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Last Updated On: January 13, 2017

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Business Name: Auto Protection Alliance
Corporate Address:
2530 Red Hill #225
Santa Ana, California 92705 USA

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Auto Processing Center Phone Number: 800-356-8170
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 10

Auto Processing Center Reports

Reported Losses: $430.85
Average Reported Losses: $107.71

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Calls weekly-started swearing at me when I asked "Paul" to stop calling

I contacted the company to cancel and they stated that paperwork would be mailed out and I never received it.

I called today 6/17/2014 and wanted to know what happened and they stated it was my fault I overlooked it in my mail.

Really? Then it was canceled due to non payment and not refund.


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  • Help Please

    These guys are really pestering me and I would like to sue them. If you have a contract from them, then please send it to me and I will see what I can do. Be part of the solution.

  • johnliu

    I did too. this f’n guy hung up on me then


    Hello, Everyone! I used to work for this company for a moth and before that get realize that it was fraud and I´m afraid to say this guys but is really a scam, I just quit from this company and am still feeling bad about this , because I found so much info about this scam in internet, here´s my history, a friend told me about it I was really happy, I started to training and we had to learn a script ( I can give you whole) and it was really strange for me beacuse We coundt say that name of this company or you´d get fire, i felt bad because that script we had to avoid importants facts such as where you are calling from and say "vehicle processing center or deparment as much as we could" the training was for just 1 day and half and then I started to hear to agents how to talk (shodowing), later on the Boss said that we had to do "deals" ( the deal means customer signed contrat with this company) and everybody was like what´s that? nobody said anything about that, anyway we started to talk to customer and see how it worked, like 2 week later, people began rumored that thecompany was a scam, and then the BOSS met us and said that if we think that the company was a scam, they dont need us, and the same day, She started to fire like 15 or 20 people and said that they dint fit the company, then she met some people and said they´re like her favorites and they had to do at least 5 deals if they wanted to keep their job, and another fiend told me that a customer said to her that this company is a scam and she began to seaching info in internet and found this web pages and then I did the same and found this and even móre info that i thought, so I just read this history and I decided to wrote it down, I really hope that you can solve your problem and can catch this people, also now they´re in Costa Rica, and they constantly recruiting people because we start to realize this a scam.

    • J Brannon

      I used to work with them also. They fired me for no reason and call me disrespectful names out the doors. Please call me or text at (714)865-3818

      • APSOLENt

        I am not actually in america , I’m from Costa Rica, they are located in Costa Rica, Panama and mexico… But if u wanna talk text in

  • Virginia

    My elderly mother received a phone solitation from them a year ago. She thought this was the company she already had an extended warranty with and that she needed to extend it again. They began taking the monthly $109.66 from her credit card. In August while she was in the hospital I found the charges on her credit card. After talking to her about it I searched her files and could not locate a policy. I was able to reverse the July and August charges from her credit card and cancelled with Omnisure. I called Auto Processing Center several times and sent the POA for her to them. They sent me the policy, which I had to return to them in September. This policy was written based on a much higher mileage than she has and so would not have been valid for a couple of years due to her minimal number of miles on the card. I have given them three months to respond concerning her refund and have not had any written response. I have left a minimum of 5 phone messages with them in the last month without a response. I have been unable to get through with someone to talk to about this. Virginia.

  • Marge

    I have had the same problem with this company. My contract was returned on Aug 6h, 2013 and still have not received my refund four months later. I called 6 or 7 times and had to leave a message because there is no one to answer the phone. After several of these messages I did get a call from "customer service" promising that my refund would be coming. That was several months ago and still no refund. I wrote a letter to the manager a month ago and have not had any response. I have now filed a complaint with the consumer advocacy group and the BBB but the company is still not responding. I AGREE WITH THE PREVIOUS COMMENT-STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY1

  • Tom

    Complete scam so stay clear. Told me I could cancel within 30 days of purchase. Received the contract 8 days after the phone call sale and once I looked it over I decided it wasn’t for me. I called them 6 times and got the same message. Nobody here to take you call, leave name and contract number and someone will get back to you at OUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. I did get a call back after my 5th attempt from someone in customer service (so they claimed). But she spent the next 15 minutes telling me why I should keep the contract and not one attempt to cancel it. She said I needed to fill out a form to cancel and send the contract booklet back. Funny, they had no problem selling the service over the phone but canceling required additional paperwork ? Clearly a delaying tactic to pocket $195. To date, no paperwork ever showed up and I turned it over to my credit card company. Do yourself a favor. If you hear from the Auto Processing Center, hang up. Best decision you’ll make.

  • Jordan

    Received a call from them. This is definitely a scam.

    • Leanne

      I got a call today too. What I’m concern with is how did they get my information about my car and everything. I can smell a sales pitch a mile away. This guy just hung up on me after he figured out that I knew something was up.


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