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Last Updated On: November 27, 2015

NetTalk Contact Information

Business Name: Inc
Corporate Address:
1080 NW 163rd Dr
Miami, Florida 33169 USA

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Company Contact: Anastasios Kyriakides - CEO
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NetTalk Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

NetTalk Reports

Reported Losses: $259.74
Average Reported Losses: $37.11

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Dead duo telephone device

My duo dies and I purchased a replacement directly from Nettalks’ website in August 2015 as per their live chat agent. It arrived abut 12 days later (not their fault, the post office shipped it half way around the country in error). Anyway, I got it set up on Aug 15, 2015. It worked for less than a month. After two sessions totaling about 3.5 hours with their tech on line chat support, they determined my duo is bad.

They requested I Send my receipt for the recent purchase to them via email at CS@NETTALK.COM which I did right away. Although I have emailed several times, customer service has stopped answering me. My service is paid up through March 2017. When I did not receive any shipping notification about a replacement, i contacted live chat support and they first said my unit was out of warranty, then said I needed to finish my diagnostics with their tech. I explained that we had and was again told to hold on while they looked through the record. I was then told that they were arranging a replacement order.

That was several days ago and I still have not received any notification or response from customer service. I guess I may have to refute the charges with my credit card company. I understand they provide a very low cost service. My suggestion to them, raise your prices, give some better service or just go away. I know I will not be renewing and have already stopped the auto pay /auto renew.

I am also going to advise my credit card not to accept and further charges from them.

Consumer Comments For NetTalk

  • Tony DiGiovanni

    Failed to Port existing Number and cost $49.95 to reconnect it.
    Then disconnected from Their NetTalk number.
    Failed Porting cost me $29.95 US.

    This companies balance sheet is a mess attatchment B – at the end.

    An inconvenient lesson from them.
    Tony DiGiovanni


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