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Last Updated On: May 31, 2016

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Business Name: thredUP Inc.
Corporate Address:
580 Market St 4th Fl
San Francisco, California 94104 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 617-575-9676
Corp Email:
Company Contact: James Reinhart - Co-founder & CEO
Corp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 51 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 35

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $10,347.24
Average Reported Losses: $202.89

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Is ThredUP a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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They Steal Your Money - Rip Off - Lying Deceptive Company

They took my money, sent me pants with holes in the butt (was described as excellent like new condition). I contacted them and they told me to generate a return label on their site which I did.

Then after I mailed the pants back, I contacted them to tell them to credit my return shipping fee as they promised, since the item was defective and not as described, and they now deny that a return was ever started!

The girl “Maria” at their customer service completely denies that a return was started, even though it is ON THEIR WEBSITE! She told me to start a new return process and mail the pants back, but I have already mailed them! I don’t have them anymore, and now I am out the pants (with holes) and my money!

I am going to sue this fraudulent company and I will never use it again!

Official Responses from ThredUP

By: Alex Schernig On: February 8, 2013

Jacalyn Moehrle was awarded the $10 referral credit she was concerned about on 2/1/2013. This compliant was registered while our team was researching the issue and trying to understand how the credit was applied to the wrong account. We apologize for the delay in issuing the credit. We hope this is a reasonable resolution for Jacalyn and that this closes her issue.

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Consumer Comments For ThredUP

  • SheLovesDeals

    I will never sell anything on ThredUp but all of my buying experiences have been wonderful! Items are promptly shipped and arrive neatly packaged.
    What I don’t understand is why are people sending new clothes with tags on them to an online second-hand clothing vendor?? If you have high end clothing, purses (Michael Kors, Coach, etc), just sell them locally on neighborhood swaps or return them to the store. If they have tags still attached, you will at least get a store credit. It makes no sense sending your high end purchases to ThredUp.

  • Julie Irwin Sanders

    Complete rip off. I am so very sorry that I ever even came across this site, as I have only lost money- and have nothing but one DEFECTIVE, unwearable item to show for my money (there were clearly 2 holes in a “like new” sweater I purchased – defects that were not disclosed at time of purchase. unfortunately for me, the item was a “final sale.” Had I known I was purchasing a defective item, I certainly would not have taken any chances on a “final sale”!). 2 other items fit poorly; another item, a dress, would have needed repaired in order to wear, as the lining hung out on one side of the dress- a defect NOT included in the fabulous description (or picture posted they posted). When I returned those items, I requested Thredup credit, rather than a refund ONLY because they stated that shipping would not be charged if a customer chose credit over refund. However, they don’t credit you the money spent on shipping in the first place…so I am out an additional $10. Add that to the $10 defective sweater I am stuck with, I have now lost $20- with absolutely no product to show for it. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

  • Alisa

    I can’t speak to selling clothes to ThredUp, but buying has been a
    pretty good experience for me so far. The clothes are in good
    condition, are as described, and are packaged nicely. My one complaint
    is that order processing and shipping is a bit slow compared to other
    online buying experiences.

    ** You can get a free $10 towards your first purchase at ThredUp through this link:

  • Angel

    Agree with Cate. Thredup accepted 36 items and I received just over $60 for the lot. This included five dresses – two of which were never worn and originally retailed for app. $80 each, the other three worn once and also retailing originally for $80. Big disappointment. I had enjoyed purchasing a couple of times prior to this experience but now that I realize I’m benefitting from someone else who has been taken advantage of – I don’t think I want to have any more dealings with TU.

  • Cate

    Be very,

  • swabby429

    I tried to skim their website so I could get a rough idea about what the company does, how it works, etc. A registration window comes up that won’t close. I refuse to join anything that I cannot investigate ahead of time.

    I Googled the name and came up at this site. I’m glad I didn’t fill in the registration boxes.

  • Jose Miriam DeLeon

    Oh, my I wish I would have looked at the reviews here before buying from ThredUP.
    My first order was missing an item and so far no on has responded to my emails or phone call. Not a good way to build your client base.

  • I just tried Thredup for the first time and it is definitely the last time, it has taken them two months to sort and decide what my payout will be, now it will be another3[4 weeks before I get my money AND get this…it’s in the form of a PayPal payout which means I will be paying 2% to PayPal because Thredup doesn’t write checks! What a rip off, no wonder there have been 255 complaints to the Better Business Bureau about this company.

    • Cate

      And many more coming… thankfully actions are being taken. The BBB is very well aware of them. Group of tech guys who figured out a way to make themselves very wealthy at the expense of people sending in good clothing… often new with tags. STAY AWAY. The BBB is in active pursuit of them and of their activities. Watching them very closely.

  • Peggy

    I sent a bag in Feb all new clothes still haven’t gotten paid anything yet, Keep getting emails items have sold.
    They sell your clothes and it takes months to get paid. Will not do it again ever!!!

  • Ellen J. Brown

    I have tried to unsubscribe from this company maybe 10 times and still their e mails keep coming. I just left a message on their corporate phone number.

  • Marsha

    OMG! I am so addicted to ThredUp! I’m in complete agreement with Kristin and Crystal! Everything is as described, nicely packaged and returns easy. The prices are fabulous, why go elsewhere?? My closet is now full of summer maxis, the only thing I need is summer to be here! Have placed 2 orders today alone. Yep, I’m a shopaholic…..

    • Pw Ebb

      This is without a doubt a planted bot comment.

  • Kristin

    I can’t speak to selling clothes to ThredUp, but buying has been a pretty good experience for me so far. The clothes are in good condition, are as described, and are packaged nicely. My one complaint is that order processing and shipping is a bit slow compared to other online buying experiences.

    However, the best thing is that you can get a free $10 towards your first purchase at ThredUp through this link:

  • crystal

    I have been a buyer at Threadup for about a year now and have had a great experience so far and amassed an amazing collection of designer clothing. Although I love buying from them I would never bother selling because its not worth it and its not just them but all companies that do this type of consignment. I have never found one that gives you more than mere pennies for your clothing so you are better off selling on Ebay or having a yard sale for that matter. That being said I do have to defend them a little here after reading a few of the complaints. First of all you cant go wrong with ordering from here because it is truly risk free. I have on many occasions printed off their free shipping labels and sent my unwanted items back to them completely free of charge and other times I have paid the small postage fee and had my money returned in full. I have never had a problem making a return yet, in fact it is the easiest place ever to return an item. Also I see some complaints about items not being as described but damaged and this is just not true at all. On every listing there is a description that details anything wrong with the item. They are actually very consistent and careful about this and I have never had any issue at all with damaged items. I have ordered a lot and the worse thing Ive ever seen was maybe a small snag or some minor fading, but never anything major. I don’t think they even sell anything with any real damage. All in all this is a great shop with some great deals. You wont be getting anything at Goodwill prices because they sell only the best brands with minimal damage, but you will get much better deals than buying these brands new, a much better deal.

  • Anna Sharples

    Yes. Thredup

    is a fraud and so is I will never buy from either of these two companies again. I sent swap a box of clothes and they lost the box of clothes I sent them. Just Lucky they were’nt new or expensive. We can always take them to small claims court and they will lose big. I’ve taken a clothes company like this to court before.. The judge looked at me and said “How much money do you want”?. I scored! As long as you have pictures and the postage info plus any communication between the two parties. I plan on filing against ThredUp. Always take pictures of what you send them!! Always! Yes they both are sleazy greasy salesmen. Just like a copy of used car lot sales, but it’s clothes they are stealing and selling at the customers expense.

  • Tuesday Fleming

    Ordered a pair of BOC boots in the category under women’s shoes and boots, size 9, was sent a child’s size 9 pair of boots. Had i had known this is what i was spending my money on for pair of women’s jeans, and two women’s shirts, plus what i thought was going to be a very nice pair of women’s boots size 9, that my entire order was well over 80.00, that i could not wait to receive as a late Christmas present for myself, i would have never even ordered the boots had i known that this was placed into the wrong category and should have been placed in the kids clothing and shoes category instead of the women’s clothing and shoes/boots category, i would have never even ordered them. Sitting here left shocked and stunned and totally dissatisfied! Buyer Beware, you will not always receive what you think your getting, or even the clothing that you are choosing in a certain category can often times be a child/toddler size instead of a women’s size. There is no real way of ever actually knowing what you are paying for and buying, it is always a great risk. Be careful, money is to hard to come by these days to be spending it on items that you thought you were ordering and come to find out you receive your item in a child/toddler size 9 instead of a women’s size 9. Chalked up as money flushed down the toilet.

  • JillM

    A Coach bag used twice was sent to them. They rejected it and said it would be re-purposed. Extremely disappointed!

    • THATgirl

      I had two coach bags re-purposed because they claim I didn’t respond to an e-mail asking for the $12.99 return fee. I NEVER got an e-mail asking for the $12.99. SCAM!!!

  • challyj

    DO NOT SEND THEM NEW OR NICE THNGS! I sent beautiful things, some new or hardly worn and they credited me with 80 cents! I will be entering a formal complaint against them as soon as I decide where it will be most effective.

  • Lynda Cooksey

    They paid me $11 for 6 items (avg. little over $2 per item) and are selling them for $66. (Avg $11 per item). Most were new with tags. I feel like this is much too slanted toward their profit. I’d have been better off donating and taking the tax write-off.



  • Rebecca

    I was going to buy from this site as some of the clothes I like are rather hard to find. After reading the reviews, I think I’ll pass. Always pays to research first and once again this has paid off for me.

    • crystal

      Don’t believe everything you read because you might miss out. I am in no way affiliated with them, but I have been a customer for over a year and I have a closet bursting at the seams with amazing designer clothing from them and Ive never had a problem. If I get something I’m not crazy about I send it back by printing off a free shipping label and I get the credit, no problem. Now selling on the other hand I wouldn’t bother as it is never worth it at these type of places.

  • Maggie

    I ordered what looked like a very cute top at a reasonable price. It wasn’t until after I had already paid by Pay Pal that my receipt showed the top to be “slightly flawed). Why didn’t they tell me this in their description of the top. This is deceptive…….

  • Roxann Holtman

    I just sent in a full bag of designer clothes and so far I am getting $18. For them. This is a big rip off, they didn’t even list but half of my clothes I sent. They was all in perfect condition. Will never do this again….

  • Susan

    Why doesn’t everyone file complaints about this no good company
    with the Better Business Bureau?

    • kathy

      They are probably a BBB member and if that’s the case BBB will always side with them NOT you. BBB is as big of a scam as Thredup

  • Dee South

    I have been shopping with them about 6-8 months. I read the horror stories so I do not consign with them, I have been mostly very happy with items i have received. My big complaint is their customer service sucks, and having experienced this as a shopper I do not trust them enough to know that if we have a disbute over an item I want to consign that they will be easy to work with, and that is from what I have personally experienced with their return policies, so your up the creek with a broken paddle if theire is an issue..

  • Nancy

    Thank you for sharing your complaint. I was about to send in some of my designer purses, so glad I didn’t. I received an email “James” the CEO of the company asking why I have not yet purchased or ordered. It pays to read reviews, do your homework and check these new sites out!

  • Roberta

    I’m not a fan of ThredUp. They have lousy customer service, and other issues. However, in your case, Chad, you were trying to teach your children how to make money by selling clothes but ThredUp is the seller, not your children. Have your children sell clothes on consignment, not give clothes to a consignment shop to sell for them. See the difference. As for trust, that’s highly over-rated.

  • laura_ward

    Chad, thank you for sharing your story. I am sooo sorry for your children! You did everything right and so did they. I was just about to place an order as I have never used this site. Thanks to your review, I never will. How awful.

    • Debra Ernst

      I to was just bagging up stuff to send to them and I have now changed my mind.Most of my stuff is new with tags and I’m not willing to lose the cost of those item’s.Why can’t these places be honest.What about twice as nice, has anyone tried them

      • Tina Cain

        I sent them the bag back so full I could barely close it. I sent everything new with tags. One of the items was a skirt priced at 69.95. Draper’s and Damons blouse talbots and JMS and. Rue21 Brand new dress. Christopher Banks too. And the grand total for what I sent was 1.25. Is that a slapin the face or what? I will never go on this site again. Thanks to this experience. Don’t fall for it.

  • ma roggon

    What good are you if you have a million rules?


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