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Last Updated On: December 15, 2016

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802 NE 20th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 USA

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eTagsDirect Phone Number: 888-633-5332
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Company Contact: Aaron Cohen - Manager
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Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 23 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $991.96
Average Reported Losses: $43.13

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Read the fine print, there is no fine print on website!

After various calls waiting on hold thru the abnormally high amount of calls, this is a copy of my on-line serv order,… it pretty much says it all:

“I consider this the absolute worst customer service I have had the indignity to be subjected to. My vehicle is parked as I continue to wait on day 11 of the 14 BUSINESS DAYS for the sticker to arrive in the US mail. No, I cannot cancel now but MUST wait, it’s an INTERNAL co policy! No where, as I had to point out to the customer serv rep, do the webpage terms state that the US mail requires 14 bz days to deliver in-state!

I will be posting my extreme bad experience on as many formats as I can because if I can spend as much time as I did on hold with your customer serv dept I can surely spend that much time & more productively on-line warning others of your un-professional scam.”

STAY WAY FROM THE SERVICE! Vague or no delivery terms posted on website, no common sense approach to problem solving, no recourse once you’re in a bind but wait, lecture and hand counting of days by customer rep, condescending & uninformed customer reps (After leaving me on hold for +10 min, rep returned to acknowledge no mention in terms of delivery & “explained” how it is an “INTERNAL CO POLICY”).

I’m 56 yrs old & I know a scam & recognize bad service when I see it.

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  • G Diaz

    This company is a SCAM
    I placed the order thinking I was on the official site for this and my final bill was $36.35 adn it does mentioned “pending registration charges” about 30 minutes later I received a second email confirming the order was complete with a total bill of $77.45.

    It is not about NOT reading the small prints the first bill they show you “very conveniently” does not include the charge for the actual renewal!

    I called them and after spending over 30 minutes in hold they decided to waive the $19.95 service charge but still left me paying over $55 a lot more taht what the FL Dep charges you and their “Rush Service Fee” is NOT a rush. It will still take about 5 business days for me to received my decal.

    I mentioned I will dispute with my credit card and they told me that even if I did that I will end up in collections.

  • tommy

    This service was beyond ridiculous. Totally ripped off without knowledge till I got the bill.
    Everyone should let Tallahassee know about this as well as better business bureau. Not such a great happy birthday gift…just saying.

  • tommy

    this site tricks you into getting your tag. Granted I did my tag but with a lot of added expenses. My tag was roughly $45. dollars. Added expenses were, $19.95 dollars for the service, $3.00 for “agency fee’, $2.50 dollars for “credit card convenience fee”, shipping and handling….$3.95 dollars. It was an envelope which only takes a postage stamp. I’m planning further action concerning this website, and once again, DON’T tell me I should have read the terms and conditions. Stop ripping people off for your NOT necessary service. This is going to be forwarded to Tallahassee and better business bureau.

  • david

    SCAM. tricked into using this etags outifit . Theyre useless slow, inefficient and costly …Lost my order, asking for more details where none exist. Chasing them for service wasted more telephone time they never answered. eventually an email advised there was glitch in their systems…more delay . now 22 days and no tag .
    overcharged for my boat registation 35% !!!
    dont use them be warned.

  • Ashley

    SCAM ALERT! I used this service as the county website was down and I just wanted to get the tag renewed….instead of paying the $36 for my tag I paid $72! RIDICULOUS! Total rip off! Cant get anyone on the phone for my refund, 20+ minutes on hold. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!


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