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Last Updated On: January 3, 2015

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Reported Losses: $199.00
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Terrible Customer Service

I have a Capital one credit card, I called the number on teh back of my card thinking I was calling my credit card company but instead I was connected to Resorts Stay International. They ask you to participate in a survey for a free Vegas trip. I found out later that this number 1-804-934-2001 is an international number and in order to get connected to Capital one I needed to state “I’m a Capital One member” and they were suppose to transfer me to Capital One customer service. You cannot get to Capital One’s customer service without saying that.

Thinking they were affiliated with C.O. I did the survey with someone named “Gordon” who was very bad at Customer service, he didn’t speak professionally and he kept getting my name wrong and I had to repeat myself numerous times. After telling me that I have won a Free trip to Vegas that included two show tickets and hotel stay he asked for my information so that they can send me all the information to my e-mail address.

After I give them my credit card info and personal information that I thought was being used to send me my package, I was told there is a fee of $199.00. At that point I explain I cannot make that kind of purchase without speaking to my husband first and that I don’t wish to have that amount taken from my credit card. I was assured by “Gordon” that he would transfer me to a Customer service rep and that I can tell them not to take the money from my card. I was on hold for 5 minutes and then transferred to another unprofessional Customer service rep who started verifying all my information. I believe she asked me if it was ok to take the money from my card and I explain again that I don’t them to take any money from me until I can talk to my husband. She then sounded annoyed and said “this is why we are verifying your info maam so we can send the infor to your e-mail and to get the payment. I again explain to her what I said above and she in an exasperated tone said “well call back in half and hour” I said “no give my husband an hour” and she said “ok we’ll call back in an hour.” This was around 6pm maybe.

I did get a call from a Nevada number to my cell of 702 900-0845 but bc it wasn’t the 1800 number I called I did not answer it that day. I must also say that after I hung up with the CS rep I called back immediatly and the phone rang and was disconnected. This happened 3 times but when I called from my home number I was connected to the same dumb survey. I finally looked up Capital One website and got the correct CS number and explained what happened. I came to work the next day and tried to call the number with the 702 area code but it was not accepting inbound calls.

I called “Gordon” back at the number he gave me previously and at that time he assured me I can cancel at anytime and the money would be credited back in full to my acct. The number I called him back at was 1 888 596 4334. I told the same ignorant CS rep that I wanted to cancel, she took my information and said her supervisor would call me back. Why? I never asked I just said “ok”.

I didn’t feel right about the call so I called my credit card company and reported it as fraud and explaining what I had done thinking they were affiliated with C.O. It was reported to their fraud unit and they are monitoring my acct to make sure they do not take out the money. I called RSI back and asked for the name of the company and the same ignorant CS rep answered, gave me the name and when I said thank you she responded “Mmmm Hmmm” WTF? This company has TERRIBLE CS skills and they act as if it is a scam. I don’t know if it is or isn’t but I don’t like how they handled me at all.

As I’m writing this the supervisor still has not called me back. My card is canceled so I should be fine.


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