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Last Updated On: March 27, 2015

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Business Name: Global Egrow Limited
Corporate Address:
526 Nanshan Road
Shenzhen, Futian, Guangdong 518000 China

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Corp Phone Number: 001-909-581-9508
Company Contact: Jia Dong Xu - Director
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Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 410 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 344

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Reported Losses: $29,644.18
Average Reported Losses: $72.30

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Too good to be true - it isn't!

I ordered two lacy blouses in my correct size (s/m). They were so cheaply made I would be afraid to wash them. And they were about 2 sizes too small! I couldn’t even get my arms into one, the sleeves were so narrow!

I sent an email to customer service who said they’d get back to me in 24 hours – they didn’t. And I’ve tried for 2 days to call and the line is always busy.

Obviously, this company is a scam.

Official Responses from SammyDress

By: Rona Chan On: March 6, 2013

Thank you to everyone, we always welcome feedback from our valued customers. Let me start by apologizing for some of the experiences that have affected our customers. We really want to make this right. We wish to let every one of those customers know that we are extremely sorry for their disappointment. We want to apologize for any and all inconvenience caused.

We are categorically NOT a con. We really do not need to risk our reputation by operating in the way that the unfounded allegations assert. Nevertheless, we respect the opinions of customers. We are perhaps even more upset about this than some of the customers here are. We have thousands of satisfied customers and we work extremely hard to provide responsive customer service. Having said that, we have undertaken – and are in the process of carrying out – key improvement initiatives that will minimize delays and provide a more responsive customer service experience for all of our customers.

For orders made around or during the recent Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, the supply of products had been significantly disrupted. Major factory suppliers have only recently started to return and we anticipate that supply will begin to normalize over the next few weeks. The holiday has caused unavoidable delays in terms of order processing and the helpdesk. We are extremely sorry and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers, and ask for your kind understanding. Please understand that we are more than willing to assist any customer.

There is one other point we’d like to make. Sometimes the only indication we had that there was an issue with a specific order was by reading the postings on this site. While we appreciate the feedback, both good and bad, we encourage all customers to contact our Customer Service Department directly before posting a review. We find that to be a much more efficient way of addressing customer service issues. If after doing so you feel compelled to write a review, positive or negative, we would welcome the feedback. You can reach our Customer Service Department on 1(909)581-9508 as well as Please understand that we are more than willing to assist any customer. That is why we are here… to help.

The point is, when you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.

By: amanda wen On: February 4, 2013

Dear customer,

The site service had refund you as you agree ,have you got it , they solve every problem for customer.

and it is real true their service is good.

amanda –


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Consumer Comments For SammyDress

  • Do NOT order products from SammyDress . The extremely poor quality of the products make you wonder buying $1 products at Kmart store are great value.


    Please note, I am going through the same ordeal and its been 2 months
    since I gotten my order. I just sent an e-mail to amanda. I got this
    information from her response back to another upset customer back in 2013. I was not successful via e-mail, chat, or international calling and for 2 days, I kept trying and kept getting a busy tone.

    Good luck to all of you!

    amanda –

  • I made a purchase on 2/23 and finally received the 1 item I ordered on 3/25. I guess that is good after reading the numerous complaints on delivery however in 2 separate places on this article there are holes, noticeable holes. After reading all the complaints I feel it is useless to send back and hope for a refund due to poor quality so I will just chaulk this up to a learning experience but will never order from them again. I’m not going to pay twice to return a junk piece of clothing that took a month to get here. Very disappointed and disgusted that companies like this are allowed to sell anything expecially given all the complaints and hassles of returns and poor quality articles.

  • SammyDress is a total scam, I’m going to be contacting the better business bureau to try and get my money back. Then I’m contacting my states attorney General. This company needs to be shut down. I’m a small petite girl, I can’t believe the crap they sent me. Then the nightmare trying to return it.

  • Believe EVERYTHING that you are reading from this site. I ignored the this and went ahead and purchased somethings that I seen on this website because they were cute. They will cheat you out of your money they will not ship you the things that you ordered in the time that it is promised and when get in contact with customer service they are very nasty and nonchalant. They even had the nerve to offer me 4% off of something. What the hell can I do with 4%. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!

  • I plan to report this company to the Better Buisness Bureau my ordered still haven’t been processed, it’s over two months. I’m reading so many different compliants in these comments about this company and their reputation pursue them. This is not good! I didn’t spend a lot of money but it dosen’t matter, it’s still my money. They shouldn’t take your money until they ship the items.

  • WARNING !!!!! I also ordered a dress for an event and paid the expedited shipping and I have not received a dress or a confirmation of shipping . However the payment came right out of my account . I also get a busy signal when calling and they have not responded to my email complaint either !!!!

  • I would like my money back. How can I do? I tried the number on this site and a number on sammydress, also wrote a report but got no response weeks later. It’s been a month + since I put my order in.

    • To all of the people who have yet to receive their orders.

      Please note, I am going through the same ordeal and its been 2 months since I gotten a response back. Below is the blouse I ordered and have yet to receive it. I just send an e-mail to amanda. I got this information from her respose back to an upset customer back in 2013. Good luck!

      amanda –

  • I placed an order 03/03/2015 and paid the extra cost for expedited delivery and still haven’t received my order. I keep trying to call the customer service number and all im receiving is a busy signal. I spend 90.00 on this site smh!

    • If you reach the customer it will do no good. She wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor, and told me to put my complaint in on the website.

  • I ordered over a month ago and I haven’t recived anything even paid for faster shipping
    ;( I have tried to call the number but it isn’t avil from austraila im so angry i don’t n what to do

  • DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I order a pair of “suede” boots with fur (I have purchased these before from China and they were gorgeous). I never got a confirmation of payment (thank god I used PayPal). I got these garbage faux suede, with crappy fake fur like you see on carnival stuffed animals. And one of the boots had a chunk missing from the toe. I paid $30, and when I told them I wanted to return them, they said I could pay something (don’t know what, they obviously have no one that speaks or understand English) and they’ll ship me another pair. I put in a dispute on PayPal, and they offered me a $3.00 refund. I tried to review the product (which all review say these boots are five stars) and it says I can’t review the product unless I buy it. Really? Stay away from this company. Wish I had come here first before I bought.

  • Sammy Dress is Pathetic. I placed my first and last order with them just a couple of weeks ago. Ordered XL and got XS and then they don’t answer any of ones enquiries, so much for getting back to a person in 24hrs. In their policy documents they say if you are sent wrong size you have to pay return post. Well hello, whose fault is it that they did not send correct size the first time. It is their mistake, they should cover the costs. Whole thing is a money grab, I am going to take some other people’s advice and complain to Paypal. It is this sort of thing that spoils internet shopping. Once bitten twice shy. BAD SELLER, BUYER BEWARE.

  • Suzanne. Sammys dress is pathetic. The order was for XL and it comes XS. I have contacted Customer Service (Maybe should be called Customer Dis-service) and no-one gets back to me. It’s a joke, it was my first order and will be my last. They make the mistake and then have the hide to say, in their policy, if you receive the wrong size you have to pay for return postage. They should not make the mistake in the first place. Even if I did return it, I fear that I would never receive a replacement. Buyer beware, this is a BAD SELLER. They take your money and send you rubbish.

  • I ordered a sweater before Christmas 2014 and just received it today, March 13, 2015. The article is much too small (supposed to be large) and the next step will be to give it to the thrift store. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM SAMMYDRESS!!

  • Never Again SammyDress

  • Place my order in early January, got shipping notification late January. It is now the midfle of March and still not recieved. I have sent 3 messages through their site that the site says will be reponded to witnin 24 hour, NO RESPONSE! I have tried to call the number listed several time, alway get a busy signal. Glad I was smart enough to order 1 item at $11.00. GOOD ADVISE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND ESPECIALLY YOUR MONEY ON THIS SITE!!!! NO ETHICS.

  • Finally go my merchandise after going through Hell. Tried to get PayPal to cooperate but they were very, very slow, so went directly to credit card company and did get my money back. Cancelled my order a month before several times, just to make it CLEAR I no longer wanted the merchandise. Then, like a miracle, it fell out of the sky and they took back the money without ever asking me. I am angry but I do like the blouse. Guess I will end the fued and accept that I got the blouse after 2 and a half months of waiting. Do NOT deal with these people.

  • I ordered something from them last years and it took 3 months to get what I ordered. I acutally forgot I ordered something until it came in the mail. And go figure it was too small however I did not send it back. It was not worth it. I just gave the item away. I will not order from them again because it took so long.

  • So I called them and I literally had to call 10-15 times before I decided to call private and they answered on the first ring. Go Figure! I spoke to a young lady regarding my items that I purchased on 3-8-15 and 3-10-15, 2 of those items have already been shipped out and she said it should get here within the next 2-3 weeks but she said expect a delay with my other 3 purchases because one of them is out of stock and wont be in till 3 more days meaning it wont ship for another week!!!! I then asked her if she could ship my other 2 items that went along with that and she said NO and would not give me an explanation as to why. Then she proceeded to say that I need to be patient because it ships from China!!! No B****, you need to ship my s**t now, I don’t give a rats a*s that its from China. After I receive my items I will no longer order from them, and I think its clever how they remove all negative comments off of SammyDress. TYPICAL! Moral of the story is that if you cant contact them or they wont answer, CALL PRIVATE USING *67. DO NOT SHOP FROM HERE. AND THE YOUNG LADY COULD BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!! SMH.

  • Ordered dress and paid for 3 weeks ago. Can not get customer service. Have not received. Can’t find out how to get refund.

    • good luck with that–try to get your money back.

  • Horrible! I ordered merchandise on Feb 14 and its still processing!

  • I just escalated my dispute with PayPal. No response to my order. Cannot get through to online chat. Customer service phone number not valid. I’ve advised PayPal to investigate them…and not do business with them going forward as it’s nothing but fraud!!! PayPal has advised that even if the company does not have $ in their account I will still be issued a refund. The companies account will show as a negative and they will not be able to do business with them until the issue is resolved. I don’t care about the product I just want my $ back. I’m grateful I ordered via PayPal cause at least I have some measure of recourse. And….I’m putting the word out about this company!!!

  • WARNING: DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. I ordered some tops in an XL and the XL they sent would not fit an anorexic teenage girl! I have been trying to reach out to customer service. their phone is not in service. their chat with a representative does not work either. I have sent 3 emails to get a RMA to return my merchandise, and no response. SCAMMERS!

    • I’m having same experience – I usually take small/med. Ordered L – I told a friend I will give the top to her for her granddaughter if I don’t get a response regarding refund [which I haven’t yet after 3 days – it says it’s processing a response]. I agree with your anorexic description. I could not get the L top barely over my head let alone over my shoulders! Nothing like pictured.

      • Same thing happened to me. I ordered and XL and I think it was an XS. I gave it to my daughter in law, but I’m not sure it will even fit her. SCAM

  • I placed a order back in January, I received an email January 19 it shipped. Still nothing. The phone number does not work, the live chat didn’t work, I tried to put my order number in to file a complaint and it said invalid order number. I’M FURIOUS!!!

    • Same here, however I paid with PayPal, so had record of the transaction. I opened a dispute with PP and immediately got a response from Sammy Dress! Claimed that after 4 weeks, my item is still on backorder but would be available in 5 more days. Really?! I replied that I want the order cancelled, since they did NOT contact me in those 4 weeks to tell me of a delay. If they do not do it, PP will. Open a dispute with whatever you used to pay for the order (credit card, PayPal, etc). It gets their attention FAST!

      • Where is the complaint box on the site??

  • I placed an order in January, and still have not received it. I sent an inquiry email, never heard back. Called the customer service number, constantly busy. Ridiculous!! I’m reporting them!

  • They’re horrible! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. IT IS A CHINESE SCAM!!! The clothes do not fit properly and the customer service number doesn’t work. They claim to have 24/7 customer support which is also a LIE, it instead directs you to a support ticket and you have to wait for a 24 hours for a response! I spent approx. $77 on my order and the items do not look a bit like what was delivered via DHL. Instead very cheap and cheesy looking material and the items were packed in a bubble mailed that smells link skunk a@#! Half of my order was missing and I’m still fighting with them. SMH BUYER BEWARE! I was told my stuff was out of stock too, but it shows available on the website. Go figure I even contacted on Twitter and still have yet to receive a response. The excuse… Chinese New Year! 0_o I’ll chuck i up as a loss, but I’m reporting them now.

  • Sammy apologized, and said they would look into my issue concerning shoes I ordered in Dec., and that were sent out January 19, 2015. Within about a day or two Sammy e-mailed me, and told me to check with my local post office. The tracking code Sammy gave me doesn’t work with the US Post office. The item was sent out China Post surface mail. I finally found a place where I could check tracking with China Post, but the tracking code doesn’t work with China Post because the code has too many numbers. Additionally Sammy informed me that they could not check my tracking on line, because my item was shipped under unregistered mail. I’m getting the run-around.

    • Contact PayPal or the credit card company you used to pay for the shipment. You CAN dispute the transaction and get it refunded.

  • I placed an order in January. It is now March and I haven’t received a thing. I have tried repeatedly to get in touch with this company via email, phone and live chat. Nothing. I sincerely doubt I will ever see any merchandise.

    • Same here, however I paid with PayPal, so had record of the transaction. I opened a dispute with PP and immediately got a response from Sammy Dress! Replied that I want the order cancelled, since they did NOT contact me in those 4 weeks to tell me of a delay. If they do not do it, PP will. Open a dispute with whatever you used to pay for the order (credit card, PayPal, etc).

      • Thanks, Debra. I had also used PayPal, but I read another complaint that said
        PP will not help with this issue so I did not open a dispute. I’m glad to read
        that it can be done and I hope you receive your refund. I finally received my
        order the day after I wrote my review. I had ordered mid-January and received on
        March 7. Incredible!! My online orders are usually at my door within 5 to 7 days
        – so from now on I’m only ordering from well-established companies with which
        I’m very familiar. Lesson learned – :(.

      • Thanks, Debra. I had also used PayPal, but I read another complaint that said
        PP will not help with this issue so I did not open a dispute. I’m glad to read
        that it can be done and I hope you receive your refund. I finally received my
        order the day after i wrote my review. I had ordered mid-January and received on
        March 7. Incredible!! My online orders are usually at my door within 5 to 7 days
        – so from now on I’m only ordering from well-established companies with which
        I’m very familiar. Lesson learned – :(.

  • This site is a joke, and I’m thinking of turing you in to the Better Business Bureau. I placed an order early Dec. It was posted to my paypal card Dec 20th…NEVER received the merchandise at all. Tried calling your customer service number..NOBODY ever answers. You are false advertising…leading women to believe that your “One size fits all” could fit most women. What you mean is “Most women in China”. We here at USA are a little curvier than your country and the one size fits all stuff you have, would be a small-medium here in our country. Very disappointed!!

    • For online businesses you report to FTC
      If you use Web of Trust (WOT) add-on for Chrome, FF or IE you would see that this Sammy’s site is a bright warning RED~!

    • I am beginning to think I am going to lose my money also, not sure they will refund my money, even though none of the stuff I bought fits LIKE it should. I’ll be out $70!

    • Call them using *67, that’s what I had to do, and they answered on the first ring.

  • I wrote a long complaint letting people know about the poor quality and workmanship and it disappeared. HUH?

  • what happened to my complaint? This site is a fraud!

  • I just received my partial order on 2/27/15, The order shipped out on 1/28/15. So just about a month. The items seem sized alright, but the quality of the fabric and the workmanship is awful. I will never order again or ever wear these things. The stuff looks way better in the picture, than in real life. The seams are bunchy and uneven. The fabric is almost transparent. I can’t sew very well, but I can do a much better job. I guess the new crop of children sewing need more experience. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother. You can get better at JC Penney and not spend much more money.

  • I placed an order December 10th for xmas gifts promised 8- 10 days scam #1. Tried to check on order could never get thru phone number online chat does not exist Scam #2. First order received January 5 3 out of 6 items scam #3. I am 5/6 163 ordered med and lg All items were so small I could not even try them on Scam #4. attempt at refund was told by email only credit would be issued Scam # 5 Issue in now in the hands of my credit card company. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • don’t even know where to start. this chines people don’t know how to work and appreciate customers. i orderd 2 shirts on nov 5 and it got lost or they just never sent it, it has been 2 and a half month since they OFFICIALY told me its lost. then,they gave me an option to reorder the shirts again finally they “agreed” to send it again with no charge but only if il pay extra money for shipping, which i agreed even though its their problem, but then after i paid again they never wrote me back anything no tracking num no nothing! 3 weeks later i contact them and they respond with “sorry we are out of your products, only in 4 weeks we will have them”. they need to be ashamed for having such a bad business that can’t handle 1 customer. i will never spend my money there and i really recommend you not to do that either . NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • still have not recieved any response to the 3 “tickets” i have placed with sammy dress regarding wrong size jackets i purchased. probably won’t ever get a response and thier supposed phone number that they provided is always busy miss amanda wen. i have attempted every possible way to get a response from them and nothing. the tickets i submitted no longer exist. and still no response. going to paypal to try and resolve.

  • I ordered a top 3 weeks ago and it says processing. Tried to call the contact number and get a voice message and then tried again later and busy signal. Later again and got memory full. What’s up with that! Never have I encountered such poor service and slowness in getting an order. This company has my money and I have no top. Never will order anything again from them. Bad-Bad for business.

  • M1501160535317981 order number for sammy dress made three complaints and got ticket numbers for the crap I recieved and still waiting for a reply 10 days later. The two previous tickets have been deleted from there system…………….WHAT IS GOING ON SAMMY DRESS ?????

  • I ordered two dresses. I am plus size, the items came and they were teenage sizes. Very disappointed. Was looking forward to the two great styles in MY SIZE as I ordered them. Don’t appreciate bait & switch techniques.

  • I haven’t get my 5 product orders. I sent an email in feedback section because they do not have any email ID???????? Is this app is scam? i have ordered 2 months ago and still did not get any of it. I tried to call customer service number which is 909-581-9508 but voice mail box is full. Is any one checking any complains? Don’t scam people with made up app…..

  • every item I ordered is crap…sizing is for teens, not women like it is stated. Never again……

    • I agree

  • Where is my order?

    • when did you order?I am thinking on ordering from them but this is making me wonder…can you give me more info..thx so much for your time chow

  • So glad I saw all these complaints. I was going to order a few items. There is no way I will get anything from Sammys.

  • well im scared now after all the reviews I jst order wish I would have read this before I order cause I was planning on wearin it to a party I hope that it doesn’t happen to me

  • “Dear customer,

    The site service had refund you as you agree ,have you got it , they solve every problem for customer.

    and it is real true their service is good.” LOL…..

    WOW!! This should explain everything. Every single response demands “we are not a con” “we not scam”; this tells me you are. Your business ethics should prove you’re not. Along with that, the “excuse” from Rona Chan (if that is even a real name) is the same exact, copy and pasted excuse used on every site I have seen. Chinese Lunar New Year , blah blah blah!!

    The lesson here people. Stop buying Chinese crap clothes and sending money to these scam artists pilfering money.

  • I received three items very quickly, within 5 business days. HOWEVER, one of them I had canceled… and they still charged me for (Trendy
    Buttons Design Long Sleeve Round Collar Solid Color Pullover Dress For Women), one was supposed to be this dress, (Sexy
    Halter Sleeveless Color Block Dress For Women), but they sent me one that would fit a 14 year old which hits at least 6 inches above the knees (DEFINITELY not the one that I ordered), and the other’s fabric is so thin that I don’t think I ever dare to wear it. One item is still back ordered but I am certainly not holding my breath.

    Don’t buy from Sammydress, perhaps they are not a “con,” but with this kind of service… why would you shop here?

    • r u working with them

  • File a complaint with your state’s consumer protection agency and try the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This company should be banned from conducting business in the US.

  • I ordered a item on 1/23/15 and never got it. I am going to contact paypal and get my money back Its been almost a month. It should take no longer then a week to get merchandise.

  • I ordered a top the first of January told it was shipped an I never got it.What’s going on with your company .I was charged too!.Get with it folks

  • I ordered up to $50 of clothes. of course being impatient I decided to get their expedited shipping for $21 more. on their shipping&handling description it said for their expedited shipping it took 3-7 days. ok, sounds fair right sense its coming from china. but 2 months later still hasn’t arrived!! I still want my things I ordered, s**t I paid for them I should have them! I’ve constantly tried contacting them, the phone is always busy. I tried their online chat, no one ever replied. I also sent a email, no response. ’till finally one night I decided to call repeatedly with no breaks and finally, someone answers. then he goes to tell me it takes 10-25 days to get my order… even though I paid $21 extra for a fast delivery. I explained to him I had ordered these things 2 months ago and he had nothing to say except it takes time because they also ship their things thru the uk…. I paid for a tracking number, received it, but when I sign into usps to track my order it tells me the tracking number provided does not exist… once again im very disappointed. these people are true scam artist. i was so amazed and happy i finally found a site i can shop at for cheap and had such cute things… but now im just heartbroken because im SOL for a total of $73.85.
    I’m so disappointed in this shopping site. all they do is steal your money. i really hope i get my order or my $ back very soon.

  • I wish i had know about this site before i ordered from My order never arrived. They have the balls to tell me to send them more money so they can ship “again”, yeah right. SCAM !!

  • i ordered tops size large and they is no way they are they are a size 0. i cant get hold of the company. they never answer the phone. items are not what the picture looked like. terrible customer service.

  • If you charged it with a credit card and you want a refund, then I would suggest going to your bank and have them fill out a complaint form. They take care of you. Credit cards have rules that protect their users. Good luck! I ordered through them, so wish me some luck!

  • My first clue should have been that the tops I wanted to order were “ONE SIZE”. I ordered, thinking they must be in the medium size range (I wear a 10 or a medium in most things) OMG The tops were sized for a 0 (that’s ZERO!!!) I was very disappointed after seeing the unique styles, then finding that ONLY someone with a child-like body type could wear them. ALSO very slow to receive them. Stay away from this site.

  • I order on 11/5 and I still have not received my order. If you purchased with PAYPAL, please file a complaint and request to void their merchant account.

    • Did Paypal take care of things?

  • Ordered a top from them in December and still have not received it. After contacting them multiple times with only hearing that it is temporarily out of stock but now in stock I still have not received it. Will never order anything from them again.

  • I ordered merchandise on January 26 with expedited shipping. Nothing was ever received and I emailed thru the website to see what was happening. First the order number I was given never corresponded to my actual order. First response I received stated that the order was in processing and I would receive the merchandise very soon. Another week passed and I sent another email and on this response they said they had to verify that I was the same person that placed the order and the credit card holder. Then they asked me to send them a copy of my passport, drivers license & credit card. Are they kidding. I have asked for a full refund and notified my CC company that this company is a scam. Remember “If it sounds too good to be true it usually is!”

  • Horrible place to shop and I wish they didn’t treat people so poorly!

  • I ordered 3 items back BEFORE Thanksgiving 2014. (Today is Feb. 6, 2015) One of them was a nice lacy silk(ish) shirt that I still see being advertised through Facebook pop-ups. I was sure I should get the order (at least the shirt) by Christmas (remember, I ordered it before Thanksgiving!). Nothing came. Sometime, around Jan 2 or so (2015) I received one item with no tag on it, no shipping paper or label, just a thing in a plastic bag. Then came end of January, and I received the second item, a watch that seemed like a nice item. Again, in a plastic bag, not a box, without any papers accompanying it, and no instructions as how to set it or anything. The watch is unusable! Cannot be set for local time! The third item NEVER came. 3 months have passed and no word from the company, nothing. Just letting you know: don’t fall for it! It certainly seems like a scam. My money is gone. No matter what they say or what their “official” response is, they don’t follow up on their promises. Terrible business! Terrible treatment of customers. As far as I’m concerned, no matter how desirable their advertisements look, I’m not going to order anything from them again!

  • So far my order supposedly has shipped on January 27, now its February 6 and still nothing has come.They say they have live chat 24/7 but that’s not true. But they sure charge
    d my accout as soon as they could! Waiting………..

    • Don’t know where you live, but have you read the shipping info at all? They ship from CHINA!!!


  • I have never made an internet purchase before that was this awful. Sixty days for delivery is ridiculous. I’m throwing my item in the rubbish as it is itchy, cheap-looking and smells bad. And to top it all off, they’ve sold my email address to every spammer on the face of the earth.

  • I only ordered one item. Not only did it take over a month to get it, but the item is so small it wouldn’t fit a child. They asked repeatedly for photos and whether I ordered the right size, and then had the audacity to offer a fractional refund. There were numerous e-mails , most through the resolution center at Paypal (gratefully), but none satisfactory. When they gave me the option to mail the item back to China at my expense before I would be issued a refund, I had enough. I escalated it to a claim. The item didn’t even have a tag! What a shady business!

  • I ordered a cute top in early December, it arrived late January. I ordered a XL and it looks like a Small/Medium. I would not recommend ordering from this company. The quality of the product is not very good. Looks like a sweat shop sewn products. No tags and lots of loose strings hanging.


  • I waited months to get a complete sammydress order. Most of it arrived in one parcel with an offer to give a refund for the out of stock items. I asked for a refund but they would not issue one. Three or four parcels arrived sporadically over four months. One item was still outstanding – I kept asking for a refund as per their promise and sammydress kept issuing help tickets but no refund. I found a newspaper article on line about the problems of dodgy Chinese online businesses with a reference to the Chinese Marketing Research Association. I sent them an e-mail regarding sammydress and then sent an e-mail to sammydress telling them I had reported them to this body. I didn’t get an answer from the Chinese Marketing Research Association, but…I got the refund a couple of days later. It might be worth a try for all you disappointed people. Good Luck.

  • Wish I had read everyone’s comments before my purchase. While I received the order within the time frame they said it would take for delivery, The 2 tops I purchased would fit a 10 year old. I ordered large sizes, but the clothing is made for very small Asian women. Very disappointing. I’ll be giving them to some small kid…….

  • I bought a beautiful beige crochet looking top back in December. I just received it today in the mail and it was too small and moldy, I was shocked now u have to try to get it and the musty smell out which I am sure won’t happen. I will never ever order from these people, don’t let the ads and cheaper prices fool you. I believe they are in China or some Asian country and their idea of a 2XL is a medium. I am very disappointed. Do not waist your time or money. I am stuck with it because there is no return address.

  • Don’t order from SammyDress. They got my money; only received a partial order; they issue a tracking number, but do NOT answer emails. Site is too good to be true, and I should have known better.

  • I ordered 3 items in December 2014. I received 2 items and never got the 3rd one, and I’ve emailed them on their site email set up with no response 3 times.

  • I order 3 different and I received 4 of the same top and wrong size and have gotten any contact on how to send these back. Never again with this company. Dah

  • I ordered 7 tops from them …. the shipping was high but the prices on my items made up for that and it was coming from China ….. I received 6 of the tops … I had to order everything in XXL because the size charts showed everything running really small …. and it is an Asian Co. …. 2 of the tops fit perfectly and looked great … good quality and I have had soooooo many compliments on them ….. the other 4 tops were the same size but they were way smaller …. I sent in a ticket and told them I wanted to exchange those 4 tops and I inquired about the one top that was not in the order …. they told me the last top was out of stock but that it was now on the way…… then ….. they told me to take pictures and measurements of the tops that didn’t fit and send to them by email and they would decide what to do about my return ….. so ….. I took pictures and measurements and went into the “ticket” section to send my reply (per their request) and I kept getting a message that it would not load and to try again ….after many many tries I decided I would call them or use the online chat….. well …. I am not allowed to use that because it is for PRE-SALE questions only …. AFTER SALE contacts have to be made through the “TICKET” process …. so far I have tried every day to “send” again and it will not go through …. I even tried writing a new ticket and that would not go through either. I have been trying to find a corporate address or number to no avail ….. I will keep trying but I am afraid I will just have to chalk this up to “experience” and let it go …….

    • Same thing here. One of the tops only resembled the picture and had a bad zipper. I am still awaiting the 3rd item on the order, but to no avail, even though I have a ticket number and have emailed them 3 times since the beginning of January. Last time I’ll ever use this company.

    • Contact the Chinese Marketing Research Association, they will refund you after they are contacted by this organization.

  • I wish I had found this site before I made the mistake of ordering from them. Two cute blouses, 37 days ago, and all I get is please be patient spelled wrong. NOTHING should take this long. I see I am not alone. They are in China, so nothing can be done. I will call Paypal and see what to do. What absolute jerks Ms Ron Chan and Amanda Wen are. We’re truthful, responsible and paid for our items. They are the worst kind of human – liars and cheats.

    • if you paid with paypal you are EXTREMELY smart!! there is another site i used with a “different” company that ripped me off, wanting to send me replacement item for one i never received for a “restocking fee” guess i have STUPID stamped on my head. I filed with Paypal and got my money back. so file a complaint right now. you will get a reply from the company for sure then

      • Sheila
        I placed a dispute on Jan. 28 and then a claim Jan 31 with PayPal and even called them. They are not responding as you would think. I am ready to file a complaint against PayPal. They have all of the info and yet are hedging on the refund. First it was going to be february 10, then 3 days later and now it is possiblly around February 28….with no promise then. What did YOU do to get them off of their butts to actually refund the money? The company has not responded so I can’t imagine why PayPal is having any problem returning my money. It has been 50 days since I ordered from Scammy dress, and yet no blouse.

  • I ordered a blouse from them in December and it is now January 28th and I have not received it but credit card has been charged. Does anyone have a telephone number to call to reach someone? When I email, I just keep getting the same email returned to me saying nothing much other than it shipped???
    How can one file a suit against this scam company and stop them from running a business on the internet? Thanks for any help I get..patty

    • same here ordered in December and keep gettin excuses after excuse why I haven’t received my goods and “YES” it is now 28th January and still no sigh, I bought mine through Paypal and have already told them and submitted a formal complaint “FALSE ADVERTISING”!!! FIRST THEY SAID 5-15 THEN 30 DAYS NOW TO BE TOLD 45 IS THIS FOREAL!!! NEVER WILL ORDER AGAIN AND HAVE TOLD THEM i WANT FULL REFUND NOW!!!

  • Scammydress. I ordered a coat from them on December 3, 2014. It’s close to the end of January 2015. No coat, just excuses.

  • You sure you didn’t just get fat..ter????

    • seriously? Dumbass

  • Do not buy from Sammy Dress. It’s been 2 months since I ordered and never got item. They only want to give me 70% of money back on item and none of the shipping cost back. Low cost stuff still has a price, are you going to get it from these inconsiderate Chinese companies that don’t give a crap about customer service over there bottom line

  • Awful to deal with, “Please be Patience” is all I get, I ordered Nov.27th thinking the dress would be in for New Years, Nope, Shooting for Valentines, but not holding my breath. Also the items that didnt make it in the first package dont have tracking on them. I PAID FOR TRACKING with the intial order, you shouldnt have listed them if you didnt have them.

  • I agree Do Not BUY from this place. It takes to long to recieve anything. I’m still waiting for a blouse I ordered two months ago!


  • My sister ran into a similar situation 6 months ago. She filed complaints with her credit card company. She tried the Postal Service. She tried contacting anyone she thought might help. NOTHING!
    I may sound like a crook, but I’m not giving these people my money. They are crooks! If you don’t receive your product I think you have so many days to report a lost or stolen credit card. That may help. It may not. I don’t known. I did it to a company in Texas. I ordered a home security system. My husband was ill and as I explained to this company I needed a no hassle alarm system. Didn’t want a lot of phone calls. Paid them and waited. Delivery was about 8 days from TX. They called non – stop. Wanting to know if I had the package and had I opened the box. The day it arrived I sent it back. They were furious. “You didn’t even open the box”. Then he informed me I would be billed a $250.00 restocking fee on a $150.00 purchase. Made me so mad I almost blew a gasket. I told him in no uncertain terms I wasn’t paying anything. He really enjoyed telling me that I would pay it and I could do nothing but pay it. I hung up called my credit card company and reported my card stolen. It may not have been the right thing to do but I’m not giving these people my money. They were going to steal it and I stopped it. The C.C. company refused any payment to them. They tried for 6 months to collect money. Tormented me by phone until I changed my phone #. I don’t know why opening the box was so important but it was to them

  • I ordered boots from them Nov, 9th and I have need mailing them about my item, switch they told me to check my post office. I did no word they also told me that they didn’t have a tracking number for the boots I requested. Thank goodness they only got 26 dollars out of me.I can make that up in a day, Never am I ordering from them ever AGAIN. My issue for being trusting in this website as sammydress. I doubt i’ll get my boots it’s now Jan 4th.

    • have you gotten your boots? SAME HAPPENED TO ME!
      It’s december 11th, I ORDERED IN NOVEMBER 11TH ! I’ve been more than pacient, what should we do?????

    • I ordered from them in November it is now Mid-January – A New Year – and no sign of my $70 order – Complete fraud! I wish I had found this site first – I would NEVER have ordered – Hopefully this is a warning to anyone else sucked in by their low price con – Just read the response from Rona Chan On: March 6, 2013 – She states things are being improved – That was 2 years ago – Are They Improved – RUN from this company – RG

      • Contact Chinese Marketing Research Association, after they contact them they will refund you!

  • Hey guys sammydress has now blocked me from their website for sharing my video to people that wanted to see what I got from them. I was one of the lucky people that received stuff but f you wanna see the two dresses i got from them, Click here:

    • Thanks for sharing. My mind has been changed. Almost got scammed!

    • That’s a shame….it looks tight for you too…

    • Fantastic video! That dress is cute on you. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad I saw this first. I have read some really bad reviews on Sammydress. You rock!
      Silly that they blocked you.

  • is a great affordable website. I ordered from them and before they even ship your order they verify your identity and order. Good quality clothing for the price.

  • November 14th ordered, It's now Dec 30th still no hoodie. Good luck with any answers. They tell you it takes 10, then 20, then 30 plus working days to get your item. Still nothing. A Camel could have delivered it sooner. This is 2014 right? Planes n stuff? Im still waiting on my hoodie, although at this point I think it might be spring before I get it if ever….

    • It’s december 11th, I ORDERED IN NOVEMBER 11TH ! I’ve been more than pacient, what should we do?????

  • Ordered November 7, no word from them and no product (it has been almost 2 months). They appear to be a fraud.

    • SAME SAME, happened to me. I really don’t know what to do… It was a christmas present for my boyfriend, I still really want what I ordered but have It’s december 11th, I ORDERED IN NOVEMBER 11TH ! I’ve been more than pacient, what should we do?????

      • I never got the stuff that I ordered from this company SAMMYDRESS


    We ordered $100 worth on 12-06 finally got partial order 12-29. None of the clothes fit me or my husband and the quality of the items were not what we saw or hoped for. Complete waste of money and time.

  • I ordered a pair of shoes and a coat Nov.11 to wear for Xmas.It’s Dec.29th today and I still haven’t received my order.I will never order anything else from Sammy Dress.

    • have you gotten them?? ‘ACTUALLY, I ordered the EXACT same day. It’s January 11th…. WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

  • I would also like to add.. that ALL OF YOU need to check with your State Attorney General to see if there is something that can be done with this company.. it might even be a federal thing to be handled.. doesn’t hurt to check to see if you can even file a complaint.. if so.. DO IT.. let the officials handle it.

    • There are from CHINA, nothing people could do, is just not order. When I saw the prices, I was suspicious and google the company and found this, thanks to all the customer that wrote their reviews.

  • I ordered from them on Dec 7, 2014.. a top I wanted to wear for Christmas.. I received it on 12/20/2014.. it was so small.. one thigh wouldn’t fit into it.. I ordered a xxl.. I asked how I could return it with no response since that date.. thankfully my sister in law could wear it.. I advised to wash in cold water and hang to dry..

    I won’t ordrer from this company again.> EVER.. I have heard by people here in the city I live.. that they went by another name also.. they are a SCAM.. what do you expect when it comes out of Hong Kong.. which I didn’t know or I would not have ordered at all. You have to use the written complaint to reach them.. the phone sounds like it has been taken off line.. hence the busy signal. I highly doubt it’s a local CA 800 number either.. another reason it could be a busy signal. BUYER BEWARE.. you get what you paid for.. mine wasn’t bad.. but.. you do get what you pay for.. TRASHY THINGS.. not even US sized.

  • I also want to point out that in my case, PayPal has been no help whatsoever. They basically forward the sammydress response to the customer and do a Pontius Pilate washing of hands. I don’t fault PayPal, just a Caveat Emptor to all out there that using PayPal won’t help when you have a problem with sammydress.

    • thanks I paid with paypal that answered my question

  • “The point is, when you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.” As a disgruntled customer, I know this isn’t the case. This company is more of a bait and switch judging from other’s opinions below. If they truly stood by their products, they would offer an RMA at their expense rather than telling customers to ship it back to Hong Kong at the customer’s expense. After spending money on a product that is listed as one thing and turns out to be another, this company expects you to shell out more money to ship the product back at customer expense. They only hope to wait you out. This is true bait and switch and I predict a short life for this company.

    • they’ve already been in business for a couple years…it blows!

  • I ordered a men’s XL trenchcoat. What was sent was a coat for an 11 or 12 year old boy. I asked for a refund. I was told that I would need to ship it back and I quite frankly do not trust this company to act in an honest fashion. I do not want to send it certified as that would cost too much. I asked them for a full refund due to the coat’s size and they refused, offering $7.50 of the $41.22 that I spent.

  • made my ordered nov.28, 2014 total $120.34 did not recieved product, given order # that doesn’t excessed, filed complained to pay pal no action yet , Is these company a scam? I want my money back .

  • i made an order in mid november from sammydress. they did not send 2 handbags with the other items. i received an email saying they did not have the handbags instock so i asked for replacements. they did not send these so i asked for a refund which was supposed to be given 5-7 working days from 27th november. after waiting a few days i emailed again, they sent me to paypal, who then relayed me to ebay. i did not deal with ebay. i opened 2 ‘tickets’ for queries and they both said i would be refunded. the second one just stopped responding, despite my 3 attempts to communicate with the said company.
    they know that they are cheating people and running fraudulent business but still argues that they are a reputable company.
    i have personally emailed them about my items so i know this is not just an outburst, but a last resort to try and save other persons who may get caught in this web.

  • I made my order Dec. 3 & rec. an e-mail that they already shipped the items but I never rec. it yet. The amount is $47. I will never use this again.

  • I’ve ordered from SammyDress before and was very happen. It came quickly and it was nice, just as the picture. It was a little small though. I just ordered over $300 in clothes for Christmas gifts on 12/4/14 and today is 12/20/14 and the order is still processing. I also paid over $90 for expedited shipping. If the items don’t arrive by Christmas I will never use them again. My concern now is after reading the reviews that I may never get the items I ordered or my money back!

    • Been waiting on a coat for 7 weeks and they’re not responding to me. My first and last time ordering from them. Horrible service!

  • Beware! SammyDress and Rosewe are one in the same company.. I just purchase over 200.00 in clothing from each place and when they arrived they look like something from a rag bag.. Thin horrible material.. nothing like the pictures show and sized to fit a baby doll. Now they tell me they will let me just keep the clothes and give me a 30.00 credit on their store site (yay?) because shipping to China would be too expensive for me to send back! I have filed a claim with PayPal.. lets see what happens.

  • My wife ordered some clothes the first of december and got a “tracking # ” if thats what you want to call it and guess what… does even work….try to call the phone # on the website contact and guess what……Always busy….And thay want to reply to the complaints and say how sorry they are for our disappointment and the inconvenience they have caused. My question is …If your not a con then why cant you have a person in your so called office in California answer the phone and pay tmyself and the people

  • How do you get back your money from Pay pal????? hat the procedures????/ Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no package/working tracking number ever. support never responds and the number on the site doesnt work!!!!

  • honestly I bought about 100$ from sammydress and they fed me some bullsh*t, since I paid 30$ for extra shipping that if they didnt send me a tracking number ny a certain date they will ship it for free.
    Then a month goes by and i finally get an email (thought it would be the tracking number) but no, it was sammydress stating I was to be refunded the whole amount to my paypal… I didnt even use paypal for the transaction. Still two months later, no items, no money back for my purchase. Honestly, sammydress is a scam of a company. Do not buy their stuff.

  • I was persistent and got a refund… not from Sammydress, of course, but from my credit card I ordered with after I opened a dispute. During the dispute process, SammyDress “support” pulled out all the stops in “helping” me to resolve this issue. I sent every message to the credit card and I linked them to this website. They found in my favor after SammyDress offered me a partial refund and tried to string me along with some b.s. about giving me a “full refund” once they received the product. I merely showed the credit card company this website and the many failed promises from SammyDress. One woman spend over a hundred dollars and shipped everything back at added expense to herself and was only given a $10 refund from SammyDress. Screw this company.

  • Mmmm, i think they are a scam site because they offer nice stuff (and i mean, really nice stuff, judging by the pics) for very, very loooooow prices!!!. I was thinking about making two or three purchases, but wanted to be ensured before doing it, and voila!!! I just saw these complaints. It’s not hard to figure out that this company could be fraudulent, by the awesome low prices and the cool style of their products. By the way, thanks to those negatives reviews i’ll stay away from this suspicious website. SUCK!!!

  • I don’t know, I made 3 orders and so far I didn’t have problems. Also, the items (a t-shirt and a ring in the first order, a watch in the second and a corset in the third) werre of high quality. The only issue I had was with the ring, that was too small and nothing like the picture. I have to say that I ordered only one item at a time, and maybe I’ve been lucky because of that. I’m now waiting for a order containing 5 items, I’ll check if problems with this company rise when there are more than 2 things in one order.

    Poor Quality. Poor Customer Service. Missing Items. Partial Shipments. It’s been over 2 months since I ordered and I am still waiting for items. I will not be ordering from Sammy Dress in the future. I paid for expedited shipping (3-7) days. The items were “in processing” for almost 1 month before I received my first “PARTIAL” shipment. When I received the shipment, an item that I paid for was missing. Upon numerous inquiries about the missing item I was told the following:
    1) it would be shipped out;
    2) it was out of stock;
    3) customs took it and they couldn’t replace it;
    4) I would need to pay for new shipping fee. When I inquired about the cost of shipping price, they were unable to give me price and did not know the cost of shipping;
    5) I had an option of item or a refund.
    6) I would not get a refund – but instead I would get a “Sammy Reward Points” instead of my refund. Again I explained I had no intent to buy from Sammy Dress again and wanted a refund.
    It has been over two (2) months and:
    1) I am still waiting for items that were NOT shipped yet;
    2) I never received the missing item from the 1 shipment;
    3) I never received a refund for the missing item from the 1st shipment;

  • Don’t order! I ordered a sweater and the product I got after 2 months was a cheaply made copy they tried to make. It was a sweatshirt polyester material and sewing strings still hanging off. I wouldn’t wear this anywhere.

  • I never order ANYTHING from overseas unless I do through Pay Pal !!! if you have a problem or don’t receive your order Pay Pal gives you back your money!!! LOVE me some PAY PAL.. they have came through for me MANY times!!!!

  • I recently purchased 11 shirts and one coat from this SCAM Company. Every shirt was WAY too small, and I only received six. Never did received the other five ordered. I also ordered a trench coat, and received a jacket. They refused to provide my money back, and won’t even complete the order. The order was made almost two full months ago. This is a FRAUDULENT SCAM company disguised as something legit. They need to be removed from every marketing option available on the Net.

  • I ordered three dresses from them in August and received only two in October.One of the dresses was something you get from the Halloween store.The other was actually descent. The sad thing was, I was actually excited to receive the one that looked like crap because I wanted to wear it for an event.I would not recommend ordering from this company. If you read all the reviews for any item, they are usually great review which tells me the are bogus! I wrote such a bad review and they have not posted it and probably won’t.


  • I’ve had the same issues as everyone else. Ordered two months ago and all I’ve received is invalid tracking numbers and lies. I reported them to the BBB and tried to warn others on their Facebook page. I was very professional, used no profanity, and stated only facts.They removed all of my comments and blocked me from posting on their page. They do not want others to be warned about their unethical and dishonest business practice. If you’ve also been ripped off, report them to the BBB. Here is the link:

  • it says 3 of my items that i have paid for are shipped and am waitinf for delivery. however the shoes i ordered and have paid for say they are not in stock and have not been included in the parcel. does this mean i get my money back? how? or will they come at a later date? no info at all included!!!!!!

    • Sorry man, my experience is that they’ll simply keep your money. No notice of arrival, no apology, no correspondence, no nothin. They’re thieves, and liars. I’ve waited two months for product to arrive, and they are clueless. They won’t even talk to me about it.

      • Same here … a black hole. At least VISA credited me back the $60 when I filed a complaint. Apparently, VISA and MasterCard are very familiar with Sammy Dress and Rosewholesale. Just keep spreading the word.

  • I read some customer reviews and thought there is a problem, however I thought maybe people were just being overly negative and it really can’t be that bad. I ordered, stupid me for not listening to all the others. I paid $17.00 for shipping and it was expedited and it took almost 2 months to get the dress which was ripped and sewn very poorly, pieces of the front of the one dress were just hanging there, not sewn into the dress where it should have been. I could not believe after waiting 2 months they send me a dress which is too small and horribly sewn. The second dress I ordered still has not arrived and they say they are out of stock. I was stupid and did not listen to the reviews of others, don’t be stupid and don’t ever order from these people the clothing is s**t and the shipping doesn’t happen for months. They hold you hostage, take your money immediately and provide you with horribly tailored clothing that looks nothing like the picture. DON’T ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE, DON’T BE STUPID LIKE ME

  • I have been ordered from SammyDress for a several time and now I know them very well. If you don’t have any problem with the order that’s mean you are lucky. And you will get your items for sure even It take long time for shipping from China.

    But If your order has a problem like out of stock, wrong items or broken item that gonna make a lot of works to deal with them. Because the customer services are very slow reply (take more than 24 hours) and they don’t understand English very well. It takes time to communication back and forth, waiting for them to answer back and many time they don’t get what you said so you have to explain and ask them again and wait 1-2 days for them to reply. You have to pay for shipping to send back the wrong or broken item. Size for cloth are base on Asian size so if you decide to order from them you should get larger size.

    About quality that you should know you will get what you pay. And I can say the quality is very less than H&M or Forever21 so if you don’t mind it is ok. But the good thing are many items are very fashionable because they are copy from another brand.

  • My first order went fine; I ordered ~$20 worth of stuff, stuff was supposed to process and ship out within a week, which it did, and I got it a month later (I paid for the cheapest shipping). The quality of the clothing was hit-or-miss, but I expected this and was satisfied (definitely look at pictures of other people who received the item so that you know what you’re getting into).

    Second order didn’t turn out so well; after two weeks of waiting for the order to ship, I contacted the online customer service, which told me the item I wanted (for a trip a month and a half later than when I ordered the items) was out of stock, even though the site itself didn’t say it was out of stock. Turns out you can’t really go by what the site says is in stock, will be processed in three days, etc. After going back and forth for two weeks, I finally just got a refund for the whole order, given it had been a month and I hadn’t heard anything.

    Wanted to give them another chance, so bought some items which were marked as being ready to ship in 3 days and paid for standard shipping; after about a week I contacted customer service about the order, at which point they tell me one of the items is out of stock and will be back in stock in two weeks. Well, I had to move in a few weeks, so I gave them the new address and asked them to ship the items there. I also asked them to refund the part of the order which was not in stock if it didn’t come back in stock within 2 weeks, as I had bought it for a particular occasion and a month of processing was going to make the purchase useless. They refused to issue a refund and asked me to wait. Two weeks come and go and I send them another message asking if the item is in stock; apparently it’s not, but they assure me I’ll be the first one to get it shipped out. Again I ask for a refund and they refuse. A few days later they shipped it out (or say they did), but they have my old address in the shipping details. The package should have gotten here within 5-8 days, and it doesn’t look like it got here, unless they sent it to the wrong address.

    After this experience I think I’m going to stick to eBay and other stores; if you have absolutely no expectations about when you will get something, this store is probably fine, but I can’t stand the fact that you never know how long it’s going to take to get something (sometimes over a month just to process the order), despite what the website itself tells you during the order process. They have some stuff that other stores I know about don’t, but that doesn’t really help me when I have trouble getting the orders shipped to me in the first place.

  • I ordered from on April 20, 2014 and paid in full on that day. I still have not received my merchandise. And are denying me a refund! They stole from me and will not make it right. They said my next order will be discounted, however why would I order something I will not receive? Help

  • Highly disappointed order $50 worth of clothes and paid $28 dollars shipping. The clothes are made from the cheapest material known to man. the cotton dress is made from some sort of heavy stretchy lycra fabric. I’m so mad my sister recommended this to me but forgot to mention she never ordered from them before. so now I have 4 dresses, 1 bathing suit and a pair of shoes that will probably melt if I burn them.

  • spent over $100 us dollars for items. Been waiting two months for my order to ship…. Can i get my items please!!!!! or at least for refund…. Plan to wear my clothes to my graduation from college which i paid for myself

  • All of the clothes I bought do not fit – they are all smaller than regular US sizes……..which is understandable. However, you are supposed to be able to return clothing to Sammydress but customer service makes it impossible. I’m still trying to return items but they keep asking for more things – like pictures of me in the clothes that are too small. What kind of company does that? I have yet to be able to return the clothing that I purchased. I keep getting the runaround.

  • My order is marked as shipped, and when I checked china post with tracking number it said to be mailed… so will i recieve it now?

    • do not oRDER FR SAMMYDESS i orderded fr them and got cheep matierial clothing and nothing fit i didnt get a purchase order reciept or a return slip would NEVER ORDER fr this company again!!!! buyers beware the price is really what you get if not less!!!

  • The phone number that they post for customer service is a fast busy. I am trying to return 2 items and the person that emailed me said “I may want to keep it because I would have to pay to ship it back.” HUH?? What kind of customer service is that?

  • I have two questions: did anyone pay the insurance and not get their order in months or at all? and does anyone else’s tracking number not work or doesn’t exist?

    • I paid for insurance and I’m still waiting 2 months later. I doubt my order was ever mailed. I was given different tracking numbers. They were all invalid. SammyDress is not a reputable company.

  • Do not Shop here!

  • I must be consider one of the lucky ones. I recieve my order in two package at separate times. It took a month and seven days to get the complete order. The first shipment was a single dress and a swimming suit. The swimming suit fits perfectly but the so-call-dress was way too short and I had to wear a pair of leggings to offset the dress and wear it as a shirt. The second dress I recieved, the material was so thin, I couldn’t tell if it was a causal dress or a night gown. I guess since the prices are so cheap they hit you with shipping and handling. Because this website is sort of shady try or these site are reasonable you get your order in less time then sammydress and the return policy is something you can live with especially if you live in the U.S. Its ok to assume that sammydress is a 50/50 shopping website so shop there at your own risk. But, its too bad they really have some nice stuff.

  • were is my order I have not received it yet

  • I ordered a dress from sammydress and when I received it there was black marks all over it, it was completely un-wearable. I submitted a support ticket to request a return, which they advertise a response within 24 hours, it took over a week until I heard anything back. I tried calling the USA phone number and all I got was a busy signal, the number never worked. When I finally got a response back they said they were sorry I received a defective dress and how about a coupon for my next purchase. I told they I was not interested in ever ordering another thing from them and I wanted a refund for damaged dress. Their response was how about we refund you $8……they dress cost me $52 and $21 in shipping. Are you freaking kidding me with the $8 refund. Two more weeks go by of arguing back and forth with them and the last that was said was "the best we can do is refund you 30%". This site is completely bullshit and a huge scam. Some people may have had luck purchasing from the website but be warned and shop at your own risk!! I will never ever purchase another thing from them again and I will be sure to spread the word. The clothing is cheaply made, their customer service is absolutely terrible. I regret even stumbling upon this bogus money sucking website.

  • I spent $410.00 at their store and paid for 3-5 day shipping. On the fifth fay my order status was still ‘payment received’ I then asked what the hold up was, I was told five of my 17 items were not in stock and to wait 3 weeks before they were available. Instead I asked for my order to be refunded (I was then told to ‘be patient’), and immediately lodged a a refund ticket and put in a claim via Pay Pal. They are now telling me that while ever I have an active claim in Pay Pal they can’t refund my money – I will NOT be falling for that!

  • I ordered a pair of boots in January 2014. The boots were 29.95 plus tax. It was debited from my bank account the next day. Still haven’t received my boots and it is March 4th. Please let me know if they are out of stock and if so credit my money back for my boots? Called and emailed several times…no luck!

  • This site is worthless!!!!!!!! After getting the run around for a week about billing information I (thank God) asked about the availability of the items that I ordered… I was told that only 3 out of 9 items were in stock!!!!! I had to restrain myself from buying a plane ticket to China just to kick the a*s of the guy who was supposed to be there to help me…. This gentlemen’s name is Lear… If you have the luxury of getting him on the phone (which took me over an hour , they obviously have very few people in the "office"… more like sweatshop..) Please tell him to kiss my A$$!

    • This site is worthless!!!!!!!! After getting the run around for a week about billing information I (thank God) asked about the availability of the items that I ordered… I was told that only 3 out of 9 items were in stock!!!!! I had to restrain myself from buying a plane ticket to China just to kick the a*s of the guy who was supposed to be there to help me…. This gentlemen’s name is Lear… If you have the luxury of getting him on the phone (which took me over an hour , they obviously have very few people in the "office"… more like sweatshop..) Please tell him to kiss my A$$!

  • i am never ever ever going to order from SAammy dress again. Over a month now and order hasn’t been shipped. They promise you discount to get to you to make payments and do not actually fulfil the promise.

    Sammy Dress= SCAM

  • If you all paid with paypal… paypal will get your money back.!

    • VISA and MasterCard is even better … both companies are well aware of Sammy Dress and Rosewholesale. I was able to have my account credited within 2 business days.

  • I sent my order last Jan 21st and until today I didnt get any reply. i tried to call and email them but cant get through. I already filed complaint with paypal and I am waiting for it to be resolved. DONT order from this site. Use ebay or aliexpress.

  • this company is scam, they shipped me wrong order and I told them to send me back my orginal order or refund my full money back.
    they told me that they won’t be able to ship my orginal order or either refund my money .they said that I can keep the wrong order they shipped

    that is not the item that I wanted. It seems like they do not understand english. they shipped me wrong order so it is their mistake.

    be careful everyone do not order from this website. I am going to file complaints with paypal too

  • i made 3 orders from them i receive only the 1 and they dont want to refund me the 2 orders i did not receive.the refund me the one i receive omg.4 months now i am sending emails and they makde fun of me for 7 EUROS.dont buy from them dont trust them


    I am so annoyed right now. I ordered my items on december 2013. Its almost february 2014 and I havent recieved my items yet. I e-mailed them many times but they dont even respond. Now that I’m reading all these comments, I see that I am not the only victim.
    I just wanna know how can I get a refund because I tried to e-mail them but there are no responses.

    • Hey :) Sammy Dress is based in China, and it can take up to 2 weeks at times just for the items to be approved through customs to even get out of the country. On top of that, when you ordered was right around chinese new year, when sammy dress shut down for the holidays. Then it can take anywhere from 10-25 days just to get from china to where you are. It should hopefully come in soon !

    • Me to I ordered my items december 2013 and its now February 2014 still nothing. I emailed them they said they would get back to you in 24 hours its been a week still nothing.n

    • I believe you! It happened to me so I did some research and found a local place in the united states with same items for cheap price and great customer service. I was screwed over by this Sammy dress a******s. Try this place they are trusted and good

  • Please does Sammydress ship orders to Nigeria? And how long?

    • don’t do it

    • DON’T DO IT!!! Might as well flush your money down the toilet.

  • i have ordered from on three different occasions, and each time it would take about a moth for me to actually receive the product. i do not suggest buying small things like jewelry or cellphone charms from them because yes that s**t will break in about a week if it is not already deffective by the time you get it. that being said, the second time i ordered from them, i got a backpack that came in after about two months and you could tell that they had actually taken time to handmake before they sent it to me because when i opened the box, there was this really strong pleather smell coming from the bag that could only have there if they had preserved the quality. i still have that bag today and though i know better than to put anything enormously heavy inside of it, it has still lasted without any rips or tears. so overall, i think sammydress is a good site if you wanna take the cheap way out and you don’t mind waiting for a month to receive your products. but if you want to insure that you will receive a quality product in a short amount of time, you might have to opt for a more pricier site for asian fashion like yesstyle or I personally don’t mind waiting if it means i will get the product cheaper but that’s just me. Sammydress also has an insurance option that you can add to your order to insure if in fact something does happen to your product.

  • Below is the conversation with on-line chat service. Hope this gives you an ideas how confusion their policy is and how bad their customer service is. Please do not shop at their website.

    Welcome to!Please wait for a site operator to respond. In some occasions, our operators are chating with 8 to 10 customers at the same time. You may have to wait half a minute for a reply. Thanks for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘victoria’
    victoria: Hi, welcome to sammydress Pre-sale Live Support! I would be more than happy to assist you.
    max: I have a promo code exp. on 1/25/14, but it does not work when I try to place the order
    victoria: sorry only on Jan23 use it ok.
    max: the e-mail that sammydress sent to me stated that the code expired on 1/25/14
    max: is it a scam??
    victoria: sorry I know.only on today it can’t use.
    victoria: I have 6% coupon do you need it?
    max: even there is a written evidence showing 10% off, you still tell me I couldn’t use it.
    max: this seems a scam to me, I couldn’t proceed.
    victoria: sorry past limited time.
    max: I could forward the e-mail to you
    max: it shows expired on 1/25/14
    victoria: usually if Jan 28 time,you should use it before Jan 25,2014.
    max: ???
    max: your company didn’t gain my trust at first place
    max: I am afraid that it will be more issue after the purchase.
    victoria: wait,I ask my other partner if she has.
    max: 1/25/14 means 1/25/14
    victoria: 1/24 use it ok
    max: this is expiration date means
    max: today is 1/24/14
    victoria: 1.Add all the items to your cart.
    victoria: 2.Click the USE COUPON button.
    victoria: 3.Input the code and then apply code.
    victoria: 4. Check out your order
    victoria: Coupon code can only be used with one piece price, it cannot be used with vip price, special offer, group deal at the same time.MAYS06 6%
    max: still not 10% off>>
    max: I can’t accept the deal
    victoria: sorry no .
    max: done
    max: I will not be your customer
    max: thanks for your time
    max: Please send this conversation to my e-mail.
    max: thank you!
    max: I think all other customers need to know that the "EXPIRATION DATE" means 3 days before it expired……
    victoria: ok,sent.

  • I orded clothing from Sammy dress on the 8 of december last year, and was asked to pay an extra amount in addition to what i had already paid, i began to suspect something fishy so i demanded a refund of my money, and i must admit i was greately surprised i recieved the full amount back and also that of My husbands equaly. So big thanks because i am thinking to Reorder,.thumbs up. Sweden .

  • I placed an order July 2013 and still haven’t received it. Tried contacting them several times with no response. I paid through PayPal and I think they should drop Sammy Dress. WARNING DO NOT ORDER FROM SAMMY DRESS.

  • i ordered 4 watches in 1/02/2014 they told i would receive it 3-5 days since i never receive it they are thief its a SCAM guys dont buy anything on that site.

  • I ordered a dress for my birthday it was 12/22! I placed my order in 12/17. I knew it would be late because of the holidays but I wasn’t sure if it would come or not I kept it at a low minimum. I tried to be patient but today is 1/6/13 and no dress! I knew that this was too good to be true! I’m not upset about it I guess they need it more than

  • Thieves.

    • Yes they are thieves!!!!

  • Iam very angry regarding the items that i bought weeks before christmas,i had to pay for the goods also paid extra to have them delivered 3-5 working days and then had to pay a futher £12 with DHL to have them delivered to my home. Not only that they did not send all the goods i odered. this is the worse site i have ordered from and what a rip off.If you buy from them the only thing that you can be sure of is being ripped off some one needs to report them to tading standards its a joke.

    • this was my first time buying online I did get my order but I had 4 items and only received 3 grrrrr

  • Never received my order, their reply??? We have closed your file

  • I have placed 3 orders on Sammy dress, out of which only 1 (which was a cheap hand watch) was fully received. the 2 other orders were placed october and november respctively…1 order was for 1 dress and the other was a 9 different garments…the dress was never received as yet, and i have even paid an extra USD 6 for reshipping for this dress….my other order only 1 garment was received as they said tjhe remaining were sent on a different date. their supposrt centre does reply back for any queries however unfortunately never resolving the actual issue. as they keep on asking you to wait. now i have tried to access again the thread of messages and to my surprise the link is always broken


  • I ordered items from them on Nov. 5 and today is Dec. 3 I still didn’t receive my items.I call but no answer.This is first and last time to ordered something from Sammydress.NEVER again !!!!

  • My order number is M1311200305522494 status shows it has been shipped out on 23rd Nov. I tried to raise a ticket it says wrong order number.I am worried now.I tried calling them but no answer.

  • Hi

    I want to review but not customer I’m one who promote there web site.

    This is my story ..from affiliate side work with them . Scam!! I’m made affiliate with them there’re no rule to promote I’m made $4500 commission and then they not paid to me!! Don’t buy any goods from them!! fist I’m review at sitejabbe they asked to send my email to check it and…no answer nothing form them if you think to buy there goods or promote there website beware for make business with them.

  • Hi everyone, i placed two orders on the Sammydress website. i have a small litle business in Dubai called Vintaysia. so far i am VERY DISSAPOINTED in teh service!!! its been a month now, one order says its been shipped out but a second states "PROCESSING" when i emailed the company, they requested a photo of my credit card and a photo of my passport i.d!! how do i know that im not going to be cheated!! they say its to protect against credit card fraud but how do i know im not walking into a trap! i contacted my bank, they advised me not to send it! The amounts for both orders have gone off my card!!! Im very upset with this, im loosing my customers and i feel like im being cheated by requesting me to send my card photo with passport copy!

    • Veronique
      I have had a similar experience. Iam going on a mother daughter cruise that I havesaved and planned for years. I purchased over $600.worth of merchandinse on nov 14. as of date, I have not received myclothes. I could not get ahold of sammydress for 2 weeks. finally got through around 130in the am. was told they collected money but needed confirmation of payment. I thought it was a language barrier. I explained to service rep there is nothing to confirm, they already received my money. she told me I needed to confirm payment . it is for my security. I replied what security, they already took my hard earned oney and I have nothing to show for it. I then told her I needed to know when my order would arrive as I was leaving in a week to go on a cruise with my mother,.. there was a long pause,. she got back on the phone and told me for my protection, to send them photo copy of id and passport number. I refused to. I believe this is a scam to not only still our money but our identityas well.
      Deborah texas

  • I order 4 items 3 weeks ago and the order is saying it is still processing I called the number and no one is answering the phone. So I contacted them using the online chat it took 30 mins to get a responds from anyone. Then when they finially relied I was told the 2 ITEMS was out of stock. Im very upset this website needs to be closed down. Yes this is a scam………My total was 65.00 dollars and that may not alot of money but who has money to just give away. They need to be shout down.

  • Communication with this company is very difficult. They use an inefficient ticket system to accept and reply to comments. Why they cannot e-mail like most companies beats me. Their replies are preprinted garbage. I ordered two cheap watches six weeks ago. The shipping time was stated as five days through FedEx (although I did not request this) The tracking number provided does not refer to anything. I still have not received them. I am requesting a full refund. Thank goodness for paypal.


  • you should CHECK what are they billing you, because the PRICES ARE NOT THE SAME in your cart and the ones they bill you for!!! Each item cost from 0,5 – 2,50 EUROS MORE! !!!
    So I didnt by anything, and Im NOT sory for it!

  • I too placed my order on OCT 6TH,2013 and TODAY NOV 15,2013. NO PACKAGE UP TO THIS DAY.
    I spoke to a man today NOV 15,2013 ,that told me that my ORDER was MAILED OUT ON OCT.31,2013,but when I ASKED HIM FOR THE TRACKING NUMBER,he had no tracking # to give to me over the phone, So I asked him why he can’t give it to me over the phone,he had no ANSWERS He told me that he’ll mail it to me.
    I’M still waiting for his e-mail to me. LIES!
    I called customer service about 3 weeks ago,the same man that I spoke to ,told me that one of the dresses that I ordered was out of stock.I asked HIM why the money is not PUT back on my card ,he told me that, the person who sent my order OUT FORGOT to PUT THE MONEY BACK ON MY CARD. This foolishness and DISHONESTY . I AM STARTING TO BELIEVE that sammydress is a SCAM.
    BUT he’ll have them put my money back on my card. This is really bad customer service and too much LIES and DISHONEST.

  • that’s why i cancelled my payment to Western Union, if you corner them or you have a lot of questions they didnt answer you, sometimes they disconnected you on there live chat! but if you said that you sent or wire money to them, they will answer you immediately and get your payment details, thats why i get doubt from them. Luckily, they didnt get my payment yet so i requested Western Union to cancel my Transaction.

  • I am reading all these stuff and thinking , "did I make a mistake ordering here" ? I hope not because I’ve spent a lot and I will be really pissed …. however I did order some stuff on the 17th of Oct and today is the 29th, after saying that the shipment would take 3-5 days. I’m just trying to be a bit patient and hope everything pulls through well and that I get all my stuff before the 19th of Nov.

    • Yes you made a HUGE Mistake ordering from them as you see in the many complaints here…Join the team!

    • they are horrible

    • I started reading the reviews after I spent £270! What a mistake! The items arrived more than a month after I ordered, although I paid extra for 5 day delivery.
      Some items didn’t arrive, so I am not sure if they are even going to give me a refund.
      The quality of clothes and jewellery is just disgusting. And there is no point to send it back, the posting of all those items will cost me more than partial refund.
      Sizes are out of order. Ordered trousers size M, they Xs! what am I supposed to do with them?
      Dissapointed and angry. Never will I ever use them again!

  • So i ordered to items on the 19th of this month and i paid for extra shipping said it would be here in three days… well its the 29th and haven’t seen my stuff yet. I’ve never ordered anything online then i seen thought i would order something. Worst idea ever. Only spent $30 but still pissed off that my s**t isn’t here.

  • I ordered from them 2 weeks ago. Never get any shipping information, never get any response I sent hem emails and complains 3 times. I called 909-381-9508 nobody is answering the phone. totally a scam! please help how can I get my money back.

    • hello pleas
      go directly open case in paypal
      then after that they will answer you always and they go tell you
      close case and we refund you
      but they not answer you in the case thats mean stolen
      after tow days i go upgrad cas let paypal do
      after è days they back me my money
      naver buying from this crap

      youcef from algeria

  • Does sammydress ship clothes to india ??

    • pleas dont buying from this
      they no shipping to you all and you see now answer all
      but after u do open case in paypal they go answer you but not in case open
      thats mean stlen
      hello pleas
      go directly open case in paypal
      then after that they will answer you always and they go tell you
      close case and we refund you
      but they not answer you in the case thats mean stolen
      after tow days i go upgrad cas let paypal do
      after è days they back me my money
      naver buying from this crap

      youcef from algeria

  • mmmm

  • why does sammydress not ship clothes to Nigeria? why is it not indicated at first sight the region your clothes are shiped to because that will save a lot of stress.

    • bcs this site web is scamer like nigerria
      nigiria no one go shipping to it bcs they n1 for scam credit card


    • just open cas in paypal and naver close it in final paypal back to you ur monty
      hello pleas
      go directly open case in paypal
      then after that they will answer you always and they go tell you
      close case and we refund you
      but they not answer you in the case thats mean stolen
      after tow days i go upgrad cas let paypal do
      after è days they back me my money
      naver buying from this crap

      youcef from algeria

  • I too have ordered from this company but my experience has been very good. While it took about four weeks for my order to arrive – it was precisely as pictured and the quality and fit was great!!! When I made an inquiry on my order – customer service responded within 24 hours.

    Obviously – the company is legit – for me anyway.

  • I too feel like iv’e been ripped off by Sammydress.This is the second time I have brought from them,the first time was relatively good,my earings were perfect but my jumper was a different story,either it shrunk in the arms on shipping to me or they ran out of material lol because it was way shorter then pictured however I did keep it because i didn’t want the hassel of returning back to them.So I decided to purchase 2 items from them again as their clothes are just so cheap and look great,anyway that was over 3 weeks ago,still waiting for order,I spent $30,I have sent them tickets on both items only to be told they are out of stock,pick something else,no I didn’t want to pick anything else so i asked for full refund,next day they sent me email to say one item was shipped out,nothing said about my second item.In my opinion these guys just don’t know how to run their business and should be shut down,they are ripping people off,I have sent them several tickets and still nothing on my second item,I will also be taking them to fair go if I don’t get my money back.Failing that,they will be named and shamed .DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  • I ordered an item about 2 1/2 months ago and still haven’t receive it. I emailed them a few times already, but they seem to be ignoring my emails. I’m glad I only spent $22. How is it possible that this "company" stiill around? look at all this complaints! wow.

  • this is a fraudulent website
    ive sent $100.00 one year ago havent received any response

  • I have order two dresses from Sammy I paid with my debit card they took the money’s out and I’m still waiting for my order this site is not a good site they keep saying no money was paid I have my record to show that paid. Buyers stay away from this site.

  • I ordered about 7 items, the shipping cost was £30 which I paid upon purchase, then when the package came one item was missing, i waited about a week and it arrived separately with a SHIPPING INVOICE FROM FDEX for about £23!!!! I think this is a scam, the shipping company say it’s my responsibility to pay, no it’s not, I paid the shipping via the retailer, by their logic I could send random parcels to another country and they could bill someone who did not have my permission! I am in dispute with them at the moment, at first they offered me a 6% discount, a total joke seens I would never shop with them again, now they say 15 USD which does not even cover half the extra shipping cost! I will not settle for less than the full price of the shipping cost!

  • seriously the item i bought to this site sammy is garbage please people don’t buy anything in this site,yea they were cheap price but it’s not worth it even one dollar jut save yur money for better product what a waste and time and money.

  • I just wanted to say that I ordered from Sammydress last August 19 and received less item last 1st Sept. They charged me for the following items:

    Product NameSkuQtySubtotal
    Elegant Buttons Decoration Solid Color Cotton Blend Spring Shirt For Women Size:ONE SIZE
    Plus Size Polka Dot Print Puff Sleeve Spring Dresses For Women Size:M
    Elegant V-Neck Solid Color Flounce Bead Embellished Chiffon Blouse For Women Size:ONE SIZE
    Sweet Sleeveless Deer Print Bowknot Embellished Chiffon Blouse For WomenYM05745011$7.09
    Elegant Keyhole Neckline Polka Dot Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Dress With Blet For Women Size:ONE SIZE
    Color:WINE REDYM53983011$12.40
    Elegant Style Stand Collar Polka Dot Flouncing Embellished Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt For Women Size:M
    Shipping & Handling$32.56
    Grand Total$96.92

    Unfortunately i did not receive the items worth $9.62, $11.70 & $8.93. I want my money back. The items are only good in pictures but not in reality. I’d rather buy in the mall than to spend money that are not worth it. I spent too much and was charged for the insurance and shipping & handling thinking i will receive good quality of products and services but to my big dismay and disbelief it was the worst experience.

    My order no is M1308181349033964.

  • does it ship all over the world?

  • I am sensing a trend that if you order over a certain amount of items or spend a larger amount of money, the more hassle you receive. I have ordered a modest amount of items and paid a modest amount and had no issues. I did have to wait for what I purchased but everything was fine after that. So I think it depends on what you order, how much and so forth.

  • I am very disappointed with the "service" from SammyDress. I am an American who currently has a business in Ghana (Western Africa). I should not be required to pay via Western Union JUST because I happen to currently be in Africa. This is a DISCRIMINATORY practice. I could accept that their system does not allow for a credit card payment from some areas, but if I have the proper credentials and authorization to pay via PayPal, and the transaction successfully is confirmed, THEN why should they decide that they didn’t like my and issue a refund, asking me to pay again via Western Union?? That’s just wrong. I refuse. I’ll simply buy from another vendor like TheLees or Doublju –both who have had no issue taking my money. They have wasted my time.

    Just as a warning to others, any time that a company requests that someone send them payment via Western Union, it is a good bet that the company or transaction is a scam. If I had acquiesced to their request, then I would would have been out of a couple hundreds dollars.

    My attempted order number was M1307290551170207.

  • I have ordered several times with this company and have never been disappointed up to yet.Agreed that the shipping time is quite a while but I have not waited more than a month and everything was just as described.I guess not everyone can be pleased all of the time but these reports are concerning I have to say—.

  • I ordered my items in June got both packages a month later, the one out of stock item they automatically refunded plus shipping. Items were nice I give 4 stars. The key is patience. They put all items in a little bag I guess to save money. The clothes are super cheap, so they are what I expected plus a little better.

  • "As a buyer, i’ve experienced purchasing from many online stores and I have to say that Sammydress is the worst i’ve ever dealt with! I ordered 4 jackets on the 25th of March for $97.49, they then tell me that 3 of them are out of stock so they sent me the 1 and refunded me $68.05. It is now the 4th of July and I still haven’t received my jacket… I’ve messaged them numerous times and they kept telling me to wait. It does not take 4 months to ship something to Australia… So I then send them another message demanding a refund and they tell me they can only give me back $17… when I should really be getting $29.44. I’m seriously disgusted and this experience has been the worst, i’m so over it."

  • Hi i just want to say ive ordered from sammydress on numerous occasions now and everything i have ordered has been as described, there was just one item that was slightly small but the other item that came with it was just perfect, ive had many compliments on the dresses i have bought from this site, and they are always friendly, they contacted me to say they couldnt send out my item as the postage hadnt gone through correcly so we go it sorted and my parcel arrived, it does state on the site that normal delivery is 35 days or something like that so you have to expect to wait quite a long time, but then what do you expect when the items are so cheap i dont mind waiting that little bit longer for it to arrive, even though the last item i ordered came sooner than expected so was really pleased about that :) like i say ive ordered from them many times now and every item i have recieved, without hassle, and ive even ordered another item today so hopefully should recieve that in the next few weeks, to date i havent had any problems with this company and will continue to use them until such time that i do have an issue with them.

  • Got only 3 items out of the 20 ordered!!! The overalls that, I saw on the website were so nice. The overalls, I was sent are a whole different story. 1st of all what were they thinking even sending out such garbage?

    Some overalls…

    Really, Sammy Dress? Wow!!!

    The overalls have to be put together you must be **** me!
    I have to assemble the metal pieces! So, I do it.
    Then I go to button them up along the sides… Has the buttons, but NO cut out so, I can button them up…Still waiting on my refund for the garbage they have not delivered…
    Don’t shop Sammy Dress! They’ll rip you off and send you stuff that is almost as worthless as them!

    • Sorry I’m just lmao! This is so funny, I too ordered from them half of my order is out of stock! And the items that they sent I can throw in the garbage!


  • I will agree that something is not right about this company. I placed an order on March 7, 2013 and I have yet to receive my order. In tracking my order number, I did not receive my items because it could not be delivered as addressed. I emailed the company an asked them what address did they send it to because I paid by Paypal and I am verified. The address displayed on my order form and Paypal’s address is correct. The address Sammy’s said they shipped to is also correct but, apparently not because the items could not be delivered as addressed it was sent back to China on April 12. I have emailed this company several times and someone by the name of Danny told me to contact the PO to see if maybe it was still in the US despite the website’s tracking information. The PO said the item had been shipped back from Los Angeles to China. I have sent email after after email to them several times and it looks like I am out of $58.14 because they have apparently blocked my IP and/or email address from creating another ticket.I cannot contact them anymore. I am absolutely livid. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU ARE TAKING A CHANCE OF NEVER RECEIVING YOUR ITEMS WITH NO RECOURSE FROM THE POST OFFICE OR Paypal. I am just out of luck. Lesson learned. I am going to go on every website and complain until I get either my money or my items.

    • i did the same complaining everywhere until i found this website the same people dealing with me for seven months told me that they will refund my money if i erase the comment, do it here they will finally pay attention. and i will continue complaining!

  • hello i ordered 6 items from sammydress 3 weeks later i still didnt recive my items so i tried to cancel my order but they had already gotten paid i called the 909 581 9508 number which doesnt work im still trying to get my money back that there company says they dont have after my bank and pay pal have confirmed they did indeed get paid this site sucks big time

  • I have ordered from sammy dress 2weeks ago, order is still processing..They took a long time in replying my emails and overcharged me by 15 dollars! furthermore, when i emailed them about being overcharged, they blamed it on
    1)not checking the currency (which I did check and tabulated the cost onto an excel sheet for them)
    2)promotion which was over…
    "Because our company made promotions yesterday, and it was the deadline yesterday. so the price has increased soon."
    (they received my payment even before the "promotion" is over)
    To back up my claims, I emailed them screenshot of prices, before and after payment as well as the price list showing the overcharged amount,, and the reply I’ve got is… a bunch of bullshit.

    They then say things that dont make sense such as :
    -Sometimes the price may not be accurate, you should pay attention to the actual price.
    -It is the price you payed the order.
    -You could see the information as accessory.

    This company as a whole is probably a scam.
    If they cant be bothered with spellcheck and replying their customer with something more than just a sentence that does not even make sense then they shouldnt be in a business at all.

  • Have a facebook? Look up SammyDress,Beware………………

  • I bought a dress from them , when I received my order, the dress was wet, and it smelled like gasoline (like if they dumped it in gasoline). Also there were molds and kinds of redish color stains all over the dress.
    When I contact their customer service in regards of the issues, they responded back that “we are so sorry but we cannot help you”. And they suggested me to send a damaged, moldish dress to a friend as a gift! Seriously?!
    For sure it was my first and last time buying anything from them. This was the most ridicules, horrible service I have ever received in my life.

  • I am in mourning of my second child lost to alcohol, my home is alcohol free; neither am I a fan of gladiator sports, especially their alcohol sponsorship. I am particular of what I want on MY computer!!!

  • I ordered from Sammydress about a month ago, and today I got my package! My order still said "processing" after a week and since I’d read this page in advance I was worried, so I sent them a message. They told me they were still waiting on one of the items, and asked if I wanted a refund. I said that I’d rather wait for a bit, and they shipped the items just a few days later with an appropriate Fedex tracking ID and all (the first time I entered the tracking ID it didn’t exist – I think I tried too soon).

    I received the items today, and I’m very happy! The quality is really nice. My contact with Sammydress has been really good, and I’m saddened to see that it is not always that way.

    This is not a bogus company, and not a scam. They do seem to have problems keeping track of their orders, though.

    • I am scared to death now that i have ordered and read all these bad reports. You did recieve y9ur things right?

  • I haven’t received my item yet after 6 weeks! totally waste my time and money!!

  • hi, i order few items from sammydress, they havent arrived as yet now i have got e mail saying they are out of stock, the why do these morons advertised at first place, when they dont have enough things to sell.
    i have paid 50 dollar lets see when will they refund my money, otherwise i will drag them to e aby and pay pal…………..stupid and **** company never ever buy from them
    waste of time

  • there is hope in i orderd a jacket etc it was out of stock they refund my money asap thanks

  • they ripped me 20.000 scammed dammm


    they will not ship any orders they will muck you around do not get ripped of;)if i can help you and give you a chance before you get your money taken i will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m am soooooo angry I have been waiting well over 2 months for my order!
    it says its cheap yet you pay heaps for the shipping thinking it will come in quick.

    can’t believe it

  • Sammydress is a very problematic company/website, but it’s not a SCAM. It’s not some scheme to get people’s money, it’s just a company that has lot’s of problems with keeping track of orders. That doesn’t make it any better of a website, they are very unreliable and irresponsible, but keep in mind that it’s like that with most companies based in foreign countries. Shipping is a big hassel, especially to America. So to those who complain about taking it to long, please put that into perspective. I have ordered things from Sammydress before, and have had them arrive just fine, and I was notified any time the item I ordered was out of stock, but I’m sure that many people have had problems with it before. As for the quality of the items- they sell full dresses for $7, if you were expecting anything more than cheap fabrics and shoddy sewing, than I’m sorry but I honestly don’t know what you want from them. Overall (and this applies to the whole store in general: ordering, shipping, the works), you shop at your own risk. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try to chew them out for it, they should definitely handle their company better, but you should go into the store knowing that it’s unreliable, and low-quality.
    As for my biggest complaint; their sizing. They know very well that they have cliental outside of Asia, yet they insist on providing clothes only under a medium size 8-10. When you shop, you basically have to spend 10 minutes on each sizing chart trying to figure out if it will fit you, only to discover that the highest it runs is an American small. So shop with caution as far as that goes.

    • who cares they rip people of thats the problem?

    • I agree but i hate how the shipping & handling is expensive even though it says free shipping over $100, that makes me mad but i like their clothing so i have no choice but to buy it. Somthings they have clothes there that don’t have the right size for me which they should add more sizes not just "one size or free size". I really didn’t know that has a lot of complaint and saying its a scam. Well i don’t think it is a scam because i live in Juneau Alaska and yeah my order takes a month or two but that doesn’t mean that their a scam it just takes a while for them and take a lot of time to processes their items. When i ordered clothes and pants it look like they rused it because the yarn that they had wasn’t cut so i had to cut it but impressive that the stiching was good and straight. They just need to organize their company and their workers. It would be nice if they do have a store either california or somwhere in USA and it will be a little bit cheaper for me to pay the shipping & handling.

    • BS I have no reason to lie the company is a scam it was the worst online shopping I have ever had the issue is now with my cc 6 items ordered 4 received clothes sized way to small and told I could only received credit. 8 weeks to receive order. I am happy this didn’t happen to you but it is happening

  • I placed an order for a blouse last 4-4-13 and according to the tracking info should be here in 2 weeks, I do a lot of orders/ shopping overseas and it only takes 7-10 days or less. I have not recieved my order from Sammy Dress up to this day 5-27-13. I was skeptical at first, am glad didn’t order a bulk of clothes.

    • Wow – you must live in the future.

  • My first time ordering a knap sack, and it has been a month, and when I emailed them to track it there was no reply. After reading the other comments I see why, and at least it was a relatively cheap item and so it cost me minimal. I always test the water before using a website company.

  • This is not all they do either. I bought some small items from ebay from Chinese sellers and this is the only contact I had with China in my life. So then Sammydress started bombarding me with spam emails and advertising to my email address – with my full name and email address and all my details! The only way they could get that is by using the ebay details & I discovered another Chinese seller had sold my email address and name and contact details to Sammydress and I’ve been deluged with spam and advertising ever since. Worst most unethical and dishonest company ever!

  • I think Sammydress is the worst website I have ever ordered from. I order online frequently and have never experienced anything like this before. I placed an order on 04/07/2013 for two things to be shipped expedited, meaning to recieve them in 3-7 days. I was sent an email that one item was not in stock. I communicated with them through email 4 times about my order and they kept telling me to be patient. I then said just refund me my money back on my card. Today is 04/23/2013 and I am just recieving my order. I received both of the items. I don’t think anyone should order from the website anyway because how can almost everything on there be one size fits most???? You know in reality one size cannot fit most. That should have been a red flag right then and there. I emailed them and requested to speak to someone in charge and they gave me an email address and I did email them to tell them how disappointed I was with the website and never received a response back. I would contact the better business bureau to complain but I don’t know what good that would do because thier location is in Hong Kong. But something needs to be done about them. This website should be shut down!!!!!!

    • I had just purchased some things from this website on 4/18/13 and i recieved a email saying thank you for your purchase and We will arrange speedy shipping as soon as we receive your payment. then i get another email on monday saying We noticed that you added one or more items to your Shopping Cart, but didn’t continue to Checkout. When you’re ready to buy,simply visit Your Shopping Cart to complete your order. I checked my shopping cart nothing was there it was empty and i did not add anymore items. What does the payment thing mean? i am so confused am i being ripped off??


    • Yes it is,,,If they promise expedited shipping for an additional cost then that’s what is expected. Fedex is the carrier that delivers for them anyway so that makes no difference. When you check your status on the site it just says being processed and nothing else.

    • you are working for sammy dress! you scam artist.

    • you dont make sense up to 3months?look at the comments omg its there fault?some people have never being paid from over a year what are you talking about?go back to school please

  • I ordered merchandize from Sammy dress almost TWO MONTHS ago and they tell me it is being shipped! I demanded a full refund and they have not complied. The tracking numbers they give you are BOGUS. Never, never waste your time and your money with this ‘company’ in China. I should have known!!!

    • email your local show that takes down scam places type it up it will cripple there bisness big time.thats what im doing they ripped me of 45.00 nz stupid move lol

  • Live in the UK ordered items 6 weeks ago. Still have not received them DONT ORDER FROM THEM it is all a scam

    • hi gail email your local show breakfast club etc i type in how to get help with getting ripped of bye a web site it will help you get you order if start getting calls from tv shows etc it does not look good lol hope that will help cheers james nz

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  • "Don’t you dare listen to anyone who says this is legitimate company!

    They are thieves! I just placed an order for a purple yoga outfit advertised there and paid $24 for it. Then, I go onto their website today to see that they’ve cancelled the order without refunding me!

    So, I created "a ticket" asking why my order was cancelled given I’d already paid and they replied that the item is not in stock. If the item is not in stock, 1) explain that instead of taking my money and then cancelling the order! 2) Give me a refund! Don’t just cancel the order and keep my money.

    And this is just the last straw. In addition, they have sent me jewelry that broke in a day, stained clothing, the wrong color of one dress and they advertised that many items were to ship in 1 day and then they ship weeks later.

    I’ve had enough! Everything looks gorgeous website but unfortunately, it’s all a big lie and a scam. They are unethical and I hope that the US bans them from doing business here because this isn’t how we do business here. "

    • they are scams your your ip adress says so trying to cover your scams up lol

  • these guys are ripp offs im getting replys for a jacket i bought its out of stock etc stay away from this **** hole

  • I have contacted Today Tonight in Australia with a detailed account of what happened to be. I too have been victim of this online retailer scam and let me just say – they messed with the wrong girl.

    • I hope they get what they have coming to them.

  • Hi, there Sammy Dresses, I ordered two dresses around two weeks ago and it said they were going to be shipped in 24 hrs. Butt I am still here waiting. They don’t answer my text messages. what can I do?

    • they did not answer my email as well …….
      but i still hope that I will get my order.
      I been order my things 2 weeks ago.
      People who get their items ok, they said around 17 day was waiting.
      Here is lot of complain , but also some positive feed back, so lets hope they will
      send even when they have such a crab customer services:(

    • Take it from experience, you cannot do anything but wait and hope that what you ordered is what you receive. If its only been two weeks you can count on another two weeks before they even ship it out to you.

  • Hello All .
    I have ordered 4 items from Sammydresses, it was like 2 week ago.
    I still have not get them and they are not even answer my emails.
    Also I could not track my tracking numba, is showing that doesnt exist.
    Can u pls help me somehow?
    Where I can check track number?
    In my order still showing as in transit, but why I just cannot track them ????
    I dont want to lose my money :(
    Thank u all and sorry for bad gram english :(

    • email your local show about it type it in on the net they will track them down etc

    • Hi I just received my parcel that was ordered 7 weeks ago .. Yes it takes a long time but it did arrive and sadly it was nothing like the image on the web .. I will never buy from them again Franca

      • Have a facebook? Look up SammyDress,Beware… This company is a JOKE

  • these guys are going to get phone call from fair go in new zealand.its a tv show that will go all the way to make them look bad if i dont get my jacket i payed 46.00 nz for its going to happen haha it will cripple there bisness.cheers james smith

  • Thanks for posting the reviews at first I was searching for one size reviews and came across this site! I had over $500 on cart! Thanks for saving me the money! I need to find a store like this in the US! :)

  • Sammy dress is bad

  • I’m wondering whether or not I should place my order. 196.76.. After reading these comments I’m very nervous. It seems like some people get there orders and are satisfied, while others never receive anything or any feedback? When I first found this sit I was shocked at the prices! But is this too good to be true? I’m from North Carolina and would like to hear back from someone who always lives in NC and has purchases items from this site.. Thank you!

    • Quality is very very very poor. I’m from Virginia. You won’t wanna wear it. I spent $90 and I’m trashing it. Yup straight to the trash. I can’t believe I fall for this crap. Never again.

    • Hello,
      I am not from NC but I have purchased from them. It is NOT worth it at all! Worst quality of clothes takes them weeks/months to ship. Then wheni got the clothes they were not true to size at all!

  • I actually ordered something about 3 weeks ago. my husband ordered something two weeks ago his arrived before mine(which were really good quality). After wondering whats taking so long. i go track it they tell me its still processing. I started chatting with the customer service online which she explains to me a ticket was sent to me through my email to confirm my order i never responded. once i confirmed it they were able to ship it out. Sammy is not a scam. although i was upset i was able to get in contact with customer service. the only complaints i have is their telephone line. its always busy! which is weird. which in this case u can just live chat. or send them a message. they’ll reply within 24hrs.

    • They are not a scam. I received my order in 8 weeks. The sweater I ordered looks nothing like the picture they have on their website – different material, different beading and pattern, different colour, etc. The material is so cheap I refuse to wear it. Jewellery I ordered is like pictures. I would not order from them again. Also, when I submitted my ratings online, it did not post to the website… I’m guessing if you write a poor rating, they don’t post it. I also tried posting a pic so other ppl buying would be able to see what the sweater actually looks like, but it couldn’t post it. SO don’t trust the ratings on their website!!!

  • i have ordered a pair of jeanns and a pair of boots .the boots was small and the jeans is small too.the measurments are not good

  • me and my mom where buying cloth’s off there web site and it was in feb and its march and there still not here my mom pad $40.00 and there saying o it will be her the six of april and i think she may have been ripped off has any one eles had this problem if so find me on facebook danyelle wilson

  • probably Sona isn’t her real name…all customer service reps use simple names instead of their chinese,so there are a lot of different people with name Sona.

  • i just wanna know one thing is their stuff ( clothes etc ) new or used ?
    please someone reply !! thanks

    if its there are some new and used , how would i know that because i looked every where i couldn’t find anything saying about the conditions

    • The clothes are new, but are not true to size. They are truly maid for a skinny chinese girl…just like the model. I have ordered a $60 worth of clothes from there but had to pay $40 in shipping!. I got my items but only b/c i stayed on them and told them that i wanted t test their site for my clothing boutique. The were very interested then. When I got my clothes they were NOTHING like the photos…smh….so beware….it is too goo to be true!

    • Worst craftsmanship I’ve ever seen!, skirts were made of wool instead of cotton! Don’t wanna b seen dead in those clothes! Gonna give it to charity

  • thank for these comment.. i really thought to buy huge amount of clothes from this site .coz i like a collection of this site. thank god i read this complain list. am not gonna order from this

  • I ordered from sammy dress and regret every second of it.. the quality of the clothes were terrible, a few items were ripped as well as i had to pay an extra 40.00 on top of what i payed when they came to the door.. I attempted to call many times (80 to be exact) and recieved a busy signal most times, and no answer other times… i DO NOT!! recommend buying anything from this site.. very poor customer service.

    • May I ask you what country you live in and what was the charge that you had to pay when you got the delivery? I mean isn’t the shipping already paid at checkout? Also, how much was your order? I’m kind of worried because I just placed an order… :(


  • hi guys..

    i live in middle east gulf country to be spesific..
    i was afraid to order from the site at first…after reading some of the comments about its being a fraud
    then i decided to place a cheap order as a test, i orderd a clutch bag for about $ 8
    and they gave me a tracking nomber with FEDEX after 3 days
    the package arrived after about 28 days of shipment…and the bag was verry nice
    the material was much more than i expected..& looks good
    though i had to pay an extra money for the shipment finally the total price was about $ 40

    but they did send the package..and the order was GOOD…im gonna order another thing from them soon..cause after my experience i dont think SAMMYDRESS is a fraud..
    they were answering my email when i started to ask and wonder about the delay of my order..and when i recieved it ..they sent me an email ..asking if i DID recieved it !

    i wanted t share this with case anyone wanted t try ordering..try first to test them in somethin cheap.

    and im sure not all of the people are suffering from the least i was not ONE of them :)

  • dont buy this Sammydress<<<FULL OF BS, the material are very bad and imitated. They said it look like in the picture but it is not. they are mimitated clothes. Very cheap material and beside they wait too long to ship because they want to get your money first before they can ship your items. So later when they withdraw your money and there no way you can get it back.

  • So I received my items from Sammydress. FEDEX attempted to deliver the package on March 22nd, however, no one was home, so I received it yesterday. So that’s somewhere around 12-14 business days (17 days total) for delivery. Generally, I am happy with my order. Some of the blouses are even better quality than I expected. Others, not so much. The items are approximately the sizing measurements listed, so don’t worry about them being tiny (this was a concern for me when I was ordering). Ultimately, I would order from Sammydress again. The only thing that I will say is that I will pay more attention to what the individual items are made of before ordering the next time. As a general rule, the really sheer blouses are not very nice, but the more opaque blouses are – go for the satin-type materials, and avoid the sheer materials. One final comment: make sure you have an iron if you are going to order from Sammydress! All of my items were VERY wrinkly when they arrived!! I hope that this helps a few people. Take care!

    • Bull**** you’re probably a dumb Chinese working for them. Your comments doesn’t even sound real, it’s obvious that nothing that you wrote was spontaneous but instructed to do so. Shame on you.
      Dumb ****

    • hey every one is saying this is scam what should i do i really want to order some pants from their website and a couple shirts but everyone before you is rambling about calling the embassy in hongkong and saying their web site should be shut down blaaaaaaaaa!! have you ordered a lot from this website . please email me back i would really appreciate it

    • yay one order out of 1ooo order gets droped of cheers

  • Hey guys… I ordered my clothes,waited 4 months,never arrived,I complained and asked to send my money back,got NOTHING IN RETURN,no shame…

  • do not order anything from this sitte…its a scam….u will loose ur money…at least i did…and ofcourse many other people like u can see from the other comments….i didnt get any email back or package ….please dont waiste your money on this crap….

  • sammy dress is terrible stay away they dont send the items and say they do and only partially refund when sent abusive emails when items are not shipped thankfully i only lost 20 bucks but its not the point. AVOID SITE AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • Hi guys, I recently (around March 5 or so) placed an order with Sammy Dress. I actually stumbled upon this website when I was trying to determine how accurate their sizing is (I was worried items may actually be smaller than described). I ordered a whole lot of items (about $250 worth), so I had a mild panic attack when I read that the site is a scam, etc. ____I logged into my account today, and my items were listed as shipped. They gave me a shipping number with FEDEX. I checked on FEDEX, and there is indeed a package heading my way, due to arrive this Friday (March 22nd). From Hong Kong to Canada in three weeks or so: not bad at all, in my opinion. ____I cannot comment on item quality as of yet, but the site is not a scam. I’m pretty sure that FEDEX wouldn’t post false tracking information. ____Also, I forgot my password, and had to reset it, and when I sent an IT ticket to the service people or whatever, they were indeed promt in replying to my request. ____Just wanted to share, so if you ordered from Sammy Dress, don’t automatically panic like I did! I will follow-up with a post regarding item quality.____Thanks,____Stacy Taylor,__Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    • Hey, I ordered something to be shipped to Canada as well and am kind of worried about the extra delivery charge that people have been talking about. Did you have to pay anything when the item was delivered?


  • Dispute the purchase with your bank when they don’t give refund for an item not shipped. You will get your full refund instantly.

  • Has anyone gotten their money back? I’m in the process of asking for a refund since my order of over 100 is still in "processing" and they say my items are temp. out of stock.

    • Yes I order some stuff pretty much the same situation as every body else but I got my items and got my money back for items that they did not have

    • I did get my money back! The full amount! I told them I didn’t want to wait for items to come into stock and that I wanted a full refund, since they had not sent anything out. PayPal sent me an email saying they had refunded my money. They were quick about it once they waited the next day to get my email. I think if I were patient I would have gotten my items but a month is just too long. I did find some of the same items on amazon and they delivered it in about a week, but it is cheap quality. One of the shirts I got was ripped down the side. So If you just have to have some of their items order amazon and try it out that way.

    • I ordered from Sammydress and after a few months of waiting for something to arrive I received an email from Paypal refunding me the full amount without any explanation as to why I won’t be receiving my items.

  • sometimes things are too good to be true & never trust a site until you do a search about the "uncommon" stores online

  • I ordered over 100 dollars worth of clothes on feb 17 with expedited shipping and it is mar 13 and it is still processing. Their reason was that the items are not in stock which they should had told me before ordering. I am extremely dissatisfied with their service and am going to dispute to paypal ASAP!

  • Crap! Pure crap! No customer service. Why do they even have a phone number if its not even picked up? Do not buy here!!!

    • so what did you decide to do to fix your issue?

  • i just ordered something to day i pray it comes!!!!

  • I ordered $100.00 worth of items from SAMMYDRESS! They took my payment from my Paypal account 9 days ago, and my order is still "processing". I inquired only to be told that 2 of the items I ordered were out of stock! I replaced the items and told them to ship my order! After 5 days of gruesome emails back and forth I was told that another 4 items were not available again! This is ridiculous!!! I hope I could still get my money back!

    • Hello there, I’m in same situation!!!!!…I ordered my packed on 21 of February with extend shipping, and still waiting!!!!…….is there Amy way to cancel and get money back? I paid thrue paypal

  • so happy i just read this i had a whole outfit ready for a 21st birthday bash and i would be soo **** if i didnt get it online now i have to find a new site thats not a scam

  • Wow u must be The Doris on their live Chat just trying to put something positive. But that site us not legit & completely a scam. Definitely will send an order of $20 or less but if someone ordered $100 or more, I’m sure sammydress will find a way to keep tat money instead of sending that order. Total SCAM. What legit company doesn’t have a legit number to contact them….NONE…except

  • SammyDress SUCKS! I’ve been calling this # 19095819508 a million times!!! seems like nobody wants to answer or BUSY… i placed an order 2 weeks ago for a $100 and had my items expedited. I hate SammyDress!

  • Well if you bought a “shitload” of items then it’ll take waaaay longer, what happens is that half of it will likely be out of stock and they wait about 2 weeks for a new stock to come in and they dont let you know unless you bother them a few times. best to order one or two items, specifically from free shipping because then you really get an excellent deal

    • Okay, thanks for the heads up! I’m willing to wait extra-long for them to restock – as long as I get all my items!!! This will likely be my only order from them, because of all of the negative reviews…and I’m really liking Charlotte Russe styles lately anyways – seeing items in person, and trying things on before purchasing is the ONLY type of shopping I will be doing from now on. But I did just order from 10dollarmall, and I would order from them again – I’m very happy with the high quality pieces. 599fashion is okay too, but not as nice as 10dollar.

  • same here gab i ordered a month a go but because of the Chinese new year celebration its delayed i understand and because i also changed some of my order. I just got my tracking number today ang it takes a week to arrived. Im hoping it will be nice and i am planning to order more.

  • i placed an order on feb 15th for 60$ and had my iteams expedited, however its march 4th and my order still is processing, and they have allready took my $. how long should i wait? or should i call and get my $ back?

    • I ordered almost a 100 dollars 10 days ago and my order still processing. Nobody answered my complaint too.Expedited shipping i selected…i don’t know if this is a scam..

    • We placed 6 orders (one order had seven items). We placed; them on Feb 10, 12, and 13th expecting a 10 day turnaround. Turns out there was a Chinese holiday that lasted 7-10 days. We were unaware of this. So we contacted them 2:30 a.m. EST (3:00 their time). We spoke with a representative who explained there was a holiday and our order would take another apx 10 days. We waited 7 days and contacted them back. we requested a refund on 4 items since the representative said THEY WEREN’T SURE when they would have those items. The funds were back in our paypal account the same morning. The representative cancelled the items on the spot. They had only 2 items of the order with 7 items. We looked at their system today, and our order shows the items being shipped and tracking # and info. The last item we were told would not be in until Mar 12. We decided to wait on that item just to see how the order arrives, etc…that will let us know if we should use them again. If I had given the order #’s the first time maybe I would have known two weeks ago that the items we ordered were out of stock. We were very concerned at first…but like I said, we are waiting to see how the few items are delivered before we decide to use them again. If/when you call, be prepared for some serious broken English, however if you are patient…they were patient with me.

      • How did u contact them. Please provide number so I can call them myself too regarding an order. Have called the 9095819505 number and emailed them but still no response. The number is o longer in service. Live chat is always offline.

        • I used 909-581-9508. I’ve had a person answer each time I called. Although I have to wait until 2:30 a.m. EST which is about 3:00 p.m. their time. We received 2 of the 7 items we ordered (via DHL) as we requested and cancelled the rest of the order. When we got the items 3 of them were incorrect. We ordered 5 denim beaded vests, we received 2 beaded and 3 that were not beaded. We received all of our refunds in our paypal by the next morning. We still are awaiting the order from March 12, yet we had decided that depending on how they handled what we actually ordered would determine if we would use them again. Yes they got the order wrong, but I can go Michaels and purchase some beads and embroider them myself.

    • You can check ur message bc what u order might now be in stock and you might have to change it..Thats what happen to me..Log in on your account and see if you have a messafe

    • I purchased some clothes from there and couldn’t get my money back and still haven’t received my stuff! Talk about scam big time

  • These comments make me feel sick, i ordered yesterday a jacket, it cost 17 euros+ shipping=30 euros…wish that i would read these comments before offering, just hoping i get my jacket on time

    • Have you got your jacket?


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