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Last Updated On: January 26, 2015

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Business Name: PlentyofFish Media Inc.
Corporate Address:
555 W Hastings St Suite 2625
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B4N5 Canada

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Corp Phone Number: 604-692-2542
Corp Email: mfrind@plentyoffish.com
Company Contact: Markus Frind - Owner, CEO and Founder
Corp Website: pof.com

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.38 out of 5
Based On: 25 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 97

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Reported Losses: $240.00
Average Reported Losses: $9.60

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A joke of a dating site

This site has been the biggest waste of time I have ever had in my life. I have been trying to delete my profile, but I can’t on the app, I have to on the website, which never lets me log in, even though I am using the correct username and password. I have no trouble logging into the app. Getting a hold of customer support is like pulling teeth.

I have emailed both the mobile and legal emails (the only two that are available and have yet to get a response. All I asked them was to get rid of my profile since I can’t. And these “matches”, HA! They are looking for the exact opposite of what I am. One of my supposed to be best matches turned out to be the biggest, lying p***k I have ever met (username techerized88). According to his profile, he was actively seeking a long term relationship. Yeah, lies. He was still actively looking while he was in what he said a serious relationship with me for three months.

He is the worst boyfriend I have ever had and he broke my heart more than any other boyfriend I have had. I blocked him off of my profile, yet he id still able to look at it. I reported him, and pof did nothing. I am so glad I never wasted money by upgrading. You can’t even change your username without upgrading. I have read many complaints from paying customers that have been ripped off and never refunded.

This “business” should be reported to the BBB for that. This shouldn’t even be called a dating site, it’s more like a hook up looking to get laid website, kind of like those 800 numbers that are on t.v. I am very unhappy and not satisfied at all with pof, and it looks like I’m not the only one.

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  • POF is the biggest piece of POS!!! They are mostly fake profiles and the site is built by lies. Stay away!! Plenty of BETTER sites that are free and even worth paying for! Or better, join a happy hour and get out and meet people!!

  • tipidog he is such a player and everything out of his mouth is a lie dated him he told me he is a one women kind of guy. he is not sleeps with more than one women at a time he got busted

  • What p****s me off about POF is that if someone doesn’t like how you look or what you are or whats in your profile they can easily make it so you lose your profile for good. the rules with POF is bullshit and i think it is all a control, religious thing. I should be able to talk to an older man if i want to and no one should be able to change that. the fact that they actually have it set up where if you are way younger than someone you cant talk to them. I cant even tell you how many times i have created fake emails just so i can get back on there cause there are lots of hot guys, just dumb a*s rules. If i could strangle the creator of POF trust me i would and i would pull that big stick out of his a*s and shove His big a*s religious cross up it instead only religion take control like that to the next level.. f**k YOU MARUCS AND POF

  • Strange company with an odd workforce aparently made up of your typical arrogant tech business tools (they don’t bother to return emails or offer phone support) I started up an account with POF.com a week ago, and within 2-3 days it was deleted for no reason. No warning was given, no reason was given, nothing. My profile was tame and completely benign – nothing offensive whatsoever. Ditto my 3-4 contacts I had with people. What kind of company is this? Deleting members’ profiles left and right, some of which were spent hours on, and then they don’t even bother to reply to customer service emails? Simply pathetic!

  • There is a little site that you only fin on POF websight that is ripping off people so aparently POF IS GETTING A CUT OUT OF IT.

  • I heard that it is actually an information gathering web site and it uses to personal profile information to sell to marketing companies. Makes sense, you age, education, children, even if you have a car. And the personal information is all given voluntarily. Scary what they can sell about you to companies.

  • POF is sending me messages notice to my email…..but when I go to pof thru the notice ,,,pof does not show that I have mail….whats up with POF

  • I am also getting emails from donotrespond@pof.com, for user that do not even exist in POF. The text is stating that:

    "Subject: <nonexistantuser> wants to meet you!" …
    <nonexistantuser> wants to meet you! Click below to view <nonexistantuser>’s

    …but the link does not go to a profile.

    When I look for the profile using the user ID in the search option, nothing turns up.

    Weird! Has this happened to someone else?

    There is something plenty fishy about plenty of fish.

  • Not absolutely sure, But I think POF blocked me from checking my inbox and sending or receiving messages. I didn’t violate any terms of agreement. So I said OK. I attempted to delete my account. but I couldn’t because I cant log on. Its funny I cant log on because my password or e-mail is not on the register and cannot DELETE my account without logging on.

  • Founder’s (Markus Frind) email address:

    mfrind at plentyoffish dot com

  • Founder’s (Markus Frind) email address:


  • POF is discriminatory. Who are they to determine what age group I can contact or not? I met many women from this site but they were mostly hogs. I mean hogs. I’m white and they constantly sent me black women as my matches. What is that all about anyways? This site sucks.

  • this site deletes guys profiles randomly for no reason. No violations of the site terms, etc..
    plentyoffish.com is a scam.
    it lists users as ONLINE when they are not as well to draw traffic to it.
    It is biased towards women, letting them "Get away" with far more than any guy could ever do or say.
    I had a normal profile up there, it disappeared. i emailed their customer care, got an auto reply saying they would reply to me in 48 hours and not a message since.
    i am preparing a class action lawsuit against these guys (i am a lawyer) please message me at whatyoudontwantohear at gmail if you are a fellow victim.

  • hell I was on there for three years and pof just Delete my profile when I cancel my upgrade Membership this is a pc. of s**t

  • Sue Markus

  • Markus the idiot should be sued by all his members.

  • I was Permanetly Removed fro POF without an Explaination. I have a "Very Vanilla" Profile, acceptable Photos to include my family, pets, parents, etc., I am an Upgraded Member, have no inappropriate posts, do not send vile, insulting messages to people, do not send photos, exchange private email address… Nothing. I have no idea why my Profile was Permantetly Terminated & POF will give no answers. I am a Para Legal, gave the Terms & Agreement to my boss to review & I am not in violation of any of their Terms & Agreements. I’m completely perplexed & confuses. I would like to know "Why".. I have received some "Very Imapppropriate Messages & I delete them, do not complain or report people & don’t respond or communicate. I realize POF is Not the Cadillac of Dating Sites, however, I have friends there I can not contact any other way. It will be as if I disappeared. I wish I could get some answers as to "Why".

  • I was Permanetly Removed fro POF without an Explaination. I have a "Very Vanilla" Profile, acceptable Photos to include my family, pets, parents, etc., I am an Upgraded Member, have no inappropriate posts, do not send vile, insulting messages to people, do not send photos, exchange private email address… Nothing. I have no idea why my Profile was Permantetly Terminated & POF will give no answers. I am a Para Legal, gave the Terms & Agreement to my boss to review & I am not in violation of any of their Terms & Agreements. I’m completely perplexed & confuses. I would like to know "Why".. I have received some "Very Imapppropriate Messages & I delete them, do not complain or report people & don’t respond or communicate. I realize POF is Not the Cadillac of Dating Sites, however, I have friends there I can not contact any other way. It will be as if I disappeared. I wish I could get some answers as to "Why".
    Gheez.. If My Profile has be Deleted Forever, It’s frightening to know who they allow to stay on there. Some guys are "Truly Scary". I’ve rexceived "Naked Photo’s of Men… and that’s "acceptable".. Really !
    Someone tell my why I would have be Permentely Deleted from POF… I would Love to Know !!

  • I heard someone say that being on POF was like going to Wal-mart, in other words, you can get whatever you want whenever you want. I find this site as nothing but a **** site. I did find some good people too, but I’m not planning to be "fished and dropped" for the rest om my life. I don’t think men on this site are looking for a relationship at all, and the fact that it is free just makes it easy for just about "anyone" to join. They have nothing to lose. There is quantity but nor quality. It is a shame that so many people is wasting their time looking for someone special on POF, because there is no such a thing. The ones who are really searching for a relationship become frustrated and give up. One more thing! Don’t fall for the profiles, they are full of lies, like the famous MARK.

  • Please check the following person who is using two fake sites or more!
    This has been reported before and nothing has been done.
    This person should be cancelled and non renewed.

    Real Name: Yelena Zarvosky, Chicago, Illinois 847-409-0028
    She attempted to date my Husband, now ex and freely gave him her phone number
    Real Age is 57, not 53 per profiles
    Phoney profiles under the following:
    POF: rasputina2
    POF: Megg_Heart

    She is running two profiles and setting men up and blocking them, with her lesbian friend possible more

    Thank you

  • I joined four months ago and got massive messages in the first day and weeks. I spent time going through messages, reading profiles, and narrowed it down to four men I was interested in. As I spoke to each I learned one was a sex crazed egomaniac, another lived with his mother and was on unemployment, and the third I actually was charmed into meeting after talking three months. He swept me off my feet and seemed to be all he claimed in his profile; a nice family man looking for his soul mate. We were hot and heavy for about a month before I discovered he was still talking to multiple women on the site. When I tried to talk to him about it he blocked me on the site and his phone and I’ve never heard from him again. Beware Gary Behrman in Olathe Kansas, I’ve found him on multiple cheater sites and have also talked to another woman he used for sex for a week or so with the same lines then also never spoke to again. This site blows and I deleted my profile.

    • Hmm… Sounds like you should have hooked up with the guy who was living with his mother.

    • Three months to just meet? I’d cheat on you too, you sound like a real prude

  • i have been on and off POF for two years now. It’s the bottom feeder place for online dating. A few months ago I was contacted by a somewhat attractive man who is a lawyer. Everything seemed to be fine and he was very nice so we exchanged numbers. Right away this guy was asking I send him nude pictures. I told him no. He got very belligerent and rude. I asked him to leave me alone. He sent relentless texts and eventually started calling me every nasty name you can think of. Things became threatening. I could have blocked him on my phone, but I wanted the evidence in my history to show POF and the police. I was afraid at this point. I reported him to POF, and he was NOTIFIED of it! Well, the threats got worse. He was calling and texting non stop. I contacted POF and never heard a thing. I had to call the police and they answered my phone and said I was filing harassment charges. Well, the calls and texts stopped after that, but POF never listened to my complaint or replied! This ‘man’ is still on POF and I’m sure harassing other woman as well. I have since hidden my profile and blocked him, but I can’t believe that even after giving POF the police report number and the officers information, they didn’t even bother to contact me or take down this creeps profile. What about safety?? Shame on you POF!

    • Once you give the guy your personal phone number or email then POF is out of the picture. Don’t like men who are interested in ****? Then you should stay clear of all men!

    • Do you have a first name that he used?

    • omg … i hope it wasnt the man who spoke to me last night… he is not right :9

    • hi i was reading complaints and I think I know who this, what I mean is , I met him, but he had a game, and at first nice, when on his name was like plethora,etc, he would change them, if you are in nj, let me know bc it can me the same guy, I work in the cj field, I wrote to POF as well and did an experiment, he is married if this was him, I cant remember his other names used, he would just go on with different names, another was like myriad,,, he won’t list his picture but will send it…. curious if same, and yes bottom feeders and married men learned the hard way lat year

    • I was on POF three years ago and by the fourth date in one month met a wonderful man. It ended only because he lived in the past over his bitter divorce. I went back 5 mos ago and have been contacted by every nut in So Fla on there.. I have been solicited for sex over and over, have been cursed at when I say no thanks, have been stalked, on and on it goes. The men lie- I went out on 3 dates with one man from Delray – he is 45 and an Aries -he is a felon that was in federal prison , has an arrest for domestic abuse also and a crazy ex that will harass you. Another man named Kenny – also in Delray will just whip it out on a date when you aren’t looking. Plays with himself in front of you. I reported him and he is once again back on. Another man calls himself Joe but he is really Jim and from NY too- visits Fl but claims he lives here. Another man diverjfc has herpes and doesn’t tell you until you have been with him for over 2 months. Has unprotected sex with younger females. On and on it goes. POF is a pond filled with scum..bottom feeders..the lowest forms of life are on it. no class at all. liars..cheaters ,,players…if u find one good one it is a miracle.

      • lol you mentalcase.

  • Marcus you are an idiot, You mam was a ho.. I suspect you are freaking coward. Hope I never run unto your stupid azz in one of the lower 48!!

  • hi Marcus pof ive been having trouble loggin in on both passwords and email so I registerd again said was accepted by email and I have tried again with the passwords and email says its wrong

  • Just signed up today, as I was very interested in the chemistry and relationship analysis; I was extremely disappointed in that they did not seem to pay attention to my answers at all, sometimes stating the exact opposite of what I had just answered!. I’ve noticed that almost all the women get defined : "As someone who exerts little control over your actions, you may find that you commit social blunders that might offend other people and get yourself in trouble." In weeks of looking at profiles, only one profile did not say this! I tried to delete my profile, but it says it has to remain up for 24 hours first! That should be clearly stated before one signs up.

  • I have been on POF many times after getting banned the 1st time for telling some **** where to go and she turned me in and I got the boot, so I went to a different website and found another **** that was almost what I wanted until I found out that she also wanted her own kind too, and tried to get me to do a 3-some with her and her girlfriend, it wasn’t all that bad but 2 months later she winds up with Hepatitis B and I was immune to most all STD’s anyway and she gets **** off at me. She was also on POF I find out later and the other woman was also from POF . They were running a scam. and Markus was no help at all, I actually think he has herpes and no one wants him as their lover because he is somewhat leaning towards being a queer anyway, I refused to post my picture this last time on POF because in the past when I put it up I got emails from men that were faggots and said they saw my picture on a website and come to find out, that website is run my Markus anyway..

  • I like pof. I’ve met a lot of nice women and am real happy with the site! You just have to be patient and understanding. iamcharlietuna

  • I manage to stay on a whopping day and a half then deleted boom just like that..same as the rest here same ridiculous reasons….same ending..i have gotten on many times only to be thrown off again…what the **** is with this guy…throwing away thousands of potential upgrades???..christ in canada gay marriage is legal so hes gonna tell us here in the U.S. how to conduct our relationships and relationship seeking…this guy has to be what we called a GOOF in the old days…i give up..not going back..i did enjoy the folks on there…but that freaking marcus is a tired a**.

  • Markus obviously has major issues.

    Seriously, making a rule as to what age one person can contact another if both are over 18???
    And insisting that anyone wanting anything other than a serious relationship shouldn’t be on the site? Wow, just shows that just because one can create a site, doesn’t mean he/she is very bright.

    GOODBYE TO THIS WASTE OF TIME SITE AND GOODBY TO MARKUS!!!!! Now, delete my profile as I tried, the minute you posted your ridiculous set of rules, to delete it but it is still up.

    • i sent him an email saying the same thing no reply at all

  • been reading the comments and see a lot of messed up comments. people complain about getting std and blaming the site , that’s funny. people complaining why they can’t get dates , or they don’t like the people they meet, none of that is the sites fault. your adults and know the risks, anyone can be anything on the net so with that in mind be careful and use your head. as for me my complaint, i have used pof a number of times met only one person. but she did not want a commitment. lately the site has went to crap from what i seen. they are trying to control what is said, how you date, what your looking for and banning many people for no good reason at all. i have done away with pof.com. they were once a good site. it was totally free now they want to charge for things. they done away with intimate encounters. which is why lots of people go on there. but i have known friends that have found their mates on imtimate encounters and got married so what’s wrong with that? not everyone plays by the same rules. you who complain about the site because you met a looser or got some std’s need to grow up it’s not their fault, they never were meant to babysit you. the real complaints are about all the people who paid and can’t use the site, that is criminal. and about the site blocking ip’s or deleting accounts with no reason or warning. and for that reason the site is become pos not pof piece of s**t

  • To Mr. Marcus,

    My name is Yosaph, and I appreciate you sharing with me your intent to make technical modifications to POF with respect to your initial vision for it to be a relationship-focused site.

    With all do respect,please, allow me to give you my objective feedback with hopes that you will carefully consider the magnitude of the changes and the adverse affect thereof.

    First of all,I have always deemed POF to be a multipurpose site,which caters to those seeking marriage, casual dating/no commitment, intimate encounters, mere friendship, hangout,or what have you. And not just a relationship perse,although,as you know, there are many forms of relationships-physical,mental,emotional,or spiritual.

    Ok,I understand you are referring to a long-term,marriage-potential relationship. But are all of us seeking that? Of course not.

    Therefore,you should not put in stone that this a relationship-based site,exclusively. One should have the option of seeking a friend,hook-up, casual date with no commitment

    Thus the prohibition of sexual references in the first message can also create problems with ones relational intent. For example,if I am seeking an intimate encounter,I should be entitled to express myself in a manner that serves my intentions. I do,however,agree that one should not make sexual innuendos in a first message to one who is clearly not seeking a sexual encounter. This is not a bad idea since it only applies to first contact.

    Furthermore,if a person is at least 18 or 21 ( preferable 21) he/her is considered grown and therefore have the right to communicate and get acquainted with one who is 100 years old,so to speak. The point is,it should be left to their discretion. Thus the 14+/- rule is unreasonable. Again,if a person feels offended by age or approach,they can adjust their settings or block the heck out of them.

    I personally love this site. I have in the past 4 years engaged three wonderful but short-term relationships, numerous of friends,and some excellent spiritual, mental,emotional,and physical encounters. That is not to exclude some of the wonderful picture exchanges and telephone conversations that never led to an actual meet-up,but served a great purpose.

    This is the best site I have ever been on. Bottom line. I will make the greatest effort to respect the relationship preference and prerogatives of the women on this site and I pray they everyone will familiarize themselves with all the setting options regards to age preference and the famous block options that can avoid a lot of conflict.

    Thanks for your time in this matter. **** bless.

    Ps. As of 5/27/2013,my account was deleted for no apparent reason. I was in full compliance with the rules.

    • this was the same time mine was deleted… well i think its been deleted. the password is always incorrect and it says that there is no account on the database. always abided by the rules so not sure what happened. i have had a bit of a look for what to do about this, ive tried using different browsers but no luck. also tried setting up new account but that they do the same thing. if you work out what the issue is would you mind letting me know? russi@tpg.com.au
      thanks heaps

    • My account was deleted for no apparent reason either. Ive formed several relationships aswel as friendships on this site although I did fall out with a couple who subsequently blocked me. As far as i am aware I have never been rude to anyone, infact quite the opposite. Ive had people be blatantly rude to me and ive completely ignored it. I think the moderators of this site are acting like school teachers blocking people they feel like. At the end of the day we are all adults and should be treated as such. As long as nothing illegal is done i dont understand the problem. (was Magichell)


  • POF is a horrible site. Idiot administrators. Crazy rules. Lousy members. Stay away.

  • POF makes it way to difficult to delete your profile. i was on the site for about a month and all i got was creepy **** guys looking to just hook up or sext.. this site is nothing more than a glorified escort service.. full of delusional people.. it is crap anyone looking for a lasting relationship should just be patient and do it the normal way there is someone out there for everyone its just not on this godawful site!!!!! i suppose any site that asks about stds is something to question.. anyways it is a bullshit site and completely useless

    • I totally AGREE, this site has very few legitimate people. I found the worst dysfunctional male predators. Dangerous!

    • Also look out for Kh1968 on POF, he is not the man he claims. Everything out of his mouth is a lie.

  • ive been on pof for 3 months, i love it. had plenty of dates met lots of women, had lots of ****. no complaints from me. but i am also hott with a great body and I know how to talk to ladies.

    • You are a pig and probably get lots of **** by your hand. A$$hole

    • lol Loser.

  • Nothing but old fat gold diggers on here looking for free meals.

    • You are a dumbass! And do not deserve any sympathy for your stupid antics and LIES! I hope your EX fiancce’ is dating your brother!

    • You are wrong. I’m 66, neither fat nor a gold digger. I’d love to have a relationship, but the majority of men in my age group have beer guts, and dentures, and dress like retirees in Miami. The few nice- looking ones have the pick of the litter. I do get a few dates, but I refuse to begin something with a man who hasn’t seen his toes while standing up since 1975. These are things that could easity be taken care of with some good dental work and a healthy diet–but nooo. I think I’m cute, and attractive (no beauty), and the fact that I’m not popular with the guys on POF is not their fault. It’s a good site and I’ll never give up. My POF user name is Mereimont. Look me up and tell me if I’m out of line.

      • Gee, how do you figure that?? When men IMPROVE with age (unlike women)

  • Was on pof three weeks the men poor quality ,no job,no car,no place to live,**** seekers who are not really looking for real serious relationship only nasty rude **** minded,horrible…ladies I hear some men have been on the site over 7 years still there..stds I here really high,I left never would return,I have seen even some of the men on other sites same mo…run quick,

    • ….I ABSOLUTELY HATE people that categorize men and or women in general….FYI Nancy, I met my current girlfriend on POF and we’ve been living together for 6 mos now….people in general (men & women both ) can be deceptive in ANY FORUM…that’s NOT a POF liability….is up to the individuals that participate in the program….no difference in whether its POF, a bar, phone chat lines or WHATEVER IN THE HELL….is all up to the people that’s involved….right? IM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH MY GIRL, AS HOPEFULLY SHE IS W/me!…love herd early and intend to be with her as long as the relationship allows….truth, honesty, faith, love and the desire to achieve for a better life is what it’s all about, don’t ya think Nancy?
      Good luck in your future endeavors….just please make sure who you’re hooking up with irregardless as to what forum, bar or blind date comes along to create a need for trying to start up a relationship or starting all over might be….right on?~jT

      • We don’t know if you met anyone on pof..I’m sure if you have it won’t last..the site is garbage..and 6 moths already living with a stranger is crazy.. And there is no proof you can say you meet the queen of England and no way we would know it to be true..quick hook ups that lead to moving in wont last..you will be back on pof looking.i found a great man else where so really wish ya well..lol.

      • No one knows if you meet your girl friend here,anyone can say they did,moving in with people you just meet of site is stupid,I don’t for one second believe you meet a girl here that’s in your life steady..so the site is filled with no job,men,no place to stay,no car,no goals,no ambition men,serial cheaters,,perverts..it’s the truth so ..we will post the truth.

        • Hey Nancy! get a life… If u have one… you wouldn’t be worried about other people problems and your truth is maybe half way right.. but its still slander! A hater is a hater… no matter how nice you really put it.. The internet made it smaller for all the craziness to come out.. and PS the Christian site is a joke just as much as POF and Match.com and Eharmony.. ECT.. It’s all a meat market for the people who have issue of meeting people in person.. You all need to get over your EGO selfs and learn how to be really people.. .Not HATERS!

    • Ooooo! “Some men have been on the site for over 7 years”. Um…….SO WHAT? What in the world is the least wrong with that??? Do you think anybody that doesn’t get married for over 7 years, is a bad person?? And they shouldn’t go back on the site when they’re single again??? Iol you typical internet mentalcase.

  • So far im ok with my usage of the great ship P.O.F. and still get bites and nibbles . But what APPALLS me is the number of MEN POSING AS WOMEN ….makes me sick @ my stomach to just immagine being so naieve as to fall PREY to those sick minded PERVERTS . Plus as i see it ,…its really FRAUD . OK , thats it and i hate to even complain most of the time . Andy

  • Women be aware of "Wilmo", he is not the man he claims. This man clearly states he is 100% SINGLE and does not play games. Well we started dating in 2012, me and another woman find out we both suppose to be dating him! She has been going with him since 2010, he is a little over an hour from me and 2 hours from her. We both were listed as friends on his facebook page. She and I have talked and now we both are having to focus on some serious personal matters now and near future. He has put both of us at risk. Please be careful, I guess some people will dog you, no matter how good you are to them. I asked him to remove his profile from here and first he claimed he didn’t come up here and later said he would. She never knew he had a profile up here until I told her. Gemini said it best!

    • Also stay away from ROMANTICSMILES on POF, a sexual predator, alcholic and severe personality disorder. He is charming, smooth and convincing! He is very sick!

  • I m upgrade member of pof and my account deleted…I sent more than 10 emails to them…Sometimes they let me register again and than it delete again…I m still waiting reply from them…If they help me out with this i really appriciate that…Thanks so much….

    Sincerly Cem

  • Eddie Derenzo is his name and he looks like jersey shore nothing but a scammer con artist with no money.. and has a long term girlfriend.. sick in the head just looking to cheat and get laided..tell you your his type and bug the **** out of you till you meet him..wants to marry you and buy you a ring in a short 2 weeks period then his girlfriend catches him an bam .. He starts a new name…italy2310, derenzo5, onechance5 yourlastchance23, Mylastchance5 was the last one loser and obsessed with you and very jealous and posessive..crazy with violent behavior has been arrested 4 times for domestic violence sick dude

  • I paid POF on 3/30/2013 the $81.40 for the 1 year subscription and did not get on site recognition to full view. I’ve written them 6 times and called their number 2 times with no answer to their pone answer machine and the same responses for emails. The only option I know is the Ca. Attorney Generals office and and to Vancouver authorities. Does anyone else have complaints against them as my brother is investigator for the AG’s office. Please respond. Thank you.

  • POFasks too many questions, more info than I would ever divulge to anyone on a first interview.. let alone some internet site…no trust here….too bad financial success is the mitigating factor in finding a soulmate. I have spent my savings looking after my disabled son … looks like I’ll be single for a long time for all the wrong reasons…don’t want to be a part of this bullshit anymore

  • Be careful of RedHotChiliPepper he was arrested in 09 for sexual assault and was again arrested 3/25/13 for trespassing and eavesdropping which is actually filming you without your knowledge and putting it on a **** site! Other charges are pending. He is on **** sites as the actor and also is the producer on Clips for Sale, Candids from Behind, etc. I have made several requests to POF to remove his profile and they are not responding! Another site removed him within 48 hours.
    If you have been with him and have any concerns contact Sonoma County Sheriffs Dept. 707-565-8295 and refer to case #130322-014.

    • Wow! I think women need to be careful about jumping in the bed with strange peppers as they will more than likely get burned.

  • beware of the screen name matchme2utoday…scummbag

  • some scammer on POF, not sure what his game is other than trying to scare someone into giving up information. He lures you into a chat asking opiinions. He then says he wants to tell you a secret, He then proceeds to tell you that he is a hacker and has your email and has been filming and will post a video of me on youtube and send the link to all my contacts unless I asnwer all his questions promptly. I answered yes & no questions while shutting everying on my computer down but the chat itself. Then the last to shut was the chat. I know he could not be filming me and I didnt think he could hack into my computer via the site, but I just shut down. His pseudo name : Sportshabs10

  • POF should be renamed POS = Plenty of Sex, Thats all that seems to be on there, guys looking for ****, not establishing a relationship like they claim to be wanting. Players.

  • I have been on pof for several yrs.I guess someone complained that i didnt want to meet them.I have never been rude to anyone that i have messaged.Now i cant log into my account.Whats going on here?

  • beware of hesakeepa 45 and cowboy 1010299 42 ,there have no interest in relationship just wanne play

  • beware of hesakeepa45 and cowboy10129942 there have no interest in relationship

  • LOOK OUT FOR NINO RAY Niray0065 password Ninoray69505 HE S A SCAMMER ON POF/MATCH.COM use a little kid named richard as his son, he is a widower from buffalo
    ny is his front, the pictures are not his or his son
    716-240-2928 716-218-8475 016-985-0718 016-289-6647

    • This is true. This person who calls himself Nino Ray will talk to women for weeks at a time over phone and email. He sends pictures of himself, family, etc. He tells women how wonderful they are and about his wife, living in Brooklyn, his son, etc…ALL LIES. Then he gets to his story about being awarded a contract in Malaysia and leaving the country. Please do not speak this man!

  • I C by comments made here POF is a scam I have met some nice people on line here BUT now I am promped to pay for a free site I have not as I understood it was free so the prompt was a clue to me something is wrong here No Numbers from me . I can find another way no big deal .

  • My complain is about LoveAgain, before I subscriber I had received winks and emails, after I paid the amount of $77.97, i have’t receiv anything, I sent emails and try to contact with real people but isn’t real people there. I don’t know what to do, today they bloked my profile because I wrote somehing to advice what is going in this site. Unfortunately nobody care to protect people who want find a date. This site implement their systems to send winks and fake email using a datacast. I am tired to explain my situation but nothing have been done. It is abuse and scams that is getting out of control.

  • Name and shame guys looking just only for sexual encounters of POF.

    ** lee grimes***. Be aware just only looking for a sexual encounter. No more.

  • Guess we’ll just have to meet people the old fashion way… or just stay faithful..

  • google your profile name and see what comes up. I am now a lesbian and did not know that about myself! they will sell your profile to numerous dating sites.

  • POF is more like POS! Not a place to meet stable and/or functional people.

    • I totally agree with you.I was on that site to found someone one honest and most of the people I MRT were saying that they are honest .Later Zi found out who they really are.Bunch of liers , and scammers.Where are those honest men.And every one of them is either widower or single father.BOS.

  • I have just checked my bank statement.. I noticed an amount taken out by POF

    I have never given my credit card details to them. How has this happened????

    Seems a criminal matter to me. Anyone else experienced this?

  • So many serial daters, they’ve been on the site for years.

    The men in almost every message to complain about the girls on the site to other girls.

    They continually state, " the girls never look like the pictures they post."

    " The women are 20-100 lbs. Larger than pictures they post. "

    " Women prostitutes asking for rent money on dates, offering services."

    Most if not at least half state, " retired" @ 30- 40’s age range.

    I have been asked to go elaborate trips, on exchange for sexual favors.

    I don’t post a picture because men are rude. Making sexual comments.

    One serial dater while we were out for a coffee, stated he’s contracted mersa, gential herpes & skin blisters and boils after dating approximately 49 women from the site. I casually collected my purse & left a tip, then asked for an escort by the mgr. to my car. This was after the man started yelling as I got up from the table. He was dirty, and had black dirt in his ears, around his neck was stained black from chin to upper chest. And he ate his pie with his dirty fingers, never touching the fork. As pie was dripping from his fingers & mouth, he explained, " we have to eat quickly on the rig I work on." He was an oil driller grunt worker from Bolivar, Ohio.

    Id rather be alone than date trash offered on that site. I will never date online again. It’s more trouble than an insane clown posse.

    • Oooh Yuk!

    • Amem sister! I am about to give up this stuff as well. I’ve had more players wanting to meet me than never before. But as soon as they see that I am not going to be intimate with them, they stop calling… losers.

    • Sorry to hear about the experience. POF is definitely bottom of the barrel. If you ever try a go with internet dating again, I’d avoid it like the plague. Too many negative comments, something is truly wrong with their system.

      As an aside, I met my ex-wife through internet dating a while back. Take it for what you will (after all it is now an ex-wife) but at least it seemed to work for me. Problem is that there are a lot of scummy people on the sites (of both sexes). I’d rank them as equivalents to blind dates, at best; but, ones where you have to do a lot of work (and the cards are stacked in the favor of those who lie profusely).

  • Pof has ruined more relationships than created.

    It’s all **** chat, none of the women want to meet. Just **** chat.

    If you do get one to meet you, they are seriously over weight, don’t look like the pics posted, or have drinking and drug problems.

    I went on one date, the women began telling me " I am for hire only".

    Come to find out, she was a street walker.

    Another, the women said she had a public fetish. As she slipped off her sandals and began chewing her toe nails at the dinner table of the biggest steak house in the area.

    I have been on Pof for three years, my girlfriend/ fiance found out. Now, I’m kicked to the curb. I’ve lost my true love. Because I became addicted to b.s.

    The forums list aids, herpes, and other serious std’s HAVE BEEN RUNNING RAMPANT FOR YEARS.

    After several one night stands, I now have gentital herpes

    • You deserve it. That’s the stupidest complaint I ever heard. I divorced my husband of 20 years for meeting women from dating sites. Think I want my life on the line, because he can’t control himself? You have no one to blame but yourself.

    • Boo hoo. What do you expect from several one night stands?You deserve it! That was the stupidest complaint that I ever heard. I divorced a husband of 20 something years for dating women off of those sites. What gives you the right to put her life at risk? HPV is not funny. It causes cervical cancer. Not to mention all of the other diseases. I was a nurse and some of the stuff I’ve seen, just because a man wants to play around, made me gag. Then you have the gonads to complain? Where was your prophylactic? Buddy, people exhibiting behavior like yours should do the world a favor, and stand outside the eboli unit, and lick doorknobs.

      • Buddy? lol.

    • I am a woman, but I have used current information, currant pictures, and have not lied. What is the point? When a man and woman getogether, it all comes out anyways. Where does that get anybody, that really wants a relationship. AS FAR AS ," one night stands". What did you expect? If you seduced them, and they let YOU. aren’t you both to blame. It takes TWO TO TANGO

    • Your **** should fall off all you guys on hear are a bunch a pigs……

    • You are a dumbass! And do not deserve any sympathy for your stupid antics and LIES! I hope your EX fiancé’ is porking your best friend you fool!
      If not may I have her email addy?
      ( idiot )

  • I have been absolutely unsuccessful getting in touch with ANYONE in Customer Service! I CANNOT upload my photos and having been trying, VERY UNSUCCESSFULLY, to find out if I can email photos to pof.com .


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