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Last Updated On: December 3, 2016

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Business Name: Preferred Long Distance Inc
Corporate Address:
16830 Ventura Blvd #350
Encino, California 91436 USA

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Preferred Long Distance Phone Number: 888-235-2026
Company Contact: Jerry Nussbaum - President
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

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Reported Losses: $8,102.66
Average Reported Losses: $578.76

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SCAM - They are third party billers

They call representing themselves as AT&T saying that as of a certain date AT&T is switching long distance carriers and they need to confirm with you because the letter mailed wasn’t responded to. They make it seems like that is the only option.

They are third party billers that charge you for each line you have even if there is no usage on it. I found this article and called them immediately to cancel the order. I thought I was speaking with AT&T but that is not the case.


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  • Shannon

    BE AWARE THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM! Someone from this company called and represented themselves and someone calling from AT&T. Once she told me about the rate reduction I was going to receive on our bill, she then asked me how many lines we had at our business. My response to her "If you were from AT&T, you would know how many lines we have" she said ‘SHUT THE HELL UP" and hung up the phone.

  • Whistleblower Fouru

    This place is located in las Vegas now. They are located at 3070 e post rd. Ste 200, 89120. They call using a blocked number, but they’re number is 702.851.3542 & 3543. Two scum bags run the call center, Jesse and dantae, it’s ran like a boiler room. They cuss at employees while they are on the phone, they also say if you tell them to put you on the dnc list (do not call) they don’t have to, because they are calling businesses and not residential. They will mislead that they are at&t or century link. They call fl,in,ga,wy,ca and a couple of others. They also use the excuse that they use the same lines as at&t and are trying to get you a wholesale rate instead of the regular rate which is a lie. Example of rebuttal : See you At&t? They’re answer – I’m sorry saw you having issues with at&t? If so we wouldn’t be able to help you today then would we? Or if I was calling to just save you 5 dollars I would be wasting both of our times. All I ask is you give me 2 minutes to outline the program, if it’s for you, then we can both part ways as friends, fair enough? Those are just traps to get how many lines you have and to mess up your bill. Again they are not affiliated with at&t or centurylink in anyway. Do not trust them, you’ll regret it. I worked there and left before my first day was over. They tell employees that the reviews on the internet are just disgruntled customers. This place is a scam and will definitely mess your bill up. There is no cheaper rate and they are not selling wholesale rates. BEWARE AMERICA!!!!!

    • somebody

      i work there now, not too long yet, and i describe it as the “sweat shop of all call centers” .. my throat hurts from yelling the script over and over and over while they scream right in my ear, cussing at us, WHILE i’m trying to get a customer to listen to what i have to say… that’s some hard s**t right there…
      i can’t believe you just called them out on everything! haha!

  • Jenne

    Giant rip off. I fell for it, signed up, got ripped off, sent them a nasty complaint and I’m STILL on their call list. And of course it costs money to disconnect and re-connect. I am surprised that AT&T doesn’t file an injunction against them. Relentless scam!!!

  • Julie

    Same here and they held our 800 number.

    • Pattie

      I am so glad I told them I had to think about their offer of price reduction on my bill. Told them to call me back on Friday. I have been with AT & T for 25 years. Not happy about constant rate hikes so I considered their offer. Their closer kept repeating that AT & T would handle all problems and remain our carrier. Only thing he said would change would be the billing, handled by their company. And he did throw in 100 free long distance minutes. Hate the monopoly of AT & T but scared of the upstarts. Been there and it is a nightmare to correct!

  • AT&Temp

    I currently work for AT&T and we are receiving a rash of calls where customers are having all of their phone service moved to this company, with the promise that they are directly connected to AT&T and are offering lowered rates. I can honstly say that this is not true!! As AT&T owns a lot of subsidearies, any call attempts from AT&T we directly state we are calling on behalf of AT&T. You should know that any AT&T representative is assigned an AT&T ID number, which every representative is required to give out when asked for by a customer. This is a good way of identifying if you are on the phone with an actual AT&T representative. Also, make sure to pull a recent bill and ask them to confirm information regarding lines, packages you currently have before discussing. If you call in to AT&T only call AT&T branded phone numbers i.e. the number on your bill, television commercials, and AT&T adds in publications. We make every effort to ensure accuracy, and protect your account, we in turn will always ask you pieces of information to confirm your identitiy when you call in. I for one, as long as many of my fellow employees strive to always be the best at what we do, and deliver any cusotmer with the best cusotmer service.

    • pbr953

      Thank you for posting this – they have called my business twice in last few weeks, but I did not do business with them-thank
      goodness. But, how do they know our AT&T info? It sounds to me like there is a possible leak at AT&T!

  • Jeff

    Terribile company. Their account reps are rude and misleading. I am reporting them to the BBB. They are trying to hold me responsible for a phone hook up that they never actually hooked up. What a joke. I think its time to contact an attorney.

  • Nancy

    Great.. I was just had by these ****. I just got my NEW and improved AT&T bill and it is over $300. It should be about $150. Not sure what to do at this point. First step… AT&T??? They are allowing this to happen. There is a link to them because a girl at Preferred phoned me 30 minutes after I hung up with AT&T due to a billing issue with them. AT&T charged me an early termination fee of $153 for this. NO ONE made mention of that. I just signed up with AT&T also… so Preferred had a lot of my information in regards to my phone numbers/business phone use.

  • guest

    Freaking out just a bit….on line with agent assuring me I was going to save he business so much money . One flat fee for all my lines up to 20 lines. That we qualified for these savings. I got off the line just after supervisor(the closer) assure herself that her agent had done her job correctly & moved forward to handling the transfer to AT &T .. the warning bells went off and I made an excuse and got OFF the line. I was starting to feel "worked" . So I went to Google and read the reviews and was immediately relieved I dodge a bullet . Thank goodness for the internet!!!!



  • 81SBagle

    Boy am I glad that I said to call me back on Monday. I said I was going to Google their company for "reviews" and if it all checked out, that I’d switch. I haven’t seen a favorable review yet! How does a company like this stay in business??

  • stephanie

    Well, they just met their match! My hubby is telling them what for! He’s making them prove who they are and everything they say, he asks a question they can’t answer. They are not at&t! When we asked for their number, we were told they only give it to existing customers. I did some research real quick and told him what his phone number was and he was astonished! He finally got his fill of my hubby and hung up! lol ….don’t do it. It’s a scam

  • john

    I fell for their scam, their promise my bill being under $60 a month was a lie, my rate is $97 a month. They are absolutely horrible to deal with.

  • linda arrigo

    They called my place of business and first said their was an issuse with my At&t phone bill. That’s how they got my attention. Then the woman told me she was operator ## I don’t remember the number. She started telling me how At&t had a way to save me a third of my mothly phone bill. I started asking questions and then another woman got on the line and started tellling she could speed up the process and I wouldn’t have to be kept on hold. I asked several times if they were At&t and she kept assurring me she was. The whole thing just sounded really fishy. I told her I didn’t believe her and hung up the phone. I tried calling the number back, which was a California number and a recording said that number was not valid. What the heck? I was just talking to someone at that number. After doing some research I found out who they were. This really ticks me off! They are liars and thieves!

  • charles lovelace

    These guys are liers. I was even still charged by AT&T and Preferred at the same time. How in the **** can I be charged by both?

    I just wrote them a nasty letter. Really nasty and said I will not pay. I wont, They can eat ****.

    • maryam

      same thing here.. ive been charged by both companies for months and only found out because i finally took a look at the bills. my book keeper said nothing!

      • Brenda

        I filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC. I was getting calls and threats because they charged me over $300 for 1 month when I was paying $60. I was also told they were AT&T. Since I filed the complaints I have not heard back and no phone calls so far. Go to the FCC website and file a complaint for slamming. If nothing else maybe these scammers will be shut down. The company is owned by a husband/wife team. Shame on them!!!!

  • Brian

    I had the exact same problem, I just filed an FCC informal complaint.

    • ths524

      The same problem with my business account in Dallas. What was suppose to be a $96.00 bill turned into $240.00. It was a sweet con..


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