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Resort Stay International - Terrible Disclosures

My husband and I attended a timeshare presentation given by RCI Global Adventure. After a 2-hour sales presentation and video we received a promotional offer for Las Vegas which included 2 nights accommodations and 2 show tickets. When I made the reservations I was required to make a $99.00 refundable deposit. My husband and I made the trip on March 26, 2013, and at the time of check-in to the Tuscany resort we were told by the desk resort reservations clerk that there was no envelope awaiting our arrival and that we had to call an 877 number.

We didn’t know at the time, but the “envelope” contained our refund of $99.00 and 2 show tickets. Upon calling, the operator at the 877 number was not helpful and was unaccommodating, in essence saying she forgot and when I asked if we could still get the envelope that day she said the delivery guy was about to get off work and I would have to arrange it with him the next day. Well, this didn’t sit well with my husband and I because it meant using our vacation time the next day (which was our only real full day at the resort) to wait for a “delivery” guy.

We eventually connected with the delivery guy whom I met at the resort entrance at 3:50 p.m.. I had to sign in order to get the envelope, and upon opening, it contained 2 cards from a local bank each worth $50.00 and 2 show tickets. The delivery guy explained that the cards could be used the same as credit anywhere. When I got back to the room to show my husband, we noticed that the ‘debit’ cards (which we were told to use as credit) had fees attached upon usage. And the 2 show tickets were for a show that started at 4:00 p.m. the same day. They were in essence not FREE because there was a $5.00 fee to exchange these vouchers at the box office and more money to upgrade.

We ended up paying for our own show tickets for a different show that night, since the so-called FREE ones were delivered at the same time the show was starting across town from our hotel and were useless.


The physical accommodations in this resort were very nice. However, the soccer game taking place in the hallway right outside our door, completely robbed us of any possiblility to getting some rest. Then housekeeping was banging on our door early the morning of our check-out. (Doesn’t housekeeping have a list of visitors leaving the same day so that they don’t disturb them?)

I am filing a complaint because of the lack of good customer service and lack of full disclosure from this company to the consumer that your refundable deposit would be in the form of rewards cards- debit cards which in order to use them have charges attached. To give an example: after opening the small packet that contains the card, it says purchaser pays a purchase fee upon card issuance, $3.95 monthly administrative fee beginning with the thirteenth month from the month of card issuance, and a $15.00 replacement fee.


I tried using one of the cards to pay for my car rental and could not use the full amount. It’s difficult to tell what the fee is and I’m assuming it’s the $3.95, because the woman at the car rental desk swiped the card for $50 and said it was declined, then she said the card couldn’t be swiped for 24 hours. So I reduced the amount to $40 to be used on the other rewards card, then also had to use my credit card for the difference.

I would like my FULL 99.00 refunded, not an amount with fees attached that were never disclosed in writing by the company or by the rude reservationist over the phone.

The company RSI, Reservations Department is located at 2550 E. Desert Inn Road, #141, Las Vegas, NV 89121

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