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Last Updated On: January 31, 2017

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Business Name: Teezily.com
Paris France

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Teezily Phone Number: +33 9 75 18 33 77
Corp Email: support@teezily.com
Company Contact: Charles Dilasser - Owner, Admin
Corp Website: teezily.com

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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 86

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Reported Losses: $346.88
Average Reported Losses: $28.91

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Teezilly is not a reliable business!

I ordered a long sleeve shirt through a Facebook ad which indicated that it was associated with the Standing Rock North Dakota Pipeline #NODAPL. I ordered the shirt and they charged my bank card and sent an email thanking me for my purchase on Nov. 2nd. Then i received another email Nov 3rd stating my item was going to ship in 10 to 15 days. I think they are using this “when the campaign ends” loophole as an excuse because they are not fulfilling their promises.

I sent and email on Nov 29th to Teezily telling them it had been 26 Days and had not received my item! They sent back an email stating they “checked on my order” and it was still at the warehouse, printer, or whatever and they would be shipping it soon. It is now Dec 6th and i still don’t have my shirt! The clients that are using Teezily to print and process shirt orders need to be made aware of these issues with Teezily.

I can now see on this site where many many others like myself have had the same kind of experiences i have experienced with Teezily. With all the negative reviews i have now seen all over the internet and this site like many of the others, i wish i would have been more vigilant in checking their credibility before i made the purchase. It may be necessary to file a class action suit against Teezily.

We all should stay in contact here on this Complaints List site and if necessary we can all file a legal complaint against Teezily. I will be contacting the BBB and any other entities i can find to file a complaint against Teezily. I guess Teezily may be trying to make a quick buck and may end up just filing a bankruptcy because of all the negative reviews but they probably will change the name and continue to do the same thing all over again.

Good luck to all the rest of you here on this site still dealing with Teezily.

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  • Serge

    I ordered a t-shirt as part of my Valentine’s Day gift for my wife. The tracking number from UPS says the item had been delivered, but the post office referenced for delivery is not even close to our home, about 25 miles away. I am still researching this, but I am suspicious now whether, I will ever see my purchase.

  • cayuse

    When I got my long sleeved T-shirt the printing looked like double vision. Very poorly done, and anyone who printed would have seen that right away, but since it was for a good cause I could only hope Teezily passed some of the profits along to Standing Rock. Then I washed and dried the shirt according to the instructions and it shrunk a huge amount. The sleeves are now 3/4 length.

    Teezily might be in support of good causes but their products are substandardd quality at a premium price. They should be ashamed to offer such poor quality products f. I feel it is only fair to warn potential consumers. If you are looking for a company to support your cause, this doesn’t seem to be the one.

    Since I posted this initial review Teezily has contacted me three times over the past few months to send pictures, each time asking me to take a picture farther away. I sent them photos twice but I’m not wasting any more time with them. Since the printing is blurry the farther away the photo the better it looks. They obviously have no intention of reprinting the t-shirt as they initially said they would. If you read their reviews you will get a good idea of what to expect.

  • Elizabeth Haas-Armstrong

    I ordered a hoodie and decided to cancel within the hour. The cancel my order button told me they were having problems and to try again in “a minute” but still wasn’t working 12hours later. I decided to just email directly, in which they finally responded and told me I could not cancel because the campaign ended! I am continuing to dispute and have escalated to PayPal.

  • Linda in USA

    I ordered a T-shirt several days ago and used my credit card to pay. Within 2 days I
    receive a call from my credit card company FRAUD DEPT asking if I was currently in Europe.
    I stated that I was not and why? They said that my credit card had been used for purchases all over Europe!! England, Netherlands, France. Is this just a coincidence?

  • Leigh van Wyk

    I ordered a singlet which supported the Standing Rock protest. It has been over two months and I still haven’t received my order and all communication from their end has stopped, despite continual emails asking about my order. POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE! If only I read the reviews before purchasing!!!!

  • Julia Dixon Fischer

    Don’t know how to return a shirt . . . ordered a shirt in a size medium . . . arrived in a size that must be an extra small!!! REALLY want the shirt in a woman’s medium or larger! How do I return and get a larger shirt???

  • Kim Draves

    Ordered two shirts from them one a medium that was small for a medium so I just went a head and ordered a large. The large is smaller than the medium and it smells funky. Bad quality shirts I might add. Ordered a shirt for hubby and this thing looks like it has been washed and someone had already wore it. Never again will I order from them.

  • Kristina

    I wanted a refund for poor quality t-shirt they have sent me (I have ordered a t-shirt and because I liked it so much, later I ordered another one just like the first one. However, the second one came and it was way too big, the print was of poor quality and it had some dirt from manufacturing on it). They advised me to have a shirt reprinted instead and I agreed. Big big mistake.
    It has been 7 weeks now and the promised t-shirt hadn’t arrived. I sent two emails: first one to the worker I have been in contact with about the refund (sent two weeks ago) and I submitted second one through their website (several days ago). No answer whatsoever.
    The price of the shirt with postal fees was €27.72 EUR.

  • Angela

    I ordered Jan 2, 2016. Website has yet to deliver order as promised. Total loss is $28

  • Eric

    My complaint is the same as most of the other complaints, although, it’s been about three months since I ordered my NODAPL shirt, and I still have no idea what is going on. I paid $50 for that d**n shirt. Not to mention, the profits from ordering the NODAPL shirt from teezilt don’t even go to Standing Rock. The design for the shirt was stolen from Shalene Woodley. Treezily is not legitimate at all. I hope it gets shut down.

    • Peter simmons

      I think that there will be many others disturbed by your comments as it is clear that Teezily DO NOT pass so called donations to those they should be. Perhaps it would be beneficial to add your comments to the Teezily review site through Trust Pilot, comments like yours and the problems that you have encountered should be a warning to anyone who claim to support them. Current investigations in the UK prove what sort of characters work for Teezily and it is likely that changes going through at the moment will mean that ALL buyers through Teezily will continue to loose larger amounts of cash. Good luck with your problem solving with these iidiots run my Charles Dilasser, the biggest idiot of them all who fails to respond to any commubications

  • Karen Tame

    I ordered for Xmas in early Nov, still no sign. Did get an email asking for my address again. been two months. Who can we report this to.? Still hoping I get it for my daughters birthday but not looking good. Never again.

    • Peter Simmons

      Contact Charles Dilasser om the telephone numbers below. If not let me know

      • Karen Tame

        No phone number that i can see. I am in Australia. They have emailed me for a statutory declaration and a copy of id . Has been two months since order was supposedly sent. I will not give up.

    • Peter Simmons

      Also if you paid for the goods by credit card, contact your card issuer and raise the matter with them. They will refund the items and Teezily will get charged for the service

  • Sarah Firth


    It is evident that there are a huge number of complaints about products and services of Teezily and several other media organisations on their trail. To make matters easier we are combining and collating all information onto one site. If you have anything you would like to be known to save other consumers from suffering like you have, then please let us know on consumer.concerns@gmail.com

  • Richard Dunn

    There have been numerous problems with purchases from Teezily that have been brought to my attention by a colleague who has now ceased the case due to the number of complaints involved. If you have been having problems obtaining a refund from, supplied with defective goods, abysmal customer service please contact me directly on complaints.uk@outlook.com and we will arrange media coverage on your behalf as Teezily have failed to respond to any of the matters that we have raised and after holding on the phone for 30 minutes this afternoon we gave up waiting for someone to answer the phone

  • Janet J

    My payment was taken 27th December and have had no reply to my emails. Very disappointed that this company has not been vetted.

  • Peter Simmons

    Have been watching Teezily for over six months for multi national media coverage. The suggestion of putting names to replies seems s to have fallen on deaf ears, but they have “agents” that they pass details too. These must be ” SECRET AGENTS” who don’t want to be traced, so look for staff leaving with paper bags on their heads .

  • Peter Simmons

    Still having problems don’t listen to what you are told, try
    telephone number +33975183377

  • Peter Simmons


    Charles Dilasser
    19 rue Panthieu
    75008 Paris

    Telephone +36651052638
    Email: Same as before (the one which receives no answer or abysmal staff)

    But on the good side the logo does have an answer

    Looks like an Archery Target with a T shirt inside, what a shame they didn’t finish it and put a face inside

    Still don’t have staff who will put full names to their responses to avoid any additional confusion, but perhaps of the ignorance and incompetence they only wish to be known as “The Teezily Staff”

    Coming up in the future, statements from former Teezily staff made in Paris within the past fourteen days with opinions of the inside working for this abysmal company

  • Peter Simmons

    Do Teezily work in a time warp ?
    Look at the entry from Sheryl De Boer dated 11th January 2017
    Spot the deliberate error
    And you think you have problems

  • Peter Simmons

    Charles Dilasser clearly does not wish to have his details for contact placed on this site, therefore will be creating a site especially for him with his home and work address and contact details

  • Peter Simmons

    Charles Dilasser
    6 rue Leon Cognient

    Telephone 02037688072

    to have the matter resolved

  • Peter Simmons

    For those who have had problems getting a response out of Teezly for their substandard work, I suggest you contact:

    Charles Dilasser,
    Owner / Chief Executive Officer
    6rue Leon Cagniet
    FRANCE 75017

    Telephone: 02038688072

  • Peter Simmons


    Charles Dilasser
    Chief Executive Officer
    6 rue-Leon Cogniet

    Tel: 02038688072

  • Tamás

    I have ordered 3 times from them. The quality is as can be expected from an online order (thin cloth, thin print).

    The 3rd time I ordered the same shirt twice and on one of them the print was pale and completely red in hue. I sent customer support photos and they admitted you can obviously see the difference in quality but it can not be classed as faulty.

    Not gonna order from them again and I would dissuade anyone else to do so.

    • Peter Simmons

      I have been informed that there have been complaints against Teezily logged with Trust Pilot

      If you have been affected by their incompetence contact them directly


      They don’t have much of a reputation but failing to have them respond to your communication will give you the opportunity to obtain a Crime Number from your local Police Station which can be used in evidence against the CEO at Teezily

  • Heather P

    Same thing happened to me! I was suppose to get Gentry and instead got Gilchrist on it..

  • Heather P

    Ordered a shirt that was suppose to say “Future Mrs Gentry_” and ended up having another last name on it. Have sent a total of 3 emails including one on Facebook and no response. #Teezilly is a RIPOFF and a JOKE. If your expecting a “Future Mrs Gilchrist” shirt then I have your shirt!

    • Peter Simmons

      check below

  • Anne Meunier

    Please do not buy anything from this company, I have ordered a sweather on December 19th for 51.00 , received an email the next day stating it will be shipped UPS between 6 to 10 days. As of today January 6, 2017, I am still waiting for my package I have sent an email to them on December 31st to know what was the status of my ordered. No answer from them. Sent another email 2 days ago January 5 asking them that I want my money back and still no answer from them. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

    • Katy Boyd

      I’m exactly the same… although ordered a Christmas darts hoodie at beginning of Dec. ..no emails answered and have called a number in France and left messages with no response. ..This is THEFT

      • Sarah Firth

        Try one of the telephone numbers listed above

  • Aude Inetta

    Hi. I am in the same situation. Never got the shirt I purchased mid december for a christmas gift. I have sent a complaint email to their customer service and I am still waiting for a reply. My shirt was apparently shipped on the 29th of December and I am still waiting for it :'(

  • Peter Simmons

    This matter has now been reported to the Police in Germany and crime number obtained and will be circulated around Europe to advise other countries of the problems and deception that they cause

  • Ann B

    I am contacting the BBB and would like to file a complaint. Mine is the same as all the others I have read so I won’t bore with dates, tracking..it is the same story. My order also for Christmas I never got it.

  • Cindy Sweller

    Ordered 1 t-shirt on 12-31-16. for $23.99.. Got 2 e-mail’s on 1-3-17( order’s) were shipped UPS, & my checkbook was $26.14 short!! I ordered one & they processed two, punched in tracking#’s (NOT AVAILABLE) !! So they ripped me of $50.13 !! SOB!

    • Gabriela Harazinova

      SAME EXACT SAME STORY WITH ME…. I am trying to find number of rmail where they would answer it cost me 40£!!!!! I want my money back.. ANybody know how to get hold of them?!?!?!?!

  • Peter Simmons

    Issue proceedings through small claims court, adding on costs incurred for the paperwork and send direct to the dodgy character at the top of the tree. This is clearly a case of obtaining funds by deception, don’t bother with the support lines, they don’t know what they are dealing with and even send responses to someone not connected with a particular case. Make sure that they media are aware of the problems you have had and refer them to this and other sites with huge amount of negative feedback

  • Peter Simmons

    Well put, but I would seriously consider taking action through the local courts for “Obtaining Funds by Deception” and add court costs to your claim, and remember that matters like this concerning customer satisfaction make interesting reading for all concerned. Don’t bother with the Customer Service Team they haven’t got a clue who or what they are talking about and apart from sending incorrect goods, and shoddy workmanship also fail to respond to customers with the correct name, so who do they think they are dealing with. It is also of interest that the CEO and Company Solicitor gave the company five star reviews in December. It is totally unethical that two of the highest members of the company can give positive ratings to themselves!!!

  • Adam

    Shirt ordered beginning of December, tracking went dead Dec 22nd. Now as of Jan 4 2017, Still no updated tracking, no shirt, and zero responses from customer service. It’s a scam of a site. Beware.

  • Alicia

    I ordered a shirt for my boyfriend on December 6 for Xmas. Recieved a tracking number that went dead as of Dec 19. I have sent 2 emails to teezily and received no reply. I want my money back or the product that I ordered. I will NEVER purchase another product from then again. Horrible service. Horrible company.

  • Bobbi-Jo Smith

    None of my emails answered or orders received company is a rip off!!! Been over a

  • Paula SweetPee

    I brought a t shirt as an Xmas gift – it never arrived! I contacted them on several occasions and they are completely ignoring me! Discusting!! They have £25 of my money and I can’t get it back!! Avoid this company!! I’m taking them to trading standards if they don’t give me my money back soon!!!!!

  • Michelle Thornton

    I ordered a shirt for my son for Christmas. It took about 5 weeks to get it and when I did receive it the shirt was not the one I ordered. I have tried to contact them three times and have yet to get a response. This company is a joke. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS COMPANY!!!!!! It seems I’m not the only one who has had this problem. Terrible!!!! This place takes your money and you either don’t receive the right one or you don’t receive it at all. They will not contact you about your issues. I’m posting to social media also to warn people away from this company!!!

  • Cheryl

    I ordered 3 t-shirts as Christmas presents and still have not received them. I went to the post office to have them check the tracking number and they said it did not exist. I am so extremely disappointed and mad since they debited my account, but I still have not received them. They are such scammers. I want a refund!

  • Peter Simmons

    Have you been having problems with Teezily concerning the quality of products, obtaining refunds, failure to provide correct information or fail to return calls, we would be interested to hear from you to act as one body with many cases for any future legal action to commence; You can contact us directly at croydon.press.europe@jpurnalist.com

  • lainey

    Hi I ordered a Xmas jumper and it arrived 3days before Xmas unfortunately it was too small.Have emailed them on two occasions and they said they would get back to me shortly. Have they NO !!

  • Brynn

    I made a purchase back on the 7th of December for a t-shirt which cost me $28.85 for the t-shirt Kicks-like-a-girl. I ordered it in plenty of time for Christmas. Have not received any information about my order yet have been charged. I am highly upset that I have no information regarding my order and when I search for the order because I have no order number to input it tells me there is no order that goes to my email. I am extremely pissed off that I was charged for something I should of received already.

  • Merilee Mann

    I ordered a Tshirt on 27 November and the order was confirmed by email on 29th (order O-1K525). I was expecting it to be here well before Christmas, but so far it has not turned up. It was supposedly dispatched on December 9th (from US) but the UPS tracking information they supplied seems to indicate it has vanished around 12th. I contacted customer service and received an automated reply saying someone would handle my enquiry but they never did. The money for the shirt ($44.10 Australian) was debited on 29 November and went to an Australian bank account. I have posted a negative review which seemed to annoy them but not enough to follow this up. It seems to be just another scam where the amount stolen from each individual is small enough that it would not attract police action, but they have probably made a small fortune overall as they are still advertising on Facebook every day.

    • Peter Simmons

      This organisation has only started to deal in Australia within the past twelve months. Make sure that the media are aware of the problems that you have suffered, take the matter to the small claims courts and add your costs also. This again is clearly a matter of “Obtaining funds by deception”

  • Paula

    I ordered a long sleeve T-Shirt in November as a Christmas present.
    I Had to contact them for a status after 3 weeks. Finally, got the shirt and there is a red line smudged on the emblem. Sent them a couple of emails and they sent me a photo shopped picture of a long sleeve blue shirt with the line on the emblem telling me that the shirt I received was flawless. I went to their website looking for the red shirt I actually ordered and it did not have a line through it. The ink is not smudge free. Whoever, printed the emblem onto the shirt is an amateur an they refused to refund me.

    This is their reply

    Bekhit M (Teezily)
    Dec 26, 11:29 CET
    Dear Paula,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Teezily is simply a web platform which aims at offering the possibility for individuals to create and sell their own articles, managing their own communication/advertising on various social media sites.

    But since we do not create neither manage the campaigns advertisement on social media, our validation process is limited to the campaign description.

    We can only verify the print by viewing the print which was on the page you have ordered from (www.teezily.com) The print was visible and the smudge you are talking about is not a smudge but part of the design.

    We have sent the item without faults and so we decline your refund request.

    We thank you for your understanding,
    This email is a total cop-out to swindle the customer. Needless to say, I will never order anything from this online company again and am posting on my website so none of my friends and family ordered from them again. Hopefully, they will also share with their friends and family.

  • Ana

    The same story: paid almost $30 for a t-shirt that was supposed to be delivered before Christmas. The company is “still printing”. Reading all other reviews, I am realizing that I will probably never receive the product. Requested a refund. If I don’t receive it soon, I will be complaining further. Negative feedback is huge for this company, so appropriate agencies should start an investigation.

  • R West

    I was double ordered/double billed for an order for 2 tshirts. Orders O-HU4AD $33.98 and O-1ZSQI $46.88. I emailed and called customer service, which is a joke. Someone on a cell phone with bad reception is all I got. He refused to cancel the duplicate order even though he said it has not printed yet. The order will not be here in time for Christmas. I have been double billed for something that won’t even arrive on time. What a horrible, unethical company. At this point, I don’t even want their t-shirt anymore. I just want my money back. I have also posted my experience on facebook.

    • Sabine Schmidt

      This is one company to avoid at all costs, watch for them re-emerging in the New Year same directors but under the name of connection with Sunfrog. Anyone in the UK who has been dealt incorrectly by the company report to the Department of Commerce and Industry in the UK and issue legal proceedings through the County Court, if they refuse to refund your money. This will cost £25 but add the costs to that of your claim

  • #NoDAPL

    I found this site because I’m infuriated. I just sent this last response a few moments ago.

    Sorry, Jack. Over 3 weeks for the item to be sent, which never showed, customer support has been severely lacking to rectify the situation, tracking says it is back at the delivery location, and you’re telling me 4 MORE WEEKS until its processed? Yeah, that’s working for me. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK SO I CAN SEND IT DIRECTLY TO STANDING ROCK. I’ve already contacted my bank so they are aware. Better Business Bureau is next and I ABSOLUTELY intend on letting people know this is total scam! REFUND MY MONEY THAT SHOULD BE HELPING PEOPLE WHO ARE PROTECTING ALL OF US. NOW!



  • Gracyn Ramie

    I ordered 2 t-shirts on Nov 10, 2016. Learned through a post on my facebook page that they are scammers. Emailed them to ask where my shirts are. Am going to my bank today to attempt return of the $76.80. Posted a beware of teezily on my twitter site. So far this place not showing up on snopes.

  • Jesse

    Immediately after placing my order I realized that I had ordered the wrong color and I sent customer service an email. They didn’t get back to me for days, and then they told me it was too late! I pointed out that if they had gotten back to me in a timely manner, it wouldn’t have been too late but they refused to make it right and then they refused to cancel my order. I spent $40 for a frikken T shirt that I can’t even use. I’m very unhappy with teezily and their service. Also, I have yet to receive this T shirt

  • Anirban Mazumdar

    I ordered a T-Shirt for amount to almost 40 GBP..Ripped of..Apparently a UPS label for shipping was created but never posted to Deliver.New ploy.. Fraud..

  • Frances White

    I ordered 2 T-shirts from teezily which were for a campaign for #NoDAPL #StandingWithStandingRock and I’ve been ripped off. my order is not here and there is no information provided to me by teezily on the status of my order. teezily needs to be ashamed of themselves. I have gotten no staus on when or if teezily plans to refund my money either.

  • Chris Thomas

    Looks like I got had. Bought a protest shirt suppose to be funding the Sioux tribe and got ripped off by this lot. No shirt and the Sioux fighting corruption didn’t get my money. Shame on you. Black hearts!

  • Paul Rutherford

    his company is a con and deserves investigation as instigated by Croydon Press for the way in which it operates and fails to respond to consumer complaints. Before you order anything from this organisation check their profile on other consumer sites and that especially on Trust Pilot, forward details of your complaint and problems to BBC Watchdog, they already have a case with them. BUT DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE FRAUDSTERS

  • Jamie Lynn

    This company is a freaking rip off. Got one communication that said when the t-shirts would ship, my VISA would be charged. Transaction was 11/3/16. Never heard from the company, but they’ve charged my VISA account. I am on with VISA now getting the charges removed.

  • Annette Cope

    Bought a gift from my daughter to her dad quality is shocking will never buy from them again the print hasn’t taken properly for the price it’s disgusting it will probably wash off apparently it’s not faulty

  • Susan stillman

    Will be making sure everyone on facebook knows about this company. Ordered tshirts for Dakota pipeline off of facebook. They took over $66 out of my account & no product

    • Chris Thomas

      I got caught too. There are many scammers aimed at Dakota. We got caught. :-(

  • Susan

    I ordered some shirts on October 30. They said they would not take the money out until items were shipped, but it was taken out immediately. I emailed them & have still not received a reply. Will never buy from them again

  • pet61cre

    Got my money back today. Lucky i had paid through PayPal and with my credit card. But Teezily had use of it for two months. Never buy from them.

    • Teezily Jordi


      We sincerely apologize, due to some technical issues we had a delay in treating the query. Also, the experience you had with our company is not common and we want to make sure that this does not happen again. We always work hard on delivering the products to our customers as fast as possible.

      In order for us to be able to help you, would you be so kind to tell us your order number? We can then look at the situation and hopefully come to a proper solution together.

      Best regards,

    • Khaled Samy Hall

      Notification to ALL

      Delays Delays Delays from Teezily

      Very Poor service

      Teezily received my money since August 4 and until now I didn’t receive my order.

      This is their yesterday message

      Amy (Teezily)

      Sep 13, 13:30 CEST

      Dear Khaled,

      Thank you for contacting Teezily support.

      Please accept my sincerest apologies for waiting so long.

      Please allow another 3 weeks for your order to arrive.

      If this time frame expires and you still haven’t received your order, please do contact us.

      In this case, we will be able to offer you a free reprint of your order, which will be delivered to you 4 to 6 weeks from the date when the reprint request was validated.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      Kind regards,

      Notification to ALL

      Delays Delays Delays from Teezily

      Very Poor service

      Teezily received my money since August 4 and until now I didn’t receive my order.

      This is their yesterday message

      Amy (Teezily)

      Sep 13, 13:30 CEST

      Dear Khaled,

      Thank you for contacting Teezily support.

      Please accept my sincerest apologies for waiting so long.

      Please allow another 3 weeks for your order to arrive.

      If this time frame expires and you still haven’t received your order, please do contact us.

      In this case, we will be able to offer you a free reprint of your order, which will be delivered to you 4 to 6 weeks from the date when the reprint request was validated.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      Kind regards,

  • pet61cre

    I ordered a TShirt and the money was taken straight away. AFTER ordering I was told they were just now waiting for a required number of orders to go to print. No mention of that when I ordered Eventually they said they now had enough orders and I would be receiving my T Shirt in 3/5 days. When I asked for the tracking number they said there was no tracking number because it was coming from France and this was to save the customer on postal charges. After still not getting my TShirt after 7 days I asked then what was happening as I had found these bad reviews by then, and felt i was being ripped off. (although I paid through PayPal with my credit card). They said the 3/5 days delivery was a mistake as that did not take into account shipping to other countries. They then said the time was now being altered to 21 days. After 21 days I asked for my money back but they said they could not refund until 30 days had passed. Even if I get my money back they have had my money in their bank account for over two months to use as they like. N ow it is in the hands of the PayPal dispute team. AVOID like the plague.

  • adrenaline_jen

    Very long wait for an extremely overpriced and poor quality product. I cannot recommend anyone buy from this vendor – ever!

    • Teezily Jordi


      We sincerely apologize, due to some technical issues we had a delay in treating the query. We regret to hear that the quality of your product wasn’t up to your expectations. We offer great competitive prices and it is highly important to us that our products are of excellent quality. We want to prevent this from happening again. In order for us to be able to help you, would you be so kind to tell us your order number? We can then look at the situation and hopefully come to a proper solution together.

      With kind regards,
      The Teezily Team

  • maurieen

    This company is terrible. Got the T-shirts I ordered, but they’re both too big. Asked for info on how to exchange and it took them a month to tell me they wouldn’t exchange them. Never order from these people. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!

  • disqus_noIp6yoDMT


  • OutfieldDan

    Teezily is a bad company. They advertised tshirts with ambiguous information about printing being on the back. The tshirt label is photoshopped out, and it’s impossible to see that the tshirt message is on the back. Who wants people to react behind their backs? I asked for a refund and they refuse.

  • Gerre Tateljee

    I started a campaign and ordered 3 t-shirts from my own design. Friends of mine also ordered some.

    After the campaign was finished, I received an e-mail that the sales target is not reached.

    It automatically starts up again. I ordered again, some of my friends also. Money was withdrawn immediately from our accounts .

    Waited fot the end of the campaign, not enough peoples had ordered, so the campaign had failed again.

    Again with the e-mail that no money should be withdrawn and no t-shirts will be produced.

    Though our money was withdrawn, I emailed them to refund is if there are no t-shirts made + shipping costs…

    No respond

    I can not stop the campaign myself, if I do so I receive an e-mail I restarted my campaign..

    Emails again, no respond…

    Total loss of money : 146.25€

    What to do ??



    • Teezily Jordi


      We sincerely apologize, due to some technical issues we had a delay in treating the query. We are sorry to hear about your situation. The customer is our priority and we always do our utmost best to help them in the best way possible. We want to prevent this from happening again. I want to ask if your problem has been solved already and if not, would you then be so kind to contact us via mail support@teezily.com explaining the situation? We can then hopefully come to a proper solution together.

      With kind regards,
      The Teezily Team

  • Liza Nilzzon

    Put an order in middle of november (2015) and credit card was charged (about 40 €).
    After a month I sent Teezily a mail and asked what has happened with my order and after a few days was told the package was sent.

    Still haven’t received anything and if nothing happens in next two days I will turn to to the National Board for Consumer Disputes

    • Teezily Jordi


      We sincerely apologize, due to some technical issues we had a delay in treating the query. The experience you had with our company is not common and we want to make sure that this does not happen again. We always work hard on delivering the products to our customers as fast as possible. May I ask you if you have already received your order?

      If not, would you then be so kind to tell us your order number? We can then look at the situation and hopefully come to a proper solution together.

      with kind regard,
      The Teezily Team

  • KYLOREN654321

    I wanted to cancel my item (buyers regret) and so I emailed them that same day. The following day I received and email that my order had been cancelled and I am waiting for a refund which should arrive in the next 8 days. I thought the service was fast and well handled.
    Perhaps it was because my item hadn’t yet been dispatched. Even so this was my service experience hope it was useful.

    • Teezily Jordi


      We want to thank you for your comment, it is important to us that our clients are being helped in the best way possible. Seeing your comment, makes us appreciate the hard work we put in!

      with kind regards,
      The Teezily Team

  • Zuzana Faksova

    I ordered 2 jacket, payment of 75 euros was taken straight from my credit card, but I m waiting already 2 months for packet… No arrived… Discussing it with customer service, not very helpfull… Dont order anything from them, its fake company, they should put them on the court!!!! Be carefull!!!!

    • Teezily Jordi


      We sincerely apologize, due to some technical issues we had a delay in treating the query.

      The experience you had with our company is not common and we want to make sure that this does not happen again. We always work hard on delivering the products to our customers as fast as possible.

      May I ask if you have already received the order?

      If not, would you then be so kind to tell us your order number? We can then look at the situation and hopefully come to a proper solution together.

      Best regards,


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