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Business Name: U.S., Inc.
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123 Ohme Garden Road # B
Wenatchee, Washington 98801 USA

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Company Contact: Steve Klock - CEO
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14 Months since purchase with no credit or refunds

It has been 14 Months of unjustified Bose Headset) and have been going back and forth with their virtual customer service to end up with nothing to date. No credit, no substitute, etc. I also filed a BBB complaint and it wasn’t resolved.

Have close to 2 dozen emails with the issue still outstanding please let me know if there is anything you need from me as this company needs to be put out of business.

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  • Laura Krieger

    I am so tired of not getting a response from this company and all the e-mails and phone messages I have left about not getting any of my merchandise, I am turning it over to the Better Business Bureau!!

  • Laura Krieger

    These people really need to do the right thing and refund my money!!! I would love the items I purchased but it must have been a total scam!

  • Laura Krieger

    I purchased 2 Waterfall speakers and 2 Ear bud earphones on Jan 1Oth 2014 and have never received them. I have sent numerous e-mails on the support section of the sudden value sight. I did get one response back Feb. 18, 2014 saying that it could take 2 to 4 weeks. This is now July 10th???? I would really like my $210.98 refunded!!!!!!! Very POOR customer service with this sight!! I feel REALLY SCAMMED! Laura Krieger

  • I purchased a Royal Collection Smartphone Wallet and Clutch on 2/13/14 from Sudden Values and never received the merchandise. Steve Klock please help me…I’ve made numerous attempts to get my money back. I sent an email to your support staff as directed, and #4100 was opened. On 3/25 the response stated “no ETA, put in priority que” and the number was closed. I sent a follow-up email on 5/12/14, 5/20/14, 5/29/14 and #6593 “has been received and is being reviewed by are support staff”. NOTHING WAS EVER DONE. I sent a final email on 6/23/14 demaning return of my $21.00. To date, I have not received a refund. Please do the right thing and refund my payment. Kelly Hicks

  • fallingknife

    I am Doug Phillips and I bought an expandable hose (like those advertised on tv) on 3/6/2014 and have never received it. SV doesn’t answer my emails or calls. They can’t say they are out of stock because they are offering an expandable hose exactly like the one they never sent me. The only difference is they have RAISED THE PRICE! I would like my hose or refund before they go out of business. I should be happy because I ordered 4 hoses but they only signed me up for one. Their ineptness saved me from a bigger loss. I hate liars and crooks.

  • Lorrie Kempf

    I bought a 2 calculator package. When it arrived, the larger one did not work. I have been trying to call them every day, but the customer service # doesn’t work. I’ve tried emailing them twice, but they haven’t replied. I feel scammed! I will NEVER buy anything from them again. Groupon Goods is 1000 times better, in every way!

    • Lori,

      The item you bought was from a merchant selling through SuddenValues called Marchandllc. I’m sure they would be happy to replace the item you purchased. There email address is or 630.787.4141. We have not turned off the phones, but did moved to web-based support like more of our competitors to be more efficient in February of 2014. I did not see a ticket int there for you, so make sure you use

  • Dana

    I bought a product on 10/22/13. I’ve never received the item, I was luckey enough to get ahold of someone the first week of January, and was told I would receive on January 13. I’m pretty sure they pulled a date out of the air. Since then I’ve sent letter to Corporate, called numerous times and left messages to return money or return my call. NOTHING from them. The take your money, and do not care about getting you the item you PAID for. I’ve never in all my life, dealt with a company like this. IT’S A SCAM, and I’m out the money and the item!! Yes, Law enforcement should get involved. It’s theft!

  • Elizabeth Werner

    I have problem about sudden values, too that my package arrived there as the USPS tracking said business is closed on Feb 15, 2014..
    OH my goodness I hope not lose the money from refund…The FBI should arrest them..

    • Elizabeth,

      The business has not closed and USPS delivered to our office on February 15th and I’ve never seen tracking information from USPS that said a business was closed. I see you order was purchased on Jan 10th, sent on Jan 22nd and arrived January 29th. If you need assistance with the item you can contact our support staff at

  • Tracey

    same situation with me – I purchased a Chi Hair Straightener for $59.99 on 8/28/13 – by November, I had requested a refund – I was able to speak with someone in Customer Service who literally begged me to give another week for shipping, which I agreed to. 2 weeks later, I called – got no answer. I emailed requesting a refund and did actually get a reply back – they begged me to give them more time to which I declined and said I wanted my refund. The last correspondence from them was on 11/15/13 at which time they said "thank you" when I supplied them with the last 4 of my CC # and my phone number. Needless to say, no refund – and I have sent 10 emails with no reply – called customer service and have left 10 messages with no reply. Now, it’s a daily thing – I call and email daily until I get a reply. What a scam!! I’ve warned my friends to NEVER buy from this website – I’m not just disappointed, I’m pissed !

    • mlm

      I wish I had seen this before ordering same item in December! same thing is happening!!

    • Tracey,

      I see your purchase in our system and that it was put on hold at your request from our support staff, so it was not shipped. We will make sure you get on the refund list.

  • Swan

    It appears I have joined the list of "Dr. Dre rip off casualties". We too ordered the Dr. Dre powerboats back in October for a Christmas present for our daughter. Needless to say – no items, nobody to contact in person, and empty promises. How can Sudden Value stay in business with crappy service like this. I am afraid to cancel the order seeing that most people never even get their money back. They say an education costs money so I guess i just paid to be educated on how bad Sudden is.

  • It took a long time, but I did get my Dre Studios as promised. I called them about 6 weeks later when I saw my cc statement and forgot about them and they said it was expected to come in that same week and they would ship them out to me. I didn’t have a problem reaching customer service via the phone number listed on my credit card statement and I got my headphones for a great deal. I’m a happy customer. By the way, the listing did state that it had a 6-9 week ship time. I got mine in about 9 weeks and I’m in Hawaii. So far, so good.

    • Maria,

      Thank you for pointing out your satisfaction with SuddenValues, it always nice to know the hard work of our team is appreciated. One of the things we don’t talk enough about is that SuddenValues began as a economic development product in rural north central washington–more famous for Apples than Internet. In 2013 the company grew at a phenomenal 200%, which proved to be very difficult to finance, as there is no venture capital here. This lead to a number of product delays, which we know is as frustrating for our customers as it is for team. In March of 2014 we made some significant changes to our business model to fix this challenge and as a result delivery of orders after April 1, 20014 have run only about 1 to 3 weeks in length with 100% delivery.

  • Cactusfrog

    They are the WORSE BUSINESS EVER!!! My son purchased Dr. Dre beats back in January shipment arrived in March. Sent back to them in May under warranty and as of today 9/25 we still do not have the replacements. I have been talking to a rep. every week and every time they PROMISE to be shipped by Friday! 2 days ago I finally spoke to a manager "Steve" who PROMISED he would look into it and call me back, yeah right I wont hold my breath. I called Steve’s extension today and it goes to voice mail, surprise, surprise! My son is out $100.

    • Cactusfrong,

      There is a good chance I’m the Steve you talked to, trying to help the support staff, overwhelmed a bit with our growth. Its possible I dropped the ball in handing off the information to our support manager, so contact us at with your actual name and information and we’ll look it to it. We definitely don’t want your son out $100.

  • Lauren

    I ordered Dr. Dre headphones for my son in May 2013. It is now the end of September and I have not received the product. I have called numerous times and have been told they will refund my $149 within 2 weeks. Nothing!!!

  • Jim

    Sudden Values is NOT to be trusted. They take your money – then you wait 2 – 3 months – unless you threaten to protest the credit card chare they will never ship the merchandise ordered – threaten to protest the charge and magically the product ships – again – this company is to be avoided. I welcome any rebuttal from the CEO (who will not communicate directly).

    • Jim,

      This is absolutely not true. Every day there are dozens if not hundreds of units shipping out from our distribution centers. However, we have had some delays due to challenges in financing our rapid growth or problem with suppliers. For example in March we sold a 32 Gig SD card for $12.99 with shipping. After testing the product, we notice that while it showed 32 Gig, it was only read / writable to 8 Gig. In response, we found a true 32 Gig SD Card and even though it cost us more than individuals paid for it, we still made the purchase and are delivering it to customers.

      Over the past two years that we’ve been doing SuddenValues Direct we have definitely made some mistakes or shipped later than the schedule date. Its part of being on the bleeding edge with new business models and operating in a rural market where there is a shortage of funding for these types of operations. It like it to the Microsoft blue screen of death that we all lost hours and hour of work from back in the 80’s and 90’s. It extremely frustrating working on the bleed edge some times, but when you look at the productive benefits or in our case the saving the benefits far exceed the frustration. And in time, like SuddenValues today, these issues get worked out.

      • sandi

        It is nice to see that, at the very least, someone at Sudden Values actually addresses the problems. I am a merchant who has advertised product through you and also a consumer who has bought many many items from you.
        Until this year I was very happy doing business with you. In January I ordered a ‘Womens Winter Coat’. After not receiving it a month later I wrote SV and got a return note that said ‘due to overwhelming orders my coat was delayed but I would be moved up to priority’. A few weeks later I received a note saying my problem was handled and my issue was closed’. I wrote back and asked how it could be closed since I still hadn’t received my coat. No response. Then a product I ordered in February never showed up either so I wrote about both of them. No response. I have written to your customer service 7 times now and left 5 voicemails at your corporate office.
        It seems like you have a good business model but it is too bad you have no follow through.
        I think it is time for all of us disgruntled consumers to ban together and get the Attorney general to step in.
        I am sure this too, will prompt NO RESPONSE.


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