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Last Updated On: May 23, 2015

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Business Name: American Vacations Group Inc
Corporate Address:
2030 Powers Ferry Rd
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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Corp Phone Number: 888-504-8415
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Blake RichardsCorp Website:

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Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $16,692.00
Average Reported Losses: $3,338.40

Latest American Vacations Group Complaint

Is American Vacations Group a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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American Vacations Group Scamed my out of $3,392

In May of 2012 I was contacted by a Laura Jones. She said she could sell my additional weeks that I had for $1500. Laura Jones said I had 12 weeks which would come out to $18000.00. All she said I had to do was send them $149.00 for each week I wanted to sell. I gave them $1788.00.

I get another phone call 1 month later saying that all the weeks were sold and I was getting $18000.00. Laura Jones said I had to send down 10% to finish the transaction. I ended up waiting 5 days to here back from American Vacations Group so I could send the money down.

I ended up getting contacted by Sarah Roberts because Laura Jones was away on vacation. Sarah Roberts told me they were giving me a break because I had waited for the information to send down the money.

Sarah Roberts said all they need was $1604.00 So I sent them down $1604.00. I tried calling Laura Jones and Sarah Roberts on 8/20/2012.

I get both numbers are disconnected.

Consumer Comments For American Vacations Group

  • I love their vacation packages for 2013. Lots of places to go to in the North and South America destinations. I would love to go to Puerto Rico this summer. No complaints here… for now.

  • Paul David Walker

    Corporate Travel Concepts

    On August 4, 2011 this corporation took my wife & I for $3000.00 guaranteed us a sale of 15 weeks on our time share. The people we talk to on the phone were: Peter Jones & Dave Thomas, and Jason Murphy. We had a return call From Cameron on Feb. 2, 2012 still no results for our $ 3000.00.

    On 5 / 18 / 2012 American Vacation Groups Inc. Took My Wife & I for $3,240 more dollars. This vacation group said they had sold for us 12 weeks, and need this money to be able have a return investment. These people including Kathleen Morrison we have never received one dime for this money.

    The people involved should be prosecuted to the fully extinct of the " Law "

  • Gary Montclair

    Everything seemed in order and now ther is nothing. I was taken in as probably are many others. I just tried to go the website and it is gone. I am taking steps to find out where these thieves are and hope any positive action will benefit others. Jail time is too good for those involved.

    • Marc

      I agree. I hope these crooks are prosecuted. It seem that timeshare sales fraud is low on the priority list for most law enforcement agencies. They just disconnect their contact numbers when too many complaints come in.

    • Desert Pilgrim

      : : : Fraud Investigation – Request for Assistance : : :



      OfficerMichael Stevens

      OrlandoPolice Department

      We are working on timeshare fraud investigations of the followingcompanies:

      American VacationGroup

      GWF LLC

      First Decision LLC.

      Their method of operation is to have the the victim withdrawtheir money and place it into a Bank of America account or direct wireinto the account. The account is First Decision LLC.

      I am requesting that anyonewho has, or thinks they may have, dealt with the aboveorganization to call or e-mail me as soon as possible: michael.stevens@cityoforlando.netor (407)246-2971.


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