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Last Updated On: November 16, 2016

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Business Name: Rosegal
Beijing, Beijing China

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Rose Gal Phone Number: 929-800-4485
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.02 out of 5
Based On: 49 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31

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Reported Losses: $2,043.83
Average Reported Losses: $41.71

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Terrible product, tried to return, DHL wouldn’t take the goods back without a phone number in china, Rosegal give giving me incorrect phone numbers – complete scam, inferior product poor communications.

This has been going on since before christmas, over 4 months have lost $100s of dollars.

The quality of the clothes is horrible. There is poor communications

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  • ginger gilbert

    I’ve been trying to get my money back for clothes my daughter can’t fit. I spent over $300 and I’m pissed my daughter is highly upset and I’m pursuing a lawyer. Plus were still missing about 5 items.

  • GLENDA Ball

    This is GLENDA Ball I never receive the faux leather star panel tunic top in size 5x that suppose been shipped out on 12/27/16 the first one was wrong size too small could not fit in ever receive it and still had not receive I want a refund come on now ticket number T17021003881 order number T1611291057206651 I text your couple days ago no one has response yet

  • Janice

    I ordered from Rosegal on Dec 4th 2016 still waiting for my order to arrive, cannot contact them via telephone it doesn’t even work, tried customer service and I was told the neighbour took it or a relative, really, how lame, the long and short of it is this company is fraudulent do not order from this company they are a total rip off, I am going to call my credit card company and report it as fraud.

  • Monica Clarke

    I just contacted rosegal to find out where my package was I see three items that I ordered but I ordered for items they’re telling me that I did not order a jacket that I know that I ordered the jacket was $20 plus tax and it was $8 shipping now who wouldn’t remember they ordered that

  • Deb

    Stupid me-I didn’t research this company. Ordered several items from them to the tune of almost $300.00. Most came within a week. No packing label or return label. Can’t find any contact information to return. Tired to email no response. Says you need to contact within 30 days, but how do you do that when there isn’t a phone number or return information. Didn’t take them but 2 minutes to charge my credit card. Clothes are made for small-very small people. The xx large size is about a women’s size 6-8. Arm length about the length of the arm of a child. the quality is very poor- cheaper looking and made worse than most big box discount stores. Guess I will donate to a woman’s shelter hopefully there will be someone there that can use the clothes even if they may only get one wearing.

  • Darcy Blankenhorn

    HORRENDOUS company.Sizing waaaaaaay off unless a 130
    # 5′ woman wears a 5x! Order placed mid Nov 2016,supposedly shipped 1st week of Dec then supposedly ARRIVED Dec 18 NOT!! Customer service is equally as bad!! Oriental ,broken conversations and want ME to find the package…out $40.00

  • JoAnn Gilbert

    Very poor quality of clothes Order 4 sweatshirts 2xxl 1 xl 1L all are small Tried to call to get my money back could not get through will never order from them again also told all my friends not to order anything.Rating F-jUNK

  • JoAnn Gilbert

    Ordered 4 sweatshirts size 2x xl and Large look size small Lost 48.00. Tried to call can’t get through. Can’t get address to return. Very poor quality.Will make sure all my friends who shop on line,will not shop there. F+

  • Jenn

    Ordered 3 mermaid blankets 6 days ago. Credit card was charged for all 3. Recieved an email that 1 was shipped and delivered already, I never recieved anything. Tried to call customer service, number just has a busy signal, emailed a “ticket” never heard back from anyone. I called my credit card company and you have to wait 15 days from purchase to dispute the charge. The blankets were christmas gifts. Horrible experince! Do your research before buying online. Total hassle. After looking them up,people that ordrered before said its a scam company.

  • Zelphi

    Placed order 11/15/16 order # z1611051901009631

  • Jane Achwartz

    I cannot get any information about how to return an item. Tried for almost a month. Very dissatisfied with service.

  • lalee

    I just want to know where to return the order.I emailed them the day after I ordered to say a mistake was made and they said the order had shipped and to let them know when it comes to deal with it..the order came right away,there were three dresses of same color and I wanted one.1/2 mistake was mine as they said they couldn’t take my credit card after I had pushed placed order,they wanted payment thru PayPal I guess.then they said your orders waiting,the dresses looked really cute so I went theu pay pal thinking I had to do order again so stand ordering various colors again noticed my order was ther and just “placed order”., I received 2-3 of same items..and there was NO order/sales slip inside with NO directions how to resend.they are telling. Me now to send back at my expense,ok ok .them OR you could give the clothing to charity or your friends!! WTH!? $200 worth of dresses some same colors?i wrote no just tell me where to send stuff back,now remember Imtold this lot the order was over ordered from day they tell me to make a copy of some in professional looking to which I replied I have NO printer just give me the add please! Theysay replied and said go borrow your friends or family’s printer them.hahah..I’m tired of talking about this ..anybody know the correct address to return?I see it was sent from Return Whittier CA. Also a PO box in Staten Island,Jack Chen..anybody know the real address?

  • doreena

    well, I’ve been trying for 2wks to find out how to return 3 swim suits that are not the right size….finally got someone at 844-896-8440,,,,,they said ok will send return shipping label and ask for my email, full name, birthdate to assure identity, which when come to bd, I was wondering, they also got my phone number in case we disconnect…..then they tell me they cant send to that email. said it was being compromised in Germany, did I know anyone? Then told be to go to, which pops up showing that its allowing them into computer if I keep doing what they want…..they told me this was the only way to get my return…..and that I could see all they were doing….ya right……so when I kept asking for other options, he finally hung up on me… needless to say I will loose my money on suit… thinking they use this rose gal as a front for much bigger things….idk

  • Ms Tang

    I order shoes and dresses, didn’t fit this website should be taken down. It is a scam and rip off. I have lost over $200.00 can’t get it back. learned lesson I will never order again from rosegal, trendgal sammy etc

  • Faith

    While I believe Rosegal customer service and quality sucks, you must remember you are buying Asian sized clothing. In China they do not make Western size clothes….same for Japan. I was in Japan and forgot pj’s and ended up buying some mens clothing that would fit me. I have received somethings and not others. I will not do business with them. However, figuring out the Asian to Western difference, I was able to get clothes to fit me.

  • Monkey-see Monkey-do

    Wow—–sure wish I had seen this before ordering tonight!! Hopefully they don’t charge more than was put on my credit card. The site was secure, so thought it would be safe. Will see if I even get my stuff I guess. Won’t worry about them another time.

  • PetMePetunia

    I ordered from Rose Gal once and that was enough.. Item didn’t even resemble the pic.. Size was off and material was flimsy.. I learned my lesson.. Never Again!

  • Isee

    Report them to Chinese Embassy in New York or your Trade Division in Washington DC , they handle business orders first what you get is a Sample of that Item that will be sold in large orders. for example look at The Red Dress Shop in GA she orders from them

  • Marie Herlinda Perrapato

    I too placed an order and nothing was correct plus I did not get my complete order, only about $30 out of $100 that I was billed. Clothes were described incorrectly, sizes did not fit. I did what they said, I sent them the photos with the measuring yard stick proving incorrect sizes, wrong items, missing items mentioned in an email to be sent later never arrived but I was billed full amount. They will not respond anymore after I followed their instructions. I never signed for the DHL package….or I would have refused it since I could tell it was missing two pairs of shoes.. Very crooked people!!!. But I will prevail.

  • Marie Herlinda Perrapato

    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | File a Complaint › complaint

    THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL NEED TO GO TO FILE AGAINST ROSEGAL, ETC. This will shut them down from being able to continue to do business as usual. I got this info from PayPal.

  • Brenda

    Hi I ordered 2 long sleeve tops XL size ..when one arrived it was so small that it would possibly only fit a small child. They have replied that I need to take photos so that they can compare their sizes ….all too much trouble Im afraid and not good enough …so the solution is never to buy from them again. The other top has not arrived as yet and I don’t think I will make the effort to collect it from the post office. I am just grateful that I did not spend a lot of money, I would cost me more to send it back..and for what…they are not going to do anything. As I said buyers beware…they are rip off merchants….I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN…..WHAT THEY SHOW YOU IS NOT WHAT YOU GET …I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED THE REVIEWS FIRST….

  • D’Rox

    Hi I know there are more companies associated with Rose gale then just nasty dress but I can’t remember the name I’m trying to pull the names together and make a Facebook page of any site advertise on Facebook that we’ve been scammed by. Do not just one or two mistakes from a company. But a company like rose Gai who has hundreds of complaints. If you can remember any names of any other companies that run like this company please leave me a reply. Thank you. I think we all need to look out for each other, because I know I don’t have but disposable income no matter how cheap OR the time to fool with companies in China that have no intentions on giving us our money back or making a fair exchange or giving us good services or goods or clothes that look like the picture etc so if you know of any companies related to Rose Gal or like Rose Gal please leave me a reply thank you.

    I see this publication is a complaints list, and I want to commend them!! I also hope they understand if I make a facebook list, it is not to undermine,i’m not gonna get paid ads, or however you make $$ on FB, im just going to try and help those out, like me that cant afford to be ripped off ,especially at christmas time.. No one wants to be ripped off , I get that but when you have 50 dollars for the month and buy a 10 dollar gift for your child and have this crap happen its different than me having 1,000 dollars after all bills a month and i spend 10 bucks and don’t receive m package or whatever, both are horribly wrong,but one will be able to shrug the 10 bucks off ,and the other will be in tears, and honestly that shouldn’t ever happen to any one!!

  • Harley

    The clothing is not close to what is shown in the picture. Cheap clothes. And to try and get ahold of them is impossible. Their phone number “mail box” is full so you can’t even leave a message. And to try to email them is a joke! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I WISHED I WOULD HAVE CHECKED THE REVIEWS BEFORE I ORDERED FROM THEM. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!! Remember if you need to return anything, you pay the shipping charges and the address is CHINA – good luck with that. I have learned my lesson of checking a Company out first – Stick with ZAPPOS!

  • Debi Bishop

    Seriously, though, has anyone been satisfied with anything purchased from Rose Gal?? Anyone pleased at all? Hard to believe they have NO repeat customers.Any experiences with the hair pieces – other than the fact that genuine 100% human hair wigs would never sell for $42.95 or anywhere near that price- do they at least look and feel attractive? Input anyone?

    • gwen

      They did a segment on the CNN rosegal has several companies different names, all clothing is pictures from designers not rose gal or the other companies they own. You might order a maxi dress that is delivered like a min dress. They are not regulated so they get away with everything. Products come from china and others overseas. check out before buy anything or go to alibaba which you can ask for samples .

      • D’Rox

        Hi Glenn can you please share with me those names that you saw on the CNN segment. Thank you for the USA Today article if you look above to my name you’ll see I’m trying to get together a list so ladies like us are not taken in or at least not so easily. Since I put a picture of a jacket I wanted from Rosedale on my Facebook page and literally got hundreds of response is not order from this company it is a scam and company look it up, I did exactly that I googled Rosedale and I was shocked at the reviews. Because of that, I now look up all sites that I am not familiar with to see what they’re honest reviews are. Because you can buy people to give you good reviews on YouTube on Facebook on Twitter and other social media sites. I so I have found if I just google Rosedale customer reviews I get a much better picture. But that’s me my 80 year old grandmother is not going to think to do that, she’s going to be on a fixed income see the great prices want to get her grandchildren cool clothes and she’s going to end up getting ripped off. Because of people because of her and people like her normal people I really want to make a Facebook page where it warns people of sites like this. And it would be based on customer reviews and not just one or two those would be noted but it would be the big ones you know hundreds of people are dissatisfied those kind of companies not you know ,one person didn’t get one of their orders lets slam a company that’s not what I’m looking to do I am looking to make sure that people are aware and get what they think, by pictures that they ordered and that’s it!! just get what they ordered what they paid for so if you could remember any of the other names that would be considerably helpful and I’d appreciate it thank you.

  • Alana Smith

    Ordered 29 June 2015 today 31/08/2015 still no delivery, Complaints tried also to tell me no record of order but I had there emails printed out and my bank records. Now they say I have to wait another month before I can complain and get my money back. Also ordered a dress through them, it arrived, nice dress SIZE LARGE fits a size 6/8 what don’t they understand about the meaning of the word large. Useless, and too expensive to return it to them and they know that.

  • Angel in fury……

    My order never came and I found out that it was sent to a different address ….they claim that I put a wrong address which why will I do that????? hello……..long wait and discussion w/their poor customers Service which make the matter worse giving me options to get more money from me….how pathetic….this company is a “BIG SCAM” beware……….



    • Alana Smith

      Received a dress SIZE LARGE fits a size 5/8 if you are lucky


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