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Business Name: HRB Digital LLC.
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H & R Block Rip-Off for Tax Preparation

Last year the H & R Block Preparation Center at 602 10th Ave between 42nd and 43rd Streets charged reasonable prices for tax preparation. I have a simple tax return so was charged $49.00. I thought it was low but found it fair. This year for the same preparation…. little difference from last year I was asked to pay $379.00. I asked why. “We had a promotion last year with a coupon. We don’t have that promotion this year”. No where in their store is there a sign posted describing the cost of preparation or a breakdown of costs or notifying the public of a sharp raise in tax preparation costs over last year. If you ask before doing your taxes they have a stall answer such as “wait until I finish because I don’t know exactly”. It is a real scam.

My friend was charged $30.00 last year for a very simple tax preperation. Since she is on a fixed income, this year’s preparation would have be about the same. Once her information was entered into the computer, she was asked to pay over $300 for fifteen minutes of work. She watched and timed the process. She refushed to pay, asked that her information be wiped from the computer, took her papers and walked out.

When you ask for an explanation of their prices,you are told last year prices were lower because they had discount coupons. They aren’t accepting coupons this year. I don’t know what they are talking about. I didn’t have a “coupon” last year.

This H & R Block is located across the street from Manhattan Plaza, the two buildings(one on 9th Ave, one on 10th Ave)with residents from the theatrical industry and a HUD building. This H & R Block is praying on people in the neighborhood knowing full well they do not have the means to pay these prices for tax preparation. It seems they just make up a price for each individual..at their whim.

Every neighborhood person I know who had their taxes prepared at 602 10th Ave Phone 212-957-1259 has experience of this low price last year, high price this year….an unreasonable jump in price. Seems like a bait and switch to me. I have my receipts from last year and this year to prove it.

H&R Block – 601 10th Ave New York, NY 10036

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4 thoughts on “H&R Block

  1. My son went to H&R Block and had a short form done for his taxes. They didn't give him a price up front and when it came time to pay they charged him $250.00 which I think is very high. Just a warning if you go to H&R Block.

    • same thing with me. I had a simple return 1040, IT-40 west Virginia and schedule M that was it and they charged me $ 255.46 before I could even think they had my debit card and had charged me. Following this I had a major heart angina attack in my vehicle in the parking lot almost called 911. I called them upon returning home and they more or less said "Tough Luck" ! So I guess my heart meds will have to wait till next month to get filled and I get back less money than I did last year doing it myself. I would advise everyone to avoid this scam by H&R Block RIP OFFS

  2. I went to H&R block to have my taxes filled out as I have done for over 20 years..I went on JAn 30th together them filled out to find out that they could not file them till feb 14th.. And that i should have my return in 21 days…I called my local office in Calhoun ask to speak to a manager after calling several times I was able to speak to one who was not very nice and said that there was a problem with some of the forms that were filed with the IRS and I just have to be patient ! Well when I am paying them over $400 to (a tax expert) do my taxes you would think they would be a little more polite and informitive. I will be finding another TAX EXPERT…that want cost me $400.