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Business Name: Winmark Corporation
Category: Thrift Consignment
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Corporate Address: 605 U.S. 169
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441 USA

Phone Number: 763-520-8490
Email: ouac-corporate-operations@ouac.com
Company Contact: John Morgan - Chairman & CEO
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Once Upon A Child - Rip Off

To Whom It May Concern:

I was absolutely appalled at how little I received after selling my wonderful merchandise to this store. They did not tell me up front how much they were going to give me for each item mostly books, toys, and electronic games, and one pair of sandals and a very expensive POLO boots worn once. They said well it’s used. A few of my items were brand new!!! I did not receive a print out for each item sold which I expected and I cannot even tell you how many items I brought in.

They did not even give me a chance to NOT sell based on “their price.” NOW…I want ALL my merchandise back for not being informed of my rights as a consumer or be paid a fair price. There were five or six women working on reviewing all my products. And I KNOW I should have gotten more money for the items I sold or at least been informed and given the opportunity to turn them down. Nothing was done they were cold and unhelpful in guiding me. I was SHOCKED! This is completely unacceptable and you need to do something to make this a positive experience for me. I feel like such a fool, they took advantage of me. There is NOTHING on the website that tells anyone how much is given for merchandise. I would rather give my daughter’s books, toys and games away to all my friends children.

The woman who appeared to be in charge just said, you haven’t been here before? I guess you don’t know how it works. Well NO ONE explained it to me and no one offered to help! Please help me!!!!
Thank you.

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  1. Once Upon A Child is a franchise. What happened to you is not the way it is suppose to work. They should have shown you what they wanted to buy and how much they can pay you for it; you never get individual pricing. That store is not doing it right and if the owner doesn't take care of you then you need to contact the company, Winmark. I don't understand why you would whine about it on the internet, Anonymous. If you wanted "you" to make this a "positive experience" for you then you should have contacted them.