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Last Updated On: December 3, 2016

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Business Name: The Jim Bakker Show
Corporate Address:
PO Box 7330
Branson, Missouri 65615 USA

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Jim Bakker Show Phone Number: 417-779-9000
Company Contact: Jim Bakker - Host
Corp Website: jimbakkershow.com

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 267

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Reported Losses: $290.00
Average Reported Losses: $145.00

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Waited 47 days for Product; Still not shipped!

I ordered 2 black bean burger buckets, May 1st. 48 days later still not shipped. Cancelled order yesterday and call back today. Will be 30 days for the refund.

Not holding my breath, but yesterday filed a complaint with credit card company and started proceedings for the bank to get money back.

ADVICE. Don’t waist your time and money with Jim Bakker, He was and still is a crook.

Morningside Church (Jim Bakker Show) – PO Box 7330 Branson MO 65615 | 417-779-9000

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How come he still “kikes” people out of their money . Vacations to anywhere they choose. God will judge him in the end.

Did someone think he was a sincere Christian? The sheep will follow anyone who sounds religious.

For the last several weeks Jim Bakker and friends have been saying that they are nearly broke and will need to delete stations. This week he is back saying that his minestry is going to expand. He is building a new studio and ampatheatre. Why does he need a new studio ? He’s also signing on a new selling channel. Suddenly he is rich again. I don’t understand it. Jim Cox

The food servings claimed are NOT meals. The calorie count is not enough to live on. The claimed shelf life of his food is, IF IT IS STORED AT 60 degrees or lower. The shelf life is reduced considerably if stored at a higher temperature. If there is an EMP attack, his generators and solar panels will NOT work, they are electronics and will be destroyed also. All nothing but a scam to make money. If you insist on buying these products, find them on the net for MUCH less!

I follow Jim on Twitter and initially I got responses to my tweets and I was impressed. Then those responses stopped and now I still ask questions but not responses. It is as if Jim Bakker has established a cult there. All his tweets do not is advertise the latest prophet to preach. I bet he refused to listen to anyone who would rebuke him or confront him. I wonder how much control and instilled fear he has imployed at Morningside. I used to see him as a senile old Grandpa. you love him as a person but try to… Read more »

They want 2.5 million dollars and asking for $1000 donations today. When they get that they will go back to selling their stuff that the average person can’t afford. Jesus would want you to help your family, a friend, a neighbor , a hungry c hild . At least you know what your gift is doing. They went to the inauguration, that had to cost!!! Why didn’t he donate that cost? Oh he wouldn’t be able to brag so much about himself.!!!!

Where is Lori? No reference to her at all. Instead of the Jim and Lori show, it’s now the Jim Bakker show. Lori is totally absent, maybe she was raptured early?

I didn’t even realize this, yeah where is Lori? When will Jim Bakker make the news that he is in financial trouble? Or will he make the news? Zach and Sasha, those poor kids………

She got tired of being “talked over” by Jim. No doubt, got tired of the scam she had to live with by being connected with this phony

I see right through him. Discernment is a must people!

Jim Bakker will always be a scammer!!! Smh

Don’t order anything if you want it quickly. They don’t let you know that the shipments are going to take months and more to be delivered. They charge your credit card immediately. I order a lot on line and have never before had my credit card charged before the product was shipped. They should let you know this in case you want to cancel the order and get the product elsewhere. I ordered a silver product, wanted it quickly, and found this out too late.

Personally you are more likely to suffer the antichrist than this disgusting looking gook. Just buy a gas ring and hundresd of gas bottles, hundreds of candles lighters and matches. A water filter a source of water,and a few hundred boxes of cambridge diet. That should see u throgh and wont make u ill.

Jim Bakker is just a snake-oil salesman! Scam, Scam, Scam…..is his belief system.
Stop watching the show and stop trusting this guy.

On January 9, 2016, I purchased a”My Power Pal” for $300.00 + $15. This same unit is available from $159.00 and less from various other sites. It is a “Amazing Batter Charger – Though small, this charger certainly packs a punch with the ability to start a car 18-20 times before requiring a recharge. You can even recharge your charger with the convenient car or wall adapter, making it simple to be ready for your next battery emergency. Plus, there’s no need to stress about the charger losing its juice over time. This incredible device will retain its charge for… Read more »

If you are buying a product, that is one thing, if you are supporting a ministry, that is another. you need to review your Heart.

It’s really sad so many people believe the World is ending & spend all this money, for food they will never need. The world has been here for millions of years and isn’t ending any time soon. Yes things are bad, but they were bad 1,000 years ago and will be bad 1,000 for now….

He quotes the Washington Times, a Unification (Moonie) owned newspaper. He calls Greta Van Susternan “a good Christian” (she is a Scientologist). His show is all selling and politics nowadays.

Although I enjoyed listening to some of the informative guests Jim Bakker often has on his program, I was disappointed and disgusted when he started his “pay for play” deal in recent months. In other words, if you pay a certain extra amount of money as a partner/donor to his ministry, then you can gain access to him personally that others cannot get. Supposedly, this buys you the ability to go and sit down with him one-on-one, in a private nicely decorated room somewhere on his compound, and have a nice little chat with him for a few minutes. I… Read more »

I have only watched Jim for the scam part of his ways. I don’t understand why so many take him seriously. He knows how to take news stories and twist them to bible prophecy and lure people into his web for sure and then cry when he thinks no one believes what he is saying. smh…………. He needs to be taken aside and confronted.

I had been getting monthly shipments of food & water bricks. One shipment from sept 16 arrived with only six packets of food & they charged my account $115.00. Refused the order & have been given the run around getting my money reimbused.The water brick & food shipment that was supposed to be shipped in Aug 16 I never received it even though I was told a second shipment was sent out the end of September, still haven’t received that one & I’m demanding my money back & nothing returned. It’s a total of $185.00 owed. Then in early Sept… Read more »

Me and my football team gang banged Lori Bakker in a motel room, then she asked where was the basketball team?

Flipping a coin with the baseball team to see who would go next?

Is that true?

I am saddened to hear that Jim and his new wife have had to cut back on their consumption of Porterhouse steaks and filet mignon. Because of these hard economic times Bakker had to have his gold faucets reduced to 10kt. The 18 kt. he planned to put in proved to be too expensive. He sells the buckets of pig slop he calls food to the masses. Do you honestly believe they ever eat any of this stuff? I have said before that I thought you were supposed to save this food for the end of the earth. He encourages… Read more »

Not surprising! That man is out for NO ONE but Jim and Lori Bakker!

Jim Bakker DID NOT SUFFER! While imprisoned in a Country Club environment in Jesup, Ga, BOP inmate #07407-058, ate well, slept well, was well cared for and did VERY little to support his privileged lifestyle, as usual. His followers continued to send many thousands of dollars per month to him in “prison” for his crimes. He got a 45 year sentence, according to the Federal Court sentencing guidelines; but ONLY ended up serving 5 out of those 45 years, because he could afford BIG name attorneys; because of your donations to God! Did you expect that was where your money… Read more »

I just heard him say today that they changed him in prison. Do you think that’s true ?

Jim Bakker needs to STOP feeling sorry for himself! He constantly references the “wrongful persecution he suffered in prison”. He lived in a country club environment, and I was his next door cubical neighbor. I am not proud of hacking a computer, yet will NOT allow Jim Bakker to allow you to think he suffered! That man has NO remorse for the 200,000 people that he and Tammy Faye screwed over. Jim Bakker got caught by Jimmy Swaggart, (another example of “Christian Hypocritical greed” gone wild). Bakker admitted to us, at FPC Jesup, GA that he had, “misused some donor… Read more »

May God have mercy on your soul !!

He only sold 160,000 timeshares for $7000 each, worth $1.2 Billion; according to the Court records. He also “suffered in a Federal Prison” for 5 years”, (out of his original 45 year sentence). Bakker and Tammy Faye deserved that 45 year sentence for all those people they scammed! The “FPC, Federal Prison Camp” in Jesup, Ga; (where Jim and I lived next to each other for a year) was a country club in comparison to the real prison, or “FCI, Federal Corrections Institute”. The FCI holds serious criminals, while the FPC holds white-collar criminals like Bakker and me, (computer hacking).… Read more »

This guy is a creep

I thought this lowlife was dead and in hell already with tammy faye you ?

This is the lowest human being on earth. His wrath from God is coming and this is the s**t he will wipe from existence

Who is stupid enough to support this idiot that sold 1000s of timeshares that did not exist ? How can someone be so dumb ?


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