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Last Updated On: June 7, 2016

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Business Name: Checkr Inc
Corporate Address:
2505 Mariposa St
San Francisco, California 94110 USA

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Checkr Phone Number: 844-824-3257
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Daniel Yanisse - CEO, Co-founder
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.17 out of 5
Based On: 23 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Checkr Reports

Reported Losses: $58,750.01
Average Reported Losses: $2,554.35

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Wrong Info

This service is terrible! They gave DoorDash wrong info about me, causing me not to get hired and I can’t find out what is on it.

I have been working for Uber and Lyft for 2 years with zero incidents, have never had any problems with the law. Zero moving violations in well over a decade, and I can’t get working with DoorDash because of this one thing I have no control over.

If you are a business thinking of using this service….RUN.

Official Responses from Checkr

By: Samuel C - Director On: October 7, 2015

Samuel C – Director of Applicant Support at Checkr

Our commitment is that background checks be done quickly, accurately, and seamlessly for every applicant who receives a report. We are always disappointed to hear when someone has a tough experience with their background check, and are happy to help! Our team can be contacted via

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  • Cincinnati

    Son applied to Uber in April, so Checkr is definitely not quick. Still trying to reach support. Uber said Checkr has still not uploaded the background check. The process stopped when the report came back with inaccurate information. The incorrect info was corrected at the courthouse and provided to Checkr. Weeks went by. Finally Checkr said the new report had to be approved though this was not previously communicated. Son approved it. More weeks go by. Finally got in touch with Uber support who said they still don’t have the background check from Checkr. Trying to reach Checkr is impossible. Canned messages via email as someone else has already commented. Uber is equally as difficult.
    I am positive that there are laws regarding background checks needing to be accurate and timely. Can understand that the redo loop takes more time and it isn’t Checkr’s fault the records were wrong and needed to be corrected, however once that was done then the background check should to be provided to Uber.
    I tried the corporate number. It was a canned message then disconnect. Useless.

  • Michael Vernon

    Couldn’t agree more. Their customer service is abysmal.

  • teabillys are retards

    They are horrible. Their “customer service” consists of auto generated emails that don’t apply to your requests. It’s laughable that they would try to defend themselves here by posting their support email address. One will get nowhere by emailing them. They have strung me along for weeks, first saying they needed older documents, then dropping that entirely and claiming they could access my motor vehicle report. Neither one of those things were true and they have wasted a great deal of my time and efforts.


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