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Joe – I just wasted over 50 min of my time to give you some recommendations. I am a member of your new exec status. Like the new brand.  I tired: but entry for feed back into your line management is impossible.

Amtrak maybe the new Apple in town.. but if you do not stay ahead of curve, consumers will drive you out.  Amtrak at all time premium for NEC.

Anyway should you desire to listen:

your new black service should allow people down onto the platform from lower level (NYP) .. instead of some officer bulling and redirecting.

This would be a nice perk for your loyal customers. Ppl in the select Exec are not (typical) uni bombers – however I understand there is a risk needs to be balanced.

Typically cast as loyal customers, with respect to privacy, and the right to a seat without having to deal with the cattle heard, and every man for your self approach that has evolved over the past 5 or so years.

do what you shall with my voice. ill do myself.

Paul Grenon

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