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Business Name: People Media Inc
Corporate Address:
PO Box 25458
Dallas, Texas 75225 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 323-603-0188
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Gregory R Blatt - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.59 out of 5
Based On: 20 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 47

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Reported Losses: $348.16
Average Reported Losses: $17.41

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Is a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Stealing from Seniors or is stealing from Seniors

I signed up for the senior dating site on 3/4/15, I applied for one month at a cost of $10.00, but was charged 54.96. The company refuses to refund any monies and makes it practically impossible to speak with anyone.

To my surprise I found a complaint site on them and WOW, somebody is getting rich scamming legally.

There needs to be a watchdog agency checking this site out.If not, someones pockets MUST be getting lined. There must be someway to stop this company from stealing and ripping people off and getting away with it!

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More About is run by IAC / InterActiveCorp the same company that runs,,,, and

IAC / InterActiveCorp - 555 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011. Senior People Meet target people over the age of 50 looking to meet other people online for dates. Related Complaint / Company -

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  • Oh! And now I have to wait for these comments to be approved before they will post.

  • I signed up for one month. This sight continuously sent contacts to members which I gave no indication for. It deleted my profile after I spent a week editing it. It has been impossible to maintain contact with other members. What a Crock of s**t.

  • I have a grandmother I love very very much. I cannot image her on this website!

  • S.P.M. is as BIG A SCAM as P.O.F. which means Plenty Of Fools. You are better off going to a local “Club, bar” whatever, you want to call it. You will get more out of it

  • Last night went to renew membership for 1 more month, but when I check on new mail was charged for a 6 months renewal. I have tried calling them for the number on my credit card statement and they only record a message to go online, which doesn’t work either. I can’t afford over $100 for that membership as I’m on limited income. I was just going to try 1 more month to see if maybe I could find someone. I think I got railroaded.

  • I met a man who turned out to be very dishonest. I lost $3400. Beware RMB from Boston. Lied about age, education, history, home ownership, income etc,etc, etc. I was completely duped. He just joined up again.

    • And now he is in Denver looking for someone again…before his stuff is even out of my house!!!

    • has he ever used the name Joe?


  • Thanks for the question, I have joined this dating site , it’s not free but i think members here are not active , and i joined another online dating site Senior Meet Login , I have many happy time here

  • The phone Senior People Meet is 866 320 0106

  • I was going to join this site, but think I shall look at E-Harmony instead. They sound quite reputable. Thank you all for posting your experiences. You have saved some of us a lot of grief and money!

    • Woodie, I did join E-Harmony. The first date matched up was 850 miles from me. I had to jump quick to get my money back in the 24 hrs they gave me after I cancelled.

    • Joined E-Harmony. the only thing they matched me on was age. None of the “recommendations” had anything else in common with me. Could have done better in a bar.

  • I just renewed senior people for six months I do not have the sent part that show the e-mail went or when they
    read the notification I don’t know if they charged me for it or not, but I would like to have it like it was before I know
    you pay more for it, but I would like it added.

  • Valentyna Capalbo has found someone on this site and fell in love. Happy to report that we are living together and no longer need the site or people in it.

  • I’ve had one definite scanner, a few others who wanted my personal email or number right away. Now I can’t even get on the site because it won’t accept my email or password anymore. I am sure I have them correctly and want to cancel my membership, but can’t even get on to do this.

  • I’ve had one definite scanner, and I think a vindictive suitor I rejected, and now I can’t even log in to the site to cancel my own profile. Plus I didn’t realize my profile would appear on other sites automatically. I am trying to log in with the same email I’ve had for years, and I’m sure of my password, but can’t get in. At this point I just want to get in to erase my profile, but can’t.

  • They ripped me off by auto billing me. The first thing I did was turn off auto renew, before my profile was even completed. The month expired and I see the auto renew was changed from NO to YES.

    If these a*****e con artists think I won’t go hunt these twits down. They are in for one hell of a surprise.

    • Glad to hear you say that

    • does the same thing with auto renew. All the sites do it. You have to be up on when you are expiring and put a cancel membership in. IMO all these sites are the same. Agree you will do better in a club/bar meeting place, but where are lots of them these day! I say bring them back. These sites are going backwards not forward. Useless for the most part.

  • I would recommend that a new function be installed that would permit a search by compatibility, ie., the highest profiles would be shown in the order of the highest compatibility with the individual searching.


  • Someone recently tried to hack into my profile. The company did the right thing & stopped it. But, they also prevented me from getting into the site. When I finally reached someone, they re-opened my profile but the details belomnged to someone else. When I questioned it, they said they would change it. Then, they deleted`all my contacts, messages, flirts, etc… and then told me that theyn domnot have room on their server and once things get deleted they are gone for good. This is factually untrue. I wrote to the President via a letter and receveided an email response from a customer care rep, the lowest person on the totem polewho tried to blame everything that happened on me. These people DO NOT police their site well and are totally unresponsive to complaints. Now,I am gettingemails almost daily aboutpeople who have viewed my profile and sent messages. This is after I requested a refund and asked them to delete my profile. All they want is your subscription which you pay for even though they advertise that you can search fro FREE. These people are not reputable. STAY AWAY !!!!!!

  • I don’t care if it appears publicly. I just want to cancel.

  • I want to cancel my subscription to Senior people meet. There is no place to cancel from what i see.

    • Go to your account and just keep following the steps there and you will be able to cancel. I have just cancelled and took my profile off! Be sure to turn off auto billing or you will be billed each month or each quarter!

  • I have had the experience. Watch out for IB689. She is on many of these dating sites and is very adept at getting you to give her money.

  • If you decide to uypgrade to reade your messages they SAY it is $19.98 but they actually charge you $23.98 without asking you. And no one to ever talk with. Emails to customer support go unanswered.

    • just contact your credit card company and have them change your card number, problem solved !

      • Nice idea. But some cars agree to just switch over your old accounts on them for auto charges. I guess you have to call them to stop the charge.

  • I had person that keeps e-mailing me after I told him not to contact me again and he just keep bugging me ,I told him to stop contacting me but he just keeps it up , so can you block him from e-mailing me.his Dong 1204, out of Springfield, Mo.

  • How do you cancel when hacked? Unable to contact senior to talk to a live person.

  • Good luck I could never get their phone number so i quit

  • Note: I just sent an email/comment….I do not want it posted!!!! All I want is a phone # to contact you guys….Help! This is insane.


    • You can go into your account on the site. Their is an area for this. That is where you press STOP auto renew. It is not hard they just do not publicize how to do it. is no better. They REALLY also try d**n hard to get you back once you leave.

  • I’m currently a member of senior perople meet .com. I have been having difficulty finding your telephone number so, I can speak to a live person; is anyone there????? Please send me an email with your contact phone number as, I have some questions that need answering.

    • Their no. is 866-320-0106 9:00am-6:00pm

  • Why should I pay to use this sight-If I mail someone a note and they are non paying members –they cannot open the mail–I was just thinking that suppose the Post Office did that—you put a stamp on a letter and then if the recipient tries to get his mail –he would hve to buy annother stamp. THis is what I see as charging for a service that you do not deliver–

    • Totally agree with you there, it wouldn’t be bad if there was a way to identify a paying memeber.

      • Usually their degree of activity fills you in on their member status.

  • I find when I sign up I can’t reach any of the people they list saying they are members why babe3933

  • help me to reactivate my profile,account,etc.I have had women contact me or send me messages…who will pay me for wasting money…They dont inform me how long can i use this site for this amount of money i paid for???!!! USERNAME>>>CAPVALINA..THE ACTIONS on this site ought to be improved.

  • Why do they not post a good phone #? Because of the complaints. I cannot get into my account. Cannot find a phone # to call them!

  • someone hacked into my site . senior people meet said they would give me a month free ..never happened also they make it impossible to call them by finding their number

  • Senior people meet keeps sending messages but have lost password long go and codes are impossible.. None of them work so can’t access my account at all!!!!!

  • I received an email from a person scamming me. It was received in a response to changing my password The email sender was contact@SeniorPeopleMeet. When I tried to reply to find out who sent it the email did not go through

  • guess what? they have probably sold your profile to numerous other dating sites…google your profile name and see if it comes up under any other dating sites. you will then have your work cut out for you!


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