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Last Updated On: January 23, 2017

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Corporate Address:
15 red army S Rd 2nd Fl Chaoyang district
Beijing China

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ERICDRESS Phone Number: 00852 21364995
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Wang Eric - Admin, Registrant
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 35 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 62


Reported Losses: $22,537.44
Average Reported Losses: $643.93

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EricDress is a Rip Off

I ordered two dresses from Eric Dress and realized that they would both be two small for me so I contacted their ‘live’ helper and advised him, I was told that if I cancel within 24 hours they would give me a full refund. Based on that I reordered with bigger sizes. They never confirmed my cancellation notice and it looked lie both orders were being processed.

I wrote a few more times and each time I got the same automated message saying I just need to conform I wanted the dresses and they would post them. I wrote again and raised a dispute with paypal. PayPay suggested we try sort it out via the forum.

I’ve done this and EricDress are now saying that when I mark my dispute as resolved with PayPal they will send the clothing, still nothing about the order I cancelled. I have now raised a second dispute on the second order as I really am anxious about dealing with this company.

I am hopeful PayPal will help, they have been very good in the past. Please, Please don’t waste your time or money with this appalling company. They reviews are totally fake. All in all I’m out 145 Us dollars that I can ill afford. I am contacting my bank to alert them to what is fraud. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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  • JC

    They advertise a US return address is available, but in my case, I was told to cancel the claim and they would send me the address to return the items. Website help says:

    New Return Address For US Customer Only
    Address: Los Angeles,United States
    1:It’s an address for return only.
    2:It’s an address for US orders only.
    3:For address details,Please contact with customer service.
    THEY DO NOT OFFICIALLY ACKNOWLEDGE THIS AS A VIABLE RETURN ADDRESS WITH PAYPAL! Even if you can get the address, you will NOT get your refund.
    I escalated the claim and now have an address to return all items to China in the original shipping packages. I paid $138, only got part of the shipment, one from Kentucky and another state, they still have half of my merchandise and all of my money, and the shipping back to China is $300. I hope someone figures out what they are doing soon and SHUTS DOWN THEIR SITE. I keep asking for their Los Angeles address and they will NOT GIVE IT TO ME.
    My hope is that PAYPAL decides to protect their own respectability by dropping EricDress as they are very much a disreputable company, and refuse to process payments for them.

  • Srijana Rai

    Its a complete Rip off – I ordered a coat which was out of stock and had to choose another item. Surprisingly the order did go through!
    Ericdress offered that the next item that I choose could be 10% more of the actual value that I ordered, as a compensation. I said okay and ordered a item which was in that ball park, but the customer care called me and asked me to pay the difference amount of $5 which I was surprised. Did my best to explain it to the customer care person, but she did not try to understand and kept on repeating to pay the difference amount -after the 10% discount. So I paid the amount.

    Now I found the same coat at another site at AUD $40.75 while the cost in their site is AUD$ 68.27 – $72.44.
    Avoid Ericdress!!

  • Migdalia Rivera

    worse expierence ever!!! ordered an item from ericdress on 01/09/17 still havent heard from the all i get delays on my email sent them emails like 4times paid $33.19 i want my refund in full havent heard from them in march 9, 2017 will be 2months and havent received no package watsoever there is no phone to contact them only email in which they dont respond its my first time this has happend to me i hope i hear from ericdress soon regarding my full refund sincerely, thankyou Luz m. Calderon

  • Monica Fiello

    After a long delay, I just received the dress I ordered from Ericdress. What a bait and switch! The colors aren’t the same (the fabric looks like it was rejected after the dying process, with only two of the five colors shown on the website model showing up on the dress I received), the waistline is cheaply stitched with elastic tape at the back (unfinished), and the hemline is “finished” with a contrasting-color thread serging. I tried to post a review on their website, complete with photos, and guess what? The website doesn’t work to accept reviews. I’m now assuming that ALL of the good reviews about this dress are fake. Avoid this company!!

  • Helly Welly

    Ericdress is to be avoided like the plague – Sister! Stay away. They will take your money for products that are cheap in quality (often out of stock despite the order going through) send them piecemeal and with multiple delays, costing the earth in customs duty and never never give you an address or process for returns. They will tell you all will be fine in customer service chats and sweetly ‘forget’ you asked a question about the oil marks on an item sent or for the fifth time about returns process or asked for some recompense for the customs duty caused by their way of sending things in lots of packages. The arms and legs will be too tiny for yours to fit into despite waist and across shoulder sizing offered being roughly accurate. They will offer you 5% discount on your next order by which time you know you’ve been had and you’ve moved on from a terrible experience having lost your money for no fair gain to people who are richer whilst you are sadder. By the way – they must be manufacturing good reviews as some of the things about customer service are obviously made up so read the bad reviews first.

  • Brae

    (Long comment, but it chronicles my terrible experience with this company, and I didn’t want to leave anything out.)

    Honestly, I was foolish to buy from this store without taking a close look at the site itself. The fake reviews – complete with consistently terrible English grammar and male names attached to female clothing (or alternatively, very oddly spelled names that could have been derived from real names) – should’ve been a dead giveaway that this store is not being upfront with its customers, but since the items I had purchased didn’t have any reviews on them, I didn’t see this until far too late, after my suspicions had started to get to me.

    And it didn’t take long to grow suspicious of the company I had sent a bit too much money to. (Honestly, any amount of money is a bit too much, as they deserve nothing.) Within about 15-30 minutes after placing the order I had gone cold and numb, realizing I had possibly made a horrible mistake. I never received a proper order confirmation or receipt from the company itself, only a “Welcome to Ericdress” kind of e-mail with no information aside from “We’ll get back to you when your order ships” and “Contact us if you have any questions. Here’s our e-mail.” And this e-mail was in my spam folder, rife with the same grammatical errors as the reviews I mentioned before. (You can even find these reviews on external review sites that are supposed to help customers figure out whether a company is reputable or not. Just look at the abundant five-star reviews that couldn’t possibly be real.)

    When I had placed my order, I didn’t know that they were shipping out of China. Of course, a little bit of research would’ve given me that answer, but I definitely wasn’t thinking clearly the evening I placed my order. But anyway, these clothes are knock-offs, not advertised as such in the pictures or items descriptions (taken directly from the source of the true version of the item), and it seems as though the sizes are arbitrarily assigned to the articles as they are manufactured because sizing charts mean nothing when ordering from this store. Some came in too large, some came in too small, but overall the clothes are bulky and shapeless and do nothing to flatter your form in any way, and the patterns on the fabric look cheap. Also, that glorious odor. Mm…

    Oh, and you want to talk about shipments? As I bought several items from this store, I had the privilege of experiencing just how unprofessional and disorderly this company is, trying to confuse customers so that they have no idea what they’ve received, whether they’ve received all their items (the lack of an order receipt only helps this), or whether the rest of the items are going to be shipped. They ship basically every article of clothing individually in little packages, so if you order five items, be ready to receive them in no less than three packages. After receiving the first two packages, I was hoping they just wouldn’t bother shipping the rest of my order because I wasn’t in the mood to accumulate the rest of the garbage, which includes the packaging as well as the clothes themselves. It’s all unsalvageable trash, and I have actually placed them precisely where they belong: in the trash. I didn’t even bother taking a look at the other two packages I received because I know that it’s all of the same quality.

    Oh, and I still have at least one package on the way. Looking forward to throwing that one away, too.

    I remember reading on sites like these that some people gave these knock-offs to Goodwill, but honestly, you can buy better quality clothes at a better price from Target or Walmart. It’s not worth making other people suffer for your mistakes, and even people struggling deserve better than this.

    But as cheap as these clothes are in quality, they’re actually not all that cheap in price. I’ve bought clothes of a similar style to the images on the store’s site for close to the same price from more reputable stores, which also threw off my judgment when making this purchase, so just keep that in mind.

    I also want to say that I tried to cancel my order almost immediately after placing it. I sent two messages to them to cancel within the 24-hour period that they said you could do so without penalty, and I received no response to either message. On top of that, they didn’t even ship the first of the series of packages until just over a week later, so I don’t understand why they couldn’t just cancel my order. They had ample time and opportunity to get to my messages. It seems that plenty of other people have had nearly identical experiences with this company, though, so this seems to be their protocol. I mean, they wouldn’t make any money otherwise.

    To all the cheated customers out there that have filed complaints and fought for the return of their money from these types of transactions, I salute you and wish you the best of luck. You have more patience and hope than I do. For me, accepting my losses and throwing the garbage away is the best and easiest way to move forward. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with this infuriating company and its crooked methods of working around Paypal’s regulations (take a look at some other complaints that detail the mess all that entails). It would be a stressful and enduring process that I just don’t have the passion to commit to.

    Please, do not feed your well-earned money to Ericdress or similar companies. I realize that most people reading this here have probably already made the same mistake I have, but for those who haven’t placed their order yet, there’s still hope. Get out while you can, and stay as far away from this store as possible.

  • Angie

    I pretty much have the same complaint as everyone. The material was worse than a Halloween costume, zipper was crooked and my size large dress fit my 9 year old 12/14 children size daughter. It took a month to get here and I was extremely disappointed. I needed this dress for a special function and had no way of tracking it. Just said it had shipped. Big clue too, I had to get special permission from my bank for the order to go through and it was a huge hastle. I loved the dress in the picture, not at all what came all smashed up in a little bag in my mailbox. Terrible! Give it zero stars

  • Lisa

    I ordered two items and it took like a month and a half to receive them! Cheap quality and one was two small! When I contacted them they responded that they were sorry and that’s all! Scam!!!

  • Lashonda

    I purchased an order with Eric dress and after waiting 3 weeks for items to deliver, once received all items were too small. According to the website you have to contact customer service before doing an exchange or refund. After several emails and live chat attempts I was told I would have to pay for shipping and return expenses. Once I agreed and still awaiting an address the representative of the live chat said I would receive an email within 24 hrs with an address and the abruptly ended the live chat.
    So there’s really no return or exchange policy and I’m out of $100 to say the least.
    This company is a scam and I don’t recommend them to anyone!

  • Rt

    I believe they only make one size- Extra Small. Sure they might sew a tag on with the size you ordered, but it’ll still be ridiculously small.
    As another poster mentioned, they should be more clear that they’re based in China, because we all know how difficult the return/exchange process is. Ultimately, that responsibility falls on the consumer and I regret not doing my dodillegence. You get what you pay for- lesson learned.

  • Fox

    DO NOT BUY FROM ERIC DRESS – Ordered 4 items but only received 2 items. Filed complaint with Paypal, Eric Dress offered to refund $22.00 which was only a portion of the total $115.00 ordered. Paypal decided I was eligible for a refund and as you know to send the items back is an enormous amount especially if you want to include a tracking number. This has been BOUGHT SENSE to not ordered from ERIC DRESS or any of the other companies that advertise not located in USA. Stuck with 2 items I’ll never wear that have a left such a bad taste in my mouth that I can’t stand to look at them. I hate being RIPPED OFF and that’s exactly what ERIC DRESS has done. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!

  • ruby

    Really upset, worst service i have seen , ordered a dress from them on 19 November, nothing can be seen in my account nor tracking, contacted them to know where is my order, then they send me the tracking number and site.
    last shipped from china was 23 November till now the 1 of December and nothing!!
    contacted thier live service guess what!
    she blocked me suddenly just telling me last thing to track!

  • Jcw


    I ordered a dress from Eric Dress, and when making a payment, it seemed to not have gone through the first time, so I attempted to pay again, and it went through.

    When I saw that they had taken 2 payments from my PayPal account, I contacted them, and they replied saying that I had ordered the items from 2 different email accounts – THIS WAS NOT TRUE, IT WAS A COMPLETE FABRICAITION BY ERIC DRESS. I think the website is deliberately set to do what they did to me. This is highly irregular.

    I asked them to provide me with the proof of the 2 different email account they stated I had used. They gave me the email that I had used to order the dress and the other one that I use for my PayPal transactions, which is a different email. At no time did I order anything from my second email.


    I asked for a refund, only to be rebuffed with the excuse that I should return the extra dress that I had not ordered – I don’t see why I should have to do this as I would end up paying for the postage on an item I had not ordered.

    The customer services at Eric Dress are of no use, they will simply keep giving you robotic answers – I believe this is a delay tactic by Eric Dress to stop anyone pursuing the matter further.

    I have now opened a dispute with PayPal to reclaim my money from Eric Dress.

  • Jon walker

    I ordered one dress From ‘Eric Dress’, and I was lead to believe that the transaction had not gone through, therefore attempted to pay again. I now think this was probably deliberately by Eric dress website.

    They took 2 payments for the same dress I ordered. Having realised what Eric dress had done, I contacted them, and they replied that I had ordered 2 dresses from 2 different emails – which was not true.

    I have contacted Eric Dress many times by emails to no avail – this is a dreadful, dishonest company – please do not buy anything from Eric Dress.

    I have had to open a dispute now, with paypal to try and reclaim the money taken by Eric Dress, without my permission.

    The customer services with Eric Dress seem unable to resolve anything, just giving robotic replies in bad English. I believe this is a deliberate tactic used by them, to put you off from pursuing the matter further.


  • Jane Jones

    Yes this site looks dodgy because it does not have international size coversion

  • Suhani

    Eric dress can u pls tell when I ll get my order from last one month u saying super saving is slowest method does that mean it ll take forever to deliver new wht does completing payment means when money got deducted from my card …my order no is 845536 … don’t fool people

  • Sarga

    I bought two tops which cost £28 including postage. The tops were poor quality fabric and poor fitting. When I tried to return, I realised I would need to pay postage to send the item to China. The site is a big scam, I don’t think anybody would buy from them a second time.

  • Chelsea

    My oder came but it was too small, i xalled the first lady that answered was titally rude. I waited for more than 30 min before someone anwered again. I tild rhem my problem he saidhe will mail me their warehouse location. Tje mail came and rhe location is a day to where i stay but my anger is that for the call i will have to pay $100 for the call i made, so anoying i am never using ericdress again

  • Chris

    I do not agree with the rate that you give to Ericdress.
    Here is why:
    We have ordered 4 items and received them.
    The pair of shoes was damaged (unglued on top which made it unwearable)
    1 coat was deliver with a different color than ordered
    1 coat was deliver size S while asking for size M
    We asked them for return but they wanted us to pay the Shipping (I checked, it was about $45 for shipping). Since the 3 items total are $74.45, there was no point do pay for it).
    We asked that they pay for Shipping for a month but they always refused.

    So, they send us incorrect items and they do not take responsibility for it.
    I believe that this is bad policy for an online company

  • Lux Tempo

    Oh my goodness…thank you for the honest reviews. 6 months ago I made the mistake of ordering from FashionMia. Luckily I only ordered 2 items. Both were ill sized and of poor quality. They made it impossible to return the items. Ericdress sounds exactly like FashionMia. What a rip off. Thanks again for steering me clear!

  • Lady J

    My order totaled £89. Before paying for the items i thought i should quickly read reviews and bam!!! I thank God for the wisdom.

  • Jan Schwinn

    I used their charts and sized up because it’s an Asian company and I knew from looking at the models that the sizes would tend on the small side.

    I ordered 11 items in November, “free shipping”. For some reason I was charged in UK pounds for an order to a US address on a US credit card.

    Items arrived in about 2-3 weeks, but in two parts and the second package had been delayed for repacking by DHL because it fell apart and I did not get forewarned that there would be 2 packages, so it was worrying.

    I tried the items on and found that 8 of them were: mis-sized and waaaay too short on me despite my care in sizing up, OR the main hems were sewn so tightly that instead of hanging straight or A-line, the garments curved in and kind of grabbed the legs like the bottom of a sack. Only three were good.

    I got permission to return the 8 to the Los Angeles returns center and luckily I tracked them and they arrived Dec. 15th. No refund. I wrote. No refund. In January I wrote. They said they had not received them. I filed a claim through Paypal. They offered me 77 UK pounds when they actually owed me about 125. I said no. They said they could not refund unless I closed down my Paypal complaint. I called Paypal and they said I would be crazy to do that.

    Eventually, ericdress just gave me the 77 pounds and I wrote and chatted and asked why so little (my original purchase was 150 pounds and I returned 3/4 of it). They told me they had deducted 48 pounds for shipping (that’s about $75 US at current exchange rates!!!!!!!!!).

    I complained. No response. I looked at my online receipt because it still seemed wrong — and discovered that the prices on the “receipt” online had been changed to make the items I kept MUCH more expensive than they were, and the items I returned much cheaper than they were! So they cheated me out of about 15 pounds right there (the receipts they sent with the clothes have no numbers on so I can’t prove what they did).

    I then checked Paypal and found that even allowing for all the other dodgy behavior, they are still refunding me $25 less than they owe me because exchange rates have changed. I paid $233.50 — it says so on both Paypal and my credit card statement. I have sent them scans of both statements about 10 times now and they still say I only paid $208.99 which is patently false.

    So they have: lied about not receiving my return; charged me $75 for shipping to keep more money; repriced my receipt after the fact, to keep more money; lied about exchange rates, to keep more money.

    Needless to say I will not be ordering from them again.

    PS Paypal cannot help me because I returned the items to LA. Ericdress has cleverly failed to “register” their USA returns location in LA as their address in Paypal. This means that even though I tracked the return and Paypal looked and saw that the items had been returned, they can’t do a thing. Just another sleazy Ericdress tactic

  • Faith Schneider

    Just want to warn people that many of the customer reviews on products are clearly fake. The amount of bad “engrish” and repeating the product descriptions in reviews as well as many other fake review flags are pretty easy to spot.

    • Lucinda Rideout

      Oh no they are not. If you ordered from this company, your bad review would be here as well.

  • Katherin Kirkpatrick

    It’ll probably come as no surprise to readers here, but yeah, watch out for this company. They’re like a trip through the looking glass.

    I should have looked more closely before ordering, but I’ve gotten decent merchandise from Hong Kong before, and this merchant had good cancellation & return policies, glowing reviews, and very detailed size charts purporting to show the actual measurements. And, of course, those beautiful photos–hats off to them for their visual magicianship!

    Well, the litany of issues that began when I hit the “pay” button was almost comical. Instant nonsensical e-mails with no actual product info in them. A package full of stuff that looked nothing like the photos and was waaaaaaay smaller than the size charts. Obvious synthetic fabric even though the tag said 70% cotton. That weird smell.

    I immediately followed the posted return & cancellation instructions, not that it did any good. Just more of those bonkers, not-even-trying-to-speak-English e-mails. It’s been dragging on for over a month and still won’t die.

    One really fun part was when they just completely ignored my order cancellation and sent three more packages over as many days, via two different carriers (why?), tracking info from which showed they’d been sent two days after I cancelled my order. Another nice touch: the Abbott-and-Costello back-and-forth. I ask them for their US return address, they write back without the address asking if I’ve returned the item yet, I write back reminding them they haven’t sent me the address yet. Queue laugh track.

    After I let them know I’d be sharing my experiences with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, they finally wrote back with a possibly real US return address (Eric Dress c/o BBC/Return, 15020 S. Figueroa St, Gardena,
    CA 90248) and promised to refund the whole charge if I’d return the package at my expense.

    Now, this is not the rosy picture they painted of their return process on their website. But I consulted the PayPal Community Help Forum, and PayPal rep “Lucy” indeed wrote that PayPal may find in the seller’s favor if the buyer doesn’t pay return shipping. So fine, I shelled out the $8 and returned the smelly dresses. But–and this an especially fun surprise–I then learned from another PayPal rep that the company may well have had to pay the return postage if I’d hung onto the stuff. And PayPal added its own special touch to the affair, telling me to send my documentation to, then claiming not to have gotten it, then making me re-send to

    The moral of the story is, do not be fooled by fools. Keep copies & photos of everything, refuse delivery on orders you’ve cancelled, and challenge these folks through PayPal and/or your credit card company if they don’t live up to their promises.

    Don’t bother to leave a review on their website, because they won’t post it. But just for giggles, do take a close look at the reviews they’ve put on the website. One is from “Daberoh”–lovely name–who reports, “I enjoyed wearing this dress in my honeymoon.” (!?)

    Do you want to end up like Daberoh? No, you do not.

    • Carla

      They did the same thing to me. Shipped it 3 days after I cancelled within their required time. I realized 2 hours after purchasing…the size chart was wrong and was way too small for my American size. So, you know what I did? I scammed the scammers. I went to my bank with copious proof of their scam and online testimonials of how they scammed other people. My bank refunded me. Then I kept the coat because I wasn’t ABOUT to pay for shipping costs back to them when they scammed me in the first place by shipping it AFTER I cancelled it. I will be able to wear it when I lose weight. If I don’t lose weight, I’ll just give it away to someone it DOES fit. That’s how you handle a scamming company!

  • Ellen McCabe


  • Kyle

    All I will say is that this company may be legit. But do not ever expect to have your refund the purchase as once it enters the borders of China, the United States post office which they force you to use, can no longer track it and by the time it reaches their company they will tell you that they did not receive it in time to honor their refund. Some items on here may be fine and others may find that the quality is very lacking. Any time you order something on the Internet without actually seeing it in person first you are taking a risk. You can quadruple that risk when you are ordering from a company in China. All I can say is out of the seven dresses, one was decent but overall not worth the $166 that was paid to order them and an additional $66 to return them. Order with caution.

    • Katherin Kirkpatrick

      PayPal doesn’t help things. Their policy allows EricDress to use shipping companies like DHL that don’t use the kind of tracking that PayPal will require *you* to provide in order to get your refund after you’ve refused delivery on cancelled merchandise. And they don’t say a peep about this policy in the incomprehensible online claim form; you’re only told long after you’ve already returned the unopened merchandise via the way seller chose to send it (which is standard practice under Uniform Commercial Code). Essentially, they let the vendor send unordered merchandise via DHL, and when you refuse delivery they refuse to accept DHL’s tracking and deny your claim. This PayPal Catch 22 seems rather deliberately crafted, because the DHL rep I spoke to described thousands of transactions going back and forth with this vendor and PayPal. They know where their bread is buttered. I read up and found that PayPal was already under scrutiny with my state’s attorney general for unclear online customer service policies, so I complained to my state AG and BBB and eventually got my money back. It wasn’t a large amount, just the principal of it. After refunding, though, PayPal posted a pissy response on BBB claiming that I didn’t respond to their attempts to call me. Do they not know people can pull their own digital telecom records now? So I pulled my telecom records showing no call was ever received from PayPal, and I left my BBB complaint open for the world to see. I hope this will be the last time I ever have to do business with PayPal. What a complete disregard for customer service.

      • patricia Gringel

        Sorry you defame paypal as I have been using it for many years now and I have always been impressed by the way they handled my issues.Absolutely love Paypal.

        • Katherin Kirkpatrick

          My BBB complaint described above was fully documented, accepted as such by BBB, and is viewable alongside PayPal’s response as a public record.

          Perhaps you spoke rashly and do ont realize that by using the word “defame” you are accusing someone of maliciously and deliberately spreading false information?

          May I kindly ask you to specify what you feel to be inaccurate about my BBB complaint, and on what basis?

          Or do you simply wish to point out that some people’s experiences with PayPal differ?

  • Carla

    This company is a SCAM company! I ordered a coat and realized I ordered it way too small for American size woman. I cancelled the order within 2 hours of ordering it via emails to and via their online form. I received an ERROR message when I tried cancelling via their online form (and tried 3 times to do it online). Their cancellation policy says for clothing, as long as you cancel BEFORE they ship it, you will get a full refund. This is a LIE. They WILL NOT cancel it and they did not cancel it. THREE DAYS after I sent multiple cancellation emails to their noted email address, they respond to my emails saying, “SO SORRY, WE ALREADY SHIPPED IT TODAY”. Again THREE DAYS after I cancelled it is when they decided to ship it. I firmly let them know I am disputing this with my bank. They stopped emailing me. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAMMING COMPANY!!

    • bluewren

      I decided to give them a try (silly I suppose but like to give them a fair go) I have ordered just one summer top to see how they handle that first.However they are so cheap it is not an expensive experiment.One should keep that in mind to be able to buy so inexpensively must have consequences as these people have to cope with working conditions far below ours.
      Lets see how it all goes.On thinking about it I suppose some very smart fellow who knows how to market and design a website and does photography very well indeed thought the whole thing up. Probably has no idea about producing merchandise or any scruples as to how well his sweat shops produce them either..Thinks what the heck they all have it so good they can afford it.It’s easy money.Mmnnnn?

  • Sofía Pardo

    It is a shame i did not read all this comments before. I ordered 6 items from them, I am so disappointed whit what i received. For one of the coats the buttons dont even pass trough the button holes, another coat nothing to do with the picture posted, color is different and look terrible, another one, but the worse I received a hoodie , other than not looking as the picture on the webpage , it had a tag but it smelled terrible, like when someone has not washed something for a long long time and it looked old. if i would wanted something used , i would have gone to Goodwill anf i bet i can get better stuff there. Just yesterday i send 4 items back but reading this not sure I will be able to get my refund :( and still waiting for 2 more items… i think i will return those too if i get them . I also wanted to say i was going to review one of the coats on the webpage with 1 star and it did not posted the review… that webpage is just scam.

  • Milan

    I haven’t received my dress that was promised for an event last weekend. They ruined my event . I paid for expedited shipping as well. Still have nothing to show for the hundreds that charged my credit card!!!!!

  • cid

    My order from ericdress was shipped on Sept 18 2015 it is now Oct 6 2015 and is still not here!!! I have emailed them and emailed them with no response! I will now be calling my CC for non payment! I even disputed on their website and got no response…what a scam! Wish I looked eslewhere than the site for reviews! Must be if you work there you have to write nice reviews for ericdress or get fired.

  • mary luce

    I was scammed by a similar company. Ladies if you get in a jam do a CHARGE BACK WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY. DISPUTE THE CHARGE.. Once the credit card can’t get a hold of the retailer they will fully reimburse you and even give you a new card.

    • Kyle

      Will that work for PayPal as well? Because I opened a dispute with them as that was the way I paid.

  • Janet

    Had two dresses in my cart ready to check out and thought…I got ripped off on some horrible, expensive Chinese scam skin cream recently so I better look for this on a scam alert site. Bingo! Thanks, guys, for the heads up. Always look for the true reviews fro sites like this. Dodged a bullet.

    • Chavi Beck

      Same exact story here! Got ripped off by a China-based Ebay seller that disappeared. (Thank God Ebay refunded my money instantly.) Was ready to purchase from EricDress after months of allowing their ads to remind me of dresses/coats I’d previously glanced at. (Great photography, lovely website and very well made!) Then figured better not get burned twice, and found this site. Like Janet, see I’ve dodged a bullet. Thanks guys.

  • Kathy

    I just received my dress today and boy I made the wrong decision on this one….When I received the package I knew I was in trouble…my husband said…do you know where this came from…my response no…I couldn’t find any address on the site when I ordered it…I did read reviews, but I read the wrong ones…I read the reviews on their website…duhhhhh….anyways I ordered a size 16 thinking it would be plenty big…well wrong again…the little jacket fits like a straight jacket and the dress has a gap in the back where the zipper is….I would have to add another 4 or 5 ” to the dress for it to close….I emailed the company but don’t expect to hear back from them…I’m not even going to try and return it because that will cost another huge amount of money and I’m sure I won’t be getting my money back…don’t buy anything from this company…I’m sure all of the complaints are true…..Guess I won’t do this type of thing again…It even had to go thru customs…I really can’t believe I did this..I’m usually a very good shopper online….DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY…..


    DO NOT BUY FROM ERIC DRESS, I never did receive my purchase, and when I complained to Paypal, they privately emailed me asking me to withdraw my complaint as the item was on its way, thank God for Paypal! Then they said they refunded my money, with a online rebuttal. They only refunded my money because Paypal made them do it. Sitejabber is a site to complain about such websites, so I received an email from someone asking me about my review, when I closed my web mail down and independently opened Sitejabber I had no inquires. So my question is why are overseas companies allowed to rip off Canadian consumers? I reported ERIC DRESS to the Government office of Consumers affairs, OCA.

  • Margaret James

    Ericdress ads are everywhere. They look too good to be true, beautiful clothing for little $. But I took a chance and ordered a dress a month ago. Have never received it. Tracking is useless. No USA number to call for help. Today I am blocking payment on my credit card based on failure to fulfill the order.

  • bobo

    several of these sites have popped up, they are in china, the clothing is in china sizes, which are very small. And it takes a long time to get an order, like a month. I think that maybe these sites are just one company because they have the same clothing and same models. I will not buy from them, but if you have and are having problems with them then report it to the Better Business Bureau



  • Jackieiss

    I was scammed. They show you a picture of something but than you receive something else. Happened to me. Said I should of read the fine print. They are nothing but Chinese scammers. Didn’t even know I was ordering outside the US. Don’t order anything.

  • Della Rosa

    ordered from Ericdress-totally disappointed. Paid $100.0 for two coats and three tops, None look like the ad and fit horribly. The freight to ship back is well over the amount charged to my visa card. Ask Ericdress for a prepaid label, and I would pay, have not heard back. Sounds like scammers conducting business from a hotel.

  • Toni Williams

    I ordered a coat and received a robe that looked like my 10 yr old son made it in seeing class! I will never order from here again and I’m going to complain and write until I get my money back. These people are horrible.

  • Niceey

    I ordered a dress costing $96.00 from and received a totally different poorly made dress. I received no help from contacting them by email or live chat. Live Chat Rep. told me e-mail a picture of the dress I received and nothing else. When I questioned this practice she ended the chat. I’m so disappointed that I fell for this scam. The dress was for a wedding I’m attending in three weeks.

  • Susan Hornsby

    Ordered a couple of dresses WEEKS ago. I’m starting to think now that I will never see them. I send things to my missionary friends in many overseas countries and it doesn’t take WEEKS. What’s the problem? I will never order again.

  • Suzy Smurfette





    • Charity Greene

      #Suzy Smurfette, what does politics, Obama, and Hillary Clinton have to do with you getting scammed by Ericdress? As you probably know, our country is free will and we certainly don’t want more government in our lives, right? We have a duty to protect ourselves from scammers, not the government, which is how I ran into this website prior to ordering. I hoped to find info here to avoid getting scammed because the prices are too good to be true (first clue). Now I know not to order, and I wish to thank you for your first 2 sentence contribution.

      • sarahaha

        yes, another clue is that all of the models are young Asian women, who are typically much smaller than the average American woman – so you can guess that the clothes are made in Asia and run small.

        • Laydee Meow


    • bobo

      how is it obamas fault?? he didnt force u to buy from them lol youre a sad little person

      • MAH MAH

        I agree with the ‘law against these companies’, but if you want to be taken seriously, you need to stay on one topic, and keep your ideas clear and on target…….. We get that you are angry, I feel for you, as this company tried to defraud me as well. I learned a valuable lesson to not order from outside the country. However complaining about politicians is a whole other can of worms. Get involved with how government works in your area, and how to change things from the inside out, starting locally. Don’t get angry, get even. Just a bit of advice from one consumer to another.

    • Tess

      Suzy you are right on…about Mr. Obama (Nobama). The biggest mistake some Americans made. And you are right…Hillary will finish off our country if she is allowed to “rule” for 2 terms. Look at Ben Carson for the next vote. He has no political experience, but that’s what we need. I’m changing my party affiliation. I don’t want to be associated with the Dem’s.
      Thanks for information about EricDress. I almost ordered one of the cutest dresses I’ve seen. But not now. Thanks again…Tess

      • LAB

        what does Obama, Hillary or Ben Carson have to do with Eric Dress!!!!! You Tess sound like a fool!!! Obama did not have anything to do with international consumer purchasing and it is not his fault or Hillary’s that these companies are out there scamming people. Unfortunately there are thousands more and we as consumers have to investigate before we make certain purchases! Your an idiot accusing these people for issues that are clearly out of their control!!! Why don’t you do something about it!!! Party affiliation has nothing to do with e-commerce!!!!

    • Caryn Archer

      Oh Suzy, you are laughable!!! Thanks for your rant, it made me giggle at your utter lack of a reasoned response to something you clearly know nothing about…lol

  • Nancy Currie

    CHEAP clothing made overseas. They had NO tags on them. Half the order didn’t fit; I promptly wrote to them – they asked for PICTURES and won’t refund my money. She did offer to give me a nice discount on a future order!! Never again!! Very disappointed – a total waste of $150.00. They don’t allow returns. Any posts that are positive about this site are phony – probably ericdress employees; their english is horrible. I went to the size chart for every item I purchased – half didn’t fit AND were extremely poor quality. Don’t waste your $$.

    • Shayleene

      What was the phone number you called?!?! I am having an issue with an order and can’t find a contact number! I am very frustrated!

  • Karry

    I’m really hesitant over buying dresses online but with time constraints, i was into it. very thing is the sizing!! coz it’s easier to take your pick based on style and color, but not a big deal at all if it comes a little not alike as in pictured. but you must never go wrong with the size! swear, i’m always a size 4 but when i looked at their chart, it falls to a different size. well, they provide more than enough info for each dress (as posted on their site). but you may want to take a step up and get in touch with their customer service people if you want more details, especially the availability. i did that!!! my transaction with this company ran smooth and im satisfied with the item i paid for.


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