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Last Updated On: June 9, 2016

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Business Name: Fox Broadcasting Company Inc
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10201 W Pico Blvd Bldg 100 #3220
Los Angeles, California 90035 USA

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Corporate Phone Number: 310-369-1000
Company Contact: Peter Rice - CEO
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A story that is not true was posted in your news two days ago. on the 09/10/2013

You Guys Showed my Son as a gang member wanted by the police and he is no gang member. my Son happens to be a great kid who works two jobs and is a very decent person and you guys made him to be a gang member.

your story has affected his life. and I truly think you guys need to start reporting the true not just lies that or corrupted police department is telling you guys to report.

I will contact my attorney to see what lawsuit we can file against Fox and the City to fix his good name.

Please before you guys go reporting lies about people think would you guys like for it to be done to you.

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  • Charles Hearn

    Why are so many of your commentators trying to destroy Donal Trump.I’m talking specifically of Megan Kelly,Bret Baier, Tom Shillue and others. They have spent more time in the last week criticizing Mr. Trump for his remarks on the Judge handling his Trump University case and the lack of support of a few Republican Conservatives that what is going on with the sever protest at Trump rallies (ALL waving Mexican flags and burning US Flags), the Clinton Machine and problems with the Clinton Foundation. I’m to the point where I tune in to CNN, which is at least reporting the news instead of Bashing Donald Trump.


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