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Last Updated On: November 3, 2016

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Business Name: VSC Administration Warranty Services
Corporate Address:
PO Box 3002
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460 USA

Vehicle Administration Center Customer Service

Vehicle Administration Center Phone Number: 800-335-1522
Company Contact: Darain Atkinson - President

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31

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Scam - Preying upon the elderly.

Dated Nov. 20, 2014 – Vehicle Administration Center, P.O. Box 28248, St. Louis, MO, 63132, postal mailed an “official looking” request saying my vehicle service contract or warranty had already expired. They implored to phone immediately for service coverage. The notice included a FAKE vehicle code: NV168426965.

The notice said “You may have been selected to RECEIVE this special limited time offer because of information in your consumer report, or other data.”

The addressee, an elderly 93 year old single woman living alone, has NEVER had a credit card! She has NEVER gotten a Drivers License, has NEVER driven any vehicle, and has NEVER even owned or had possession of a motor vehicle!

Preying upon the elderly living alone on a small fixed income is HEINOUS !

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  • Javid I.

    Ok its not a scam.. I am a customer of the VSC administration center.. but you will be a fool if you sigh up for this.. I have a flat tire and i am waiting as I’m typing this for a road assistant to tow my car to the shop and its been 4 freaking hrs.. and I still waiting.. 4 d**n hrs.. this company is a joke.. screw them !!!

  • R. ALLEN


  • The Law
  • deltalady1946

    What is going to be done about this outfit legally? All the complaints in the universe will not stop nor punish them!

  • Joe kamish

    These are the people who run Naviss, registered in New Hampshire

  • Dr. Teddy

    Like many others, I received a 2nd attempt and I believe this is targeted at the elderly who may not be as sharp as they were when younger. What a disgusting practice to prey on those with limited incomes and no defenses. I just terminated my call with "Mark" the clown and told him how excited I was to be able to extend my warranty on my 1964 Studebaker Wagonairre. Guess he gets this all the time and didn’t appear rattled. What surprised me was the Code actually corresponded to my name and address. I assume they are tracking us as well. For what good it will do, I am taking this document to my Post Master for review. Unfortunately, I’m afraid these scammers have all their legal bases covered.

  • C. Livingston

    I found this pretty hysterical because I have never owned a car in my life!!! I immediately knew it was a scam!!!

  • Devin

    So if Darain Atkinson was imprisoned in 2012, why did I get a letter from his company today (now in 2014)? It is claiming to be the "Vehicle Administration Center" and has the contact phone number 1-800-335-1522. Return postage is to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I’m suspecting this company may be new and not connected to Darain Atkinson or his brother Cory.

    They actually mailed it to my parents, at an address I’ve never lived before. So my poor mother had to pay for extra postage to mail this important-looking mail to me, and waste all of our time. This needs to stop immediately, and whoever is responsible needs to go to jail.

  • Carlos

    Final U.S. Fidelis Co-Owner Sentenced on Conspiracy and Tax Fraud Charges
    U.S. Attorney’s Office September 25, 2012

    Eastern District of Missouri

    ST. LOUIS, MO—Darain Atkinson was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment and ordered to pay more than $4 million in restitution for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and filing false tax returns.

    According to court documents, Darain Atkinson and his brother Cory Atkinson owned and operated National Auto Warranty Services Inc., which was structured as a privately held company with each brother owning 50 percent of the business. In January 2009, National Auto Warranty changed its name to U.S. Fidelis Inc. National Auto Warranty/U.S. Fidelis (NAWS) routinely conducted business using the fictitious name of Dealer Services.

  • AJO

    I just got my second letter today and on the front it says $2,000 fine if any one intervenes in its delivery to me. Imagine that. Are they that desperate? I feel like a lot of you do, there isn’t much about their company and I won’t give them the satisfaction of calling them. Then they know I am here. This could be the company that gave me warranty on my older Chevy. But… then it says I may have been selected because of some offer… which isn’t true.
    Being a bit "older" I decided to check the internet… and this one is out there quite a bit!

  • jose'

    they keep on getting away with it because our attorney general are not doing their job !!!!!!

  • Patricia Pugsley

    I get these in the mail and on my phone and I’ve never owned a car!

  • noe

    i just got the same "2nd attempt" mail. good thing i looked them up first. thank you

  • Delvidz

    March 7, 2014

    Got this same "2nd attempt mail" (with no return address or company info) so many, many times but I did not care to reply or to call back because I know it is a big ‘ FRAUD’. As you look at the letter, you can easily determine that it is a "SCAM". because there is no company info or a return address. So, guys be careful!!! Don"t be a victim of these stupid trick!

    • Louise

      thank you for writing your comment. I also received this "2nd ATTEMPT" It just didn’t seem to make sense and now I will file it as "SCAM"

  • Betty M

    Just got the same letter second letter. This is fraud and darn near criminal. If it’s not it should be.

  • Theodore J. Stalla

    We too received this "2ND ATTEMPT" from the officious-sounding VEHICLE ADMINISTRATION CENTER with a disquieting caveat on the outside requesting immediate action and "WARNING: (of a) $2000 FINE (&) 5 YEARS IMPRISONMENT" for "interfering or obstructing" mail delivery, that is. Unfortunately this is what is representative of American business & commerce today–charlatans & scam artists. This country certainly doesn’t manufacture anything of any significant value, except high-tech armaments for global domination and/or geopolitical intimidation.

  • S.Robertson

    I’m getting these also for my Nissan and am increasingly irritated. There is nothing aside from the phone number to contact them and I am loathe to call them in fear they could cause it be an order.

    In addition to this, today I also received a similar "second notice" from a hospital indemnity plan…makes me look like a real loser to my mail carrier.

    This should be considered fraud.

  • Chuck


    02 Feb 2014 … Got the 2nd attempt notice….where the heck is the 1st attempt notice…….This has to be a scam for I don’t even have a FORD ANYMORE. So why would I take a warranty out for a vehicle that I know longer own. I have turned this scam over to the Postmaster General for final disposition.

  • Sheree

    I received a 2nd attempt letter for the fifteenth time today. I phoned 1-800-335-1522 and again requested to be removed from the mailing list. When you initially call the number the operator does not identify a company at all. Once transferred, the agent (who is so full of bull), identifies the company as Vehicle Administration Center. The company name should send up red flags. Ask yourself "what vehicle administration center.?" Is it Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Jeep – or maybe no vehicle company. The agent: attempts to be so nice and helpful until you request to be removed from the mailing list, then his real nasty attitude emerges. America this is a fraudulent company and if you send money, you will never reap any benefits. It is a scam.

  • joe malley

    I’m a consumer attorney that is investigating these types of mailers. I would recommend that everyone hold onto the mailers. Anyone wanting to send me a copy, plz email to malleylaw(at)gmail(dot)com Since I am investigating the matter for litigation purposes, this is an attorney advertisement. __Thanks,_Atty Joe Malley _Dallas, Texas_LinkedIn acct: Joseph H. Malley (if anyone wants to confirm my interest/work)

  • jason

    i have BMW and got one of these sh*tty mailings as well. Someone is selling our information and it isn’t right. how else would they know that i have a beemer? from the DMV? and they were waaaaaaaaaaaay off on when my warranty was up. I actually am considering extended warranty but not through these jokers.

  • Dennis

    Here is what you need guys.

    I did a blog post on these guys here

    The company starts with these guys who owns the product

    When I sent a postal opt out to them they told me they aren’t the DB owners, but only the product offer. in their letter I was given 1-877-838-3322 ext. 8703 to call them back on which I did. From there I asked them for a contact number to contact the DB owners and was given 314-447-3538. When I called that number, I asked her for a postal address and she gave me

    P.O Box 28248
    St Louis Mi 63132

    but supposedly doesn’t have a web address or other contact.

    From there I was able to find VSC Administration Center at this address on google
    10176 Corporate Square Dr Ste 240
    Saint Louis, MO 63132

    From there it was owned by NAVISS LLC

    Almost everything to have contact wise is hidden, but some sleuthing you can get it.

    Hope this helps!

    • mike

      Dennis, is there a way I can email you about this matter? I looked on to see if you have an email, but there is a general comment section and i am not sure if that will ever get to you.

  • NT110

    I keep getting these "second attempts" too. And when I say "keep getting" I mean that although each letter says "second attempt," I’m now actually on the 20th attempt!!!
    Each letter says the same thing and has no company info. Appears to come from GMC (the manufacturer of my vehicle).

  • Jim

    It’s not just Honda, Toyota, Chevy. Same scam for our Volvo. Same WARNINGS. They should be reported. It’s the older folks I’m worried about.


  • not conned

    I just called them to see what they are offering and it’s a total scam with high pressure sales… they claim if you don’t give them a down payment today you will not get the same offer tomorrow. What kind of crap is that? They even transferred me around to make it seem like they were getting me the best deal possible approved by the boss.

  • Sandi

    November 2013
    Got same "2nd attempt." No "first attempt" was received, by the way. Same fine warning as posted above. The notice inside, in addition to whatever other junk is there, states that it is a) a transfer and b ) an advertisement. My coverage is good for 12 years from the manufacturer so I still have 10.5 years to go. Would never consider transferring—obviously. Since no return address is given, I, too, will send mine to
    Toyota Motor North America, Inc
    601 Lexington Ave #49,
    New York NY 10022

    I shall not call the number listed on the form as that will only give them a legitimate telephone number.

  • rjansen

    Got the same "2nd Notice", etc., scam letter today. Called the 800-335-1522 number listed. When the ‘agent’ answered, he was very ‘cheery’, asking me about the weather and what color my car was. I finally butt in and asked him if they were affiliated with GM or Chevrolet ( I own a 2012 Camaro.) He claimed they were an underwriter for GM. He asked, "How do you think we got this information?" I responded that any body can get this information, and that I wanted my name removed from their solicitation list. He sarcastically asked why I would take the chance of going on without a warranty. He he was legit, he would know that Chevrolet’s warranty is good for five years and 100,000 miles! Again I told him to just REMOVE MY NAME!! He got a bit snappy, made a few wise remarks, and finally Told me to "Have a good day."

    It is truely sad that there are so many of these low-life, scum-bag scammers in our world today. It is even sadder the amount of gullible people that fall prey to these dirt balls, and keep them ‘in business’!

  • Ed L

    Just received a "2nd Attempt" mailing from them about my Chevy. They will send me up to three notices making it look so official. Read the fine print inside and tells you they are affiliated with any of the auto manufacturers. But, I am tired of getting these mailings. I’m thankful I don’t have a telephone. Why isn’t something being done about this company?

  • fred

    October 2013
    Whatever company is behind this sends postal mail that attempts to look official and has the word "Toyota". Here’s what it says on the front "WARNING: $2000 FILE, 5 YEARS IMPRISONMENT, OR BOTH FOR ANY PERSON INTERFERING OR OBSTRUCTING WITH DELIVERY OF THIS LETTER. US.S. MAIL TT.18U.S.CODE"
    I’m going to forward mine to the legal department of
    Toyota Motor North America Inc
    601 Lexington Ave #49,
    New York, NY 10022


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