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Last Updated On: October 19, 2014

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Reported Losses: $89.94
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A Fraud

I purchased a Nettalk Duo device which was installed March 17, 2014. Installing it was painful and had to spent over 3 hours online digging up information on routers etc. because Nettalk has ZERO support. I put in 3 trouble tickets which went unanswered to date (April 25, 2015). I tried the live chat many a time and much to others experiences I was on a queue with always 20+ people ahead of me then hang up on after 30 minutes of waiting. I purchased an international plan which I could not use.

Every time I dialed a number that was on the list of eligible countries, it said I had no credit. I put another trouble ticket on that. You can guess how that went. I was able to make calls to US and Canada based on my Basic Call plan.

I was fed up not being able to make calls internationally and being charged for it, so I called my bank. I provided all the evidence and they recovered the charges for the international plan. The next day after the charges went back to my credit card, I was unable to call in US and Canada although I have the plan for it.

I am now on a queue with 22 people ahead of me (RIGHT!!!!) and have been on there for about 8 minutes. In about 22 minutes I will be hang up on and I will be asked to put another trouble ticket that will go unanswered.



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