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Business Name: HotelsOne |, L.P.
Corporate Address:
827 Union Pacific
Laredo, Texas 78045 USA Customer Service Phone Number: 866-413-9810
Company Contact: Andrew Fletcher - Principal
Corp Website: Ratings

Average Rating: 1.08 out of 5
Based On: 29 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 31 Reports

Reported Losses: $4,836.18
Average Reported Losses: $166.76

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Double Booked and Charged By HotelsOne

Like many others I had no idea I was booking through My wife and I spent one night at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs to celebrate her company’s award night. We checked in as normal, presented my credit card for incidentals, and were given keys to one room. We took no one else with us, no kids, no friends, just her and I.

We enjoyed our stay at the Antlers where the people were super nice. The next morning we checked out as normal and departed the Antlers. Several days later upon getting my credit card statement, I quickly noticed I had been charged twice – not twice the amount, but the same $161 on two separate lines with separate charge codes.

Apparently Hotelsone had booked two rooms at the Antlers and charged me for them. No amount of common sense makes any difference with them. I have disputed the extra charge with my credit card company to no avail because Hotelsone is mysteriously able to produce a second reservation transaction in my name! It does not seem to matter that when I made the reservation back when…I only received one email confirmation for a booking at the Antlers.

This whole scam mess occurred back in February 2016. This is June and still no resolution. But I sense what will happen – I will have to eat the $161 for a second room I never booked.

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  • Danny Dufus

    Check total cost, not just stated room rate, if booking a U.S. hotel through Hotelsone. Across the U.S., at every hotel in every instance its charges for “Taxes and fees” will be higher than those of its competitors such as,, Expedia, Priceline, etc.or by the hotel directly notwithstanding its statement on its website that it does not impose reservation or hidden fees. In many cases the additional charges are very substantial.

  • Miles Auwe

    Booked through hotelone and needed to make itinerary changes. Their website didn’t work, the phone number on the website repeatedly dropped my calls. I had to call my credit card company to get correct contact information. By the time I got through my no penalty cancellation period expired. They’re claiming they’ll call me back, but I’m just going to have to contest the charges through my credit card company.

  • Erick Ocasio

    WARNING!!. Be very careful when booking 3rd party websites. Like Expedia,, etc. Make sure when booking for a specific hotel they have agreements with hotels. Most of the time they do not have agreements and when you make a reservation they state the hotel does not have any rooms to guide you to a hotel that they have an agreement with to make a commission. The worst one is Hotelsone.

  • Aggrevated

    OMG…I too was scammed!! Thought I was on the Marriott website and come to find out after booking and wanting to cancel It, it was through HotelsOne. I am now waiting for a refund of 289.00 and they said it could take up to two weeks. So now I have to wait and see if I actually GET MY refund. What a pain in the neck. Rates were extremely cheaper through the hotel itself. They practically doubled the cost. Unbelievable.

    • kilby1

      thought I was on the Best Western totally ripped me off, no cancellations, took the cash immediately, NEVER again will I deal with this operation.

  • Elden Harris

    Your credit card is charged before before you see the final conformation with a non refundable notation . My reservation was over 2 months out. If I can help it they will not get my$

  • Escobar

    Booked through because they falsely lead you to believe you are on the hotels website. Got to the hotel, they had never gotten any booking from hotelsone, and they had since sold out. Canceled the reservation and realized they refused to refund.
    These fools are going to get hurt.

  • Kimberley

    did anyone ever receive a refund from these crooks???? they are holding $162. of my money

  • Ken

    I have had the absolute worst experience ever!! is one of the biggest scam artists ever, I booked one room put in all my cc info hit submit charged my card for 2 rooms and almost 400 dollars in fees. It was cheaper to book directly with the hotel ( what i thought i was doing).. So i had to call in to get the charges reversed, nedless to say made me cancel the reservation instead of admitting there website error. Called in Customer servi ce reops were the rudest ever!! I am still waitng on refund and when i ask they just hang up on me and i have called 6 times.. Buyer beware this company is a Scam!!

  • Shawn

    Worst experience ever! I too thought I was booking directly with the hotel! I was overcharged and told that it was my fault because I booked the reservation in Euros! I live in Tx and booked in Arizona! I am still waiting to hear back from them! Huge scam!!!!!!!

    • kilby1

      I as well, good life lesson to pay CLOSE attention to scams like this.

  • Marianne

    HotelOne is indeed a scam. They quoted me a rate, which I accepted. I gave them my credit card information, and then once that went through, I briefly saw that they were charging 50.00 more for a third person. I had no chance to then cancel the reservation. Long story short: The hotel does not charge for a third person in a two queen bed room…this was verified many times. I called HotelOne to get that charge taken off, and they called…spoke to people, of which they wouldn’t tell me their names, and said they do charge for an extra person. I called the hotel back, and they said that they had told them to refund my 50.00, because they do not charge that. So they flat out lied to me. First…how can you trust the rate, if they can charge you AFTER you accept the rate quoted? Also, the charge does not appear separately, but is hidden in the tax section. Again proving that they charged me after the fact. SCAM. Seriously…be warned.

  • Barry

    wow ! I booked a reservation at the Omni royal crescent in new Orleans for a total amount of 328.16 for two nights and checked my card on line after 20 minutes of booking was charged 450.52 .Do not book with hotelsone they are crooks .

  • Wally

    DON NOT USE!! I too was led to believe I was on the hotels web page. I needed to cancel my reservation 15 minutes after making it and called the hotel. The hotel informed me that hotelsone had made the reservation and I needed to cancel it with them and she would gladly book me a room at a lower rate. Called hotelsone back and got put on hold while they attempted to call the hotel to get the cancellation fee waived. Informed me the hotel would not waive the fee despite the fact that I was on the phone with the hotel and the told me they do not charge the fee. Big run around with no resolve. Beware that when you make the reservation they inform you verbally that there is not a fee for cancelling the reservation but when you attempt to do so they tell you the hotel is charging the fee. SCAM!!!!

  • Jasper Jeff

    We got careless, got tricked into booking through this website, and ended up paying about twice the advertised rate. The place was a cheap dump so the loss was not lethal. However, this website appears to be running a scam, the first of its kind we’ve encountered anywhere on the planet., and so we’re depressed that that yet another facet of life has been penetrated by scammers. We join the voices calling for a visit of plagues and suffering to the operaters of hotelsone.

  • Lyn

    Upon arrival to the hotel booked online ( confirmation number, and email in hand) found that there were no rooms available and that the reservation did not exist at the hotel. Immediately called customer service and the representative admitted the " computer glitch" in the reservation. I booked Batesville, MS and the computer made the reservation for Batesville, IN. College ball game weekend and NO rooms available. Forced to travel 1.5 hours further and out of the way to find a room.
    I have spoken with 3 different representatives on the phone, receiving 3 different stories and NO REFUND. I paid HOTELSONE $461.16 for 2 rooms and did not receive services/room. I acquired extra travel expenses, and lost time due to the inadequacies of this company.
    I understand technical problems occur from time to time, but their unwillingness to refund my money is UNACCEPTABLE .

  • Ann

    Hotelsone bad news! I was not able to cancel second night of a two night stay tried to change reservation two months in advance. I will never use this service again!

  • Jodi Manahan

    I will never book a reservation through HotelsOne again. We were forced to change our hotel reservation and were not allowed to do it. We only wanted to change the day and not cancel. They were going to charge us double. Customer service was terrible. Lessoned learned. This company should be shut down.

  • Mary

    I booked a room with them and unfortunately could not make the trip that was planned due to work. I tried to change the to the following weekend and was told that I could not change the date and that I would be charged for both weekends. What a rip off !!!!! I will never use them again and I will always call the hotel direct to make my reservations

    • kilby1

      Good advice

  • Myra

    I also got ripped off. Expedia is the parent company of They will do nothing to help you. I made a reservation today and spent over an hour trying to cancel it. Howard Johnson’s claims no liability as I booked through Stay away from this company, their phone # is 1-800-246-8357. They canceled my reservation but charged me a penalty of the amount of the reservation. People need to know just how bad this company is.

  • Ronald Powell

    I booked a reservation through and then realized it was for wrong date, I cancelled it and then it ends up on my credit card anyway. When I called about the charge, I was told tha the hotel did not get the cancellation and no refund is coming, I do not believe I have been so screwed from a booking company before. No more will I use on unless there is no other way to go. Call the Hotel/motel directy and you will do much better both price wise and customer service.

  • Charles

    do not use hotelsone. I thought I was booking with shilo inn. When I asked the person on the phone if this shilo inn, I was told yes. When I got to my hotel I found out it was not.
    It cost me $349.00 through hotelsone. Had I been checking in with Shilo, the cost would have only been $177.00.

  • D Currier

    I wish I read all the above comments before my booking tonight. I will do everything in my power to get this website SHUT DOWN before more people fall into their dirty traps. Again tonight, they charged my card, sent confirmation and itinerary numbers, so I thought I had a reservation. Then they said me a message saying the transaction did not go through. I was on the phone with them for over an hour and they came up all sort of excuses from saying at first my credit card not going thru, then credit card was ok but they had to wait for hotel to give a room?? hello, if you dont have a room with the hotel, as a broker, you should not post it on line to get customers into your trap. Now my credit card is charge and there is still no room yet!!! Their 800 number agent and the so called supervisor based in India were rude, heartless, and did not show any professional courtesy. They could not even admit this is their faults. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

  • Judy J.

    I am in the process of trying to cancel a reservation for Friday, May 10 and to my dismay I booked through I can find no phone number to call and I have sent an email requesting the cancelleation a half hour ago. Their booking page is misleading as I thought I was booking directly with Holiday Inn Express. Any suggestions? Can I contest the charge on my credit card?

    • Maria

      Hi Judy,
      I had the same problem, there was no possibility shown on their homepage to cancel rooms. I sent an e-mail and got the answer that may e-mail was blank – which is not possible. In the end I telephoned (its a Number in Great Britain, I don’t know yet, hoch much the telefone expenses will be.
      After all I got a mail which confirmed the charge-free cancellation – two days later on my credit card the amount was charged. I told them to immediately refund the money – and I am waiting since (two days now) to get it back – have no good feeling!

    • Aggravated

      I agree…. I too thought I was booking directly through the Marriott web sight and was tricked. I have now cancelled and hoping to get my full refund. they state it may take up to two weeks. UGH!!!

  • gjfranti

    Don’t trust
    They charged my card, sent confirmation and itinerary numbers, so I thought I had a reservation. I presented my email printout at the hotel and they had no reservation for me and the numbers on the print out were worthless. I called an 800 number for from the hotel lobby, feeling nervously already out of luck since there was not a room available any more at that hotel or any nearby. The customer service rep made a lame excuse about not being able to charge my card as the reason for the invalid confirmation number from them and nothing on file for me at the hotel, didn’t offer to find me another hotel, and checked with the hotel to find out for himself that there was no reservation. I insisted that the customer service representative give me a cancellation number since there was no other room available when I tried to check in. He did that, then admitted that it was not my fault, and my charge was refunded.

  • Susan does not fairly disclose, at the time of booking, that their reservations are not changeable or refundable. Their web site appears to be the direct hotel’s web site, but is not.

    CUSTOMERS BEWARE….. do not book with, unless you want to be locked into an unfairly disclosed booking.

  • sjl

    Wow! I never write complaints against companies, but I just had the worst experience with Hotelsone booking service.when I called into their customer service office. I had a question about a hotel’s airport pick up policy, but wasn’t quite ready to book the reservation. The sales rep started badgering me about booking and arguing with me about how he had "helped" me. I finally had to hang up on him, because he wouldn’t let me off the phone graciously. He was obnoxious! I’ll make sure never to book with them!

  • Nancy

    This is the worst place ever to book a reservation with. You are unable to cancel the reservation without without a hassle. Book with someone else


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