint to credit agencies. Are you not aware that you don’t have a creditor relationship with your customers who pay in advance in full for merchandise? You ARE in fact liable for false advertising and FRAUD when you take money for a sale that you do not deliver. Based on YOUR responses alone I absolutely believe every single one of these complaints is true (and there are complaints about you all over the web). Walks like a duck… oh, and before you waste your time asking me to do you a favor and take my business elsewhere, please conserve your limited brain cells. I would never do business with your company. One last thing…you spelled your company name wrong. You are TRUE ASSessory dot com. Losers.

  • Cjl

    Have you received your case yet? I ordered yesterday paid for the higher price shipping and still haven’t received any conformation that it was sent. Please let me know what happened in your situation.


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