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19 kids and Counting and amunduggagr

I think the cancellation of 19 kids and counting is not fair. It is a shoe that many of us like so the ones that don’t believe or Like their views have just won.

Josh has faced what he has done and I think the person who released the info just didn’t like the beliefs of the family.

You have many other shows with a lot more problems Then this show. I believe that we all have freedom to decide to watch it or not. So why does it have to come
Off at all?

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  • TLC is now doing a documentary to raise awareness of child abuse. TLC…really? After having so many issues with it in their programming, they NOW want to redeem themselves? Rubbish! To add insult to injury, articles have stated the Duggars will be involved in some capacity…you know, the sisters who dismissed the molestation as being, “a little bit too curious.” To include ANY Duggar in the issue of child abuse indicates another moral failure on TLC’s part, and shows that TLC is unwilling to let a ratings money maker (19 Kids) go. TLC continues to make horrible moral decisions to increase their viewership. Boycott it.

  • TLC has been going down the toilet for quite some time, at least they got rid of 19 kids and counting. All they have to do now is get rid of the rest of their lineup, minus two or three shows. I remember when the learning channel had educational programs of value not this mindless drivel for the brain dead.

  • I Am Jazz is a show about a young girl who thinks she is trans gender, not appropriate for TV, Funny the timing on this, just as Bruce Jenner turned trans gender, we do not need to see or here about these creeps, they can do what they want in there lives, but keep it to them selves, do not expose us to this garbage, Some of the programs TLC, shows are not any different than the freak shows that use to be at carnivals. My mother was one of 20 children, my mom was one of the youngest, and she is one of 3 still living. They grew up on a farm, and no other support. They were not considered freeks, like the Duggars were.I am very happy it was taken off the air. TLC is very cruel putting some of there shows on TV, Trans genders, giants, small people, etc.

  • I am getting SO angered about the people that are begging TLC to Keep 19 Kids And Counting on the air! The REAL issue is the victims/survivors! I have a Masters in Social Work, and have worked with children that have been molested. Yes I said MOLESTED because THAT is what Josh did to them! If you do the math, he was 18 when he told his parents about what he did! The young ladies were around 14 to 15. Let’s be real and call it what it is. This is NOT a boy that was being “curious”! This is a MAN who MOLESTED at least 5 girls. I don’t care that the family members “forgive” him! The MOLESTATION will stay in their memories forever! I am disappointed in Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger. I am disappointed in the pastor that was involved. I am disappointed in the law enforcement officer that was involved. And, I am disappointed in the farmer that took Josh in for three months. If this was ANY other family, there would have been a trial, Josh would have served jail time, AND,Josh would have to report in as a sex offender for the rest of his life (which is what he is). They can sugar coat the word MOLESTATION with the word “curious”, but THAT IS NOT WHAT IT WAS! I am EXTREMELY concerned about Josh’s children. I believe that either DCYS should remove the children from the home, or, make Josh move out. And, he can only have visitation rights with them at DCYS with a qualified supervisor watching the entire visit. I FIRMLY believe that Josh needs to go through a Risk Assessment Study with a WELL qualified doctor to see if his or any other children are at risk being alone with him. Furthermore he NEEDS INTENSIVE treatment to address him as a pedophile and a sex offender. This treatment would have to be life long. as well as random check ins. It is just like being an alcoholic. You would never leave a recovering alcoholic in a room with 4 bottles of his favorite liquor would you? Thus, Josh should NEVER be left alone in a room with 4 young ladies. I am ANGRY with TLC for not finding this out before the show ever aired! And, I am ANGRY with Jim Bob and Michelle for not telling TLC about this BEFORE they decided to allow a family television network into their home and allow the world to watch the family grow from what it was when it began airing to what it is now that they have stopped airing the show! I should NOT have to sit down with my children and explain why this show is not being aired anymore! How about some straight up honesty here. HAVE an episode, (late night in case some parents may not want their children to here this) with Josh, Jim Bob and Michelle, the Pastor that did not report this to the authorities, the farmer that took Josh in for 3 months, and the law enforcement official that Jim Bob and Michelle took Josh to. And, have them tell all of the viewers about what Josh did, and how they COVERED IT UP! Aren’t the Pastor and the law enforcement official MAMNDATED REPORTERS??? This entire situation was sugar coated and hidden. If some of you out there think I may be overreacting, I would encourage you to do some research about child molesters. You will discover that the number of children that they report or are caught molesting is really higher than what they reported. And, research how many child molesters report the actual number of children they molest over their lifetime. The numbers are STAGGERING and SHOCKIING!!!
    BUT, the person that I am really upset about is myself. Over the years I used to say to my eldest child, a son, “You should act more like Josh.” And, to my girls, I used to say, “you should act more proper and refined and quiet like the elder Dugger young ladies. I have learned a GREAT lesson through this. People aren’t allways what you see. Especially on television. I will never compare my children to other children again. This taught me a valuable lesson.
    I DO hope the right authorities, and the family see this letter and act upon it. May God bless and keep the young victims/survivors. And, may God’s wrath deal with Josh’s soul!!!

    • I would bet he molested his sisters more than 5 times.

  • there is NO true reality in MOLESTATION even from a family member, this is a Silent killer amongst the one’s we are taught to love, and have respect,how can this be, no child asks to be touched in any way. if you continue to allow programming what message are sending to our children, who we are trying to protect from the evilness, molestation brings hurt, shame, mixed feelings, emotions, and above all anger, we are victims silently, TLC, i must say you will get this wrong if you continue filming this family, what happened to the christian beliefs, what does the Bible say; you can not, must not should not do this for you will truly receive backlash from this horrible CRIME, this is what i wonder, the duggars knew of this Crime, and said nothing;, did TLC know? and said…………….

  • Regarding 19 kids and counting, I’m hoping that the network doesn’t bend to the culture of hate and deviance. Judging by the messages, there has been an agenda to attack this family for years. What they have experienced as a family is a tragedy but my goodness, they are not alone. I am not condoning the behavior but they have forgiven each other and moved on. It’s time for the haters to move on as well. Please keep this program. Jessa and Jill have shown themselves to be outstanding role models for young women and not victims. Lena Dunham gets a pass? Josh gets crucified, who are the hypocrites. Its time to stand up for christian families who deal with the good, the bad and the ugly everyday. Thanks be to God for His grace and forgiveness.

  • TLC, I cannot understand why you would stop airing the 19 Kids And Counting Program. Yes, it is admittedly true that Josh Duggar made wrong choices and hurt others in doing so. It saddens me that this has taken place in this family and also for the victims of this incident. I don’t think the Duggar Family tried to “hide” anything. How many people go around telling everyone about their past failures, criminal records etc.? At least what took place is in the past and the Duggars tried to take the correct path of correction for both their son and sought help for the victims as well. Many people are attacking this family for past failures but seem to have nothing to say about the present failures in other programs that are aired on your channel. Please, take a look at the rest of your programming and then tell me that the Duggar Show (whose errors are in the past and was brought to public attention unlawfully) is worse than: Return To Amish (disgusting and filthy with horrid language), Gypsy Sisters, Buying Naked, Sex Sent Me To The ER, Sister Wives (suppose to be Christians too). And in the past a show as nasty and disgusting as Honey Boo Boo? Just to name a few. I only watched a few episodes of Honey Boo Boo, Return To Amish/Breaking Amish and Sister Wives (I found all three boring and sickening). I have not watched the other programs but just the commercials for them are enough to let me know that they are disgusting as well. If this is all that TLC has to offer then I may see what my satellite carrier can do to replace this channel in my package because there is surely very few programs on your channel that are decent to watch. Without the Duggar’s there is no need to keep this programming.

  • Thank you, thank you thank you for finally cancelling 19 Kids and Counting. I’ve been trying to get this show off te air for yrs!! Not only, it appears, is it a very bad moral example, but it also encourages large families, wich our planet cannot support any longer. Finally, someone has seen the light! And please, please, please don’t replace them with another big family show. Or I’ll be forced to send you a comment abt that show too!

  • I have asked my carrier to delete not only TLC, but ALL of the Discovery channels, since they are doing nothing to stop this. I have also contacted every single advertiser from every channel that I could find and have told them that I am boycotting their products until the remove their ads from the Duggar show and any future version of it. Luckily, a truly great and courageous compnay, General Mills, immediately pulled their ads-forever-from any version of this show. I expressed my appreciation to them and intend to mainly buy their products from now on. Shame on other Corporate America companies that are “waiting to see.”

    • Good for you! Come join the club! Discovery channels went from airing really great shows back in the day to airing complete garbage! TLC or the self proclaimed “The Learning Channel” is now the Loser Channel. The retardation of the country will continue until channels like TLC are completely taken off the air! Sickening to say the least!

  • Brain numbing mind crack for the simple minded. Retardation inducing shock appeal in exchange for $ratings$. It’s a sad change and a permanent tarnish for a formerly intelligent content producer.

  • We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

    Elie Wiesel

    TLC, stop supporting the abuser, and stand up for the victims. Take 19 kids off the air and KEEP it off the air. No one should get rich off a show that endangers children!

  • Please cancel the Duggars permanently! Josh molested his sisters and the parents did not report this for a whole year! They are not worthy of a family show!

  • Please cancel th

  • With tlc pulling 19 kids and counting, This is ridiculous. This is one of the best and honest shows in your lineup. All Christians are not perfect, just forgiven. Remember; let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

  • Keep The Duggars… it is a very good program. People who needed to know about Josh knew ! That stuff happened when he was 14 for pete’s sake. They are human it seems. Nineteen kids and this is all that has happened ? They are fortunate. Only the holier than thou will complain. I am sure he has been forgiven by GOD for his sins ..let he who is without sin cast the stones. Brink Back The Duggars. They seem to be a good Christian Family. You do have trashy programs on ….but this is not one of them !

    • It continued as least until he was caught a 3rd time when he was 17. You are just wrong. Wait until his daughter is a couple of years older. Just his age.

    • You are delusional Mrs. Brooker, all religious institutions are a sick scam. Please enlighten yourself to the fact that while brain washed groups like the Duggars and the Holy Sea and the Vatican etc. preach one thing they are out molesting children and destroying lives. You are a perfect example of how dumbed down this country has become based off the fact you want this show to continue airing. Wait until one of these predators touches one of your children or grandchildren then come talk to us about how it’s no big deal. A enabler of this type of behavior is what you are and people like you make me sick!

  • TLC……
    Thank-you thank-you thank-you for taking the 19 kids and counting show off the air !
    Common sense and reason have come back to TV programming …THANK – YOU ! !

    • Please be aware that is still carrying all episodes online. There is a much greater likelihood that children will be able to watch their than on TV.

  • The Learning Channel… Duggars.
    What are we learning today BUT that the Duggars allowed their boy to diddle four of his sisters.
    Keeping it in the family?
    Some “family values” TLC.


    The damage has been done to, what we know of, FIVE GIRLS.
    Poor Josh… yep. And screw the little girls he molested???
    Is THIS the message TLC supports?

  • TLC programming is a total waste of time. The Duggars are part of the quiver-full movement which encourages women to have as many kids in as short a time as possible. Now there will be the Submissive Wives Guide to Marriage. Why does TLC feel they need to demean women? I wish cable networks would let people pay for individual channels. That way my TV dollars would not be used to support this type of trash.

  • I was broken hearted when I heard the Duggars might be dropped and they disappeared for awhile. I see now they are back. Thank You so much. We know tons of folks who eagerly watch this show, Say yes to the Dress, I found the Gown, The little people etc. I was elated to see you canned Honey Boo Boo which is a totally disgusting show and has no human value. The others are Sister Wives. It’s stupid and boring and also has NO VALUE. The latest is Whitney my big fat fabulous life. REALLY?? She is so freaking phony and actually triggers the urge to throw up. The voice alone is enough to make you cringe! Everyone I ask hates the show and won’t watch it. TLC…. you need to really re-evaluate your programming and stop giving garbage shows to watch.

  • this new show about husbands not being gay… is just another offensive sex traffic bs……you peddle the little women, nauseate with sickening bride dress shows, and now this. this is just a pick up show for guys to titillate who knows what, and use the women. this is worse than horrible. I am still appalled that you thought about removing the Duggars. and who give a flying fig about people not functioning and end up in a hospital? you are going the way of worse than trash, and back to this husband not gay………Gay is more than who you can do, it is more than sex equipment, and you are demoralizing an entire group of people by making it about sex, and alienating a bunch of women making them believe this is ok, when it is not….these are just a bunch of typical screw around guys who are interesting in cheating….and trying to justify it. I feel so sorry for these women.

  • We are officially done with TLC in our home as of today. We used to enjoy this network, but it has become so crude and rude: Sex Sent me to the ER. REALLY? What kind of programming are you running? This is for the brain dead, sadly. We used to enjoy the Cake Boss, and Dress for Success. But, TLC- is not allowed on- in our home due to the graphic nature of most of your silly shows that bring nothing to improve our minds- well, nothing but crude, rude and unbelievable stupid programs.

    • thank you for posting this….I just came on here in response to the disgusting new show about husbands not being gay….which is just another pick up trash

  • My family including my 11 year old daughter love many TLC shows. We love to follow the lives of courageous and admirable folks like the Duggars and the little couple and thecaske boss family and Tanked. But we are uncomfortable and annoyed when we have to see the adds for shows a out polygamy and other crude and illegal behavior. Worse they are not simple adds. The adds themselves contain content that is not something I
    want my daughter to see and hear.TLC seems pretty conflicted about what kind of channel it wants to be; sensationalist and sleazy vs. Uplifting and educational. Couldn’t adds for nasty stuff be shown later at night?

  • The background music is SOOOO LOUD on the shows that I can barely make out what’s being said!!!! Frustrating!

  • This channel is outrageously low class!! What’s the new crap? Sex sent me to the ER?? Looks like a lower budget soap opera with bad actors…isn’t there enough sexual content on all the other channels?? And sister wives? Who wants to see a wannabe Don Won talk about his "love" about these crazy women. My 10 year old always asks why things on tv are always about "romance" and acting out of control…not much tv is watched in our home needless to day

  • Dear Sirs,

    TLC is such a beloved and respected channel. If you are going to air a show such as the 90 Day Fiance and you are going to bring some one from Colombia please do your research properly, not all Colombians are the same, nor do we all come from the same places in the country. It is not like in America. And that is the mistake with all due respect that you, we Americans make when we go to Colombia or any other country for that matter, we think it’s like in America, well it’s NOT. There’s a thing called stratification and it is very well marked in our countries, stratification 4, is so, so and number 5 and 6 being high class, because in Colombia there is no middle class, the cities are divided from north to south, one side being better depending on the city.

    Thus, as our family awaits Russ’ reunion with his young lady and the fact that she is Colombian, we are eager to see who would be representing our country only to realize that TLC has but allowed this young woman to be the Colombian epitome to the American nation. I speak for on behalf of my family, and probably most Colombians, and most Colombian Americans like myself this is not the epitome of a Colombian woman. And just take a moment and compare her to the rest of the normal girls on the show.

    And for what it’s worth consider the fact, that Medellin has become big on Narc-tourism and so has Cartagena.

  • I love the TLC Channel, but I must say that Sister Wives and Honey BooBoo are the WORST of the worst! What crap on TV! The lowest of the low! I tried to give HBB a chance and watch it and almost threw up! I cannot believe you have those shows on your channel. lets get back to some really good shows, and get rid of the crap! These 2 have to go!

    • Wow, perfectly said! Both of those shows have NO MORAL VALUE at all. What a waste of film.

  • Please cancel the following programs: "Honey Boo Boo", "Sister Wives" and all the other stupid shows. Let’s get back to
    "learning" which obviously has been absent from your programming.

  • Cake Boss. He makes some nice cakes, but he relies too much on cereal and wood forms, and just isn’t of the caliber of your other bakers. Fondant over wood …..shudder! Worse, his personality is unappealing, and the antics idiotic. You have some very good baker shows. They are able to focus on design and workmanship. This is not one.

  • So "Sister Wives" are back on. Thought we were rid of them. Why aren’t they arrested for breaking American laws against polygamy? MANY polygamous couples have multiple women and children living on welfare, and the women work. They might as well be single and just sleep with a guy. Which is what they’re doing. A guy’s dream…sleep with several women, and women who allow it, calling themselves married. Lucky for them, they have TLC money to support them. I don’t know how the guy makes a living, as I shun the stupid show, but in many multiple "marriages", welfare and the women working support them. Some women are that desperate for a man. I am not that desperate for a show to watch!

  • Our family is mortified to imagine that this Honey Boo Boo show is even allowed on TLC. The show glorifies being over weight, and eating habits, it features slang, swear words and inappropriate, rude behaviors,poor grammar, this channel will not be allowed in our home or the home of our grandchildren. WE are so disappointed that a show like this, is even on television, embarrassing Americans!!

    • We shot an inspiring episode of "Extreme Cheapskates" with Bennett to show viewers how to live in luxury for less. Because of the funny n high brow conent, it may not air. Please TLC to air a funny quality show. Fax (240) 662-1868 1 Discovery Place Silver Springs MD 20910
      Attn John Hendricks


  • We tried to watch one of our favorite shows tonight…. "Little Couple".

    But we couldn’t enjoy the t.v. show, because of the "count down timer", perched in the upper right hand corner, covering a good portion of the t.v. screen through the entire show! It was counting down the hours (over 22 of them by the way)…for that horrid t.v. show Honey Boo Boo.

    It’s bad enough that we pay as much as we do to watch television, and aside from the fact that you even have a t.v. show about a family like that…well, that is just a plain embarrassment in and of itself.

    BUT then you have to go and ruin it for others who are trying to watch a true family values show…with that huge countdown clock…blocking parts in the show we were watching. Not to mention…you already have a large advertisement at the bottom right corner…blocking the view… last but not least…..what you had stuck up in the upper left corner. It’s all a bit much don’t you think!?????
    Tonight’s countdown clock, was the worst. It’s a total distraction!!!
    And all for who???? Honey Boo Boo???!!!
    How many more advertisements are you going to try and get away with like that? What’s next? Half the screen? The middle of the screen???
    Honestly it wouldn’t matter who the advertisements were about. They are becoming a pain in the a**. Get a grip and tone it down…would you pleeease?!

  • What the "F" is wrong with this network and the people who watch it? This stupid white trash "Honey Boo Boo" show is on tonight for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS!- I will NEVER watch this network again.

  • Just saw that this is the last season that the show What Not To Wear will be aired. I had just about quit watching TlC so I guess this is just the last. I simply will not watch the trash that you show. It is degrading to us, the people you expect to watch it. Some of the other channels have some terrible ones too but you are filling up your line up, leaving very little choice. And to those who say turn it off , what do we pay for? I truly hope your ratings will go down enough it will cause you to rethink your programming . I feel like I have lost a friend.

  • Whoever decides what programs are aired on TLC really is missing the boat. Honey Boo Boo has to be the worse show on TV currently airing. Quality TV is going down real quick. I for now will not watch TLC until they dumpt the reality shows. Reality my ****, it’s just real poor acting.

  • i agree with most of the comments above, honey booboo make me sick to even hear the name.i will watch something else and i pay good money for tlc you can’t learn anything from shows like this i won’t let my watch thes disgusting shows making those kid dress up like hookers my kids have more manners tham all of them put together.the tlc channel was a good station to watch not now they shouw everything over and over i din’t want to watch the same thing over and over.honey booboo is fat spoiled brat no manners none of them know what manners are tlc should be ashame of what they are showing or they just care

  • I used to watch your station and like the wedding shows but lately it has been terrible! who cares about the worst tattoo or obsessions etc!! There are more terrible shows vs good and they go on for hours!!What happened to Cake Boss and better shows like that!! I don’t watch TLC anymore !!

  • Yes I can turn off the programming but what about young minds who think that this is the way people do and should act –is disgusting and people are making good money off of peoples immaturity, ignorance and/or stupidity. Little minds and no talent are making these type shows.
    People of the learning channel — grow up and find real talent and people with actually working brains.

  • Honey boo boo is the worst show ever. Here we are glorifying trashy, nasty, disgusting people. Really? This was the first time ive ever watched it and i will never watch it again. I cant believe TLC is putting trash like this family and show on. Really paints a positive light for others to follow and makes us as a society look like a bunch of retards to other countries…take this crap off TV.

  • Yes I can turn off the programming but what about young minds who think that this is the way people do and should act –is disgusting and people are making good money off of peoples immaturity, ignorance and/or stupidity. These shows also represents the lack of talent but maybe because our society is dumbing down. yeah your the learning channel–grow up and be responsible if you can which I doubt

  • The Learning Channel? Not any longer.

  • Honey booboo is a waste of tv time stupid show & will not watch it until this show is gone

  • loretta, calling people "rednecks" is also racist, just don’t watch this show.

    • When I learned that tlc is cx. 19 Kids, I determined to never watch the channel again. The liberal media and the devil has gotten a victory, because unfortunately that was the only moral, uplifting show on the channel. But fortunately God who created all of us will win, and every knee will bow down to Jesus on Judgement day. All of us as Christians just need to keep that in mind.

  • I actually love honey boo boo she shows she can be herself and she’s just Down right funny people can have different opinions you don’t like it don watch it but I love it

  • why did you take "here comes honey booboo" off the air?!?! that was my favorite show, and there was nothing wrong with it, so put it back on please.

  • I happen to watch your show All Americam Muslim.

    I feel sorry for the white guy who wished to become a muslim.He will never belong to them and they will never belong to him. Muslim should be belong to themsalves ONLY.

  • Um, here’s a concept – just don’t watch the programming. You guys are so upset at them so the best thing to do is

    1) Take Anger Management classes

    2) Stop watching their programming

    I don’t care for their shows either, but this is America – they have the right to show whatever they want, no matter how dumb you might think it is. If they think it makes money, they’ll keep showing it. So just don’t watch it.

    The comments a lot of these people left prove that TLC does know its audience – try SpellCheck!

    Also, I believe Swamp People is shown on A&E, so maybe check your facts before you barrel into an argument.

    This site is for complaints about companies – not for a bunch of halfwits to argue about programming.

  • "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is the dumbest F’n show ever. Worse than l

    "Love and hip hop"! Which is pretty hard to top. Do the world a favor and have the producer of that show and it backers commit Japanese ritual suicide please.

    You’ll be doing humanity a favor by eliminating anybody who thinks that show is funny from the genepool.

  • Honey boo boo? Really ?!!!!!!!!Are you kidding me? How can u call yourself the learning channel and have these inbred rednecks on your channel. This has to be the most insulting show on the air. It’s this white trash that are sucking the debt program dry and obviously your coffers too. Another dumbing down of America thanks to tour so called learning channel. You people drank the Obama koolade too. Wake up .

  • TLC has cashed out to join the ranks of FOX, E! and BRAVO with all of this reality garbage. Why are you playing follow-the-crowd? You are called "THE LEARNING CHANNEL"–teach us something useful.

  • I am offended by the TLC show of "Here comes Honey Boo Boo". This discussing show is offensive to all little girls who work hard to perform and win money for college. this family portrayed is a poor exmaple for the American family . They are a poor example and I believe even harmful to their own childrn. I am sure are there other subjects that can be put on TLC . Please Remove this show as soon as possible.

    • Don’t forget mommy promotes "farts" and on tv?

  • I am offended by the upcoming TLC show "Abby and Brittany." I personally can’t stand watching the previews and I watch TLC a lot. But shows like this to exploit a sad medical phenomenon is disgusting and offensive. Please take this show off the air.

  • I have not seen cable tv for a couple years. I have cable now and two of my favorite channels, TLC and the History Channel have changed their format to what I can simply describe as utter tripe! Reasonably intelligent programs have been swapped out for some of the most egregious content I could imagine. I truly am saddened by what has transpired in just a couple short years to what once was worthwhile television.

  • TLC used to have worthwhile programs but in the last few years it’s gone downhill. Who seriously wants to see toddlers dressed up & compete with other 3 year olds as to who’s the prettiest. Children have big enough self-esteem issues & tv shows like Toddlers & Tiaras just add to the problem. It’s terrible watching kids having to be made up into barbies because their overweight parents want to relive their dreams of feeling beautiful & make up for their self-esteem. I’m disgusted with what tv has now become..from watching redneck swamp people to another reality show about some spoiled brat named Honey & her family. I can’t believe a show like that would be approved. Wow TLC you must be close to being bankrupt hahaha!


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