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Last Updated On: April 27, 2016

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Business Name: Wyndham Worldwide
Corporate Address:
8427 Southpark Cir #500
Orlando, Florida 32819 USA

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Club Wyndham Vacation Phone Number: 407-370-5200
Company Contact: Stephen P Holmes - CEO Chairman
Corp Website:

Club Wyndham Vacation Ratings

Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Club Wyndham Vacation Reports

Reported Losses: $2,800.00
Average Reported Losses: $560.00

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Discovering we were scammed in our new Discovery membership

My husband and I are very frustrated and disappointed with Wyndham Vacation Club. It is not at all what we were lead to believe we were purchasing.

Our first frustration is the inability to view resort availability online based on our membership type. We are required to call a reservation specialist and let them look up each resort we are interested in for availability.

The second frustration is because of the above mentioned limitation we are unable to easily compare airline prices to coordinate with the resort availability. In order to do so, the reservation specialist has to sit on hold while I go to another travel site to look up flights. Back and forth, back and forth…. it is just not very 2016 – more like 2002 at best.

This leads to the third frustration in that we have to then coordinate the above two limitations with our own work schedule. I don’t know about other companies but we can’t just take off any dates we like. Time off requests have to be submitted and approved in advance of purchasing potentially non-refundable airline tickets.

If all of the above were not enough…. the fourth frustration is there very limited availability in any of the locations we are interested in. Sorry, but Branson Missouri or the Wisconsin Dells are not our style. We were told we would need to book our time 2-3 months in advance – our last call to a reservation specialist and we are 6 months out before we can book a full week at a resort of our choosing.

I have combed through the Discovery membership property directory we were provided which lists the Club Wyndham Plus resorts available to us and it would be an understatement to say the majority of these properties are substandard 2 star accommodations at best. Most look like apartment complexes from the 1970s with dated furnishings and surroundings. Everyone knows only the best pictures are put in brochures, so it scares me to think of what the actual property looks like if the brochure images are not appealing. Trying to view the properties on the Wyndham Vacation website is no better with postage stamp size images which cannot be enlarged. To view better images I have to search/view yet another site.

Maybe our expectations were set too high. After all, the properties we were shown in the initial presentation were beautiful 4 and 5 star beach side resorts; yet even the Club Wyndham Plus resorts in Hawaii are not all beach side, with some many miles away from the closest beach – we’re talking about an island surrounded by water right?

We spent over four hours at the presentation/sales pitch and after saying “no” “no” “no” we were finally convinced to purchase the Discovery Membership to “try it out” before we considered a larger financial commitment. Shame on us for not innately knowing the extreme limitations we were to experience in our Discovery membership. At no time did the presenter or sales representative redirect us to any limitations mentioned in any small print nor were we offered to “view” images of the actually properties that would be available to us – nice bait and switch by the way.

I’m sure we were not the first to expect honesty and integrity from a company such as Wyndham. I’ve never been known to be naive or gullible, but this is one time I was taken for a fool. The only thing we discovered in our new Discovery membership was we were scammed.

Wyndham Vacation Club – 6277 Sea Harbor Dr Orlando Florida 32821 | 800-251-8736

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  • Brenda Yates

    There is going to be a seminar held about timeshare cancellation on September 4th. If it something your interested please check out this link…. Hope this can help people in need of information on timeshare cancellation!

  • Lauren P

    We were on vacation and attended a Wyndham timeshare presentation. Everything sounded good so we bought into Wyndham. Big Mistake!!! To make a long story short the whole thing was pretty much just a lie and nightmare. Some places we were told we could vacation at were not available. The maintenance fees are constantly going up. It felt like i had no control and was just wasting money. So i started researching ways to get rid of timeshares. I looked into timeshare exit team, etc. just seemed like it would cost me more money with little to no results. I came across a story about timeshare cancellation attorneys. I did my research and found Aaronson Law Group. They told me how they would take care of my timeshare and I loved what I heard so I hired them. In about 2 1/2 months time they had got my timeshare cancelled. It was very much worth every penny and saved me money from ongoing rising maintenance fees and the feeling of wasting money. I recommend at least checking out some timeshare attorneys and see if you like what they say. Check out testimonials and do your research. There are good people out there who can help. The one we dealt with is Hope this helps someone in need!!!

  • lori

    hello , is such a shame that timeshare scam turned to something viral ,i knew many people that had felt on timeshare traps, the best thing that we can do is to avoid all the timeshare presentations and all of those crap , here is a very reliable blog that mentioned wyndham timeshare scam..

    good luck

  • Diana Diaz

    My husband and I just went through a Wyndham timeshare presentation and all the things they said were wrong. Since we know what timeshares are about and weren’t interested in buying, they couldn’t crack us. One of the presenters tried to jerk at our heartstrings by saying that he recently lost his little 2 year old nephew and he wished he had spent more time with him. And a Wyndham timeshare would have helped with that? Outrageous. If you want to know more about how this works, look into how a sale is structured. They ask you what your “needs” are. They show you haw what they have meets this need. They’ll tell you they can give you a special that day only (don’t believe it.) They give you the value, and then, after repeatedly asking if you could see yourself using that presidential suite they just showed you (which takes more points than you can imagine and are buying) then they spring you with the price. The salesperson then brings in a manager to tell you about the price. Do not show any interest – even if they say, what if I could drop it to half that. the key phrase is “what if.” Listen carefully. “What if I could” means they can’t do it. Show no interest even if they say something drastic. If it starts with a “what if” it’s a fantasy. And the outrageous price of their vacation homes? Like “ownership” makes it all better? Come on. Don’t believe it. Oh. hotels are so expensive! All you get is a
    receipt. Here you get ownership! What a crock! Timeshares are great – for them. They get your money up front. They get to invest it. And they earn the interest on it. After the upfront cost, then you have to pay maintenance fees of 900 (or more) FOR LIFE! That’s what “ownership” gets you. You would be better off saving your money, earning some
    interest on it, and then spending it when YOU want. Look at the fine print. You own almost nothing. You can will your $900 per year in maintenance fees to your heirs. LUCKY THEM! I hope that gives you the motivation to not buy. We walked out of our Wyndham timeshare presentation with a $200 gift card. Woohoo! But then again, we’re both really cynical people who aren’t easily pressured into ANYTHING. At one point the salesperson said about our not taking more vacations, “Are you making excuses?” I said, “Excuses are for people who feel guilty. I don’t feel the least bit guilty.” Left her a bit speechless for a few minutes. My parents have a timeshare, so I sat through presentations with them and observed what was going on without being pressured because I was kid and also worked in sales for a time. My parents are as obstinate as my husband and I are. I also fell for a few bad sales in my life and learned from that. I hope this helps you. But, hey, if you have the disposable income and you think “ownership” somehow helps you justify your vacation expenses, then go with a company that doesn’t kill you with exchange fees. And no, they won’t give you enough time to look at all of the exchange fees and what your points actually get you. The time to do that is BEFORE you sign. Once you sign a contract, contract law applies and you will have a hard time getting out of the contract. Most people don’t know what contract law is. If you have misgivings, you need to put your cancellation in writing, make yourself a copy, walk it over to the office and make it stick by getting the name of the person you gave the cancellation to. Then write a formal letter with proof of mailing to the main headquarters stating that you wrote a letter to cancel, the the date you signed the contract, the date you cancelled it, who you talked to, and that it had better stick or you will be seeking legal representation. Don’t whine, get educated.

  • Maria Allison

    Their sales people are very nice and promise to help when you need them. Then as soon as the three-day period is up to return
    the product, you never hear from them again and you’re never able to reach them. You’re promised updates within a certain time
    period on reservations but have to play tricks to get them; you’re promised housekeeping services that they don’t entertain when asked, and numerous other services that are only scams to get you to purchase.


  • Wyndham resorts are absolutely beautiful and modern; however, the company does not have the best reputation regarding timeshares, which is not surprising being that they have an F rating on the BBB. Most complaints are about the deceitful business practices and insulting behavior on the part of Wyndham timeshare salespeople. According to the BBB, they have a total of 1475 complaints:

    1040 about the sales practices
    128 about collection issues
    3 about delivery issues
    304 about problems with the product/service

  • allan

    Felicia, you are one of the lucky few that cancelled in time. I was also lucky enough to cancel the next day whilst on holidays in Hawaii. You are right when you point out that you should NEVER, EVER sign such a document when away on holidays.
    Your guard is down and the environment is so relaxed that you are not thinking straight. Anyway alls well that ends well.



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