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Business Name: Wyndham Worldwide
Category: Timeshares
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Corporate Address: 8427 Southpark Cir #500
Orlando, Florida 32819 USA

Phone Number: 407-370-5200
Company Contact: Stephen P Holmes - CEO Chairman
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Vacation Ownership Beware

Club Wyndham Vacation Ownership BEWARE. We just bought in March, 2014 at Cypress Palms in Orlando, FL area.  In trying to follow the contract and transfer points from RCI to Wyndham, we have learned that we were defrauded. Our contract says we can trade our 74,000 RCI points for 154,00 points in Wyndham system in addition to trading another RCI week we own for 154,000 Wyndham.

Our contract says we will have 518,000 points when we transfer these over (plus 105,000 points for the week we bought at Cypress Palms plus 105,000 bonus points. In addition, we were told that the points would carry the same weight. They do not. A week in RCI costs 42,500 plus the $159 booking fee. The same week costs 77000 points if booked through Wyndham plus $219 booking fee when we were told there was no booking fee. It is all lies that they tell when they are selling. I also learned that the manager who closed our contract put notes in the file that we did not receive a copy of (basically CYA on her part but leaving us out in the cold).

This is wrong on so many levels.

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3 thoughts on “Club Wyndham Vacation

  1. Their sales people are very nice and promise to help when you need them. Then as soon as the three-day period is up to return
    the product, you never hear from them again and you're never able to reach them. You're promised updates within a certain time
    period on reservations but have to play tricks to get them; you're promised housekeeping services that they don't entertain when asked, and numerous other services that are only scams to get you to purchase.


  2. Wyndham resorts are absolutely beautiful and modern; however, the company does not have the best reputation regarding timeshares, which is not surprising being that they have an F rating on the BBB. Most complaints are about the deceitful business practices and insulting behavior on the part of Wyndham timeshare salespeople. According to the BBB, they have a total of 1475 complaints:

    1040 about the sales practices
    128 about collection issues
    3 about delivery issues
    304 about problems with the product/service

  3. Felicia, you are one of the lucky few that cancelled in time. I was also lucky enough to cancel the next day whilst on holidays in Hawaii. You are right when you point out that you should NEVER, EVER sign such a document when away on holidays.
    Your guard is down and the environment is so relaxed that you are not thinking straight. Anyway alls well that ends well.