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Last Updated On: July 22, 2016

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Business Name: Inc
Corporate Address:
1080 NW 163rd Dr
Miami, Florida 33169 USA

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Company Contact: Anastasios Kyriakides - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

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Reported Losses: $259.74
Average Reported Losses: $32.47

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Lack of Integrity

I am entering year two of service with netTALK and have only had a couple of interruptions in service. One a major disruption.

When I renewed my service online no where on any of the pages that came for the renewal information did it indicate that the service would be billed in USD. I completed the renewal and received a receipt. Again no where did it indicate I would be billed in USD. It very clearly indicated on the receipt that it was a CDN package. Not until a few days later when the transaction appeared on my credit card did I notice the amounts did not match.

When contacting netTalk (via chat only) did they tell me that on there web site all payments are in USD. When I asked if that notice appears on the renewal pages the agent I was chatting with told me that it is in fact NOT on the renewal pages.

After an hour of chatting back and forth he finally told me he would have a supervisor contact me within 15-20 minutes. To their credit I was contacted within that time. After going back and forth the supervisor, Ricky Rodriguez said he couldn’t make a decision about a refund for the difference. I also said I would be happy with a credit for my next renewal. However when I was put on hold I was very conveniently cut off.

When I tried calling back the call was answered after three rings. I was told they didn’t have extensions so they could not transfer me to Ricky. After talking for another moment I was put on hold. When the agent came back I was told Ricky just went by the agents desk, Ricky would call me back within an hour.

Surprise. No call back.

I called back the number I called previously. I let it ring for 40 minutes before giving up.

Brutal customer service. Time to make a change once my time is up with this company

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Failed to Port existing Number and cost $49.95 to reconnect it.
Then disconnected from Their NetTalk number.
Failed Porting cost me $29.95 US.

This companies balance sheet is a mess attatchment B – at the end.

An inconvenient lesson from them.
Tony DiGiovanni


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