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Last Updated On: November 26, 2015

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Business Name: Intuit Inc.
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Corp Phone Number: 520-901-3280
Company Contact: Brad Smith - CEO
Corp Website: turbotax.intuit.com

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.72 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 15

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $466.98
Average Reported Losses: $25.94

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Tricks The Trusting Taxpayer

In a dozen different emails, TurboTax promoted their “Federal Filing FREE and State Filing ONLY $29.99” tax-package. With my need for only the simplest of returns, I chose that TurboTax package—Federal FREE, State $29.99. But a few steps into the process, a chart appeared, seeming to confirm my choice of, that’s right, FREE Federal Return and a State Return for, yes, I’m saying it again, $29.99.

Now, in the first column of the innocuous little chart, there was a choice of a FREE STATE Return that seemed to give the user almost no help at all in filling out forms. (I didn’t understand why TurboTax would complete someone’s¬†Federal and State Returns for absolutely nothing, but I couldn’t be concerned at that time, and I’d already chosen that $29.99 deal.) It took a while and some work to finish even my very simple returns, but I was impressed with the ease and efficiency of the service.

At last I was done, and clicked on the link to enter my payment information. Oh! What happened? TurboTax was actually charging me $59.98! Plus tax, of course. For a total of over $64.00! How did that happen and what was I to do at that point?! Not pay and lose all the work? Plus, start all over again that night with a different service? You guessed it, I paid the more than $64.00. And I decided that if I contacted TurboTax and complained, they would surely see this was bad business and refund the overpayment. Not so, dear fellow taxpayers!

I sent many emails, posted on the TurboTax ‘customer service’ webpage, chatted with ‘Dave’ the TurboTax representative, and got nothing. Well, Dave did say that the company tries to be ‘forthright’ with their ‘pricing.’ That was it. Their price-presentation is devious, and they don’t take a minute to even pretend they are remorseful. I was factual, brief, low-key in my communications, asking for a refund of the $29.99 I was over-charged, and TurboTax has not sent even one email, and they have not credited my bank card.

Thank you so much, TurboTax.

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Alternate Business Names: Homestead Technologies, Inc, Intuit Health Card, Mint, Quickbooks, Quicken Bill Pay, Turbo Tax, Innovative Merchant Solutions, PayTrust

Consumer Comments For Turbo Tax

  • This Year was VERY FRUSTRATING with the Home/Business Product. The Schedule C itemized expenses is THE MOST IMPORTANT form for a small business owner. This form should be LIT UP IN NEON LIGHTS WITH STARS AROUND IT. Its the difference of $10000+ in money owed from 1099 income for my business. I had to search and call in order to find that it was hidden in the INCOME? Edit. That makes no sense. It’s not income it’s expense. whoever designed this needs to be f*****g fired. I will be using another product next year if I cannot be sure there is some reparation done to this. That was bullshit and it cost me a lot of time and stress.

  • I’ve used TurboTax since I got my first computer 1994, never had a problem, always for free. I’ve
    taught many people how to file their taxes rather
    than go to an expensive storefront site without

    complaint. Sorry it hasn’t worked as well for you.


  • http://www.a2zdeals.com/coupons/Turbo-Tax/

    same Email I got.

  • got email saying form 131 was now ready to use for state return went on turbo tax and no they do not have form ready still cannot complete my state taxes this is bs I will not use them ever again

    • learned quickbooks in early jan. better and more complete than quicken. then learned to do taxes for my 2 llc’s with TT for business. it was a challenge. but hey taxes aren’t a picnic especially with stock gains, member draws, depreciation schedules- and the irs KILLER FORM Schedule L balance sheet. TT is far better trying to do cold turkey. Hey I mastered the balance sheet even with a lot of pre 2013 info came over w quicken i had to adjust w opening balance entries. (I appre my accountant for some crucial heads up) BUT OH THE JOY OF GETTING THE NUMBERS TO FIT THE BALANCE SHEET. YOU GUYS ARE WUSSES UNTIL YOU DO A 1065. although not perfect Turbotax helps tremendously

  • I have tried to talk to customer service to report that TurboTax Business is not in compliance with this new directive from the IRS . But the reps do not understand or do not give a S…T

    Estates and trusts.
    The use of Form 8949 by estates and trusts is new. Many transactions that, in previous years, would have been reported by estates and trusts on Schedule D or Schedule D-1 must be reported on Form 8949 if they have to be reported on a 2013 form.

  • Reading all this MAKES ME REALLY NERVOUS! I bought the 2013 Turbo Tax Basic disk, as I have bought every year’s disks and done my taxes without incident… UNTIL THIS YEAR!! Installed the program and it applied 8 or more VIRUSES! It changed my internet browser, added a new toolbar (malicious search system) and a variety of junk showed up on my desktop with a PC enhancer and some kind of antivirus protection that is just spyware! I took it to an IT and he verified it all came from the install of TurboTax CD. I am also having issues with not getting the same refund each time I save and go back and it has tied me into assumptions it makes that are not true. I am not going to file my return with this junk and will be going to a service… I am going to take this hunk of crap back to Walmart tomorrow and try to see if I can beg to get my money back! Hope the news media gets wind of this! 2013 version is really a plague for consumers and tax payers! RRRRRRR… Not a fan ANYMORE!

  • I will never use them again! I put down for both my Federal and State Taxes to be direct deposit. The web site said that both are filed and with direct deposit. When I downloaded the info to save my forms; the forms said that I would receive my Federal Refund in a paper check in FOUR to FIVE weeks! I was so pissed! I called them and waited forever; they had no answers; told me I cold call the IRS when my forms were accepted. I don’t think the customer service rep had any idea of what she was doing! I asked for a refund; it took forever for her to do it. They said the refund for the services would take up to 90 DAYS! Don’s use them.

    used Tax Act without any problems in the past. I tried Turbo Tax because the websites said they were number one; so I decided to give it a try! I wish I had investigated further before using them. I really needed my refund sooner than FOUR to FIVE weeks this year!

  • I filed last year for free, but this year they say I have to "upgrade" the first time I figured O.K. it was only 19.99 and due to something different, but as I continued it said I had to "upgrade" do to my small business, $74 dollars !! I filed last year for free, but cannot this year ? I will use someone else… P.S. I had the business last year when it was free so …

  • Everything was fine, have been using this software for years to file my taxes, but always mailed the return. This year, we filed electronically, and while doing so, Turbo Tax partners have now infected my machine with all these sales pitches for PC virus blockers and speed enhancers. I may have to change to HR Block….

  • I ended up paying for my AZ state but having to print it out, make corrections and mail it in myself because their program would not let me make the corrections I needed to make- kept getting rejected! For one my part year residence is in NV and Nevada isn’t on the list of "Other states you lived in"! For another it would not let me put in the dates I lived in NV and AZ so it showed full year residence in AZ! There site says once you send it for e-filing you can’t get your money back so I got whacked for over $80 between State and Fed.

  • I have been on HOLD for one hour and 58 minutes on your phone system

    the music is very annoying and a lady’s voice comes IN to say ”hold on your core be answered shortly” you must have a completely different interpretation of what shortly means. I called a few days ago and THAT only TOOK 54 minutes to contact an agent. the agent said she couldn’t solve my problem but I would be contacted within two days it never happened

  • I filed my taxes using Turbo Tax. I could not successfully efile because I kept getting an error message due to a ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’ form. I erroreously clicked the hybrid purchase, which I did but was not the origial owner, and the system would not let me delete it. After 6 hours (2 three hour calls) I was finally able to file but only after paying $29.99 for a state tax form which I had already paid for. So I was charged $77.00 for federal & state the first time and then $29.99 for another state return filing because of their error. I was told by the Turbo Tax CPA (or whatever her title was) that as I requested I would be refunded the $77.00 since it was their error. I have contacted them twice by phone (no real person to talk to) and once by email (no response) and still have not received by $77.00 back.

  • Dennis, I got the same message saying that Il rejected my return because TT said there is no need to put in a state pin number if you do not have one. I got the pin number and went to put in the correction but there is no way to do this. Now I am having similar problems to what you are having. If you google TT scam you get a life times worth of reading material.


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