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Last Updated On: March 12, 2015

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Is televangelist Jim Bakker at it again?

Televangelists Jim Bakker constantly talks on his TV ministry program ( The Jim Bakker Show at Studio City Cafe in Branson, Missouri) about the coming apocalypse as described in the Bible’s book of Revelation. In a seemingly caring way, he offers to provide, for a price, prepackaged boxes of food intended to sustain a person or family’s food needs during the coming apocalypse for up to a year or more. While the coming apocalypse as described in the book of Revelation may be real enough, the food sold by the The Jim Bakker Show for our sustenance (survival) may NOT be. So, I decided to purchase survival food from the Jim Baker’s Ministry, as did some of my family and friends, some spending thousands of dollars on same.

When the food arrived, I opened the container of food to investigate its contents. I noticed, looking at the labels of each of the approximately seven (7) different types to servings (meals) in the container, what I thought was a very low calorie content for each meal. Doing a little math, I averaged the total calorie content of the approximately seven (7) different servings (meals) to find the average calorie content per serving (meal) was only about 130 calories. At three (3) servings (meals) per day, that’s less than 400 hundred calories per day. I ask you, who can live for an extended period of time (i.e. a year or more) on less than 400 hundred calories per day??

I don’t think so!!

So, I called Jim Bakker’s Ministry to inquire as to how the obvious lack of nutritional content of the food (very low calorie content) could sustain a person over time. No one could explain or even offer a rational explanation. They did offer me a refund though. When I asked about how the rest of the folks who had also bought food from Jim Baker Ministries, but don’t read the labels and were counting on this supply of emergency food to see them and their families were suppossed to make it through a rough time, they had no advice. What would those folks, who bought food believing that it was everything Jim Bakker says it is, do when the S _ _ _ hits the fan? Again no answer.

I then called the company (Food for Health, International) that manufactures and supplies the food to Jim Bakker’s Ministry for sale to ask if they could explain, or if they knew that the food was inadequate to the task. They could NOT explain either, but they did know that it was inadequate to teh task. Then, they did suggest that they could provide, for a price, additional items of food to offset the obvious lack of nutritional content in what Jim Bakker’s Ministry is offering.

This seems to me to be false and deceptive advertising. Especially coming from a supposedly christian minister. Hasn’t the Christian church had enough scandals?

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  • First off why would you even listen to that show you know the guy is a fraud. He’s out of jail and back to selling his own food line and selling people books , prayers and everything under the sun. He also likes to scare people about the future and the coming. He plays on peoples fears and hope they send in money. He hasn’t learned any lessons. They should have kept him in jail for 45 years not the 4 . Remember in the bible it say something about people who pretend to be Godly that some of them will be devilish in their ways and not to trust them or be weary of them This is one of those guys.

  • I would ask that you compare 1 month of survival food for 1 person with 140 servings for $195.00 from one of the many companies selling survival food to what Jim Bakker is selling, 1 year 1164 servings for 1 person for $550.00. This is survival food people, you forget that our entire way of life will change. There will be people fighting for food, don’t look to have 3 square meals a day, most people don’t eat 3 meals a day anyway. Those that have bought survival food will wish that we had purchased more. I have purchased some items from Thrive foods, the basics, flour, cornmeal, rice, beans, etc.

  • I have contacted the Jim Bakker show about the generator I received about two years ago four times and each time no one will answer. It will not hold a charge on a 60 watt bulb for more then an hour or so after charging all night. I asked for help not a refund being two years old. Having given $1900.00 I just wanted help maybe repair or something. FYI your on your own if you get one once the check is cashed. Hope I am the only one out there with a dead generator.

  • I remember Bakker when he was busted a few years ago for skimming and or financial fraud…..BUT I will give him credit because I believe him to be a changed man….Could be WRONG BUT Love tells me to believe the best about Jim Not the worst. I may not agree that the food that he is selling is great but it beats starving to death.

    With so many people selling survival food Jim saw a good thing and jumped on it. From reading all the reviews the food that he is selling is just a grade over DOG FOOD with the exception of a few items so what I had intended on ordering from Jim I will get somewhere else. With the cost of shipping of 700.00 plus dollars for 14 totes I’LL Pass.

    I will give Jim that he does have a knack for creating a sense of urgency, and I believe that Jim does exaggerate and many of the things that he proclaims.

    I appreciate all of the information that you all have contributed here on this forum as it has helped me reconsider where I buy.

    Thank you all for your help

    • Fine to love and forgive. But don’t be naive either. God also gave you common sense. Do not trust blindly specially this guy.

  • Once a skunk, always a skunk. He also said 2014 has had more than 100,000 earthquakes. Do quick search and you will find the number to be 15,000 worldwide.

  • Wow….thanks folks.. I was about to buy some of the food…. Jim Bakker tends to over promise things. I live 8 miles from PTL club (where it used to be) Very sad it was a wonderful place. IN any case since you protected me from this is I will tell you the Mormon’s have been doing this for years. My wife hooked up with a lady who sells the Mormon dehydrated food… Think the name is ‘Thrive’….. I ain’t pushing it there is NO commission-don’t care if you buy it or not. I will say we are buying more …. The diced chicken and the dried vegies are quite good. I think it is more expensive that regular food but we are trying it out and it is pretty good.. We are amateur preppers but it is a good idea to prep some if the grid goes down chaos and not food when the trucks stop rolling… Stephen said that…..be well…

  • I write for The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina. We reported the original stories about Jim Bakker and his PTL show. I would be interested in talking with people who have bought survivalist foods. My name is Elizabeth Leland. I can be reached at 704-358-5074 or eleland@charlotteobserver.com. Thanks so much!

  • No Evangelist or Church should sell anything except the word of God & Salvation figuratively speaking because for one thing it’s not their job and the 2nd their will always complaints of wrong doing. The only way he would impress me is taking food and donating it or open a local food kitchen or a disaster center for families to come to just in case but with his record he would take this ideal and sell lottery or time shares to it and whoever got the disaster reservation for that year right wins and lives.

    • Hello, you are correct…it is the feeding of orphans and widows in their distress that is true religion…he should be feeding the poor, not trying to
      pay off his bills or get rich..could it be he will need to be sorry all over again? He teaches a mid tribulation rapture of the Church..convenient or
      what? seems to be for the selling of food..Christians are feared into buying if they believe they will be here during the tribulation..

  • 1. They are quick to take money — but slow to ship.
    2. I placed an order almost a month ago… and NOTHING!
    3. They sent me a confirmation that I had been charged $225 — but nothing else.
    4. No shipping confirmation; tracking number; or explanation that my items were “backordered”.
    5. I called about this time last week and was told the items would be coming in [to them] Thursday.
    6. It’s now Wednesday of the NEXT WEEK, and I still haven’t received anything.
    7. My items aren’t heavy, and ordinary UPS or USPS ground could get here from Missouri in one week.
    8. In the 21st Century… such incompetence is pathetic for a secular company.
    9. But running such a scam on Christians is just plain wrong.
    10. I thought Jim had repented
    11. Apparently I was wrong.
    12. So sad. I actually enjoyed watching the show — despite the constant one-hour sales pitch.
    13. I’m close to filing a BBB complaint.
    14. I’m trying to be patient.

    • Running a scam like this on ANYONE is just plain wrong and disgusting. Not just Christians.

      It bothers me so much to see all these “Christian” leaders literally preying on people and scaring them until they feel the need to send money or purchase things like this. Scaring people this way is definitely something Jesus would absolutely be quite upset about.

      These so called leaders are anything but Christian. Such a shame.

  • jim bakker is using scare tactics for his in of the world holocaust so give me a love gift and buy this over expensive crap .still hustling with a new angle.the bible teaches us not to live in fear did not jesus say he would be with us always even through the end of the world which jim baker is preaching for his hustle.the man is con artist he talks about healthy products i guess his daughter and the other fatso on the show are really loving the crap.anyone who deals with this is a sucker

  • All you people who is deffending Jim Bakker have about much sence as a box of rocks, when are you people going to get it he and his staff are con artist they will never stop till death comes apon them and it will be too late for them and i see where some one made a comment on, well hes only trying to get people not to rely on ggoverment, no rely on jim bakker the Senoir citicen pocket book raper you people are “Very Foolish” to believe the con game he is running on you, but i could say it like this, your resistence to what people say about the con artist jim bakker is that you identify yourself with him!!

  • Any televangelist selling anything is going to be labelled a huckster, but that doesn’t change the fact that the message he’s getting out is to not depend on the government to get you through the next disaster. Be prepared, because you don’t want to have to venture out to get supplies in the aftermath of the next great disaster, such as an economic collapse or an EMP.

  • ‘Money’s gonna be worthless when disaster strikes,’ Bakker shouted at his audience the other day.
    It’s not stopping him from raking in the dough.

    • I would compare what he is charging to what other survival companies are offering. He is much cheaper and contents/menus are comparable. My order was back ordered and they have recently incorporated a new computer program and are catching up on the orders. Most food items are not even handled by Mr. Bakker’s people but straight from the manufacture who is also providing food through other people/ministries.

      • It’d be cheaper to shop at Aldi’s than pay his prices. Like he said, ‘Money’s going to be worthless…” Well, he’s sure raking it in, isn’t he?

  • He mentioned that orders are coming in faster than production can make them. Be patient and focus on getting canned goods and rice at your local grocery meanwhile. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket so to speak. If the calorie content for what you have isn’t enough you should be able to add pasta to it or rice. Remember this food is being sold as low as possible and vegetarian meaning NO MEAT. Get your freeze dried meat online to add to it if needed. Hang in there…where God guides He will surely provide. Difficult times have hit our nation and it maybe we may never get to eat any of this food. Whatever, comes place All trust in God and not yourselves.

  • It was advertised as “SURVIVAL” not “Meals on Wheels”

    • Survival meaning survive… not thrive. No meat either so I would can some meat.

  • He may be a con….. he is offering a service…. that even tho you do not think so, it is cheap enough… I am retired and live on a limited income…. this month I have $25 after paying my monthly bills….. I would love having some of his food in my pantry to fall back on… I seriously do not know how I am going to make it…
    When you go to bed with your belly growling…… trust me his food offers sounds pretty good……
    A crises is what you face today…. Remember…..there are Americans going to bed hungry as I type this……..Does anyone care……..:(….. I think not!!!!!

    • You are right, I don’t give a ****.

    • Praying for you!

    • Most towns have food banks. Check with your grocery store they know where they are. No excuse in this country to go to bed hungry….This is true…..S

  • I don’t know why this person is complaining about. They did offer him his money back, and what business is it of his to decide if other people are getting scam! I like to see if anybody can get the same type of food with more of a calorie count cheaper any where. You get what you pay for in life! Further more, “let the first person who never sin cast the first stone”.

    • Amen Jeff! He’s not offering Filet Minon!

  • In my opinion jim barker is a con, caught up in the., dog chasing the tail , money, money,money, the high life. Every thing first class as at PTL. The food at 390 caloric content for one day is sin full. The only way to get prices down is to cut size of serving. There it is money always win the poor people that are bought in this trap is set up for Satan. So who is Jim Bakker working for.

    • You should go see him for yourself. Changed man. I know him personally and he truly believes we are in the last days and wants to help however he can.

      • I live not far from where PTL was… He oversold it and went astray but I liked what he was doing….s

      • If he really wanted to help he would dontate the food to food banks and not sell it at over inflated prices. He is delusional and the same old scam artist he was when running PTL. Now he’s building “Lori’s House.” Whatever happened to all the money that was donated for “Kevin’s House” back in the day? It never opened, nor did he intend for it to open. He just used this darling child Kevin to raise money. Lowest of the low. I have absolutely no use for Jim Bakker or his tactics to raise money.

  • Nowadays Jim Bakker his wife and his crew who tow fat guys ,a fat lady and young lady are a team who are selling merchandise but they are not paying any Taxes that is not fair with America so we do request to IRS please check their books and find out how much money they have made so far and if they have paid any Taxes on their prophets if IRS do not go after them then they setting a wrong precedent .We Thank IRS in advance. Today they are selling expansive stuff cost about $ 2000 dollars per piece

    • Why do you have to single out Bakker’s ministries out for? There are a lot of ministries that offer “Love Gifts” thru their own organizations as well, and what’s makes you so sure they aren’t paying taxes on the stuff they sell! Do you have access to their business records or something? If you can’t prove of any wrong doing, than where I come from, that is called slander!

    • First, tell them to check with the Reverend Al “I forgot to pay millions in taxes” Sharpton

  • Jim Bakker is a good sales man but not a pastor only the problem is that he selling his products without paying Taxes why he can get away by doing that because his wife and crew of two fat guys a young lady and fat lady that he claims his adopted daughter they are sharing the income the greed is a terrible thing but they are under the cover of a religious show without religion that is not fair and the IRS should look into their books and this is a noble task if IRS DO THAT and we request to IRS please check that out we will appreciate that Thanking IRS in advance.

    • Oh, and you don’t think your trust in the IRS could be a bit misplaced – not even a “smidgen”?

  • Turn the channel don’t buy the food. You have choices. I think caloric count won’t matter if you have none. I find the food good it is much lower than any other survival food. Get a life

  • How about being fair? He offered your Money back.take it and shut your mouth. Maybe you could use your time saying a prayer for yourself or others. Thanks and God bless. Marge

    • Are you insane?? He’s scamming people now, like he did back in the 80’s with his other wife!! Get a clue!!

      • Bakker is as good and as consistent at scamming people as religions in general are.

      • Do you know him? You will give an account to God for every word! Go meet him and then tell me.

  • Have you folks TASTED any of this food. ITS HORRIBLE! Now I have to go to the hassle of returning stunningly heavy buckets of crap food. Don’t buy this stuff its garbage and just another scam!!

  • this guy is nothing but a con man who takes hard earned money from older people. he never learned anything from being in prison. he and his wife lauri are doing nothing but conning people just as he and his ugly wife tammy did. he and lauri need to be prosecuted and sent to jail for the rest of thre lives for the scamming they are doing. his whole show is nothing but bull s**t and he asks for money more than he preaches and she meaning lauri is just as phony as tammy was and just as ugly. they are nothing but pure con artists and need to go to jail.

  • All should read about the ones Jesus really used, and read about their past. HE knows the heart, and we are human, and humans make mistakes, and Jesus is sitting at the right hand of our Heavenly Father to ever intercede on the behalf of those who love Him. Also, please read what one judge had to say about Jim’s alledged wrong doings. Just saying we should do our research, and if we still believe there’s some wrong doing….don’t go to others, but take it to the Lord in Prayer, and let the Holy Spirit take care of it as only He can. Not one person on earth can cast a stone at anyone….no not one !!! We are to lift one another up in prayer, love,and support, and if one feels they can’t then one should just pray about it, and really be careful about the word that are spoken because HE hears, and sees All…..most of all….HE KNOWS OUR HEARTS…JUST AS HE DID THE LITTLE BOY DAVID…Love to read about him. I believe in Jim Baker, and did when he was had PTL. No one reported the good things that took place…they reached way down in the gutter to find a little mud to sling, and that is so very sad. Jesus is coming Soon, and Let’s just all be ready friends. He’s my dearest friend, and has never let me down, even when I let HIM down, and I will continue to make mistakes being a human that I am. But one of these days I’ll see HIM FACE TO FACE…What a Happy Day That Will Be. Praying for Jim, Lori, and staff, and love the food, and Silver Sol… the Bread is the best Bread in the world. Can only afford couple loaves a month, so we eat it very sparingly…..Love, Love, Love it :) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JIM BAKER, AND KEEP SPREADING THE NEWS THAT JESUS SAVES, AND WANTS US ALL TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT’S AHEAD….EVEN THE ANTS DO THAT :) :)

    • Gawd – such delusion is sad…

  • I bought 4 orders of the year and a half food and have received what I ordered. I ordered it because it is such an amazing value and what I have tried is truly good tasting food. All the other companies offer pretty much the same food but at quadruple the cost. 600.00 for that amount of food is remarkable. I spend that much in two weeks at the grocery. I started stocking canned goods but found this to be a much better value plus u dont have to worry about spoilage and storage for thousands of cans. These 12 small boxes will fit in the corner of a closet. At this price 30 cents a serving he is doing us the favor. Im sure if you call they will straighten out your order. Sometimes people are going to make mistakes. They are only making pennies on this food. No way can you grow it and can it at this price, plus the 20 year shelf life. Love u Jim and Lori. Keep doing what you are doing.

    • Linda, I too, ordered the $500. with the $120.00 cost for shipping. It is almost 8 wks and I still have not received my food. I can find no phone # for the company. When I placed the order they would not give me a confirmation # or a tracking #. When Jim showed it on the program it looked so good. You mention, 12 small boxes. I was told 12 boxes but small…? I am a widow and want to share with my family. I’ll divide into four kits. I want to try the potato soup, my favorite. One man said the food tasted bad. Have you tried any of the food. Hoping to hear from you. God Bless, Georgia

      • Georgia. GO to JimBakkershow.com. Click contact and it brings up the phone number. “To Place an order:
        888-988-1588″ You would use this same number to inquire about your order. Sometimes I does take 4 to 8 weeks to get an order, especially if their supplies are low. They have had tremendous response on the food orders. When you ordered they should have sent you an email with a tracking number on it if you ordered online. if not call them and ask.
        To others on this comments section: I have ordered the 30 day emergency bucket, the year for you, the year for two plus a bonus year. I am not that concerned that the calorie count is low. I ordered more food items to supplement, like the veggies and fruit items. Plus I plan on getting the Heirloom seeds soon. This food is not expensive. I have priced it against a lot of other survival food and it is very reasonably priced. The great thing about this food is it is freeze dried and has a 30 year shelf life. Plus the pouches are reseal able. Some of the other companies who sell survival foods comes in huge cans, and canned goods don’t have near the shelf life that JB does.
        As far as Jim Personally, he was exonerated of ALL Charges! His second trial the judge found him not guilty. He was railroaded the first time. So do some research before you cast stones.
        Also, for all you nay sayers out there, what are you doing to help your fellow man when it comes to survival?

        • He was not exonerated! His sentence was found to be excessive but he was not declared innocent! There was no second trial.

  • You know folks, I’m so glad there is only one person who is actually perfect in every way,and , it ain’t us!!! That perfecct person was mocked, beaten and scourned too and literally died trying to save lives from a devil’s hell – could any of us do that? NOT!!!! Get over your little pet peeves about who does this and who doesn’t do that and get a life in Jesus Christ won’t ya? Any type of emergency freeze dried foods, no matter the source, will not always have a high-caloric nutritional value; it’s just the way these foods are made. You have to shop around for the best price. Some of the freeze dried foods, even from Costco or Sam’s Clubs costs more than what Jim Bakker sells – JB knows the spiritual condition of this country and the world and knows all too well about the soon return of Jesus Christ; many WILL BE left in the cold wondering where their next meal will come from; look at the economic situation here folks; unemployment; shutdowns, higher taxes, etc. JB is doing what he can to help YOU, the general public, get a handle on how to survive the coming crises that this world is about to suffer through – Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not…….

  • I believe in repentance, forgivness, and restoration for ALL who have fallen and come short of the glory of God. And that includes all of us. This is Jim’s testimony. If he hasn’t done this, then God will be the JUDGE of Jim Bakker, not man…………

  • If Jim does good people down him & if he doesn’t they still down him ,,, Jim , keep on doing great things for JESUS & let all the tongues keep on talking… for you are doing good things …. God Bless all of your Family

    • Amen… Bless him.. And you :)

  • Put back in jail where he belongs! What fool like this con artist and thief out?

    • Have you read his book?? Maybe you should before you throw sticks and stones!! I’m assuming that YOU have never done ANYTHING wrong in your life?? Good for you!!

    • You need to go meet him. You will answer to God for your words!


    • Sharon,

      I bought two (2) "Year and A Half" offerings of food: that’s $1,000, which is real money to me! I’ve called the ministry several times; and, today, I sent Pastor Bakker an email informing him of my problem. It is my prayer that he, or someone who can make "things right, will contact me soon. If not, I’ll be forced to file a complaint with the FCC.

      I believe in what Pastor Bakker is trying to do, but he needs to make sure that there is a process in place that guarantees customers their products, within a timely manner as well. I ordered my food last year, and I’m still waiting for my order to be completed. They did get the oatmeal, butter noodles, and beans & rice to me after Christmas, but the lentil burgers, the "real food" they talked about, and so many other items is incomplete. Plus, now, they are saying on his program that March 1, 2014 is the last day to get this food offer! What happens to those of us who have not received their complete orders from last year??????????

      Let’s agree to keep this situation in our prayers: HE answers prayers even when the Bakker Ministry does not answer their phones……

      • I agree I ordered ” God’s Brain Food on May 9th 2014, here it is July 24…actually I ordered 3 different products from the Jim Bakker show ..I have only received 1 item of my order which all 3 have already been paid in full…making a living these days are hard for people..The money I spent I truly thought I was doing something good for myself and a friend…I have called several times to inquire about my order and each time I call they keep saying ” well just give it 2 to 3 more weeks “….does anybody else have this problem when ordering the Coconut Oil, or has anyone received there order yet ?..I truly wanted this product and I pray Jim Bakker is an honest man and is not just taking people’s money for his own gain…

        • God to the Wilderness Family site and buy the coconut directly. Last time I went there, even their stock was depleated. I think Jim just had more orders than he anticipated.

    • the contents are clearly labeled. Maybe you should have read it before you ordered it.

  • I think they should have kept him in prison for his whole sentence, then maybe he would have been really re-habilitated.

    • laverne

      who are you to say such a thing about Jim bakker. are you so perfect and are always right and do nothing wrong. Jim is only doing what God told him to do. If this is the one that GOd sent to Jim to help the people when hard times hit’ then you should take it up with God not Jim.

    • Check the official records. He was cleared of all charges during his retrial… He was actually allowed to present evidence (financial & personnel) for his defense that the original judge would not even review. Do you know him? I do and he is different as night and day. The staff is always concerned because he practically gives away the survival items at cost. His concern is people.

      • Nope. No retrial. Not cleared of all charges. Where are you people getting this false info?


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