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Business Name: thredUP Inc.
Category: Clothing Websites
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Corporate Address: 580 Market St 4th Fl
San Francisco, California 94104 USA

Phone Number: 617-575-9676
Company Contact: James Reinhart - Co-founder & CEO
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I reviewed the website and made a purchase. I was totally satisfied with my purchase. So I decided to check out the ThredUp “cleanout bag” service. I sent 32 pieces of high quality used clothing, which I first referenced through their “calculator”. By the time they processed that first bag, a second was already shipped to them containing 27 pieces of clothing.

They processed that first bag and ACCEPTED ONLY 7 PIECES! AND they paid FAR LESS than the “calculator” amounts that I documented on a contact sheet of photos, before shipping them.

My estimate for the first bag was $50 – $200, based on the calculator and all 32 pieces. I received $11.68. OUCH!

I JUST RECEIVED the “offer” for that second bag… and THEY ACCEPTED ONLY 1 PIECE of clothing for 90 cents! I also have a contact sheet with “calculator” amounts for that bag.

They require you to pay $10 IN ADVANCE per bag, to somehow predict that they are not going to accept all of those clothes, if you want them back! That is a DIRTY PRACTICE! THIS IS A VERY SHADY BUSINESS!

I am extremely disappointed and will not do business nor refer others to their site again. The final third bag will not be sent back to ThredUp. I won’t have them STEAL from me any further!

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Official Responses from ThredUP

By: Alex Schernig On: February 8, 2013

Jacalyn Moehrle was awarded the $10 referral credit she was concerned about on 2/1/2013. This compliant was registered while our team was researching the issue and trying to understand how the credit was applied to the wrong account. We apologize for the delay in issuing the credit. We hope this is a reasonable resolution for Jacalyn and that this closes her issue.

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