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Last Updated On: January 11, 2017

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Business Name: JustFab Inc
Corporate Address:
800 Apollo St
El Segundo, California 90245 USA

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JustFab Phone Number: 310-683-0940
Corp Email: contact@justfab.com
Company Contact: Kimora Lee Simmons - President Creative Director
Corp Website: justfab.com

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Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 118 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 114

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Reported Losses: $19,660.58
Average Reported Losses: $166.62

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JustFab is Very Misleading

I saw an ad for the JustFab website while browsing through my Facebook. The ad specifically states that if you sign up, your first item will be only $9.95. That is all. No mention of how there is a limit on how much the regular price of the item must be, or that if you order more than one item that discount does not apply. I placed an order for three items but it did not discount my first item to $9.95. There wasn’t anyone live that I could contact with my question, so I just assumed that the discount would be applied upon checking out.

I was wrong. The order was placed before I could cancel it. By placing the order I became (ta-daaaa!) a VIP member and all of a sudden the doors were open to me to call Customer Service or live chat with a representative. So I called, because I was miffed that I had been duped. Now, granted, the item had been discounted, but not to $9.95, so it was only a matter of about $4, but it wasn’t the amount that concerned me, it was the PRINCIPAL about a company that deceives and entices prospective members into joining by dangling discounts that they do not honor.

When I called JustFab, the CSR explained to me why the discount was not given (which was all a bunch of BS) and I asked her to tell me WHERE on the website that is explained. She could not tell me. I could not find any terms of service anywhere and nowhere on the site was it posted that there were stipulations to their “discounts”. I hung up still appalled by such a deceitful way of luring people in and I decided that I did not in any way want to be a part of this company so I called back a second time. I again discussed my concern about their deceiving tactics and she just explained to me AGAIN verboten the same exact thing the first person said, never once actually addressing my concern. I told her to cancel my order and right away she wanted to see what she could do in order to help “make things right” because they did not want to lose me as a member.

She returned a minute later saying she could give me 20% off of my next order. However by that time I was so disgusted by the BS they were shoveling out that I told her that that was not satisfactory and insisted that she cancel my order AND my membership, which she finally did. This JustFab website shop is full of baloney and I am sure they have made lots of money off of unsuspecting members. DO NOT JOIN! ALWAYS try to find reviews from other people about what their experiences were with whichever “club” or website that you are considering on joining. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.

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Alternate JustFab Inc Business Names: Intelligent Beauty, JustFabulous, Shoe Fabulous, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, Fabkids, Fabletics

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  • Amelia

    I ordered two pairs of boots back in October 2016. Both came, were VERY uncomfortable to walk in and I can barely wear them for over an hour. This wasn’t even the worst part. It’s January now and I was just checking my back account, and saw that JustFab had taken £35 from my account this month! I emailed just fab, asking why this had happened and I was told that it was due to their VIP membership scheme. So, I replied saying ok but I need a refund of this and I needed my account to be cancelled – I received the same automated email that I had received the first time around. I emailed again asking for a refund and my account to be cancelled – no response. So, I got on their online chat, waited for almost 2 HOURS and nothing. No one came online. Following this I gave up and went to my bank, hoping they could help.

    The bank gave me the JustFab customer service number to call and so I did. I was told by customer service that £35 had been taken for the last 3 months (£105 in total!!). I received NO EMAIL telling me this was happening. There was no indication that I noticed when I bought the boots that this would happen – I simply assumed that signing up to be a VIP got me cheaper boots! Little did I know they would be taking my money every month WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. So, my account was cancelled and I’m still waiting for a confirmation email of this. However, I found out that since I’m under 18 it was ILLEGAL for JustFab to sign me up to VIP and take my money at any point over the last 3 months! They NEVER even asked for proof of my age! As soon as they had my details, they were taking my money. It took me at least 2 hours of arguing with a woman on customer service (who was clearly reading a script, and not actually trying to help my exact problem) for her to tell me that I needed to send proof of my age to them to get my refund. So, HOPEFULLY now I’ll get my refund and they will stop stealing my money!! Honestly, this company is not even worth the trouble, I would have rather paid twice the price for good quality boots from a website that wasn’t going to scam me. I would avoid JustFab like the plague if I were you.

  • Lex

    Signed up for monthly membership and “skipped the month” they still charged my card $40. And when I called they said they “can give me $10 store credit” dont’t sign up for their scam.

  • Danielle Dornstadter

    I had ordered two pairs of shoes; One pair I received damaged, while the other was sent to me with two of the same side shoe. It has now been a month and a half since that order was even placed, and none of my funds have been returned. I have been shipped another pair of one of the sets of shoes, which was (surprise, surprise) damaged upon arrival. The other pair of shoes I tried to originally get a replacement for was no longer even available. After branching out to various pointless emails found on their website with no reply, I resorted to their live chat option. This online chat option is horrible. Several times I spoke with representatives that either:
    A. Made numerous mistakes having to correct themselves
    B. Would end the chat before you could even collect all the information given, which is problematic seeing it glitches and does not even allow one to scroll back up the majority of the time, even after trying different browsers.
    Highly advise not wasting your money, or energy. You will end up waiting multiple months having to talk with multiple, faulty representatives just to receive unwearable shoes. Then they try to cop out by giving you a coupon for future purchases. Who the hell is stupid enough to continue purchases with a company who clearly does not care about their service quality?

  • June Harney

    They took money out of my account without my permission. They took $80.00. I wouldn’t do any kind of business with these crooks.

  • Andrea

    They take money unauthorised with misleading advertising and scarce information on registration process.very dissapointed

  • Savannah

    All of you people claiming this company “robbed you” or “charged you without authorization” are delusional! If you purchase an item AT THE VIP PRICING, you’re told you are paying the VIP price, and there’s a link that clearly explains what the VIP membership entails. If you take the time to actually read the terms and conditions before checking out you will understand how this works. This isn’t a scam or stealing because the disclosure is outlined for you and you have to check the box agreeing to those terms before making your purchase! So to everyone bashing this company, you are simple minded and ignorant for not fully making yourself aware of what you’re getting into before you take advantage of a great deal. I am a happy VIP member because I took the time to READ and UNDERSTAND and I do get great deals, this membership allows you to “skip the month” in case you don’t want to make a purchase that month and guess what? I’m not charged a thing! I also work for a bank and have worked for continuity clients in the past, and I’ve just come to terms that consumers read nothing, and blame their bank or bash the merchant because they do not want to take responsibility for their own compulsive decisions.


    One HAPPY VIP Customer J

  • Betty

    You are probably the actual justfab website trying to not make yall sound like ILLEGAL THIEVES!!!! I know people who are sending you letters frim their lawers threatening to sue if you do not give them back the money that was wrongly taken. I don’t understand how their can be such dispicable human beings im this world whos moral compass is so skrewed up that they would scam the middle working class of america out of their hard earned money and not have any remorse or simpathy. The justfab company is run buy a whole group of lazy moochers who are to lazy to go out and work hard for their money and instead steal and scam others out of their hard earned money. Its just sickening

  • Grace

    So last year in october i ordered a pair of heels from justfab and they came in perfectly fine but They were EXTREMELY cheaply made, uncomfortable and did not look like the online photo. During the order prosses i didnt realise i was going to be charged $40 a month if i forgot to skip the month. So the bext month i notice a $40 charge on my card and was at first afraid someone had gotten my acount information. I later looked and saw that just fab deducted this money and i was extremely upset. I read through all of the policies again and then called to cancel my acount. After being on hold for 30 minutes someone finnaly answered. I told them i would like to cancle my vip membership and not be charged anymore money, and finnaly after screaming “NO I JUST WANT TO CANCEL MY VIP MEMBERSHIP” 30 more times he finnaly did it. I was slightly upset about having to wait 12 months to be able to use my credit because you are required to buy an item that is exactly the amount of your credit and the website has it set up to the only people who can use their credits ars vip members who are charged each month. So i have kept a simple account for a 13 month period and today i come to check my acount and ise my credit (that was supposed to get turned into a “gift card”) so i can finally cancel my acount and the store credit is missing and there is no “jfgiftcard” emailed to me. I am furious becaude it is a complete scam and the customer service refuses to return the credit or give me a link to my gift card. They simply told me to “discuss the problem with your bank” i am furious and will always tell everyone i can to stay away from them because they are scammers and theives

  • milli

    I just tried to order two pair of boots and I Couldn’t complete the transaction ,but just fab still took money out of my account.

  • Elaine

    I came accross an advert for Just Fab and purchased a pair of boots. I really wish I hadn’t. I had no idea and no warning that it was a subscription site and if I had, I would have steered clear. I have just realised on checking my paypal that £35 pounds has been deducted by them and on reading further information on the internet, found out it’s a subscription charge. They are just con artists please be aware that a purchase seems to mean you are subscribed and they don’t make it straight forward for you to cancel. I have already tried. Their business model stinks. I shall be alerting paypal and I shall be cancelling today and never using them again.

  • B.T

    I was promised a refund from JustFAB for misleading me into paying more for an item than I intended. Since not receiving this refund at all, and being blocked from their facebook page where I was trying to reach out to them (and warn others of the costs of the misleading VIP service setup), I resort to posting here. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Check your bank balance after dealing with them. They charged me £50 for an item that should have been £12.70, did not alert me/invoice me with the extra charge and despite promising a refund have not done so. Also – the quality of the items is only just worth the original £12.70. STAY AWAY!!

  • Manon D

    they got caught in 2014 and are still doing the same thing, i dont get it.

  • LGee

    they have been charging me 39.95 each month for a year now- I just caught it this month as my card was skimmed.I do not know how to rectify this as it looks impossible to do from others posts.

  • Lisa B

    I joined JustFab and bought one pair of boots. Within days of receiving, I did a LiveChat and cancelled my account. LiveChat or by phone is the only way you can cancel per their terms, no emailing. After having to demand they cancel me because they wont give up until they try to change your mind, the rep assured me I was all set, account cancelled. Then the following month I am charged 39+ dollars for not placing an order. When I did another LiveChat they said there was no record of me cancelling. I demanded a refund and threatened to report them. This time I got a reference number from my chat. Still waiting for my credit card refund. Bad company, scamming at its finest.

  • Lalik

    READ THE CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE!!!! First item is $9.99. BUT THEN, they will charge your credit your card $39.99 each month if you do not purchase anything.

  • crc

    in my opinion justfab, shoedazzle, and shoefashionize are the same company! they all have the same VIP membership in common and all have the same domain name godaddy.com. i had same experience as consumers with complaints below. ordered a pair of earrings FREE, pay only $5.99 s&h. it was cheap costume jewelry but what do you expect for ‘free’? i got an email from the company with subject order confirmation #xxxxx with no mention of terms or membership or trial or account number or 14 day trial or monthly deliveries. when my credit card was charged $98, i called and at that time was informed about the membership and that ANOTHER $98 had already been posted to my credit card and that i had not purchased the earrings; they were on a 14 day trial period. i told the rep that i would NEVER agree to such a thing and told him to fax me a copy of the alleged ‘agreement’. i told him i was cancelling the charges to my credit card and reporting the company to every consumer complaint site i could find as well as to the better business bureau and the attorney general. his first response was that my credit would be ruined. 2nd response after long hold to speak with supervisor was a $50 refund. 3rd response after another long hold to speak with supervisor was an agreement to refund one $98 charge; 4th response was agreement to cancel VIP membership and refund both $98 charges. I received email confirmation of the cancellations and refunds. Moral of the story: print a copy of any online order. if you’re dissatisfied, just keep repeating calmly “supervisor, supervisor, supervisor….manager, manager, manager…owner, owner, owner” and what your expectation is for resolution…in my case full refund!. don’t get stuck with any of the charges!!!!!

    Shoefashionize Female Earring 304 $5.99

  • Cyber_Me

    This company website looks just like the Sammy Dress website. They have the exact same products etc, and both are in China or Asia. I wonder if they are one and the same, and just going under two different names. America needs tougher laws against fraudulent companies, and need to monitor them better. Take that up with your government people.

  • Rene

    I love Justfab.com. I’ve been a member for a few years now & I’ve always been a heel person so they fit me perfectly. As a member I do READ the reviews (it’s actually the most important factor on this site). I know my size and how the heel should fit me and others will let you know to go up a size or not. It definitely also tells you about the quality (which is a huge deal for me) so if people say they look cheap, I don’t even bother. None of my Justfab shoes are cheap looking either and I’m always complimented on them. Any and every time I have to call customer service I’m never disappointed and I’m only on hold for about 2 minutes (if even) each time. I have nothing bad to say because even when I didn’t see anything I really wanted or just couldn’t buy heels (or really wanted to wait for the weekend sale) I just skipped (sooo many times). It’s crazy that there are even bad reviews on them like these. Maybe I’ll just find out if I ever try to cancel.

  • Pacman Money

    Justfab is a online store.they can’t afford to have us base costumer service.cheap a*s company.thats why they robbing people using there vip membership.they train there people wrong..

  • Rob
  • Rob

    You need to write the company cancelling your request. Write to Just Fabulous, Inc., 800 Apollo St, El Segundo, California 90245 USA. You should also write the parent company JFGC, LLC, 1590 Rosecrans Ave. Ste. D-337, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Send your cancellation letter by Certified Mail Return Receipt that way you have documentation supporting your cancellation request. Phone cancellations cannot be documented and the company may continue charging you the membership fee. ALWAYS DOCUMENT EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Good luck.

  • Rob

    You need to write the company a letter cancelling your account. Phone cancellations cannot be documented and this company will continue charging the membership fee. You can write to Just Fabulous, Inc., 800 Apollo St., El Segundo, California 90245 USA. This way you will have documentation confirming your cancellation request. You should also write to the parent company JFCG, LLC at 1590 Rosecrans Ave, Ste. D-337, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Be sure to send your letter Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested, that way you can document proof of delivery. If the company continues charging you after you have sent your cancellation letter, you will have documentation backing up your cancellation request and can set this company up for possible legal action. ALWAYS DOCUMENT EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Good luck everyone.

  • Rosie

    After I cancelled my account and went through all the shenanigans to do so, they did not charge me for two months but I am now getting charged again. I cannot find the email they sent me to confirm that they cancelled it because it was so long ago and for some reason, the only email that come up when I put just fab into the search bar are my order confirmations when I know for a fact they send me 10+ emails a month promoting various things? Strange. I will be calling again tomorrow to find out what can be done.

  • Kay

    I was completely aware of what I signed up for with JustFab. I did buy three pair of shoes from them but had difficulty finding anything I liked that they had in my size. And their supposed fashion advisor was sending me (a 62 year old retired woman) hooker heels and short shorts in the suggestions that were supposed to be picked just for me. When I decided they were not for me is when my nightmare began. They make it extremely difficult to cancel a membership. I don’t know why they think this is a good idea. It just makes me mad. Now I am writing to the company and to my credit card company about them.

  • JustFabisFab

    People need to understand that companies like this (Just Fab, Shoe Dazzle, etc) are not regular shopping sites, they are clubs. It says in the terms of service clearly that without monthly purchases there will be a fee. Everyone who makes a purchase agrees to those terms (including automatic enrolment in the VIP program) . Just Fab is an AMAZING place to get shoes if you take the time to know what you’re getting into first before clicking purchase. You can also easily skip the payments by clicking “Skip this Month”- which is also clearly written out in the terms of service.


    If you guys really want to cancel then you can just cancel your account and insist on it… but good luck since they have lots of tricks too suck you back in. All you guys need to do is INSIST that you want to cancel and dont listen to what they are saying….
    THE BEST TRICK IS TO INSIST ON SPEAKING TO A MANAGER…. MANAGER…… MANAGER….. If lots of people are asking for a Manager then for sure they”ll do something about it… share this to help others thanks :)

  • Sania

    Here is what I wrote on their feedback request. Get more employees, You have HORRIBLE customer support. Your online chat system is so bad it’s funny. I feel like I’m talking to robots 99% of the time.

    I had to wait 50 minutes to get an answer from the toll free number. I don’t wish experiences like this on anyone and this was my 3rd time having issues with this company. It will also be my last.

    The word is spreading though. There is more and more posts online with people expressing there dissatisfaction with Justfab’s service. By the way, lose the Canadian flag next to your name if you are going to charge us 48$ a month for something advertised as 39.95$. I call all this a very nice and large scam. Congratulations.

    All that being said. They will literally charge you 48$ instead of 39.95 as advertised because of currency exchange. I was told e-mails were sent regarding this but I have not seen one. Why bother putting a canadian flag and making a .ca website if you are going to overcharge us like this?

    Don’t pretend to be a “Canadian friendly option” when you are not.

    Item quality is very so so. Some items better than others. Do yourself a favour, never order leggings or jeans from this place. Mine got to me with holes and rips.

    Do yourself another favour, don’t waste your time on the online chat service. Wait the hour it takes to get your problem resolved and don’t take no for an answer. Someone can refund you. PS considering the 48$ charge and poor service I would suggest everyone turn to real shops for their shoes. Don’t waste your money on this.

  • goodluckcanceling

    This is my point….if you want to cancel your going to need lots of patience, time, and putting forth a lot of efforts on you part to do so. They do not want to cancel your membership so easily. They will keep you on the phone without even listening instead they continue to waste all of your time trying to convince you to stay a member! I was aware of the membership my biggest issue was their ridiculous wait times over 30-45 minute holds to even reach a CSR! Then, trying to actually get them to listen that you just want your membership canceled is just utterly ridiculous to say the very least! Good luck to any & all members when trying to cancel their membership that they have with JustFab!

  • goodluckcanceling

    I’ve read through several of the complaints regarding JustFabs horrible business practices! I also decided to make a purchase online, and ordered a pair of boots. They looked very nice online, but when I received them they were extremely cheaply made! The only positive thing I can say regarding my purchase, or the company for that matter is that they only charged me $19.99 plus free shipping for the boots. Otherwise, I would have been very disappointed with having to pay $40 plus shipping when I could have used that money towards actually purchasing a much better quality pair of boots. I decided to cancel my membership within just about two weeks after I received the boots because of being dissatisfied with 1. the quality of the shoes 2. I didn’t like the reviews I read about the companies practices. and finally, 3. the customer service number is ridiculous…..it took me over 20-30 minutes on hold on 3 different occasions in an effort to even reach a customer service rep to ask questions about the membership features, but I hung up b/c I was tired of waiting!
    That was a big sign that it wasn’t a good company to have to wait that long on hold to talk to someone….oh no! This told me that I already knew I had made a bad decision on my purchase in the first place. Therefore, to avoid anymore irritation with the lack of being able to reach someone by phone, I decided to be patient, call in set, & set on hold for around 45 minutes finally got in touch with a lady told her about all of my experience with trying to get in touch with them, and their ridiculous wait times, she didn’t want to hear that I wanted to cancel and continued to try and keep me as a customer and my business.
    At this point my tolerance level, and patients were running thin. I bluntly said, look lady please do exactly what i’m asking you to do; please stop talking and running your salesman speech on me, cancel my membership right away, I don’t want anymore memberships, or any products form your company, I will not wait over 40 minutes on hold again ever bc this is bad business practices, and bad business ethics to say the very least! Do not waste anymore of my time, and I will not waste yours! This phone call by this point had taken an hour for holding, and listening to her crap on trying to convince me not to cancel my membership! I got to the point of becoming demanding because as I told the CSR you are talking none stop without listening to what I called in for in the first place! I finally got it canceled! Good luck to those of you that are members when you do decide to cancel. This was quit a while back so lets hope the company has hired more reps at the call center so that no one else has to experience what I had to go thru!

  • Anthony

    Briana you must work for these crooks.

  • Briana

    Complaints that you had no idea they would charge you are completely null and void, I didn’t get suckered into believing you can get boots that cheap without a ploy of membership. I knew FULL well to read everything I accepted…and I have never regret it…..READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS…in everything!!..There are more companies like this popping up, and people like me LOVE to take advantage of them the correct way because it saves me money, so learn to use them too!

  • Linda Brock

    I received a pop up when in my e-mail today regarding Just Fab buy 2 boots for the price of 1. So, I logged on and checked out the sale. I picked a pair of boots by Selina and when I entered they came up for 9.99pr, so I thought why not, I wanted to try a pair to see the quality and fit, so nothing gained by just trying 1pr for now and then order at a later date for my Christmas List of over 8 ladies in my family, what a great gift I thought. So, I click to place my order and gave my credit card info the total with shipping came to $14.94. When I went to process my order it would not go in, it kept refer. the following: JUSTFAB VIP PROGRAM
    1. GET A PERSONALIZED BOUTIQUE ON THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH: Receive new styles handpicked by our stylists every month.
    Log into your Boutique and check out your new selections by the 5th of the month. Browse and buy your favorite style. Each Justfab style is only $39.95.
    If you’re not ready to make a purchase, simply Skip The Month by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you like. If you do not take action by the 5th you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit on the 6th. Each credit will be redeemed for 1 JustFab shop later.
    I could not place my order unless I checked the box for the VIP Membership. But it did say I could cancel at any time.
    So, after processing order, I called back to cancel the VIP Membership and the customer service agent said I’ll be happy to cancel, but we will also have to cancel your order. And when I asked she said the refund would be back on my account in 14days. Now mind you, the charge went on my credit card when I hit submit.
    I was angry and asked to speak with a supervisor and Rose came on the line and ID herself as a supervisor and when I explained my frustrations with her company she proceeded to tell me that is there policy, when I pointed out that nowhere in there add or in the info to check out did it tell me that unless I signed up with the program I would not receive the discounted price. Explained that they miss-represented the entire deal and that it was very wrong to advertise by forcing someone to sign up so they can get the special. She kept giving me the rassel dazzle sales pitch and not till I got angry did she say, as a courtesy we will honor the sale. As I pointed out, she should have told me that before trying to help me understand that this whole deal is company policy, and I resented her option after I got angry and to keep her deal, I would never order from this company again.
    I am writing to let you know, BEWARE…….this is not a company you want to trust. There are too many Companies that are out there and want to be honest and upfront with any

  • angellady

    I had purchased with my Direct Express Card for jewelle womens boots. My direct express card is for people who receive disability which I am a disabled veteran. the boots did not fit and promised the refund will be added to my direct express card. this was suppose to be done 10/14/2014 this did not happen . they indicated that this was my banks fault. the bank which I have had this card for 6 years told me I don’t see an adjustment made to your card. calling over 20 times back and forth from Direct Express to Justfab has caused my lupus flare to go out of control. I tried to see if there is a franchise # to this so called company but I do not see one nor is there a # on there website.i cant go out and shop I am home bound and only 40 years old. I have cryed my last cry.

  • Pauline

    I was unaware they had enrolled me into a V.I..P membership that automatically bills me $40 every months, this is a rip off. I even sent them back because they did’n fit. I’ve been billed twice in the same amount in one mouth since January of 2014 up to August . Please people!!! be careful because this company never mentions to you about this V.I.P. membership policy.They automatically billed me $80.00 each month and customer services denies these litigation’s. I called to my credit card customer services and they were kind enough to send me all the copies where it shows on the statements of all this information. I’m tired of this !!! If they do not return my money, I’ll have no choice but to have an attorney representing me.

  • For those that want to drop an EECB (Executive Email Carbet Bomb) on this company…. here are ALL of the executives DIRECT email addresses and some various other ones found; Good luck!


  • nic

    i was unaware they had enrolled me into a membership that automatically bills me $40 every months. even after i cancelled my membership they continued to bill me. they try to force you to stay on. they told me i had to use my credit and wouldn’t listen that i was just trying to cancel my account.

  • maggie

    I purchased a pair of boots JustFab about a year ago. As lot of others say, I didn’t know I was automatically joined the VIP membership and they would charge me $39.95 every month if I didn’t "skip". When I found this out, I wanted to cancel my account immediately but I heard a lot of people were having troubles with the cancellation since the only way to cancel was to call. And I saw somebody’s comment on FB or something that she was skipping every month until her credit card to would expire so that JustFab wouldn’t be able to charge her card anymore, so I decided to do the same. After a little more than half a year of skipping, my card was finally expired so I went back to the website and see what happened to my account. No money was taken, but I checked again the next month just to make sure. Again, no charge. I felt relieved and went on with my life and forgot about it. Then one day I was online trying to pay for my credit card, I found "JustFab $39.95" on my credit card account!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t update my credit card info on JustFab, but somehow they got it (my new expiration date and stuff) and started charging me without noticing me. What kind of online shop does that?? I shop Amazon a lot, but they never let me pay if my credit card on file is expired unless I update the info. Plus I didn’t even login JustFab after I made sure no money was taken. How was this possible?? Now I have 8 months of credits there and there is nothing I want.

  • maggie

    I purchased a pair of boots JustFab about a year ago. As lot of others say, I didn’t know I was automatically joined the VIP membership and they would charge me $39.95 every month if I didn’t "skip". When I found this out, I wanted to cancel my account immediately but I heard a lot of people were having troubles with the cancellation since the only way to cancel was to call. And I saw somebody’s comment on FB or something that she was skipping every month until her credit card to would expire so that JustFab wouldn’t be able to charge her card anymore, so I decided to do the same. After a little more than half a year of skipping, my card was finally expired so I went back to the website and see what happened to my account. No money was taken, but I checked again the next month just to make sure. Again, no charge. I felt relieved and went on with my life and forgot about it. Then one day I was online trying to pay for my credit card, I found "JustFab $39.95" on my credit card account!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t update my credit card info on JustFab, but somehow they got it (my new expiration date and stuff) and started charging me without noticing me. What kind of online shop does that?? I shop Amazon a lot, but they never let me pay if my credit card on file is expired unless I update the info. Plus I didn’t even login JustFab after I made sure no money was taken. How was this possible?? Now I have 8 months of credits there and there is nothing I want.
    So if you ever think about waiting for your card to expire instead of calling to cancel like I did, don’t do that. That’s not an option. They will get you. Stupid me…

  • Leslie T

    HORRIBLE WEBSITE! Kimora Lee Simmions is a b***h! I’ve had to cancel my "membership" 3 times!

  • Chrissy

    yup – I don’t need to go into too much more detail as my experience has been pretty much the same as everyone else’s. Tried to cancel my account. Suddenly I get a charge for ‘credits.’ On the phone they keep harassing you no matter how many times you tell them just to cancel the darn thing and leave you alone. I bet I won’t get the refund they promised either for the credits that they charged me for. It’s amazing that they get away with it.

    • Frances

      Wow, same is happening with me. Not sure about anyone else but they said they cancelled my account but as I still log into the account it still has the description of here is your boutique picks and cancel by the 5? In addition they never send me emails reminding me of new boutiques or that I have until the 5 to cancel before I incur a charge. That is why I cancelled. It is a true scam. For a month I have emailed and contacted them to close my account but as of today it still remains open.?

  • Karen

    Exactly the same thing happened to me and I am ****. There has to be something we can do and not let them get away with robbing people, being rude, and the background noice when talking on the phone was so loud I could not hear a thing. I am so mad, if I was at a store and treated this way I would most likely end up give someone a good smack!

  • Terri

    No sympathy! Read the TERMS and CONDITIONS before ever giving out your credit card number. Duh! I am a member of this site. And I researched it dearly before I handed over my card number!

  • Donna

    called last week before that money was due to come out of my account to cancel. Now they say I never called and they cannot refund the money that was taken out. Yes I did read the contract. I did every thing I was supposed to and still lost money. Have filed with the BBB

  • I tried to ensure my account will not be charged again after my second cancellation requets and my SKIP THIS MONTH button is missing can anyone explain that? It is not missing from any of my friends accounts not even my daughters account HMMMMMMMM maybe because they don’t have a debit card listed on their account

  • Why was my reply deleted by the admin? I didn’t use vulgar language I simply gave my experience with this company. Are you working for justfab?

  • faviana

    In all honesty so far i don’t have that many negative things to say about justfab. Before I even opened an account I made sure to read every possible information that they had on their site, I went to the FAQ, terms, condition etc etc etc. to make sure I understood how their system is. I haven’t been "scammed" as many are say and it is tedious to go on the site every month to press the skip button, but I haven’t been over charged. I would suggest for the many people that are having problems, is to make sure to read everything before subscribing and putting your personal and credit information.

  • Wow! JustFab

    Wow! I wish I knew about all of these complaints prior to December 2012, when I purchase buy one get one free for $39.95 scam. I wasn’t aware of the $39.95 monthly charges until a total of $199.75 later. My credit card company had called me because she had noticed a fraudulent charge on my card, that I had not made and in the interim she noticed consistent monthly charges and question it. I explained to her I had purchased a pair of boots at buy 1 get 1 free for $39.95 at Just Fab and that was the only charge. She indicated she would investigate charges but I probably wouldn’t be able to get credits for all of them. After becoming aware what Just Fab was doing I called them and spoke to this guy and he was very arrogant and refused to credit the charges back to my account. He also stated I was a "VIP" customer. The call was hopeless cause he wouldn’t bulge. Well low and behold about a week later my credit card company had credit back to my account 3 of the charges at $39.95 each a total of $119.85. I was still out of pocket of $79.90 but was very, very please with Capital One fraudulent customer service. Lesson learn, always be aware of buy 1 get 1 free and question it.

    • yes you have to skip a month to prevent charges

  • Valori

    I wish I had seen this site before purchasing anything from JustFab. They sent me a new customer pair of boots that were substandard in every aspect. I returned the $19.95 item for a $16 refund and cancelled the membership. They then charged my debit crad $39.95 twice after I cancelled the membership. Why would I ever pay $39.95 for a substandard pair of boots, much less belong to a club that promotes such items? They refuse to issue a refund for the $79.90 taken from my checking account as well as refuse to issue a forced credit of $79.90 for their cheap goods. Do not be taken in by this scam. They got Kim Kardashian to advertise for them because she and Kimora are besties, not because they have a good products. This fight for a refund will contijue daily on Facebook as well as Twitter until i receive a full refund. If they are doing it to me, they are doing it to others. I don’t care much for being lied to or scammed by anyone. This business conduct will not be tolerated.

  • Michelle Guo

    This company’s website should be pulled down immediately! so many victims, and I am one of them too!

  • mike

    this site is a SCAM with poor business ethics and practice, it is akin to P****y loans and Title loans.
    they were sued in a class action lawsuit in 2011 less then a year after started, and yet the suit was dropped and they continue the practice despite hundreds of internet complaints, BBB complaints, and fight with you over the phone . nice

  • mike

    This company was sued in a class action lawsuit in 2011 over its deceptive business practices. and yet they haven’t changed their policies. That pretty much sums it up.

    We fell for the $40 a mo. shoe SCAM,

    they will repeatedly charge your credit/debit account each month, then argue with you when you call to cancel.

    they are so pushy it is hard to actually cancel your account

    • camille hansen

      I have been trying to cancel my account for 3 months… and every time they charge me again the next month so I call back and then they say they have NO RECORD of my call… I have the phone company send me the record but Just Fab said to not call back if I had another complaint… so they are still taking $39.95 out of my account every month and there is nothing I can do….

    • Terri

      I used a pre-paid VISA…good luck hitting THAT up on charges each month! It wasn’t rocket science to figure out to do that and not give them my regular credit card!


  • Madashell

    I’ve called JustFlab twice to cancel my membership because the products they sell are cheap trying to come off as the next best thing. The operator was relentless in trying to keep me on the hook again. I’m out of $80 because there’s no refund, now I’m forced to buy crappy products from them until my credits are gone. My blood would be boiling right now if they haven’t sucked the life out of me trying to cancel this bogus membership. For all of you defending JustFlab and their fine prints has never tried to cancel your memberships or you’re being paid by them. Strong arming and stealing from your consumers? Good luck staying in business.

    • I agree you request to cancel but they never do and you find out while reconciling your checking account that you have been billed when you requested to cancel your membership they even have the capability to obtain your new debit card or credit card information even if you have not provided it to them this happened to me I was a customer since 2011 wanted to cancel in July 2013 was still billed in Aug 2013 using a debit card I never provided to them after i requested to cancel in July they did send me an email after I had called several times to cancel with no success so I sent an email only to get a response telling me I cannot cancel thru email I have to talk to someone I just gave u looking for a resolve this thievery

  • Red

    My wife ordered from JustFab and they started taking $40.00 a month from her account before I checked it they had already taken out $240.00. Its fraud so Don’t buy their crapped stuff.

  • Amber

    I was so excited about this website, I thought it looked great and had such great items. NO, they are very talented at making their merchandise appear a lot nicer on the website. When I received my first purchase of two purses, they both looked SO CHEAP. I mean cheap like meant for a 5 year old playing dress up. The most fake looking leather I have ever seen. What looked like some type of nice faux fur, classy animal print on one was actually this disgusting faux leather. I was extremely disappointed in this purchase. On top of that, THE WHOLE THING TURNED INTO A HORRIBLE, NEVER ENDING EXPERIENCE. I had issues returning it, a lot of issues (even though they advertise free, easy returns), and was automatically signed up for "VIP" membership, which must be in the fine print when you make a purchase, and means that I am now charged $40 monthly credit. I DO NOT want this and I have had issues with refunds and canceling. The first time they told me I would receive an email offer to "skip the month", so I have kept my eyes peeled for that email. Just today got an email that I have been charged the credit, no refund. I called and she said it must have gone to spam, and I cannot get a refund. NO, I get at least 2 emails a day from them, they do not go to my spam. I asked to cancel, just be taken off the automatic payment, but she told me I would have to cancel my whole account and that credit would just become theirs. RIDICULOUS. I told her I don’t think this is how "VIP Members" should be treated. I thought this website would be legit because it is Kimora’s, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. I would NEVER recommend purchasing or creating an account with justfab. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. And I am currently stuck in it because I have this May Credit that I have to use before I can hopefully cancel. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

  • Diana

    The JustFab website is terrible and I just don’t there anymore.

  • JustFab fan

    Sorry folks, not an ounce of sympathy for those of you who didn’t BOTHER TO READ THE WEBSITE before you joined. Go to the site right now, click on "how it works", go to the bottom of the page. It CLEARLY says YOU WILL BE CHARGED if you don’t skip the month by the 5th. It takes all of 2 seconds to do this on the 1st of every month. If you are SO busy that you can’t bother to read a website that you’re shopping on or remember to click a button at the beginning of the month, then you probably shouldn’t be shopping online. I have been a member for over a year, I’ve NEVER been charged for anything I didn’t order.

    • Sis

      It would be easy but for the last 4 days when I log in , the selection of the month is blank , so I can’t skip it.

    • try to cancel and then come back and tell us how fab they are I have been a customer since 2011 and have made several purchases I decided to cancel in July uess what I was still billed in Aug and the customer service representative refused to cancel my membership telling me what I would be losing and now to ensure I am not billed again I log into my account guess what the SKIP this month button is missing now RUN TELL THAT

    • Suzie Diamond

      Of course you have no sympathy because you are a smarty pants, know it all. Internet shopping is not suppose to be about tricking people into a membership and grabbing their credit information and hoping they do not check their junk mail everyday. The site is deliberately misleading and counting on the fact that the average consumer will not read all the terms and conditions. Is it against the law, probably not. Should it be, yes, absolutely. Just Fab is a company that seeks to scam their customers and I hope someone starts a class action suit against them. My Mom shops on-line quite a bit. We have never had such a bad experience as we did with Just Fab. They deserve less then a 1 star rating.

    • Jen

      This is obviously someone who worked for their pathetic thieving company!

  • linda

    WARNING DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS JUST FAB SITE! they steal money from your bank and won’t give it back!

    • educator!


      • camille hansen

        ^^^No they do take your money depending on the circumstance… I have read all the terms and conditions….

      • Tea

        The the? Learn to spell and speak correctly before calling anyone dumb! Pot calling the kettle black. Find another job to work at than this thieving company.

  • Concerned Citizen

    JustFab is a scam company that steals money from consumers. If you buy one item from their website, they start automatically charging your credit card $39.95 every month with no prior warning. They claim that you consent to the monthly charges when you purchase the item, but the warning is concealed in very small font and does not adequately explain that they will charge you the fee just by making one purchase. Even worse, when I called to cancel my membership, they didn’t cancel it and continued to steal from me six $39.95 charges on my credit card. When I finally spoke with a supervisor, she just kept reading the tag line and said how great company is. I finally got her to refund two out of five charges that they stole, but she was still unable to show me the language that gave them the authority to charge my credit card in the first place. At that point, the supervisor supposedly cancelled my "membership" at JustFab… until April 2013, when I had another $39.95 charge from them for my "membership." This company is stealing money from people without any prior consent and should not be trusted.

    • Susie Q

      The website clearly tells you that you must click "Skip This Month" by the 6th of each month in order to not be charged. I believe this is made very clear before you even sign up. You should probably read more thoroughly before you start putting in your credit card information on websites. And it’s totally not a scam. There’s actually a whole TV series on the Style channel about JustFab


    I understand that there are alot of complaints about the site. These complaints only prove that you DID NOT READ the terms and conditions. I am a proud customer of JustFab, I’ve only been a member since January, but I have not been charged when I didn’t want to be charged. On the 1st of every month your personal boutique is updated, which includes a $39.95 monthly charge. You are given a “SKIP THIS MONTH” option until the 5th of every month. If you do not choose the “SKIP THIS MONTH” option before or on the 5th, your card is charged on the 6th. It CLEARLY states this in the Terms and Conditions, granted most people don’t read them (Myself included). I learned my lesson a long time ago so now before I even type my name, I’m looking at the terms & conditions and printing them!

    • Mee

      Yes you right. And if they happen to take the month out of your account, that is because you forgot to skip this month.

    • kizzy

      Well count ur self lucky, I have never made a purchase and I have been charged. The most I can get out of the agents I spoke with is sorry its non refundable even though its clearly a fraudulent charge. U may not be a victim now but trust by the looks of things u may be one quite soon

    • Sarah

      Funny how I’ve seen EXACTLY the same review in multiple places by different names…smells like scam review to me.

    • Elizarea

      Yes I was aware of their policy and thought them to be reputable however double charges appear twice a month and the customer service rep kept telling me that I was wrong even though I had bank statements in my hand. Would not allow me to speak to supervisor. This caused other items to not clear. I finally had to yell to get my refund in 5 business days. The customer service rep then asked me to like them on Facebook. Are you kidding me!!!!!

      • U are lucky I cancelled my membership in July 2013 after being a member since 2011. I was charged in Aug 2013. I obtained a new debit card because I lost my current card I got an email advising me to update my billing info. I thought nothing of it because I cancelled my membership I thought maybe their records haven’t been updated yet low and behold in Aug 2013 there is a charge on my NEW debit card which I did not give to them for 39.95 the credit is still on my account as a credit on Justfab. I called several times no one could tell me how they obtained my NEW debit card no one online has the number I kept being ping ponged from the so called ELITE customer service from the regular customer service I will not know if my account has been cancelled or if they will magically get my NEW debit card number again because after this incident i cancelled the card they illegally obtained and added to my account and obtained a new card and checking account.

    • Demitrius85

      Regardless of the "terms and agreement" the costumer service was reflective of the companys inabitlity to deal with costumers, they give you a run around with people with horrible accents who speak to you as if you should know, its true that people should always read terms and conditions before accepting but if they were willing to make it a lil easier to cancel memberships or refund the credits then I think people wouldn’t be so frustrated, the shear volume in complaints speaks for themselves people are not happy with just fab, the fact that they have been sued and still running their business the same way speaks on their character. plain and simple Just Fab = Just Scam.

  • Danny

    Wow As if we don’t have it bad in this world. Just another company taking our money then never want to give us our hard earn money back. Thanks guys for telling your story’s I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM

  • shirley

    Message i sent to JustFab
    Dear JustFab, I have contacted one of your "Fashion Consultant" to have my account closed based on your mandatory "VIP" deals which allows some form of unauthorised direct debits to be set up on the bank accounts of individuals who join your website. As a busy working female who is always on the go, i have know time to be constantly "skipping" your website every month. Having read a lot of reviews online about this "VIP" deals you are offering to your potential clients , it is CLEAR that a lot of people are misled. What happens when a mother gives her bank details to her daughter for a one off purchase? are you going to charge this mother without her knowledge? i am sending this email as a follow up to ensure that, my account is CANCELLED especially considering the fact that the bank details you have are off my sister not myself. There is know other alternative to your so called "VIP" deals and thing that should be made BOLD AND CLEAR on your website.

  • JefriLyn

    Thank you for your reviews… I too would of bought and I’m sure had the same headaches and I certainly do not want problems with unauthorized withdrawals from my checking account… To many complaints of the same nature to be a coincidence !

    • SARAH



  • Sandra

    I ordered a pocketbook and then received an email explaining that I will be charged $39.95 a month. Called customer service and cancelled this so called membership that I knew nothing about. The order was placed last week and the expected dlivery date is by the 20th of March. I will be calling my bank and letting them know that no other charges other than this one time purchase are to be authorized.

    Sandra Gee

  • Shauna De' Lon

    Just saw the Television show of JustFab and had know Idea. My Goodness these people came off as Friendly Folks. What the Hell? I watched every Episoded. Fooled me! Thank goodness I found this link. I could have spent thousands. I am sure JustFab Isn’t happy about this link at all. But, I say Thank you for looking out. Peace!!!!!

  • gotripped

    WARNING, If you purchased from justfab.com. I would cancel your current credit card too lock these thieves out. Otherwise you will keep getting billed. I would not trust anything the company says about refunds. They are as bad as bad could be.

  • ira

    thank you for your information it will save me from a scam

    • linda

      yes they are big scammers!

  • Regina

    i just went though the same thing,i ordered a pair of boots and was automaticly signed up for some bogus membership i was able to stop payment on this months 39.95 payment but they beat me out of 2 months even when i was trying to cancel they were still trying to sell me on there CRAP do not do business with this company



    • Vanessa

      When you sign up, the website clearly tells you that if you don’t want your card charged for the membership ($39.95), then you have to opt out by the 5th of each month. As long as you opt out in time, you won’t be charged. IF you are charged, then you can use it toward something on the site. If anyone had taken the time to READ before they bought from there, then they wouldn’t have reason to complain. It’s through no fault but their own. JustFab has great things and the quality is awesome. I’ve purchased a couple of things from them and I have nothing but great things to say about their quality and customer service. Don’t let a few people who can’t read keep you from buying from JustFab.

  • Martine

    I’ve commanding boots and earring and i wanted to change the earring so they told me to cancel then reorder them so this is what i did.. They took the 2 orders on my credit card , i just received 2 x boots and 2 kind of earring; the one i want and the others who’s been cancelled! I try since a few days to call and no answer . I want to return the command but i don’t know how they says "returns and exchanges are easy" I don’t think so . Where is the label to print i search in my order history but i don’t see…

  • Traci

    THANK YOU GOOD LOOKIN OUT!!! I was just getting ready to purchase some shoozzz for the first time don’t have time for bullsh** with my $

    • Jasmine

      Ah me too, was about to get the half price deal,
      thought id google them just incase & seen these bad complaints!

      Thanks for sharing guys!

  • crystal

    I was just getting ready to order from this company when I stumbled across this site. Thank you all for your reviews! I will definitely not be ordering with them now!

  • Julieta Pulido

    Never buy to this company stole the money from your credit card and has very bad quality I don’t know why the police permit it and over all customer service is unpolite

  • Brett

    I cancelled my account and found that last weekend I was charged 48 times (yes, that number is correct) for $39.95. My bank account was overdrawn and I have been unable to access my own money for the last 6 days. While my bank is taking care of all the charges, I still have not been able to get in touch with JustFab.

    Tried to call but did not have an hour to spend on the phone. Tried to chat but they don’t answer. Then sent an email and have not heard back. They make a $1900 error and I can’t even get the courtesy of an email.

    Never do business with them! Most disappointing and unprofessional outfit I have ever seen.

  • Angie

    I seriously HATE JUSTFAB. I called to cancel my account in November and I never got it canceled -_- The stupid lady on the phone in November told me that SHE WOULD CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP AND GIVE ME A FREE CREDIT BECAUSE OF THE INCONVENIENCE. BUT NO. They didn’t cancel my membership. I’m glad I only kept 5$ on my debit card and that they couldn’t charge me for December and January… Now I recently just put $50 into my debit card to pay for my SAT admission ticket, but when I went to go pay, it said it was an insufficient amount and I thought "Wth? I just added money in" So i logged onto my bank account and saw that JUSTFAB took $39.95. I was ****. I called to ask for a refund and told them that i canceled my membership in November, that lady said "I misunderstood" and that they wouldn’t give me a free credit if I was going to cancel. The previous lady lied to me then? The staff sucks there. The lady was rude. They told me I could get a refund as long as I STAY A MEMBER. I agreed, you know why? Once i get my refund, I’m canceling my debit card so they can no longer charge me.

    • Mark

      you might want to be careful with that. the funny thing is these guys were involved with SENSA, another scam. they do the same exact thing. i had canceled my credit card and they turned me into their internal collections when SENSA tried to charge me for an ongoing shipment. Funny, the one founder dropped out of high school. Maybe he would have learned something from a college level ethics course.


    Lol OMG thanks fr the warning ladies. I was headed there. Smh TRAGIC!!!

  • gulag

    JustFab.com is an affiliated advertiser on Mugshots.com. Don’t do business with these people.

    Mugshots.com is an extortionate illicit website operating in a gray area somewhere between unethical and illegal, by purloining law enforcement files and databases by "scraping" technology. This individual has collected more than 10 million files of citizen information.

    They hide behind fraudulent names and privacy-protected websites. They’ve been careful to hide who they are.

    This isn’t an entertaining amusement nor is it journalism. It’s not a "public service." It’s ugly. It’s nasty. It’s malicious and deleterious to our society. It’s right over there with actresses’ crotch shots and celebrity autopsy photos.

    Please take the time to familiarize yourself. http://searchengineland.com/opinion-why-google-sh

  • gina

    The WORST experience ever. I do not reccoment Justfab to anyone! A bunch of scammers!

  • the clerk

    I just called Just Fab again and no one cancelled membership when I called an hour before. The reason, I was irate about getting my $39.95 back off my credit card when I called them last JAnuary too. But then I got the speech again, over and over, just what they can do for me, I kept saying just cancel my membership. BUt WAIT, guess what if I cancel and they give me credit, how will they ever know, all my account stuff is erased? What a group!

  • the clerk

    Try to cancel, call when you can get through but plan on waiting a LONG time. Chat line, never open or they don’t answer it. I ordered boots, sent them back, like the lady on the phone said to, told her to cancel my membership, and also wrote on the refund form, to cancel it. Now they have charged my credit card $39.95 for membership that was supposed to be cancelled. BUT she said I have now $39.95 credit for merchandise. If I wanted to cancel my membership, why would I order? DUH! They refunded my credit card after restocking fees,on the boots, why can’t they do that now? Oh their terms, a bunch of hooie. Don’t buy from them.



  • molly

    HORRIBLE company and Customer Service. I tried to cancel my member ship and the woman by the name of MONIQUE gave me a very hard time. I asked her VERY nicely 3 times that I would like to cancel my membership and she basically argued with me on why I shouldnt cancel. . Who does that? I was very calm and let her speak – I then again said, PLease cancel my membership. She said This has been cancelled . I said Thank you Monique, have a good day. She hung up on me!!!RUDE!!!!!!! SERVICE. I told all my friends to cancel ASAP!!! They got on the phone right away. Thats what you get for being STUPID!!!!! Taking our business somewhere else!!!HORRIBLE company and Customer Service. I tried to cancel my member ship and the woman by the name of MONIQUE gave me a very hard time. I asked her VERY nicely 3 times that I would like to cancel my membership and she basically argued with me on why I shouldnt cancel. . Who does that? I was very calm and let her speak – I then again said, PLease cancel my membership. She said This has been cancelled . I said Thank you Monique, have a good day. She hung up on me!!!RUDE!!!!!!! SERVICE. I told all my friends to cancel ASAP!!! They got on the phone right away. Thats what you get for being STUPID!!!!! Taking our business somewhere else!!!

    • Kitty22

      They sent me the wrong sizes and I got he same rep I heard a man yelling and a baby crying in the background. She was not helpful at all and asked if I was done before I even explained what the problem was. I sent a complaint to them via email and got no response.

    • Danica

      I had troubles cancelling today too. The first woman couldn’t access my account, asked the same information 2x and I got annoyed. Thanked her for wasting my time. I phoned back 2 minutes later got different operator. Same thing, told him that I wanted to cancel and he went through all the options to my account blah blah blah. I finally growled at him and told him to cancel my membership, I am not interested in this product or my membership or everything I will lose (including the headache of dealing with them). After 10 minutes of arguing, I have been cancelled and the cancelation notification has been emailed to me

    • This is scam.I am a VIP member of justfab.and what happen is once u are a member they are going to send u a a book of products that u can view every month for ur future purchased.and they said that there is no obligation for u to buy their products every month coz,as what they said it’s for courtesy so there is no obligation for u to buy products just all u have to do is just skip every month if u don’t have plan to purchase their products. This is bullshit but,in my experience of this big scam website they still charging me in my account even I did skip a month so now how bullshit and horrible is that courtesy that they were saying about.so guy’s out there if u are planning to buy and be a member of this site please check the reviews and comments first before u decided to be a member of this site coz,there is a lot of scam out there.all I can say this justfab.com site is a scam!scam!scam!

  • Still not Impressed

    deleted review? did I swear? Hardly! Let me guess, this blog site is managed by just fab… cute

  • Betty

    You do realize that custom charges have nothing to do with the company you bought the product from. Its all comes from boarder services. Its your responsibility to know what you are ordering, what it is made of, were it was made.

  • nghi

    i wished i looked for reviews online before i ordered! I got a first time purchase of $20 off with myglam bag in november and im always looking for good deals so i ordered a few items on justfab roughly $78 and when i got my slip in the mail to pick up at the post office i got charged $48+ for customs fees that 65%+ of what i had already paid including my shipping. (i never has this problem before i order from shoedazzle/ipsy/asos and other US siites all the time) SO i called to cancel my account with justfab and the woman told me that because it was my first purchase they didnt change my account to the canadian warehouse so it was shipped from california and the customs officed determines the charge based on size and weight, she then tried to offer me a credit of one item to not cancel my account BUT Id still get charged for shipping HELLO!!!! i was soo mad. and just asked to cancel.

  • Jess Stewart

    Just to let you know I was thoroughly ripped off.

    I had signed up towards the end of July and bought $60 worth of purses. I was told that I was expected to receive them by July 31 (I assumed they took into account my Canadian address!). I got an email notifying me it was only shipped on August 1st, not the day after I ordered like they claim they do. Since I was online and noticed that there were no new things I skipped the month. The next day I decided to cancel my account, when I did I had to wait a half hour to get through and then was told I should spend my store credit before I cancel… they apparently did not process my skipped month and refused to refund the money.

    So today I received my package. I paid $9 shipping for Canada but when I get to the post office I owed over $40 in customs fees, fees that should have been covered by the company shipping it!!! Well anyways, I look at the purses and notice that one has a rip in the fabric along the metal frame, it was missing a screw. So I called yet again and was told I was welcome to ship it back but I would be charged $6 to restock the item (why restock what is broken???), and I would still have to pay the $9 shipping again plus the customs fees when I picked up the item.

    I just kept the purse a glued the fabric to the frame. I love the purses but I feel scammed out of money. They were no upfront about anything that was presented to me, I found out everything after I was tied in. I went online and of course my credit card information is still on there so I just called Visa and ordered a new one just to be safe.

    I can’t believe they’ve been in business for this long, they probably spend our thousands on the best lawyers to keep this horrible image in the closet. If I had known any of this before I ordered I wouldn’t even have looked up the website.

    • Star

      Hi, I know you left this review a long time ago but I noticed you said you got a new credit card.
      I’ve heard stories online that their new card was charged.
      Have you had that same experience?


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