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Phone Number: 877-550-8269
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Total Scam!

This scam site reels you in with a 1.99 charge to check out this site, then in fine print which I might add you have to click on to view they charge you 99.00 after 3 days!!

Then hen you call they state they have a no refund policy and rudely deny over and over that they have any fault in this.

This company is taking hundreds from innocent people and needs to be stopped!

dateplayful aka

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By: Chelsea Mendez On: April 4, 2014


As a representative of I apologize for any misconception you might have with our site. We would like to resolve this issue by offering you a refund. Please contact me directly at

Thank you,
Chelsea Mendez
Customer Service Management

By: Chelsea Mendez On: March 18, 2014

We apologize if you feel you received unsatisfactory customer service. Please call us directly at 877-550-8269, you may ask for our General Manager to assist you with a refund.
You can also email us at – Subject: ComplaintsList – Refund Offer.

We look forward to assisting you in this matter.


Chelsea Mendez

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35 thoughts on “Date Playful

  1. If you are here you must have had an issue with as well. If we had only done this search before signing up. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Never the less be persistent, I was and subsequently received a satisfactory resolution, I got my $99 refunded.

  2. The way the site presents the three day trial for $1.99 is very misleading as there is a place to click to extend your trial membership. When you click it you find out it is $99. but you have the option not to extend. Problem is they take your money anyway! No doubt it is somewhere in the small print but the fact is it is very misleading. Not only that but after the two immediate responses no one and I mean no one even looked at my profile. I am on POF and Match and get daily views and responses. And on top of that the two responses are from hot looking 20 something girls! Please! I am 69 years old and average looking. I would bet money that if I signed up again under a different username I would get the same ones. It feels like a scam!! Stay away from this site!!!!

    • Good afternoon,

      Please contact me directly in regards to your account with so that I can refund your account immediately. We strive to provide quality customer services to all free and paid users, contact us today to receive immediate attention.

      I look forward to communicating with you.

      Please add in your subject field when emailing: ComplaintsList – Refund Offer

      I'll be looking out for your email.

      Have a great day!



  3. Signed up to date plaful recently canceled within the trial as the terms stated but decided to go back . They reinstated my account and i've gone on 3 dates with girls I met on this site. I agree subscrition fee is a little higher than most sites but so far its been worth it.

  4. I don't know what a lot of you are complaining about. I meet three gals last week and banged each and every one of them. So Yummy! And if you believe this, you will also believe this site is honest. Paying $99.00 a month is worth a paid hooker every month. Which is what this site might really be.

  5. same thing happened to me , the site appears fake all through out , I wonder if there's any oversight about making fake sites
    I got charged $100 for a fake site , we need to do something about this guys and get our money back

    • As a representative of I apologize you were unsatisfied with your experience on the site. We ensure you that we are a legitimate site with thousands of satisfied users, and would like to work with you directly to do whatever we can to further assist in making this right.

  6. The $ 1.99, 3 day trial is a scam, I signed up for it and the next time I tried to go on, they wouldn't recognize my password, they said they would email me password info, it didn't happen. Now they have my info and I can't get back there to cancel. I called
    my credit card company and reported my card lost (new one in 5-7 days) so no charges will go on it, not even the $1.99. F U

    • Hi Fred,

      Did you call in and speak to one of our representatives regarding your issue with your password? Our site has a Forgot Password link that allows you to reset your password. Our representatives are also available to assist you as well. Please call us so that we can refund your trial fee and assist where we can in your matter.

      Thank You,

      Billing Support Manager

  7. This site is a total scam and fraud…while on site chat request window pops up making u think there are chats out there. Signed up for three day trial, absolutely no chats, everyone not online, no returned messages or winks, tried phone number during business hours to cancel membership before $99 charged and got automated response saying call was not within business hours. Sent e-mail request to cancel…my card better not be charged! WHAT A TOTAL FRAUD!

    • Hi Scott,

      What is the date and time you called into our center? Our phone lines are opened Monday – Friday from 6am – 6pm and Saturdays 8am – 3pm with 24/7 email support. Did you read the terms prior to participating with the trial on our site? I look forward to hearing from you and assisting where I can.

      Thank You,

      Billing Support Manager

  8. I learned several years ago to use a prepaid card with only about $50 on it when signing up for any of the "free" trial on websites on the internet.
    Good luck in getting your $100 back.

    • Hi CRG in Florida,

      This is a good method for online dating users, however also reviewing the site's terms and membership pricing prior to participating willingly is the best method as well. Not all websites accept prepaid cards.

      Thank you for providing a tip to other users.

      Thank you,

      Customer Service Management

    • Hi Andrew,

      Your statement is false. I apologize if any time spent on our website was not to your liking. If you have any issues with, please contact me directly or call into our call center to speak to a representative. We, the company, appreciate your feedback and look to provide the best service possible for all users within our online community.

      We look forward to working with you on this issue.

      Thank you,

      Customer Service Management

  9. I have the same issue and they have no refund policy. They won't even e-mail you or send any notification before deduction date. Users please be aware. The site is not even effective. The members online are always offline.

  10. Mike,

    The terms and conditions of DatePlayful clearly state that if you do not cancel your account in 3 days, your card will be charged $99.00. You need to read more carefully; whenever you see something that says "Free Trial Membership," or "$1.99 Trial Membership," you can rest assured that the company will charge you an automatic renewal fee. DatePlayful's fee is admittedly outrageous, so perhaps you should try another site.

    • Terms are clearly stated on the site and I was aware of the 3 day trial and monthly membership. I agree it is a bit expensive but they did offer me a refund when I asked. Good Service!

  11. As a representative of I apologize you were unsatisfied with your experience on the site. We ensure you that we are a legitimate site with thousands of satisfied users, and would like to work with you directly to do whatever we can to further assist in making this right.

    Please email with the following:

    Your username and email address used to register to our website
    The amount and date you were charged by
    Your phone number – So that our General Manager can call you directly to rectify this complaint.

    We will immediately reach out to assist you and do whatever we can to help rectify this matter.

    When contacting us by email, please enter in the subject field “Refund Request”.

    We look forward to working with you on this issue.

    Thank you,

    Customer Service Management

    • IF you want to run a legitimate service, you should list your costs outright. I poked around forever on your site trying to find what the subscription rate was, but it was nowhere to be found, just the 1.99 trial garbage everywhere. That absolutely SCREAMS scam.

    • i want to thank everyone for your comments and i am glad i checked this sight i was going for the trial offer and probably would have gotten very upset after the 3 days anybody alse that has had any problems i would like to hear your story and if any one has had a good expireince i would like to hear that to thank you everyone – wil

    • give him his money back….. thats how you rectify it… quit beating around the bush.clearly the problem was your site taking money. your site is a scam W/ a lot of scammers posing as men and women. THIS SITE IS A PLOY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY WITH NO RESULTS FOR YOU THE VICTIM. I am a single dad with twins i dont have the time or money to be ripped off by DATE PLAYFUL or any other dating site that is run by a bunch of CONS!!!!!!

      • Have you tried contacting us directly versus posting on this site? As a free user on the site, did you look into our terms, method of cancellation and how to reach us for any questions you my have or had? Please advise if you did this prior or even after registering and / or paying for the initial trial fee. Our contact number and email are located on our homepage and throughout our site. I am not sure how you missed this but I am definitely available to assist you in your complaint.

        Please call into our center or email me directly.

        Thank You,

        Billing Support Manager

      • Andrew,
        I apologize if you do not feel our site is up to your standards but I could gauruntee that we are a legitamite site. We offer additional assistance posting and making attempts to further resolve any additional issue members have with us. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding our site feel free to contact us so any misconception can be addressed.

        Thank You,
        Customer Service Management