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SugarDaddyForMe - False Identity

I decided to join after abuse from all the others like POF, Seekingarrangements, seekingmillionaires, okcupid, wealthy men,, senior people meet, our time, astrology dating,

I thought that maybe a guy on SugarDaddy might help my situation. Before I paid my fee I had at least twenty different men vowing for my attention. Its only when I joined that only one ever really answered even a polite hello.

. Then came “JIM” ..He found me on I am a paralegal so iI decided to check his name out. No one existed by that name. So I thought I would try to find him on another site. Seeking was my next site. I put in my search information and low and behold another “JIM” same profile,same home but different man.

I decided to find him on Sugardaddy .com and found two different men,same profile, same boat, same home. I confronted my new relationship “JIM” . He never answered me. I went directly to and sent them PROOF of this man who I spoke with on the phone and was leading me on. TO what? I wonder today.It was too simple to find him on any site because he had what most women want, lots of money , home, boat,travel and a possible marriage, according to him.

My complaint against SugarDaddy is that you didnt even check it out. You never shut down his sites, and wonder if the site itself is making up bogus men to hook poor women into joining.

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  • Tiffany

    I was on the site and was contacted by the man Alan Action who is a creep, disrespectful, racist a*****e. I contacted him for tickets to an event in which he wanted me to meet and give him a chance. I was warned by a gentleman before about this guy but had never came across him until this incident. When I Didnt engage in meeting him, or showed much interest he went into rants calling me names and being very disrespectful. He has something to do with this website back end because a few men that has contacted me, has told me after a message or so they no longer want to engaged in a conversation because Alan has informed them to not talk to me. How the hell would he be able to do this if he doesn’t have access to my acct.

  • kevin stacey

    there should be no membership fee for men or Women , for a male **** to charge a Woman to simply join this site, this is disgusting as it is for a male **** to charge any man, the only charge should be if a man wishes to have a relationship with a Woman on the site , yes the man must pay or f**k off but no membership fee can be justified

  • Jenna

    This site is being investigated for PROSTITUTION, The Attorney General is looking into this and has been for two years. which means they have Fed posing as SDs and women will get busted.

  • Mike

    Never co-sign, never send money to anyone online, avoid women with kids, avoid restaurants and bars with women, join as many free dating sites as possible, meet in public, listen to Tom Leykis on YouTube, avoid gold diggers.


      Hi Mike,

      Sounds like you have had it with women. Well I feel the same about men.Tom Leykis purports to teach men "how to get laid" while spending the least amount of time, money, and effort.I agree with the free dating. Paying for one will not happen again.My need for a site that involves men with money is a medical financial need for my son who is going to die.I would give my soul to get him well and that was my whole intention. You shouldnt always figure women are golddiggers for selfish reasons,Its not always that way.


    The site is bogus. They even use the same dialogue and pictures for multiple profiles only changing the location and name of the SB. They evey use lesser know "celebtities. Sure wouldn’t recommending actually spending money there.

  • Sugarbaby

    Oh that’s nothing! Trying being someone who has an "upgraded" profile – meaning recurring credit card bill charges you can NOT stop. I had to contact them over 15 times every way possible, I also tried to edit my profile to let other members know. They had to nerve to respond that I couldn’t write anything discrediting the website and I replied "Well stop billing my credit card!" After 3 additional months of their uncooperative services they finally stopped the charges.

    • Angela

      I had the same problem with no response. I had to cancel my credit card. I would strongly advise not to sign up its a ripoff

  • Patrick

    I have had simular experences with this site here but not to this degree. I’m attempting to communicate with the site director. We will see how it goes.

  • SD4Me CS

    As an employee of, please let me assure you we do not condone this behavior. We, in fact, warn all members when they log in to watch out for such activity.
    I can not speak to you specific situation without more information. However, I can say that we investigate all reports of such scams. People attempting these types of scams will quickly try to move the conversation off of the site so that there is no proof when we go to investigate.
    Please feel free to reach out to our site director at with your member name and the details of your experience, so that we can investigate this further for you.


      How can you sit there and deny that you dont condone bad behavior.You in fact do. I joined this site I found at least two men sharing homes, boats, profiles. I sent PROOF, pictures outlining the other sites they are on and you DID NOTHING. I guess your JOB is more important than making sure people get what they pay for.

    • kevinstacey

      the fact that you charge both men and women for joining the site is a scam in itself, collarme and fetlife has no charge, why do you think any suspecting man or woman who wishes to join a site that is about female financial worship would wish to pay a male inferior for that is what he is for the privilege of serving a Woman financially, no thanks


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