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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: Small Mountain Pty Ltd

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Corp Website: popcherry.com.au

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Fraud VIP

I purchased a dress from pop cherry and they ask to enter your email address for a VIP discount so of course I did. The dress came and it was awfully cheap and tacky so I sent it back. The month after this I received an email telling me I had to click “skip the month” or $50 would be deducted from my credit card and used as store credit at the pop cherry online store.

I didn’t like the idea that $50 would be deducted monthly especially from an unsecure website and this was to be used as store credit for a tacky online store… I also didn’t like the fact that this online store was storing my credit and details from the moment I made my first purchase – I knew this because when you type your email address in for the VIP membership they do not ask for credit card information they wait for your first purchase to snap up those details.

So I called popcherry customer service as when you email them they say you must call for any VIP enquiry. So I called and found out what this “VIP” membership actually is and just that a deduction of $50 a month from my credit card. I requested that the membership be cancelled and was assured it would be done.

The next month I didn’t receive any emails from pop cherry so I assumed the membership was over- thank god! Little did I know the next month they deducted the $50. This made me furious. I called pop cherry 4 times over one week and could never get through so I continually left my contact details for a return call.

Over a week later I received a return call to be told no your membership is still active. Again I informed the person that I had already cancelled my VIP membership a month prior and I wanted the $50 taken from my credit card refunded within one week. They refused to do this so i plan to get consumer affairs and my bank involved for an absolutely fraudulent online website with extremely poor customer service.

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