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Business Name: Universal Timeshare
Category: Timeshares
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Corporate Address: 14525 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA

Phone Number: 888-497-5982
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I contacted Universal Timeshare SA, thinking that they will finally will sell my timeshare. after they charge my account for $1780.00 plus a fee for International Transaction that they did not told me. no phone calls have been received for about a year, then they contact me at my house saying that they had a person interested in our property and these people were from Canada. they asked if we agreed, we say yes.

a few months later they someone call me again asking me for more money or if I was able to help the possible buyers with a down payment, obviously I said NO. after we did not receive any other information or called.

After almost 3 years battling with these people, they tell me that they were waiting for last payment of the down payment on March, April past, May past, June past.

finally on July I called I said to them that I want my money back, they were just lying to me  that they did not have nobody, they said yes that I will be receiving a call and the documents with the final sale. after that they disconnected all the phone numbers that can be reach not even the numbers that they have in the internet works.

I did complain to the BBB with no answers. these people never call me back and they still my money and there is not way that they can be reach. To prevent everyone from these liars don’t ever do business whit them and also, they are now announcing their Business with LinkedIn. I dont understand how they are doing it. when they keep stealing money from everybody. Also, they are Dominicans.

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6 thoughts on “Universal TimeShare SA

  1. 7-5-13. I just got a call from a hispanic guy, Universal Timeshares, saying he already has money in hand, $16,000, because someone wants to buy my timeshare, which really is for sale. He wanted me to Western Union $900 to the Dominican Republic. I am hurt that he thinks that I am that focking stoopid.

  2. My mother-in-law got a cold call from these folks the other day. SHe listenend to the guy, and said he could find a buyer. Within two sdays, he claimed he had a buyer and all he would need was her credit card number in order to charges his commission. Luckily she said wait a minute. He has persistently called, indicating that he would send her to collections even though there was no contract.
    He is continuing to try to bully her. We will report to the BBB.

  3. They seemed legit and I gave them a credit card number for $1800. Within a minute I realized I did a dumb thing and called my credit card company. They said it was to an offshore account. Since the transaction was still pending and not yet posted, Chase cancelled my card immediately and issued me a new account number. My new account lists recent legitimate transactions but not Universal Timeshare SA. Whew!

  4. I just received a call from them and I told them not to call. The sales person called back immediately and started yelling at me. I called back and asked for the name of his supervisor and he said Daniel McCullem. I'm sure it is a fake name.

    The sales associate kept yelling – you don't even know why I'm calling! When I told him to tell me, he wouldn't – he just kept yelling the same thing.

  5. I paid $1800. to Universal Timeshare to sell my timeshare. They called me and the agent said a family stayed in the unit and really loved it and made an offer of $45,000. Agent said the check will arrive no later than June 8, 2012. I emailed the company and make phone calls but no contact. This is a company that scams people. I want my money back or the sale of my property.