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Last Updated On: June 5, 2014

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Business Name: Crete Carrier Corporation
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400 NW 56th St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68528 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 402-475-9521
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Sorry i came back

Well i came back to crete carrier four weeks ago. I have been broken down nine days to start with. They finally gave me different truck and it was in the shop. I finally was able to get going with that truck two hours up the road the ac goes out. One more day in the
Shop. And it still come and goes. Then they let you set around for hours waiting on loads like forty hours in one week with no pay.

Then cry about idle time. You have to run the truck to charge the batteries. So the electric apu will run. Then it all very short loads bottom line you will get around eighteen hundred mile a week. After they told you that they average 2600 per week to get you to come to work for them. They lie just like the rest. But there are no short cuts at crete carrier. So if you like to wait a lot and dont need to make more then a few hundred a week it ok

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  • WELL you are Lucky you were not ear the crete carrier driver i saw Today at the pilot truck stop in austintown ohio i am a driver and have been one nearly 40years i saw a RUDE /Fat Stinky crete driver trying to imtimidate another driver because he stepped up in line to get his fuel pump turned on This crete driver had been standing at least 10feet away from the counter when that other driver went up to it he was No Where near what you would consider to be in line then as stinky as he was he began Swearing and Cussing that driver and just totally making a a*****e out of himself in front of other customers and trying to get a fight started that driver asked him what his problem was and he did not state it just ran his mouth about things that had nothing to do with anything there untill the other driver went to his truck outside the cashier was upset at this CRETE driver and told him so that he had no right to pick a fight in there and he told her to SHUT THE f**k UP i was in my 4 wheeler but i followed him ouytside to see just who he worked for and he got in to a CRETE truck and drove off
    i TRIED to call CRETE but got no answer i watched what i would call a FAT /SMELLY TUB OF s**t deliberately try to start a fight in a public place and get away with it all i can add is that as he drove off he ran 2 STOP signs and a STOP light and Almost hi a 4 wheeler with a family and KIDS in it
    CRETE if that is the best you have you need to close the dooors and go out of business you are DISGRACE to ALL truck drivers and an EMBARRASSMENT to us ALL =Thank **** that other driver had the COMMON SENSE of a PROFESSIONAL driver and did not allow it to escalate = i would also like to say that CRETE driver did not appear to have showered or cleaned himself in a month or MORE i was 4 ft behind him and he SMELLED OF s**t

  • ok,first this is not a complaint but i could not find a place to e-mail you so i decided to just do this…

    me and my husband have been driving a while the weak past my husband was at pilot in higginsville mo and had got food poisoning ;;you have a driver named jimmy jackson well at the pilot he noticed my husband and sat with him and helped him back to the truck

    he called 911 he saved my husbands life litterally

    my husband died in rte to hospital 15 miles away (they were able to get him back and he is home now.)

    if not for him he would have died at the pilot ,,,please tell him there are not enough words for my grattitude to him and we both thank him for what he will consider a small act they say its the little things that mean the most,,,, this ment my husbands life ;;;;truely cyndia kenning//daniel kenning


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