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Last Updated On: May 20, 2016

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Business Name: ReadMob Technologies (HK) Limited
Corporate Address:
148 Des Voeux Road 9B, Amtel Building
Central, Hong Kong China

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Corp Phone Number: +85281972796
Corp Website: jjshouse.com

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Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 49 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 39

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Reported Losses: $5,740.43
Average Reported Losses: $117.15

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Shoes too big but they said I could keep them

This is unbelievable to me. I ordered 3 pairs of dancing shoes from JJ’s. They had a size chart on their website that told me the correct size to get in American sizing. So I ordered. When they came in a few days ago, I tried them on, they were so big I couldn’t keep them on my feet.

After contacting JJ’s, they told me I had three options, I could return them paying for the postage to China myself, which happens to be more than what I paid for the shoes plus their shipping charges included. So the shoes were $92.00 including shipping when purchased.

Now they want me to send them the shoes at my expense in the amount of $100 and they would refund my money. What a deal! The other two options were I could keep the shoes to big for me to wear and they would refund either 30% or 40%, depending on if I ordered more shoes.

I ask you, does this sound like a good business practice for your customer? It certainly sounds good to your company if you never want the customer to order from you again. What is my recourse?

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  • Laura

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They don’t let you return the dress if it does not fit or if you don’t like the way it looks on you. Even if it is too small they tell you to take it to a tailor. I don’t know how a tailor is going to fix it without the same fabric.

  • L. Trip

    Do nat buy from this company. Poor quality and nothing fits.
    Paid 240 euro for value of 15 us dollar

  • L. Trip

    Do not buy from this Company. They are a fraude. Poor quality and nothing fits.
    I paid 240Euro for a value of 15 Us dollars

  • S Carolina PC

    I purchased a dress here for the wedding of my brother. I am the maid of honor!. I wasn’t sure but I gave it a go……now I regret it…the dress didnt fit me and they are refussing to accept back the dress (the returning form is not included on the parcel, you need to request it, but they reffuse to give you one)…I paid:
    dress € 121.70
    shipment € 24.52 +
    DHL € 40.00 ( Though I refusse to pay this as i didnt request it but Jjhouse told me that they will pay part of it, something they forgot easily)
    A total of € 186.22
    I tried the dress and it didn’t fit me, the quality of the chiffon wasn’t good unfortunately and it didnt have good finish.
    At the beginning I refusse to pay the extra 40 euro to DHL so I contacted JJ house as I was going to send the parcel back but they said that after I accept it they will pay part of it (a lie!)they never paid and forgot about it!.the money we suppouse to save with ‘70% cheaper on shipment’ they advertised on their website, we pay it at the moment we receive the parcel.
    I asked the returning form and for the devolution of my money and they said:
    2016-03-10 08:22:15
    From : Youlanda Cui
    Thank you for shopping on our website.Please be assured that we have received your pictures and we are sorry that you have met such a problem. During the tailoring process, it is normal to have many threads left at the seam lines. We have specially-assigned people responsible for cutting all these threads but sometimes, a few threads are unintentionally left during this process. These threads however can be easily removed using a small scissor. As we do care our customers’ shopping experience. Here we would like to offer you a 10% refund of the dress value or a 20% discount coupon and hope this can be helpful.The coupon will be issued upon your confirmation.
    Thank you for your time and understanding. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!
    Jjhouse is refussing to accept the dress back and offering 10% of the money..it is just unbelievable..! customer service thinks that a coupon is the solution..

    I also requested to speak with the manager that can give me a proper solution…..I will keep you updated..what they say..

  • Betty Cowley

    I ordered a dress & wrap for my sister’s wedding (I am maid of honor). I ordered the dress in my size & the wrap (a bolero) one size larger for a little wiggle room. The dress fits very well but the wrap is too small. Their reply was that they were sorry it doesn’t fit but that it was cut to the size I ordered. Their solution? 10% refund or 20% discount on a new garment. Why would I buy something else from them? Ridiculous!

  • Nora

    After carefully reading the return policy where it stated I could return my purchase within 7 days I choose two dresses with the hope of keeping one and returning the one I didn’t use. Their return policy is false and they have not intention of honoring any returns. They would not take my dress back and they could only offer 30% off of a future purchase or 20% money back and I keep the dress. I now have two dresses that do not fit properly. On top of that the bank also charged a foreign transaction fee since this company is in China. Do not buy from this company! All the reviews on their website are positive, I think they delete the negative ones.

  • Jan

    Despite following the instructions on the JJHouse website,the dress I received is ridiculously SMALL! I’ve been back and forth with their customer service and the best they offer is a 10% refund or 20% discount on another dress! Not anywhere close to a complete refund or exchange. Am dealing with my credit card company to cancel this transaction. Do NOT buy anything from this place!!



  • Terri

    I’m so glad I decided to review complaints regarding this company. I will not be ordering from JJ’s House.
    Thank you!

  • Joyce

    The dress I custom ordered was too big. I tried to return it, but they refused. They told me to get it altered. I didn’t have time to get it altered and had to buy a new dress with very little time for shopping. You should stay very very far away from this company

  • Sylvia Goldman

    They will not let me return a dress that doesn’t fit! Do they have a
    Toll free number? This company is a complete joke!

  • Ronnieann O’Donnell

    Im currently battling wiht them. is there anyway we can file a complaint againsit them snd it be effective?

  • Dawn Larsen

    company is a total scam- my dress was made bad and not the color i ordered-they
    have no way to call to get a return address- the toll free number is a recording
    and they don’t call back — the only way to contact them is email- the refused
    to give me the address to return the dress- i found the address on another
    complaint site about this company– it’s

    Meng Zhu

    room 601 Xinghua technology park

    298 Mayung rd. High tech



    never mention that they’re in china- they advertise that they are in the USA,
    canada and UK-i had my credit card stop payment and provided them with 16 pages
    of documention with pictures of how poorly the dress was made and the color was
    wrong– wish i had seen this site b4 i ordered- don’t make the same
    mistake! thye try to say they will give you a refund- after you badger them– but they won’t DO NOT agree to anything– then they ad insult to injury by saying– sell the dress or give it to a friend–LOL I did get a refund from my CC company anad the postage to mail the dress was $30 USPS

  • Barbara O

    Maybe im one of the lucky ones but I ordered a black gown in my size and it came out great! I’m told imp one of the most pickiest people around and I was totally happy with my order and intend on ordering more gowns from the company.
    I feel they have great prices as well.
    I don’t feel bad for brides who order a bridal gown without ever seeing or trying it on, who does that??? this is one of the most important days of your life yet you go to an on line store to order your dress?? what di you really expect??

    • Dawn Larsen

      apparently you work for JJ house

    • Sarah

      You must be very lucky!! You would not be happy got a gown that is not in the size You order!!! People should have the right to have THEY ORDER!!!! You would be happy it came in too small or 1000 XL bigger than what you order or you order Light Blue and it came out ORANGE or BLACK?? At the time some people what they order and are happy with that they got, but how do we know if you are work for JJ house? Anyone can say anyone can say anything about everything. How do we JJ house is A COMPANY IS A SCAMERS? OR BREAKING THE LAW! or just trying too take you money? Maybe same people in this company do and make JJ house look bad and maybe same don’t.

  • Dawn Larsen

    spread the word about how bad this company,Izidress, and Fabvouge are.( they are all the same company) We need to run them out of business. they are taking us for a bunch of fools– if you need to return your product here is the address that they refuse to give out

    Zhu Meng

    room # 601 Xinghau technology park

    298 Mayun rd. high tech

    District, Suzhou, China

    post code 215000

  • LM

    This company will take your money. DO NOT order from them. I ordered a bridesmaids dress after checking the return policy, it read as if they would be glad to accept the return. When I got the dress it was not the color the bride wanted and it was too big, even though I had taken the measurements they asked for. I was first offered a 15% refund, then after pushback, they offered a 40% refund, then finally a full refund, but I had to pay for shipping (which was $50) to send it back to CHINA. Their customer service department is terrible at communicating, and should hire someone who speaks and write fluently in English to communicate, as it makes them seem like a scam from the first email. They require photos of you in the dress in order to even start the return process, which I find to be a disgusting and completely inappropriate practice. I’ve never heard of this done before in any other company. So, now I have added extra security to my credit monitoring and identity monitoring. Don’t ever order from them, and tell all your friends and family to stay away. I ended up losing money in this transaction.

  • Myrna Smith

    I all agreed with you all. I saw a lovely gown in red color and ask for royal blue colow swatch so i will know how it looks liked….disappointing also when i tried to cancelled the live chat bounce me back and forth & told me that someone will contact me within 24hrs and yes no one contacted me so send email again to them. And a chinese woman email me… To say that i will received my refund. Check my bank and yes…they took out my money…. In which i was expecting a refund…. But yes they took my money out and it takes weeks before i received my refund. And yes the company doesn’t accept returned so BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS A CHINESE SCAMMER…

  • Sharon Kelch

    I have never dealt with an on-line company who does not have a return and refund policy for a dress that doesn’t fit. They instead will only offer a 20% discount and tell you to go have the dress altered. The 20% discount does not even come close to covering the cost of alterations and the seamstress was doubtful the alteration would be something I would be happy with overall.The customer service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced. They then offer you a $5 coupon to use toward your next purchase. I would never purchase anything from this company again. And I will make sure I tell everyone I know about my horrible experience with this company.

  • i have never heard this website, but theses dresses look a little bit beautiful

  • Mary k

    JJs House , this company are thief . they are out to leap people of their hard earned cash . they post dresses on line which is not what they ship. I ordered a dress , paid $133 and after receiving the dress , it was nothing I had expected , the material was cheap, seams were terrible , it was nothing one could were . They lie about the return policy because they will not refund the money . Communicating to them is just an insult . Something needs to be done to protect customers from this scum . Most of the dresses are expensive and if they will be leaping people in that manner , something need to be done .

  • Maria Elena Santos

    My friend ordered her custom dress for her son’s wedding. It was perfect in every way. The size was right, the material was perfect. Her dress was compared to the bride in fit and quality.

  • Christina

    Everybody when you order the clothes, please consider important. All tailor made clothes were come from China. The quality is not good because the image is bad. We did not know the material is come from where?? So when you order, please consider it. I don’t Trust China material. When you online to order the tailor made beautiful dress from far away in China. Don’t trust. They did not know your correct fix size and all material quality. Made in where.. It was very important. Because the clothes wear on your body.

  • Sasha

    I was so excited and patiently waiting for my dress to arrive. Well my bubble was popped as soon as i opened the package!! The first thing i noticed was a horrible stench!! My dress smelled like fish!! The color was totally off & the sewing was even worse. If I would of known they were based in China i never would of ordered my dress from them. Still waiting for a reply.

    • Katie

      The color was off a bit for my dress too and you could smell it from across the room. I agree, fishy smell. I wonder if the company is by a fish farm because the material is just soaked in that smell (worst part is that it is professional spot clean, no dry clean to get the smell out). That aside my dress was well made, sewn wonderfully and made of durable material.

  • Anonymous


    Don’t let the slick, attractive website fool you into purchasing one of their "custom made" garments. I could’ve done a better job myself and I don’t even sew. Their custom made to order feature is a compete joke. My dress arrived jammed in a plastic bag and had some really strange odor. The color was supposed to be Royal Blue but was purple. Ok, I could live with that. But the fabric was cheap-looking and not at all what was pictured. As it hung on the hanger (that I provided) the sides and back seam where the zipper had been put in were puckered. I put it on … OMG! I looked like a huge purple sausage. I had meticulously measured according the their instructions, but the waist was way to small the top/shoulders too large to even stay up, and the dress was too short.

    RETURN POLICY????? There is none. Oh, wait, yes there is: You get to "eat" all the money they just stole from you. I truly believe this is a scam to just get money or maybe even your credit card information.

    • DeeAnn George

      I had the same experience, waist to small, top way to big. Took to a real tailor and it was so badly made it took an additional $200 to get made properly. However the dress still was not anything I would want to wear. Don’t get me wrong my tailor did all she could but the crap they made it with made it impossible to fix. I want these people to get what they deserve.

    • BHR

      Agree stay away from this company JJ’s House. Poor Quality!!!!
      Poor Quality Dress & DEFECTIVE A-Line/Princess V-neck Tea-Length Chiffon Tulle Mother of the Bride Dress With Ruffle Beading (008014919). You spend over $20.00 for shipping and cannot return a defective dress & poor quality. There is a 20% refund offer for a local Tailor repair for the defective zipper placement. The zipper is too long at the neckline This was not a Tailored dress. Replacement for a zipper in USA can not be done for $30.00. This is a warning: stay way from this Company!!! My lesson learn is do not order from a Company you do not know and especially from an oversea company..

    • DMa

      I sure wish I would of done my homework and read these reviews before ordering my dress. Exact same problems with my dress… Waist area of dress is a completely different color of purple. This picture online of this dress did not show that! Seams are uneven and puckering. The dress smells and came jammed into a tiny plastic bag. It is too small in the hips but that is probably my fault so I will concede that one. But even if it fit I would never wear this dress.
      And of course they will not let me return it. Lesson learned, always do your homework before ordering and never use JJ’s House again! They do not stand behind their product

  • J. Schermuly

    Beware of JJ’s Clothing in China or Hong Kong, they are scammers. They have no return policy (even though they say they have), will not give you their address or telephone number.
    Be careful with online shopping which does not have your country code on the website.
    JJ’s house takes your money and goes off laughing all the way to the bank.


    The worst online shopping experience ever. POOR, VERY POOR QUALITY. LIARS. a******s. Customer service do not exist at all. They send us yellow stinky rug instead of wedding dress. Smell of fish. f**k THEM

    • Nancy

      Same happen with me,so so bad quality,useless cheap cheap horrible site,totally agree liars ****

  • Tatiana

    Very expensive mistake also. They don’t care about costumers.
    Don’t order anything from this site!
    I ordered a tailor made dress. I was contacted by DHL and I had to pay £28 for VAT Import Tax – I didn’t know that the company is based in China, otherwise I was not going to buy the dress.
    When the dress arrived it was bigger than I ordered (waist size) and the finishing was gold and very bad quality. I emailed them in the same day when received the dress asking to return it and then my nightmare started. I received more than 15 replies from different people and they want to offer 20% of the dress as return to me to keep it. In the end the offered part of the refund and but advised that the post to send the dress back to them was going to be paid by me. I advised my bank and disputed the value.

  • Mona Allen

    This has been the most frustrating experience. I had measurements professionally done for a dress. Received it and it was quite off. Currently trying to save it with local seamstress and she has commented it was made a little off, bodice pulling to one side, etc. Should have required a cup size when ordering because bust measurement not enough with stay type bodice. Unable to access any of the links given for concerns/questions regarding. When I had measurements taken, seamstress express skepticism about ordering-I should have listened. I will never do anything like this again and will warn others not to also. Expensive mistake.

  • So sad

    I bought 2 dresses and one bolero from theme. I must say they sended it very fast. it took 3 days after i got email that my things was on the way. i was so happy and couldnt wait to get theme. when i got theme delivered to my door. and hear that i have to pay tax for those within 10 day. that is 1/3 of the total price with sending. I was so disapointed when i took theme up. The champagne color was beige. The quality not that well and i needed to cut the thread they left. i payed extra for they sew it after my mesurments but it was still to big in my waist and breast. Warning please better to buy in the local shop where you can try it and see the material. I bought more nice dress onec on sale for a cheaper price than on this side.

  • Judith

    does anyone have a contact telephone no. for ReadMb in Coventry. as I haven’t been able to get a response from anywhere for my request for a rteturns form.

  • Faye bratcher

    I read all your policies before ordering 3 red dresses. One was great. One the rose was to big on the breast. The other one did not look like it did on your site. The rosette on one of them was glued on. I received a note from Serena Sun offering 15 percent or another dress in place of two. I have been closed out of your company, can not get thru to any department. Please help this is a lot of money to loose. My email is Fayediddle50@gmail.com. I would appreciate some help. This is upsetting because I trusted this company.


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