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Last Updated On: December 2, 2016

Americas Auction Network Contact Information

Business Name: Jeremiahs International
Corporate Address:
289 34th Street N
St Petersburg, Florida 33713 USA

Americas Auction Network Customer Service

Americas Auction Network Phone Number: 727-321-5728
Company Contact: Jerimiah Hartman - Owner
Corp Website:

Americas Auction Network Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 9 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

Americas Auction Network Reports

Reported Losses: $147,660.00
Average Reported Losses: $16,406.67

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Bought about $40,000 of what was called certified 22ky & 23ky natural gold nuggets from america’s auction network as an investment. I took the nuggets to 2 different jewelers and they told me that they were man made nuggets and they were not 22ky or 23ky.

The jewelers instructed me to take them to a gold assayer. And so I took one 22 ky & 23 ky to the gold assayer to have them tested.

The 22 ky nugget came back 17 ky and the 23 ky nugget came back 21 ky.

I called america’s auction network, and they denied all of it.

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  • Ruben G Martinez

    I purchased a ladies Rolex,for $1700.00 ,but they charged my credit card over $1850.00 dollars ,when I took it to the watchmaker it was loosing
    26 minutes a day I called to send it back the Woman in Charge of returns Jean D’Amico took a week of several calls to give me instructions to sent it back
    after calling my credit card several times they took out their winnigs (profit) and sent only partial return.the Rolex was a piece of junk.,
    the nerve of these People!

  • AANtv

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. We are constantly working to improve our programming. We are truly sorry for the negative experiences that you have experienced while shopping at our network. We work hard to make sure that we are honest and keep the best possible products in stock. It is always a challenge for an organization to be perfect. We will use your comments on this forum to change and do better for you in the future. Please have patience with us as we are also human. If there is anyway we can correct our mistakes, please let me know or call in and we will listen to you and do our best to correct any problems.

    • M



    when ray taylor was with all was great. I got several pieces of real art from the dali musuem. Stamped and signed inverso by Albert Fields. But he is replaced by the runt who looks like he shines his hair and looks down his nose at you. How it works,get in a late bid, he actually thret??said on air i will kill you. I got so mad i would call and say 200 and hang up. They have since banned me. You know how to get a native american according to LONESOME DOVE,the book? Catch em when they crap.???haha/not pregidous,just hate em now.

    • AAN

      Our art department behind the scenes is still the same. I’m sorry the frontman makes you feel so much hostility.

  • randy jackson

    thanks aantv for all the jewelry i have bought from you randy jackson

    • RON

      LOL, sounds like randy works for aantv, LOL the show is a RIPOFF !! AND A BUNCH OF LOW-LIFE LIARS !!! read between the lines when they talk about coins, show you one section, that is not the same as what they are selling, or they do a C&P and put in there own words, to make it look more valuable , stay away people theylie and take advantage of all there buyers !!!

      • AAN

        I’m sorry you feel this way. What could we do to change your mind about the company? We work hard to tell the current facts and do a lot of research. Is there a particular host that is causing you to say this?

  • randy jackson

    i have bought thousands thousands of dollars with them for years and im very happy with what i purchased from them go somewhere else and pay 3 to 4 times more for it thanks aantv randy jackson

  • Randy Dull

    I bought a metal detector from these Clowns, I had it in the box for mos. i decided i waned to sell it, I paid 175.00 for it, Its all over the internet from 38.95 and up. I was also undre the impression from the commercial that this was a discriminating type which would filter out junk and had a dial that showed if you had a penny, niclel, dime,Quarter etc, and gold or silver. This is nothing of the sort, i threw some coins on the carpet and it sounded on about 1/2 of them and they were not buried, which leads me to believe its trash, Not worth anything near what I paid. I called to complain and they would not talk to me because my"account has been flagged" What a bunch of money grubbing a***s they have there, yes Jeriamiah is a bullfrog, Slimey b*****d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

    • randy jackson

      you cant buy one for 38.95 learn how to use your first dumb

      • jbeezz

        That’s a harsh and hateful statement Randy. Why do you have to be so mean? You can be happy with your jewelry purchases but why disbelieve someone who has bought something that is not jewelry?
        Anyway. It’s just not nice.

    • badinkidink

      Ev1 should always cross check on the net!!! Theres always some site that has things for 1/2 price or more then the other guy!!!! Shop smart!!!!! And when you don’t, blame yourself!!!!


    AANTV is one of the biggest rip off companies on television, I have purchased coins from them and it has been over 6 weeks and still they have not arrived, I called and finally cancelled the invoices, they show a token coin which makes you believe they have them in stock, but in all reality they don’t have them in house they use your money to purchase the coins and use your money for as long as they can before they get around to ship your coins, Also Adam the brain child coin dealer will show a coin such as the 1955 DD poor mans coin then go to the coin red book and compare it to the original 1955 double die, newbies who don’t know better think they are getting a great deal but in all actuality they are getting ripped off, well leason learned newbies, they can’t be trusted stay away from AANTV.

    • ron

      They have to be the BIGGEST RIP-OFFS when it comes to selling coins, they lie and mislead everyone on 99% of the coins they sell. I found a site and the buyer is really good to work with, and ships the very next day, I have alot of silver eagles and other coins I did buy from always a great deal, and most times free shipping too !!

  • guest

    They are selling worthless 2 headed barber dime coins.You can buy them on e-bay for 8 bucks.They are not silver or even real.They are trick coins.what magicians use. Stay away from these guys.

  • steve chernoff

    This is nothing but a scam when i got into coin collecting I thought they were great now that I’ve been doing it for years I see how overpriced they are by four or five times the amount. The jewelry is even worse over stated on air and way over price trying to get a refund is like dealing with a true scam artist even if you call back five minutes later they’ll hit you with all these fees better never to deal with or watch them in the first place

  • robert liggett

    I bought more improperly graded currency..this was VERY far from UNC and I returned it and asked for shipping refund. Some a*****e said it was considered UNC and refused to repay my $3.27. It was pressed, creased and wrinkled. For a small amt of money, you have lost a customer! This was my 2nd improperly graded currency and the last one was also returned at my expense. F**K you AAN…I will also tell my friends about your deceiving bullshit and crooked company. I have spent a fair amt of money w/ you, but it is OVER! so f**k off you a******s!!!!!

  • Randy Dull

    I am satisfied with the art,hand blown glass and Native american crafts i purchased, BUT! the Coin auction has screwed me royally.I have called the customer service dept many times.I am trying to talk with management. They sold me a holiday suprise pkg. 2 of them i bought, Nothing but photocopies of novelty currency. Buffalo niclels without dates and about 4 wheat pennies the are 1957 & 1958, the most common and worthless ones there are, For 100.00 I got about less that $1 worth of junk,CRAP! I also ordered some 1964 Kennedy half dollar reverse proofs, They are just sprayed with powdercoat, you can’t even read the words or dates its so thick. a blatent misrepresentation! Then I bought 2 sets of Golden Gate S mint morgan Dollars, the said they had sent some to NGC for grading and actually showed certified coins in MS65 Cond, leading everone to believe they were of quality! I paid 1000.00 for 10 coins, I sent them to NGC for grading and 6 came back labled Improperly cleaned! which makes them worthless except for melt value, 1 was an AU55 2 MS 60’s and 1 MS 62. total value 350.00 mot including the 170.00 I spent having them graded! I have been promised to be called by management several times and they have not responded,I was sold a bad bill of goods and they will not respond, They gave me RMA’s to return the 1st 2 items, but they charge high restocking fees, 20% of the sale price. Break out the Lube!!! They will break it off in ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • randy jackson

      looks like you bought from them 2 times right go figure

      • BuyerBeware

        randy jackson must work for them, or is a suck-up!!!


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