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Business Name: Trilegiant Corporation
Category: Discount Websites
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Corporate Address: 6 High Ridge Park
Stamford, Connecticut USA

Phone Number: 800-631-8141
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Scam! Promise you a $25 gift check but it never arrives

SCAM WARNING !!! These people are LIARS who promise you a $25 gift check, but it never arrives. They will say they mailed it to you, but they didn’t.

First they tell you you’ll get a $25 American Express gift check. But instead of a check, they mail you a postcard which you need to fill out and mail back to them before they’ll send the gift check, and it says you have to wait 6-8 weeks for the check to arrive. But the postcard itself says the gift check is for $20, not $25.

When I complained about this discrepancy, they sent me another postcard – again for $20 instead of $25. Exasperated, I filled it out and mailed it to them.

3 months later, the gift check never arrived.

I called to complain and they claimed they mailed me FOUR gift checks, but NONE ever arrived. They refused to send another, and hung up on me. My mail rarely gets lost, so no way would 4 envelopes from the same address ALL get lost in the mail.

Liars all – avoid these rats!

User Thoughts About Shoppers Advantage


    I was billed by Shoppers for 4 Mo. First, I didn't pay any attention.i was thinking the bill is from TGMax., but when i saw the $16,99 charge every day i called them. I had no idea who they are. I never subscribe. I don't know how they get me.
    I saw many complains about this fraudulent Co, who are stealing money from hard working people. I would like to know, what we can do and sue them in a CLASS ACTION, otherwise we will newer get our money back.It is anybody who knows a good Attorney, to open this action?

  • Ruben

    If you want to get all your money back just say that if its not refunded you will be taking legal action or contacting attorney general or report to better business b. they will refund all your money ask since when u were being billed and rqst for all of it to be refunded. so you wont get pitches say it at begining of call.

  • cherylgrady

    my bank has alerted me to unusual charges to my debit card.thank goodness they are protecting me. trilegiant shoppers advantage money budget savers top tv stuff all suck. i did make the mistake of ordering 1 product which is paid for and on the way–my fault they have soured me on all net business. shame on them!!!