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Last Updated On: March 24, 2015

YRC Freight Corporate Contact

Business Name: YRC Worldwide Inc.
Corporate Address:
10990 Roe Ave
Overland Park, Kansas 66211 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 913-696-6100
Corp Email: webyrc@yrcfreight.com
Corp Website: yrc.com

YRC Freight Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.56 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 9

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $2,204.00
Average Reported Losses: $220.40

Latest YRC Freight Complaint

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Billing Customer For Free Shipping

I ordered a massage chair from Panasonic with free shipping. I got a call to arrange the delivery from a very rude woman from YRC stating that I ordered a big box and they weren’t paid enough to have it delivered. I told them to call Panasonic but arranged for the date of delivery.

We agreed on a date but she wouldn’t give me any time, just stating that I have to be home to receive the delivery. Great, take a day-off to receive a package.

I had the chair delivered with the driver putting it in the garage. Next thing I know, I am receiving a bill for $ 139 for “inside delivery”. I called YRC and they are asking me for a proof that the item wasn’t delivered inside my house. Maybe I should take a picture of every delivery I receive next time fearing something like this will happen again.

Evans Auto Salvage Yard 354 Farmington Ave Louisville, Kentucky 40209 502-636-1000

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Consumer Comments For YRC Freight

  • Quoted me $342 for a pick up of two pallets of plastic trays. Then they billed my customer $1397.56 for the same pick up. Even after giving them their quote number, and confirmation number several times, they are still hassling us for more money. Billed us $742.16 (including a charge of $27.50 to change the billing :)) This company is a nightmare, stay away from them at all costs. I just sent a note to the CEO, James Welch, telling him a stint on undercover boss might be helpful.

  • YRC charged me 220.00 to ship a bumper from TN to NE. ABF quoted me 77.52 for the same weight same dimensions.same shipping class c175 Called YRC they said pay up sucka. Next time I will tell the shipper to use ABF Another lesson learned the hard way.

  • I ordered an item from Fingerhut and received a confirmation call from YRC on the date it was to be delivered. I specified the time that I had to have it delivered – between 8 – 2. By 2:45 my item still had not been delivered so I called YRC only to be told that my item was not on the truck and could not be located. The rep from YRC informed me that it could take between 5 -10 days to locate it and they would call me and deliver it and leave it at my house. I ordered a sofa. What type of service is this? And to "offer" to leave it outside my house is the biggest joke. I am currently in dispute with YRC over the freight charge of $115.00 as I had to miss another day of work when they did "finally" find my sofa and deliver it.

  • Terrible company and terrible service!!! We shipped an instrument from California to Maryland. It seems they got our instrument lost. They even do not help us check if where they put the instrument. The customer service is just a joke!

  • I am still waiting for a TV I ordered almost a month ago, ordered on 12-3-13 and YRC got it on 12-8-13, It’s coming from Dallas, TX to Colorado Springs, CO. Was a Christmas gift but here we are 2 days after Christmas and now I can’t get a straight tracking date or time of delivery and it says delievery date is 12-17-13 or 12-19-13 well no that’s not true! I would never ship with them or recommend them for a thing!

  • This company is the worst…. i have tried to have equipment shipped and the set for confirmed date of Friday. Here it is Monday and they said they were not able to make the pick-up because they had a roll-up trailer bed and not a hinge door end loader…. ARE YOU SERIOUS… these guys are a joke !

  • We shipped a brand new high end wall oven with YRC, they destroyed it and now they wont pay to replace it. At the time of shipping we were told that it was insured for 3 times what it was worth. Terrible company, will never do business with them again


  • I bought a new shredder from Home Depot. Home Depot hired YRC Trucking to deliver that shredder to my home. YRC trucking refused to deliver the shredder to my home. They wanted to charge an extra $150.00 for a lift gate truck. When I asked that they off load the shredder into my pickup they refused. Do not use YRC Trucking. They don’t deliver, they want to charge for storage, they are a rip off.


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