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Last Updated On: December 14, 2016

NoMoreRack Contact Information

Business Name: Inc
Corporate Address:
381 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10016 USA

NoMoreRack Customer Service

NoMoreRack Phone Number: 212-405-4011
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Irrum Doss - VP Marketing
Corp Website:

NoMoreRack Ratings

Average Rating: 1.30 out of 5
Based On: 258 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 311

NoMoreRack Reports

Reported Losses: $21,353.03
Average Reported Losses: $82.76

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I feel using this site help in getting Credit due me from NMR.

I used this site to voice a compliant against NMR earlier this year. I also signed an online petition to file a class action suit against them also, I signed forms and sent them to the bbb in my area and in NMR’s area. I have sent registered mail and numerous calls to my credit card co and paypal and anyone else I thought could help. I had given up and was ready to pay the disputed charge because my credit card company didn’t attempt to assist me in resolving my complaint and began to report my credit card late.

Just when I called last week to make payment of the balance on my credit card, which was the disputed amount, I was told that I had a credit balance. low and behold, NMR had given me a credit for the $75 disputed charges since earlier this year. I do feel that this site as well as the signing of the on-line petition and the report to the bbb against NMR helped me in getting that credit to my account. it had to since my credit card company could have cared less.

I would like to thank this site for giving me space to voice my compliant and allowing me to post my compliant to the world about NMR. in addition, this site gave me a much needed outlet to vent. It was never all about the dollar amount as much as it was the respect and principle of the matter and how to treat patronizing customers.
I voiced my compliant. now I felt it was all fair that I report to you that NMR did credit me for the disputed charges in question. that being said, ….



Bj Williams

Official Responses from NoMoreRack

By: Customer Relations On: March 11, 2013

Hi, We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At NMR, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our “Make It Great Guarantee” Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our “Make It Great” guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan!

To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ? We promise to get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours with a superb solution.

We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Always here to help!
Customer Relations
Nomorerack – Everything You Love, For Less.

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More About NoMoreRack

NoMoreRack is an online retail store ( ) that claims you can get brand name products at up to 90% of retail price. Their website is owned by Inc out of New York (USA). According to the Better Business Bureau NoMoreRack has been in business since 04/23/2012. They can be reached at: (212) 405-4011 or They currently have an D- rating according to the BBB.

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  • carole cuiskelly

    I ordered an expensive Dualit toaster ($185)in Oct. 2015. Did not receive it until Feb or Mar of 2016. By that time I had given up and replaced my toaster locally. The box arrived in bad shape, with NO RETURN LABEL. Merchandise was undamaged as it was foam surrounded.I was unable to connect with obtaining a return label despite several calls. I returned a Longchamp Pliage bag as it was not colored as pictured. (49.95) I asked for return credit on my credit card. I also returned an Indian coverlet (65.00) again, colors not as pictured. I am a handicapped 73 year old, We live on SS and enlisted military pension. I order on line because its been hard for me to get out and shop. It seems I have no recourse to recover my money. For shame on those who prey on unsuspecting customers.

  • Regina Stephens

    I continue to shop when name was changed to Choxi .However,the customer service was horrible.i ordered Jewery in September and never received it .I also had a store credit hat I know I will never be able to use since no longer in business.i am contacting consumer protection agent .

  • Ben Rogers

    Do NOT ORDER Anything! Disaster company and unreliable partners. I ordered Christmas gift on Dec. 11 while Choxi guaranteed any gift ordered before Dec. 14 would be delivered by Dec. 24.

    When I saw the first fedex tracking info on the Dec. 19th, package was not shipped until the 17th, but it still estimated delivery by the 24th. When I checked fedex for update again on the 21st the estimated delivery was changed to the 28th, too late for christmas?

    I called Choxi right away and was guaranteed by customer service my order would arrive by the 24th, so I did not purchase a substitute present from santa for my son. Then when tracking info still estimated a 28th delivery on the morning of the guaranteed 24th date, I called Choxi customer service again, and was assured by rep that my order was highlighted in green, which guaranteed that my order would arrive on the 24th.

    The package did not arrive on the 28th either. It arrived the 30th. I was assured I would receive a refund if it did not arrive by the 24th. Promises made by Choxi customer service on the 26th that they would respond after checking with partners never occurred.

    Then, only after posting complaint on Facebook, suddenly Choxi replied with a 33% credit (item was $107). I was still not happy with a $36.60 credit, but tried ordering $59 100% cotton sheets, 1000 thread count as a good sport ($22.40 more out of pocket now). Sheets arrived were 45% polyester and no indication of thread count which I doubt were a 1000. I asked for a refund again, and was assured I would have the whole $59 returned to my credit card. Choxi only returned the $22.40 out of pocket. When I complained about not receiving the $36.60 on my credit card refund Choxi ELIMINATED my account and the credit altogether. Can’t login, reset password, or exercise my theoretical $36.60 credit.

    Do not do business with Choxi. The only true “guarantee” they offer is your complete disappointment.

    • – Customer Care


      We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At Choxi, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our “Make It Great Guarantee” Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our “Make It Great” guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan!

      To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ? We promise to get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours with a superb solution.

      We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

      Always here to help!
      Customer Relations
      Choxi – Everything You Love, For Less.

  • nettlehart

    Why hasn’t this comment been removed?

  • jane cartier

    What a bottom feeder. Great way to drum up business: in a comment section of a complaint site. Like I would share this info with you

  • cat


  • xaer0knight

    On my second pair of Zeepad 7 inch tablets.. First pair no packaging.. I gave em a whirl and with in 24 hours one screen cracked while i was turning it on. RMA’d it and they tried to charge me 20 bucks to fix em, I said if you used some type of packaging material it wouldn’t of happened! Got free shipping back and had to fight them tooth and nail to refund or replacement… I would of loved a refund after reading this site. They actually shipped em and received an email a few minutes after I received the pair of tablets.

    Well, The turn around was good and they used UPS Priority mail this time. Still no packaging material, I was pissed but I opened em both anyway! I tell you what, of course Murphy’s Law kicked in, and in less than 12 hours later while I was reading the novel Cinder by Meyers. They Upper Left screen cracked and not only that, the 2nd Tablet didn’t even come with its default/packed-in web browser and Bluetooth was on… OMG! How can you flash an android device and forget its Internet Browser which led to many crashes and even resetting the 2nd with Deleting its secondary 1.4GB partition.. still a POS. The screen protectors are always horrible, and I ended up ruining one as well. After I wrote 2 letters, left a complaint on there Zendesk, and had the person who ordered this as a gift for me Write an E-Mail. You would of thought they would of got the hint, that they need to USED packaging materials when they ship items. According to reviews I have read about Zeepad, they seem to be an average tablet but I know those reviewers had there packages packed correctly!

    Thanks to this site, I actually found there customer support line… This was supposed to be a gift for my 60 day sobriety and this drives me to go get a Fifth!

  • Barbara Martin-Ostrowski

    Been waiting for 5 months to receive my full refund. I refused my order of three items cause I noticed they were doubling my order and would not cancel one order before it shipped. I have sent the prove of returned tracking. Every time I get a response from them it is wait a week to receive your refund. I wait a week and a half and them tell them no refund then they state that they did refund. I show them proof of no refund and they tell me they have to look into it. I need to wait another week then for the refund…. It is time to go to the BBB… They need to be shut down. Horrible customer service…….

  • Bruce Berger

    Same thing happened to me. I didn’t receive my tablet. Repeatedly asked for a refund. I finally filed a claim with my credit card company. The credit card issued me a credit and filed a claim with No More Rack. About a week later a received an email from No More Rack saying how sorry they were and that they had issued me a credit. About 3 month after they issued me the credit ( which I never used) they sent me an email accusing me of fraud and cancelling my account. When I asked what I did that was fraudulent they claimed I asked my credit company for a refund and then turned around and asked them for one.
    This company is bad news. Warn all your friends that shop on line. I have and will continue to do so. The only frauds in my attempt to do business with them was No More Rack!!

  • DeeDee

    I ordered some tablets for my small family business from the company and they never came, so I canceled the order in early march and still to this day I have not been refunded. I have had multiple conversations with costumer service and it’s like talking to a robot. All the answers to my questions were generated and the same as the answer before-whether its a paragraph or a sentence they don’t seem to LISTEN to what your complaint is. I’m not satisfied with this company, Although I have previously bought other products from the same company. This is probably something I wont do again after I try to purchase the tablets once more as they are greatly needed. F for customer service. I just hope that the Tablets I order are the ones I ordered and not some mess up like I have read in other reviews.

  • pegmcmahon

    Purchased a comforter in February. Washed according to directions. Result was a clumpy mess. Needless to say, my problem.

  • Jeanine Elizalde

    I order from them all the time. I bought Christmas, birthday and baby gifts there. The items are delivered quickly, the products are terrific and I couldn’t be happier with this company.

    • Xlandria Powers

      You sound like a company troll.

  • EGEE


    • Bruce Berger

      exactly what they did to me…

      • shoeshopper

        Why would you care if your banned from their site , you don’t think they are reputable and are complaining about them. Are you planning on placing another order so you can complain some more ? I guess I don’t understand why you’d want to go back to their site again. I was once insulted from an online site Customer Service Rep. and I have never wanted to see their d**n site again I would not give them the satisfaction of knowing I was browsing their site. The best thing to do is spread the word as word of mouth can bring them DOWN !! As for Choxi – nomorerack , I have no complaints always great products and free shipping. Guess I’ve been lucky so far , I’ll keep my fingers crossed. LOL

  • Nancy Rae Truax

    LOve Nomore rack! Always as described. Sometimes slower ship but worth the wait. They keep upgrading site!

    • shoeshopper

      I couldn’t agree more, and I always get free shipping too ! Awesome site. My most recent order arrived within days ! I was literally shocked at how fast it shipped.

  • Linda Hagan

    Very pleased……everytime I’ve ordered. Its came sooner than expected and the quality is great.

  • OUzaudioman

    Ordered from NoMoreRack about a month ago. I ordered 4 items. A sage Cal king “down substitute” comforter, (2) 7 piece Cal King sheets (sage and burgundy). A tens electronic 8-mode pulse massager & bioelectrical muscle stimulator.

    What I received was a (White) comforter…(2) kind size duvets (brown) and an 8-mode pulse massager & bioelectrical muscle stimulator but not tens, it was a knock off brand from china. Although it seems to work well. So four items all wrong.

    I kept the comforter and pulse mass/stim. I received a refund for both Cal king 7 piece sets within two days of calling.

    So shipping the correct order they receive an F but customer service they got an A. The merchandise received seems to be of decent quality.

    Major warning though…Don’t expect to get what you order and if you do feel LUCKY. I appreciated the good customer service though.

  • Hans Wurzler

    I have now ordered from NoMoreRack 3 times. I never thought to look and see if there were any complaints against them. I am surprised at some of the issues that people have had. As for me, not one single issue from beginning to end. The last item was a rather popular item and they stipulated that the shipping could be between 10 and 14 days. Item was shipped on the 12th and was delivered today, the 18th.

    If I were to say anything about NoMoreRack I’d say “GO FOR IT” and “ENJOY THE SAVINGS!” I know I have.

    • Bruce Berger

      Hans, We’re not making this stuff up. Guess you’re one of the lucky ones. There is a reason No More Rack gets about 1.3 stars out of 5 and 289 complaints against them…The issues with them come when you have a legitimate complaint. They are terrible….

      • Hans Wurzler

        I guess that I have been lucky. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with them as so many others have had as well. Who knows…the same may happen to me the next time. I hope it doesn’t but the chance is always there that it could.

  • Anne Fromm

    Never had any problems. All arrived as desribed. Had to return only one item out of many, and I was promptly credited back.

  • LB

    Found the item cheaper is why i wanted to cancel!

  • LB

    I just order an item 2 hours ago, and decided I didnt want the item, and per there site i can cancel. Well spoke to customer service im being advised that I can not. Worst experience ever!!!!! The agent advised that i can get the item, and ship it back. What is the point of that if can cancel before all of that transpires!. Do not buy from these guys.

  • kathy

    Have returned two items with no complains so far.

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  • Pamela Gagliano

    I have ordered many items from NMR and I’m satisfied with all the items. I got shoes the wrong size and I was given store credit within a month. I got a spy pen that was defective and got store credit within 2 weeks. You people need to understand they have contracts with various stores and are not responsible for what THEY send but they will resolve the problem. Use your common sense when ordering stuff. If it’s too good to be true then don’t order it. AND make sure you read the whole listing. Final sale means FINAL SALE. I’ve gotten underwear#awesomeBRAS#awesomeHATS#awesome. You will start receiving catalogs from the companies that NMR deals with also and you will not get FREE SHIPPING. So to all of you that are dissatisfied, order from the companies directly! #happynewyear#happycustomer

  • LJ321

    Nomorerack is running a scam. December 17th I email them about 2 missing items in my order. They tell me it will take time to discover the problem, I advise these are Christmas Gifts. December 22nd they write back to say that they couldn’t “reship the order” so, I would be returned the money for 1 of the items. I let them know there were TWO, once again, they say it will take 4-7 days to look into the issue with their “partner”. I’ve emailed, written on this page several times and now I’m getting ZERO response. It’s now exactly 1 month later, I have yet to receive any refund and am getting no replies. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE, IT IS A SCAM.

  • melinda carnahan

    I was thinking about shopping on this site cause I don’t drive and it would make shopping easier for me I’m so happy that I didn’t after hearing how bad their customer service is and the way they handle their refunds where I’m from THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! so shopping on this site wouldn’t be the thing for me to do. I’d like to say thank you to those of you that warn others against being done wrong so it doesn’t happen to them atleast not to the people who read it and listen :) like me.

    • Jeanine Elizalde

      i LOVE this site! Don’t let a few whiners discourage you.

      • Bruce Berger

        Whiners? Really? Are you an employee of NMR? I can guarantee you if you paid for something and never got it, or what you got was not what you ordered, you, like a whole bunch of others would not be happy and probably be “whining.”
        You really have a lot of nerve…

        • shoeshopper

          If I did not get what I paid for I would contact my Credit card company with the information and they would dispute the charge. This is the reason people should always pay with a credit card, they will stand behind you in incidents like these. In most circumstances the charge will be reversed, that is if you can show proper proof that you were ripped off.

  • Estelle Aversa

    Horrible customer service. They reply with canned responses. Many items were super poor quality. For example, 3 pair legging. Pilled after wearing and got worse after washing. They will not return them because they were worn and washed. Nothing on that site is a deal. They will state the item is worth $75 and reduced to $25. In reality, the items are worth far less. Seriously, stay clear of this site. You will not receive any refunds…only a run around.


    haha …so very funny this looks like the same kind of Bs you wrote to me.i think its rehersed and you never honor anything you say.

  • ME




  • disappointed

    I ordered items Nov. 2013. Received a notice the items were on back order. Did not receive the items yet the money was taken out of my account. I began ordering more items for this year and realized the money was not refunded
    have been arguing with “Christian” for almost a month now, trying to get the money put back on my account. He states the money was deposited and is requesting a copy of my recent bill with the sensitive information blocked out . This is to verify I didn’t receive the refund! Are you kidding me?

  • Eric L. Johnson

    NoMoreRack Ruined our Christmas! We purchased 18 items on 3 separate orders and all but 2 arrived? One item broken and the other the wrong color? The other 16 items were either lost in transit and or never sent? Nobody at this company can give straight answers or appear to be just reading off a Q-card? This Company sucks! Do Not Trust! I have just spent 3 full days running around trying to re-buy all the gifts this Company promised to deliver! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! – Eric L. Johnson

  • disgusted

    I just spent 20 min. trying to get an actual person. I ordered several items on 12-01-14 and have yet to receive part of my order. I can’t track it even though there is a tracking number. This tells me it has not shipped. It’s been 19 days. I also have 2 returns. I have to wait 3-4 days for an e-mail to get a RA #. Oh and they will deduct shipping from my refund. There was no shipping fee to begin with, and now I get to guess how much they are going to CHARGE ME to return items. NEVER AGAIN!!!! My only recourse might be PayPal, since that’s how I paid.

    • Estelle Aversa

      Smart move going through PayPal!! Did you get a refund?

  • Josephine Wright

    I ordered a down comforter from them and had no issues. I received a confirmation when they shipped it out and it is awesome!! I love the comforter. They shipped my package within a week of the order.

  • mario

    Hi, Im another upset “costumer” of nomorerack, they are very irresponsible, if they don’t have the items why they publish it, I order a conforter 4 weeks ago and nothing< not a simple explanation, I write several e-mails and when I said I gonna start writing in REDDIT, they stop answer my emails, I think I loose my money

  • arriel laban

    well , I order 3 times already in nomerack all is well , except ;ittle minor thing

  • Marie Wallace

    I ordered two items on 11/28/14; received one 10days later. The other item had a shipping label on 12/1/14 and that’s all – no delivery yet. I keep getting all kinds of excuses from Nomorerack. I ordered from them before and no problems. I feel that they have some shady suppliers. Beware

  • Debbie

    I ordered on December 1st had not received a tracking number by the 8th called them and they said my order would not be here by Christmas. I had to call them. The worst company ever. No customer service. I have still not received my money back to my credit card. Complete SCAM. Do not order from this company

  • sarah

    I got some t-shirts and a few dresses and everything was so clearly made the dresses fell apart and the shirts where make unevenly with the cheapest material. They didn’t even look like normal shirts.

  • David Reynolds is a joke.

  • LeAnn

    I ordered from NMR and am happy with their service. Got my order when they told me it would be shipped they even sent me a e-mail to confirm the delivery. No complaints.

  • denice

    I have been shopping with nomoreracks for about a year now and have NO COMPLAINTS….I read about some people not being happy with their purchases. I ask myself if they read the entire description on the items ordered, or bothered to take notice when they say the item or size is no longer available. To me, NMR is like…..the items are limited and and when its gone, it’s gone. I know this when ordering. I have shared this site with family members and so far they have no complaints either. For the record I am NOT affliiated with NMR in anyway….I’m just a satisfied customer.


      shut up u were not the way who was scammed.

  • RAY

    I have to say *Bull—-*, I’ve tried to resolve an issue with NMR by email three times within 72 hours and not one reply! So I called about my order and they informed me they no longer have it in stock and that my $ will be refunded, well it’s been 2 days and no refund and item still shows up on website! You guys have to get it together!!!

    • arriel laban

      that is a bullshits Ray , I e mail NMR and they get back within 24 hrs , so stop lying

  • phurface

    Wow, thanks to all for posting comments. I was looking at their wares thinking I might find something but the bottom prices made me suspicious. That’s when I Googled “ complaints”. WHAM! A bunch. Has anyone ever filed a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Dept of the State Atty General where these people operate in hopes to get them shut down? That would be New York State. I looked further on NYC BBB site and they have an F rating due to the 2750 complaints filed with BBB in the last 3 years. They are are not BBB accredited. Imagine that. Here is the web address for the NY AG Consumer Affairs:

    Hope everyone fares better in the future with online ordering and thanks to all again for the warnings about this company.

  • NMR Customer Care

    Good day!

    We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At NMR, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our “Make It Great Guarantee” Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our “Make It Great” guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan!

    To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ? We promise to get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours with a superb solution.

    We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Always here to help!
    Customer Relations
    Nomorerack – Everything You Love, For Less.

  • Carol Moore

    Go to Amazon great deals and service and easy returns Merry Christmas

    • Chrissy Jamie

      Agree Amazon is much better

  • Jan

    Wow. Thanks to everyone for posting, because I was just about to order some Christmas presents from; I am disabled and on a strict budget to get by, so if I was ripped off, it would have been devastating beyond belief. thanks again to everyone!



  • MAMA K

    Bahaha NOMORERACK screwed me a couple of years ago. NEVER NEVER buy from them. And if you post something negative on their website or Facebook page they will BLOCK YOU! That is why you will hardly never see a bad review! I have actually had lawyers contact me about their s****y service!

    • BL

      Yea, they blocked me too for share some reviews I found.

    • Pamela Gagliano

      Yea right, a lawyer called you out of the blue for a $10.00 or whatever amount to hear about the s****y service. OMG#BULL#LAUGHING#HYSTERICAL#GetALife

  • Mary

    I owe a shipping store and many of my customers bought crap from NoMoreRack — with no refunds in sight. I myself purchased a clock from them and it arrived broken in a million pieces. It was glass and they threw it in a poly bag with no bubble or any packing materials. When I returned it, I received no refund either. This company is a big waste of “time” and am warning others NEVER SHOP AT NOMORERACK unless you want to waste your “time” and hard-earned money. This company just buys crap from other companies that can’t sell the stuff and push it on their website. So you’re basically buying someone else’s crap and then they give you crap when you try to return it. They should be closed down.

  • Simone

    I had to file a complaint with the better business bureau in order to get my money back for a travel voucher I purchased that never showed up. Will never purchase again!

  • JP

    ************ BEWARE – Worst Ever Company-Website to Order From *********
    I ordered 2 sets of their boots and contacted them when they came as they were cheap looking and not worth the price I paid. I got the return info and sent them back…..they contacted me and said they only received 1….i sent the info to them of both shipments and then they finally acknowledged that i did when i proved to them! I still have not seen the credit on my account that they claimed I would have!! PIECE OF **** COMPANY-
    Will never order from them again!!

  • Randy

    Kinda surprised about all the angry comments on this website. Sure IBR received crap (low quality products) and sure returns/exchanges can be a hassle, but I’ve never had trouble with customer service folks. They have also responded quickly to my concerns. For better or worse Nomorerack is a redistributor that largely depends on the integrity of its merchandisers. So yes, they may have to contact the distributor before issuing a refund and they have to trust what their distributor says, and what the post office says. So, maybe, occasionally they’ll only be able to offer a credit, but I have never gotten the impression that they are out to screw me or work me for every penny. I have gotten Nam brand electronics, refurbished electronics, clothing and just a whole lot of random stuff from Nomorerack, and I was more often pleasantly surprised than not. Even the $50 suit I got fit and felt just as good as another $350 suit I bought.
    If you care about brands, if you care about labels, Nomorerack probably isn’t the place for you (although sometimes they have some fantastic brand deals). If you’re in the market for a deal on a hard to find, novelty, or secret santa/white elephant/Pollyanna item, then go crazy.
    And it goes without saying that your “savings” aren’t true savings. It’s savings off the highest price available or MSRP. Always compare prices to amazon/ebay or some other websites for products with model numbers and more often than not you’ll be satisfied. If you’re just done with Nomorerack, there’s always,, (now part of amazon) and brings it all together for you. I do think you should give NoMoreRack another try and NEVER purchase anything until the daily free shipping window opens.


      If you have this amount of complaints from one website ,especially where people aren’t getting their money back and no items wouldn’t you say its a scam?If you haven’t had a problem just wait …Oh unless you’re one of them! An employer trying to make the site look good. And yes people stick with better sites where if its not what you want they gladly send your refund. Clearly NMR is not one of them. BEWARE!

  • Muad’dib

    Bought a watch from them, it showed up broken. I’m assuming it was due to the fact that it was shipped in a damned bubble envelope! Contacted their customer service, so we’ll see …

  • Shhelb

    1st time ordering from them. Ordered a Zeepad a few weeks ago. Battery only holds a charge for about an hour, and now it won’t even turn on. Getting ready to send it back. Will update this when all is said and done.

  • nomorerack Experience


    We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At NMR, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our “Make It Great Guarantee” Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our “Make It Great” guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan!

    To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ? We promise to get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours with a superb solution.

    We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Always here to help!
    Customer Relations
    Nomorerack – Everything You Love, For Less.

  • poedcustomer

    Complete Joke! I ordered a 2 pack of phone USB chargers AND GOT TWO KURIG COFFEE FILTERS! Shipped them back and they confirmed and claimed to have put a credit of $10 back on my Visa but did nothing. They kept claiming of an extra $5 credit to my “account” but the joke is they closed my account and never sent me my phone chargers. Starting a paypal claim and also with my Visa. Lost $10.

  • aNice127

    Wow I’m so surprised. I LOVE NOMORERACK.COM. I swear! I ONLY order my sheets from there; I’ve ordered 4 sets over 2 years for $29-$49 and they are DREAMY. I mean like, super soft amazing sheets that I get them in every color. Tshirt soft… I can’t even explain it. They feel like the $200 set I purchased, I cannot tell a difference!

    I think you need to pick your battles as to what you buy from a site like this. But simple things like sheets, sports bras that are like 10 for $20, etc… you CANNOT go wrong. I LOVE this site. lol… never knew it was so complained about!


      I also ordered sheets from there and they never came,its been 6 months and I have been complaining to customer service and trying to get full refund with no success.This is a battle ,you’re right but its one I did not pick and if I have to even pick and choose which items are safe to order from a Company I’d rather not deal with or trust that Co.I’ve never ever had a problem with Amazon.

  • dionne w.

    i ordered from and never had a problemi only order the rings and thing like that i know it is fake be the quality of the jewelry is good. but if want electronics you should go to and electronics store



    • 5thAgent

      Caps lock does not make you smarter. This has nothing to do with nomorerack and everything to do with the tablet manufacturer. So why don’t you “SEND THIS BACK TO THE MANUFACTURE”?

      • tina

        that was a very rude response coming from a customer rep..shame on you

        • 5thAgent

          I am not a CSR and I do not represent nomorerack.

          • Donni

            your stupid thats what you are

          • 5thAgent

            And you’re bad with grammar. Woolooloo! :D
            Thanks for reminding me of this dead horse, so I can continue to beat it.

          • Jorge

            Ok, so what your saying is that you are going to beat your dead horses meat? Wrong website for that kind of stuff.


            clearly you do! As well as being a jerk!

      • kate

        KMSL!! That was too funny but oh so true!!

      • Donni

        your are a jerk, that is someones grandmother you stupid son of a female dog


        Guys don’t believe this guy,girl or whatever it is doesn’t work for NMR!

  • Sheryl

    At Christmas I ordered a Cuisineart coffeemaker. We used it happily for 2 months then the pump quit working. When talking to CS was informed that there wa nothing they could do about it since the 14 day period had expired.. Apparently they purchase junk and rejects and then scam all of us into buying it. So my advice to anyone is to shop with a well known reputable company.

  • susan

    i recently ordered 3 sets of king size sheets and unfortunately did not notice the microfiber label either- shame on me… they are very soft but i have not put them on the bed or washed yet… not happy with the above comments on how bad they turned out to be. not worth the expense of returning unopened so shame on me again. whether the company is good or bad- i have placed my last order just seeing their better business rating.. the guy above has it right you really cannot get something for nothing- i will stick with amazon or the better known on line shopping sites that are legitimate. Sue in CT

    • aNice127

      You should try the sheets! I love every set I ever buy from them, and never buy sheets anywhere else. Really! Super soft… not sure if you’re more against the “microfiber” aspect of it just out of principle or if you have allergies, etc but… SO WORTh $30.

    • Aleia

      HI Susan,
      I see that this post is 5 months old, but maybe it will help someone. I ordered some of the Egyptian sheets from nomorerack, and I absolutely love the texture. My husband hasn’t complained about them either, and he would be the real judge.
      Aleia in MD

  • i placed an order for three power wheels for my grandkids for christmas and they didn’t get to ride them a whole day before the parts started coming off will never order anything like that again.

  • wanda swafford

    march 1,2014, my first time to order anything from any where, and boy, it is my last time, my checking account was charged and so was my pay pal account, when I thought I made a mistake in my order I immediately called them to make sure I didn’t double order, they assured me I did not. March fifth I called my bank to check my balance and there it was nomorerack had charged my checking account I had to leave work and borrow money to put in my checking account , I got back to work and something told me to call paypal sure enough they; had charged my paypal account, I knew I was doomed I was on the phone for five hours pay pal helped me so much nomorerack would not admit to having any info to my bank account, but before it was over they admitted to charging my bank and my pay pal and said I doubled orderd and had no info on the phone call I made to them on sat asking them if I had doubled ordered yes they said I ordered the same thing twice even after paypal was helping me explain the mess up, they are heartless I got a write up at work nearly lost my job and I still owe paypal the same amount as they took out of my checking account 316.00 is a lot of money to a low income mom of three, hick that’s a lot of money to anyone. Shame on nomorerack and told me I had to get a ok from them before I could send it back I might be able to send it back or I might be able to and every item is sent by a different carrier so far I will be dealing with fedx, ups, dhl, usps, iam afraid to try to send any thing back in fear they will say I never sent anything back. Ive learned the hard way never order from nomorerack cruel and heartless.

  • Kay

    Ordered blanket quilt in king size plum. Arrived month later via plastic packaging which was ripped contacted and whiten return number via email. Was told to add tracking to return which I did. Since original packaging was ripped I repackaged in original plastic but also packaged in box. Spent $15 to ship back and was told today I am not eligible for refund due to the fact it was not returned in original shipping. Out price of $39 plus the $15 return shipping cost and no product.

  • The Truth

    I have to say, I do not feel one bit sorry for anyone who got scammed $$ by trying to buy from these bozos. Anyone with half a brain can see what a company like this would end up being. Only someone with the most infantile discernment, or the most horrific greed, could be taken in by claims of "90% off! Excellent quality!" I mean, is nobody capable anymore of questioning supply & demand? The cost of labour? The for-profit motive of any business? Does anybody, when contemplating buying $20 Ugg boots, what it must mean to have an expensive high quality exclusive product massively available for rock bottom prices? Or has it occurred to anyone to review, on facebook, do a search for ‘nomorerack employees’ and find 2 dozen Filipino 20-nothings as the core employment demographic? So… not only are you greedy children expecting something for nothing, but you are directly contributing to the evisceration of the American working class by throwing all your money at cheap plastic fashionable overseas crap, whereas plenty of valuable, real, true, if more expensive (because based in REALITY) products & companies exist, which are dwindling because people like you are throwing your money away on crap. Shame on you, and I"m glad you got scammed.

    • Dee

      Well, well, well. Needless to say I have ordered a few things from this company and have been quite satisfied with the product and price. Yes, some of the things are NOT A SALE, but if you are a shopper like me then you
      know what is a deal and what is not. As far as quality goes you get what you pay for. No, something that you know has a retail value of $200.00 for instance are you going to get it for $30.00, no way, so again, you get what you pay for and always read every detail. Over and over if you have to.

      • Shaina

        I agree with Dee. Plus, what does retail really mean? My fiance bought a beautiful Invicta watch for $150 from the Carnival Cruise Line which apparently, the retail is $795. I don’t believe that makes it cheap crap in which we were scammed. Also, he received a great deal from Kay jewelers when he purchased my engagement ring. 30% off the retail price! But that doesn’t make it any less valuable to me. So I think the thing to remember when ordering from places like NMR is how valuable is the item to you. The $14 curtains I bought from NMR certainly aren’t top of the line but they’ve transformed my home and at a great price. That’s fairly valuable in my eyes.

    • Onethatcares

      Shame on you for being an a*****e. You could have told them in a much nicer way as I could have told you in a much nicer way. But what the hell you did not care about how you make others feel why should I care about you.

  • Mr WEK

    My complaint which is identical to this one:

    Lousy Sheets, Worthless Electronics
    Updated On: March 2, 2014
    By: Patti Murphy
    A few months ago, I purchased some sheets from Nomorerack. Supposedly the sheets were valued at 89.00 but were selling on nomorerack for 19.99. The description did read “microfiber” and I missed that little detail.

    I got the sheets, washed them and put them on my bed. They did feel very soft–for a short time. I laundered them a second time and put them on my bed again, but this time they were covered with “pills” (those little balls of fabric that feel like crumbs). In addition to that, the sheets began to rip at the corner seams.

    Next they were given to my dog for her bed. Since I felt that I was partially responsible due to my missing the “microfiber” description, I didn’t try to return them.

    A few months later I ordered some “Australian” style boots for my daughter and me. These seem to be okay for the money and I have no complaints about them.

    The next thing I ordered was an android tablet for my daughter for Christmas. After only three weeks of use, the tablet quit working altogether. I called the customer service line and was told that since it had been used I could not return it! They then gave an 800 number to call. The tablet cost only 59.99 but was “valued at 219.00″ Not even close!

    Consequently, I am gun-shy of purchasing any other products for nomorerack mainly because the merchandise is highly overvalued by their description, and they don’t seem to stand behind their merchandise!


    I bought the same sheets that ended up be nothing but crap! Then I bought the tablet around Christmas time. The only thing difference between my complaint and the above complaint is I didn’t buy the "Australian Boots".

    The Android tablet is my major concern. It’s very cheap and certainly wasn’t worth $219 as a suggested retail stated when I purchased it for $59.00. It was all plastic….even with a plastic screen! I didn’t know they made these things with a plastic screen. I thought they all came with glass screens. The thing originally worked intermittently. Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn’t. Now it won’t work at all. Won’t come on!! Won’t do anything.

    I have an email in to Nomoreracks to see what can be done. We’ll see what kind of response I get. Whatever it is I will return and let everyone know what has happened.

    • aNice127

      I am so surprised! I literally ONLY purchase my sheets from them. King Size, microfiber, DREAMILY soft. Washed MANy times (have two girls under two, needless to say the pee and spitup situation is quite often)… and I almost feel like they feel BETTER each time I wash them! Don’t count out the sheets.. I LOVE them.

  • cheryl

    why cant I order the size I need. it only selects small. but you offer S-L

  • cheryl

    why wont it let me order anything but size small. the item is S-L

    • ang

      I would assume it is because they don’t have the M or L in stock.

  • Well in my case I was very satisfied with a product until I realized the fabric was starting to shred. Net thing you know it got completely destoyed. I was devastated, my money down the drain…

  • Sue

    I ordered a zeepad, worked for about 2 months, but was Extremely Slow. Plus I should have known something was fishey when i checked info. about Ipad. Lord, there sat a man on a Camel on a deserted mess of sand. someone had taken pix and i for some reason was able to pull them . Now i cannot get in touch with nomorerack at all. Their phones are always
    Down, ‘e" mail a waste of time. Fraud. I’ll never order again. Their advertisment is miss leading. only thing to do now is throw it away. the few times i did get to use it when typing it would show if say i typed a letter for a word, all I would get was a continous line of a different alpha , example "L" would get a continueous line of "P" which i did not type, Then had a extremely hard time deleting by backspace. Those of you are fortunate enough to get a good product"good for you" I got crap. wasted money. Hope they are happy for they realed in another sucker. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD.


    I recently placed an order without thinking to review the complaints and reputation of the company. I’m not one to give reviews but whats right is right and I feel I must give the company it’s due. I placed three different orders not much more than a week ago. After reading the complaints I was bracing for the worst. To my surprise I received all three orders yesterday and got exactly what I ordered without a problem. If their level of service continues as it was for me, I will not hesitate to order from them in the future. I’m sure a company this size with their customer base is bound to run into snags now and then but I have to applaud NMR for their consideration and improvements.

  • cheryl

    I ordered one pack of scrafts for 16,00 dollars,i was charger 300.00 something dollars and recived 300.00 something dollars in scrafts,they would not let me return the scrafts then here came two loungers I did not order.when I call them the rep was rude would not help,i hung up call again rep did not have manners eithers

  • Theresa

    I live in IN. They sent my order to IA. Still have not heard back from them in what they are going to do about it. The last item was promised 02/14/2014…never got it… Now I worry if I am ever gonna get my products.

    • StopCrying

      Theresa don’t worry a bit, I have been dealing with Nomorerack for 4 years & they have the best customer service,I pawned a tablet I bought from them for $40 & got $90 from the Pawn Shop,They sell quality,don’t listen to these idiots that didn’t put the right address or can’t even write to customer service also you can call them between 8a.m to 5p.m. Just write customer service & explain your problem,they get back to U in 24 hours,it’s the idiots that don’t know how to use there computer that has problems,I just bought a apple I-phone unlocked for $169,put it on the unlimited data & talk for $35 a month,best phone I have had & better than the new 4gs because the battery doesn’t go half as long.

      • Growup

        Everything I buy from Nomorerack it’s top of the line,headphones with 40mm bass speakers & mid& treble for $21,They beat the hell out of Beats,I buy $40 proscan tablets & go to the pawn shop & get $90 so don’t be saying it’s cheap crud,it’s top of the line,EVERYTHING I have bought in the last 4 years & had problems you just have to know how to type to customer service with your order# & they always did me right,gave me a $90 extra spending,they have the best lowest cost stuff in the business,your just too stupid to keep your order# & probably cuss at them,they will cut you out if you disrespect them just like anyone would!

  • MARK

    They overcharged me on my order. Wouldn’t give money back on credit card only would give me a site credit. I have never heard of such a thing. Screw up but force you to have to buy more to use it. BUYER BEWARE
    The attitude about how to treat the customer will let you know how you will be treated sooner or later.

  • robin

    I ordered the Zee Pad got it for valentines 2014 opened it today nd it doesnt work calling Monday to see wht they will do about it.

  • Britt

    I have just recently had a terrible encounter with NMR. I placed an order a month ago and have not received any information about my item at all. However they have already taken my money out of my account for the item. After days of emails I called them for them to tell me they have no record of my order so they cannot do anything. Yet they have already taken my money and are telling me there is nothing they can do to help me.I will never order from them again.

  • Lucy Hanks

    I received a Motorola H17TXT headset from your company and it doesn’t work right. It is to flimsy and hard to turn on
    once in the ear. How can I send it back and get a refund?
    Order # 13698154

  • BILL

    We have ordered two things from them and have been more than pleased with the products and the price

  • Adam Mann

    I ordered a comforter set for $59.00 along with a SIII phone case in November before Thanksgiving promising all deliveries made will arrive before Christmas Day. It is now February 10, 2014 and I have yet received the comforter. After numerous emails checking the status and being told over and over (by email) that they were back logged… I then just wanted a refund. I have requested a refund for the past 2 months numerous times and was told today that I can not get a refund because it has been over 60 days! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They don’t provide any phone numbers and honestly, they don’t care. They will take your money from your account the day you place your oder… but good luck if you get it.

  • belinda

    I have had no problems with nomoreracks… I have ordered many things and have been pleased with each item… will continue to buy

  • pam

    Yes I also asked for refund for zeepod and they gave me credit that’s crap. We will see what happen when I try to use that credit.. never again after this run around joke…..I got for Christ’s wrapped and because they sat under tree like gifts do lol I could not return the other zeepod that is a no good for nothing piece of nothing done with place should know if it’s sounds to good to be true well yup it. Is.

  • Deborah

    This company is a rip off. I have been fighting for my $49 back for a non working Zeepad right out of the box. Same story as most of you. Not going to complain here anymore…just finished with the BBB and the Attorney General’s office regarding this company. BEWARE!!!!

  • Julliet White

    I have been living the Nomerack nightmare for over a month now. I ordered eight dog beds in Dec. and was given a bogus tracking number. I have emailed, called the 800 number and spoke with someone. I get multiple emails from them that make absolutely no sense. I get another email telling me I have things in my shopping cart and I don’t. After trying to get my money back for a month I finally get part of my order put back on paypal and today I get an email saying they are shipping the order again with the same fake tracking number. This is definitely a scam operation.

  • Linda

    I have ordered 2 different electronics and am pleased with both and have had no problems with them, I had thought of purchasing a tablet from them but after reading the reviews I am really thinking of buying it elsewhere. Linda

    • Debbie

      Please buy elsewhere Linda. I am fighting with them over a $49.00 zeepad I bought at the end of October (before Christmas) for my grandson. On New Years Eve when I gave it to him it wouldn’t hold a charge. According to them, I should have opened it and used it to be sure it worked because I only have 14 days to return for a refund. Play with a gift? There are so many people in my position with the same zeepad. I am in the process of contacting the BBB and attorney general. When I correspond with them they reply with a computer generated response. Buy a Samsung tab 2 or 3 and spend a little extra. Less headaches.

  • Sharon Henry

    I ordered some rings, earrings and necklaces on Dec. 6, 2013 and I got them but the problem is that one set was missing one of the earring. I can emailed a number of times and still have not received the missing earring. I was going to order more but afraid to because of the lack of interest in getting me my missing item. The order # for the missing item is 3ctsetwblutopz Blue Topaz necklace and earrings, item code P1132571555481. My name is Sharon Henry and my email address is

  • Patrice

    I was just about to order 2 items from this web site. I am so glad I read the comments first.
    Thanks all of you for saving me the headache. The bad out weighed the good by a large margin.
    So again thanks. Patrice

  • Julie Oppenheimer

    Nomorerack has HORRIBLE customer service. I ordered three pairs of earrings as gifts (they needed to be identical) and they only sent one, with no indication of what happened to the other two. When I emailed them, they assured me I would be getting them soon. Then, weeks later, they told me they had run out of the earrings and would give me a store credit for the two I had not received. After much arguing, I got them to refund my money for the two pairs instead of giving me a store credit that I had no intention of using after my disappointing first experience.

    Now here’s where I’m furious: they refuse to pay for the return shipping for the pair of earrings they sent me, which are useless to me, since I need three matching pairs for my girls. They say that their policy is to only offer return shipping for free if they send something that is different from what I ordered, but refuse to admit that ONE is different from THREE. General business practice when you cannot fulfill an order in its entirety is to inform the customer and see if they want to cancel the order, NOT to send them part of the order, which is useless without the missing parts, and then try to charge them OVER A THIRD OF THE PRICE of the earrings to try to return them. If they had told me they could not fulfill my order and sent me no earrings, we would not have a problem. I would be disappointed, but that’s it. But sticking me with these earrings that are useless to me on their own and refusing to accept that they made an error is just terrible customer service.

  • Boake

    I got an e-mail from my ex-wife to try this place out..After contacting her, she said she did not send me the e-mail and she has never heard of nomoreack..Guess someone has accessed her contact list and sent out the e-mails to shop at nomorerack..After reading all the reviews, I would never shop at this place as they sound like a bunch of crooks..Maybe it was them that stole the contact list and sent out their ads..

  • Mary

    I ordered a pair of boots and they are too small. "DAWGS" they told me they couldn’t be returned because they are marked as final sale.. I just looked on their web site and they are still for sale on there and no where can I find that they are for Final sale.. BEWARE

  • Fleecy Phipps

    I agree with the young lady about the tablet turn it on and it shut down froze nothing. So I called and sent them an email no answer, so i used the return information to return the tablet and i specically asked not to be sent another one fear it would do the same; they sent one anyway so I didnt bother to open I just returned it. Not one word have I heard from any one but they kept my money and have not returned it. Never again will I order electronics from them. Robbed me of $200 some odd dollars..NEVER AGAIN

  • David C

    No More Rack has hit yet again. I ordered 2 tablets at Christmas. They came and within 3 days I discovered they were worthless piece of you know what. I wrote about a refund and was sent a return notice with shipping orders and forms. I followed instructions and did as asked. I got the 6th e-mail saying the vendor said there were accessories missing. More writing and e-mails.. After 12 days of back and forth and explaining I get a e-mail stating the VENDOR said there was only one tablet returned. I sent them both in the same box as received and now have sent a very positive and letter that my next stop would not be a social one and refund my money as promised, period. Now I am in the same boat as others with $120.00 gone and they have my tablets. My Lord wish I’d checked more closely and never had done business with them. They are so pleasant at (customer service) that their breath smells like candy.

  • Deborah R.

    I purchased a tablet for x-mas and it came a week before.. but guess what it stopped working two weeks in.. I plugged it in to charge one night and, when I woke up that morning it was blank.. Everything was erased off the screen, everything… I sent a complaint but no one has gotten bACK TO ME AND IT HAS BEEN FOUR DAYS.

  • Tom

    They are a RIPP-OFF not a store I think they just drop ship, They have no inventory My order came from new york the return was to Florida. Huummm wonder what wrong here. All my Emails were answered the problem solved (for them not me) as I an still waiting. I know I will never buy from them again even if its free. Tom

  • kayhal

    I hate it they said free shipping first buy I did not receive it then there customer service sucks not professional..

  • Jason

    SOME ONE PLEASE HIRE A LAWER TO AGAINST NO MORE RACK!! EVERY ONE JUST PAY FEW DOLLORS! WE CAN DO IT.I RETURN THE TABLETS THEY REFUSE TO REFUN ME,ITS $900 DOLLORS!! FIRST THEY SAY SOME PARTS IS MISSING SOME ITMES IS NOT IN ITS ORIGIONAL CONTION THEN agian one the them screen is cracked! ANNNND RIGHT NOW THEY ASKED ME WHAT IS THE TRACKING NUMBER THEY DIDN’T RECEIVE IT! Tell me to wait!! what kind of company is that??? can anyone fine the lawer to put this company on the media?? this company need to be shut down already? y people still buying things from them??? please send me email at

    • whatnow

      Hello Jason, you can do this yourself. You should file a civil complaint against them in your area’s federal court for breach of contract.

  • Betty R

    I just received an e-mail that my order after waiting since the 2nd of Jan had been damaged in shipping. They also said I had a $5>00 credit to my account. Why bother it would probably be the same thing again if I ordered from them again.


    ALL of you whom have been scammed by NOMORERACKDEALS continue to be harassing to them for a your money. I did. It took a while but it paid off. I have never shop with them again. I like Amazon only or Wal-Mart they own up to their products. Be as aggressive about it. My order was log as ship an delivered, and on backorder, and delivered to Los Angeles. I live in Louisiana. We need a web page for us to check for all stores with a star system of current status of good or bad service without having to read complaints and one for stores you physically shop at in person. Because customer service is horrible now days.

  • Barbara Aucoin

    tried to purchase pair of Ugh style boots. $19. Tried to ay thru Pay Pal, no luck – all messed up. Now, I do not want the boots, Just cancel order, I will contact Pay Pal and cancel with them. Barbara Aucoin, Westwego,LA

  • never again

    I have just received notice that my 2nd order has been cancelled due to a damaged shipment they received. They have refunded my payment & have put $5 into my account toward a future order. I think this is pretty nice of them, since the problem is no fault of theirs. Thank you nomorerack! I am still awaiting my first order. I hope the quality is good!! I will report back on this.

    • never again

      This is an addition to my previous message. I did receive my 1st order, of Dec 27, 2013, today…
      Jan 14, 2014. It’s a set of double brushed sheets. They are so thin that I could actually read the weather report on tv while looking thru them & my eyesight isn’t the best these days. Since they were only $29, I will not return them. However, I will not order any more bedding or toweling from this company. Definitely NOT the quality I expected.

    • jason


  • never again

    I have placed 2 orders with "Nomorerack". One on Dec 27th & the 2nd on Dec 30. Today is Jan 13 & I have yet to receive either order. I did receive a message that the 1st order had shipped on Jan 6 & is supposedly "enroute". The 2nd order is still "being processed". I have ordered other items from several other companies since I ordered from Nomorerack & have already received these orders. I would like to know why it is taking Nomorerack so long to ship. On their website they have a message that there are shipping delays due to the weather in the midwest & east coast. Strange that they would have delays & other companies have not. Time will tell if I’ve been scammed. Luckily I always pay via Paypal!!

  • MRP

    Worst company I ever did business with on the internet. Bought 2 pairs of boots for my kids, wanted to return for larger size. they advised "FINAL SALE" This was not on my invoice but after checking the site again I did find the words in small print. Well I did keep them and one pair, after wearing only once had the sole break away from the the upper part of the boot. PURE JUNK just threw my money away. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE ROBBING THE PUBLIC WITH JUNK.



  • Taffy

    This company is a total scam!!!
    I have never had so many problems with any other company. You do have to print your order or else there is no record of it. Their processing takes 2 weeks or longer.
    Will stick with Amazon. They deliver in 2 days.

  • Ginny

    I was not feeling strong enough to shop for Christmas. someone told me about NMR. I thought my problem was solved. I spent $266.00. The site said my order would be received before Christmas. three items made it. The headphones were ok. The tire gages ok too. However, the gloves came as 8 single gloves, which were suppose to be 4 pairs. However, only two gloves actually made a pair. all the others were just random gloves, not at all what I ordered. My grand kids didn’t tell me then but now I know one tore at the seams when tried on and the others went out with the trash as they could not be worn. When I learned what happened I felt so bad to say nothing of spending so much of my $1043.00 fixed income check for what?

    It is now January 11th and the other pieces finally arrived. Neck chains & heart pendants, wrist Ipad wallet. Everything is very, very tiny, thin, thin silver. The "diamonds" on the heart are so small you can’t see them with the naked eye. The wallet is thin plastic like the little toy wallet that would come with a toy doll. Not that small, just that cheap material.

    So lesson learned. NMR is a huge scam. They sell knock off copies of cheap "off shore" items and make a huge profit on shipping. You are MUCH BETTER OFF just buy the cheap knock off stuff, it is much better than what NMR is selling. I guess they have added another level to retail though. Knock off, Knock Offers’…

  • linda k hertel

    trying to return 2 broken pieces of jewelry since before Christmas, can’t reach anyone

  • S. Francois

    This company should be banned from the internet. I ordered a pair of boots that I thought were one size but when I got them they were not what I thought I ordered. I read their return policy about the 14 day to return. I sent email immediately and never got a response. Then after the 14 days were up I finally got response that the boots were not returnable as they were a discounted item. Say WHAT???? Aren’t all of their items listed at discounted prices? Now I am stuck with boots they are not the right size. Scam, Scam, Scam. I would never ever order from these people again. No where in their return policy does it say discounted items are not returnable.

    • Rhiannon

      Did you fight this more? I have been posting about my bad experience all over the web and also filed a claim with Paypal against Nomorerack. After being told by 2 different NMR phone reps and via email that they would NOT refund for my defective product, I got a return label emailed to me today! ;) It’s worth the fight, keep on them! Good luck!

  • Lori

    I am overjoyed to read all the (negative) experiences others have experienced with as I was becoming very frustrated with my emails with Robot/Computer Ceccilla. For a company who states 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed they certainly have failed. There emails address my email address rather than my name – and they call that customer service! Their shipping department doesn’t really seem to care what they ship, their quality control obviously just gets paid but it appears does little to no work. Their customer service (robot/computer feedback) can’t even address customers as people but rather keeps it on a "computer only" contact (although I sign my name – they write to my email address). They tell me to return an item I’ve had for over two weeks and now I find they won’t even accept it. I thought this was a great site. But as with all things in life…..sooner or later you find the truth and then all you can do is hope others don’t get hurt. The management of this company needs to make adjustments or continue to receive low ratings…………

  • sandra

    I placed an order 12/07. Never got it. Refund was put back on Discover. All 4 rings were delivered today. These were Christmas gifts that were promised to make it by the 24th. It took a month.

  • Carol S.

    I was going to order some items from and definitely changed my mind after reading these comments. Thank you. Your saving me time and most important money…

  • 9yt6eg

    good company

  • Nicholas Rossi

    I ordered a Miami Heat Helicopter and received a Brooklyn Nets but it worked a few days. That 7" iRola pad is junk. Ordered it in red as a gift for a 12 yr old guy and it came in pink. Now it lays in the corner in a pile of junk And that never worked. You cannot trust anything about these guys except they ship JUNK in whatever color they can get. Do not trust them or consider your money a donation

    • Dee

      I disagree…..I ordered the iRola pad in purple. It came in purple and it works just fine. I have ordered quite a few things from NMR and everything has been great. Sorry to hear about your disappointment and problems, but I and everyone I know that orders have not had a problem.

    • Jennifer

      I had the same experience. They would not agree to let me return the product until February (it was a Christmas gift and I my first contact with them was December 26) and now that they have the faulty product back, they will not return my money. They offered to give me a credit to my nomorerack account AFTER I told them I would never order from them again. They are very shady and should be closed down.

  • Nancy Parrish

    I will not order from them again. Poor customer service, no one to talk to on the phone, just e-mails that they are researching the problem. I’ve been waiting on a Christmas gift since 12/17/13 and they sent me an email on the 20th it had been shipped!

  • CC Conklin

    Tried to send 2 items back that were purchased as Christmas gifts, Nomorerack has a rule you cannot send items back after two weeks. What the heck don’t shop early for Christmas gifts!!!!!!!!!!! Really Sad!!!!!!!!!!! I can understand the two week rule for most of the year but give us customer a break really, guess I won"t buy any Christmas gifts there next year.

    • Rhiannon

      Fight it! I had the same problem and raised heck all over the web (Facebook, Twitter, BBB, here) as well as by phone and email. Also, I paid via Paypal so I filed a dispute there too. It paid off because I ended up getting a return label from NMR today!

      • jason

        Return lablel doesn’t mean you will get your money back! they will tell you item is not in its origional condition and steal your money!

  • Frustrated

    I ordered a set of two camera lens mugs at least 7 days before Christmas. I just received an email saying my ordered was rec’d on Dec. 24??? and shipped Dec. 24??? However, I still haven’t rec’d it and my tracking order doesn’t work. When I call customer service, which supposed to be open 24/7, at 1-855-847-7225, they are not open. I’m frustrated and don’t plan on letting this go even though my items only cost 25$. Taking advantage of consumers at any cost is still taking advantage!!

    • sherry

      you need to give them a chance. we all make mistakes, including you. I have ordered from them a dozen times, and I did have one problem, but they got back to me within a few days and made every effort to fix the problem. I recommend to all my friends.

  • TMVO

    It took three weeks for them to even ship my order. I gave them plenty of time. Did not arrive in time for Christmas and they didn’t do a thing to make me a happy customer. Not sure if I will ever order from them again!

  • Suz

    I purchased the six pack of fleece lined tights and they smell like chemicals. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • maureen janik

      yes….stunk up my whole house. i washed them numerous times and they still stunk. i threw them out. RIP OFF

    • Rita

      I bought some leggings also and they smelled a bit like chemicals but that’s typical of all new fabrics in general and I’m a sewer, so I know. Air them out or wash them and the smell will get gone.

    • pat miller

      I also ordered these and did not have this issue, dearly love them wear them everyday at home, warmer than jeans!!

    • Mary

      same here! they turned my gel nails dark orange along with part of my shirt I was wearing that was touching my pants. My sheets are stained orange now, too and they have a weird rubbery pungent smell to them.

  • kathy

    I have ordered from nomorerack and have had no problems–I ordered early for Christmas and they arrived in time. The above complaints are very concerning to me to order in the future…kv

    • CC Conklin

      Next year when you order for Christmas make sure you don’t have to return anything, I wanted to return two items and since I had ordered early and was outside of the two week window for returning items I was told I could not make the returns.

  • Pam

    The items I did received from this company were not "name brand" items and the quality was quite a bit less than satisfactory. I have yet to receive 3 items I ordered and they will not respond to my email asking for an RMA number to return 2 items. After reading these comments, I am afraid to return the items as it seems I will never get my money back anyway. Has anyone ever received their money back and how do they return the money?

  • kpat

    I have order kids learning tablet before Christmas but still I have not received it and they send me e-mail with tracking number but on tracking page message pop up that tracking number not found , this was my first shopping experience with this and now I would not order anymore from them.

  • Elmer Fudd

    I’m getting scared reading these horror stories about NMR…I’m due only about $30 worth of stuff from them…we’ll see….live and learn…

  • ruth kyle

    I havenot have not had a problem with nmr been dealing with tem since they been on line. Customer service is good;I have not received any junk. It is a place for overstocked items. You have read what u r ordering very carefully’

  • sandy

    I would say my first ordering experience from them. Do not plan on ordering from them if you are buy a Christmas present that is electronics and it is not opened up until xmas. They will not take it back says due to their policy. How do you know if something is going to work until you open it. said I ordered in November special price and now it is past their time frame. I asked to return and get a refund and they said no can do. Do not buy anything from them they will not help you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sad sad sad

  • Debra

    Worst company ever! Placed an order Dec. 5th still did not get what I ordered!! I strogly advise not to order from this company. Part my fault for not looking at their reviews. They have a D RATING!!! Be very careful!!

  • Fred Read

    Well I ordered some items from them. ‘m still waiting for the Swarofski bracelet and ear rings. I got the boots and belts. I’ve e mailed them twice about these other items. Should I report them to BBB New York???? Will it help??? Fred Read

    • CC Conklin

      Nomorerack is number 3 on complaints to BBB

  • Donotbuy

    Never received my orders. The online "customer pacifiers" said thank you for your patience we are contacting our suppliers on this matter. Email after email was just another stupid response with absolutely nothing resolved. Then after thanking me for my patience oh the 60 day return has past so there is nothing we can do. I reported them to the online better business bureau and am also trying to get visa claim filed against them. 43 messages later I get this response to filing claims-
    +Nickson R, Dec 24 05:05 AM:

    Thank you for writing in. Always here to help.

    I am truly sorry about this inconvenience. I feel for you and I definitely understand and respect your decision. Please accept our sincerest apologies regarding this concern and have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year.

    If there is anything further I can do to assist you please let me know. At Nomorerack, customer satisfaction is our main goal.


    +Nickson R with Customer Care
    Nomorerack – Everything you love for less


    With all of these complaints I can not understand why they have not been shut down.

  • Justin

    Thanks for ruining Christmas Nomorerack!!!!
    Ordered 3 tablets on Black Friday. Just got them yesterday, Sunday 12/22/13. Only 2 were in the box. on the site they all share the same tracking number. There was no packing slip in the package. I ordered pink, purple and green. The green never showed and it was package 1 of 1 so I know I got screwed. Looking all through the reviews I see this same trend. I am sincerely regretting doing my usual due diligence and just made the impulse purchase, which I am sure they were counting on. I will never, never, ever order from this site again. and will make sure everyone I know is aware. Now it is 2 days before Christmas. I had just a small budget. How am I supposed to look into my daughters eyes and explain why the other 2 girls got a tablet but Santa just didn’t bring hers? Even if Nomorerack really jumped on this and wanted to show top notch customer service they had, they will never be able to fix this in 2 days….actually day and a half now, unless they flew here themselves to fix this right. I could really let loose and cuss but I am keeping this as civil as possible. My daughter made a wish to Santa in her letter she sent that she would get a tablet finally. thanks again Nomorerack for ruining my little girls Christmas….you suck!!!!!!!

  • PFred

    I have a feeling they are a drop ship company and as long as they are making money, don’t care. I ordered the 16 pc OrGreenic pots and pan set and most, if not all, were damaged to some extent. I got an email after sending them one saying I wanted to return them, a couple days later, I got the RMA # and then I got another email from the USPS with a shipping label. The RMA # email showed one address to ship the items back to, the shipping label has a totally different address, not even in the same city. We’ll see how this goes.

    • Rachel Ramirez

      I just returned something to them with out using an RMA because they sent me an emails days later with the number. Did they refund you because I’m going to lose it if I just sent them back free head phones.

  • brian

    I ordered a google android tablet….works great got it in about a week……

  • donkey

    I don’t know they are permitted to be in busness?

  • Shilo-ann Helsel

    I placed an order on Dec. 5th. I ordered two Google Android tablets and a 2-pack Flash Chargers. I only received the Flash Chargers. However, they used the same tracking number for all the items. The local post office doesn’t know where my tablets are because of the tracking number stating it was delivered on Dec. 17th. I have sent three emails and they have gone unanswered. I now have the number to the Corporate Office. Let’s see if I can get a live person instead of a recording telling me to send an email.
    I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about this. My items were worth $500. They took my money but never delivered. I will be filing a claim with my local post office as well. I will never recommend Nomorerack to anyone.

    • donkey

      The same thing happened to me. I ordered one tablet & two chargers ; that was the second order,the first I recieved in good time.But I could not get local WiFi Isent it back.( Since they gave me a store credit) I ordered another (that I never recieved!) I’m out $71.00.

  • Bev

    I’ve been talking to some robot named "Joyce". Gives me the same crap answer EVERY SINGLE TIME I try contacting them! I’ve tried calling…..they tell you that you must contact them via email….blah, blah, freaking blah! My daughters Christmas is likely RUINED! Paid $130 for rings that will likely NEVER arrive, or ARRIVE LATE! Ordered them BEFORE Thanksgiving! They will get no more of MY money!

  • Penny

    Got my item today. Waited about 2 weeks. All is fine. Great help from customer service.

  • Sharon L Jones

    I have ordered 15 items for Christmas and have gotten the 12 cheapest items, the other 3 (ordered 12/2) still have not arrived and "Jill", who I’m corresponding with is either a robot with automatic "your item has been resolved" response is ridiculous and nowhere near an answer to my question on where my items are right now. No, I will never again order from NMR and would never recommend anyone to do so either.

  • Phillip H is a scam, they only shipped out 50% of my order and when I pointed that out they kept giving me the link to this missing items shippment. Do not buy from this scam site.


    $ weeks ago I ordered a table and sheets. Still have not received them. Gee hope they get here for Christmas and in good shape. We’ll see.

  • mary cornett

    ordered two google androind tablets one came the other god knows where it is? so I paid 120.00 for a 4.2 inch android tablet what a rip off company! mary cornett

  • Shawn

    I received a damaged jewelry yesterday. There were deep scratches on the stone. I do not think it was damaged by the mailing process. I contacted them by emailing & calling. There is not response. I would like to have it exchanged.

    • Shawn

      I received email saying "Your request (#====) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email or click the link below: Then I there is no follow up.

      • Shawn

        I got responses:
        Dear Customer,
        Thank you for reaching out. An RMA has been issued to you, and your return request has been received.
        You will also receive another email shortly from USPS which will include your return label.
        To help ensure your return is processed, please note the following information about your return:
        •Return Authorization Number: #204073-1
        •Item for return: 18kt Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Genuine Blue Sapphire & White Topaz Pendant
        Return Instructions
        •Properly package the merchandise for return. Make sure to include the original package and accessories or the return will not be processed.
        •Clearly post the Return Authorization number on the outside of the package as well as on a piece of paper inside the package
        •Send your return to the following address:
        Attn: NoMoreRack Returns #xxxxxxxxx
        63 FLUSHING AVE UNIT 290
        BROOKLYN, NY, 11205
        The return address and RMA number, ONLY applies to the xxxxxx Silver Genuine Blue xxxxx xxxxxt. In order to return other items, please contact customer care to get a new RMA number and address.
        Once the item has been received, a credit will be issued for the amount of $xxxxxx
        Nomorerack is not responsible for lost shipments. To ensure your return is delivered we recommend you send the return with a tracking number which should be saved.
        Once we receive the item, your return will be fully processed.
        Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your shopping experience at NMR perfect! Always here to help!
        Thank you,
        Customer Relations
        Nomorerack – Everything You Love, For Less.

        From: * Jenie, (EST):
        Thank you for writing in. Always here to help.
        We perform a thorough quality check on all items before shipment, although something must have happened during shipment to damage the item. I apologize for you receiving your item in such a condition and for any inconvenience this may have caused.
        The best option we have would be to have you return the item for a full refund. We must ask for you to return the item because we are required to return any damaged items to our supplier. Upon receiving the item, a full refund will be issued for the purchase amount to your Nomorerack account, in the form of an in-store credit or if you prefer we can issue the refund to the original form of payment used just let us know. I have processed a return merchandise request for you as well as a return shipping label. You will receive two separate emails, one with the instructions on how to return the product and the other with the return shipping label.
        If there is anything further I can do to assist you please let me know. At Nomorerack, customer satisfaction is our main goal.
        * Jenie with Customer Care
        Nomorerack – Everything you love for less

      • Mike

        mine says ….. Request not found
        You do not have access to request #=======. It may have been solved or deleted.

    • Barbara

      I ordered a purse from them that I didn’t like just before Christmas. I had the most difficult time contacting them to authorize a return, and got a returns address. I finally got my authorization this morning, 3 weeks AFTER I started contacting them. Here is the return address.
      Attn: NoMoreRack Returns #23815-1
      210 W. 14th Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90015

  • M.fERRAN

    I ordered some Pashmina scarves and now regret it because I haven’t received them and need to leave town for Xmas soon. Also I’m supposed to have saved hundreds!!! of dollars on this order…yeah right. Fortunately I used my american express card and they told me if I didn’t get satisfaction they would refund the money. The problem with this company is that you don’t know what the order number is UNLESS YOU PRINT OUT YOUR ORDER AT THE TIM EYOU ORDER IT OTHERWISE, YOU CANNOT REFER TO AN ORDER NUMBER BECAUSE THIS COMPANY DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO SEE A SUMMARY OF YOUR ACCOUNT UNLIKE OVERSTOCK! I will never order from this place again, will stick to OVERSTOCK because of their business practice of have a running account of your purchase WITH ORDER NUMBERS NEXT TO THEM!!!!

    • Tiffany

      you can see the summary of your order, you have to sign into whatever email address you used to place the order, at the top of the page you will see your email address, you click on that and one the left side of the page it will have order history click on that and it will give you details on what you ordered. I just ordered two things yesterday and from these horror stories I am hoping that I get my order ok, I know it does say it could take 10 to 14 business days, so for anyone that is waiting awhile remember that equals out to almost three weeks. will let ya know once I receive my order

      • Penny

        I ordered a tablet on Dec 1 got it Dec 17 so it does take about two weeks.

    • mike Thorpe

      I ordered a laptop, with shipping promised On Dec. 5. No shipping confirmation/tracking number e-mail ever arrived, and then neither did the item. Repeated contacts to them have been useless. then I discovered that they processed my debit card payment as a RECURRING transcaction (that is, they would repeat the payment!) I called my bank fraud dept. on it and it is all theirs. Stay away from these people!

      • Penny

        Sorry to hear you had problems. I was able to follow my order and got updated emails. Did you make a NMR account?
        Thats how I followed my updates. Just signed on to my account to see the updates.

    • nicole

      you can see your order number just look for it under recent orders!

  • Kristi Harris

    I got a watch from them that broke the very first time I wore it. I have been trying for THREE WEEKS to get in touch with someone. Emails go unanswered ( I have sent SEVEN) , the phone number tells you to send an email and then hangs up, and I have waited to get connected on online chat for upwards of 20 minutes. I did finally get a person on live chat yesterday and she told me she was going to send an email with a shipping label for me to retun it. Of course the email never came. I halso have a pending order that has been "processing" for over a week now. Thank God for Amazon! The customer service at this place is non-existent

  • Shame on them!

    First time ordering from Nomorerack…..and I do have to say….NO MORE.
    My item was in pieces. OMG, I am so upset. I told so many people about nomorerack. And now I have to call them back to stop them from ordering from them. But first, I hope people read these reviews before ordering from them. I pray and hope that NOMORERACK go out of business.

  • Elizabeth Graves

    Just as all of you say , you get what you pay for . This is a company trying to make a difference. I have ordered items and had no problems. I will continue to order.

    • pauline jones

      did the items come to you

    • Clare

      I totally agree! I’ve bought several items from them and have gotten every single one of them in excellent and working condition. I will continue to buy from.

      • Gail

        Clare…how long have you worked for Nomorerack?

    • corina

      me too, I never had a problem with them, Actually ,sometimes I get stuff that comes from well known brands of companies for a low price. Not to mention,the companies that come from dont show on the ad,so its a nice surprise to open the boxes and find the good brands name on the boxes.

      Last week I was able to call them (because they do have a cust number,,and I was able to talk to them.

    • sandra

      If I got what I paid for, I’d be happy. Been a month now and the internet says my package was delivered today. We will see. That’s 4 Christmas gifts that never made it to the intended.

    • Guest

      I have ordered from NMR several times. All of the items ordered came separately. There was a tablet that I ordered at the same time that had not arrived. I kept e-mailing them, and getting the run arround. The tablet ordered on Dec 5th was supposed to be a Christmas present. After e-mailing them daily, I did get the tablet just before Christmas. I told them in my e-mail to them that "YOU SUCK". They did give me a $5 credit because of the trouble I had. I went to use the credit, and guess what? There was no credit to apply when I was at checkout. ANOTHER e-mail to them. They again apologized (They apologize a LOT) and said they would apply the $5 credit. Gave excuses why it hadn’t been posted as they originally said. All said and done, there were two $5 credits posted to my account = $10 – I just ordered a $10 item (FOR FREE after credit). I am waiting to see how that order goes.

    • Patti

      I ordered the Australian boots last year for $9.00 and they were delivered promptly and the quality of the boots are great. Very happy with NoMoreRack. SO sorry all these other people are having problems.

    • Patti

      I ordered the Australian boots which were only $9.00 last year and I love them! They fit and the quality is much than expected for $9.00 boots. I will continue to order LOW PRICED items.

    • Patti

      This is my fourth try. I purchased the Australian boots last year when they were only $9.00 and I love them! They fit great and the quality is much better than you can expect for $9.00 boots. I will continue to order LOW Priced items. In fact, I had more trouble posting this comment than I had with the company. So sorry all you others have had such a bad experience.

    • Piilani1953

      This is my FIFTH try! I ordered the Australian boots last year when they were only $9.00 and I LOVE them! They fit great and the quality is far superior to what you’d expect from $9.00 boots. I will continue to order LOW PRICED items from NoMoreRack.
      So sorry to hear all you others have had such a bad experience. In fact, I have had more trouble posting this comment than I have with the company hence…the FIFTH try.

  • Red

    I find it surprising that people are shocked that some of these items seem too good to be true and black NMR! No More rack simply sells these products for the manufacturers they do not make them. Many times these sites are simply a "dumping" site for junk. You get what you pay for. I have ordered from NMR BUT I am extremely selective in what I buy, all these sites are the same. You must check the return policies and procedures and follow them.

  • Cindy

    The tablet I received was deceptively advertised as having a retail value of over $300; they sold it to me for $79 but it is very poor quality. The screen resolution is poor, it freezes and glitches often and it can’t stream tv shows as it says it can.
    It is a cheap product.
    I also ordered Ugg boots for $19 which I thought was too good to be true. Well, instead of Uggs I received some other cheap imitation!
    They did email a return shipping label so I don’t have to pay for the return.
    And they said I could just not accept the package of another product I ordered.
    Since I wasn’t home when it was delivered I took it to the post office and they will send it back with no cost to me! This company is really bad!

    • Justin

      I ordered the same boots, and they dont say they’re uggs. Its obvious there knockoffs hence the fact that they are $19

  • Cathanice Phillip

    I have also been ripped off $43 USD. They tried to tell me that my IP address is not in the United States. So I had to inform them that they knew that when they STOLE my money from my account and many businesses do ship items to other billing addresses.
    They are thieves and their business should be discredited and looked into by the TAX INVESTIGATORS.

  • G Harris

    I have never had a problem with NMR. Their customer service has been great. Once I did not receive an order and they shipped another item right away. I don’t purchase any refurbished products, if there are any. I have been extremely happy with this site and their service. I have recommeneded many people to the site.

  • ms sawyer

    I ordered a zee pad from nmr with the understanding that was what I would received. I received a zee pad but it belongs to someone else so I was not able to get any games starts in my name. Such a rip off. I paid my money for new merchandise and got a used one. Now they are refusing to give me my money back. I returned the pad but for some reason they can’t locate it…..(right) PEOPLE HEAR ME OUT..STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY !!!’

  • Raquel

    I’ve been ordering from this company for a year now and so far has been happy with about 20 to 30 items that I ordered. They have a company policy that if you don’t get your order in 2 weeks, they can refund you with a store credit and if you did receive your order later, it’s free. I had complained about my other orders and taken pictures for proof and they refunded me after looking at the pictures and I didn’t even have to return the merchandise-this happened to me about 6 times. What I can say is that they have a very good customer service and they will do their best to make the customer happy. I had also receive additional store credits I think just for buying a lot from them. And if you choose for the refund to go back to your bank account, they will do it. I will be ordering an item again today and i just happen to come across these complaints. In their defense, where else can you find the cheapest items and they can refund you when you complain and you get to keep the items for free! The best way is to call their 1-800# and talk to customer service and they will fix the problem on the same day.

    • Donotbuy

      Really ?? They stall you until after their 60 day refund policy is expired and then say they can’t do anything now. Do you work for them ?
      And their customer service is also no help at all !

    • theresa

      i ordered 11-25-13. got five out if eight items. my Christmas was ruined. i have been going round and round with them. glad you like them, i don’t will never order from them again.

    • Pam

      And, what is that #800 number – I can’t find it anywhere??????

  • Queue

    No more rack is an over rated flea market…. with products, customer service, and shipping all in the gutter.
    I ordered electronics that were supposed to come with software, but didn’t. I ordered MP3 players that were supposed to come with mini SD cards, but didn’t. I ordered multiple items at one time and was shorted on my order, it was never resolved. I received one item that was broken, 3 months after ordering it, they would not let me return it because of their 14 day return policy. I spent a lot of time dealing with their customer service, with their "we are hear to help" attitude and no resolve. You would think I would have learned the first time. Do not make the same mistakes I did. DO NOT deal with this company.
    I have read so many negative comments about this company, I’m surprised they are still in business.
    My next move is to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. I suggest you do too if you have been ripped off by this company.

    • donald

      Absolutely the worst, all they sell is junk that they buy from factories that failed QC and sell it to no more for scrap value.
      I cannot get a RMA will not answewr email, the CHAT live is not there even tho it says it is, will not take phone call. next step contact CC

    • Arthur


  • Dee

    I won’t be ordering from ever again. I placed an order a few months ago, without a problem, but a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a couple of watches. The order was duplicated, and when I tried to explain that one of the orders needed to be cancelled, I was told it couldn’t… it hadn’t even processed or shipped, but they couldn’t cancel? I was told to just refuse one of the orders. Okay, will do… if I happen to be home! If not, I guess I’ll have to take MY time to return, at MY cost and wait. So… I get one of the orders today, and it’s wrong. Had to take a photo of the order and email it to them to review. No packing slip included in the packaging. Just a hassle and time consuming…

  • ryrycun

    My mom always orders stuff through them, sometimes its fast, less than a week, other times its 2 weeks. I’m not sure why they send everything out separately because it takes more time, people, and money to do it that way. But I just ordered three things from them for the first time last night. Lets see how it turns out!

    • Raquel

      The merchandise come from different suppliers that’s why you have several shipments. And because there is more demand on some items , it causes delay. Nevertheless, you can cancel your order and get a store credit or refund back to your account. I had this experience but to my surprise, the shipment came after another 2 weeks and I got to keep it for FREE even tho’ I have already been refunded. They have a policy that you should get your shipment in 2 weeks and I was informed by the agent that I have a choice to cancel it and be refunded and if the shipment comes, don’t worry about it. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that they have excellent customer service and will do everything to make the customer happy. Another thing is I do receive store credit as a courtesy for being a loyal customer so today I ordered 1 item and I did not have to spend even cent. Isn’t that wonderful? Thank you.

  • AlexM

    Here is some info about the company according to its domain case anyone wants to go after them in person… Inc.
    381 Park Avenue South
    New York, NY 10016
    Phone: +1.2124054011

  • bummedk

    In June I placed one order for 2 tops ad 3 skirts. I knew something was wrong when those items arrived in three shipments, from three different locations, and two without so much as a packing slip or return instructions. Did not like any of the items so I contacted Nomorerack for return instructions. I was told I must ship each item back to it’s shipping location. I was given three RMA numbers and told I should ship with delivery confirmation to ensure proper credit. My original order was $79. and it cost me $20.36 to ship as instructed. July 8 I confirmed all three packages were received via USPS website and began calling getting proper credit. Then the games really began. First I was told that they could confirm 2 shipments received but not the 3rd (the one with 3 skirts, highest credit value). Credit would be issues. Then I called on August 10 because no credit was on account. Again told I needed to give them track and confirm info and wait 5-7 business days for credit. On or about August 24th I called again because credit was issued on 8/10 for 1 shirt/1 RMA, 1 shirt/1 RMA and ONLY 1 skirt/1 RMA. I explained that no, there were three skirts returned. After 30 mins on call, I was told to was 3-5-7 business days for credit for other 2 skirts. Today, I called again. I spent 1:06:19 minutes on the phone asking for $34. credit for the other 2 skirts. During the call I was actually asked to provide a scan or photo of my USPS receipt, which would prove something, I do not know what??? Seriously … I refused. Asked for SUPERVISOR, would not give me "Corporate" number. Supervisor begins explaining that I should have been given 3 RMA for the 3 skirts. To which I replied that was Nomorerack’s problem, not mine, I got one RMA for each shipment and each one was confirmed received. Once more I am being told to look for $34. credit within 3-5 business days. I’m not holding my breath or anything, but I will continue to hound them for credit. I will never order from them again. And I hope many read this and NEVER order or recommend this company … Peace to all, K

  • Roger

    My wife ordered fifteen items, when she received the bags and boxes half of the boxes were emty.
    When we call to get the price of the missing items put back on her charge card, that"s when they
    started lying and giving lines of BS. I RATE NOMORERACK a SUB ZERO. The lost is about $95.00.
    Total items were $477.00

  • Blanche

    I have ordered from nomorerack lots of time. The things that I ordered, I have no complaint. Hope to order again.

    • prmcsalisbury

      Why are you on the complaint site, then, "Blanche"?

  • nana

    I ordered a king size sheet set. The hems were coming out and the pillowcases were only hemmed on one side. They were cheap but I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again.

  • Dodie

    I bought a Nikon camera from them a few weeks ago and it came with a case, attachments and a battery that recharges in the camera. My previous Nikon fell apart because I had to put double A batteries in all the time and the enclosure broke. I received the camera in a week and I love it. I will shop with them again!

  • Susan

    I just purchaes an iphone accessory. It arrived in 8 days, was well packed, and appears to be what it was advertised as. I did pay with PayPal since I wasn’t familiar with the company.

  • Grandma

    I ordered the advertised ‘4 dress set for $29’. Like others posters-from the ad along the side on FB. Maybe we should complain to FB for showing scammers ads. What I got were 4 little dresses that an adult could not wear. Made out of scarf material. Nothing like the pic shows. Then to return the pkg would cost me $11 add that to the shipping they won’t refund, it adds up. I told them I want a return label to send these back. I knew there was going to be a problem the minute I saw the pkg in the mail. 4 dresses in a small plastic bag. That was my first clue. Will have to see what kind of refund they are going to give me. Might be better off just giving the dresses to some young girl. But it worries me now when I read about the problems people have had with the company having their CC info. I have got to start checking out a company/website before ordering and not afterwards.

  • ana

    The site should be fined and a class action law suit should be filed for all customers who have been ripped off!! There should be laws for computer business fraud!

  • Cheryl

    Ever since I ordered from this company people have been ordering items and using not only my email but also my home address, name and phone number. Now I’m getting bills from creditors for items I never even thought about ordering and emails confirming the purchase.

    • Guest

      I would check your credit card statement. It sounds like you’re credit card number was stolen. Call your credit card company ASAP! I just ordered from these idiots.. the one time I did not research a company before purchasing and now I am afraid and paying for it! My credit card number was stolen and used (small charge–seeing if anyone was paying attention) the day after I ordered from these idiots. I have never received a confirmation email.. I don’t expect anything to show up. This is going to be nothing but a headache. I will never order anything from them again, nor from any company that I haven’t done business with before or know very well..

  • Carol

    I don’t understand why everyone is having such bad experiences. I bought 2 items from them and they came very quickly and were exactly as they were pictured.

  • Bryn

    This site uses every trick in the book and has no concept of business ethics. I was looking at the sheets deal and noticed they have no fiber content listed. I hit the "Buy Now" button to see if the fiber content was disclosed in the checkout procedure. Next to my order total was the following:

    "You have $2,926.99 credit." and a button to "Apply" it to my order.

    I have never registered nor signed up to this site. They have no idea who I am. I can only assume this is a deliberate lie and internal phishing scam to get people to register on their site.

  • Rox

    wow. i ordered a couple of things the other day. Very nervous now about receiving them and the quality. Was about to order a watch. So glad I read these reviews!

  • revo

    I ordered the same camisoles and Xl and my 14 year old daughter who is a size small barely fits them. Contacted the company and today after 2 months I am getting a refund.
    This company is selling defective merchandise and we can’t be refunded because of the return policy. Granted they are giving me back the $29.00 but that is only because I contacted immediately when the product came in April. Never again

  • arlene

    I have ordered a number of items and they all arrived within 2wks. I was very pleased with the quality of the items. Will continue to buy from them.

  • zee

    there is a search box now. :)

  • polly

    I bought the 4 dresses….. I ordered 1XL….HA! they would fit a 12yr old girl or a tiny asian lady…NOT a 1XL person.. and it took almost 4 weeks to get them…. IF I had read the posts from others BEFORE I ordered, I would not have ordered! You can be sure that I will not order anything again nor will I recommend to this company to anyone!!!

  • Michael Sticlaru

    I have purchased alot of items from these guys and I have to say.. im pretty impressed. No I don’t work for them, Im a college Student at UC Davis, CA. Look me up (im on the people search). I bought a jawbone bluetooth headset for 39 bucks, normally 150. The first one I got didn’t work, I contacted them via email, and less than 2 hours later, I had a response, an apology, and a credit for the my 39 dollars and shipping costs. I used that credit to purchase another one, and it came in 100% working order.

    I then ordered a Samsung Tab 10.1, which came in less than 2 weeks, worked great (and still works great) in perfect shipping material. I ordered another one just so I could resell it on amazon, which I did, and made 120 bucks profit. Ive since ordered several more electronics and Have received all of them , in working order, in less than 2 weeks.

    I don’t know now what is going on with you guys, but every time I have to contact them, they get back to me in less than 12 hours. They always take care of my problem with either a credit, or a refund.. No questions asked.

    Maybe you guys are just A-holes on the phone or something.. lol. THANKS NOMORERACK!!

    • Leslie

      I’m with you, I had a package missing that was shipped from the distributor, I was immediately given credits and was treated so well by their help desk.. The bed spread that did show up was exactly as described…I think they do a great job..

    • Lauren

      wow Michael

      Please watch your attitude. If you don’t know a person there is no reason to judge or call anyone anything it’s immature.

      I too had a bad experience with

      The product I bought didn’t look like what I saw on the web. Very cheep.

      Don’t buy from

  • Jamie

    I bought an android tablet and they instead gave me a nook? With cracks on it .NO LIE JUST SCAMS

  • Terry

    I have ordered several items from and every item was received in a timely manner. On a few occasions When I was not happy with the quality of the product I contacted customer care and a credit for the purchase price plus shipping was applied to my account within just a few minutes. I have recommend to all my friends and family and would encourage everyone to place a order.

    I find it amusing that individuals are quick to complain and post negative comments but never bother to update when the issue is settled.

  • Sandy

    ordered a purse took 4 weeks to get it 5 xs bigger then I really thought it would be and very cheap looking

  • Bonnie Rowlett

    I ordered earbuds for my IPad which came and good but the car purifier I bought never came.

  • Bought a Power Bank for quick cell charge. They claimed it was a 30.00 item and they were selling for 14.99.
    Well it turns out it was not a 30.00 item. Turns out the planet is selling for 9.99 regular price. Have much debate backe and forth they want to give me a 14.99 credit. Told them keep credite. I will continue to spread the worfdon this scam group which is growing with followers on FB everyday

  • Mike

    They never said 1800 THREAD COUNT. or ever mentioned cotton. They said softer than 1800 thread count. It is very misleading!!!

  • Edith Fillner

    I ordered a set of Queen size sheets and paid by Visa. I have not heard another word from them
    and it has been 3 weeks.
    I plan on calling after the Holiday week end. I never knew they would be dishonest. I have had friends
    refer them to me.
    I am out $31.00 if I do not hear soon.

    • Edith Fillner

      Why does my comment need to be approved. Maybe you are in cohorts with the company I am
      complaining about.

    • Jessy

      You should be able to go to your bank and file a affidavit of fraud and get your money back,

  • Candy

    I ordered a ring and within a week after waiting for it to be shipped the order was cancelled because the manufacturer did not have the right size for me….I get it thats fine. but within two weeks the same ring was there again with the size I needed was also there so I was so excited to see it again and I ordered it. Then a week later there was the cancellation again for the same reason. I dont understand why they would keep things on their websight if the manufactuer keeps having the same problem. I am getting my money back and going back to ebay….

  • C Rubito

    I ordered a quilt set with them.. i have been waiting almost a month for it now,i have been trying to track the package and nothing shows up. i have emailed them and called, and i even "chatted" with them online and the women told me i was going to receive the package today. I talked to the women on Monday. I called just now and the guy i spoke with told me it hasn’t even moved from the warehouse yet. He said "ups shows no movement." I said okay, so the women i spoke with the other day lied to me about the package being delivered today? and he said "no ma’am;" NEVER in a million years would i order from this company again. The complaints on his company on endless, i wasted my money.

    • ryrycun

      Then you would have to call UPS, not nomorerack…
      It’s stuck somewhere in UPSs system, not theirs. :p

  • Danny

    I am the order for sheets & a comforter. It was given Order 6845955. Two UPS tracking numbers were issued but the UPS showed no movement on either number for several days. I have made several requests to get this issue resolved. I am losing faith that I will get my order. Their claim of 24 hour customer service is misleading. It is only done by email.

  • Nicole

    Same problem here! 7 weeks to get them and got 4 pink, 4 red and 4 grey. They were supposed to be size large. The grey were size medium and the red ones already has the seams ripping out. Crap.

  • Nicole

    I waited 7 weeks for an order I placed and then it was wrong. The live customer service people, read me the automatic email.

  • michelle

    Oh man I ordered $130 worth of jewelry and dresses…. I checked my order status since it was placed 4 days ago to see if I have a tracking number or there is an order status. All it says is processing and give it a couple weeks. After reading all these reviews I’m freaking out. I hope the diamond ring and earrings I bought are real…. :(

    • Jordan

      Hi Michelle,
      I bought 14k diamond earrings. They were originally retailed at $130 and I got them for $25, including tax. I knew it was a great deal..almost too good to be true.

      Received my order 2 weeks after placing my order. Before I opened the jewelery box, I had noticed that there was a sticker on the bottom that read "made in china"!!!! Opened the box and noticed that the earrings were made of a cheap aluminum almost.. Pretty sure they aren’t real. Due to the fact that I accidentally seemed to have dented them with my own fingers. Keep in mind that they are gold hollow ball earrings, almost like studs.

      I hope that you do not have the same experience! Best wishes that yours arrives as what you had ordered.

    • Jean

      I have been ordering fro NMR since they started business, and have been pleased, if there has been a problem with items not being avaiable they have either given me a refund or a better item.

  • sosborne

    I love this company, have order at least 100 items and have never been disappointed.

  • Heidi

    I would try to chat with a live person, you can find it on the website, if you scroll up all the way to the top. and contacti icon has a live chat person to choose, try this I used it and it helped to change my shipping address.
    good luck,


  • Happy Customer

    I found this website last week and immediately ordered 2 down comforters from them. I received them within 3 days and I LOVE them!!! I ordered my husband a swiss Legend watch and it was here in 2 days and he is 100% pleased with it!! My kids are anxiously waiting for their purchases that I ordered for them. Sorry so many people are having problems with this site. I find them to be legit!! Will order from them again soon!

  • Sue

    I purchased an earring and necklace set. I received it but I don’t believe I "saved" over $150.00. A few weeks later someone tried to use my card to purchase $2300 worth of airline tickets to Canada. I had to close the card….go figure. And I only use my card for places I have dealt with before and this was the first time I bought from nomorerack.

  • DWA

    Nephew received a pop up that stated his IP address had been chosen to receive a gift. His laptop froze while inputting his information. He didn’t think anymore about it, yesterday he received in mail a free Kocaso tablet from Nomorerack. I am a little cautious of this company, because I feel it is a scam. I do feel he will eventually receive a bill even though he haven’t ordered this tablet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • karina

    I’ve ordered a couple of things. the first order took a while (1.5 weeks), but the other orders were just fine.

    you have to remember that competitors can also post damaging complaints making customers feel uneasy.

  • Annette

    Ordered Egyptian sheets, feel good but the sheets have big holes in them. After reading all the bad reviews, no more NOMORERACK!

  • Jacque

    Vicki – I had the same experience!! I ordered Large and they fit my granddaughter who is 12 and wears a size "0". The material is very thin also. I’ll never order from them again.

    • Kelly

      I also had this experience with their camis! I was hoping to wear them to the gym, but they are so small and tight and cheaply made. I’m **** they are taking up space in my drawer. I noticed someone else was using them as rags. Good idea.

  • Guest

    Do not order from this company. The merchandise is crap. I thought I was getting a great deal – 12 assorted color long camis for $29.99- After 3 weeks I checked on the order and they advised it had shipped 3 weeks earlier. Then find out it was shipped the day I ordered it and yes I did receive the camis. Ha- what a joke – I ordered size large just to be safe although I wear a size small and they are perhaps an extra small if not smaller and could fit my 6 year old grandaugher. The assorted colors I loved – NOT – 6 white, 2 black, 2 pink, a weird blue and an orange. The quality was so bad – should have expected it

  • Nikki

    Me too! Wishing I would have read these complaints before ordering. Uhhh.

  • Joe

    This site is a scam. I ordered sheets, thinking they were cotton, but instead, they are polyester. The advertising is misleading and with a no return policy, you are stuck with plastic sheets.

  • Rachel

    OMG I can’t believe that you all had the same reaction to the shirts as me. I am so disappointed took forever to get, nothing like their 10-14 days, but could be faster bs. and what are you to do with 8 white shirts? i can see 2 but 8??? so i complained and sent emails, however not heard anything in reply. Anyone else hear back or did you even attempt??

  • Jeanine B

    Tank tops were a nightmare. Took 32 days to ship, sent me size L and not XL, like I’d ordered. Stitch unravelling, paper thin, rather short, and out of 12, 8 of them are white. They DO make great cleaning rags, tho. Never again!!

  • tmw

    i order a tablet there the screen cracked when it was pluged in. i only had it for a week i never droped it never slammed or it just cracked. when i touch the screen to c if it work it got bigger, complain nothing worked talk to my news guy he said talk to the bbb i did, i got my refund and i will never order from no more rack i think they sell use damage stuff, and it is below quialt. i hope those still try to get a refund get there refund. and i hope the bbb shut them down before it happens to more people.

  • Me too!!! Exactly what happened to me, minus 1missing tank top.

  • SoNotRight

    I waited a month for the so called "assorted color 12 tank tops". I received 1 white and 11 black. I will never ever, ever, ever, ever order from that website again. If that is what they consider assorted, then who knows what you will get next.

  • Less than satisified

    Ordered sheets on 4-26; not received by 5-10, contacted nomorerack, they now list a number to call on their site and were very polite and methodical in their dealings with me but the UPS tracking number did not produce a match. Not worth the hassle. Cancel your order and demand a refund. Get them off facebook and off the internet.

  • angry

    Just got my tanks after waiting a month and a half and they are all white, 3 different sizes, and the size tag is ripped out… but you can tell they are different sizes. Half of them my 5th grader will get to keep, because they wont hold a large woman. They are definatley not the long style they advertised. I will have to wear them under my zip hoodies in the winter.. grrrrrrr….. I tried to reach someone via cust service and keep getting no answer..

  • TMK


  • Ann

    please…… I got 10 white 1 black and 1 pink, NONE of which are long or large. I’m not sure they will fit my 10 year old niece. After reading the complaints I will make sure everyone I know won’t order from there, although I won’t hope for a refund.

  • Tony s

    Ordered $250 earrings my girlfriend found on this site on may 1st. Received tracking number in an email a few days after. Tracking number showed info two days after. Delivery was for may 9th. I just received my order, on may 8th. My girlfriend is really happy that this worked out because we read so many bad reviews after we ordered, we weren’t sure if we lost or money or not. We are also awaiting a Less expensive $11 order which also has shipped out. So far, so good. During a call to their support line for an update a few days ago, the line was choppy. Sounded like the agent was on a cell phone. Call was lost towards the end. During an email to them for an update, they replied with incorrect purchase info, but followed up with an apology email after I informed them of a mistake. Did I luck out, or is everyone else crazy?

  • Stephanie

    I too ordered those exact tanks on April 1st and just got them today. I too find the tanks tiny, almost youth size. The hem was also coming off of one of these cheap pieces of clothing. I will be requesting a refund.

    • Alison

      I am in this group too! Ordered size large of the ‘extra long tank tops’. Got them over a month later and they are not even usable!!!

  • Violet

    I’m a big believer that is something sounds to good to be true….it probably is!!!
    I’m glad I read these before I purchased anything from this company. They really should be shut down!

  • I ordered long camisoles (t-shirts) from nomorerack. I didn’t receive them. I sent a e-mail which Miguel replied that they were on backorder. I was angry because the company already had the money from my credit card. This went back and forth for at least a month..Now I have my order. What a mess….these camisoles would fit a 5 year old. I lost $30.00 and a big hassle.

  • The only thing I’ve gotten that was not shoddy was a small pair of earrings that were not that great of a bargain.
    The worst experience I had with them was that I purchased an ‘unbreakable’ RC Helicopter for a gift. When the recipient flew the helicopter it broke the fist time. Nomorerack says it’s not their responsibility because of their very stingy return policy. The mfg says that all returns are handled by their retailers. I’m out nearly $50 for a useless broken toy. I’ve tried contacting them via their customer service email and Facebook page. They promised they would resolve this when I told my story on my Facebook page and started posting on consumer sites like this. Thirty minutes after posting what I wrote above they contacted me and promised to ‘work to resolve the issue’ I want a full refund. I won’t shop with them again.

  • Molly

    I got 11 black and one blue cami. Was so mad didn’t even check the size. Going to do that now. I sent an email and got a response quickly with a $30 credit to the store. Haven’t checked to see if that’s true. I’ve ordered other items larges that really are mediums. Figured it was because I was in denial about my size lol

  • Molly

    Same here but I got 11 black long(joke) cami tops and one blue. Not an assortment. I sent an email and received $30 store credit.

  • Molly

    Yep just what I was thing like longtime happy time.

  • Crown

    This is the reason I checked for reviews. I noticed that they carefully named the sheets 1600 SERIES as opposed to thread count knowing that we would ASSUME that equated to thread count. I am sorry that you had the bad experience but I must say I was very suspicious and you confirmed that for me.

  • John

    So far I’ve been getting all the items I’ve ordered. They even made a mistake sending me the wrong item and I got the replacement right away. I don’t think they’re scam.

    • evelynjean1956

      I have ordered at least 30 items all different. The price ranged from 8 dollars to 40 dollars. Only one error. They have delivered on one item that did not ship from the source by contacting the party on my behalf. The undelivered item arrived by overnight express in less than 48 hours after I notified No More Rack. I am not an employee. I do not know anyone at NMR.

  • Patricia

    My problem is they don’t refund you the correct amount money when you return an item. I like the site but wish I could get my money back. These will be my last order. Maybe this is a lawsuit.

  • I ordered the down blanket for 35.00 on Tuesday and recieved it on Thursday and I love it. Let you know what happens when i wash it….so far I’m Happy!!

  • Norm

    Also the 1800 Series is terrible, it sheads small **** of material all over.

  • tony

    This place sucks. It is no wonder they don’t allow you to call them, your only option is to send an email that goes unanswered. NEVER buy from this place

  • Leann

    Really sorry the tanks I ordered are going to be too small and not in all the colors going to contact bank and denie all charges from this company now. Bummer too good to be true

  • Damon

    Just got ripped off. The product lasted just long enough to surpass their incredible 7 day return policy. Customer service was not willing to help. Buyers beware.

  • sam

    at least you all got some colors. my order just arrived an we got 12 WHITE!!! NO COLORS, NOTHING BUT WHITE. I am **** off. will never order from them. there’s no packaging slip, no way to reach anyone. terrible


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