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Business Name: Pet Vet Animal Hospital
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Corporate Address: 1520 West Bay Area Blvd
Friendswood, Texas USA

Company Contact: Terry - General Manager
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Pet Vet Animal Hospital - Charging a cat for hissing!

On 03/22/2013, 2:40 pm , my daughter and I took our cat to Pet Wet located on 1520 W. Bay Area Blvd. Houston, Texas 77546, to get his vaccines. Our cat, from the very beginning Teddy was very scared, and one of the employees just covered his head with a blanket and took him to a different room which I think that wasn’t a good approach because it made Teddy more scared. After they had given his shots, they told us that Teddy would not go back to the cage. So we went inside and with the help of one employee we put him back in the cage.

Teddy was still hissing because he was terrified, so I took him to the car. My daughter stayed to pay the bill. The cost of his shots was $78.50, but they charged us and extra $22.50 just because our cat was scared and hissed at them, and they had to spent time to calm him down to get his shot. They charged me $ 22.50 to calm down my terrified cat to give him his vaccination.

I feel like I should not have been charge for that. If they did not want to spend 30 minutes on my cat or if my cat was too difficult and too aggressive to be handled, they should have told me to either take him elsewhere or at least agree to pay $ 22.50, a “Clinic Staff Time” charge. But they never mentioned anything about the so-called clinic-staff-time charge not until the time they gave us our bill that was $101.00. $78.50 for the vaccination and $ 22.50 for clinic staff time!!!!

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