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Category: Travel Services
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Corporate Address: 1994 E Sunrise Blvd #223
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 USA

Phone Number: 855-535-4237
Company Contact: Deborah Segovia
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954-907-2352 - Consumer Services America - Senior citizen being pressured to pay for a vacation package in florida

I was charged for one package and then when i was sick in November i was contacted again and they tried to charge my credit card again for the same amount $498) but for some reason it didn’t;t go through.  In Jan, 2013 i received a message from the company saying what i just stated. I tried several times to call the person (Stephanie @ 9542479125) but was never able to get her.

Then today i got a phone call from the general manager, Robert Schmidt, of consumer services America, travel services. He told me he needed a credit card to charge $898, though the only amount owned, if i took a second package, which i didn’t want, was only $498. This person became very aggressive when i told him i didn’t want another package and that the first package was good until may 2014.

I have been very sick this past year with temporary renal failure due to an antibiotic that was given to me. Last year, 2012, i was in the hospital for over 3 months from the first part of august until the middle of November. I am still not totally well….Very weak yet and have to be in bed most of the time.

Because i am almost 70 and on a fixed income, i feel that these tactics of threats to charge my cc double, and they will use any cc that has my name attached to it, and i will just have to deal with the credit card companies. I feel that all of the above threats are harassment to try to get me to pay.

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Rules to qualify for Consumer Services America: "Do You Qualify?1. Are you a Canadian or United States citizen and do you have or can you obtain a passport before you travel if you should decide to travel internationally?2. Are you between the ages of 25-68?3. Do you have a major credit card (not debit or check card)?4. Are you married or co-cohabiting?5. You must have a combined family income of over $50,000 a year for the household." -Quoted from

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