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Business Name: PRODÉGÉ LLC
Category: Coupons & Voucher Websites
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Corporate Address: P.O. Box 2748
Redondo Beach, California 90278 USA

Company Contact: Josef Gorowitz - CEO
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Not Getting Credits

I have not been receiving credit on this site and when i email them, i do not get anything resolved.

It is ridiculous that they wont even tell me what is going on.

The least they can do is check the site and see if there is a problem.

I never had an issue until just a few weeks ago and now i am constantly having problems, but no one will help me.

Additional Information:

prodege.com | PRODÉGÉ LLC | Los Angeles

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One thought on “SwagBucks

  1. What are you not receiving credit for? I've never heard of anyone not getting credit for their Daily Poll, SBTV, or No Obligation Special Offers. The only section I ever hear of people having trouble getting credit is on the Special Offers walls/tabs. Those "walls" are run by 3rd party businesses (Trial Pay, Peanut Labs, etc…) who sometimes don't give the credit after you've actually completed the requirements for the offer. If that's the case, you can contact that wall directly on the "Missing Swagbucks?" or "Help" link on that wall (and send any proof that you have, like a confirmation email or screen shots) and tell them that you want your credit. If they don't respond, then you can contact SB and tell them that you still haven't received credit.

    Sometimes it's just a matter of using a different browser. People seem to have the best luck with google chrome.

    There is a Facebook page called "Swagbucks Offers that Credit" where people will post higher valued offers that are definitely crediting.

    The Swagbucks Facebook page is VERY helpful. It's full of members who will help you almost immediately. They can't credit your account, but they can tell you what might be wrong/ how to handle it.