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Last Updated On: October 2, 2015

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Business Name: City Tele Coin, Inc.
Corporate Address:
4501 Marlena St
Bossier City, Louisiana 71111 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 318-746-1114
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 13

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Reported Losses: $115.00
Average Reported Losses: $57.50

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Don't Use - They Are A Rip Off

My daughter is in the Washita County Jail to talk to her I have to use City Telecoin Co., The first time I called to set up phone calls they told me it would be a ONE TIME processing fee of 9.95 plus other phone fees and tax adding up to $14.95.

The next time I called to add more calls the charge me $14.95 was added I was still upset about may child so I did not pay attention I added calls again but still did not pay attention they added another $14.95.

This last time I called to add one call and it was going to be $18.90 this time it got my attention – I told them they said a ONE TIME process fee plus other fees I told them they said it would be a ONE TIME FEE then they played back the first call I made I still heard a ONE TIME PROCESSING FEE.

I cannot afford this therefore I can not talk to my daughter. I want this company looked into they are getting money from people that is not legally done.

Consumer Comments For City Tele Coin

  • Company is rude, even on management level. I wanted to transfer my money over to my other phone number and they charged me, they charge one time processing fees every time I add money to my account at 9.95/ I dont understand why or how this company can be legit. Even the supervisor said they have a small company with only about 20 people there so I said to him… Okay so why wasnt I informed about the fees. Im upset because this only adds to my stress levels and the Tom, d**k and Harrys working there openly show they dont care
    .. I pay my hard earned money, Im a law abiding citizen, I want fair service…. I want to keep in touch with my family. Im writing the BBB and I know I wont be alone. This company is not fair and they wait 6 months to refund people too. Thats ludacris! I urge everyone that feels this company is bogus to contact the facility where your loved one is incarerated, ask to speak to the warden and demand a change in providers. CityTelecoin is a rip off

  • This guy, Jonny was very rude on the phone. If you don’t like working with the public or answering questions, I suggest you find another job. Some people do not have any knowledge this is City TeleCoin service you provide. When ask how much was a 15 minute call and the processing fee plus tax, he insisted he could not calculate that without payment. So, I ask why and he preceeds to explain it’s like going to WalMart and asking the cashier to calculate groceries with ringing it up. So being that he was acting like a smart a*s…..I told him I’m not purchasing a buggy full of groceries and ask if he cant add 2.44 plus 8.50 with tax and give me that amount in order to determine if I wanted 15 or 30 minutes. SUCH AN a*****e…….we better never ask my to complete a survey. Like I said if you don’t like servicing the public…….Find another JOB!

  • My understanding is the phone service in area facilities are put out for bid (yeah right). The phone companies make deals with the sheriffs and owners of the facilities in the way of incentives and bonuses for them. I understand these extra charges afford the facilities programs they otherwise could not afford to offer inmates; but like everywhere else, there needs to be some administrative regulation, review and cut backs made first. Until the FCC steps in and regulates the companies, their policies and charges; the families of the inmates will continue to bear the financial burden of staying in touch with their loved one.

  • There are two sides to everything…I bet no one even knows how hard the company fought to get the federal charges off the calls so people could come close to affording them. The company has a lot to deal with mainly from people who are far to lazy to actually check information or find out who is really in control.. I was in jail for about a year and learned a lot from it. Trust me..and ex con…that the real crooks are in political offices…not some old man who tries to employes those who really need it.

    Get you facts straight and then comment. Otherwise you just poison others with ignorance…

    • Demarco, while I can appreciate that you see the situation from being an inmate and from the other side; however; I have someone at a facility in TN that is serviced by telecoin and the administration fees and reload fees are outrages. I worked for a phone company and federal bank and can tell you about federal regulated charges. This company is plain greedy and the jail in that city needs to revisit using this company. I have used securistech and no way are they as expensive. It should not take 120 days to receive a refund. This company wants your driver’s license number and information before loading an account, but don’t want to refund sooner. I bet the facility you were held in didn’t even use telecoin.

      • Sorry to say it was CTC at my jail. I was **** at them for all the charges, BUT once I did some hardcore research and spent time looking at the info, I understood certain actions they took. The Driver’s Licence is needed because of all the fraud attempts. Thats nothing new for companies really. As for the charges Kara, reply back after you research the cost of the security systems in jail tech. Also look at the money that goes back into a jail from those charges in order to provide rehab and job training. You dont pay for that out of taxes. I am proud that I climbed my way to a better education, but without the extra services in the jail that were possible due to the phone profits, I would never have even tried.

        Look, I agree, the prices can, well, ARE, hard. But in the end, your looking at a pit of money that has to be filled if you even want the phone service in there. Not to mention all the other services.

        Not trying to be a jerk, but please, do the footwork, read up, call people, and really understand it all.

        • We have a telephone service at our local jail facility and it doesn’t cost near as much as telecoin. The rates are high. I will need to see proof that they put money into security systems. You sound like a spokesman for the company.

        • Sorry dude, but I have done some ‘research’ as you suggest. This company borders on criminal. Each state should have and be required to use IN-State phone providers for their penal institutions and not hire out-of-state services to jack the price on phone calls. And seriously, do you or anyone else actually thinks that the kickbacks being received by prisons/jails are actually going to improve programs for inmates?????????? NOT!!!

    • You must work for the owner i.e. City Tele Coin CEO Gerald Juneau, Sr. This company needs to be investigated by the FCC. The more complaints made to the FCC will prove that we are right. This company is just plain fraudulent.

  • The President and owner’s name is Jerry Juneau, Sr. He’s a greedy old man and doesn’t care anything about your problems. You’ll never see this refund from the crooks.

    • Randy you are so right. Greed is the root of all evil.

      • I have a daughter in the jail here in East Tennessee. Telecoin told me it was 3.35 for a 15 minute phone call. I could set up an account that would be charged 9.95 plus taxes EVERY TIME I put any money on there! So if I buy 20.00 worth of time she get’s HALF of it. Ten dollars worth of minutes. But if you don’t have a full 3.35 in there I bet you can’t even get a phone call! This punishes the FAMILY who did nothing wrong!!! Just another way to extort money from the poor people. They need to go back to public coin phones that work on coins for calls not many dollars!! It’s a total rip off!! I live on disability. I can’t afford this!!!

        • Janice Johnson, This Has Happened To Me. I Live In Nashville, and Could only Get One Call For 20;00 Dollars. After DOING RESEARCH ON THIS COMPANY, THEY CHARGE 8.Dollars for a Connect Fee, and 4 Dollars for ANOTHER FEE. THIS IS NOT DISCLOSED WHEN YOU MAKE A PAYMENT


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