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Last Updated On: March 26, 2015

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Business Name: Tidestore Corporation Ltd
Beijing, Hebei Province China

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Corp Email: service@tidestore.com
Corp Website: TideStore.com

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Average Rating: 1.04 out of 5
Based On: 26 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 71

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Reported Losses: $2,025.49
Average Reported Losses: $77.90

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Is TideStore a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Thank Goodness For Paypal!

I ordered a pair of suede boots for $120+S&H on 2/12/15. PayPal sent TideStore the money and I waited for shipment. On 2/22/15 I checked the status of my Tidestore ‘account’ and saw that they claimed they hadn’t gotten paid so they hadn’t shipped. I called PayPal on 2/23 and told them I was tired of waiting and to just cancel the order and I filed a complaint with PayPal against Tidestore for not receiving the item. Tidestore immediately emailed me saying the boots had been shipped on 2/13 (they hadn’t) and to “please remove claim for PayPal”.

I received the boots (that I had cancelled) on 3/3/15. They were horrible! Not only were they about 2 sizes too small, they were not even leather, much less suede! Some kind of cheap vinyl and smelled of a very strong chemical. They were supposed to be a 3.5 inch heel and I measured them at 5 inches! There was no return address/instructions included with the shipment. I immediately called PayPal back and updated them on the situation.

Today, (3/13/15) Tidestore offered me a refund of $15.88 to close the case, which I refused. I called PayPal and they are refunding me the entire amount, including shipping and handling. They also provided the return address of Tidestore so that I can send this order back, provide PayPal with a tracking number and collect my refund of $136.15. I spent $29.70 to return the order to China.

Use PayPal! Never shop at Tidestore again!

Tide Store – Room 206 2nd floor Kaisheng Building A Helong 1st road 18 Jiahe st Baiyun district Guangzhou China Guangdong Province 510000

Official Responses from TideStore

By: olivia wang On: July 2, 2013

Dear customer
I am writing from tidestore.com ,i am sorry for all the inconvenince caused to you .
Concerning your issue on our website ,I will try to help you solve it and find the best solution,please let me know the order number you have on our website and available contact phone number ,i will try to contact you in time .
Tips,the order number which can be found in your account on our website www.tidestore.com ,once you find it ,you can call us at +86-10-5623-4572 or write us an e-mail at :service@tidestore.com .
Your fast reply will be appreciated .Because we really want to help you deal with your case .
customer service department

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Consumer Comments For TideStore

  • Absolutely horrible experience!!
    They don’t even have a customer service line in English, you have to call their Chinese line.
    I ordered two items: Received one 7 weeks later that smelled like strong chemicals.
    Got my other item 8 weeks later, AND IT’S NOT EVEN WHAT I ORDERED. I originally ordered a brown jacket, received a black blazer!!

  • I was going to order quit a few things. every thing looks so pretty sure glad I read the reviews first . that’s really to bad thanks for the heads up.

  • I ordered 2 really cute jackets – 1 was $13.10 and the other was $18.00….couldn’t resist that price. What I got and what I ordered are 2 different things. What I received basically looks like “Lining” from a jacket, not the jacket itself. I’m out $45. Packaging was awful too….they just stuffed both linings in a plastic bag and shipped in another outer plastic bag. To be honest, I never expected to receive anything at all. Time from ordering to receiving was about 21 days. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS MERCHANT….COMPLETE FRAUD. I ordered 2 jackets and instead received 2 linings FOR a jacket. RIP-OFF!

  • I am so glad I came to this site….I was just about to order some really neat stuff and something told me this is too good to be true and it is…thanks to you guys. I’m searching elsewhere.

  • Tidestore is one of the best online stores that I ever seen in my life and I love to buy again and again from Tidestore. I dont have words to explain about it’s services and quality, it just amazing with fair prices. If you are thinking to online shopping then you should once visit Tidestore, here you will get all the latest and modern fashion’s cloths with very fair prices.

    Highly recommended !!

  • Do not order from them…. It is a waste of your time waiting for the package to arrive over a month later… and a waste of your money! The clothes I received looked nothing like the picture and there were loose strings on both of the shirts. It looked poorly made…I cannot believe I wasted my money like this simply because I failed to read the reviews first. Do not make my same mistake please

  • PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS. IT IS A SCAM. I bought a dress in September and still haven’t received it. Customer service is terrible. They keep sending me the same email saying “please wait, be patient, check your local post office. Lucky I payed through Paypal so I got my money back.

  • This is the worst place I ever ordered from and I will never order from them again. I ordered in August and here it is now November and I still haven’t received my merchandise. Unbelievable!!!

  • do not order from these people.I ordered 2 sweaters at the end of September and they still have not arrived.When you ask for a tracking number.all it says is “IN TRANSAT”.Thankfully I used PayPal and get get my money back!!

  • I bought a hoodie a week ago, it arrived yersterday. the hoodie is warm and beautiful, workmanship is great. I plan to buy a long sleeve dress on this website in recent days. According to my own shopping experience, it is a good website.

  • So happy. I looked at the reviews. I was just about to place an order. Thanks!

  • Update on my complaint I left the other day about Tidestore. I received an email back from them after sending “persuasive pictures” to prove that they sent me the “correct” sizes.

    “We have the detail of the size infromation of the items in
    the description below the pictures of the items on our webpage. Did you
    refer to it? You can return the items back, but you need to pay for all the
    cost for the return, including the shipping cost and the tax. Then we can offer
    you 30% of the total amount of the items as we will receive the returned

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Take warning. If you do after reading all of this, you’re insane.

  • how long do there orders take?

  • Wow I’m so glad i saw all these complaints. I was just about to order 3 pairs of shoes for a lady friend. They will definitely not be getting my money now.

  • THANK YOU all i was just about to pay for a jacket too and i said let me come for review too; i thought as much the jacket look so gorgeous to be presented real as same as i saw it in the pix i know may be i will be present with something completely different from white suit jacket thank u all such this big references i guess tidestore is not worth banking on

  • Never order from Tidestore. I’ve received dirty blazer and damaged dress.

  • do not and do not ever order at this online shop..they will reply all your mails when you ask assistance about the payment but once you ask about your purchase item, they never will respond anymore

  • please do not order for this web site. waist of Money!!!!!!! they took my money 3 weeks ago and when emailed them they are telling me transaction was not approved. not sure if i can get my money back

  • I ordered a jacket in brown, i got a dark coffee colour. I did not ordered this colour!!! I got an email back, but I think they are not going to solve this…. :( :( :( Also the clothes look much better on their website then in Real life…. :(

    • Oh Man! Just ordered from them. Just wondering if you live in US how long did it take for them to deliver it?

      • oh lord I just ordered too how long did it take for delivery?

        • I just ordered over the weekend! I’m really hoping I don’t get taken. I ordered over $100 worth of clothes!

  • Their clothing are gorgeous. I had a bad experience with TBDress and when I saw this site something told me to check on the reviews. I’m glad I did!!
    Websites like this needs to be shut down!

  • Whew … you saved me some money … too bad the things are so adorable. Something told me to check for reviews.

  • Wow! I’m really glad I checked up on this company before I placed my order! Thank you so much! You know what they, if it seems too good to be real…

  • Thank you all for reviews, I was about to order from this site.

  • **** is so good. I was just, and I do mean just about to make a huge order from Tidestore and called my sister and told her to pick out some things so she can place an order and something said, read some reviews on the company. Low and behold after placing the order, but before putting in my payment information, I pulled up these very disturbing post/statements from you all. WOW, is all I can say, because I can’t believe they are still in business. I hope some of you also contacted the Better Business Bureau of Investigation. Sorry they got some of you like that, but so appreciative for the postings so I would not do the same thing. I do not have any money to waste and not sure of what my actions may be if that was me. Just cancelled my ordered, thank you Jesus and thank all of you. **** bless.

  • I’m having a problem with them right now, they reply back to me after 2 weeks and told me that the item will be send … so basically 2 weeks after … now its about a month or something and still not received it … thank god i used paypal and i will get my money back!

  • Reading all this am not about to buy crap from this site I was getting already to get new things I might as well move on to a official sites

  • i was just about to place a large order! thanks to every ones reviews shopping cart has been DELETED! so, does anyone no of any other decent TRUST WORTHY sites where you can buy clothes similar to TOS?

  • PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! – I ordered a wig for a price of $220.00. After taking forever to ship, I received the wrong wig. When I informed them of their error – their reply was that it took a long time to make and they did the best they could. After several emails back and forth they have stopped responding to me. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! O, one email said that they would give me a discount on another order. Do you believe that?

  • I order a shirt and a pair of pants on aug 7 they told me it will take 10 days to get my package , today is the 20h and I still didn’t get no package I email them asking for my money back and I still didn’t get an response

  • You should really do something about this site. I sent 5 emails because i placed an order one week ago . I want my money back!

  • I cant belive what iam reading me and my friend made orders lastnight on this site this is crazy I now saw the reviews OMG this is **** up iam going to warn peopleon facebook if I don’t get my **** and my brother works in the media I will try to get them expose.

  • Thank **** for all the reviews. I was about to place an order now, no way.

  • I placed an order for 4 shirts with Tide Store on June 10, 2012, never got an email confirmation or anything, I just checked the site periodically for order status – I just received 3 of the shirts yesterday (order status shows the shirt I really wanted OUT OF STOCK) so I emailed them yesterday at service@tidestore.com inquiring about a refund for that item – got a response today stating "the shirt is still in processing, not out of order & have urged the guys in the warehouse to fast the delivery"??!! – I don’t believe them think they’re stalling, trying to pacify me & will probably send me a different shirt – only 1 of the items I did receive was what I actually ordered & did fit – the other 2 looked nothing like the pics online and were way too small – after reading the previous comments I won’t bother with returning-will give to my little niece instead so I guess I didn’t really lose any money on those 2 but DO NOT ORDER FROM TIDE STORE – this is not a reputable company!!

    • call the better business buero. they will shut the site down

  • Yes, I was going to buy some items too, but gonna stay out of that place now! Totally! Thank you for your advices!

  • horrible scammers! don’t buy people! you are wasting your money :/

  • i buy a dress how can i take my money back? please help me

  • Wow! I can’t believe this. After I read all the complaints I will cancel my cart.

  • went to go order and after all was said and done they wanted to charge me OVER 2,000 for shipping..SCAM!!!!

  • Well, I was about to order from them but not after seeing all this!! and what the heck is "Free size"? What does that even mean?!

    • https://www.facebook.com/alisha.rose1

      I just made a order through the Tidestore.com, I ordered a $6.00 dress 4 days ago.
      They sent me a email confirmation that they received my payment, but nothing else!
      My tracking order just says that the order was sent to the factory? and nothing else?
      They even took down the dress I ordered and I cannot view it anymore on their page?
      Im hoping I get this product and didnt just loose money!! They are not responding to my emails

      • did you ever get the product ?

  • I’m very happy I did some research before ordering from this site! It just looked a little too good to be true and then today when I was looking at the site, they had women’s dresses (that’s what it was supposed to be) spelled women dersses, I knew something was up. No reputable company would allow something like that one their main page!

  • wow I was going to order but NOT after these reviews…I WILL STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE

  • Wow…… I change my mind, what a hassle. I don’t need the drama so ill skip from ordering from this online store. Ugh…… Thanks everyone!!!!

  • I ordered from this online store. Garments are super CHEAP and very SMALL. Not true to size at ALL. I returned the 3 garments next day for $32.50 certified mail. They make it difficult for you to return No return address listed on website and the telephone number is bogus. You must return in 7 days and send pictures off all items you return a bunch of mess to make it harder for you to return. I returned March 5, 2013 asking for refund. My total order was $156.78. Tidestore (Nina) sent me an email on April 8, 2013 saying items was not returned within 7 days and I would only receive 30% of my money back. GOT ROBBED WITHOUT A GUN!! DO NOT ORDER. RUNNNNNNNNN FROM THIS ONLINE STORE!!!!!!!

    • I ordered a dress and it was suppose to be here but did yours came when it was suppose to come???

      • did yours come ?

    • OMG, I am super happy that I did not go through the payment. I wanted to wait until tonight to really make a decision but after reading this, I’m glad I didn’t spend any dollar on this tidestore. I would be disappointed too. Thank you for the heads up!

    • what address did you send the items to? I have to return asap so that i meet their 7days requirements but they are not providing me with an address and are not responding to my emails!!!

    • I agree! My order took a month to arrive, too late for Christmas AND the sizes are NOT true to size. An XL women’s hoodie that I bought for my daughter is like the size of an 11 year old. The size 7.5 boots that I bought are more like a size 6 and the XL shirt I bought is more like a U.S. Small. I’m not going to bother with shipping back to China. It’s not worth it. Giving the items to other younger, smaller family members who can use them. So disappointed! I will never buy again from them!

  • Do anyone have the return address or phone number. The number they have listed is not correct!

  • https://www.facebook.com/LaChocolate31

    Well im surprised about this.. i had to researched this website after suspicous email from tidestore… i already dispue the order. sigh but glad i didnt order that big.. only 13 dollars. but i dont like this because many complain. So im going give this thumb down. because i dont see anything to cancel it. wth? It sounds like they are tricky. but paypal ftw.

  • Administrator: Deleting my comment is the absolute WRONG thing to do; it shows that you have no integrity, and have no plans to improve your performance. If you take control over my comment it’ll only make me take my complaints to much larger audiences. Sure, you’ll still get some business, but nothing like the business you WOULD get and the business I would like to THINK that YOU think you deserve!!! And sooner or later, your poor reputation will be everywhere. What’s the point?

    Any way, you decide….

    • We don’t delete any comments unless they violate our TOS and they wouldn’t be deleted they would have never been posted, but we have no idea what your talking about.

  • Glad I’m not the only one having issues with this ‘company’. Bought 3 dresses, received one, with a shirt that wasn’t even part of my order. I’ve complained and questioned for weeks about the quality and missing items, the only response I’ve received is, "sorry, please send picture of what you got". Seriously??? I feel like I just lost my $50 to some underage sweatshop :( sad. DO NOT ORDER from Them!!!

  • Yea, this ridiculous! Seriously, they call like every other day and two or three times! I’ve already answered once, and said I’m not interested and get me off their list! It definitely has not happened!!!


  • This website disguists me! I ordered some items which came way late

    & then not all of them arrived. Also the ones that I did receive were wrong.

    To top it off one sweater had a flower on it. I told them it was half

    Attached when I got the order their reply: glue it. I want all of my money

    Back I will never wear these clothes made for a child. Any tips on just

    Getting my $ back!? I keep emailing them!!!! :(

  • I ordered clothes from this company. THE WORST QUALITY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing is what it looks in their site on another totally different is what you get. They send the clothes in little parcels so you never know when the whole order is going to arrive. They let you waiting for weeks to find then an e.mail saying that one of the products you ordered is out of stock or not produced anymore so you have to replace it with a new one. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED ON THIS COMPANY / THE WORST IS THE QUALITY OF THE FABRICS THAT THEY USE / DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  • Hahaha it’s a creep website !!!!!! Got my order after almost 6 months and if u buy 3 – 4 items together they will send u one at a time…. U hv to bear in ur mind and keep tracking what u hv bought and how many of them….. Guys if u r planning to buy summer clothes … Order it on this website during winter they will send to by summer hehehe

  • http://shada1990@hotmail.co.uk

    This website is absolutely horrible. I ordered 3 lines of dresses in and two weeks by I got an email saying one of the dresses is out of production, I replaced that ordered, then another two weeks went by I didn’t receive my stuff and I decided to email them, emailing asking what happened to my orders, get a reply another dress is out of production, So I asked for my money back but they kept emailing me please look for another line eventually after 4 times emailing saying I want my money back for one order and they did. Now I received my orders after 2 months, they are cheap fabric, so short, totally different from the pictures. I highly recommend not to buy anything from them

    Please don’t buy from these guys. you will regret it.

  • http://Yes

    RUN! Run as far away as you can because this site is Completely awful. Please learn from our mistakes that this store sucks!

    Let’s see, took a number of weeks to receive "some" of my items, I’m still waiting. The dresses I ordered are see through. The men’s shirt & sweater are too small. Plus the sweater looks nothing like the picture, & cheaply made. I received the wrong shirt today. Does not look like the picture. Im reaching my limit. Only good thing, one of the items I ordered was discontinued and I was able to get a refund. With some push back by them about how difficult it is on refunding from another country. I’m not stupid, we used PayPal its not that difficult.

    • Totally agree with you. The quality of the fabrics they use is poor. Seriously, I wouldn’t even take the clothes that I bougth from them to a charity shop.

  • how long did it take to to get your package been waiting two going on three weeks now starting to feel like a lost and wishing i would have done reseach

  • Horrible service. People, do not buy from them. I ordered a dress with quick delivery. After like 3 weeks and them charging my account they send message saying they no longer make that dress. So then i told them i wanted a refund and they said its better if i could exchange it for something else. So i did just avoid any further complications. Then they sent me a.dress in the wrong color that i wanted. And said i had to pay for shipping and wait a long time if i wanted to.get the right dress i ordered.

    • I want to post something for everyone do not order from this website,verry terrible, bad quality and custormer sevice, only one word : the money gone never come back.

  • Terrible! Ordered about 200 worth of clothing – should have received over 15 pieces – received 4 and only 3 were items that I had actually ordered – no idea where the other stuff is and one of the shirts dyed me blue! They also are claiming I received everything and I am out the money.

  • Did you ever get your money back? I am having trouble with them too!!!


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