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Last Updated On: January 1, 2015

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Business Name: HRB Digital LLC.
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Corp Phone Number: 800-472-5625

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $9,649.00
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Filing My Taxes Late

Dear H&R block – Thanks for filing my Taxes late, causing me to be audited, and messing up my credit score, and not providing any solutions.

Worst customer service ever. I worked with a “professional” from the Wilmet, IL H&R block office.

H&R Block filed my taxes late, and as a result I was audited, and had to pay fees. Also, I recently discovered that I have a permanent mark on my credit report. Nothing has been done to resolve the issue. I have called the customer service number three times now. Each time that open a report for me, then somebody calls me a few days later to talk. But it’s always during the week when I am at work and unavailable to talk.

Then, H&R block closes my file even though nothing has been done to resolve the issue. At the time that my taxes were filed late, the person I worked with – Jackie Fonorow – was not responsive, and when she missed the filing date said “oh, i didn’t know that you wanted me to file the taxes for you.” huh?! why would I have asked her to file my taxes, and sent her all of my documents if I didn’t want to work with her. And I was not a new customer…I had worked with her the year before.

I also complained to her boss at the time who did absolutely nothing to help me.

It’s a mute point by now, but at the time this all went down, Jackie also had recommended that she re-file my taxes from an earlier year so that I could take advantage of some student tax breaks. Jackie’s boss said that they would do it free of charge. My taxes were never re-filed.

Does anybody have any advice on what I can do?

Consumer Comments For H&R Block

  • My son went to H&R Block and had a short form done for his taxes. They didn’t give him a price up front and when it came time to pay they charged him $250.00 which I think is very high. Just a warning if you go to H&R Block.

    • same thing with me. I had a simple return 1040, IT-40 west Virginia and schedule M that was it and they charged me $ 255.46 before I could even think they had my debit card and had charged me. Following this I had a major heart angina attack in my vehicle in the parking lot almost called 911. I called them upon returning home and they more or less said "Tough Luck" ! So I guess my heart meds will have to wait till next month to get filled and I get back less money than I did last year doing it myself. I would advise everyone to avoid this scam by H&R Block RIP OFFS

  • cannot edit certain entries in the soft ware,namely property tax number

  • I went to H&R block to have my taxes filled out as I have done for over 20 years..I went on JAn 30th together them filled out to find out that they could not file them till feb 14th.. And that i should have my return in 21 days…I called my local office in Calhoun ask to speak to a manager after calling several times I was able to speak to one who was not very nice and said that there was a problem with some of the forms that were filed with the IRS and I just have to be patient ! Well when I am paying them over $400 to (a tax expert) do my taxes you would think they would be a little more polite and informitive. I will be finding another TAX EXPERT…that want cost me $400.


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