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Last Updated On: December 3, 2016

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PO Box 7330
Branson, Missouri 65615 USA

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Jim Bakker Show Phone Number: 417-779-9000
Company Contact: Jim Bakker - Host
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Number Of Comments: 262

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Reported Losses: $290.00
Average Reported Losses: $145.00

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Waited 47 days for Product; Still not shipped!

I ordered 2 black bean burger buckets, May 1st. 48 days later still not shipped. Cancelled order yesterday and call back today. Will be 30 days for the refund.

Not holding my breath, but yesterday filed a complaint with credit card company and started proceedings for the bank to get money back.

ADVICE. Don’t waist your time and money with Jim Bakker, He was and still is a crook.

Morningside Church (Jim Bakker Show) – PO Box 7330 Branson MO 65615 | 417-779-9000

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  • I follow Jim on Twitter and initially I got responses to my tweets and I was impressed. Then those responses stopped and now I still ask questions but not responses. It is as if Jim Bakker has established a cult there. All his tweets do not is advertise the latest prophet to preach. I bet he refused to listen to anyone who would rebuke him or confront him. I wonder how much control and instilled fear he has imployed at Morningside. I used to see him as a senile old Grandpa. you love him as a person but try to help him so he doesn’t hurt himself because he talks so much nonsense.

  • Kathryn Jensen

    They want 2.5 million dollars and asking for $1000 donations today. When they get that they will go back to selling their stuff that the average person can’t afford. Jesus would want you to help your family, a friend, a neighbor , a hungry c hild . At least you know what your gift is doing. They went to the inauguration, that had to cost!!! Why didn’t he donate that cost? Oh he wouldn’t be able to brag so much about himself.!!!!

  • Karen Harris

    Where is Lori? No reference to her at all. Instead of the Jim and Lori show, it’s now the Jim Bakker show. Lori is totally absent, maybe she was raptured early?

    • Frank

      She got tired of being “talked over” by Jim. No doubt, got tired of the scam she had to live with by being connected with this phony

    • I didn’t even realize this, yeah where is Lori? When will Jim Bakker make the news that he is in financial trouble? Or will he make the news? Zach and Sasha, those poor kids………

  • Lena

    I see right through him. Discernment is a must people!

  • Lena

    Jim Bakker will always be a scammer!!! Smh

  • jimnjoy

    Don’t order anything if you want it quickly. They don’t let you know that the shipments are going to take months and more to be delivered. They charge your credit card immediately. I order a lot on line and have never before had my credit card charged before the product was shipped. They should let you know this in case you want to cancel the order and get the product elsewhere. I ordered a silver product, wanted it quickly, and found this out too late.

    • deborah

      Personally you are more likely to suffer the antichrist than this disgusting looking gook. Just buy a gas ring and hundresd of gas bottles, hundreds of candles lighters and matches. A water filter a source of water,and a few hundred boxes of cambridge diet. That should see u throgh and wont make u ill.

  • Carrie

    Jim Bakker is just a snake-oil salesman! Scam, Scam, Scam…..is his belief system.
    Stop watching the show and stop trusting this guy.

  • topekabill

    On January 9, 2016, I purchased a”My Power Pal” for $300.00 + $15. This same unit is available from $159.00 and less from various other sites. It is a “Amazing Batter Charger – Though small, this charger certainly packs a punch with the ability to start a car 18-20 times before requiring a recharge. You can even recharge your charger with the convenient car or wall adapter, making it simple to be ready for your next battery emergency. Plus, there’s no need to stress about the charger losing its juice over time. This incredible device will retain its charge for up to a year. Features Warning Signal, LED Light, and Window Breaker. Includes updated User Manual.”
    It came without the user manual. It only holds a charge for about 30 days. Many repeated requests and phone calls go unanswered/ignored. The buck is passed to the degree that there is “no” responsible party to help you correct things. You would think someone who has spent over $6000,00 with this group could get something as simple as a user guide.


    • Delores Barnhill

      If you are buying a product, that is one thing, if you are supporting a ministry, that is another. you need to review your Heart.

  • Will

    It’s really sad so many people believe the World is ending & spend all this money, for food they will never need. The world has been here for millions of years and isn’t ending any time soon. Yes things are bad, but they were bad 1,000 years ago and will be bad 1,000 for now….

  • CuteKatydid

    He quotes the Washington Times, a Unification (Moonie) owned newspaper. He calls Greta Van Susternan “a good Christian” (she is a Scientologist). His show is all selling and politics nowadays.

  • Charisse Bienaimé

    Although I enjoyed listening to some of the informative guests Jim Bakker often has on his program, I was disappointed and disgusted when he started his “pay for play” deal in recent months. In other words, if you pay a certain extra amount of money as a partner/donor to his ministry, then you can gain access to him personally that others cannot get. Supposedly, this buys you the ability to go and sit down with him one-on-one, in a private nicely decorated room somewhere on his compound, and have a nice little chat with him for a few minutes. I wonder how many people who donate regularly bought into this scam? Besides being a questionable practice ethically, he only has so many available minutes in his very busy day. I wonder how this is working out for him? I wonder how this is working out for the many donors who bought into it? He seems to be cashing in on the devotion of his faithful followers who love him and who may be willing to pay anything to just get near him, even if it is only for a few minutes. Lets put this into perspective. Would Jesus have asked or accepted money from anybody in order to gain access to Him? Would any of the apostles or even any other minister you know personally do this? Others may see this differently, but something about it just doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I was so turned off that I haven’t watched his program since.

    • I have only watched Jim for the scam part of his ways. I don’t understand why so many take him seriously. He knows how to take news stories and twist them to bible prophecy and lure people into his web for sure and then cry when he thinks no one believes what he is saying. smh…………. He needs to be taken aside and confronted.

  • Dawn Kirch

    I had been getting monthly shipments of food & water bricks. One shipment from sept 16 arrived with only six packets of food & they charged my account $115.00. Refused the order & have been given the run around getting my money reimbused.The water brick & food shipment that was supposed to be shipped in Aug 16 I never received it even though I was told a second shipment was sent out the end of September, still haven’t received that one & I’m demanding my money back & nothing returned. It’s a total of $185.00 owed. Then in early Sept they without authorization they took $70.00 out of my account, according to them it was something that happened to almost all their customers. That money was reimbursed. I’d stear clear, there are other alternative places to get emergency food.

  • Johnny wad

    Me and my football team gang banged Lori Bakker in a motel room, then she asked where was the basketball team?

    • deborah

      Is that true?

    • Nicky

      Flipping a coin with the baseball team to see who would go next?

  • Tommy Walker

    I am saddened to hear that Jim and his new wife have had to cut back on their consumption of Porterhouse steaks and filet mignon. Because of these hard economic times Bakker had to have his gold faucets reduced to 10kt. The 18 kt. he planned to put in proved to be too expensive. He sells the buckets of pig slop he calls food to the masses. Do you honestly believe they ever eat any of this stuff? I have said before that I thought you were supposed to save this food for the end of the earth. He encourages people to buy these products and consume them now. I admit I watch his program and haven’t laughed so hard since the original Saturday Might Live (proves my age) The latest plot is that the Chinese own the internet. Bakker is truly my favorite comic relief.

  • philip stevens

    Not surprising! That man is out for NO ONE but Jim and Lori Bakker!

  • philip stevens

    Jim Bakker DID NOT SUFFER! While imprisoned in a Country Club environment in Jesup, Ga, BOP inmate #07407-058, ate well, slept well, was well cared for and did VERY little to support his privileged lifestyle, as usual. His followers continued to send many thousands of dollars per month to him in “prison” for his crimes. He got a 45 year sentence, according to the Federal Court sentencing guidelines; but ONLY ended up serving 5 out of those 45 years, because he could afford BIG name attorneys; because of your donations to God! Did you expect that was where your money was going?

  • philip stevens

    Jim Bakker needs to STOP feeling sorry for himself! He constantly references the “wrongful persecution he suffered in prison”. He lived in a country club environment, and I was his next door cubical neighbor. I am not proud of hacking a computer, yet will NOT allow Jim Bakker to allow you to think he suffered! That man has NO remorse for the 200,000 people that he and Tammy Faye screwed over. Jim Bakker got caught by Jimmy Swaggart, (another example of “Christian Hypocritical greed” gone wild). Bakker admitted to us, at FPC Jesup, GA that he had, “misused some donor money”. SOME, yeah right! How about $1.2 BILLION DOLLARS, PLUS the $279,000 he paid to the woman, Jessica Hahn he forced himself upon; and which YOU paid for in hush money?
    This man, Jim Bakker blames EVERYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF for his downfall from Grace. He has NO CLUE what God is about! He merely thinks that if he invokes the name of God, he can continue to scam the public and make money. His 30 year food products and other scamming junk is NOT worth your time. DO NOT support this man!

    • Delores Barnhill

      May God have mercy on your soul !!

  • philip stevens

    He only sold 160,000 timeshares for $7000 each, worth $1.2 Billion; according to the Court records. He also “suffered in a Federal Prison” for 5 years”, (out of his original 45 year sentence). Bakker and Tammy Faye deserved that 45 year sentence for all those people they scammed! The “FPC, Federal Prison Camp” in Jesup, Ga; (where Jim and I lived next to each other for a year) was a country club in comparison to the real prison, or “FCI, Federal Corrections Institute”. The FCI holds serious criminals, while the FPC holds white-collar criminals like Bakker and me, (computer hacking).
    While getting to know Jim Bakker for 10 months before his release, I learned this man blames EVERYONE but himself for his downfall. He appears to be BI-POLAR when asked about his roll in SCAMMING all those people out of their money. The thing that pissed him off most was Tammy Faye leaving him and getting remarried, but more so; Jimmy Swaggart exposing his rape and adultery of Jessica Hahn, who he tried to pay off with $279,000 of YOUR hush-up money; but he still got caught! That REALLY pissed him off. Jim Bakker has NO remorse for what he did to God’s believing followers, or what he and Tammy did! They were greedy and wanted your money to live opulent lifestyles. Wow, he is back at it again; selling 30 year food and anything else that might make a buck; under the name of God-tax free! One would think Jim Bakker would learn a lesson that God’s word is the Truth, (1Tim 6:3-10) plus “Pride before the fall”, but he has NO clue! He is at it again, with ANYTHING he can SCAM out of “Believers” to make a buck and profit for himself and new wife, Lori.

  • Steven Moore

    This guy is a creep

  • Steven Moore

    I thought this lowlife was dead and in hell already with tammy faye you ?

  • Steven Moore

    This is the lowest human being on earth. His wrath from God is coming and this is the s**t he will wipe from existence

  • Steven Moore

    Who is stupid enough to support this idiot that sold 1000s of timeshares that did not exist ? How can someone be so dumb ?

  • Michael Chunko

    Some people and things never change – I can’t believe people want to support this con artist. . .

  • Carol

    Jim Bakker out of prison and back ripping people off. At least this wife dosen’t look like a s**t like Tammy Bakker.

  • John

    Lori comes across as a complete idiot. Unless it is scripted, she is incapable of putting together a complete sentence.

  • Karen Cottey

    Today I watched the Jim Bakker show. His new wife had her hair meticulously put up in a bun…wearing pearls, no doubt, designer such as Tiffany or Mikkimoto. She had a multi stranded necklace and a matching bracelet. The married couple were promoting [selling] their guest, Rabbi Cahn’s new book, The Harbinger. What I could not believe was when Jim’s wife said, ” We’re offering a bakers’ dozen …give them to your family and friends.” Jim even asked the audience if they’d like to start their own missionaries? Great idea for purchasing thirteen [13] books, Jim!
    Talk about over-kill and greed! The hypocritical Jim was interviewed by Barbara Walters on her new television series “Scandals,”when he was serving his federal prison sentence and he said how wrong he had been about money. He explained how he was reading the bible now that he was incarcerated. He also remarked about Jesus had no money. Well, Jim, you are really a phony and exactly what Mathew 12: 33-37 [the Scriptures] warns us about, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits… ”
    Preachers that use God as a way to get rich are not Christians. Mother St. Theresa was a true Christian and a true martyr of our time. I grew up in San Francisco and I recall that she and her fellow ‘Sisters of the Poor’ came to San Francisco during the 1980’s to do some charity work. The City of San Francisco provided Mother Theresa with a dish washer and other appliances. The church where she was staying was freshly painted, new carpets etc. She told them to please remove them all. She insisted on being humble and poor. This is a true sacrifice for our lord she explained.
    Jim Bakker and his wife are just common conniving people out to make a quick buck. I have read about their survival food products and I am amazed that people fall for this junk. Not only is the daily rations far below the normal calorie count, but this is not healthy, in regards to vitamins and minerals. These products are so over-priced! Jim sells buckets of wheat for $500! He and his wife offer their usual Bakers’ dozen for their buckets as well! This is to tide you over through out doomsday, Judgement Day, The Apocalypse and what ever else you want to call the end of the world. According to the Bible, the Christian faith believes that Judgement Day is the end of the world. We will be judged by our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Savior, our God.
    If you are a true Christian, you believe that there is a heaven and a hell and we will be cast in either of the two places. Catholics believe in a purgatory, a place not as bad as Hell. So, why prepare for Judgement Day? Either you believe in the ancient scriptures written by the disciples, and Christians or you are not a Christian. Jim? I would love to hear your response!

  • Mitch Glinka

    true repentance requires restitution- he owns millions to people he has robbed

  • C L

    Why doesn’t Jim take care of his tax bill (millions owed to IRS) from the failed PTL /Heritage USA ministry. Wait ! Maybe that’s where his food bucket/generator/water purifier money is going. Judgement day is coming indeed.

  • John

    Jim talks about people hating him, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about his continuation of running scams. Period. Don’t act like being a martyr, your a money hungry liar.

  • Juicy Yumburger

    I’m not even going to get into arguing against Jim Bakker as people like to bury their heads in the sand, however-when this apocalypse happens why do you think your gas or electric stoves are going to be fine, dandy, and working so you can prepare this food? Where is all the water coming from that you need to use in its preparation? You better have enough water for all that food AND for drinking (even more important than food). How are you so sure you will have access to your tub of food? How do you know you will be home when it happens? What if you are at work? Driving in your car? What if a huge earthquake/tornado/flood/hurricane comes and buries your tubs of food beneath much rubble? Do you envision yourself in a safe little bubble, stirring lots of water into this crap and heating it on your stove while, somehow, everybody else has been screwed? Total delusion. People-for your own good-do not waste your money to line this greedy man’s pockets. This comes from a place of caring.

  • dennis maurice

    IF an EMT bomb is Exploded over USA,, Will The solar Gen Work??? how can it if all batters are out THERE go’s the Battery back up solar gen am I right????

    • Linda Love

      EMP bomb — Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb. Doesn’t cause destruction (except from all the vehicle accidents and planes falling from the sky) but will put us back to the 1800s. No electricity, no inside water (toilets won’t work), no transportation (only bicycles and horses). You should read the book “One Second After.”

  • John

    JB cries out that Christians hate him and that they speak out against him. Gee Jim, with your record what do you expect? Furthermore, are you so stupid to not know the history of the persecution of Christians? You’re a professional conman through and through, period.

  • oztar

    When will you people ever learn !? JB is (and always will be ) a money hungry crook …..yes folks, he’s living good and travels QUITE well …..remember our last blizzard ? Wellllll, ole JB took off to the tropical islands (with his family) because “The Lord Called Him” Um, Ooo-Kaaa….Hey, just keep sending him your $$$$ ….Oh, by the way, where were “you” during the last blizzard ??? JB was riding horses on a tropical beach with “your” $$$$$$ … keep sending in folks….JB and his family need some summer vacation $$$$$…please help him.

  • Donna Marie

    I’m windering if there is anyone else who feels that when Jim says “you can get….(all this)… For $… (“Donation”) and you call to see if you can get it for a lesser donation amount at sll – they win’t budge! Isn’t this a “donation”? And, can’t they take a donation? I believe, by law, they cannot CHARGE for a DONATION. Especially dvd’s, cd’s, books….? THEN, to top it off when you get your packing slip after the FULL DONATION, because they refused to except any less, you get a statement as a bill of sale that says: YOUR PAYMENT, The fair mkt value they figure, & the very small portion that is actually the “donation” amount. In my case: about 15% of what I paid!!! Is this illegal?

    • Will

      Most of that stuff he is selling can be brought for less on Amazon, Ebay and just be surfing the internet. He charges way more than the items actually cost” just to fund his ministry. And the shipping charges are outrageous. You have to realize most people will never even get a chance to use most of the items he’s selling, besides the vitamins. By the time the world actually ends” if it ever does” we will be long gone & forgotten.

  • Aaron Wells

    To imply that one lacks a salvation experience because one disagrees with Jim Bakker is the same scare tactic he employs. When he had the last donor uprising over unshipped orders he said: ” I would hate for anyone to lose their salvation because they got angry at my ministry.” “Touch not my anointed” has nothing whatsoever to do with criticizing someone’s actions but about doing that person physical harm. At any rate, Jim is certainly not the anointed, he couldn’t even discern an anointed person.

    • B Faye McGraw

      “I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” (John 17:20-23)

      • JT

        The parable of the wheat and tares is probably closer to the heart of this. While we cannot judge the man, his actions, both past and present, put things very much into question. Have you watched the Jim Bakker television show itself? In brief the formula for nearly every episode goes like this;

        – lead in with scary headlines followed by emotional responses from the desk

        – light commentary, often filled with repetitious phrases and cues for reinforcement from the audience, that builds on the first

        – a round of agreement and lead out

        – break to sales – repeat

        Sometimes a guest is brought on, even potentially respectable voices, but the conversation is always steered to how bad is it now / will it get later.

        This is predation in its simplest form, fear as stimulus. The people in the audience, at home or in person, are bombarded by doom and gloom that is then immediately countered by whatever is being sold as the ‘solution’. I have no issue with preparation against hard times, of any kind, but the end of the age is not about fear (even if we might still) and to frame it this way for the sake of evoking response is unsavory. In fact it almost smacks of a kind of Indulgence like those sold by the Catholic Church centuries past.

    • Colleen Kankelfritz

      Aaron Wells.. If you don’t like Jim Bakker, don’t listen to him! If you have so much of Jesus in you, you would keep your comment to yourself.. Jesus Christ has the last word.. JESUS CHRIST gives the last word…are you ready to meet Him??????

      • Robert_Jacobs497

        Colleen kankelf…. If someone posting a comment upsets you so much stop trolling comment sections. Nowhere does Christ say his followers are to be silent. It’s not your place to judge a person’s salvation, that’s between Jesus and that person. Your approval is not needed.

      • Atom Electron

        Jesus Christ Himself overturned the tables of the money grubbers.
        Jim Bakker talks about MONEY more than he every even mentions JESUS CHRIST.

        Talk to people who believed in Jim Bakker and his Heritage USA and PTL.
        He’s back to the same scam for $$$, NOT Jesus Christ.

        Sorry, you’re disillusioned by a man. Put your faith in Someone Higher than Jim Bakker.

  • Paul B

    Makes me sick to see Jim and his “island of misfits” begging for money. Recently saw him asking people to donate money so he could purchase a grand piano. He can’t play a note of music but what Jim wants Jim gets. Jim here’s a idea for you..get a 9 to 5 job and quit begging you followers to donate money. Like you have said many times ” the love of money is the root of all evil”. You sir should practice what you preach.

  • Will

    I watched the show & it looks like he is building a cult to me, the poor souls who buy homes there, will probably be forced to work for free & never be able to leave. And if the world was to really end, say from a nucelar blast or something, believe me” you & your food would be gone within seconds. And the vitamins & dried food he is selling, can be brought elsewhere for way less, then what he is charging.

  • Delores Barnhill

    I read all of the comments and there were many. I go back to the days of PTL in Fort Mill South Carolina. we were there for years , not days or months. I don’t care what you say, Jim was and is a good man. whatever mistakes he made , he repented for long ago. we have ordered most of the products offered . some I felt were probably not a great product, so I just considered the money a gift . no problem . some took awhile to get, but that was ok too. I think some of you people need a salvation experience. we are all going to have to give an account for our actions.

    • john

      So since we are all sinners and have to give an account for our actions that means that this snake oil salesman can’t be called out for scamming people yet again? Only a fool would ignore the tens of thousands of fraudulent actions that this deceiver has made over the years. Eternity in hell awaits Jimmy the jerk.

    • Ryan

      There are thousands of people starving everyday and Jim wants to sell you food to hoard away for a disaster that will most likely never happen. Seems to me like he will have the most to answer for at the end of his life. I believe it’s in Matthew where Christ says it would be better for a millstone to be tied to the neck of anyone who tires to lead one of his children astray.

    • B Faye McGraw

      Amen Sister Delores. Pray for those who delight in tearing down people who follow what they hear the Lord telling them to do.

      • guest

        I think brothers and sisters who were fleeced and sharing with others so they are warned is not tearing down…. the truth will set you free… remember that?

    • jim

      My guess is that you were gullible then, and you are gullible now. God will judge Jim Bakker, just as he will judge you and me.
      The definition of repentance is to turn from the sin, leave it alone, and don’t visit that place again. On the contrary, he went from lying, cheating and defrauding the people, to spending 5 years in prison, getting released and entangling himself with the same type of garbage that got him de-throned in the first place.
      If he was really concerned about you missing the Rapture, he would be appealing to your heart. Explaining to the Lost the way of Salvation. Instead, he wants to help himself by selling you a can of beans. If you miss the rapture, you probably won’t have the electricity or gas to cook them, because, unless you accept the Mark of the Beast, you will eventually not have a job, and no money to pay your gas, lights or water bills. So you are going to be stuck with a bucket of Bakker’s beans with no way to cook them. Do the research people. Read the Bible for yourselves.

    • euphie

      Many people invested/gave money to him back them, and have not received one penny in recompense for the frauds he perpetrated upon them. If JB is so sincere in his repentance of sins past, he would carve off a good share of his current profits and pay back all he owes to those who previously believed in him–possibly 4 fold, as in the case of Zacheus.

    • guest

      Some will be handed over to their deceptions…
      I am not too impressed with the comments that are followers of JB… where is Jesus???
      PS Just because you repent does not in any way guarantee you wont repeat or fall back into your sin(s) The snare of the fowler is a dangerous place…

  • Steve Carnevale

    Let me ask you fools something. If the end days truly do come come why do you need food??????????

    • richard

      First of all I would never buy anything from Jim Bakker or Morningside. I believe they prey on the ignorant. I have bought 25 year food as well as gold and silver. It has nothing to do with the rapture of the church. It has to do with our economy, today we passed the 19 trillion dollar debt mark. The only reason you don’t see food lines as we did in the great depression is food stamps, approx. 50 million Americans on them. By the way don’t go grocery shopping the first couple days of each month. Our unfunded debt is over 100 trillion. The rest of the world will not continue to finance our luxuries. Every year social security life expectancy shortens, this year the record number of those on disability will be cut by 25% if congress does not do something about it (by the way I believe many on disability are fraudulent claims). So whether the rapture happens or not it is always good to take precautions against what is in plain sight.

  • Oluwatoyin Laditi

    Why would a Christian prepare to be ‘left behind’? I thought Christians should prepare to be ‘caught up with the Lord in the air’ and not left behind?

    • richard

      I believe Jim Bakker is preaching a false gospel in order to sell his products. It has nothing to do with salvation as there are several views on when Jesus will return. Most of his guests are of the amillennialists view which can easily be dismissed. His whole premise is to sell over priced goods to finance his ministry and make him personally wealthy.

    • Heather

      Christians should prepare because we ARE going to be going thru hard times before Jesus returns. Just look at the economy. Thousands of people who went thru recent tragedies such as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc would have loved to have Jims generator and food that he offered.
      The Bible tells us to prepare.
      Thank you

    • euphie

      This only pertains to Protestants who tithe; no one else need apply…and while we are at it, there will be a separate rapture and place in heaven for our “colored bethren”. At least that was what was believed back in the 1940-50’s.

  • June

    Bought food and other products a couple years ago, spent close to $1500, my husband & I thought to try some of the food. First, it did not come in storage buckets like they said, food was not what they said or shown on their show. They had ridiculous cost for shipping, way higher than normal. We did try and cook some food, example the white chili, that would only feed one person, if they could get themselves to eat it. A dozen beans in there, strange cardboard like stuff floating, anyway, if you made it to instruction, it’s no good. Period. So were they hoping, I guess, that people would never use or need these products and get away with such cheating. We did make other variety of food provided, same thing, one was so salty had to throw it away. We are not fussy people, but this is just plain lying.

  • fedupdem

    Look at the crowds on the JIm Bakker show – all fogies and stogies – that’s where the money is and the most gullible bunch. Hey Jim, Satan does not forget our old toys and you had plenty of them. I feel really sorry for Lori, she must be very vulnerable, very naïve or just plain stupid.

    • Steve Carnevale

      You’re the stupid one, she’s part of it.

    • cemego

      She feels guilt for her 5 abortions she had in the past.

    • Buddy Rhodes

      i moved down to the ozark 15 yrs ago from WI. to take care of my parents. I see why jim had decided to locate his business in this region….. because after all these years there has never been a more illiterate group of people when it comes to scripture….as nice as they are and well intended their knowledge of the bible is severely lacking. i see why they have been easy duped into believing jims and his guests scriptural interpretations without question….its sad really because i heard these same end-time predictions 25-30yrs ago.

      these guests push that the Church is going through the whole 7 yr. tribulation and it seems that your salvation is tied into this belief…we that are already saved will have to forfeit our lives to gain salvation……

      jimmy…your not playing fair…remember your old picture of you crying like a baby when they took you away in cuffs…..i would have hoped that your study of revelation in jail would have produced a better scholar than what your showing….thats all right though these people down here are like your own personal sheep..good luck and keep the faith….

  • lol@jimbakker

    As I read through the comments posted here the “Christians” defending Jim Bakker, do not sound so Christian. Why are the people defending Bakker so snarky, arrogant, rude, condescending, judgmental, sarcastic, nasty, etc.? Guess it’s hard to keep peace in Christ when your always full of fear, or did they never have Christ in the first place?

  • dsargent724 .

    If Jim Bakker really cared about you surviving the rapture and lived the teachings of Christ, he would simply give his tubs of low-quality food away for free.

    The Earth is over 4 billion years old. Doomsday is not coming in your lifetime. You have been deceived.

  • John

    For all of those of you who believe in this doomsday snake oil salesman;
    A fool is soon parted with his money……..

  • Lilred60

    I can’t believe people are being conned into the same old tactics of Jim Bakker. Once a con man, always a con man…..in sheeps clothing. I have emailed him several times via his website, but no response. Guess he didn’t appreciate my point of view on his recent endevour of survival products with an outlandish price. Same old Jim Bakker, just a new wife and look.

  • fedupdem

    There is a special place reserved for people like Jimmy Swaggart, Peter Popoff, Benny Hinn, Jim Bakker and a few others. People who have brought shame to the Gospel and the holy name of our Saviour Jesus and His church. It is people who are creating a kingdom for themselves on earth, there is no other kingdom for them anywhere else. There is a scripture that talks them: Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity”. Matthew 7:22

    • euphie

      What?? Simmy Swaggart??!! He repented–twice!!

  • fedupdem

    I guess they aren’t making enough money with the groceries so Jim is going back to his old games – property development – I guess Satan does not forget our old toys !

  • JMH2770

    He is the same money loving con artist he always was. He hasn’t ever and isn’t going to ever pay back the people he ripped off in the Heritage Grand hotel scheme from the 80’s, and does not usually reimburse the people he sells faulty junk to now.

  • John

    I have been an IRS Agent for 29 years working criminal cases throughout the county and a Christian for 33 years. I have followed his “career” for several decades. Jim Bakker is the quintessential con man. Period. Stay as far away from this deceiver as East is from the West.

  • bob w

    Before I ever new about Jim Bakers show I was ordering my freeze dried food from ” Emergency Essentials” for years. Its amazing reading about all the delays with Jims food. I never had to deal with that with EE. They send me a catalog every month with specials and new items. Try them at least once. 2 weeks and
    I have my food. and they will tell you if something is on back order. but no problems here.

  • Jake Grey

    One should be aware that a “serving” is not a meal – far from it! . A serving package is around 100 calories. So, if you think you can live on 300 to 400 calories a day (three servings) – you are mistaken. Look at the chart below and you will see that 300 to 400 calories a day will not even keep a child of 2-3 years properly nourished. How many of you think that a serving was the same as a meal? I would wager the vast majority of viewers. So, why don’t the Bakkers tell you it’s not a meal? Why do they insinuate that you can survive for 10 years on their three servings per day? If you rationed that out you would literally starve to death.

    Child 2-3 (1,000 – 1,400 Calories)

    Female 4-8 years (1,200 -1,800 calories)
    Female 9-13 years (1,600 – 2,200 calories)
    Female 14-18 years (1,800 – 2,400 calories)
    Female 19-30 years (2,000 – 2,400 calories)
    Female 31-50 years (1,800 -2,200 calories)
    Female 51+ years (1,600 – 2,200 calories)

    Male 4-8 years (1,400 – 2,000 calories)
    Male 9-13 years (1,800 – 2,600 calories)
    Male 14-18 years (2,200 – 3,200 calories)
    Male 19-30 years (2,400 – 3,000 calories)
    Male 31-50 years (2,200 – 3,000 calories)
    Male 51+ years (2,000 – 2,800 calories)

    So, I ask you why does each elderly generation, think it is the end of times? Do you remember your parents saying the same message? What about your grand parents – they too said the same. What about your great great grandparents? Yes – they too said the same.

    Why does the elderly think its the end of times and seem to want to deny the young generation a chance to live and flourish (sounds very selfish to me)? A hundred years from now, your great great great great great grandchildren will be saying in the year 2115 that again it is the end of times.

    If you are a Christian, give to your local church that helps your community. If you need to buy 25 year shelf rations – go to Costco or SAMS club – it’s better food and costs a lot less. Stay away from the TV charlatans with no financial accountability. They give nothing back to the community and are only lining their pockets and their families pockets with your hard earned money.

    Did it ever occur to you that Jim Bakker is only catering to middle and upper middle class Christians? What about the poor? Has Jesus abandon them?

    Unlike Bakker, a true Christian minister is one of piety. Here is an example of what I’m referring to – a village church that ministers to its flock, aids the community, refrains from politics, and from what I can discern – ministers that actually practice and live the word of Christ . http://www.wellsburgcommunitychurch.com

    As Christ said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Keep politics out of the church. For once politics premeates the Church, it is no longer a house of God.

  • Deb

    Having worked for Jim Bakker, not his real name by the way, I was a first hand recipient of his greed, and avarice. He needs to be honest, and let you know where all the $$$ for that horrible food is going. While we did without, his wife was buying expensive handbags and clothing. Shame on you Jim, and stop whining about how much help you need to build that complex. Enough already!

  • Jake Grey

    2 Peter 2:3 ” And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.”

  • Claire

    This is Claire, It was on jims word not Kim’s word. Phone changed the name grrrrr.

  • Claire

    I ordered a bucket of food, it took almost 2/12 mo. to get the bucket. I looked at the date and it was a year old. I called the warehouse and the girl on the phone said, “well it’s good for 25 years. I said that’s not the point, I didn’t pay for 24 years, I paid for 25 years good faith on Kim’s word. She said I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do. She said you can send it back and reorder but it will cost u for all the shipping. I hung up the phone, never ordered again.

  • Jake Grey

    Just don’t buy Jim Jones, I mean Bakker’s, grape Kool-Aid. It’s not made in the USA.

  • Daniel

    I read all these comments defending JimBakkerShow product delivery and I can’t help but point out the show collects your payment immediately. They have no problem having sufficient staff and resources to process your credt cards at once even knowing they do not have the product on hand to ship. Someone on here commented that we shouldn’t speak out about this if we haven’t seen a financial statement which no matter how you request such statement you will never see one. TheJimBakkerShow or their church does not provide any financial information to the public or to any ministry financial monitoring organizations.
    News presented on their show is actually inaccurate i.e.” stock market crashes 552 points in one day” What they dont tell you is when and how much the market goes back up. Any decade by decade study of the market gives a much more accurate picture of it’s performance. No one should ever consider any one day loss a real crash. Another thing is pointing out disasters and conflicts as judgement on this country because of our national sins specifically a******n and gay marriage. Why isn’t God’s judgement being poured out on other countries? Israel has had legal abortions since the 70s and have recognized gay marriage legal rights far longer than this country. There is a yearly gay pride parade in Jerusalem annually.
    The “prophets” presented on his show are not prophets by any biblical standard of true prophets. All of them appear to promote sales of their books. Their prophecies lack clear and exact facts and are usually so general as to be laughable. Trips to heaven, portals for angels and fantastic conversations with God even to the point of claiming to correct God himself are dangerous heresies to participate in.
    Scripture is taken out of context and even sometimes actually misquoted by leaving a key word out here and there i.e. the third epistle of John, one of Jim’s verses to test if he accepts a version of the bible as accurate.
    I could write a book on inaccurate dividing of the Word on this show but those who follow the man cannot see it and see no deception, immorality or l**t in this man.
    Sadly this ministry is just a new version of the old one with the same theme, money, money and more money. And this money is needed to pay the salaries of all of Jim’s relatives and pay for clothing, vacations and anything one can call an expense.
    Buy from him when he scares you, if you must, but you will be far more blessed to turn him off and spend that time with the Lord.

  • Mike W.

    The problems facing Jim Bakker’s food program are a complete a breakdown of organizational competency and cohesiveness. We placed 2 separate orders online. First was on 8/21/15 and the second on 8/27/15. We were told to expect 2-3 weeks lead time. Well it’s October 15 and no Augason food products. Bakker show representative Nadja informed me that they had a data glitch in their ordering system for the order we placed on 8/27 and it wasn’t corrected until 9/26, which that correction was prompted by our phone inquiry regarding the status of both orders!
    Representative Nadja admitted their error, to research the order, and agreed with me that the right thing to do was to expedite the second order since it was their mistake. She said that she would call me back with her results. However, I never received that phone call.
    …And low and behold we still haven’t received the first order either!
    I understand why people are angry with this program but I disagree with the vicious nature of some of the postings towards Mr. Bakker.
    However, there’s an expectation of the highest integrity when doing business transactions with customers’ monies and Mr. Bakker’s program has fallen short. Employee and/or volunteer errors, incompetence, and management’s lack of ability to resolve those matters are facing this branch of Jim’s organization. As a business owner I can understand employee shortcomings but those still have to be resolved with the customer base regardless of the circumstances.
    I called the main church number to express concerns, the operator was very helpful. Unfortunately I still have yet to talk to anyone there with real authority and oversight to date.

    Ministries are to be held to higher standards to avoid the negative publicity that the Lord God Almighty endures because of human ridiculousness. Get it together Jim’s people… for heaven’s sake!

    By the way my wife is now handling the matter. She has more tolerance than I do…God bless her!

    ORDERING TIPS: I now realize that online orders might be the largest part of the order fulfillment problems. Call your order in to see if you get better results. Our relatives have placed orders after we did and have received their food already.

  • Faith Heart

    I watched part of the Jim Bakker Show today and they had a writer on there that has professed he has been in contact with a few “Prophets”, he says they are simular as the ones in biblical times but more up to date with what is happening in our world today. They guy sounded very legitimate as I listened to him, I mean..what does he have to gain by warning people about the up and coming tribulations that are going to start happening around the world?? Nothing, not a dime..oh excep for the book he has written about it. He was right to say that people out there dont believe him when he talks about how money will depreciante wont be worth nadda, homes will go into forclosure, it is going to be very very BAD if you are not a child of God!


    Due to high demand for products…delays will happen. My egg bucket did not get here until this week(October 2 – ordered in July) Where are your patience people?
    Where is your “Chrisitan Spirit”?

  • Don

    Did God tell them they should charge double what you can get this stuff for on other food storage sites?

  • Ida9464

    I enjoy the show and all the products I order. I am satisfied even though sometimes I have to wait a bit for my order. People ought not to spread hate as God should judge, only. Spread some sunshine, people! I love jimand Lori Bakker!

  • En Svenk-Funderare

    Dear Friend why are you storing up food?

    I live in Sweden. My charismatic-TV preacher watching- friends are all very smart. But not in religious matters and sound christian reasoning. They are only smart when they buy a car or a house etc. Then they compare information carefully. They don´t believe one source. They compare information critically. But their brain is not used 100% when they listen to charismatic preachers. No sound analysis, no logic, they just flow in their senusal realm. The whole Bible is reasoning and presenting facts.
    I think it´s a sin not to analyze and compare information. Why did God create man with this organ? Please take in some other information and compare if Jim Bakker and the Knight of Malta – Mr Rich Joyner are right about end of the world now. Personally I believe in all biblical prophesies. I am not in any way a mocker of the Holy Scripture.

    Why not invest 16 minutes and please listen to some historic evidenceses that will show you that the Blood-moon theory does not correlate with reality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFQ6erynbmA

    Your friend David

  • stangbanger49

    This just proves that no matter what people will find something to complain about? I have ordered several things from brother Bakker and had 0 problems with anything I ordered and 0 problems getting what I ordered. Now I will say no one is perfect and no matter how good a system you set up you must always factor in the human equation and that is where things can get bumpy. Remember no one or no system is totally perfect.

    • Pete Holley

      Really. I ordered to books , Septuagint and Apocrypha over 40 days ago was told 3 to 5 days then was told on backorder wait a week then was told wait another week and Today this morning I was told should be there within 2 weeks that’s bad business on their part when a customer pays for something they have a right to know when they’re going to receive what they pay for I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and if I don’t get my books I’m going to file electronic fraud charges it’s not everybody looks for anything to complain about it’s obvious there’s an issue with this man and his company

      • Ida9464

        You will get your books! I have ordered more times than I can count and have never been cheated. Sometimes the warehouse is behind, sometimes you get things immediately. Sometimes it is the publishing company or the food company, but Jim ALWAYS makes it right! One of the fruits of the Spirit is patience. Another is self control. Have you never been late? Behind on something? Ever made a mistake? This isn’t life threatening, so get over your narcissi self.

  • Julia Wilson

    truly amazing . I came across this site by accident not as a busy body, But I’d like to take a moment and point out a few things that I cant help but notice. first off to you who are lucky enough to even have the God given money to prepare in what ever way you choose. God has truly blessed you to be able to that. I am a single mother I live in a bad neighborhood with my son. unemployed with bills. I went to a food bank after church sunday for to frozen pizzas and some raisin bread. I have canned goods too.. how about you? what did you eat for dinner. I don’t get enough money from unemployment to have the luxury of buying any of these things. and I know as sure as I’m sitting here The bad guys holiday will mean my end. Regardless of what you think, you have been blessed obviously. Sometimes I just cry and pray to God that he would go ahead and just take us. to spare me from what my neighbors will do to us. it breaks my heart to know that I just a sitting duck with no way out…I never thought I would end up in this position and now time is quickly running out..my 2 dogs are my only defense but we will fight together.. you in the meantime be thankful and love one another pray for people like me, we are scared… and be thankful. That God has been so good to you that you are able to have what you have God Bless you. I’ll see you on the other side.

    • Smack80

      If you believe the Bible, it says that we are to take care of today, not worry about tomorrow. If you are making it today, you are doing great. People have been predicting the end of the world since Paul’s time. He thought Jesus would return in his life-time. Live for today, take care of your son and teach him to be joyful, not fearful. These people are total wackadoodles, don’t let them steal your joy.

    • Steve

      Julia, you are not alone. You have God. When things seem to be completely hopeless God comes to the rescue. He helped me when I thought all was done and over with except my funeral. Instead of a funeral I received supernatural protection and a new start. I will ask the Lord to rescue you, but in my experience the rescue came when I hit rock bottom and felt there was absolutely no hope. I believe it happened that way so that when the rescue came I would have absolutely no doubt that it was God – not by chance or by luck or through the work of another person. That is how I knew it was Him because no power or persons on Earth could have done anything to set my deliverance in motion. Yes, I was stressed and fearful as God was in process of reversing my situation, and it took more than a day or two. But it was still obvious from the very beginning of that process was ALL GOD and nothing or no one else. Just no doubt! It couldn’t possibly have been anything else! That is just how bad my situation was. It sure made me a believer and I know for sure that God will rescue you! He does it according to His timing, though, and it may look like you are doomed, but that is how you will know that it was definitely God. I will think and pray for you often.

    • Karen L.

      Julia, As the Lord spoke to Joshua, so He says to you, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” As I had the responsibility to raise 2 children without the financial or emotional support of their father or anyone other than my mother and siblings, I know what it is like to feel fear and stress. I can honestly say, not once did I or my children go without. Not once! In fact, I could tell you story-after-story of God sending help (sometimes at the 11th hour) and God rescuing me and my children from harm. His love never turned away for one second, even when I was unlovely. Trust Him. Do not fear. God will never leave you, nor will He forsake you.

    • Faith Heart

      You know Julie, those same thoughts came to my mind to as I watched jim bakkers show, and they were showing the buckets of oatmeat, milk, chockolate milk, beans, rice…you name it they had i there in a big bucket . What just about knocked me out of my chair was when Jims wife said aloud the price of all this food….$2000.00!!!! my jaw fell open! How in the world are people going to afford this? I know there are very wealthy people who can afford that amount of money to buy that food, but I’ll tell you what…there are alot more people that live paycheck to paycheck , so how will this work for them JIM?? For some people one of the paychecks they get is equal to a bucket of food.

      • Niki

        I am a firm believer that we are taken up in heaven before the tribulation. God didn’t start the flood in the day of Noah and then tell Noah to start building the Ark!

        When God destroyed Sodom He Didn’t Begin destroying it and then hope Lot would get out in time.

        God has protected his believers and he will take up his bride/ believers in Jesus Prior To The Tribulation. Those who do NOT believe will then realize who God and Jesus are. They will run to churches only to find them empty! These who chose not to believe, they will suffer, they will have to fight off taking the the beast. Not the ones who chose to believe ahead of the tribulation. Trust that God will not forget you and your family. We live according to the will of God…. His will is that we believe in his son Jesus. We ask for forgiveness and we repent!
        Trust God… He will take you into heaven. He will not let you starve.
        I once thought we had to go through the tribulation, I couldn’t sleep , I told God I was not strong enough to be beheaded in the end.
        He sent me to watch John Hagee and Charles Stanley for the truth. I now have peace knowing we will be taken up to heaven, prior to the tribulation. What would be the point of God taking us up to heaven, only to send us right back for the second coming of Christ? We will get a new body when God takes us to heaven. We won’t come back until we come as warriors, immortal of body… to destroy satan and his followers

    • Niki

      I am a firm believer that we are taken up in heaven before the tribulation. God didn’t start the flood in the day of Noah and them tell Noah to start building the Ark!

      When God destroyed Sodom He Didn’t Begin destroying it and then hope Lot would get out in time.

      God has protected his believers and he will take up his bride/ believers in Jesus Prior To The Tribulation. Those who do NOT believe will then realize who God and Jesus are. The will run to churches only to find them empty! These who chose not to believe, they will suffer, they will have to fight taking the mark of the beast. Not the ones who chose to believe ahead of the tribulation. Trust that God will not forget you and your family. We live according to the will of God…. His will is that we believe in his son Jesus. We ask for forgiveness and we repent!
      Trust God… He will take you into heaven. He will not let you starve.
      I thought we had to go through the tribulation, I couldn’t sleep , I told God I was not strong enough to be beheaded in the end.
      He sent me to watch John Hagee and Charlies Stanley for the truth. I now have peace knowing we will be taken up to heaven, prior to the tribulation. What would be the point of God taking us up to heaven only to send us right back for the second coming of Christ? We will get a new body when God takes us to heaven. We won’t come back until we come as warriors, immortal of body to destroy satan and his followers

      • Sharon Meade

        My dear child, you have been misled by man. Jesus says four times in John 6:39-40, 44 and 54, He will raise us up on the “last day,” at the last trump (1 Corinthians 15:51-52). Please prepare for spiritual battle. Put on the full armor of God and hide in the shadow of His wings. (Psalm 91) We must be prepared to carry our cross, to the death if necessary, or we are not worthy of Him. Only the Church of Philadelphia is promised to be kept from the hour of temptation (trial, trouble, tribulation). This flying away nonsense is a deception of the anti-christ. Read the word for yourself. Trust in the Lord, not man.
        With much love in Christ.

        • crazyhorse

          thank u

    • Niki

      I am a firm believer that we are taken up in heaven before the tribulation. God didn’t start the flood in the day of Noah and then tell Noah to start building the Ark!

      When God destroyed Sodom, He Didn’t Begin destroying it and then hope Lot would get out in time.

      God has protected his believers and he will take up his bride/ believers in Jesus, Prior To The Tribulation. Those who do NOT believe will then realize who God and Jesus are. They will run to churches only to find them empty! These who chose not to believe, they will suffer, they will have to fight off taking the mark of the beast. Not the ones who chose to believe ahead of the tribulation. Trust that God will not forget you and your family. We live according to the will of God…. His will is that we believe in his son Jesus. We ask for forgiveness and we repent!
      Trust God… He will take you into heaven. He will not let you starve.
      I thought we had to go through the tribulation, I couldn’t sleep , I told God I was not strong enough to be beheaded in the end.
      He sent me to watch John Hagee and Charles Stanley for the truth. I now have peace knowing we will be taken up to heaven, prior to the tribulation. What would be the point of God taking us up to heaven, only to send us right back for the second coming of Christ? We will get a new body when God takes us to heaven. We won’t come back until we come as warriors, immortal of body to destroy satan and his followers

      • crazyhorse

        actually pre trib rapture is not true,,the lord said “AND AFTER THESE TIMES’ im sorry pastors taught u that but aint gonna happen he will protect us thru those times but pre trib is bs

    • Sharon Meade

      Julia, do not fear! In perfect love there is no fear. Our Lord and savior will provide. Yes, we will be here during the dark tribulation, but remember the Lord can multiply what little we have. Do not trust in man who deceives, trust only in the Lord. Stay in His word. Put on the full armor of God! Christ in you IS the hope of glory!
      Do you remember Jesus multiplying the loaves and the fish and feeding the thousands? Do you remember the widow and her son fearful of dying of lack, yet asked to feed a stranger? There was plenty. Praise the Lord! Be grateful and thankful for what you have. You have everything you need.
      What these preppers fail to realize once all this insanity kicks in, the government will come and confiscate their bounty and they will be left with nothing, just like the rest of us who barely survive.
      We have one Lord, Jesus Christ. He will not leave us, nor forsake us, even if we go to the gallows as a testament to Him, we will live and reign with Him forever.

      Comforting hugs to you dear sister and much love in Christ.

    • crazyhorse

      hello Julia,,im very sorry for your situation,,i have been there in spades so i really know how u feel,,it is really bad when your in your position and it really is hard to get out of,,,what i finally did was get my stuff together had to leave alot behind,,,but i was in a very bad part of sacramento ca in a black neighborhood as the only white person and felt like i was gonna die any day,,,not racist but thats the truth,,,so one night i did a hail mary and got the herll outta there ,,,here in az we have the gospel rescue mission and they do alot of things for women with children,,,they have programs that provide shelter,,,food and job training,,, i think u should google gospel rescue mission in phonoix arizona,,,tell them your situation and you are in danger,,,they will help u get outta there and start over,,,if u need help with the process email me at billsmobile@gmail.com and i will try and help u get out of there through the rescue mission or some other christian organization,,,god bless u i hope i can help,,,or the gospel rescue mission,,i believe the womens programs are here in tucson,,,,good luck,,,email me if u need help or more info,,,,we understand and everyone there came from where we came from,,,

  • Breninfaith

    Good Night Nurse! Some people on here post mostly nonsense about
    Jim Bakker! Listen up, no one has your arm behind your back to
    purchase the 20 years shelf life food. If you cannot speak nice of
    this man, then keep your mouth shut, as you will answer for demeaning
    one of Father God’s children. Jim makes very little from the sale
    of this food. He has built most everything at MorningSide from
    donations! Thats the way the cookie crumbles. His guest are some
    of the most interesting people that Father God is using in these
    times. Rabbi Jonathan Csnn, Joel Richardson, Carl Gallup, and
    many more. If you study prophecy you would know we are living
    in the End of Days, not the end of the world. Some of you think
    you are going to fly away before anything happens, HOW ARROGANT
    OF YOU! As sure as you have a nose on your face you will be a
    witness to some real horrible stuff that will soon unfold before
    your eyes. Get a grip, hold on tight, and get prepared, make
    sure your oil lamps are full!

    • Donna Hove

      OMG! Just because they are on his show does not mean they share the same views. Charles Stanley haf a show on the TBN network……trust me…..he does not share the same views as the network does but by being on at least someone who watches would get some truth. RIGHT! He is selling stuff no one could survive on and he knows it…….obviously!

      • Breninfaith

        I have purchased this food and it is very nutritional, so I’m not in agreement with your
        comment.. The guest that Jim has on his program are very much in agreement with him.
        Some of the best Bible Prophecy people are coming to be on Jim’s program. let’s see,
        this was posted 24days back, have you noticed the increase in world activity since then?
        it’s all lining up to fulfill Bible Prophecy. Russia is on the move and we have a Guy in the
        WH who hides under his blankie. As for Jim, he is the watchman on the wall, one of many.

  • Boyahdoggie

    When you buy STUFF from Bakker….he charges HUGE shipping cost.
    I ordered the 3 PH pitchers…. he charged $50.00 for shipping…. I got the mess and took it to my UPS store to check what it should have cost. They did their thing and I found out it should have shipped for less than $19.00 when they take you ORDER they ask do you wish to make a DONATION…. I SAY NO I have already donated way more than I ever would have.
    I wonder if Mr. Palmar from Seychelle knows how Bakker is gouging people on sales of his product.
    I found a place to BUY all of the goods Bakker sells and FREE SHIPPING…Honest Nutrition on line stores.com just put it all together. Janet and Ted there is awesome. I get my dried can or jars of ANYTHING for half the price of Bakker…..same way with Silver Sol…. WOW it is all so much cheaper than Bakker. Not to mention you are NOT gouged on anything. And FREE SHIPPING…hello !! All run by Frank Davis food…. the Complete is half the price of Bakker… I love that stuff!!
    IF you look you can get ALL he sells at FAIR PRICES and shipping at normal fees. Use you computer to sear for the THINGS you need not that are at Bakker…. Sadly the PH is still his…. I hope Mr. Palmer will release it…soon. You can find already the Rad pitchers on other filter sites and on Amazon… CHEAPER. But thus far no PH….I am hoping !
    Bakkers Bible is so wrong and those who sits in the place and agrees with his IDIOTIOC words according to what ever BIBE he thinks will say what he wants to say. I guess the LORD forgave him….but it did not change to the fruits he sends forth…. He seems to think he is the only one who HEARS FROM GOD…. but does he???
    Bakker tells all who will hear FEAR FEAR BUY BUY….but you notice he wants to BUY LAND build houses and SEE SELL SELL…. but the end is near. WELL it is near…but food in a bucket…you think GOD can’t touch that stuff?? Come one it is GOD dishing out the Tribulation!!!!! BUT we will NOT be here for ANY PART of the Tribulation…sorry Bakker. The WORD of GOD says….the KJV speaks truth…try it like some of your guest use!! What a thought huh….
    One more little thing…. where did the BUCKS come for that BIG BARN??? why is there no babies YET?? it is the 2015 not 1970’s
    And where are those farmers he brought in…you saw them and NOW
    you don’t??? I can’t even find their names now.
    I am just so happy I found STUFF I want from many other places…. you look and you will FIND… all I can say is AMEN!!
    I am sure I am now OF THE DEVIL NOW….since I have bad mouthed NOT EVEN Bakker… ooooooooo I fear NOT !! God is in Control!! Praise GOD HE is coming…..

    • Marge

      Thanx for sharing. We live in Canada, so if you think your shipping is bad, try here!! However, I also consider that when I purchase from JB, part of that is to support the ministry! Everything I have purchased has been of top quality and I have actually found places that charge even more. So many ministries sell books etc, so I hold no hard feelings that he is selling food stuffs. That is what God has placed on his heart and I sure don’t want resentment or criticism in my heart, should that trump call me to come up hither!!

  • Albert Hockenberry

    Wow, I was flipping channels tonight and came across this info-commercial. I will confess, at first I didn’t think it was the same guy as I thought it was just some huckster trading off the same name. But, it turns out, Jim Bakker is not only still alive, but he is back in business, as hard as that is to believe. If he was a true Christian (i.e. someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ) when he got out of prison, he would have lived the life of a monk, foregoing possessions and taking up the cross, which would have demonstrated that he was, in fact, repentant. Instead, he is back at it, demonstrating that he is, and has always been, about the money. According to the bible, Jesus said it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Rich Christians will argue that this simple message does not mean what it says, but it couldn’t be any simpler.

    • Lulane Coates Chasteen

      Until you’ve seen his financial statement you should keep it to yourself. And who are you to judge who a true Christian is? At least he is sharing the gospel with the world and attempting to help people prepare for Gods judgement. What are you doing for the. Lord?

      • George Hopper

        Most of Jim Bakker’s sharing information is about his food sales, not the Word!

  • Kohnhead

    They need to stop calling this a ministry show and start calling it the Jim Bakker end of days shopping network. It is 99% selling.

  • Linda

    I would advise folks to order samples of any long term freeze dried foods before buying a years worth. I have nothing against Jim Bakker but I ordered a sample pack from the company that makes the food he sells and I threw it away. Was very disappointed, but I was very pleased with another brand I tried and plan on trying 1 or 2 other brands before buying large amount. Jim’s is probably the cheapest you will find but since I ended up throwing the stuff away, what bargain is that? Some people may like it but I was not one. If you are thinking of purchasing a large amount it would be worth it to get several samples from various companies to see which you like. Also, notice contents, quite a bit of the so called servings are drink mixes and the actual number of meals seem to be less than what you might be led to believe, and this is true of other companies as well. Read the content info to compare apples to apples. Just a thought.

    • Judy Wilkerson

      Can you tell me what kid of food you ordered that you threw away?

  • Pamela

    There is ALWAYS going to be haters!!! Ugly, rude, SPOILED SELFISH BRATS IN THIS WORLD!!! If you read the haters comments on this site….don’t believe it!!! You and I know full well that all of these ugly comments are coming from people THAT HAVE UGLY HEARTS! Ignore them, the food is GOOD AND IF it takes a while to get to you, then be patient!!! My goodness this world has really gone down the drain! They are constantly telling you on the TV show that the orders get backed up. They do the best they can…if you have issues, then call and speak to them, but please be patient!!! Nothing happens overnight! I returned some of the food and got my money back real fast!!! I had to return it because I have allergies to many things, and it was not their fault. I also re-orderd other things and it was perfect! There is ALWAYS rotten apples in the bunch so read the haters comments if you will, but please go onto their website, read the amounts and ingredients like a responsible person should!!! It just kills me that people are so nasty, spoiled and selfish and ugly in this world. Get a grip!!! Your not going to find any better than this food….all the others have chemicals and preservatives in the food and guess what else???? GMO!!!!!! ???? Be careful for what you wish for too. Check it out and be grateful what is still available and that you can STILL GET IT!!!!!

    • anger

      You are as dumb as a post.

    • Donna Hove

      HAVE YOU actually fiqured out how many calories per serving. Do you honestly think you can live on approximately 400 calories a day for 3 servings…..ha…..GOOD LUCK ON THAT! JUST HOW LONG DO YOU THINK YOU WILL SURVIVE ON THAT?

      • Ida9464

        Please stop judging and spreading hate. If you aren’t happy with the show, don’t watch. If you don’t like the food, don’t order. Make yourself a garden and can food, just stop your bitterness, resentment, and hate

  • yael

    Sort of thing? What is that supposed to mean? The woman made up her own mind because it is her decision. Too bad that the selfish daughter doesn’t like her mother’s personal decision. The products from Bakers ministry are all high quality. Everyone in America should be doing something to become self-reliant.The mother is a wise and sharp lady.

    • Travis Rose

      You mean the food produced by Mormons and bought by Jim Bakkers company to resell? You mean the same company who the FDA Investigated and warned? http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2012/ucm335977.htm Sorry, that certainly does not sound like “good quality” to me. And Jim Bakker, the man who tries to make it look like he’s sending personal thank you cards for donations but none of the signatures match? They could have at least made the effort to attempt to make the signatures look alike. He is a fraud, a manipulating thief, and a liar, nothing has changed.

      And by “sort of thing” I mean just like the jim Bakkers and Peter Popoffs in the world.

    • Travis Rose

      Sort of thing refers to the Bakkers and Popoffs in the world.


      Not what I call high quality. Also less expensive if purchased from the actual company. Self reliant would be growing your own food, not buying it from someone else.

      And selfish? Seems to me it’s the mother that is being selfish. The daughter is showing concern for someone she loves, last I checked, that’s far from selfish.

      Jim Bakker sent four thank you cards to my father allegedly written and signed by him. Problem is, all four had completely different signatures. He could at least have the decency to not lie and sign and write his own stinking thank you cards. He is a manipulative liar, thief, and fraud and has not changed at all.

  • Harry Lee

    Jim Bakker the “DEVIL” is on the loose again!!!! WOW Still conning people out of their money. Yea right we all need this food he is trying so hard for us to buy it because of what’s ahead. JIM BAKKER is a LIAR!!! ! No shame at all in his game. out of prison back into making money the old fashion way thru LIES!!! The people who bought things from him will go in the ditch an rot in HELL!! You all are so blinded to believe in JIM “LIAR” Bakker.. FOOLS!!!

    • WaaWaaWaa

      You have so much hate in your heart. Not sure what happened to you but find someone in need and go help them with their struggle. Maybe an older person trying to keep up their yard or repair something for someone. Look around and try to ease someone else’s burden. Look for God and ask Him to show you why you are looking so hard at someone else’s faults. Jim Bakker went to prison for his shortcomings. The apostles were imprisoned, beaten, and killed for trying to show people in their time a better way. I am not comparing Bakker with the apostles. Just saying. Only one person was perfect and He loves you too.

    • Barbara

      If you haven’t been to Morningside I feel you should not be stating your hate. Maybe you need to prepare in several ways. We’ve been there several times and it is quite a spiritual place where the presence of the Lord abides. Go see for yourself.

    • Ida9464

      You you need to read what the Word says about people who call others “fools”. I feel sorry for you because I used to be full of anger and hat

    • Faith Heart

      I too remember when Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker with all that terrible makeup she always wore, when she cried it go all black down her face. Yes, I believed them and sent money all the time I watched. So it is very difficult to gain trust in him . I have yet to hear him offer to donate some of that food to low income families out there. Give give give Jim Bakker, no more taking of monies, donations, give aways would be better!

  • Lulane Coates Chasteen

    My husband and I purchased the Year for Two and received it with no problems. Everything we have ordered from Jim’s ministry has been right on time with NO problems. They are trustworthy and honest. They are doing what they believe God called them to do, which is to warn people of God’s judgment which IS coming to America because of our turning away from the things of God. Make fun of him if you want, but when the things he is talking about start to happen where will you turn?

  • Bob

    Why didn’t Jim put his ministry in Jesup, Georgia where he got out of prison. With all his goings on, he could have helped their local economy and been close to his cell mates!


      I was under the impression that love and forgiveness were part of the Christian life. Jim Bakker isn’t a perfect man, but I think he is in far better shape than you are Bob.

  • mary schulte

    The ministry is honest and doing a very important work….however, they do get so many orders that sometimes the turn around time is longer than expected.. They do stand behind their products and will work with anyone having issues…they have a customer service number now that is very prompt to handle incoming calls. Over several years I have found them to be totally trustworthy but since they desire to serve as many folks as possible and get their message out sometimes there are delays in shipment however it’s not with an intention to defraud…JIm wants all people to be prepared because our nation is in for a very difficult time and being prepared will help ease the pain…Listen to Jonathan Cahn on YouTube if you are uninformed…blessings and peace! m.s.

    • Travis Rose

      Uninformed is thinking he is doing anything beneficial for anyone other than himself. He preys on people’s fears and insecurities to motivate them to send him thousands of dollars. My father died because of Jim Bakker. He didn’t go to the doctor because he said he didn’t have any money. He didn’t have any money because he was sending Bakker thousands of dollars because Jim Bakker manipulated my father into believing that sending him money would somehow heal and save him. If anyone is uninformed, it is you my dear

      • Jmpinmoonlite

        My heart feels for you. My mom is under his control right now. Spent all her money on food storage. Now she is wanting to sell her house and move near him. I’m desperate to find ways to get her out of that fear. I wish Jim Bakker wasn’t on TV.

        • Travis Rose

          The fact that there aren’t any laws set forth to protect people from this sort of thing is nothing short of mind boggling

        • Linda

          I worked in real estate in the area where Jim Bakker has his studio. I still live in the area. Love it here but somewhat isolated. I had several older single women call me and asked to find a place in his development. I did not discourage them but advised them to rent in the area before up and leaving family and friends behind. I have a heart for seniors and would always treat them like I would my own mother. Older women that live alone might think living at a development like his would offer security. Would like to talk with you, if you like.

        • Linda

          Looks like my first reply was deleted. I’ll try again. I live about 5 miles from JB’s place. It sets kind of in the boonies, about 30 miles from Branson. For some reason senior ladies really like him and I’ve encountered a few that were ready to sell everything and move here to be close to Jim. As far as the housing development goes, it appears like he or his backers bit off more than they can chew. Some parts look really shabby with trash left over from building projects setting for years. The whole place looks like something that just didn’t quite get off the ground. The impression I get is he is struggling to keep the place running. If your mother is serious about moving here try to get her to come for a visit and perhaps rent an apartment or condo for a few months before making that decision. Personally, I think the whole place looks kind of pitiful, but he has improved the road to the studio for the tourists. You can pull it up on Google Earth, just put in Grace Chapel Rd, Blue Eye, Mo. You’ll see it’s in the middle of nowhere. Branson has lots of shopping and music shows if she likes that kind of thing.

        • Donna Hove

          Jim Baker is a fraud. Have her just see how many complaints he has against him on the food he’s selling and what people are saying. Not just a few people… a whole lot of people. If one or two…welll…? But hundreds of people. Check it out…I would not buy anything from his ministry…..plus if you know God’s word at all…..HE IS WAY OUT THERE…..TRULY.

      • fedupdem

        Look at the crowds on the Jim Bakker show – all fogies and stogies – that’s where the money is and the most gullible bunch. Hey Jim, Satan does not forget our old toys and you had plenty of them. I feel really sorry for Lori, she must be very vulnerable, very naïve or just plain stupid.

    • ReadyourBible Tom

      I also hear from God. he tells me that Jm Bakker is a false prophet selling survival items with fear. He has parrots that echo everything he says. God says let the wise man not be led by fear but by his Holly Word. Watch out for false prophets who use fear and deception for the end of one’s means.

      • fedupdem

        Look at the crowds on the JIm Bakker show – all fogies and stogies – that’s where the money is and the most gullible bunch. Hey Jim, Satan does not forget our old toys and you had plenty of them. I feel really sorry for Lori, she must be very vulnerable, very naïve or just plain stupid.

  • Lisa

    Don’t understand anyone not getting product quickly, or not being helped with any problems. I’ve ordered much from this ministry, received everything timely, have always been treated well, had all questions answered,…they’ve been great to work with. Cheap shot to say Jims still a crook. Forgiven and speaking what most wont, he needs our prayer and support, not our criticism. Nothing in life is perfect and full-proof, Amazon and Ebay can have glitches.

    Tribulation IS here, things ARE changing, Jesus IS coming…absolutely believe it’s time to prepare, pray, and be ready.

    • yael

      I agree. Jim Baker is not the same man as before prison. He is a blessing and is an inspiration that all sinners can change.

  • satin85718

    People, please, please contact the attorney general of Missouri. Jimmy needs to be back in prison where he belongs. My loss? $115 for CD’s.and books.

    Attorney General of Missouri, Consumer Protection Division, 815 Olive St. Set #200, St. Louis, Missouri, 63101. Fill out the online form.

    Does the IRS know he selling under the words “Love Gifts”?

    • shewhocantbenamed

      Why would anyone buy anything from a crook and expect not to get ripped off…really anyone who sends him a dime shouldn’t have that dime bc they don’t know what to do with it

    • yael

      Why is it everyone else got their products but you claim you haven’t? I don’t believe you for a second.

    • disapointed

      just had a great idea for my new business since their will be no hydro gas to cook your food I will start selling you firewood so you can cook it and also high blood pressure pills for the salt content in the food and do not to buy water this will also be needed to live people please have some faith in god

  • satin85718

    Upon researching this twit I found he does not pay his vendors and they refuse to ship to jumbo the dumbo. Why do you think he lives so lavishly? From money not returned from cancelled orders, which he couldn’t fill anyway since vendors wrote him off, then from the ‘love donations’. Get it now folks? The attorney general needs to know this and that he continues his criminal activity.

    • CDT

      May I ask what kind of research you did regarding his vendors? Can you site your sources? I’d like more information before I decide if I want to move forward.

    • yael

      Where is your proof?

    • Pam Terry

      It seems strange to me that the vendors are on his show DAILY so they must have a good working relationship! Is there nothing people won’t say and do to persecute people! Why is it that he or anyone is expected to work, preach, and provide a service for FREE!!! He has the right to receive money for his work. Just because it is a ministry doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to be paid. If you read the bible it says in the last days this is how it will be. Keep preaching and keep prepping Jim Bakker. I sure hope the people trashing these folks are perfect and never make a mistake or need forgiveness:( Glad my bible says that is why Jesus died for me!!! LORD HELP THESE FOLKS!!!

  • Will

    I’am just shocked people actually believe the world is coming to an end & buying all this stuff that they really don’t need. Read your Bibles people, all Jim is doing is making another Heritage USA with your money.

    • satin85718

      I don’t like Bakker but ordered a CD that was from Rabbi Cahn on June 7, 2015. Today, 7/30/2015, still didn’t get it. I cancelled order today and have a form ready to fill out for my credit card. Will, you don’t read your Bible. Make a study on prophecy and you will find you will need an emergency supply. We are still under an EMP alert, natural disasters, etc. You will need a supply for a couple of weeks at least.

  • barry fit

    in my profession I can see that gail has her head is up your rear end

  • not really hate for Jim Bakker as much as intolerance for a convicted felon who continues to use gullible people to swindle them.
    he did it originally using God’s name and he continues to make his superb income and lifestyle by bilking people in God’s name.
    If Jim Bakker is the answer to avoiding doom then perhaps I should turn to the devil like you have……but I sincerely doubt it

    • Gail

      I see that you are angry. Lashing out at me really won’t make you feel better because as a Christian I will just forgive you and move on in life. I would encourage you to be a happier person. I see too many people like you die unhappy and alone in my profession. Seek God. Have a good night. God Bless.

  • Gail

    Sounds like a lot of hate being spewed. I love the guests he has on the show, I have learned a lot. I too feel there is something coming but it was after I had this feeling that I started watching the Jim Bakker show ,not before. To each their own. If you prepare then you are ready if something does occur but I would recommend you read what other ministers are saying and writing; then make up your own mind, regardless of the negativity towards Pastor Jim. I have my pantry stocked, but it is only because of this uneasy feeling I am having that something is about to happen. God is only going to be patient for so long and then his wrath will come, that is what the Bible says, not Jim.

    • kewldaddydave .

      I don’t think it’s hate! I think The Jim Bakker show hosts and staff needs to be thrown in jail. What do you need to prepare for? I myself as a Christian believer became ready when I accepted Christ into my heart. God never told christians to stock up on food. He said “look up”. Jim Bakker Show is nothing more than a infomercial for money, or greed! I’m sure you know what the Lord said about greed. There is going to be a lot of so called christian evangelist, pastors, and many others going to hell.

      • jmpinmoonlite

        Amen. What are these people with food storage going to do? Let others around them starve as they feed on their storage in their homes? You think Jesus would do that?

        • Lin

          What’s wrong with being prepared? You don’t have to buy anything from Jim Bakker, buy elsewhere. Remember the story of “The Ten Virgins”? How many times did Jesus say,”I’m telling you this so you’ll know when the time is near” or “be alert”. It’s not only Bakker reporting economic disaster, top worldly economists are sending out warnings too. Look around you, we’re falling apart morally and we’ve gone from being the world’s greatest lender to the world’s greatest borrower. We’re in trouble and we have stuck our finger in God’s eye to many times. Why would any Christian think the, “time for judgement is not near.” We depart from Him more and more every day. He’s blessed us more than any other and we reply with, “depart, we don’t want you here.” Do your research, be alert and wake up to the Times.

        • USNAVYVET

          And what are you going to do? Steal or rob from others in lieu of accepting responsibility to prepare yourself for biblical probability?

      • yael

        You don’t know your Scriptures. Joseph was a prepper as was Noah. The Scriptures say a fool is someone who sees trouble and doesn’t prepare. Scriptures teach us to look to the ant. The ant gathers food while it is still summer. There is plenty of support for becoming self-reliant.

    • yael

      Well said Gail. When hurricane Sandy hit Long Island, no one was prepared. People needed food and water, toiletries. I was prepared myself because Scripture tells us to be prepared.

  • Buck

    I ordered two Black Bean Burger Buckets, 47 days ago still haven’t got it. Called today and it has not even shipped. I will be trying to get refund. I will not be ordering from them again. $240 shipping included probably down drain.

  • MDS

    In the old days people survived on 500 calories per day and worked hard. Sometimes people went without meals.
    It is recommended 1200 calories a day. It all depends on your activity, weight, and height. To complain about the calories in survival food is petty. It is backup food for when you need it.
    I’ve seen the same kind of dried food sold at Walmart and yet where are all the complaints about calories sold by them.
    Counting calories is for fools. I bet the complainer spent more calories trying to figure if he or she was cheated than what was in a meal.
    When the big one happens (Global disaster), you better hide your low calorie food. There will always be someone having no calories ready to take your food away from you survival food hoarders.

  • Patricia

    Radiation from Japan has spread across the western states. Cows eating the grass in California produced radiated milk and naturally it can’t be sold. I live in Michigan and Meijer buys fruit from Western states I don’t buy any of them anymore. Jim Baker is warning folks to prepare buy or don’t buy from him BUT do stock up on some extra food and survival supplies. This fall the USA is going to fall and you will want to be Prepared!

    • jmpinmoonlite

      Matthew 6:25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?”

      Question: When bad times come are you going to hoard all that food for yourself or are you going to share with everyone who it’s struggling?
      What would Jesus want you to do?
      Check your heart intentions.

      • Stop!!Rd

        I was getting worried too when I saw his show but I have been seeking out an answer from God and as I am reading this from your comment…I thought “oh yes” the Lord did state this in the Bible. One lady mentioned we were already in tribulation, however I just studied Revelation and there are a few more things that will have to happen before then. But as it has been said we need to prepare ourselves and get right with the Lord before our time ends. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I believe I just had a devine appointment with your comment.

  • sandman7733

    This Bakker guy is a complete idiot. He speaks nothing but nonsense and drivel. “God” spoke to him………….right, and I have some beautiful oceanfront property is North Dakota to sell anyone who believes him. He was selling iodine tablets after the tsunami in Japan citing that the effects of the nuclear plant disaster would soon plague the western U.S.. When did that come to fruition again Jimmy?? What a load of crap. Now he makes up some completely ridiculous and absurd story about the end of times and wants you to buy his so called “food.” Seems this guy, and his followers (aka blind sheep), will never, ever learn. He is selling fear. People just want to believe so badly, that they fool themselves into thinking what he says is true. How incredibly sad. He is a complete lunatic. It is people such as Jim Bakker that are destroying this country. His false ramblings in regards to science (Big Bang) certainly does not help. Just like the little boy who claimed to go to heaven and subsequently write a book about it, only to admit it was all a lie……………Jim Bakker should simply admit he is nothing more than a complete fraud.

    • true garbage this Bakker. and his wife is as phony as Bakker…..good match. been bilking people so long they have talked themselves into accepting their own trash. As long as there are gullible fools to swallow their pitches, they will continue to sell themselves.

  • Yankee Guest

    I got into the letters to Jim Bakker website and mildly criticized his Survivors Buckets, but not in a sarcastic way. Well, they never published it. So I continued to write more and more comments and each was never printed. I noticed that every chat on his site was positive, full of sunshine, and glowing affidavits on behalf of Bakker and his tribe. They dont respond to questions, comments, or anything that wants to probe deeper into the Bakker program.
    What a charlaton! This tactic is used by dictators throughout history. This is my complaint for his so-called Show. I now watch it to laugh at his scare and selling tactics he uses. I consider him a comedian and his “yes” men and women on stage with him as dense sheep followers who have no clue and never question or offer any point of view which doesnt parallel the great Jim B, the pastor version of Barnum and Bailey.

  • Bakersafake

    First off why would you even listen to that show you know the guy is a fraud. He’s out of jail and back to selling his own food line and selling people books , prayers and everything under the sun. He also likes to scare people about the future and the coming. He plays on peoples fears and hope they send in money. He hasn’t learned any lessons. They should have kept him in jail for 45 years not the 4 . Remember in the bible it say something about people who pretend to be Godly that some of them will be devilish in their ways and not to trust them or be weary of them This is one of those guys.

  • Trent

    I would ask that you compare 1 month of survival food for 1 person with 140 servings for $195.00 from one of the many companies selling survival food to what Jim Bakker is selling, 1 year 1164 servings for 1 person for $550.00. This is survival food people, you forget that our entire way of life will change. There will be people fighting for food, don’t look to have 3 square meals a day, most people don’t eat 3 meals a day anyway. Those that have bought survival food will wish that we had purchased more. I have purchased some items from Thrive foods, the basics, flour, cornmeal, rice, beans, etc.

  • Mike

    I have contacted the Jim Bakker show about the generator I received about two years ago four times and each time no one will answer. It will not hold a charge on a 60 watt bulb for more then an hour or so after charging all night. I asked for help not a refund being two years old. Having given $1900.00 I just wanted help maybe repair or something. FYI your on your own if you get one once the check is cashed. Hope I am the only one out there with a dead generator.

  • Frank Zappa

    I remember Bakker when he was busted a few years ago for skimming and or financial fraud…..BUT I will give him credit because I believe him to be a changed man….Could be WRONG BUT Love tells me to believe the best about Jim Not the worst. I may not agree that the food that he is selling is great but it beats starving to death.

    With so many people selling survival food Jim saw a good thing and jumped on it. From reading all the reviews the food that he is selling is just a grade over DOG FOOD with the exception of a few items so what I had intended on ordering from Jim I will get somewhere else. With the cost of shipping of 700.00 plus dollars for 14 totes I’LL Pass.

    I will give Jim that he does have a knack for creating a sense of urgency, and I believe that Jim does exaggerate and many of the things that he proclaims.

    I appreciate all of the information that you all have contributed here on this forum as it has helped me reconsider where I buy.

    Thank you all for your help

    • Bakersafake

      Fine to love and forgive. But don’t be naive either. God also gave you common sense. Do not trust blindly specially this guy.

  • Jeff

    Once a skunk, always a skunk. He also said 2014 has had more than 100,000 earthquakes. Do quick search and you will find the number to be 15,000 worldwide.

  • Stephen Schmengle

    Wow….thanks folks.. I was about to buy some of the food…. Jim Bakker tends to over promise things. I live 8 miles from PTL club (where it used to be) Very sad it was a wonderful place. IN any case since you protected me from this is I will tell you the Mormon’s have been doing this for years. My wife hooked up with a lady who sells the Mormon dehydrated food… Think the name is ‘Thrive’….. I ain’t pushing it there is NO commission-don’t care if you buy it or not. I will say we are buying more …. The diced chicken and the dried vegies are quite good. I think it is more expensive that regular food but we are trying it out and it is pretty good.. We are amateur preppers but it is a good idea to prep some if the grid goes down chaos and not food when the trucks stop rolling… Stephen said that…..be well…

  • Elizabeth Leland

    I write for The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina. We reported the original stories about Jim Bakker and his PTL show. I would be interested in talking with people who have bought survivalist foods. My name is Elizabeth Leland. I can be reached at 704-358-5074 or eleland@charlotteobserver.com. Thanks so much!

  • Richey

    No Evangelist or Church should sell anything except the word of God & Salvation figuratively speaking because for one thing it’s not their job and the 2nd their will always complaints of wrong doing. The only way he would impress me is taking food and donating it or open a local food kitchen or a disaster center for families to come to just in case but with his record he would take this ideal and sell lottery or time shares to it and whoever got the disaster reservation for that year right wins and lives.

    • marie

      Hello, you are correct…it is the feeding of orphans and widows in their distress that is true religion…he should be feeding the poor, not trying to
      pay off his bills or get rich..could it be he will need to be sorry all over again? He teaches a mid tribulation rapture of the Church..convenient or
      what? seems to be for the selling of food..Christians are feared into buying if they believe they will be here during the tribulation..

      • GodsPhamily

        He IS helping others, ARE YOU? Or U just like to run down others !

        • bob

          He is helping himself. He says all the money after expenses goes to keep the TV show running. He NEVER explains how much he is paid to “keep the show running” and what expenses include. This guy is a crook.I help people every day, but not by rripping them off.

        • Jim Bakker has PROVEN himself to be a person who uses others to make money by instilling a fear….and CRIMINALLY!!!!
          This person now says I have changed and now I want to sell you something again.
          You say okay and I believe you. Here is my money.
          This is NOT the way to be part of GodsPhamily.

        • satin85718

          Jimmy learned how to be more cunning from prison! He is a criminal at best! Do an absolute research on the thief and you will see for yourself. His whole family is involved with his criminal behavior. The assist and abet the thief. Do your homework!

    • spedred

      One might think that Jim Bakker would be donating this “survival” food to food kitchens or a disaster center as those places would be affected by whatever disaster Bakker is preaching as well. Maybe his is … I don’t know. But, one must also think that some sort of profit is gained by his pushing this “survival” gospel on TV. Hey, if the world is in such bad shape that people need the stuff he is pushing, the end is near and we will die anyway.

  • Michael Crist

    1. They are quick to take money — but slow to ship.
    2. I placed an order almost a month ago… and NOTHING!
    3. They sent me a confirmation that I had been charged $225 — but nothing else.
    4. No shipping confirmation; tracking number; or explanation that my items were “backordered”.
    5. I called about this time last week and was told the items would be coming in [to them] Thursday.
    6. It’s now Wednesday of the NEXT WEEK, and I still haven’t received anything.
    7. My items aren’t heavy, and ordinary UPS or USPS ground could get here from Missouri in one week.
    8. In the 21st Century… such incompetence is pathetic for a secular company.
    9. But running such a scam on Christians is just plain wrong.
    10. I thought Jim had repented
    11. Apparently I was wrong.
    12. So sad. I actually enjoyed watching the show — despite the constant one-hour sales pitch.
    13. I’m close to filing a BBB complaint.
    14. I’m trying to be patient.

    • Maisy5

      Running a scam like this on ANYONE is just plain wrong and disgusting. Not just Christians.

      It bothers me so much to see all these “Christian” leaders literally preying on people and scaring them until they feel the need to send money or purchase things like this. Scaring people this way is definitely something Jesus would absolutely be quite upset about.

      These so called leaders are anything but Christian. Such a shame.

  • george

    jim bakker is using scare tactics for his in of the world holocaust so give me a love gift and buy this over expensive crap .still hustling with a new angle.the bible teaches us not to live in fear did not jesus say he would be with us always even through the end of the world which jim baker is preaching for his hustle.the man is con artist he talks about healthy products i guess his daughter and the other fatso on the show are really loving the crap.anyone who deals with this is a sucker

  • Carl Maquar

    All you people who is deffending Jim Bakker have about much sence as a box of rocks, when are you people going to get it he and his staff are con artist they will never stop till death comes apon them and it will be too late for them and i see where some one made a comment on, well hes only trying to get people not to rely on ggoverment, no rely on jim bakker the Senoir citicen pocket book raper you people are “Very Foolish” to believe the con game he is running on you, but i could say it like this, your resistence to what people say about the con artist jim bakker is that you identify yourself with him!!

    • GodsPhamily

      Don’t throw stones if U live in a glass house (check your spelling) —Not much “sense” in your box of rocks. If YOU’RE not helping, don’t attack 1 who does. Luv, from Li’l Old Gramma

  • Franklin

    Any televangelist selling anything is going to be labelled a huckster, but that doesn’t change the fact that the message he’s getting out is to not depend on the government to get you through the next disaster. Be prepared, because you don’t want to have to venture out to get supplies in the aftermath of the next great disaster, such as an economic collapse or an EMP.

    • Ron McLaren

      Bakker has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t care if you buy from his ministry or some other place, just be prepared when the event happens! I for one have checked out his food and did not find a thing wrong with it. Tastes good for what it is and as for price, I dare you to find any food like it cheaper.
      As for the lengthy shipping times, try to understand that many people are purchasing this food and so backorders will happen. It must be saying something when so many people are buying from him that they are constantly running out of stock in the warehouses! All I am saying here is that I too was skeptical about the man and I prayed about it. God revealed to me what I believe to be the truth. Jim Bakker may have his faults, as any man does, but he is actually and genuinely trying to help.

  • frettadafrog

    ‘Money’s gonna be worthless when disaster strikes,’ Bakker shouted at his audience the other day.
    It’s not stopping him from raking in the dough.

    • JaneE

      I would compare what he is charging to what other survival companies are offering. He is much cheaper and contents/menus are comparable. My order was back ordered and they have recently incorporated a new computer program and are catching up on the orders. Most food items are not even handled by Mr. Bakker’s people but straight from the manufacture who is also providing food through other people/ministries.

      • frettadafrog

        It’d be cheaper to shop at Aldi’s than pay his prices. Like he said, ‘Money’s going to be worthless…” Well, he’s sure raking it in, isn’t he?

    • GodsPhamily

      He uses some to build home for unwed mommies.

  • annon

    He mentioned that orders are coming in faster than production can make them. Be patient and focus on getting canned goods and rice at your local grocery meanwhile. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket so to speak. If the calorie content for what you have isn’t enough you should be able to add pasta to it or rice. Remember this food is being sold as low as possible and vegetarian meaning NO MEAT. Get your freeze dried meat online to add to it if needed. Hang in there…where God guides He will surely provide. Difficult times have hit our nation and it maybe we may never get to eat any of this food. Whatever, comes place All trust in God and not yourselves.

    • Jacynthia Read

      Buying Straight from Augason Farms or Rainy Day Foods is a lot cheaper for the same thing. Also, Walmart is selling Augason Farm’s survival food for a lot less with free shipping. I realize Jim is making a profit for the ministry, but if you are one of those who doesn’t have much money, buy direct.

  • Betty Sines

    It was advertised as “SURVIVAL” not “Meals on Wheels”

    • JaneE

      Survival meaning survive… not thrive. No meat either so I would can some meat.

  • bjdale

    He may be a con….. he is offering a service…. that even tho you do not think so, it is cheap enough… I am retired and live on a limited income…. this month I have $25 after paying my monthly bills….. I would love having some of his food in my pantry to fall back on… I seriously do not know how I am going to make it…
    When you go to bed with your belly growling…… trust me his food offers sounds pretty good……
    A crises is what you face today…. Remember…..there are Americans going to bed hungry as I type this……..Does anyone care……..:(….. I think not!!!!!

    • Peter Gozinya

      You are right, I don’t give a ****.

    • JaneE

      Praying for you!

    • Stephen Schmengle

      Most towns have food banks. Check with your grocery store they know where they are. No excuse in this country to go to bed hungry….This is true…..S

      • GodsPhamily

        Lots of small towns don’t help ! Too many in need, Too many won’t share. Jim & friends DO share! Our Wal-mart gives out-dated produce to the pig farmers

    • agnosticsdonthate

      No, they don’t. All of that slop can be bought at Cosco for 1/8 of the price he is charging. This IS his way of recouping all the money he “lost” before going to prison for stealing money and FOOD from the mouths like you.

  • Jeff

    I don’t know why this person is complaining about. They did offer him his money back, and what business is it of his to decide if other people are getting scam! I like to see if anybody can get the same type of food with more of a calorie count cheaper any where. You get what you pay for in life! Further more, “let the first person who never sin cast the first stone”.

    • JaneE

      Amen Jeff! He’s not offering Filet Minon!

      • though personally Jimmy can ingest filet mignon every day…..and all because of your generous donation. Thank you thank you thank you

  • Jim Jones

    In my opinion jim barker is a con, caught up in the., dog chasing the tail , money, money,money, the high life. Every thing first class as at PTL. The food at 390 caloric content for one day is sin full. The only way to get prices down is to cut size of serving. There it is money always win the poor people that are bought in this trap is set up for Satan. So who is Jim Bakker working for.

    • JaneE

      You should go see him for yourself. Changed man. I know him personally and he truly believes we are in the last days and wants to help however he can.

      • Stephen Schmengle

        I live not far from where PTL was… He oversold it and went astray but I liked what he was doing….s

      • winniethepoo

        If he really wanted to help he would dontate the food to food banks and not sell it at over inflated prices. He is delusional and the same old scam artist he was when running PTL. Now he’s building “Lori’s House.” Whatever happened to all the money that was donated for “Kevin’s House” back in the day? It never opened, nor did he intend for it to open. He just used this darling child Kevin to raise money. Lowest of the low. I have absolutely no use for Jim Bakker or his tactics to raise money.

      • GodsPhamily

        He’s not the Only prophet aware this is END TIMES. Not many willing to help.

  • salkash9983

    Nowadays Jim Bakker his wife and his crew who tow fat guys ,a fat lady and young lady are a team who are selling merchandise but they are not paying any Taxes that is not fair with America so we do request to IRS please check their books and find out how much money they have made so far and if they have paid any Taxes on their prophets if IRS do not go after them then they setting a wrong precedent .We Thank IRS in advance. Today they are selling expansive stuff cost about $ 2000 dollars per piece

    • Jeff

      Why do you have to single out Bakker’s ministries out for? There are a lot of ministries that offer “Love Gifts” thru their own organizations as well, and what’s makes you so sure they aren’t paying taxes on the stuff they sell! Do you have access to their business records or something? If you can’t prove of any wrong doing, than where I come from, that is called slander!

    • Berf

      First, tell them to check with the Reverend Al “I forgot to pay millions in taxes” Sharpton

    • GodsPhamily

      shame on U

  • Salkash

    Jim Bakker is a good sales man but not a pastor only the problem is that he selling his products without paying Taxes why he can get away by doing that because his wife and crew of two fat guys a young lady and fat lady that he claims his adopted daughter they are sharing the income the greed is a terrible thing but they are under the cover of a religious show without religion that is not fair and the IRS should look into their books and this is a noble task if IRS DO THAT and we request to IRS please check that out we will appreciate that Thanking IRS in advance.

    • Franklin

      Oh, and you don’t think your trust in the IRS could be a bit misplaced – not even a “smidgen”?

  • Donna

    Turn the channel don’t buy the food. You have choices. I think caloric count won’t matter if you have none. I find the food good it is much lower than any other survival food. Get a life

  • marge

    How about being fair? He offered your Money back.take it and shut your mouth. Maybe you could use your time saying a prayer for yourself or others. Thanks and God bless. Marge

    • anananan

      Are you insane?? He’s scamming people now, like he did back in the 80’s with his other wife!! Get a clue!!

      • Lady in Maine

        Bakker is as good and as consistent at scamming people as religions in general are.

      • JaneE

        Do you know him? You will give an account to God for every word! Go meet him and then tell me.

      • Mimi

        Yes. She’s so fake.

    • Mimi

      Christian response here!

  • Prnts SwindledAgain

    Have you folks TASTED any of this food. ITS HORRIBLE! Now I have to go to the hassle of returning stunningly heavy buckets of crap food. Don’t buy this stuff its garbage and just another scam!!

  • thomas

    this guy is nothing but a con man who takes hard earned money from older people. he never learned anything from being in prison. he and his wife lauri are doing nothing but conning people just as he and his ugly wife tammy did. he and lauri need to be prosecuted and sent to jail for the rest of thre lives for the scamming they are doing. his whole show is nothing but bull s**t and he asks for money more than he preaches and she meaning lauri is just as phony as tammy was and just as ugly. they are nothing but pure con artists and need to go to jail.

  • Dot, and Jim Kent

    All should read about the ones Jesus really used, and read about their past. HE knows the heart, and we are human, and humans make mistakes, and Jesus is sitting at the right hand of our Heavenly Father to ever intercede on the behalf of those who love Him. Also, please read what one judge had to say about Jim’s alledged wrong doings. Just saying we should do our research, and if we still believe there’s some wrong doing….don’t go to others, but take it to the Lord in Prayer, and let the Holy Spirit take care of it as only He can. Not one person on earth can cast a stone at anyone….no not one !!! We are to lift one another up in prayer, love,and support, and if one feels they can’t then one should just pray about it, and really be careful about the word that are spoken because HE hears, and sees All…..most of all….HE KNOWS OUR HEARTS…JUST AS HE DID THE LITTLE BOY DAVID…Love to read about him. I believe in Jim Baker, and did when he was had PTL. No one reported the good things that took place…they reached way down in the gutter to find a little mud to sling, and that is so very sad. Jesus is coming Soon, and Let’s just all be ready friends. He’s my dearest friend, and has never let me down, even when I let HIM down, and I will continue to make mistakes being a human that I am. But one of these days I’ll see HIM FACE TO FACE…What a Happy Day That Will Be. Praying for Jim, Lori, and staff, and love the food, and Silver Sol… the Bread is the best Bread in the world. Can only afford couple loaves a month, so we eat it very sparingly…..Love, Love, Love it :) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JIM BAKER, AND KEEP SPREADING THE NEWS THAT JESUS SAVES, AND WANTS US ALL TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT’S AHEAD….EVEN THE ANTS DO THAT :) :)

    • Lady in Maine

      Gawd – such delusion is sad…

    • phishing4men

      ” Not one person on earth can cast a stone at anyone….no not one !!!” So you must believe the Apostle Paul was wrong when he called out by name false teachers. Your polly anna outlook on life will lead you to an awful end. He now claims his time in prison was God’s idea to give him time to study the Bible, how ever it was his crimes that sent him to prison, he and Pres clinton like the oral sex the get from abusing women.

    • latest

      yes, and handle your business,or ministry as jesus expects you to.

  • Linda

    I bought 4 orders of the year and a half food and have received what I ordered. I ordered it because it is such an amazing value and what I have tried is truly good tasting food. All the other companies offer pretty much the same food but at quadruple the cost. 600.00 for that amount of food is remarkable. I spend that much in two weeks at the grocery. I started stocking canned goods but found this to be a much better value plus u dont have to worry about spoilage and storage for thousands of cans. These 12 small boxes will fit in the corner of a closet. At this price 30 cents a serving he is doing us the favor. Im sure if you call they will straighten out your order. Sometimes people are going to make mistakes. They are only making pennies on this food. No way can you grow it and can it at this price, plus the 20 year shelf life. Love u Jim and Lori. Keep doing what you are doing.

    • Georgia Sligar

      Linda, I too, ordered the $500. with the $120.00 cost for shipping. It is almost 8 wks and I still have not received my food. I can find no phone # for the company. When I placed the order they would not give me a confirmation # or a tracking #. When Jim showed it on the program it looked so good. You mention, 12 small boxes. I was told 12 boxes but small…? I am a widow and want to share with my family. I’ll divide into four kits. I want to try the potato soup, my favorite. One man said the food tasted bad. Have you tried any of the food. Hoping to hear from you. God Bless, Georgia

      • MsLee

        Georgia. GO to JimBakkershow.com. Click contact and it brings up the phone number. “To Place an order:
        888-988-1588” You would use this same number to inquire about your order. Sometimes I does take 4 to 8 weeks to get an order, especially if their supplies are low. They have had tremendous response on the food orders. When you ordered they should have sent you an email with a tracking number on it if you ordered online. if not call them and ask.
        To others on this comments section: I have ordered the 30 day emergency bucket, the year for you, the year for two plus a bonus year. I am not that concerned that the calorie count is low. I ordered more food items to supplement, like the veggies and fruit items. Plus I plan on getting the Heirloom seeds soon. This food is not expensive. I have priced it against a lot of other survival food and it is very reasonably priced. The great thing about this food is it is freeze dried and has a 30 year shelf life. Plus the pouches are reseal able. Some of the other companies who sell survival foods comes in huge cans, and canned goods don’t have near the shelf life that JB does.
        As far as Jim Personally, he was exonerated of ALL Charges! His second trial the judge found him not guilty. He was railroaded the first time. So do some research before you cast stones.
        Also, for all you nay sayers out there, what are you doing to help your fellow man when it comes to survival?

        • Teegester

          He was not exonerated! His sentence was found to be excessive but he was not declared innocent! There was no second trial.

    • AmericanwithaBrain

      Linda is clearly on the Jim Bakker staff and is a plant. No one is that gullible or stupid.

  • kingskid722

    You know folks, I’m so glad there is only one person who is actually perfect in every way,and , it ain’t us!!! That perfecct person was mocked, beaten and scourned too and literally died trying to save lives from a devil’s hell – could any of us do that? NOT!!!! Get over your little pet peeves about who does this and who doesn’t do that and get a life in Jesus Christ won’t ya? Any type of emergency freeze dried foods, no matter the source, will not always have a high-caloric nutritional value; it’s just the way these foods are made. You have to shop around for the best price. Some of the freeze dried foods, even from Costco or Sam’s Clubs costs more than what Jim Bakker sells – JB knows the spiritual condition of this country and the world and knows all too well about the soon return of Jesus Christ; many WILL BE left in the cold wondering where their next meal will come from; look at the economic situation here folks; unemployment; shutdowns, higher taxes, etc. JB is doing what he can to help YOU, the general public, get a handle on how to survive the coming crises that this world is about to suffer through – Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not…….

  • Fay

    I believe in repentance, forgivness, and restoration for ALL who have fallen and come short of the glory of God. And that includes all of us. This is Jim’s testimony. If he hasn’t done this, then God will be the JUDGE of Jim Bakker, not man…………

  • Sarah

    If Jim does good people down him & if he doesn’t they still down him ,,, Jim , keep on doing great things for JESUS & let all the tongues keep on talking… for you are doing good things …. God Bless all of your Family

    • Shannareef

      Amen… Bless him.. And you :)

      • AmericanwithaBrain

        Just watch out if he starts offering Kool Aid. Especially if he asks for your wallet first.

    • latest

      not downing him, just expect respect, for his customer’s

  • Anthony

    Put back in jail where he belongs! What fool like this con artist and thief out?

    • Shannareef

      Have you read his book?? Maybe you should before you throw sticks and stones!! I’m assuming that YOU have never done ANYTHING wrong in your life?? Good for you!!

    • JaneE

      You need to go meet him. You will answer to God for your words!

  • Sharon Frisco


    • Marie


      I bought two (2) "Year and A Half" offerings of food: that’s $1,000, which is real money to me! I’ve called the ministry several times; and, today, I sent Pastor Bakker an email informing him of my problem. It is my prayer that he, or someone who can make "things right, will contact me soon. If not, I’ll be forced to file a complaint with the FCC.

      I believe in what Pastor Bakker is trying to do, but he needs to make sure that there is a process in place that guarantees customers their products, within a timely manner as well. I ordered my food last year, and I’m still waiting for my order to be completed. They did get the oatmeal, butter noodles, and beans & rice to me after Christmas, but the lentil burgers, the "real food" they talked about, and so many other items is incomplete. Plus, now, they are saying on his program that March 1, 2014 is the last day to get this food offer! What happens to those of us who have not received their complete orders from last year??????????

      Let’s agree to keep this situation in our prayers: HE answers prayers even when the Bakker Ministry does not answer their phones……

      • Jewels

        I agree I ordered ” God’s Brain Food on May 9th 2014, here it is July 24…actually I ordered 3 different products from the Jim Bakker show ..I have only received 1 item of my order which all 3 have already been paid in full…making a living these days are hard for people..The money I spent I truly thought I was doing something good for myself and a friend…I have called several times to inquire about my order and each time I call they keep saying ” well just give it 2 to 3 more weeks “….does anybody else have this problem when ordering the Coconut Oil, or has anyone received there order yet ?..I truly wanted this product and I pray Jim Bakker is an honest man and is not just taking people’s money for his own gain…

        • JaneE

          God to the Wilderness Family site and buy the coconut directly. Last time I went there, even their stock was depleated. I think Jim just had more orders than he anticipated.

    • MsLee

      the contents are clearly labeled. Maybe you should have read it before you ordered it.

  • Charles

    I think they should have kept him in prison for his whole sentence, then maybe he would have been really re-habilitated.

    • laverne


      who are you to say such a thing about Jim bakker. are you so perfect and are always right and do nothing wrong. Jim is only doing what God told him to do. If this is the one that GOd sent to Jim to help the people when hard times hit’ then you should take it up with God not Jim.

    • JaneE

      Check the official records. He was cleared of all charges during his retrial… He was actually allowed to present evidence (financial & personnel) for his defense that the original judge would not even review. Do you know him? I do and he is different as night and day. The staff is always concerned because he practically gives away the survival items at cost. His concern is people.

      • Teegester

        Nope. No retrial. Not cleared of all charges. Where are you people getting this false info?


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