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Last Updated On: March 15, 2017

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Business Name: Teezily.com
Paris France

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Teezily Phone Number: +33 9 75 18 33 77
Corp Email: support@teezily.com
Company Contact: Charles Dilasser - Owner, Admin
Corp Website: teezily.com

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Average Rating: 1.31 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 92

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Reported Losses: $374.88
Average Reported Losses: $26.78

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Terrible customer service and incorrect product

I bought a T-shirt for my hubby that said “You can’t scare me. I am married to a Swedish woman” because I thought he would find it funny. When the T-shirt comes, it’s an XL in WOMEN’S sizes.

Why on earth would a company create a T-shirt with that text, and send a woman’s T-shirt? Unless it’s solely aimed at lesbians living in states/countries where they are allowed to marry…

The only response I get from customer service is that they can’t be held responsible and no one can, and I can’t exchange it for man’s T-shirt, and I can’t get my money back. I am very frustrated and very unhappy about it.

Don’t do business with this company.

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They are art thieves! Several of my designs are on their site being sold without permission.

Ordered 2 T-shirts and got 3. When I tried to send one back and be refunded, I was told I would have to pay postage to Paris France to return it. I paid a premium price for poor quality products; cotton was stiff and scratchy and was stuck w/ an item I don’t want and didn’t order. The company has an American address and phone # but is reportedly in France. I posted a complaint on Yelp! and suggest other unhappy customers do the same.

I ordered a hoodie and when it didn’t turn up I contacted them to ask where it was. They said it had been sent out from France 3 weeks previously. When I sent another message to say I had not received it they asked me for my delivery address which I sent to them. After 2 more messages to them which were ignored they came back to me to say that I had entered the incorrect delivery address and claimed that I had entered something which was just totally fragmented and included a shortened version of my name, my house… Read more »
Ordered a “built in the fifties” tee for my baby sister who is turning 60.. Received it really fast and was so excited to open the package. My excitement quickly turned to WHAT is this!. So disappointed and then angry that a company would send such a bad product!! My 10 year old could have done a better job of printing-faded looking and fabric shows through. I guess I thought because it was on Facebook and the picture was so pretty it would be great. NEVER order anything without looking up reviews. Had I done that I would have seen… Read more »

I completely feel the same as you. I got a cheap quality itchy wrinkled t-shirt. Had to wait two weeks for a response about the poor quality and print work being faded. They sent me their disclaimer stating they are not responsible and they deemed the quality to be good. I was like what!

I’m going to go through my bank and refuse Payment! At this point they. An have this ugly $36 shirt back. Or donate it!! It actually has a smell to it. They didn’t address that either. Very disappointed.

Terrible customer service. I ordered a t-shirt for my brother for Christmas. It never arrived. When I emailed them, they said they would only look into it if I sent a photocopy of my ID, along with a hand written sworn statment that I never received it. THEN, they would contact the carrier to see what happened. What kind of customer service is this and why would I send them a photocopy of my ID for them to steal my identity?

I ordered a t-shirt as part of my Valentine’s Day gift for my wife. The tracking number from UPS says the item had been delivered, but the post office referenced for delivery is not even close to our home, about 25 miles away. I am still researching this, but I am suspicious now whether, I will ever see my purchase.

When I got my long sleeved T-shirt the printing looked like double vision. Very poorly done, and anyone who printed would have seen that right away, but since it was for a good cause I could only hope Teezily passed some of the profits along to Standing Rock. Then I washed and dried the shirt according to the instructions and it shrunk a huge amount. The sleeves are now 3/4 length. Teezily might be in support of good causes but their products are substandardd quality at a premium price. They should be ashamed to offer such poor quality products f.… Read more »
Elizabeth Haas-Armstrong

I ordered a hoodie and decided to cancel within the hour. The cancel my order button told me they were having problems and to try again in “a minute” but still wasn’t working 12hours later. I decided to just email directly, in which they finally responded and told me I could not cancel because the campaign ended! I am continuing to dispute and have escalated to PayPal.

I ordered a T-shirt several days ago and used my credit card to pay. Within 2 days I
receive a call from my credit card company FRAUD DEPT asking if I was currently in Europe.
I stated that I was not and why? They said that my credit card had been used for purchases all over Europe!! England, Netherlands, France. Is this just a coincidence?

I ordered a singlet which supported the Standing Rock protest. It has been over two months and I still haven’t received my order and all communication from their end has stopped, despite continual emails asking about my order. POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE! If only I read the reviews before purchasing!!!!

Don’t know how to return a shirt . . . ordered a shirt in a size medium . . . arrived in a size that must be an extra small!!! REALLY want the shirt in a woman’s medium or larger! How do I return and get a larger shirt???

Ordered two shirts from them one a medium that was small for a medium so I just went a head and ordered a large. The large is smaller than the medium and it smells funky. Bad quality shirts I might add. Ordered a shirt for hubby and this thing looks like it has been washed and someone had already wore it. Never again will I order from them.

I wanted a refund for poor quality t-shirt they have sent me (I have ordered a t-shirt and because I liked it so much, later I ordered another one just like the first one. However, the second one came and it was way too big, the print was of poor quality and it had some dirt from manufacturing on it). They advised me to have a shirt reprinted instead and I agreed. Big big mistake. It has been 7 weeks now and the promised t-shirt hadn’t arrived. I sent two emails: first one to the worker I have been in… Read more »

I ordered Jan 2, 2016. Website has yet to deliver order as promised. Total loss is $28

My complaint is the same as most of the other complaints, although, it’s been about three months since I ordered my NODAPL shirt, and I still have no idea what is going on. I paid $50 for that d**n shirt. Not to mention, the profits from ordering the NODAPL shirt from teezilt don’t even go to Standing Rock. The design for the shirt was stolen from Shalene Woodley. Treezily is not legitimate at all. I hope it gets shut down.

I think that there will be many others disturbed by your comments as it is clear that Teezily DO NOT pass so called donations to those they should be. Perhaps it would be beneficial to add your comments to the Teezily review site through Trust Pilot, comments like yours and the problems that you have encountered should be a warning to anyone who claim to support them. Current investigations in the UK prove what sort of characters work for Teezily and it is likely that changes going through at the moment will mean that ALL buyers through Teezily will continue… Read more »

I ordered for Xmas in early Nov, still no sign. Did get an email asking for my address again. been two months. Who can we report this to.? Still hoping I get it for my daughters birthday but not looking good. Never again.

Also if you paid for the goods by credit card, contact your card issuer and raise the matter with them. They will refund the items and Teezily will get charged for the service

Contact Charles Dilasser om the telephone numbers below. If not let me know

No phone number that i can see. I am in Australia. They have emailed me for a statutory declaration and a copy of id . Has been two months since order was supposedly sent. I will not give up.


It is evident that there are a huge number of complaints about products and services of Teezily and several other media organisations on their trail. To make matters easier we are combining and collating all information onto one site. If you have anything you would like to be known to save other consumers from suffering like you have, then please let us know on consumer.concerns@gmail.com

There have been numerous problems with purchases from Teezily that have been brought to my attention by a colleague who has now ceased the case due to the number of complaints involved. If you have been having problems obtaining a refund from, supplied with defective goods, abysmal customer service please contact me directly on complaints.uk@outlook.com and we will arrange media coverage on your behalf as Teezily have failed to respond to any of the matters that we have raised and after holding on the phone for 30 minutes this afternoon we gave up waiting for someone to answer the phone

My payment was taken 27th December and have had no reply to my emails. Very disappointed that this company has not been vetted.

Have been watching Teezily for over six months for multi national media coverage. The suggestion of putting names to replies seems s to have fallen on deaf ears, but they have “agents” that they pass details too. These must be ” SECRET AGENTS” who don’t want to be traced, so look for staff leaving with paper bags on their heads .

Still having problems don’t listen to what you are told, try
telephone number +33975183377

NEW CONTACT DETAILS FOR TEEZILY Charles Dilasser 19 rue Panthieu 75008 Paris FRANCE Telephone +36651052638 Email: Same as before (the one which receives no answer or abysmal staff) But on the good side the logo does have an answer Looks like an Archery Target with a T shirt inside, what a shame they didn’t finish it and put a face inside Still don’t have staff who will put full names to their responses to avoid any additional confusion, but perhaps of the ignorance and incompetence they only wish to be known as “The Teezily Staff” Coming up in the future,… Read more »

Do Teezily work in a time warp ?
Look at the entry from Sheryl De Boer dated 11th January 2017
Spot the deliberate error
And you think you have problems

Charles Dilasser clearly does not wish to have his details for contact placed on this site, therefore will be creating a site especially for him with his home and work address and contact details

Charles Dilasser
6 rue Leon Cognient

Telephone 02037688072

to have the matter resolved


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